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Kingdoms & Lords Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

KINGDOMS AND LORDS is an Android game from Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Where is the Tavern of Heroes? This building is located on a special page of the store.

How to hire a hero? First you need to reach level 18 to build a Tavern of Heroes, then click on it, select a hero and hire him by paying with diamonds or coins.

How to unlock a hero? You must complete the game story about this hero on the world map by winning the final battle in the chapter dedicated to the hero.

Is there a difference between a hero and an ordinary warrior? Yes. Each of the heroes has two skills - one, passive, gives new strength in battle, and the second is a powerful attack that you can use.

To what level can a hero be developed? The hero can develop to level 10, and his skills can be developed to level 5.

How to revive or cure a hero who has been in battle? You need to either wait a while for the hero to regain strength, or pay diamonds to skip the waiting time.

How many moves does the heros active skill recover? 4 moves.

How many heroes can be used simultaneously in battle? Only one.

How many Academies can I build? Reaching level 12, you can build 2.

How to appoint a unit to defend the Kingdom? Check your Internet connection, then click on the Defensive Tower to assign 5 warriors. The better the soldiers in the garrison, the better your defense.

What are the other defenses for? Defensive structures help your troops in battle and give them certain advantages. For example, the Archer Tower can increase the base amount of health of troops in the Defensive Tower by 5%.

How many protective structures can be built? As much as you like, but if you build more than three protective structures of the same type, their effect will not increase.

How long does the shield effect last? If your defense has lost the battle, the shield is set for 8 hours. If you win - for 2 hours.

Can I change my opponent? Yes, you can change your opponent by clicking on the re-match icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

What award can I get on the leaderboard? The three best guilds in the world can receive weekly rewards: the first place winner receives 1800 diamonds, the second place - 1440 diamonds, and the third - 900 diamonds.

How to get to the Sultan of Sandyuna? You must first complete the mission "Sail", which is issued after the victory over the Dark King. Click the ship icon on the world map to set sail for Sandyun Island.

How to hire desert men? You can train the hermits in the Desert Barracks and in the Desert Fortress. Both of these buildings open after level 39.

Where to get new plants required to fulfill the contract? To fulfill a sugarcane production contract, you must reach level 42. You can collect coffee beans after level 44.

Have new contracts appeared at the sawmill, mine or manufactory? Yes. At the sawmill you can take the contract "A huge batch of wood", at the mine - "The huge batch for the reserve", and at the manufactory you will find the contract "Factory method".

What should I do if I cant drive out the enemies invading me in any way? Ask a higher level friend for help, or buy Magic Cards.

What gifts can I send to friends? You can send things like coins, fabrics, metals, wood, energy, various magic cards, etc. The higher your level, the more gifts you can send.

How to get energy? Energy is restored every 3 minutes if the meter is not full. You can help your friends get extra energy 5 times, and also use diamonds or stars (social currency) to buy energy in the store.

I do not have enough resources to train troops. Build several new businesses to produce wood, minerals, and fabric. You can also purchase resources for diamonds or stars.

How to quickly increase the level? Complete tasks, and most importantly - win battles during the execution of tasks.

Why do some of my buildings never generate revenue? Some buildings generate income once every few minutes or hours, while others can only generate income once every few days. To see how soon the building will generate income, click on it and look at the timer in the lower right corner of the description window.

How to learn talent or special talent? First you must build a training ground, and then collect all the special items to open the skill tree, and then learn the talent, which will require coins and resources. Special talents are very powerful, but you must first learn 6 basic talents.

How can I hire friends in the buildings of my kingdom? Connect to the Internet and log in to Facebook or Gameloft LIVE !. Then tap the Hire friends icon in one of the buildings and select friends cards to send them a message. If your friend accepts your offer, he will be hired.

Are there any tricks that can be used in battles? For example: if you attack an adversary marked with a green arrow, you will inflict additional damage on him. If you attack an adversary marked with a red arrow, you will inflict less damage on him. In addition, you need to consider the number indicated on the boot icon above the enemy - the higher this number, the faster it moves during the battle. To train fast and strong soldiers, you should increase your level. You can also use magic cards in battle that you received as a gift from friends or purchased in a store.

