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Passage of King of Thieves: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

KING OF THIEVES is an Android game with a release date of 03/04/2015 from ZeptoLab. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Advanced Jumping Techniques
  3. Maze Walkthrough
  4. We conduct the Ritual correctly
  5. Dungeon Passage Tactics
  6. Guide on Ligam
  7. How to win in battles (matchmaking)
  8. Guild Guide and Guild Battles
  9. Arena Guide
  10. How to play after the update?
  11. How not to lose progress?
  12. Connecting to Facebook correctly
  13. Account Questions
  14. Payments and Subscriptions
  15. Improving Game Performance

King of Thieves: A Beginner’s Guide

What is the goal of the game? King of Thieves (KoT) is a multiplayer game that combines elements of strategy and platformer. You have to fight with a variety of players for the title of King of Thieves. In a world inhabited by little cunning thieves, you have to mine gems to become the richest thief. The higher the total value of your stones, the higher your rating and the higher you are in the league leaders list.

Win the league after the league, get to the Royal League and try to take first place in it. Prove to everyone that you are the real King of Thieves! The best way to get a gem is to steal it from another player. Theft in the KoT world is not something bad, but rather is considered a good tradition. But beware! Other players will try to steal gold and gems from you all the time. That is why it is so important to protect your dungeon by setting deadly traps in it!

Can I play CoT without an Internet connection? Despite the fact that the game has a single player campaign, KoT is a multiplayer game, so it is not possible to play it offline.

What is a rating and how to increase it? Each stone has its own value, which is expressed in numbers.Rating is the total value of all your gems combined.

The higher your rating, the higher your position in the league. Get as many precious stones as possible to increase your rating.

How to get gems? There are two ways to get gems:

1. Steal from another player. In the dungeon, click the "Attack" button and then "Find an opponent" (looks like a big magnifying glass). You will enter the dungeon of a random player. To skip this dungeon and go to the next one, click "Next." Please note that for each pass you must pay in gold coins. The price depends on your level, but there can not be more than 300 coins per pass.

2. Get into the mine. In the dungeon, click "Attack". You can unlock mines by completing single levels on a single campaign map. Mines are displayed on the map as trolleys. Every few hours a mine brings you one stone.

However, the stones from the mines are not particularly valuable (not more than 5000). The most effective way to increase your rating is to sneak into the dungeons of other players and rob them.

What is ritual? Gems can and should be combined into one, even more valuable. This is done using a totem, and the process of merging them is called "ritual." To begin the ritual, click on the totem in your dungeon, insert the gems into all slots and click the "Start" button. When the ritual is completed, you will receive one large gem whose value is equal to the total value of all the stones combined. At the initial levels, this value is multiplied by two, for example, if you combine two gems worth 50, you will receive a gem of 200 points, and not 100. The bonus for a high level of the guild also increases the value of the gem.

Remember: while the ritual is going on, other players can steal the stones in the totem.

How to protect your dungeon?

There are several tricks that can prevent rival thieves from stealing your gem:

1. The lock. Increase the number of keyholes. Unlocking the door to the dungeon will be more difficult, and some thieves may even change your mind to rob. To improve the castle, click on the tower icon in your dungeon (or just slide your finger down the screen). You will be taken to the improvements screen. Find the lock icon and click "Improve." Improvements take time and need to be paid for with gold coins.

2. The traps . Edit the dungeon to develop your trap system, or buy a ready-made set. You can always choose a different tactic by clicking the "Change traps" button in edit mode. Click on the trap to increase its level. If the traps cause a lot of damage, and you arrange them well enough, the thieves will lose all their health and will almost certainly leave your dungeon empty-handed.

3. Chance to protect the stone. Even if the attacker got to your totem, the game is not over yet! Now he has to try his thieves luck and play the wheel of fortune. If the arrow stops in the green sector, the thief will steal the stone. If on purple - he will get only gold. Improving the "Chance of stone protection" reduces the green sector to roulettes. You can increase the chance to protect the stone in the same menu where you improved the lock, but first you have to unlock this skill.

How to find out how many rituals can be performed in a totem? The number of rituals that can be performed in the totem can be judged by the number of his teeth. The totem loses one tooth after each completed ritual. When all teeth are gone, the totem will collapse.

How to move to another dungeon? To move to the next dungeon, complete all the rituals in the totem by breaking all your teeth, and then click on the "Move" button. You can also use the totem recovery function in the current dungeon.

What are gold coins and how to get them?

Gold coins, or simply gold, is an in-game currency that can be spent on a variety of improvements. For example, for gold, you can increase the level of traps or the number of master keys. More gold is needed to improve the throne and skip the dungeons of players that you do not want to attack. There are three ways to get coins:

1. Mine. In the center of the dungeon is the gold mine, which constantly supplies you with gold. To increase your income, download the "Gold mine capacity" and "Gold mining speed" in the improvements menu. To get to the menu, click on the tower icon in your dungeon or just slide your finger down the screen.

2. Skulls. Every time someone dies in your dungeon, there remains one skull in it. Each skull brings some gold to the dungeon owner. Improving Gold for Skulls will help you earn more coins for each skull - especially if you have well defended the dungeon.

3. Selling gems. If you do not have enough gold, you can sell the gem. To do this, drag it to the bottom right corner of the screen and click "Yes."

Important: this action cannot be undone.

If you sell a stone, your rating will decrease by a corresponding amount of points. The stones with the lowest rating are sold automatically if your inventory is full (except for unique stones). If you do not have enough coins for any improvement, you can spend blue spheres instead of gold.

How much gold can I steal from me? An attacker can steal up to 50% of your gold. It depends on how well he passed the dungeon, and whether he has a bonus to stealing gold. The amount of gold in a gold mine is also considered, and it can also be stolen.

What are blue spheres and how to get them?

Blue spheres are the so-called "premium currency", you can get them in the game or buy them for real money.Blue spheres are needed to speed up rituals and improvements, as well as to purchase some unique things. There are several ways to get blue spheres:

1. Complete missions. Click on the thief icon in the purple hood in your dungeon to open the mission menu and see which missions are available to you. For completing missions you get blue spheres and experience. When you complete a mission, a new one appears in its place.

2. Increase your level. You get blue spheres for each new level. To increase the level, collect green particles of experience scattered around the dungeons in both multiplayer and campaign mode.

3. Win in leagues, competitions and guild battles. Find yourself in the top three players at the end of the league, win the competition or become an active participant in the guild battle to get the blue spheres.

4. Open the locks. Sometimes a small amount of blue spheres can be found in empty keyholes when you try to open the door to someone else’s dungeon.

5. Visit the store. Click on the plus sign next to the blue spheres at the top of the menu to buy blue spheres for real money. For information on how to ban in-game purchases, see the "Payments" section.

What is a master key and how to get it?

The master keys are needed to penetrate both the dungeons of other players and the dungeons of the single-player campaign. Here’s how to get the master key:

1. Just wait. The master keys are restored with time. To speed up this process, improve the "masterbatch recovery speed" in the enhancements menu (click on the tower icon in your dungeon or just slide your finger down the screen).

2. View ads. If the master keys end in the process of breaking the lock, the game will offer you to look at the advertisements in order to get some additional master keys.

Remember that you can watch a limited number of commercials, otherwise the game balance would be upset. After a while, the ads will reappear.

3. Perform impeccable dungeon passing. Get to the totem, never dying, and all the master keys spent on hacking this dungeon will be restored. Exceptions are the master key received for viewing ads. They are not restored.

4. Spend some blue spheres. If the master keys are over while the lock is being hacked, you can restore them to the maximum by spending spheres.

5. Watch for special offers. There are also special limited offers with master keys that may appear in the store during the game.

