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Walkthrough Knights Chronicle: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

KNIGHTS CHRONICLE - Android game with release date 06/13/2018 from the company Netmarble. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Knights Chronicle download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Walkthrough
  2. Friends
  3. Guild Guide
  4. Special Dungeons
  5. Boss Dungeon Walkthrough
  6. Arena Guide
  7. Guild Dungeon
  8. Guild Battle
  9. Hero Rarity Level
  10. Hero Level Up
  11. Development
  12. Hero upgrade
  13. Skills
  14. Skill effect
  15. Skills improvement
  16. Exaltation
  17. Hero Talent
  18. Rune Set Bonus
  19. Strengthening runes
  20. Dismantling runes
  21. Rune Transformation
  22. The power of the elements
  23. City buildings
  24. Goddess Waterfalls

Knights Chronicle: Walkthrough

Each adventure zone has a unique storyline. Story events are triggered automatically, and rewards are awarded for completing each story. At the end of each storyline, you can review all related events in the History menu.

The plot is an easy difficulty level. The story of the main character - a former Peacemaker named Theo.

The plot is medium difficulty. The story of Minas minor character, a young werewolf fox who dreams of getting nine tails.

The plot is a high level of complexity. Unique storylines associated with each adventure zone.

Knights Chronicle: Friends

Information about friends can be found in the "Communication" menu.

Friends from the game. The players friends are displayed here. You can send friendship points to friends or accept friendship points sent by them.

Search for friends. Here you can search for players by name and send them friend requests. Players who accept the offer will be added as friends.

Received requests. Here other players send offers of friendship. To add a player to your friends, you must accept his offer.

To invite a friend. Here you can invite friends by email. mail and from social. networks. To access mail or social. Networks may need to be logged into the appropriate account. records.

Knights Chronicle: Guild Guide

Join a guild to interact with other players. Access to the guild opens when the town hall is upgraded to level 2.

Joining the guild. You can only be a member of one guild at a time. You can search the guild yourself or send a request to one of the recommended guilds. As soon as the head of the guild confirms the request, the player is accepted into the guild. You can only apply for membership in the guild once a day. If the guild is open, confirmation of the request by the head of the guild is not required.

Exit from the guild. Leaving one guild, a player is temporarily unable to join another.

Creating a guild. Only a non-guild player can create a guild. Gold is required to create a guild.

The development of the guild. You can develop a guild with the help of a gold guild. With the development of the guild, the max increases, the level of its skills, as well as the number of places available in it. Guild gold is replenished by donations from its members.

Guild Skills. Guild skills apply to all its members. Guild skills can be upgraded with guild gold or crystals.

Guild skills do not work in the arena.

Guild quests. Complete guild quests to earn quest points. The more points, the better the rewards.

Automatic change of the head of the guild. If the head of the guild is absent for a long time, another member of the guild may be appointed in his place. Automatic change of the head of the guild is possible no more than once a day. Moreover, priority is given to his deputy.

Achievements. Achievements are divided into tasks and tests. Accomplishing achievements brings various rewards.

Knights Chronicle: Special Dungeons

In these dungeons you can get the necessary materials to improve the heroes. Available dungeons vary depending on the schedule. Special dungeons consist of several dungeons.

Dungeon of Essences. You can get essences in this dungeon. Here you can even get rainbow essences.

The dungeon of experience. Here you can get experience to increase the levels of heroes. The quality of the experiments depends on the difficulty level of the dungeon.

The dungeon of gold. Here you can get zlatiks who are worth a bunch of gold.

Development dungeon. Dungeon with loot in the form of heroes and improvement materials. Here you can get a hero from 4 stars and above.

Awakening dungeon. Dungeon with prey in the form of unique heroes. The chance to get a hero depends on the difficulty level of the dungeon.

Dungeon coupon. With this coupon, you can update attempts to pass the dungeon.

Knights Chronicle: Boss Dungeon Walkthrough

Fight the boss in the dungeon with the boss and earn as many points as possible.

Requirements for the elements. The boss and the requirements for the elements change every day.

Reset reload skills! Use skills to fill the scale and reset the cooldown of surviving heroes.

Timeless abyss. A dungeon where heroes travel through space and time. To go to the next level, you must go through the previous one. After completing the level, the player receives a reward. There is also a special reward for completing the dungeon. Levels can be completed only once.

Knights Chronicle: Arena Guide

There are fights between players in the arena. Arena points are awarded for victory, for defeat they are taken away. To get more arena points, use recommended heroes, win several times in a row or save the lives of all your heroes in battle. The bonus for a series of victories does not increase after 10 victories in a row.

Group and arena rating. The players group and rank is determined by the number of his arena points. The size of the reward depends on the group in which the player is located. Awards can be viewed in the tab of the same name.

You can get a reward either for a rank or for a group - whichever is higher.

Reset arena results. Arena results are reset once a week. After that, the player is placed in the lowest subgroup of his current group. Example: after a reset, a player from the Platinum I subgroup goes to the Platinum III subgroup. Players from the Expert group or higher are placed in the Expert subgroup. A player who does not participate in at least 1 battle within a week after a reset is transferred to a lower group. Example: from the Platinum III subgroup to the Diamond III subgroup.

Guild Dungeon

Team up with other members of the guild and defeat monsters that threaten the region of your guild to receive weekly rewards.

Season schedule. The season is updated once a week. After the update, weekly rewards are distributed according to the number of regional tasks completed.

Regional tasks. See regional assignments in the quest rewards list. Help your guild mates complete tasks and get rewards for them.