How many levels are there in Kingdoms & Lords? Kingdoms & Lords has 40 levels.

How often can I play the lottery? You can play the bronze lottery once a day for free. You can play silver and gold lotteries as many times as you like while you have diamonds.

What rewards will I receive for completing assignments? For completing some tasks, you get coins and experience, and for others - talents, new items and diamonds.

If I decide to skip a task, will I get a reward? Yes, you will receive a reward even if you skip a task.

How to get a reward? Complete or skip the received task.

How do I add a friend to Gameloft LIVE !? Click the blue Gameloft LIVE! Icon located under the TOOLS menu. Click on the FRIENDS icon if you are already registered. Then click on the icon in the upper left corner and enter your friends name to search.

How to turn off the music? Click on the TOOLS icon, then select Settings. In this menu you will find the music settings. Click on the green icon. It will change color to red, and the music will turn off.

Where can I find help on the game? Click on the TOOLS icon, then select Settings. In this menu you will find the Help section.

What should I do if the game freezes or crashes at startup and I cant click on anything? This happens when the game checks the Internet connection at startup. Try turning off your Internet connection (or switching your device to airplane mode), and then restarting the game. If this does not help, turn off the device for 2 minutes, and then start the game, not including the Internet connection.

How to get free diamonds? Win battles and level up to get free diamonds. You can also go to the store and click on the "Free" icon - you will see special promotional offers.

What can I buy in the game? You can buy the best soldiers and Magic cards - both of these will come in handy in battle. You can also buy resources such as energy, coins, wood, metals and fabrics - they are needed for training troops. In addition, you can buy additional territories, jewelry and enterprises (housing, crafts, military installations, etc.).

How to make a purchase? First of all, make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Then click on the diamond icon in the store menu. After that, click on the Buy icon and enter your Apple ID and password.

How to take part in a PvP battle? You must build the Defensive Tower by going to level 5, and then click on the PvP icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Who will be my opponent in the PvP battle? The system will automatically pick you an opponent with a rank of ± 200 relative to your not under the shield.

What is a time limited promotion? The game can be held promotions dedicated to Thanksgiving, Christmas, the End of the World, etc. During each of them in the game will be available special types of decorations, troops, special tasks, battles and special game bosses.

How to join a guild? You can join the guild or create a new one after building the Guild House at level 10.

Why doesnt the Guild House window load? Make sure you have an Internet connection, and then log in using Facebook or GL LIVE.

If you leave the guild, is it possible to join another? Yes.

How to invite friends to the guild? Click the Invite icon to invite your friends to the guild.

Can I cancel a membership request? Yes, you can pick up the application in the menu "Join the guild" or in the message menu.

Can I see a guild member? Yes, you can visit the Kingdom of another guild member by opening the list of guild members on the My Guild page. You can also send a gift to another member of the guild or invade his kingdom once a day.

How do I add neighbors? In the Communication section, accessible from the TOOLS menu, you can invite friends through Gameloft LIVE! and Facebook. Your friends who are already playing this game will be added automatically. Remember that you will not see your friends and will not be able to invite them if you are not logged into Facebook or Gameloft LIVE! In addition, your friends must use the same social networks as you to become your neighbors.

How do I visit my neighbors? Once you are logged into Facebook or Gameloft LIVE, go to the Communication Map in the TOOLS menu. Your neighbors will be marked on the map. By clicking on your friends kingdom, you can visit your neighbor, invade his kingdom or send him a present.

How do I communicate with my neighbors? You can send a gift to a friend every day and help him in his kingdom in five ways: water the plants, harvest, speed up the construction, cut down trees and weed. You can also grab one of your friends buildings and hold it. In addition, you can hire a friend to manage one of your buildings.

How often can one visit neighbors, invade them or give them presents? You can visit your friends kingdom at any time, but only if you have not begun an invasion of it. In one visit, you can help your neighbor no more than 5 times, and you can send him a gift only once a day.

How often can I invade neighbors or give them presents? You can invade each friend or send him a gift only once.

Is there a limit on the number of neighbors? There are no restrictions on the number of neighbors!Friends make life easier!