What makes the wheel of fortune? When you go through the dungeon and get to the totem, in which there are precious stones, the game begins in the wheel of fortune, where everything depends only on your thieves’ luck.If the arrow stops in the green sector, you get a gem. By default, the odds are 50 to 50, that is, half the circle will be green, half - red.

If you have died many times before getting to the totem, or the player you attacked has an improvement in "The chance of protecting the stone", then the green sector will be less. To increase the green sector, and with it your chances to steal a gem, choose a throne that raises "The chance to steal a stone", for example, the throne "Crystal of Fortune", or make an impeccable raid on a dungeon (never dying).

What are the thrones for and how to create them? Thrones give your character different abilities. Click on the character in your dungeon to open the thrones menu. In total, you can create six different thrones, each of which affects the parameters of your thief:

  1. Health. The more health you have left when you get to the totem, the higher the chance to steal the gem.
  2. Gold theft. Allows you to steal more gold at a time.
  3. Chance to steal a stone. Increases the chance to steal a gem (the green sector of the wheel of fortune becomes larger).
  4. Chance to drop the best stone. Increases the likelihood of a best stone falling in a totem during a theft. Without this ability, you get a random stone.

To create a throne you will need gold coins, as well as the ingredients that can be obtained by completing the rituals. The only exception is the very first totem in the game - no ingredients are given for rituals.

Suits and automaton "Stylish Thief" You can change your costume by clicking on the throne icon in the dungeon and selecting the "Costumes" tab. Unlike thrones, costumes do not improve your characteristics and are present only for aesthetic pleasure.

New costume can be obtained for the sphere or in the machine "Stylish Thief." "Stylish Thief" allows you to exchange the magical ingredients obtained in rituals for costumes. To activate it, load a few ingredients into the mechanism. The more ingredients you load, and the higher their value, the greater the chances of winning a rare costume. If you win a costume that you already have, you will receive spheres in return.

Pay attention to the fact that not all costumes can be won in the "Stylish Thief" or bought for spheres. Some, such as the King of Kings costume, can only be obtained during the game, while others are available only for a limited amount of time (for example, the Evil Santa costume).

The title and costume of the King of Kings. After winning the last league of the Gods (the Totemia League), the player goes to the King of Kings league, the winner of which receives the title of King of Kings. Getting this title is the greatest honor in the game, because there is only one King of Kings league for all players in the world, and its winner is officially recognized as the best player in the King of Thieves. Along with the title, the player also receives the royal throne, mantle and crown. The mantle and throne are unique, and you cannot make them yourself. They are awarded to the winner of the King of Kings League and remain with him until the end of the next round. After that, if the player no longer occupies the first place, the throne is transferred to the next winner, and the former King loses the ability to wear it.

If a player manages to stay on top, he continues to wear the royal throne, which, by the way, not only looks amazing, but also has the highest parameters. But the costume of the King will remain with the winner forever, even if he will never again win the league of the King of Kings. Like other costumes and thrones, the royal throne, mantle and crown are shown during attacks, repetitions and preservation of dungeons (so you will always know that you have been robbed by the King), and the name of the current King of Kings can be found in the league table and .

What are the ingredients for and how to get them?

The ingredients are needed to create and improve the thrones, as well as to operate the Stylish Thief machine.The best thrones are made from the rarest of ingredients. There are four ingredients in the game, the rarest of which will be available to you as you progress. There are several ways to get the ingredients:

1. Completion of rituals. After the ritual is completed, a special wheel of fortune appears, and you get a random ingredient. The player can not affect this process, it all depends on luck.

2. Arsenal guild. If you are a member of the guild, you can go to the "Arsenal" section. There is an opportunity to acquire various resources for the honor that is earned in the battles of the Guild and the Arenas.

3. Under the locks. When you break into another player’s dungeon lock, there is a chance of receiving an additional reward. This list of rewards also includes magical ingredients.

4. Additional reward when attacking the dungeon of another player. Sometimes, thanks to a special skill from Ancient Totem, you can get an additional reward when attacking a dungeon. Rewards also vary, but this way you can get magical ingredients of any rarity. It all depends on your luck!

5. In-game events. In King of Thieves, new unique events constantly arise, thanks to which you can get a huge amount of valuable prizes. Follow the news and your dungeon, and you will always be in advantage!

How does the health bar work? Every time a trap kills your character, his health decreases. The exact value (how much health is removed) depends on the level of the trap. The health bar has three gradations: after passing the dungeon for each gradation, you will receive one star.

If your health falls below a certain mark, you will lose a star, as a result of which you will receive less gold and a lower chance to steal the gem. If your health drops to zero, you will not die, but the chance of theft of a precious stone will be minimal. You can increase the health of your character by creating and improving thrones.

What are potions for? Potions give you special abilities that you can use during an attack. There are five types of potions in the game:

1. "A gang of thieves." Magically clones your character, turning him into a whole gang of thieves. All the thieves in the gang jump at the same time.

2. "Slowdown". Slows time and allows you to better calculate their actions.

3. "The Ghost." Summons a ghost dungeon owner. Ghost shows how to get to the chest.

4. "Disable trap". Disarm one randomly selected trap in the dungeon.

5. "Double gold". Doubles the amount of gold in the opponent’s chest.

How to get potions? There are three ways to get potions:

  1. Connect stones of the same color. Different colors give different potions. For example, if all the stones in your totem are green, then at the end of the ritual you will receive a "Slowdown", and if the stones are yellow - "Double gold".

  1. Open the locks. Sometimes a potion can be found in empty keyholes when you try to open the door to the dungeon.
  2. Spend some blue spheres. During the attack, you can buy the potions you need for spheres.
  3. Lord of the Stars. Sometimes, you can get potions from the Lord of the Stars! Watch him.
  4. Guild Arsenal. Visit the guild Arsenal and spend a little glory to get potions.
  5. Lucky. Activate the lucky spell to get a chance to find potions!

New Throne Guild. Now guilds that win in the Crown Arena are awarded the Throne of the "Crown Champion"! This throne is even stronger than the Seer. Each guild member who wins in the Arena receives this throne until the end of the next round. Then he will be transferred to the next guild of winners.

Why didn’t my master keys recover from the perfect attack? Not all keys can be restored after an ideal attack - if you received them after viewing an advertisement or bought for areas, they will not be restored. In addition, if you started to open the locks with the keys that you had, and then you ran out of them, and you looked at the advertisements to replenish them, the system will not recover the keys that you spent on opening the locks.

Why in the mode of revenge the rating of stones is lower than it actually is? The developers have specifically limited the value of stones in the mode of revenge so that players do not cheat rating. If the opponent has too big a stone in the ritual, then at revenge you will see a copy of this stone with a lower rating.

Why did I open the lock on the chest with daily awards, but did not receive anything? There is no additional prize in the game for opening one of the locks. The chest will open if you open all the locks - then you will receive a well-deserved reward.

King of Thieves: Advanced Jumping Techniques

Big jump (video)

Anti-gravity jump over the Red Guard (video)

Jump from the wall bypassing the Red Guard and Saws (video)

Sliding jump over the Red Guard and under the Saw (video)

Jump around the Flies and Saws (video)

"Falling Star" Jump through Fly and Saw (video)

Jump around three hellish traps (video)

Long jump from parallel platforms (video)

Jump from parallel platforms bypassing two Sentinels (video)

King of Thieves: Maze Walkthrough

What is a Labyrinth? The labyrinth is the most difficult test of thieves, in which everyone will need a maximum of skills to succeed. The labyrinth is one big dungeon with many moves and branches. Moreover, the Labyrinth is literally filled with traps that still pose a danger. Despite the fact that these traps will not instantly kill you, you will still lose Health. Your goal in the Maze is to reach the chest with the maximum amount of Health. Labyrinth is the only source of a unique resource called Crystal Tears. This resource is needed to improve new abilities in your dungeon.

