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King’s Empire Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

KING’S EMPIRE - Android game with release date 02/20/2013 from tap4fun. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Warrior Guide for the Capitals
  3. Rules of the Battle of the Capital
  4. Hero System
  5. Stock Secrets
  6. Account Security, Login and Deposit

King’s Empire: Beginner’s Guide

What can I do in the Empire of the King? You can build your own city, produce resources, hire heroes, train a formidable army to compete with other players for limited resources. You can also join the alliance and fight against your enemies, capture all the Capitals and unite the whole continent!

Why does the mission not end? All missions must be completed at the base. After reaching certain conditions, they will be considered completed.

What are gems? Gems are used to purchase resources and accelerate building upgrades and train troops. Also, gems can be used to buy special items, giving a significant impetus to development. You can buy gems by clicking on the gems icon located in the upper right corner of the city interface.

How to get Gold? There are the following methods:

  1. Gold comes from the taxes of unemployed workers, so the more workers you have, the more you can collect taxes.To increase the number of employees you need to increase the level of residential buildings. You can also set up workers for employment in resource buildings. Resource buildings include: Sawmill, Quarry, Farm, Iron Mine.
  2. Send special troops to a robbery. When sending troops to a robbery, you need to use the "Invisible cloak" to launch the silent robbery skill.
  3. Get gold from the Alliance.

Is there a limit on the storage of gold? In each city, you can store up to 3 billion Gold. Distribute your resources wisely.

What if the number of troops, resources and precious stones does not match the actual number?Re-enter the game to update the data.

Why, after "Desire", the received resources and troops are not shown? Try to re-enter the game and check their availability. If the received resources and troops are still not showing, check the version of the game - perhaps this is due to the old version of the game. We recommend updating the game to the latest version.

What are alliances and what are they for? After joining the alliance, you can receive help from other members of your alliance. They can send you resources. You can also invest in gems and gold in order to increase the level of your alliance and make it stronger.

How to create / join the Alliance? In order to create / join the Alliance, you first need to build an Embassy.After completion of construction, you will be able to create / join the Alliance.

What is Embassy Activity? How to get the? There are two types of Activity: Personal Activity and Alliance Activity. It can be obtained through:

  1. Present / accept Activity at the Embassy;
  2. Get through fulfilling the mission of the Alliance. Alliance activity is taken from the total activity of all members of the Alliance.

How to dissolve the Alliance? Only the leader of the Alliance has the right to dissolve the Alliance. After the dissolution of the Alliance, all data, including gems and gold of the Alliance, will be erased.

What are the requirements for building a fifth city? Construction requires a castle in the main city at level 40 with the estate of four cities. To build the fifth city you will need: 30 items "Statue of God", 60 panitas, as well as other resources.

What are the benefits of owning a fifth city? Compared to the other four cities: the production of resources is increased by 100%, the speed of recruiting troops is increased by 2%, the possibility of recruiting troops of a special type in the Barracks and in the Sanctuary of Magic.

What are the rules of world chat? You can find and familiarize yourself with the rules of the World Chat by going to the "chat window" and clicking on the word "Chat" at the top of the screen. Examples of chat rules: the use of obscene expressions is prohibited, threats and the placement of coordinates in the chat are unacceptable.

Can I move my city to another place? Yes, you can find a free site on the map, and then click "My City" where you want to move your city. This will cost 100 gems for your first move and 150 for the second (+50 gems will be added to the cost of each subsequent move. The cost is reset to the original every day at 0:00 UTC).

Is it true that my cities will be automatically moved if I do not log in to my account within 15 days?Yes. If you do not log into your account within 15 days, your cities will be automatically moved to the corner of the map so that no one can attack you. You will be assigned new coordinates when you log into your account. Please maintain the required frequency of logins to your account.

Why can not I occupy the village? The number of villages that you can occupy depends on your level.Development points can be increased by consuming resources. Increase your level to occupy more villages.

Why, after the occupation of the village, the soldiers did not return to the city? After the successful occupation of the village, the troops will be stationed in the same occupied village. If you want to convene them, go to Region -> Village - Convene or click on the City Name - Village - Convene.

How can I collect resources? First you need to hire workers. You can improve your living space to increase the number of workers available. For the production of resources, send workers to designated buildings. At the same time, you should improve the Barn so that it has enough space for storing resources.

How can I check the speed of production of resources and the military power of my city? You can see this information in the Resources tab of the interface of your city.

