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Kingdom The Blood Pledge WiKi: Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

KINGDOM: THE BLOOD PLEDGE is a game for android with release date 2.07.2021 from Efun Game Ltd. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Code (promotional codes)
  2. Which Class Should I Choose?
  3. A Beginner’s Guide
  4. How to Complete Story Missions?
  5. How do I get Skill Books?
  6. Methods for obtaining and pumping equipment, runes
  7. How to Use and Get Enhancement Scrolls?
  8. Transform & Pet System
  9. Album System Features
  10. Market Usage Guide

Kingdom Blood Pledge: Gift Code (promotional codes)

Where to enter the code? Using promo codes from the developers gives you additional in-game resources. To enter the code:

  1. Open the game, go to the home screen and click on the menu icon in the upper right corner;
  2. Select the "Settings" section;
  3. Open the "Other" tab, find the "Enter Gift Code" item and press the "Please Enter" button;
  4. Enter one of the valid codes and click "Confirm". Gifts will be added to your in-game items.

Examples of promo codes. Please be aware that any promotional code has a limited expiration date and may be out of date. Stay tuned for new promo codes on the game’s official Facebook page . Examples of promo codes:

Kingdom Blood Pledge: Which Class Should I Choose?

At the start of the game, you are offered 4 classes: Warrior, Ranger, Assassin and Mage. Each class has its own unique play characteristics. Check them out to choose the class that suits you best.

Warrior. Warriors have resistance to stun and critical damage, as well as skills that increase their defense, recovery of life, healing and maximum life, which further increases their survivability and resistance in battle. Stun is a warrior’s skill that can decide the fate of a battle. Warriors have numerous stun abilities that chained enemies and prevents them from using scrolls to escape.

Warriors also have skills that make it difficult for enemies to escape. Warriors are undoubtedly the toughest of the melee classes and can use basic attacks throughout all battles. In PvP battles, where the use of skills is extremely important, warriors will need a lot of MC, which makes MC recovery extremely important for this class.

Ranger. Rangers are archers and the only ranged class. Rangers can be called a mortar cannon that does a ton of damage. Ranger skills include double attack against single targets as well as powerful AoE attacks. Rangers can also use debuff skills that reduce enemy movement speed, prevent enemies from using launch skills, and even ranged stun skills.

Rangers also have skills that increase MC recovery, skill damage, magic defense, strikes, and give faster movement speed. Rangers are strong in both PvE and PvP battles. At the same time, Rangers consume a lot of MC. Be sure to equip your ranger with MC recovery gear so that he can use his abilities to the maximum.

Murderer. Assassins are cold-blooded and silent fighters who strike deadly with unexpected blows. Equipping assassins with the proper weapons grants them significant increases in crit speed and crit damage. Assassins also have skills that weaken the enemy or inflict instant critical damage. This dark rogue can also walk stealthily, sneak up on enemies and deliver a killing blow to destroy them.

Assassins can bind fleeing enemies with stun attacks. When leveling up, pay attention to the possibilities of launching an active skill. Don’t drain your MC too quickly, or you may not be able to use your skills. When attacking mobs, try using passive skills and critical hits to balance the costs of MC and recovery.

Magician Mages can deal tons of damage and support their teammates. The magician’s magic skills mainly consist of one target and AOE attacks, one target or AOE healing, and control. Mage skills can improve damage reduction rates by 30% -50%. Defeating the Magician will not be easy. However, mages rely on skills to maintain their DPS and survivability. Mages’ attacks deal magic damage, which has a better hit ratio compared to physical attacks from other classes.

In fact, low-level mages, if played correctly, can challenge level 80 monsters. Mages have support skills that grant life healing or damage reduction by 30% -50% to teammates. If you are a mage player looking to deal tons of damage while providing decent support, you must be proficient in the gameplay and keep an eye on your MC supplies. Keep track of your MS expenses while leveling up. Use good gear to increase your MC recovery. Also use transforms and pets to increase stats to maintain your magical damage.

