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JURASSIC WORLD: THE GAME (THE GAME) is an Android game with a release date of 05/11/2015 from Ludia. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Jurassic World: The Game download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Building a park correctly
  2. Fighting Guide
  3. Dinosaur Guide
  4. Brawlasaur
  5. Account Setup
  6. Bugs and Features
  7. How to get a lot of prizes?
  8. Growing a Super Hybrid Right
  9. Badges
  10. Trading in the game
  11. Passage "Code 19"
  12. Mods in the game
  13. VIP Guide and Subscription

Jurassic World: The Game - Building a park correctly

Park level. The level reflects your skills and experience in fleet management. The more tasks you complete, the faster your park grows and the faster you get new levels. With each obtained level you can expand the area of the park once.

Tasks. During the game, you will encounter exciting tasks that will help you expand the park and become part of an exciting story. Tap the "Task" icon with the character portrait on the left side of the screen to start the task.

Please note that some special tasks need to be completed in a limited time.

Collect coins. Dinosaurs and buildings over time bring the coins you need to collect to develop the park. Touch a dinosaur or a building to collect coins. Do not forget to visit the park more often, because dinosaurs and buildings bring only a certain amount of coins.

Sets of cards. Jurassic World ™: The Game has a card system that provides the necessary resources for the park, such as coins, food, DNA, dinosaurs, dino-bucks, and more. Cards are collected in sets, opening which you replenish your collection of dinosaurs. To help you in this matter, every 6 hours, developers give out a free set of "Riddle" cards. Click on the card set market icon in the lower left corner to automatically open your Riddle set.

Market card sets. In the market of card sets you can find any game resources! They sell everything: from food to VIP-items. The tabs at the top of the market menu will help you find what you need, similar to those used to switch between the creatures market and the buildings. You can choose different categories: special offers, card sets, VIP items and resources. At the bottom of the resource market, there are tabs that allow you to switch between food, coins and dino-bucks. In addition, you will receive a free set of "Riddle" when you open the market through the icon sets of maps!

Market. The market is probably the most important place in the game. Here you can order new dinosaurs in the Kennel (if you have a corresponding card) or buy new buildings and decorations for the park. Do not forget to use the "Market" button in the lower right corner of the screen and check the ever-growing collection!

Resource market The number of important resources (DNA, food, coins and bucks) is always displayed at the top of the screen. If your stocks are running low, tap the icon of the desired resource to go to the market and replenish them. Some resources are even free.

Construction of buildings and decorations. You can choose and place as many buildings and decorations as you wish, provided that you have enough coins and dino-bucks to buy them. The game will try to place objects closer to each other, taking into account the free space in the park. When you finish building the desired objects, tap the green check mark in the lower right corner and confirm the selection.

Decorations. Jewelry increase the rate of growth of coins. Place them next to dinosaurs to increase your income!

Moving objects through the park. Press and hold the dinosaur enclosure, building or decoration that you want to move to enter the Park Placement mode. In this mode, you can move the object to the selected location.Then tap another object that you also want to move. This action can be done an unlimited number of times. When the park is completed, just tap the green check mark in the lower right corner and confirm the changes!

Storage of objects. Using the market, you can store any buildings and decorations for your park. Tap and hold to select an item, then tap the blue down-arrow icon. The object can be repositioned at the park at any time.

Road construction. Touch the "Roads" button to enter the "Road Construction" mode. Then tap an empty spot on the ground to add a stretch of road. To clear the road, tap the area you want to remove.

The tower has arrived. Collecting coins in the park is not always convenient! The profit tower will help you to collect all the coins received for dinosaurs and buildings in a specific area. All that is required of you - just click on the tower, and it will automatically collect all the coins in the zone of action. The first tower will be available at level 14, and the next will open at levels 30, 46, 60 and 74. Place your towers wisely to get the most out of them!

DNA production plant. The building you have been waiting for! You can produce DNA in this unique building by subscribing to a VIP. When the DNA icon lights up above the building, click on it to collect the finished DNA and continue production. Unlike other buildings and dinosaurs, whose resources can be collected at any time, DNA can only be collected when the timer reaches 0:00. For dino-bucks you can increase production and get even more DNA! When you collect enough DNA, an upgrade button will appear. Also for dino-bucks you can speed up the process of improving the building.