How to enter the Labyrinth? To enter the Labyrinth, you will need to create a special key. Complete daily tasks to get parts of this key. You can find daily tasks in the missions window. At the same time you can have only three tasks. Completed assignments are updated every day, but if you don’t want to wait, you can start a new assignment for areas. When your key is ready, you will be able to enter the Maze. But remember: one key will open the Maze only once!

Can I die in the Labyrinth? No, you cannot die in the Maze. Moreover, if you hit the trap, you will not start the Labyrinth from the beginning. The trap you hit will immediately turn off. However, you will still lose Health.The more health you will have when you reach the chest, the greater will be your reward.

What reward will I get for completing the Maze? What is Crystal Tears? Crystal Tears are a special resource that can be mined in the Maze. This resource is needed to improve special skills in your dungeon. You can find these skills, as well as information on the current number of Crystal Tears on the dungeon enhancement screen. The more health you will have when you reach the chest, the greater will be the reward. So, if you go through the Labyrinth for three stars, you will receive 15 Crystal Tears, and if for one star, then only 5 Tears.Moreover, every time you reach the chest, you will have a chance to get an additional reward in the form of spheres, gold, bonus master keys and Crystal Tears!

King of Thieves: We conduct the Ritual correctly

The relationship between player level, dungeon and stones that can be improved. Not all stones can be improved at the initial levels. The higher your level, the higher the rating of the stones that can participate in the ritual: Level - the maximum rating of the stone.

Your ability to upgrade stones also depends on the number of the dungeon where you are currently located. If the totem shows a pop-up window with the text that your stone is too big for the ritual, and your level already corresponds to the cost of the stone, then try to move to the next dungeon to get a more spacious totem.

What gems can be stolen? You can steal only those gems that are involved in the ritual. The stones in the inventory, and those that are simply installed in the totem (when the ritual is not yet running) are not visible to other players and cannot be stolen by them.

What determines the chance of stealing a stone? The arrow on the wheel of fortune stops randomly, so this is basically a matter of luck. By default, the chances of a 50/50 stone are stolen, but there are several factors that can affect the likelihood of a stone being stolen in either direction:

  1. Health. The less health you have left when you get to the totem, the less your chances of stealing a gem.
  2. Thrones. Some thrones increase the chance of stone theft, making the green sector on the wheel of fortune more.
  3. Chance to protect the stone. If the player you attacked has improved the "Chance to Protect the Stone", then the green sector on the wheel of fortune becomes smaller and it will be more difficult to steal the stone.

How to find out which of the gems will be stolen? The gem is chosen randomly, and you can not influence this process. However, thrones with the "Chance to steal the best stone" property increase the likelihood of stealing the most expensive stone in the totem.

How to find out how valuable a gem is in a totem? The more difficult the gem cutting, the higher its value.Here is a diagram showing all the gems, from less valuable to more valuable (from left to right):

How long can a ritual last? The ritual cannot last longer than 12 hours. Once you reach this limit, all subsequent rituals will take 12 hours.

What happens when the inventory runs out of space for new gems? If you get a new gem when your inventory and totem are already full, two options are possible:

  1. If a new gem is less valuable (brings less rating points) than any of the stones you have, then it will be automatically sold and you will receive a certain amount of gold coins for it.
  2. If a new gem is more valuable (brings more rating points) than at least one of the stones you already have, the least valuable gem from your inventory will be automatically sold, and the new gem will take its place.

You can increase the capacity of your inventory by opening new slots for blue spheres.

How to increase inventory capacity? Click on any of the plus signs under the inventory slots to open an additional slot for the blue spheres. In total, you can open three additional slots.

What are spells?

You can use unique gems and emeralds to learn spells. Each spell is useful for a thief, but there are two kinds of spells - temporary and permanent. Time spells can be learned once, and they will last for a certain time. After the expiration of the timer, you can re-buy a temporary spell. The effect of permanent spells does not disappear anywhere and increases with improvement.

By clicking on the exclamation mark next to the name of the spell, you can read its description, see what type it belongs (temporary or permanent), as well as the maximum number of levels in a permanent spell.

For learning spells you gain additional experience points.


  1. Unstoppable thief : skipping opponents on the dungeon search screen to attack does not require gold.
  2. An experienced thief : increases the likelihood of stealing a stone from another player.
  3. Wise defender : an extra chance to defend your gem while attacking other players.
  4. Rescuer : an additional chance to automatically return the stone.


  1. Engineer : reduces the time to improve traps.
  2. Generous Totem : Increases the chance to gain an additional magical ingredient.
  3. Seeker : increases the amount of tears you get in a maze.
  4. Eternal Totem : Increases the chance to recover a broken totem for free.
  5. Architect : reduces learning time skills.
  6. Best Friend : Increases the likelihood of returning a stone to a friend or a co-fighter.
  7. Justice : increases the likelihood of returning your own stone.
  8. Beautiful treasures : increases the chance that if you save a stone in the Treasury, its rating will be increased.
  9. Insatiable : increases the chance that a stolen stone will receive more bonus rating.
  10. Lucky : Increases the chance to find an additional reward after the attack of another player.
  11. Once and done : increases the chance to save the layout in the dungeon on the first try.

Bonus to the active ritual. If you are running a ritual, and you are playing in Attack or Revenge mode, now you can get a bonus to the active ritual. The reward depends on the sector in which the Wheel of Fortune arrow stops: if on green, you will receive a stone, if on a purple, a bonus to the ritual. Additional scrolls of Wheel of Fortune increase the ritual bonus. Remember that if the ritual is canceled (or suspended), then the bonus disappears.

The usual Wheel of Fortune (without the active ritual bonus) will appear if:

Attention! The bonus to the active ritual does not increase the rating of your stone more than the maximum allowed (999 999). To get a stone with a rating higher than 1,000,000, you need to combine the corresponding stones in the ritual.

Treasury. A treasure chest is a place where you can store your gems so that no one can steal them. Please note that as soon as you save the stone to the Treasury, you will not be able to return it from there, sell it, or perform a ritual. In order to keep the gem in the Treasury, you will need emeralds. Emeralds are a new resource that you earn when performing rituals. The amount of emeralds you receive depends on the value of the gem obtained during the ritual. The more expensive the stone, the more emeralds you will get.

Every time you save a gem in the Treasury, you increase your saved rating. Having gained enough rating, you receive the magic sphere containing unique stones. If you save gems with a rating of over 1,000,000, you will get the perfect magical sphere. You can find all the unique stones obtained in your collection. By the way, when you save stones with a rating of more than 1,000,000 to the Treasury, they are also added to you in the Collection.

King of Thieves: Dungeon Passage Tactics

How do traps work? There are 14 types of traps:

1. Saw . Conventional circular saw. Jump over it and everything will be fine!

2. The gun . Shoots nuclei in the direction in which it is directed.

3. Self-guided gun . It tracks your movements and can shoot in different directions.

4. Red Guard A monster that can move vertically or horizontally. The longer the distance, the slower it moves.

5. The blue guard. Moving in circles. The larger the radius, the faster it moves.

6. Bird. Follow you wherever you go, so do not stop!

7. Platform . This is not a trap, but rather part of some dungeons. It helps to get to hard to reach places. You can choose where to install it.

8. Trampoline Allows you to perform high jumps. It works the same way as a regular platform.

9. Gravitron . Flips gravity so that you can walk on the ceiling and get to previously unattainable places.

10. Ricochet. A mighty fist that flies through the dungeon and bounces off the walls.

11. Baby Ashbringer . A hand dragon that spews flames in the direction in which it is directed. Can not shoot if located in the wall.