Which class should you choose? Let’s summarize:

Kingdom Blood Pledge: A Beginner’s Guide

How can I improve faster as a beginner? Take note of a few important tips:

Death during missions can lead to loss of experience and equipment. What should I do? Do the following:

How can I use a Health Potion in the most effective way? Choose suitable monsters for auto-hunting. This means that using one regular health potion should be enough to keep your life stable for a long time. Save superior health potions for PVP and bosses.

I don’t want my skills to amaze other players. What should I do? Hold down the "Auto" button and select "Non-players".

How will I get more experience: alone or as a team? You can do the calculation as follows. Turn on power saving mode and record how much experience you get from single battles within 1 minute. Teammates affect how much experience you gain as a team. If you are gaining less experience on a team than on your own, change your team. In a crowded area, ranged teams are more likely to gain more experience than melee teams. If you want to know how good your teammates are, check out their Transforms, Rank, and Guild.

How can I get rid of things I don’t need? Sell ??them to any NPC in any village.

How can I spend my Gold in the most efficient way? High to Low Daily Purchase Priority: Consumables, Skill Books, Summons, Scrolls. Crafting equipment and adding runes can greatly increase your strength. Remember to save gold for them.

How can I find the items I need? Each item has details, which include the map on which it can be found and the monsters on which it can be obtained upon victories. Open the map to check the list of the monsters you need. You can also see the bosses there. For item-specific queries such as Iron, simply open the item screen, then press and hold the Iron icon. Next, click on the monster icon to show the map on which it can be found. At the end, click on the map to teleport there immediately.

If you don’t have this item, head to the market. Find the item you want in the list of offers, press and hold it as indicated above, then click on the monster icon to see the map. If you want to find a map for breeding an Album item, also press and hold the icon to start a query. Getting rare items can take some luck on your part. You can also run into enemy factions who want to take them from you, so get ready for battle!

How can I quickly create a team with nearby players? As soon as you team up with other players, the kills of monsters committed by your teammates will be included in the monster kill tally of each team member. This makes stripping faster and more efficient. To combine, do the following:

  1. Click the Commands button in the upper left corner (see screenshot);
  2. Click on a target to invite;
  3. The target will receive an invitation;
  4. The team has been successfully created.

Using the "Self" button. If the button is "Self":

Kingdom Blood Pledge: How to Complete Story Missions?

How to proceed to completing quests? Click on the quest list on the left side of the screen to automatically go to the desired NPC and accept the quest. Then follow the instructions on the screen. After completing the tasks, you will receive 1 point for each increased level. Points are needed to upgrade the hero in accordance with his class.

To continue earning experience and leveling up, tap Settings and then Game. Select the option "End auto-hunt after completing missions". Toggle this option from "On." to "Off" to automatically hunt nearby monsters after completing quests.

How do I open the game shortcut bar? Click the button shown in the screenshot below to go to the Quick Access Toolbar settings screen:

How to attack? Press the ATK button or the Auto button to attack opponents.

Teleportation. Click the Teleport button on the right side of the quest list. In the initial missions, teleportation to your destination is free and convenient!

Rewards from chests. Open chests in your bag to get equipment rewards. Don’t forget to equip them.

Upgrading equipment. Click "Boost" to place equipment and booster scrolls. A successful upgrade can quickly increase the stats of equipment properties:

How to avoid death? Click on the potion bottle icon on the right to automatically consume life potions and avoid death.

How do you acquire skills? Use the Skill Books you receive to learn new skills. Go to the Skill screen to test your acquired skills and place them on the Quick Access Toolbar:

Transformation. Click on the "Transform" button. Select the transform you want to turn into. If you don’t like the transform avatar, you can hide it. Use the transform scroll to transform into the selected shape. Each scroll lasts 30 minutes. Pet Transform works the same as the others, except that it consumes a Pet Transform Scroll. Each scroll lasts 30 minutes.

Kingdom Blood Pledge: How do I get Skill Books?

Where can I buy Skill Books? There is an NPC in the village who sells Skill Books. Click on the map and teleport to the Minaba village. Head to the left side of the map to find NPC: Skill Book Shop. Don’t learn a skill you already have!