New improved construction mode! Updated construction mode will help you to easily decorate the park!Simply select the desired building or decoration from the market, and then place as many objects in the park as you wish, provided you have enough resources for it. If you decide to move buildings, decorations or enclosures of dinosaurs, simply touch the object and hold to enter construction mode and set about improving the park. To exit construction mode, tap the green checkmark.

Jurassic World: The Game - Fighting Guide

Arena. Arena fights - a place of epic battles of dinosaurs, which can be up to 3 in the team! Here you have to choose the right orders, such as Attack and Defense, during violent turn-based battles. Your task is to bring to zero the number of your opponent’s health points. Use his weaknesses and invent effective strategies to win!

Actions in the fight. During fights, you have a choice of the following teams: Attack, Defend, Swap, and Wait.The Attack and Defend teams allow your dinosaur to beat an opponent and block its attacks. The Swap command allows you to select another dinosaur from your team and put it on the arena at the beginning of the turn. The wait is a special command that allows you to save action points to use them later. To perform any of these commands, action points are required.

Action points You choose which teams to spend action points on during the bouts. Each team spends one point.Each battle you start with one action point and get one point each subsequent turn (maximum - 4 points). In this case, your opponent gets one bonus action point on his first turn to compensate for the fact that he walks the second. All points must be spent per turn.

Attack multipliers The attack multipliers greatly affect your chances of defeating your opponent. The more points you put into the attack, the more damage will be.

The advantage of class. The class advantage by 50% increases damage against certain opponents and by 50% and reduces the damage received from them. As a rule, predators are stronger than herbivores, herbivores are stronger than pterosaurs, pterosaurs are stronger than amphibians, and amphibians are stronger than predators.

The advantage of water classes. Like terrestrial classes, dinosaurs, each species of aquatic animals has some advantage over the other. As a rule, waterfowl are stronger than cave animals, cave ones are stronger than reef, and reef ones are stronger than waterfowl.

The advantage of the creatures of the Cenozoic era. The creatures of the Cenozoic era, like aquatic animals or creatures of the Jurassic period, have their strengths and weaknesses. Savanna creatures are superior to creatures from caves, creatures from caves are stronger than snow creatures, and snow creatures have superiority over savanna creatures.

Scrum levels. Winning rivals, you will discover new levels of bouts in the arena. Be careful, each next level means stronger and smarter opponents. Do not forget to improve and develop your team!

Tournaments. Can you become the strongest player? Show yourself at the season tournament and fight with other dinosaur teams for valuable prizes, including the main award. Your personal score grows with every victory, allowing you to rise in a global ranking divided into six leagues: Cubs (top 100%), Mining (top 50%), Survivors (top 25%), Hunters (top 10%), Predators (top 5%) and Dominators (best 1%). In addition, after each victory you can use the wheel of fortune and get coins, bucks, DNA and sets of cards. You can drop a mysterious prize, so win to rotate the wheel more often.

Tournament rules. To make competitions more interesting, participation in some tournaments is limited by special rules. They can determine what class your dinosaurs should be (only herbivores, only predators, etc.), what rarity (only ordinary, only super rare, etc.) or impose other restrictions. Be sure to check out the additional information in the tournament menu in order to prepare your best team and perform well!

Gyrosphere. Gyrosphere is a scenario mode with 5 level contractions. To get a super prize, go through all five levels, but be careful: your animals do not heal between battles and at least one must survive for you to win.

How to choose a command for the gyrosphere mode? You will be presented with 5 different groups of terrestrial and Cenozoic animals. To assemble a team, select one animal from each group. It will be impossible to change the composition, so choose wisely!

Can I get multiple gyrosphere prizes at once? Not. There is one reward at each level. For the passed level you get a certain set of cards.

Do you have breaks between fights in gyrosphere mode? Not! In this mode, you can use animals from your team as many times as you like. However, they are not treated between battles, so pay attention to their health, the composition of the opposing team, and also consider the benefits of classes. If any of your animals are disabled, it will not be able to continue participating in the battles.

Amplifiers. Amplifiers will help you in special events with enhancements. Amplifiers increase various parameters: attack power, defense, action points. They can also lower an opponent’s defense or take away action points. Each raptor has its own unique skills to help you in battle.

In each battle, you can use up to 4 amplifiers. However, remember that they can be used by the enemy! During the battle to find out what effect gives an enhancement, simply click on the picture with the gain - and its description will appear on the screen.