12. Priepekatel . He is motionless and does not shoot, but if you want to stay alive, then jump as often as possible.

13. The warden . He shoots like a regular cannon in four directions. The warden can move horizontally and vertically, like the Red Guard. Be wary of his deadly horns!

14. Snoop . Snoop can be located on the floor or walls. When a player touches the surface, the trap automatically begins to follow him. Do not be afraid - Snoop can not jump!

How do trap improvements work? Improved traps act in the same way as usual ones (they will not move faster and will not acquire new properties), but they will deal more damage. That is why improved traps are more effective in protecting dungeons: the less health the attacker has, the less his chances of stealing a stone.

Please remember that as the trap improves, it doesn’t work and your dungeon becomes more vulnerable. To improve the trap, just click on it. Improvements take time and gold.

You can determine the level of the trap by its appearance:

Is it possible to improve several traps at the same time? No, you can only upgrade one trap at a time.However, if you have several traps of the same type (for example, two saws), they will begin to improve simultaneously if you click on one of them.

Please note that this will make your dungeon very vulnerable.

Do trap improvements disappear when moving to another dungeon? No, trap improvements, like other improvements, are permanent. For example, if you improved the saw to level 5, then in any dungeon where this type of trap is available, you will have a level 5 saw.

How to disable traps? There are several ways to disable traps in an enemy dungeon:

1. Potion "Turn off the trap." Use the "Turn off trap" gain to turn off one random trap.

2. To die more than seven times. If your character dies more than seven times, the trap that takes the most health will be automatically turned off. Disabled traps become slightly transparent and do not harm the character.

How many traps can you install in a dungeon? In each player’s dungeon there are exactly three traps. In some dungeons, there may also be a beam, springboard or gravitron.

Can I choose traps for my dungeon? When you move to a new dungeon, you are offered to choose one of three sets of traps that can be bought for coins, spheres or emeralds. Together with the first two sets of traps, you also receive a pre-made arrangement. In the third set of "Random traps" you are offered a choice of 3 random traps, which you can change for spheres if they do not suit you.

Please note that choosing random traps will not give you a ready-made arrangement. After confirming your choice and moving to a new dungeon, you will have to set up the traps yourself.

You can change the set of traps in dungeon editing mode.

Can I change the layout of my dungeon? No, dungeons are randomly generated. The only way to change the layout of the dungeon is to move to the next dungeon.

Can I buy a platform, springboard or gravitron? No, these "traps" are only available in some dungeons and cannot be purchased.

Are purchased sets of traps transferred to the next dungeon? No, each dungeon has its own traps, although as the game progresses the sets of traps can sometimes be repeated, but each time you need to buy them again.

Can the skull disappear from the dungeon? No, the skulls remain until you collect them or move to another dungeon.

Why do you need to go through your dungeon twice in a row to save it? You must pass your dungeon before saving in order to prove that its passage is possible. You need to do this twice in a row to make sure that the passage is not based on chance, that is, most other players with the same skills as you have a chance to get to the totem.

What is the "passage of dungeons" and how to see it? You can not go through the dungeon and you think that it is impassable? The developers check the dungeons so that all of them are 100% passable, and you can see for yourself. Now, if you decide to stop the attack before you reach the chest, you can see how it was possible to pass the dungeon. But remember: after viewing the solution, you will not be able to go through this dungeon again.

Preview mode. You can try on every outfit before buying in preview mode. Long click on any costume you want and try it in your own dungeon!

Pass dungeons when moving. When the totem collapses, you need to move to the next dungeon. Now you can change it if you do not like it. To do this, click on the "Skip" button, and then another random dungeon will appear. You must pay spheres to pass the dungeon. This feature is available only to those players who have already completed all the single levels on the map and destroyed 20 totems.

I get the same dungeon every time! Dungeons are random. It also means that you can get the same dungeon several times in a row.

Can I see the dungeons of friends? Friends dungeons can not only be viewed, but also tested! Help your friends and co-guilds check the security of their dungeons. You can start testing by going to the "My guild" section and selecting a specific player. Click on the "Check dungeon" option and start testing.

King of Thieves: Guide on Ligam

What is a league round? Each round lasts 72 hours. At the end of the round, the three players with the highest rating move to the next league, and the remaining players get new opponents.

How to move to the next league? Finish the league in the top (the number of places in the top depends on the rules of the league) to go to the next league. Your position in the league depends on your ranking. You can also dial the required amount of rating required for automatic transition to the next league.

I was in the top 3 at the end of the league, but did not move to the next league. Leagues are updated every 2 minutes. In the last seconds, anything can happen: other players, like you, are constantly trying to increase their rating by collecting gems. Most likely you were simply kicked out of the top three at the very last moment, and you returned to one of the top ranks after the winners moved into the next league. Good luck next time!

How many leagues are there in the game? At the moment the game has:

To learn more about the leagues of Gods and the King of Kings, please contact the appropriate questions and answers section.

League of Gods and King of Kings

After winning the Diamond League, players move to new leagues of the Gods Theft. There are three leagues of gods:

  1. League of Sphere.
  2. League Invincia.
  3. League Totemia.

The rules in these leagues are slightly different from the rest: your place on the leaderboard depends on your delta (how much the total value of your stones has changed since the beginning of the round). However, in the Leagues of Invincia and Totemia, players with the lowest score will be expelled into the previous league. The first league of Spheres is an exception. If you hit it, then do not slide back into the Diamond League, even if you are in last place on the leaderboard.

But that is not all! After winning the last league Totemia, the player goes to the King of Kings league, the winner of which receives the crown and the title of King of Kings. In the King of Kings league, the same rules apply as in the last two leagues of the gods (i.e. you can return to the League of Totemy if your score is too low), but there is a unique difference: the King of Kings league is one for all players in the world (unlike the old Royal League, of which there were several). This means that there can be more players in this league than in previous ones, but the prize is impressive: the winner of the league is officially recognized as the best player of King of Thieves and gets the best throne in the game. At least until the end of the next round.

Is it possible to get into the same league as my friend? No, leagues are formed randomly.

Pass the league. Developers know that it is sometimes boring to wait for the end of a league round. Now you do not have to wait! All you need to do is steal more stones and increase your rating. As soon as you reach the desired threshold of the rating, you will instantly go to the next League.

Remember that this feature is only available in the first 9 Leagues, starting with the Wooden and ending with Onyx.

King of Thieves: How to win in battles (matchmaking)

What is a shield? When another player breaks into your dungeon, you get a shield for 45 minutes. At this time you can not be attacked or found in matchmaking. Nothing prevents you from attacking other players while the shield is running.

I was attacked at the time when the shield was active. Being attacked while running a shield is impossible. Most likely, the notification of the attack was overdue and came after someone had attacked you and the shield turned on.

Can anyone attack me while I’m in the game? No, you can only be attacked when you are offline. You will not be attacked in the first minutes after you leave the game, so that you will not be able to attack due to the simple loss of the connection.

How to return the stolen gem?

1. Return by yourself. In your dungeon, open the protection log (dagger icon), find the player who stole your gem and press the "Return" button. You will have the opportunity to steal the stone back.

Note: if successful, you return a copy of the stolen stone, the original will remain with the thief.

2. Call friends for help. If you were unable to get the gem back on your own, then your name will appear in the help logs (the icon with a handshake at the bottom of the dungeon) of your friends and guilds. Your comrades will see that you need help, and may try to return your stone.

What is a "stone return"? The "Return" button appears when someone steals one of your gems. You can try to return it in the security log. You will have only one attempt: if you fail, you will no longer be able to recover this gem by yourself. But this is no reason to be upset! Your name and information about the stolen stone will appear in the logs of the help of your friends and the guilds, and they will be able to help you. Each friend will also have only one attempt.