Which Skill Books should I buy? Any Skill Book sold for gold must be purchased. Skills are extremely useful for your character. As for PvP or Debuff solo skills, you should check if you really need them.

I am using too much MC when launching my skills! Click Skill, then Adjust Time and switch Skill Snooze to On, then set the actual snooze time you want. For the best timing, experiment with the gameplay or discuss it in a community (such as Facebook).

How do I find a place to farm Skill Books? The Village Skill Book Shop only sells General Skill Books. For rarer Skill Books:

  1. Click on Market and select Skillbook to see all available skillbooks (see screenshot);
  2. Press and hold the Skill Book icon to display item details. Click on the monster icon to see a list of monsters from which this item can be obtained;
  3. Click on the list of monsters to teleport to the location of the monster. Wait for the monsters to appear and defeat them.

Kingdom Blood Pledge: Methods for obtaining and pumping equipment, runes

Getting equipment in battles with monsters. When fighting monsters in mid- to high-tier regions, the chances of getting green and sometimes even blue equipment increase.

Purchase equipment on the market. You can purchase equipment and enhancement scrolls in the market to save your time and energy in battles against monsters. Many players will farm gear and sell it for diamonds. Check the marketplace and album to see if the gear you are missing is available for purchase. Sometimes even green +9 gear can be sold there for a low price. If you see any gear for a cheap price, be sure to buy it now!

Receiving equipment when distributing a guild. Guild Allocation is essentially a market within a guild. This is the place where you can trade in equipment such as weapons. Items in a guild warehouse can be put up for sale by distribution or sold directly to a guild member.

Equipment crafting. Crafting is the fastest process for getting the gear you want. The crafting system allows you to craft all kinds of items, from gear to materials, scrolls and consumables. Commonly used crafting materials include Leather, Gems, Iron, and Wood. The higher the level of equipment, the more complex the formula for its creation.

Where can I get materials for creation? Base materials can be used to create better materials. If you run out of a certain material, press and hold the material icon to check where you can get it from. Rare and Heroic Books of Creation can usually be obtained by destroying monsters, in events, or in the market. Blessed Fragments are obtained by dismantling equipment.

Equipment characteristics. Higher tier weapons are much more powerful. White weapons have less than 10 ATK. Green weapons have 10+ ATK, while blue weapons have 30+ ATK. Holy scrolls are also useful for upgrades. +5 / + 7 / +9 weapons can gain +3 levels of enhancement directly through Holy Scrolls. This means a +9 weapon can instantly become a +12 weapon! Scrolls can be purchased for gold at the mall. Equipment buffs can help you expand your album collection!

Upgrading equipment. The goal of upgrading gear is not just so you can equip it, but so you can add it to your album. Enhancing equipment is usually a matter of luck. To upgrade your equipment, use the enhancement scrolls.

Rune pumping. Runes have four properties. They increase recovery, DEF, URN and abilities. Any property has 8 stages, each of which includes 10 ability points (see screenshot). Abilities can be activated using rune crystals of various ranks. There is a possibility of pumping failure. The success rate of pumping can be increased by using rune crystals. To get rune crystals, hunt monsters, complete battles in dungeons and buy chests in the Mall.

Recommended order of upgrade runes: first upgrade the first group of red runes and, depending on your needs, upgrade the fourth group of yellow runes.

Kingdom Blood Pledge: How to Use and Get Enhancement Scrolls?

Types of amplification scrolls, their role. Equipment enhancement scrolls can be divided into:

If the leveling is successful, normal scrolls of enhancement will give +1 enhancement. Holy scrolls of enhancement are rarer - there is a chance that when used they will give from +0 to +3 enhancements.

Stable value. Keep in mind that each piece of equipment has a stable value when buffed. The stable value is the range in which the equipment will not be destroyed, even if it cannot be strengthened. Open your bag and select your gear. Press and hold on it to view information. As in the image above, the 6 indicates that before the equipment is upgraded to +6, it will not be destroyed if the boost fails.

How do I get an Enhancement Scroll? There are three ways:

Kingdom Blood Pledge: Transform & Pet System

Transforms and pets are great opportunities for character development and increasing your combat strength and vitality!