Jurassic World: The Game - Dinosaur Guide

Animals of the Cenozoic Era. Take a look at the biocupal of the Cenozoic era, in which you can not only cool down, but also communicate with all kinds of creatures who prefer a cold climate. As soon as you create the first creature of the Cenozoic era, it will immediately appear in the biocuple near the trading harbor. To get to know the creatures of the Cenozoic era closer, tap the bio-dome. Here you can chat with them and feed them like other dinosaurs.

Dinosaur breeding. The card for each prehistoric species contains complex information about its genome, which must be processed and introduced into a synthetic egg, so that the dinosaur can hatch. Cloning occurs in the nursery, where the egg must be placed in a free incubator. After that, you will be informed of the time needed for the dinosaur to appear.

Rare dinosaurs. Dinosaurs in the park are divided into four categories: ordinary, rare, super rare and legendary. To get the rarest dinosaurs, you need to purchase the appropriate sets of cards.

Dinosaur development To win fights in the arena, you need to develop and improve dinosaurs. For this you need to fatten two dinosaurs of the same species up to level 10. This makes it possible to combine them in the Laboratory of Genetics into one more powerful high-level dinosaur! This feature appears every 10 levels. Do not forget that this also requires a large amount of DNA.

Dinosaur feeding and levels. The higher the dinosaur level, the more coins it brings. Feed the dinosaur until the scale is full, and he gets a new level. With the increase in the level of young dinosaurs become adults! In addition, high-level dinosaurs will have an edge over the rest in the Fighting Arena.

Food production. Dinosaurs in the park are fed with special food additives. They can be ordered at the Food Production Plant. Food will cost less if you run the Food Production Plant for a short time. But if you leave the park for a long time, you can run it for a longer time to pick up more food when you return! Upon reaching a certain level, the Food Production Plant can be improved to make more food for the park.

Dictionary of creatures. Located in the Visitor Center, the creature dictionary shows the total number of prehistoric animals you hatch, grouping them by species. Choose which creatures will be displayed on the screen using filters at the bottom of the menu, and then use the creature sort button and sort the dinosaurs by value into DNA, attack, rarity, or other categories. If you accidentally placed a dinosaur in your park and want to find it, open the creatures dictionary, select the dinosaur you want and click on the "Go" button.

Hybrids. Creating a hybrid dinosaur:

  1. You must have dinosaurs level 40, indicated in the recipe of creating a hybrid.
  2. Find one of these dinosaurs in your park.
  3. Click on the aviary to view the dinosaur.
  4. Click the "Merge" button to the right of the dinosaur.
  5. Click the "Start" button to start the merge.
  6. Click the "Collect" button when the crossing is complete.
  7. Send the dinosaur to the park with the appropriate button.
Please note: after creating a hybrid, the two original dinosaurs will not be available. When the hybrid dinosaur is placed in the park, it will be available for purchase for DNA on the market.

Aquatic animals. Discover the world of aquatic animals found in the Jurassic World ™! As soon as you create the first aquatic animal, it will immediately appear in the lagoon at the gates of the park. Touch the lagoon to get to know them better. So you can feed them and care for them as well as for land dinosaurs.

Sample storage. Not enough space in the park? Reaching level 30, you can free up space by placing dinosaurs in the sample repository. Touch and hold the dinosaur you want to move. Now, besides the red and green buttons, there is also a blue one, which has an arrow pointing down. Click on the blue button - and the dinosaur will be in storage. When you want to release a dinosaur from there, just go to the vault by clicking on the building, and then press the blue up arrow button. Up to 99 dinosaurs can be in the park at the same time. If you want to release a specific dinosaur from storage, you must first place an existing dinosaur in it.

Note: the dinosaur in the sample repository does not bring coins, it can not be fed and trained.

Limit in quantity. At the same time in the park can be up to 99 enclosures with dinosaurs, regardless of the level. If you have reached the limit, then before placing new enclosures, you will have to remove some dinosaurs in the sample repository.

Please note: buildings, decorations and roads in this case do not matter. Restrictions apply only to the number of enclosures.

Aviary icons. Want to know about the state of your dinosaurs? You can learn about the needs of dinosaurs by including the aviary icons in the settings in the "Gameplay" section. Next to the enclosures of dinosaurs, icons will appear, indicating that the dinosaur is hungry, ready to start an evolution or merge.