Please note: return attacks are not real. When you (or one of your friends) return a gem, you get a copy of that gem. The stone itself remains with the player who stole it. This increases your chances to return the stolen, because the thief may never set your stone in the totem. The chance to return the stone is slightly lower than the chance to steal the stone during a normal attack. If you want to really harm the offender, use the button "Revenge".

What is "revenge"? You can take revenge on players who have previously attacked you by using the "Revenge" button in the protection log. In contrast to the attacks on the return of the stone, these attacks are real, that is, you attack the real dungeon of the offender and you can rob him, making him regret his deed. However, real attacks also mean that there may be no stones in the totem (or it may even be broken), and the player himself may be under the shield or in the game, which will make the attack impossible. After you take revenge on a player, he will no longer be able to take revenge on you in return.

Sometimes there is no "Revenge" button in the protection log. The button does not appear if the player you previously attacked has revenged you. You can only revenge those who attacked you from matchmaking, and not those who avenge you for your attack. This feature has been disabled to prevent dishonest players from endlessly attacking each other, thus increasing the rating.

What are tournaments? Tournaments are weekly events you can participate in by simply playing the game.All tournaments start at the end of the week (on Friday) and last 60 hours. At the very beginning, all players are divided into groups by level. There are three types of tournaments:

At the end of the tournament, players receive awards depending on the position on the leaderboard. If two or more players have an equal number of points, the position in the leaderboard is determined by their rating. The first few players (the amount depends on the size of the group) receive stones with a high rating. Only experienced thieves can participate in the tournament. Tournaments will be available when you move to the third dungeon in a single player game.

How can I add other players to my friends?

  1. Connect to Facebook. If you have friends on Facebook who also play KoT, you can connect your Facebook accounts to the game to see each other in the help magazine.
  2. Join the guild. Guild members can also help each other. To enter the guild, click on the cup icon in the upper right of the screen. In the section "My guild" you can join one of the recommended guilds. You can also click on the option "Best guilds" and in the search bar enter a specific name of the guild you want to join.

How to ask for help?

  1. If you are unable to return the stolen stone yourself, you will automatically appear in the logbooks of the help of your friends and the guilds, and they can help you to return it.
  2. In the security log, click on the "Request Help" button next to the stolen gem. The game will send a notification on your behalf to the social network through which you are connected, where it will be indicated that you need help.After that, your friends will be able to open the game, find you in the protection journal and try to get your gem back.
  3. You can always ask for help right in the guild chat.

Can I attack a specific player? No, the selection of opponents is carried out randomly. However, you can take revenge on the player who attacked you first in the defense log.

I noticed the indecent guild or player name. You can report this to the developers by clicking on the icon with an exclamation mark next to the player’s name or guild name, and then selecting a reason ("Invalid player name" or "Invalid guild name").

I lost resources, what happened? We were all in such a situation when it seems that resources have suddenly become less than before. But please do not forget that resources cannot be lost by themselves, and that the game will never make unauthorized purchases. In-game resources are used to buy upgrades, and this may be the reason for the loss. Did you improve the lock or the trap? If this is not the case, check the protection log, probably someone attacked you and stole some of the resources.

I can no longer watch ads for free master keys. The number of views of video advertising is limited in favor of the balance of the game. Advertising will appear again after a while.

In the search come across the same opponents, and some dungeons are cloned. The system for searching for opponents finds players that match your level (+/- 5 levels). Players of level 51 and above are in a single group. If you look at all the players you can attack, the game will start issuing "cloned" dungeons of opponents you have previously encountered. The amount of gold and stones in these dungeons will differ from those in the original dungeon. After an attack on a cloned dungeon, the original owners will not receive notifications and will not lose anything due to the attack. This is done in order to prevent a situation in which you have no one to rob.

I have been attacked too often. What can I do? Each time you go offline, your dungeon appears in attack mode, and other players can find and raid. There must be something in your dungeon that attracts other players and forces them to attack you - there may be precious stones in your ritual, the amount of gold you have, or the fact that they already had the same layout before and know how to pass it flawlessly. It is not against the rules to raid the same dungeon if you see it in attack mode and you are not discriminated as a player in this case.

How can I find more gold stones? In order to find a dungeon with gold stones, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Each dungeon in Attack mode can be attacked only a limited number of times and a rare thief will pass by, at least without trying luck. This means that such a dungeon is available to attack only for a short time, and in this case, "who had time, he attacked." You can try to change the time of the game - perhaps most of the players are online at the same time and then your chances of finding gold stones are greatly reduced.In connection with all of the above, we wish you great luck and even more luck!

King of Thieves: Guild Guide and Guild Battles

What is a guild? A guild is a community of players who join forces to take part in guild battles, help each other recover stolen stones, test each other’s dungeons, and simply chat. To be able to join the guild, you must win in the Wooden League. Guild menu is in the leagues menu (leaderboard). You can find a specific guild using the search function, join your friend’s guild in the Friends menu, or create your own guild in the My Guild menu.Creating a guild will cost you 200,000 gold coins.

How many players can be in the guild? The higher the level of the guild, the greater the number of participants can join it. The maximum number of participants in the guild - 30.

What is a "requirement to join the guild"? Many guilds set the minimum rating value at their discretion, which you must have in order to join this guild. Requirements are subject to change at any time by the guild leader.

Who is the leader of the guild? The guild leader can remove other players from it and set a requirement to join the guild. The player who created the guild becomes its leader automatically. If the head of the guild does not appear in the game for more than three weeks, then the Officer will be the first in the queue to receive leadership rights. If the deputy head is not active for three or more weeks, then control will be transferred to the active player with the highest rating (delta of the guild). If you have lost the authority of the leader, then you can return them only if the current guild leader transfers them to you manually.

Please note that the developers do not return accidentally lost leadership in the guild. Developers believe that they should not interfere with matchmaking. The developers also provided leadership rights transfers with intuitive warnings to minimize the chances of error. If you have transferred leadership rights to another player, this is considered your conscious decision.

Who are the new guilds? Guild novices cannot immediately join the guild battle. They need to wait for the start of a new round. New players live separately from fellow guilds, in their part of the leaderboard. The activity of each newcomer is recorded in a personal modifier. Despite the fact that new players miss their first battle, they receive bonuses from the growth of the guild level and are considered to be its members (there can be no more than 25 participants in the guild, including novices).


What is a guild battle? A new round of guild battle begins every 72 hours. Your guild competes with a randomly selected guild. Your contribution to the guild battle depends on your "delta", that is, how much you have increased your rating (the total value of your gems) since the start of the battle round. Steal and upgrade gems to increase your delta and lead your guild to victory! Guild with a larger total delta wins the battle.

Who gets the reward for winning the guild battle? In order to receive a reward for winning a battle, a player must be active during the round (his delta must change in either direction to any value). Inactive players do not receive a reward for the battle, but may receive it for the season.

What is guild chat? In the guild chat you can discuss tactics with your colleagues, as well as ask for their advice. Click the small arrow on the right side of the screen to enter the chat.

How to leave the guild? To exit the guild, click on the guild menu, then on "My guild". In the list of players, find the name of your character, click on it and select the option "Exit Guild".

Can I join my friend’s guild? Yes it is possible. Go to the league menu and click the "Friends" button. Here you will find a list of your Facebook friends who play KoT. Next to the player’s name will be the guild icon (if the player is in it). Click on it to see if there are any vacancies in the guild, and what are the requirements for joining.

What is a bonus to gem rating? If the level of your guild is high enough, you, like your co-guilds, get a bonus to the gem rating. The higher the guild level - the higher the bonus. There are four types of bonuses in the game:

Not all bonuses are available right from the start; your guild must grow to level 16 in order to unlock all four bonuses. The stones returned by your friends also receive a bonus, but already according to the level of your friend’s guild. In addition, you get a certain bonus to the rating of gems obtained as a result of the ritual in the first few dungeons. This is designed to motivate newbies.