Transform. There are 6 levels of transformation (from normal to Myth.). You can choose the transform that best suits your class and needs. The main benefit of the transform is its attack speed and movement speed buffs. The simplest transform level can increase your attack speed by 15%, while the Myth level. transform can give up to 260% buff!

Transform also gives additional stat bonuses, which include Strike, Defense, MC recovery, Life recovery, Max. life and Max. MS. The higher the transformation level, the better the stat bonuses. The cards you collect will also be included in the album and can unlock additional skills. Transforms can be taken: in the daily gold summons in the mall, when completing main tasks, in events, in the transform summon packs from the mall. You will also receive a lot of cards for their daily level ups and summons.

Duplicate cards can be synthesized into new cards. 3 cards of the same level can be synthesized to obtain a card of a higher level. Unsuccessful synthesis of the Ger level. or higher will also give guaranteed points.

How to determine the transformation levels of other players? Take a look at the character’s fire below. Rare Transforms are blue, Heroic Transforms are red, and Legendary Transforms are purple.

How to use transform skills? Click on the top right button of the Transform screen to use the Transform skills while maintaining the appearance of your original class. However, the fire behind you will still reveal your transform.

Don’t forget: Transforms are divided into near and far types. For example, if the Assassin uses a ranged type of transform, then some of his stats will be completely useless. Pick up the transforms correctly.

Pets. Unlike transforms, pets mainly provide experience and gold drop bonuses. Pet cards also unlock album effects and can be synthesized. Transforms, pets and unlocked album effects are valid for every character on your server account. If you have multiple characters, you get more benefits!

When you get a Heroic Transform or Pet with a type or stats you don’t need, you still have 5 hidden chances (which consume diamonds) to try your luck again.

Kingdom Blood Pledge: Album System Features

Album system. The Album System focuses on collecting. Gather enough gear or materials and turn them on to get various stat bonuses such as life, MC, PvP damage, hit, defense, recovery and skill resistance. Expand your album to greatly enhance your powers.

Filter. You can use the filter function to identify the list of album items by ability.

If you have equipment that can be included in the album, the Boost tag will appear on the list icon.

Some of the album’s items require skill books acquired by defeating monsters or purchased from the market.

How can I find monsters and see the rewards for destruction? Open the map and you will see that each portal has a list of local monsters. There are also indicated their levels and rewards that you will receive if you win.

You can also press and hold an item for a few seconds. The Item Details window will appear, listing the cards on which these items can be found. This will allow you to easily teleport there. Once you’re done collecting, the stat bonus you receive will appear on the right side of the screen. Like transforms and pet album collections, it is also shared by all your characters on the same server.

Kingdom Blood Pledge: Market Usage Guide

The market is a great place that you must visit from time to time. Buy items at a low price, sell them at a higher price, or keep them for yourself! If you need to expand your album collection, the marketplace is also the place to find decent deals.

Shopping in the market. The market opens as soon as you reach level 25. It allows you to sell or buy weapons, armor, accessories, skill books, consumables, and other crafting items (excluding tethered or event items). The market currency is diamonds. Select the items you want to buy on the left side. Available products are listed by tier (highest first), lowest prices are displayed first.

If you want to buy a weapon, then you will be shown a weapon with various improvement stats, allowing you to estimate the difference in price.

How do you choose the right weapon? You must click on an item to view the stats of the reroll. The picture above shows a +7 weapon that includes an additional reroll stat. It costs 1,500 diamonds and is definitely what we need.

The list may not display all the details of a weapon, but you can press and hold the weapon icon to learn more about it.

Selling items. Exit to the Sell screen. A list of items that you can sell will appear on the right (items that cannot be sold will be grayed out). When you select a tradable item, the trade settings screen will open. Before you list an item for sale, you can check the latest transactions for that item. You can set the quantity and selling price on the right side. The "Confirm" button allows you to complete the process and start the sale. When an item enters the marketplace, you are charged a rack fee, which is calculated using the formula: selling price x 10 gold.

Calculations. After purchasing an item, the Calculations screen will list items sold, tax deductions, and actual income. Being a trader is not easy.

Article author: Nadezhda D.