Note: The badge appears only when both dinosaurs are ready to merge.

Photo mode. I want to make a beautiful picture, but the user interface interferes? Enter the settings and turn on the photo mode in the "Gameplay" section, so that after a few seconds the aviary interface disappears and you get a full view. If you are going to feed the animal and start the evolution, tap the screen to return the interface.

Dinofilter: Ferocity. Now dinosaurs can be sorted by ferocity. By default, the filter in the scrum menu will now use this parameter. Your dinosaurs will be sorted in order from the strongest to the weakest, which will significantly simplify the selection of the team.

Jurassic World: The Game - Brawlasaur

Scanning Brawlasaur Hasbro® Brawlasaur Jurassic World ™ on hand? Scan the dinosaur figure and see how it comes to life in the game! On the Select Team screen, before starting the fight, tap the Scan Brawlasaur button. Tap the "Scan" button on the pop-up window and the game will explain how to place the Brawlasaur figure in front of the camera of your device. Make sure the JW logo is clearly visible on the screen. Wait while the device automatically scans the figure right into the game. Once the Brawlasaur is successfully scanned, touch the "Continue" button and it will automatically be loaded into your team. Now you are ready to fight!

What if Brawlasaur has already scanned? If you bought Brawlasaur at a retail store, but the code has already been scanned, Ludia will not be able to refund your purchase price. In this case, you can return the toy to the store where you bought it and ask the staff to contact Hasbro.

There was a problem scanning the Brawlasaur. If you bought a Hasbro® Jurassic World ™ Brawlasaur from a retail store, and there are problems with scanning it, first make sure that it is Brawlasaur. You can understand this by the presence of the inscription "BRAWLASAUR" on the box with the toy. When opening the box on the toy should be protective packaging. If the protective packaging is missing or has already been opened, see the section "What should I do if the Brawlasaur is already scanned?". Hold the device with the camera steady.The scanned code must be in focus.

Please note that each Brawlasaur can be scanned into the game once every 24 hours: perhaps you just did it already.

Jurassic World: The Game - Account Setup

What is a support number? The support number is a unique identifier for the game. With it, developers can open your account and learn more about your game data. The support number is listed in the boot menu and in the settings. To open the settings, tap the gear icon below your player’s level.

Can I play in guest mode? Yes of course! Just note that when playing in guest mode, you can lose your game progress in the event of a device crash, installing updates, or uninstalling an application. Your game progress will be available only on the device where you started the game. When buying a new device, you will not be able to transfer game progress to it.

Can I log into the game via Facebook? Yes, you can link the game to your Facebook profile. If you do this, your game data will be stored on the server and will be available to you on other compatible devices. To do this, simply install the game, and then in its settings, log in to your Facebook account.

How can I bind my data to my Facebook profile? When you complete the training, you will be prompted to connect to Facebook. You can do it right away or touch the "X" icon at the top of the message. If you decide to connect your guest account to Facebook, you can do this in the settings by touching the gear icon.

If you click the "Login" button, two options will appear: "Merge" and "Never." If you select the item "Never", a new game will start with reference to the Facebook profile, and your guest progress will be saved separately. If you want to log in to your guest profile again, simply click the "EXIT" button and select "Guest". If you select "Merge", your guest progress will be tied to your Facebook account and saved to the server. After that you can play on any compatible device. To do this, simply select Facebook when starting the game.

How can I reset the game? If you want to reset the game, send an email to the developers with a request and support number. Please note that when you reset all your saved data (including all purchased items) will be lost.

I play in guest mode and bought a new phone. Is it possible to transfer game data to it? If you are playing in guest mode, it will not be possible to automatically transfer game data to a new device, since they are stored on your old device. If you play through Facebook, all your data is stored on the server, so it is accessible on any compatible device. However, if you are playing in guest mode and do not want to tie the game to Facebook, you can transfer the data manually. In this case, send the developers support numbers from the game on your old device and from the game started on the new device.

Please note that after the transfer, your game will no longer be available on the source device.

How can I customize the game settings? Parameters of music, sound effects, notifications and display of the aviary icons can be changed in the game settings. To open the settings, tap the gear icon below your player’s level.