How to raise the level of the guild? In order to increase the level of the guild, its members must make donations. In order to contribute to an increase in the guild level, click on the "Bleed" button on the "My Guild" screen. Donations can be made in the form of gold coins, spheres, tears, emeralds and magical ingredients. On the donation buttons you see the amount of experience your guild adds, the type of resource you can donate and its amount. If you have made too many donations, the game will offer you to watch a commercial, after which you will again be able to make donations.

The amount of experience you have added to your guild through donations is displayed on the "My Guild" screen where your delta is usually displayed. To see your delta, you must go to the Guild Battle tab. In total, the game has 45 guild levels: 40 regular levels and 5 bonus levels. Raising the guild level, you increase the passive bonuses (bonus to the rating of stolen / returned stones, bonus to the rating of stones mined from the mine, etc.) and open new lots in the guild’s Arsenal store. In addition to the fact that the number of items in the Arsenal increases with the level of the guild, the price of them decreases. Also, the higher the guild level, the greater the number of participants can join it. Now the maximum number of participants in the guild - 30.

I accidentally transferred the rights of the head of the guild to another player, can I get them back? When transferring rights to another player, a window appears where you need to confirm your intention.If you click "Yes", then this is considered a deliberate decision. Unfortunately, developers can not return the rights of the head of the guild. You can ask the new chapter to do this, or wait until the guild head changes automatically if the player is inactive for a while.

I’m older than 16, can I turn on chat? COPPA / GDPR . Unfortunately, when you choose an age at the very beginning of the game, it cannot be changed later for your current account, even if this age was chosen by mistake, and you are already 17 years old. However, you can reinstall the game and create a new character by choosing a different age.

Personal activity indicator (Modifier). All rewards for Seasons and Guild Battles now depend on the Modifier, a personal indicator of the activity of each member of the guild. If a player steals stones, the indicator is full. The filled indicator multiplies the reward for the Battle and for the Season. This means that active players will now receive larger rewards! In order to receive a reward for winning the Battle, the player must be active during the round (his delta must change in either direction to any value).

Inactive players do not receive a Battle Award, but may receive it for the Season. As before, novices do not take part in the first battle, but in the Modifier their activity will be recorded. If earlier the reward for the Battle was shared only between the top players, now all active players will receive the rewards.

Remember that the Modifier indicator is reset after the end of the Season or after switching to another guild!

New guild system. The developers have changed the guild system and the mechanism of pumping the guild levels. Now the maximum level is increased: players can pump the guild to level 45. To increase the level of players need to get a certain amount of guild experience. The more guild level becomes, the more guild experience will be required. And the higher the guild level, the stronger its bonuses. Also, as the guild level increases, the number of participants can grow to 30 (this number cannot be reduced).

When the guild reaches level 40, it will be able to pump 5 more bonus levels. But each bonus level can burn out.Therefore, if the guild wants to maintain its bonus level, then it must constantly maintain the amount of guild experience necessary for the level. To pump the level of the guild, you need to invest various resources. In the "My Guild" section, a shield with the current guild level, guild bonuses and an indicator that needs to be filled out appeared. Next to the indicator there is a button "Pumping". When you click on it, an option for a deposit appears. Two other options will appear randomly.

Remember that more valuable resources make a greater contribution to the development of the guild.

What is Glory and how to use it? The game has a new currency, which you can earn by participating in the battles of the guilds and in the Arena - Glory. You can spend the received Glory on various items in the guild shop - Arsenal. To get to Arsenal, go to the screen of your guild, click the "Arsenal" button, or click on the icon of a military tent on any tab of the guild menu.

Please note that all Glory earned will burn within 5 hours if you leave the guild or you are excluded from it.

What is Arsenal? Arsenal is a guild shop in which you can spend the glory gained in guild battles and in arenas.To get to Arsenal, go to the screen of your guild, click the "Arsenal" button, or click on the icon of a military tent on any tab of the guild menu.

In the Arsenal you will see the items available to you. The availability of items in the store depends on the amount of Glory you have, the level of your guild and your own rank in the guild. The game will automatically redirect you to a page with all possible items, but you can choose a tab with an image of the items you need (potions, ingredients, magic artifacts, etc.). By clicking on any blocked lot (item) in the store, you will see the quantity of this item you have at the moment, and below - the reason why the lot is blocked or the active buy button for Glory.

Who is the guild officer? The leader of the guild can appoint any member of the guild as his deputy. This position is called the Officer (deputy head). There can be only one Officer in the guild. The officer has the right to expel players from the guild, but can not exclude the chapter. If the head of the guild does not appear in the game for more than three weeks, then the Officer will be the first in the queue to receive leadership rights. If the deputy head is not active for three or more weeks, then control will be transferred to the active player with the highest rating (delta of the guild).

King of Thieves: Arena Guide

What is an arena? What is the reward for the Arena? In total in the game 4 Arenas: Key, Gloves, Masks and Crowns.

The first three arenas have 4 stages. The guild must win them all to become the champion of the Crown Arena. At the end of 10 battles guild can go to the next Arena. Guilds with the lowest rating are reduced to the previous Arena. The guild also receives an award for a specific place in the Arena. The result affects the maximum reward in the Guild Battles and the type of chests. For each victory in the Battle of the Guilds 1 chest is given at the end of the Arena. There may be spheres, master keys, magic ingredients, tears, potions. The number of chests depends on the number of victories in the Battle of the Guilds and the status of the player in the guild.

Note: Only the Elders receive the maximum award for the Arena. Guild members with a different rank receive only a fraction of the maximum reward.

During the 10 Battles guilds do not compete directly, they must gain a rating during the confrontations. Winning or losing in the Battle of the Guilds does not affect the accumulated rating on the Arenas - it is saved and added to the previous ones. A situation may occur when the Guild does not win any of the Battle of the Guilds, but at the same time Wins the Arena! If the guild is inactive (for 10 fights, the gained rating is zero), then it goes down to the previous Arena or takes off from Arenas.

King of Thieves: How to play after the update?

Update: Crown Arena. Hey, thieves! Did you miss updates? Do not worry, you will not be bored, because the next round will change how the Arena of the Crown. Previously, such an arena was only one, and now there will be three of them! They will go in parallel and will be visually divided according to the colors of the crown and different thrones.

In addition, the developers have slightly changed the settings menu - now you can enable / disable notifications in it, as well as see a button for entering a promotional code.

Any information about the codes will appear in the social. developer networks, so be sure to drop in there:

Update: New Catacombs

We are glad to share with you fresh information. In the current update you are waiting for the event "Catacombs" : you can test your agility and reaction in a huge maze with many traps and tasty prizes for the most daring.

How it works? To enter the catacombs you will need picks, which in certain quantities will be given daily to all players (in addition, sometimes additional picks will be available for viewing ads). The main task is to run as far as possible, bypassing the traps and collecting as many multi-colored skulls as possible, for which you can receive valuable prizes later. From time to time, there will be checkpoints and special offers that offer the purchase of various bonuses: for example, health regeneration, additional skulls, etc.

In the event of death, you can leave the catacombs, or spend a few spheres to revive the character and continue the path, or leave with the loot. And in the game there will be new proposals, including costumes, improving traps and thrones. In addition, the developers continue to expand the functionality of the guild menu - now it will be possible to cancel the improvement, as well as the possibility of pumping for viewing ads.

King of Thieves: How not to lose progress?

Important: How to keep progress? Your progress is stored in the cloud (not on Facebook). To save progress and restore it in the future, enable synchronization with the cloud in the settings. Please do not try to log in under different Apple / Google Play accounts to play with several characters at the same time - you will lose previous progress. On one device you can play only one character. It is also very important to know your in-game ID - with its help, developers will be able to manually restore progress if it is lost. Player ID consists of a nickname and numbers, for example, Vasya # 1234. It can be found in the options. Click the arrow icon to copy the ID.