Can primary and secondary cities share resources? No, but resources can be moved between cities using the "Transport" function. In the city interface, click on the name of your city, located under the image of resources - you will see a list of cities. Select the city where you want to send resources and select the "Send" function.

Can the technologies studied at the Academy be used in other cities? No, they have an effect only within the respective city.

Why can’t I send my troops? Make sure that the city you are sending troops from has enough food.

How many armies can I send at the same time? You can send two armies at the same time. When using the item "Military orders" will be able to simultaneously send up to four armies.

Why can’t I attack another player’s city, although it is within reach? The reason is that the city is either too strong or too weak compared to you. Players can attack only those who have points similar to them. You cannot attack players whose development points are 8 times less than or vice versa.

What happens if I attack a city under protection? It will take some time for your troops to reach the city.You will be able to attack the city if the Defense period ends by the time your troops approach the city. Otherwise, your troops will be automatically withdrawn without a battle.

Why did my defense suddenly disappear? If a player, under the influence of protection, takes part in any PvP battle except the battle for the Capitals, the defense will disappear.

Why did I lose more troops, because my opponent has an army smaller than mine? Different troops have different properties. In the Barracks and the Sanctuary of Magic, you can get more information about these properties. For the attacker, the indicators of the attack of the troops are important, and vice versa, for the defender, the characteristics of the defense will be important. In addition, different types of troops have a different type of attack. For example, an attacking Swordsman will use an infantry attack. If the attacking army has strong attack power, and the defending army has weak defense against it, in this case the defense is likely to suffer heavy losses, although the attacking troops are smaller.

Why is the strengthening of my city lowered / disappeared? Attacking enemies can damage or destroy your fortifications. In this case, depending on the degree of damage, the level of Strengthening will decrease or disappear altogether.

King’s Empire: Warrior Guide for the Capitals

What is the World map for and what is the Battle for the Capitals? On the world map you can see the historical Capitals. The capital is disputed by the Alliance or between Alliances. Only after joining the Alliance you can take part in the battle for the Capitals. There are additional benefits and rewards after winning.

What can I do in the battles for the capital? There are three types of buildings in the Capital: the Senate, the Museum of History, and the Craftsman.

What are the benefits of owning a capital? After the capture of the Capital, you will have the opportunity to develop the technology of the Association of Masters. When other players in the region in which the Capital is located will buy any items there, they will need to pay a tax to the alliance, which currently occupies the Capital.Thus, the alliance occupying the Capital will have a stable source of gold.

What are the benefits of owning a capital? After the capture of the Capital, you will have the opportunity to develop the technology of the Association of Masters. When other players in the region in which the Capital is located will buy any items there, they will need to pay a tax to the alliance, which currently occupies the Capital.Thus, the alliance occupying the Capital will have a stable source of gold.

Why can’t I buy items from the Association of Masters? Items from the Association of Masters should be investigated by the Leader of the alliance using the gold of the alliance after the items are synthesized by other participants.

King’s Empire: Rules of the Battle of the Capital

Battles for the Capital are divided into four phases: Period of peace, Period of declaration of war, Period of war, Period of defense.

1. The period of peace. The leader of the alliance may declare war on the Capital. The cost of declaring war is 50 gems.

2. The period of declaration of war. After the war for the capital has been successfully declared, Leaders of other alliances can compete for the "right to declare war." The possibility of declaring war ends 30 minutes before the end of the War Declaration Period. At the end of the Declaration of War period, the system will award the "right to declare war" to the alliance that contributed the most gems during the Declaration of War period. This alliance gets the opportunity to fight for the capital.

3. The period of war. An alliance that has received the "right to declare war" will need to send its troops into battle during the War Period. If the Capital is defended by neutral forces, then players will need to defeat them in order to capture the capital. If the Capital is occupied by another alliance, the defending alliance will be able to send its troops to defend the Capital during the War Period. The results of the battle are announced at the end of the War Period. Players can view details of the battle, such as how many troops were sent by each member of the alliance, in the History Museum, located in the Capital.

4. Period of Protection. After the end of the War Period in the Capital, the Defense Period will begin. During the Defense Period, leaders of other alliances cannot declare war on this Capital.

Note: The capital is easy to attack and difficult to defend. Therefore, make sure that you have maximum defense power. Depending on the specific situation, even though the defending forces are 10 times stronger than the attacking ones, the defenders can still be defeated.

King’s Empire: Hero System

How to hire a hero? After the castle in the main city reaches level 7, you can unlock your first Hero: Jarvis. Use 30 Hero Spirit Shards to summon a hero. You can get the Shards of the Spirit by attacking the dungeon "Altar of the Hero", and participating in promotions.