Jurassic World: The Game - Bugs and Features

I did not get a statue of the boss! To get a statue of the boss, you need to take part in the event before the goal of the community is achieved. Once the goal has been achieved, and the progress scale has disappeared, it will no longer be possible to get a statue. But you can still fight the boss for other awards!

My level is higher than the 19th, but I still cannot build a biopole of the Cenozoic era! To open the biocup of the Cenozoic era, one must first derive the being of the Cenozoic era. Any creature is suitable for this.Cenozoic-era creatures can be found in card sets, won as prizes, battles or tournaments, and won using the wheel of luck. When you breed an animal of the Cenozoic era, the biocupol becomes accessible to you.

Every time I start the game, I have to reload the data. Data can be reloaded if there is not enough memory on the device to store it. Try to remove unnecessary applications to free up space. To install the game on the device must be free at least 2.0 GB.

The Samsung device has problems loading game data or connecting to the game. If your Samsung device, for example, the Galaxy S and Note series, has problems loading data or connecting to a game, the reason may be as follows. Samsung devices have an accelerated download function, due to which Wi-Fi and a mobile network are used to connect to the Internet simultaneously. Because of this, there may be problems connecting to the game. Try disabling the fast boot feature in the device settings.

Why does the game have lower resolution or picture quality? The screen resolution and picture quality in the game are adjusted depending on the parameters of your device to optimize performance. Currently, these parameters cannot be changed manually.

When you start the game, a Facebook privacy error is displayed. You probably recently changed your Facebook password. To solve the problem, select Settings> Facebook, and then your account name (your name), and then enter a new password. Also do not forget to change the password in the Facebook application and browser.

There are no card sets on the market. If there are no items on the market, for example, sets of cards, go to Google Play and make sure you are logged in to the correct account. For in-app purchases, your payment method must also be tied to your account.

Why is my game progress reset? First make sure not to enter the game in guest mode. If you usually play through Facebook, go to the game settings and reconnect to the profile. If you have always played in guest mode, game data may have been lost due to a device failure or installing updates. If you have an old support number, send it to the developers by email. Otherwise, send the current support number to the developers, and they will try to solve the problem.

Why did the game close unexpectedly? This could happen for several reasons. To solve problems with crashes and hangs, try the following steps.

If these steps do not help, send an email to the developers with your support number and a detailed description of the circumstances.

Why can’t I login via Facebook? You are probably under the age of 13, so under COPPA law you cannot connect to Facebook.

There is no interface in my dinosaur aviary! You may have turned on the photo mode! Enter the settings, select the "Gameplay" section and touch the slider to turn off the photo mode.

Helpshift: a new way to contact customer support! Helpshift - built-in support system, with which you can view the "Questions and Answers" and contact customer support directly during the game! Here you will find answers to your questions and the latest information about the game. Couldn’t find something, need help with your account or want to ask a question about a purchase? Tap the "Contact us" button or the message icon in the upper right corner in the "Questions and Answers" section. So you send a request to the support service.

When the help desk responds, a notification will appear in your mailbox. To read it, tap the button next to the message and you will automatically be taken to the Questions and Answers section. You will see a number next to the "Contact us" button or a message icon. Touch it to continue the conversation with a support professional.

I am having trouble connecting to Facebook. Recently, Facebook has updated the requirements for all applications. To allow the game to access your Facebook account, follow the steps below.

Setup on computer:

  1. Go to Facebook and go to Settings.
  2. Select the "Applications and Sites" section.
  3. Select the Outdated tab and find the game you want.
  4. Select the desired application.
  5. Click "Update Access" in the window that appears.

Setup on your phone or tablet:

  1. Open the Facebook application.
  2. Go to the menu (icon in the form of 3 lines).
  3. Click "Settings and Privacy," and then "Account Settings."
  4. Select "Applications."
  5. Then "Login via Facebook".
  6. Go to the Outdated tab.
  7. Select the desired application.
  8. Click on the blue "Update Access" button.

Jurassic World: The Game - How to get a lot of prizes?

How to exchange tickets for prizes? Purchased tickets will remain with you until the countdown at the top of the screen ends. When the time on the counter reaches zero, your tickets will turn into prizes!

Android: I can’t watch the video to get a bronze or silver prize! If you have problems viewing ads, follow these steps:

Another way:

iOS: I can’t watch the video to get a bronze or silver prize! If you have problems viewing ads, follow these steps:

You can also click the "Reset Identifier" button.