How to restore progress? (iOS) To restore game progress from the cloud, you need to save it there first. You can enable cloud sync in options. In order to restore progress:

  1. Login with the same Apple account.
  2. Install King of Thieves from the App Store.
  3. At the start, the game automatically asks if you want to restore progress from the cloud. Click "Yes."

If you do not see the message on the restoration of progress, go through training and enable synchronization with the cloud in the options.

How to restore progress? (Google Play) To restore game progress from the cloud, you must first save it there. You can enable synchronization with the cloud in the options (button with a gamepad icon). In order to restore progress:

  1. Login with the same Google Play account.
  2. Install King of Thieves from the Google Play Store.
  3. Start the game and go through training.
  4. Enable cloud synchronization in options.
  5. The game will automatically ask if you want to restore progress from the cloud. Click "Yes."

I lost my progress and can’t recover it from the cloud! Do not worry, they will help you. If you know the ID of the account you want to return:

  1. Start a new game and go through training.
  2. Go to the options and record your new ID.
  3. Send the developers your old and new ID.

If you do not know the account ID that you want to return:

  1. Start a new game and go through training.
  2. Go to the options and record your new ID.
  3. Send the developers your new ID and the following information about the account you want to return: Nickname, level, guild name, approximate number of blue spheres, date of last visit to online.

The more accurate the information, the greater the chance that developers will be able to return your account.

Important: the account cannot be restored if the new device uses a different platform (for example, the old device worked on iOS, and the new one on Android).

Another player uses cheats. How can I complain about it? If you notice a suspicious dungeon or a replay, click on the exclamation mark in front of the user’s nickname to report it. The developers will check the player and take action.

My dungeon was dropped due to suspected cheating. The developers have developed a script that helps them find impassable dungeons. It finds players who use third-party programs, and automatically resets the location of traps to the standard one. The script proved to be very good, and the developers have never seen him wrong, but admit such a possibility. If you think that your dungeon was dropped unfairly, please place the traps in the same places. Then write down how you save the dungeon, and the script resets it. Send the video to the developers, and they will understand.

My account has been banned. If you are banned, it means that the anti-cheating system suspected you of using third-party software or bugs to gain an advantage in the game. This is prohibited under clause 5 of the User Agreement, with which you automatically agreed when you installed the game. According to clause 9 of this Agreement, ZeptoLab may block your account without warning (including cheating). In addition, clause 4 provides that developers are not required to return funds for in-game purchases to players suspected of cheating.You can start the game from the beginning, but the previous account will remain blocked.

My in-game chat / facebook do not work. If you have chosen the age from 1 to 16 years on the initial screen, social functions, that is, Facebook and guild / gang chat, will not be available. Unfortunately, the developers can not turn them on, but you can reinstall the game, create a new account and choose a different age.

Important: Recovery or transfer of progress will not change the age - it is strictly tied to the account.

I completed a task in another game, but did not receive free spheres. Wait a little more and the spheres will appear. It usually takes no more than 15 minutes, but in some cases you need to be patient. Just in case, check if all conditions are met. Wait too long? Write to the game support service where you completed the tasks:

  1. Open the Free Spheres tab.
  2. Scroll through the list of missions to the end and click on Missing Orbs?
  3. Find a mission in the list for which spheres did not come, and check its status. Click Missing Orbs? / Got no sphere?under the mission.
  4. In the new window you will see the rules of the mission. Scroll to the end, and select the option "Contact Support."Please attach screenshots of achievements in this game - it will be easier for developers to understand what happened.

King of Thieves: Connecting to Facebook correctly

How and why should I connect the game to Facebook? Connecting to Facebook is necessary in order to be in touch with friends who also play King of Thieves: to join the same guild, help each other recover stolen stones and test each other’s dungeons. To join Facebook, go to the game settings and click the button to connect to the social network.

Please remember that your progress is not saved to Facebook: to save it, enable cloud storage in the game settings.

Why can’t I connect the game to Facebook? Please make sure that the Facebook option is enabled in the game settings. Also check that you have the latest version of the Facebook application installed. If this is the case, but the connection still does not work, try reinstalling the Facebook application. Another reason for not seeing Facebook friends is the outdated version of the operating system. If your OS is on the list of not supported by the current version of the Facebook SDK, you will receive a corresponding message and you will need to update it to enable the function.

Why can’t I see my Facebook friends in the game? If you have friends on Facebook who play King of Thieves, and they also connected their Facebook accounts to the game, but you don’t see them on your friend list, try this:

  1. Open the Facebook application and go to Menu> Quick privacy settings> More settings> Applications> Facebook login> King of Thieves> Uninstall application> Delete.
  2. Reinstall the game. Before deleting the game, make sure that you are logged into your Apple / Google account, and synchronization with the cloud storage is enabled in the settings. Just in case, write down your Player ID (nickname with numbers, for example, John # 12345). It can be found in settings. Knowing it, technical support will be able to recover your account manually, if something suddenly goes wrong.
  3. Start the game and go through the training mode.
  4. Go to settings and connect to Facebook.
  5. Open the Facebook app and go to Menu> Quick privacy settings> More settings> Applications> Facebook logged in> King oh Thieves. Make sure the "Friends List" is enabled (checked).
  6. Play with friends!

Can I connect one Facebook account to multiple accounts from the game? Yes it is possible. If you have multiple King of Thieves accounts on multiple devices, you can connect them to the same Facebook account and play with your Facebook friends.

My friends see my old / different game account. This can happen if you connect your Facebook account to two or more King of Thieves accounts. If you encounter this problem, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications and remove the King of Thieves from there. Do not worry, you will not lose the game progress.
  2. Open KoT on your device under the desired account, go to the settings and reconnect to Facebook.

Now your friends will see the desired account.

King of Thieves: Account Questions

Can I create multiple game accounts on one device? No, unfortunately, this is impossible. Your progress is saved in the cloud. The game will start over as soon as you log in with a different account, and the previous progress in the cloud storage will be overwritten. To play under multiple accounts, you will need several devices.

Can I play from one account on two different devices? (iOS) Yes, it is possible. Make sure that you use the same iCloud account, and synchronization with the cloud is enabled in the game settings on both devices. If this does not help:

If you still can not play on the second device under the same account, check all game settings and clouds on both devices. You can also try to restore your progress on another iOS device.

Can I play from one account on two different devices? (Android) Yes, it is possible. Make sure that cloud sync is enabled on your device with your progress.

  1. In the settings of the second device, log in to the same Google Play account.
  2. Install the game.
  3. Create a new character and go through the training mode.
  4. Go to the game settings menu as soon as it becomes available.
  5. Manually sync with Google Play. After some time, a proposal to restore progress will appear Click "Yes."

If you still can not play on the second device with the same game account, please check the sync settings with the cloud storage and make sure that this feature is enabled on both devices. Also, check if your progress is being restored on any other Android device.

Can I play from one account on two different devices with different OS (iOS, Android)? No, unfortunately, it is impossible to transfer progress between different platforms (iOS, Android).

How to remove your game progress? Just reinstall the game, and you can start all over again. Go to the game settings and log in to your iCloud or Google account (and refuse to restore progress), then click on the trash can icon in the lower right corner of the settings menu. Old progress will be removed from cloud storage.

Can I change the name of the character? Choosing a name when registering for a game should be very serious, as it will remain with this account forever. It will be impossible to change it in the future only if you have not chosen a very unfortunate name that is offensive or indecent. Such names will be replaced automatically by the system or at the request of other players.