What are heroes for? Heroes have the skills:

  1. Increased attack / defense force of a certain type of troops;
  2. Reducing the amount of gold required to heal troops;
  3. Increased troop training speed;
  4. Reducing the amount of food required to send troops;
  5. Inflicting additional damage to the enemy. They can increase the strength of all troops in the city, the general indicators of strength and combat capabilities of the player.

How to assign a hero to the current city? In one city, you can assign several heroes: Masters of the city and its Deputies (the appointment of deputies requires unlocking). The city master can use 100% of his abilities;Deputies use their abilities only partially. To assign a hero, click on the hero icon in the upper right corner of the city interface "Hero" -> "Assign" -> "City" -> Select a hero for assignment.

How to increase the strength of the hero? The strength of the hero depends on his attributes and skills.Strengthen the attributes of the hero by adding new ammunition. Increase the hero’s skills by increasing his star level.

King’s Empire: Stock Secrets

Why didn’t I get the King’s Crown and an additional 10% of the converted troops in the Kings group in Kings Vs. Jokers? According to the rules of the action: when converting more than 2,000 troops at a time (only for converting Swordsmen, Paladins and Secret Mages using materials), players will receive an additional 10% of the converted troops. When converting every 2,000 troops at a time, players will receive 1x King’s Crown. Pay attention to the fact that you need to "convert" and not "recruit" troops.

You can use these materials in the "Things".

I got the Lucky Adventurer buff. Why during the exchange buff, the relics of the test are not reduced? In Dungeon 2 Shops: Fortune Shop and Trial Relic Merchant. Please check where this buff worked - in the Shop of Fortune or at the Merchant of Relic of Trial.

How to determine the ranking when two or more players get the same number of points during the promotion? When two or more players get the same number of points in the ranking, the system determines that the player who gets the points first will take the best place. If two players are put on the last places in the rating list, the player who will receive points in the first place will receive the last rewards of the rating, and the other player will not receive rewards.

Why didn’t I get rating awards even in the ranking? Rating rewards will be calculated and sent after the end of the promotion. Please note that in different promotions, to receive a rating award, a player must receive a certain minimum of points. If your points do not reach this minimum, you will not be able to receive rewards even in the ranking.

King’s Empire: Account Security, Login and Deposit

What should I do if I forget my password? If your account has been linked to mail, click "Forgot Password", enter your nickname and restore the password to your mail. If your account has not been linked to mail, you can contact those. support for password recovery. To ensure account security, please report:

  1. Nick.
  2. Server.
  3. When did you create this account?
  4. When was the last time you entered the game?
  5. How many gems are left in your account?
  6. What did you do the last time using gems?
  7. What is the name of your alliance and the 5 names of the members of your alliance.
  8. City name.
  9. Did you shop in the game? If so, provide information on the time of purchase and how many credits you bought, also the VIP level and screenshots of receipts.
  10. Other detailed information that you can provide.

What should I do if I forget my account / login? If you created an account on the current device, you can click "accounts" on the "Login" page to check accounts.

How to recover the password? You can click on "Settings" - "Account", there you can restore the password.

How to attach an account to mail? Click on "Settings" - "Account" - "Link account", write down the correct mail, click "confirm", then go to your mail and activate the action.

How to untie from mail? In the game, click on "Settings" - "Account" - "untie", then go to your mail and activate the action.

I did not receive a verification letter. What to do? Check the correctness of your mail. If it is specified correctly, look at the verification letter in the spam folder - sometimes it can be there.

Can I change the username? Sorry, you cannot change the username. You will have to create a new account if you need to change the username.

My friends play on other servers, can I transfer my account to another server? Unfortunately, your account cannot be transferred to another server. We recommend creating a new account.

How many accounts can I create on one device? 3 accounts.

I can not enter the game. What to do? Try the following steps:

  1. Make sure your internet connection is stable. We recommend switching to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G.
  2. After exiting the game, re-enter the game.
  3. Close other unnecessary programs so that there is more free memory on the device.
  4. Try logging in to other accounts.
  5. Try entering the game on another device.
  6. Uninstall the game and re-download the latest version.

Why is there an error when entering the game (for example, code 0)? This usually happens due to network instability or if the connection to the server failed. Use a reliable internet connection when playing.

What should I do if the purchase fails? Make sure the game is updated to the latest version or restart the game and use a different network connection. Use "Contact" to write to customer support and attach a screenshot of the message box of your unsuccessful purchase.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.