Why do you need a progress bar at the bottom of the screen with prizes? Now you can get even more prizes! The more tickets you buy, the faster the progress bar fills. By filling out the scale, you can scroll the prize wheel and get an additional reward! With every filling, the prizes on the wheel are getting better. However, additional prizes can be obtained for a limited time, so watch the timer! If you do not have enough time to fill the scale, do not worry! You will have a chance to get an incentive reward for dino-bucks before the scale is reset!

What is this building with free dino-bucks? If a player does not spend real money on the game, he can now easily access Tapjoy’s offers directly through the building at the water park. If a player spends real money on the game, he will continue to get access to Tapjoy’s offers in the dino-bucks market.

Jurassic World: The Game - Growing a Super Hybrid Right

How to create an indoruptora? To do this, you will need to merge indominus rex 40th level and SuperDNA velociraptor. Having created the first indoruptor, you unblock them on the market and you will be able to buy other indoruptors with Super DNA.

Where to get Super DNA? SuperDNA can be earned by completing tasks from the events menu right below the daily tasks tab. Perform tasks and earn SuperDNK!

Do I need VIP status to get Super DNA? Not at all! Some tasks require VIP materials, but they are not needed to earn SuperDNA and create an indoruptor! Many tasks can be completed even if you do not have a VIP status.

How to see how much SuperDNA I have? To see the amount of Super DNA, click on the DNA balance at the top of the screen.

Jurassic World: The Game - Badges

What are badges? You get badges for completing certain collections in the game! In the "Icons" menu of the creature dictionary, you can see what other items are needed to complete each collection. If you collect enough badges, you will receive a special statue. For badges you can also upgrade your statue!

Where can I find badges? Icons are located in the creature dictionary. The "Icons" tab is located next to the image of a tyrannosaur at the top of the menu. Here you can see the number of your icons, how many collections are left to collect until you receive the next icon, and also check all the finished or nearly completed collections.

And if I accidentally selling a statue? Statue "Icon" can not be sold. If you cannot find your statue, then, most likely, you accidentally sent it to the market! Check out the sections "Buildings" and "Decorations" on the market - the statue is probably there.

Please note that when you place the statue, you will have to wait until it is completed, and only then will it take effect.

Jurassic World: The Game - Trading in the game

Trading harbor. Need supplies? Out of money? Chania Diogo will not leave in the lurch! Reaching level 20, you can visit the trade harbor, located on the coast of Nublar Island. There you will always find all kinds of supplies at various prices. But in this case it is worth hurry: all items are available only for a while!

What is the button "50 dino-bucks" at the bottom of the list of deals? If you are not interested in the deals that Chan offers, you can completely upgrade them for 50 dino-bucks by clicking on this button! This can be done only a few times a day.

What are special deals? Once a day (or three times if you have a VIP status), you can choose which items you want to exchange at Chani and what you want to receive in return.

Please note that the transaction is counted when you select items. And even if you click Cancel later, it will be considered that you have spent your special deal today. But do not worry, your resources will remain with you. If in doubt about the deal, click on the "X" in the upper right corner to close the deal menu. So you can come back and make a decision later.

Is it possible to increase the number of available deals per day? Of course! You can purchase an extra special deal from Chani for 250 din-bucks.

Jurassic World: The Game - Passage "Code 19"

What is code 19? If one of your dinosaurs suffers or worries, you will have to calm him down. To do this in time, perform the action that appears on the screen. Code 19 consists of two parts. First you need to touch the icons in the correct order in time, and then touch the screen at the right moment, so that the moving slider is in the yellow zone. If you fail, your dinosaur will become even more excited.

If successful, your dinosaur will calm down, and you will get a chance to win prizes! Make sure the upper indicator stays in the blue or green zone. If the indicator falls into the green zone, you will win prizes! If the indicator remains in the red zone, your dinosaur will escape and you will have to send a search group after it!

I can’t get through a new game with a pattern in Code 19! Accuracy and sense of time are very important in this game! You need to correctly follow the points, but do not rush and do not hesitate. Just like in the game with numbers, wait until the icon turns blue, then click on it and repeat the pattern completely, without releasing your finger from the screen. Be sure to wait until the finish point also turns blue to get there on time!