How to enable / disable notifications? (iOS) If you are using iOS 7 or higher: Go to "Settings"> "Notifications"> King of Thieves> "Allow to receive notifications ON / OFF".

If you refused to receive notifications from the very beginning, you will have to reinstall the game to turn them on. Do not worry, you will not lose the game progress if you follow these instructions:

  1. Just in case, write down your Player ID (nickname with numbers, for example, John # 12345). It can be found in the settings. Knowing it, technical support will be able to recover your account manually, if something suddenly goes wrong.
  2. Before deleting the game, login to your Apple account and make sure that iCloud saving is enabled in the game options.
  3. Reinstall King of Thieves.
  4. Do not settle for the restoration of progress at launch.
  5. Get trained and agree to receive notifications.
  6. Enable synchronization with iCloud in the options.
  7. The game will automatically ask if you want to restore progress from the cloud. Click "Yes."

How to enable / disable notifications? (Android) If you are using Android version 4.1 and higher: Settings> Device> Applications> King of Thieves> Show notifications ON / OFF.

If you are using Android version 5.0 and higher: Settings> Applications> King of Thieves> Show notifications ON / OFF.

If you refused to receive notifications from the very beginning, you will have to reinstall the game to turn them on. Do not worry, you will not lose the game progress if you follow these instructions:

  1. Just in case, write down your Player ID (nickname with numbers, for example, John # 12345). It can be found in the settings. Knowing it, technical support will be able to recover your account manually, if something suddenly goes wrong.
  2. Before deleting the game, make sure that you are logged into your Google account, and synchronization with the cloud storage is enabled in the settings.
  3. Delete the game and reinstall it from the Google Play Store.
  4. Start the game and agree to receive notifications during the training mode.
  5. Go to the game settings and enable synchronization with the cloud storage.
  6. After a while, a progress progress window should appear. Click "Yes."

Someone else is playing from my account! If you notice unusual changes in the game, then perhaps someone else who has access to your device (most often a friend or family member) is playing from your account.It is also possible that you entered the game from someone else’s device and forgot to exit your account. You can use your game account from another device only if you have transferred data to someone to access your Apple, Google Play or Windows account. ZeptoLab employees will never ask for your password! Do not pass this information to anyone. To keep your account safe:

The developers strongly recommend that you change the password for your Apple / Google / Windows account.

What is the time limit in the game? Currently, there is a certain limit of being online in the game - 6 hours.When you reach this limit, you will not be able to enter the game for 3 hours. If the break between gaming sessions is less than 3 hours, the time of these sessions will be summarized. Developers take care of their players, so this feature has been implemented to prevent over-voltage due to long gaming sessions.

King of Thieves: Payments and Subscriptions

What is a subscription? Subscription offers benefits and exclusive costumes. After its activation you will receive:

The subscription is auto-renewable, so it is renewed every month automatically, unless you cancel it in your Google Play / iTunes account settings 24 hours before renewal.

Should I pay for playing King of Thieves? You can play and win at King of Thieves for free. However, the game also provides an opportunity to buy in-game currency (blue spheres) for real money and speed up in-game processes. Premium currency is purchased in the game itself using a bank card. These purchases are then processed by Apple / Google in order to ensure maximum security of the transaction. Developers respect the right of players to choose exactly how they want to play King of Thieves, and all areas and functions of the game are equally available for both paying and non-paying players.

What are limited offers? Limited offers or special offers are sets of various game resources (blue spheres, master keys, precious stones, etc.) that are sold at a bargain price. You can purchase these kits for real money using a bank card by clicking on the icon with the old thief at the bottom of your dungeon. An icon appears only when at least one offer is available. Periodically, during the game, a window may also pop up with a unique offer, in which you will find exactly what you need most at the moment. If you refuse to purchase, the offer will no longer be available.

I lost resources after disconnecting. Can I get them back? Sometimes in the game there are unforeseen circumstances. However, the good news is that the game is protected from such incidents. Even if you were unable to see the animation, the developers assure that all resources are automatically added directly to your inventory. As a rule, connection breaks are irrelevant to the game and are caused by a poor Internet connection.Please ensure that you are connected to a stable network, be it Wi-Fi or mobile connection (3G / 4G). Even if the device indicators show that the connection is good, it can be slow or overloaded, especially if you are playing in a moving vehicle.

Important: before creating a new call to the Support Service, please double check that you really have not received any new resources.

I accidentally spent the blue spheres. Will I get them back? The developers have added an intuitive confirmation feature to prevent accidental purchases, so you will be warned that you are going to spend blue spheres (premium currency). If you click yes, this is considered a deliberate decision. KoT is a multiplayer game in which players communicate and compete with each other. Returning the blue spheres will give you an edge over other players and will be unfair to them.

Why is the final price for in-game purchases different from what I see in the game? The price in the store is indicated without VAT. Since January 1, 2017, a law has entered into force in the Russian Federation that obliges foreign companies such as Google and Apple to pay a tax of 18% for the provision of electronic services to Russian users. The final purchase price includes the price for in-game purchase + 18% VAT, which collect digital platforms. Unfortunately, at the moment, VAT is not taken into account when displaying prices in the in-game store.

Royal Chest. This is a special offer that can be purchased only once. The player immediately receives 150 spheres after purchasing a special offer. Then within 30 days of purchase, it will receive:

King of Thieves: Improving Game Performance

Why is my connection constantly broken? Please ensure that you are connected to a stable network, be it Wi-Fi or mobile connection (3G / 4G). Even if the device indicators show that the connection is good, it can be slow or overloaded, especially if you are playing in a moving vehicle. Keep in mind that you may lose touch with the game if you are inactive for about a minute and this behavior of the game is not an error.

The game crashes or does not load (iOS).

  1. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of iOS: on your device, go to Settings> General> Software Update and check for available updates. The game is not compatible with iOS versions below 9.0.
  2. Make sure that there is enough free space in the memory of your device: go to Settings> General> About this device and check the "Capacity" and "Available" items. You can free up memory on the device by removing unnecessary applications.
  3. Close all applications running in the background. Quickly double-click the "Home" button to see which applications are currently running, and close them. You can also try to restart your device (turn it off and back on).
  4. Developers cannot guarantee the stable operation of the application if you use a device with a jailbreak.

If all else fails, please contact technical support and provide information about your device and OS version.Developers will try to figure it out.

The game crashes or does not load (Android).

  1. Please make sure you download the game from the Google Play Store. Developers are not responsible for the operation of applications obtained from other sources.
  2. Forcibly shut down applications running in the background: go to Settings> Applications, switch to the "Running" tab, click on the application and then click "Forcibly Stop".
  3. Make sure that there is enough free space in the device’s memory and, if necessary, delete unnecessary applications in Settings> Applications.

If this does not work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Do not worry, you will not lose your progress if you follow the following steps:

  1. Just in case, write down your Player ID (for example, John # 12345). It can be found in the settings. Knowing it, technical support will be able to recover your account manually, if suddenly something goes wrong.
  2. Before deleting the game, make sure that you are logged into your Google account, and synchronization with the cloud storage is enabled in the settings.
  3. Delete the game and reinstall it from the Google Play Store.
  4. Start the game and agree to receive notifications during the training mode.
  5. Go to the game settings and enable synchronization with the cloud storage.
  6. After a while, a progress progress window should appear. Click "Yes."

Keep in mind that versions below 5.0 can no longer support optimal game performance. Please upgrade your Android version if possible, or use another device to play.

What is server maintenance? If, when you try to enter the game, you see a message about server maintenance, it means that right now the developers are updating the game servers in order to make the game more interesting. As a rule, technical work does not take more than a few hours. After that you can continue the game as usual. Do not worry, no one can attack your dungeon during technical work. Please do not reinstall the game if you see a maintenance message, this may lead to a loss of game progress.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.