I touched the screen, but they missed me! To calm the dinosaur, it is important not to miss the moment.Before you touch the mini-game, first make sure that the icon turns blue. If you touch it too sooner or later, you will miss. Also, make sure that you touch the numbered hexagons in the order in which they appear. During the mini-game with the slider, make sure that the slider is completely in the yellow sector. Carefully podgadvayte moment. If the slider has time to fully pass the scale, you will be counted a slip. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

My dinosaur escaped, what to do? Do not worry, your dinosaur is not lost forever, you just need to send him a search party!

Please note that you will temporarily stop receiving coins for this dinosaur and cannot use it in battle.

Why can’t my dinosaurs be used in battles? When you send a search party to an escaped dinosaur, you will temporarily stop receiving coins for them and cannot use them in battle. In the event menu from the tasks section you can find out the remaining time before the dinosaur returns, and also, if necessary, speed up the rescue operation for dino-bucks.

My dinosaur is saved, but it is not there! When your prodigal dinosaur returns to the park, you need to calm him down to continue receiving coins for him and use in battles. Do not worry, he will not run away again.At this time in the mini-game will remain only blue and green areas.

Are there any level restrictions for the Code 19 mini-game? Yes, the Code 19 mini-game is only available for players of level 26 and above.

Jurassic World: The Game - Mods in the game

What is fashion? Mods are gains that give your dinosaurs special skills and help them in battle. There are different types of mods. Some mods improve the performance of your dinosaurs, for example, OZ or attack. Other mods can affect enemy dinosaurs: lowering their performance, inflicting lasting damage, or even stealing their mods!

How to use mods? You can select them on the dinosaur selection screen to battle mods. When you take a dinosaur to the team, you can assign a mod to it. If you want to replace any of the selected mods, simply click on the mod icon above the dinosaur to remove it, and then assign a new one. If you want to change the dinosaur, simply click on it to remove, and the mod assigned to it will return to the list itself. You can choose this mod (or any other) for a new creature.

During the battle mode are used automatically! Some modes operate from the very beginning of the battle, others require certain conditions for activation. For example, the completion of the opponent’s turn or your creature’s loss of the entire supply of OZ. But don’t worry, you don’t have to activate the mods yourself!

Where can I get fashion? Mods can be obtained in the raptor aviary. Just go into it and select the raptor at the bottom of the screen. Then on the right, select the rarity of the mods you want to receive. Spin the wheel of prizes, and you will get a mod of the chosen rarity or even a whole set of cards with different mods! After each rotation of the wheel, the cost will increase until it reaches the maximum value for the current day. Every day the cost of rotation is reset to a minimum.

Where can I see my mods? All your mods are displayed in the mod management menu. To open it, you need to go to the raptors open-air cage and click on the mods button in the lower right corner or just look in the creatures dictionary! In the Visitor Center, select the tab you want on top to switch between dinosaurs, mods and icons for your Icon icon. Opening the tab with the mods, you can see all your mods. For those mods that you do not already have, it will be indicated where they can be obtained in the raptor aviary!

How do I know what makes the mod? If you do not know for sure what the mod is doing, just hold its icon until the information window appears. You can also click on the information button in the mod management menu.

Can I replace my mods after the start of the battle? During the battle, you can replace some of the dinosaurs from the team with others, but fashion does not. Make sure you choose the right dinosaurs and mods for them before the battle begins.

The number of mods received is less than I had amplifiers. After opening the raptors enclosure, all players will receive 4 Transformation sets for the missing amplifiers. In this regard, the developers can not guarantee that each player will receive exactly as many mods as he had amplifiers. The number of mods in the sets and their rarity will depend on the number and rarity of your amplifiers.

During the battle, there was a loss of communication, and my mod was gone! Like your dinosaurs, mods are considered used as soon as the battle begins. Therefore, if the battle for some reason is interrupted, the mod will still be lost.

Jurassic World: The Game - VIP Guide and Subscription

iOS: what is a subscription? Each month, your account will be charged $ 9.99 and tax until you cancel the subscription (note that the price may vary depending on the country and applicable taxes.) The subscription will automatically renew unless this option is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription and disable the auto-renew feature in iTunes settings after making a purchase. You cannot cancel it during the active subscription period.

A subscription is a proposed in-app agreement that gives your account exceptional benefits in exchange for automatic recurring payments. Subscription is purchased through the app. Automatic subscription payments are charged and controlled by your iTunes account. Subscription gives benefits for each paid period.

Android: what is a subscription? A subscription is a proposed in-app agreement that gives your account exceptional benefits in exchange for automatic recurring payments. Subscription is purchased through the app.Automatic subscription payments are charged and monitored by your Google Play account. Subscription gives benefits for each paid period.

What is a yearly subscription? The annual subscription differs from the monthly only in that instead of paying each month, you will have to pay once for the whole year. In this case, the benefits of VIP-status will be valid all the time. This subscription can also be renewed, but not every month, but annually.

Why did I have to pay a one-year overpriced subscription? The price you see is calculated by dividing the total cost of an annual subscription by 12. It is intended to visually compare the monthly and annual subscriptions. The full cost of the annual subscription can be found in the information menu by touching the "i" button next to the displayed price, or on the purchase confirmation screen.

I have a monthly subscription - how can I switch to an annual subscription? If you are planning to apply for a one-year VIP subscription, you must first cancel the monthly one. The advantages of your VIP-status will remain until the end of the paid period, and closer to its completion you will receive a notification that the validity of the VIP-status is coming to an end. In the notification window, you can arrange a monthly or annual subscription.

I have a yearly subscription - how do I switch to monthly? After paying the annual subscription, all the benefits of VIP status will be available to you throughout the year. In this regard, it is impossible to change the annual payment format to monthly.

Why didn’t they give me a tyrannosaurus after making a yearly subscription? Tyrannosaurus is given as a gift only for the first VIP subscription. If you have already been issued a monthly VIP subscription and you have switched to the annual format, you will receive only four velociraptors, but not the next tyrannosaur.

What are the benefits of a VIP subscription?

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription? If the subscription ends, you will not lose your VIP dinosaurs, do not worry! All available confidence points are saved. You can find out your balance in the VIP section at any time and continue to spend points on trust sets. However, some VIP sets cannot be purchased without a subscription. The DNA production plant will be unavailable, and all improvements to this building will be removed.

iOS: how does a free trial subscription work? Free trial versions allow you to familiarize yourself with the benefits of a subscription before direct payment! By registering a free trial, you agree to the subscription, which will be included after a certain period of validity of the trial version. After that, you can automatically continue to enjoy the benefits as a signed player. If you do not want to subscribe, you will need to cancel it before the free trial is completed. You can manage your free trial and subscription in the Subscriptions section of your iTunes account.

Android: how does a free trial subscription work? Free trial versions allow you to familiarize yourself with the benefits of a subscription before direct payment! By registering a free trial, you agree to the subscription, which will be included after a certain period of validity of the trial version. After that, you can automatically continue to enjoy the benefits as a signed player. If you do not want to subscribe, you will need to cancel it before the free trial is completed. You can manage your free trial and subscription in the "Subscriptions" section of your Google Play account.

iOS: What if I cancel a subscription during the paid period? If you cancel a subscription during the paid period, you will not be charged for the next period, as well as any subsequent subscription payments; You will be able to enjoy the benefits of a subscription until the end of the current paid period; after the end of the paid period, your account will no longer have access to the benefits of a subscription.

Android: what if I cancel a subscription during the paid period? If you cancel a subscription during the paid period, you will not be charged for the next period, as well as any subsequent subscription payments; You will be able to enjoy the benefits of a subscription until the end of the current paid period; after the end of the paid period, your account will no longer have access to the benefits of a subscription.

How do I manage my subscription as an iOS user? You can manage your subscription in the "Manage Subscriptions" section of your iTunes account.

How do I manage my subscription as an Android user? You can manage your subscription in your Google Play account. To do this, use the section "My Applications and Games." Select subscriptions. So you bring up all applications for which subscriptions are currently valid. Each of the listed applications allows you to customize your subscription settings.

Access content by subscription. To get the most out of your monthly or yearly subscription:

Registered, but no access? Make sure you are logged in to the correct account by checking the "Subscriptions" section in your store profile.

I accidentally made a purchase for DNA or dino-bucks. How can I get a refund? In-store resources are spent on purchases without additional confirmation, so we advise you to make a purchase only if you are sure of its necessity. To check if the purchase took place, send your support number to the developers.

Please note that the developers will not be able to cancel the purchase and do not guarantee the return of resources.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.