To claim a reward, you must spend at least 1 unit. guild energy.

Guild Energy. Guild energy is used to enter the guild dungeons. Guild energy is replenished daily.

Dungeons with the boss. Help fellow guilds defeat monsters of incredible strength and endurance. The more players take part, the faster the boss will be defeated.

Guild Battle

During the guild battle, the attack stage and the defense stage do not occur simultaneously. The attack stage begins when you attack the opponents guild, and the defense stage begins when the opponents guild attacks your guild.

Application for the battle. Guilds that apply during the preparatory period can take part in the guild battle.Only the head of the guild and its members, vested with the relevant rights, can submit an application. Guild members who joined it before the completion of the preparatory period can take part in the guild battle. Players who join the guild at the end of the preparatory period can only take part in the guild battle from the next season.

Preparation for the defense stage. Players can form a defense squad and prepare for an attack from other guilds. The protection squad can be changed at any time, but the shift will not occur at the defense stage. If the defense unit is not formed, the main unit will participate in the battle.

Guild castle. Players can upgrade their defenses by upgrading their guild castle. Additional performance enhancements are given when reaching the 5th and 10th level of a guild castle. To improve the castle of the guild, guild gold is used. The heads of the guild, as well as its other members, endowed with the relevant rights, can improve the castle.

Features of the attack stage. Players can attack as soon as a rival guild is found. Selection of rivals can be carried out by the head of the guild and its participants, endowed with the relevant rights. After the selection, a preparatory period follows during which you can study the opponents defense teams.

The attack stage begins at the end of the preparatory period, after which players can attack the opponents defense units in his defensive fortifications. Guild members who cannot fight in the guild battle can watch it as spectators. Spectators cannot attack, but can follow the success of other guild members.

Gain the attack stage. As soon as the guild occupies the established number of three-star strongholds, all its members receive an increase that increases the parameters of all their heroes. Enhancements to the attack stage last until the end of the battle in which they are received.

Battle stage attack. To attack defense units, players must use the chance of attack. Guild battles follow the same rules as arena battles, only here you cannot reuse heroes. After defeating another player, guild members receive stars depending on the success of the battle.

Guild tokens will be received by the player, regardless of the outcome of the battle. If a player deliberately exits the application or the game is closed due to disconnection, the results of the battle will not be counted, but the attack chance and the heroes will be considered used.

Guild battle results and rewards. The attacking guild wins, having received a certain number of stars in a given time, and the defending guild is defeated. Players receive well-deserved rewards at the end of the battle. At the same time, players can receive rewards for the attack stage only if they used at least 1 chance of attack.Rewards can be collected within 24 hours of the end of the battle.

The completion of the guild battle. Rating and rank are determined by the results of the attack and defense stages. Seasonal rewards are allocated based on ratings at the end of the season. Players must use at least 1 chance of attack during the season to receive seasonal rewards, even if they were only defending. Seasonal rewards are available until the end of next season. Stage of attack, incomplete at the end of the season, will be regarded as defeat.

Hero Rarity Level

There are four levels of rarity of the heroes: N (normal), R (rare), SR (super rare) and SSR (super-super rare).Improving the hero does not affect its rarity.

View rarity level. You can see the rarity of the hero under the portrait of the hero or in the "About the hero" tab.

Hero Level Up

To increase the level of heroes, other heroes and gold are used.

Material. In the form of material heroes of any element and any quality are used. Experiments give the most experience.

Extra experience. The hero will gain more experience if used as the material of the heroes or his experience elements. Rainbow experience gives extra. experience to any hero, regardless of the elements of the latter.

Amazing luck. With increasing levels of the hero there is a chance of tremendous luck. With great luck, the hero gets extra. experience.


With the help of development, you can upgrade heroes to 6 stars. Development also increases max. the level of the heroes, and their characteristics become higher than at the previous stage.

Development material. Development material - heroes of the same quality as the developed hero. The material can be any hero of the same quality. The number of heroes consumed is determined by the quality of the hero being developed. For development, in addition to the expendable heroes, gold is also necessary.

Hero upgrade

Improving the hero leads to an increase in his level of improvement. Each improvement changes the color of one of the heros stars and improves the characteristics of the hero. Each improvement strengthens one of the characteristics of the hero and adds one additional effect. The effect depends on the type of hero.

Hero Improvement Material. To improve the heroes, 6-star awakened heroes and signs of the same element as the upgraded hero are used. Each subsequent level of improvement requires more and more characters and hero materials.


Each hero has his own unique skills. Their effective use may determine the outcome of the battle.

Active skills. Powerful skills used by a player in battle. After applying the skill, several moves are unavailable. The number of these moves (skill reload time) is shown by the number on the skill icon.

Passive skills. These skills are activated in the battle on their own. Only heroes from 4 stars and above have passive skills.

The skill of the commander. The effect that acts when the hero is selected by the commander. The skill of the commander is only for heroes from 4 stars and above.

Passive talent skills. 6-star heroes of the maximum level gain access to the heros talents. Like ordinary passive skills, they act in battle on their own.

Skill effect

Positive effects

Apply penetration damage. All attacks inflict piercing damage.

Reflect damage. Upon receiving damage, it deals damage to the attacker, commensurate with the heros ATK.

Immunity to state change. Gets immunity to state changes.

Immune to long-term damage. Gets immunity to new effects of lasting damage. However, the effects already applied continue to apply.

Invulnerability to damage. 1 time blocks any damage except penetrating.

Invulnerability to any damage. Gains invulnerability to any damage, including penetrating damage.

Stealth. Cannot be the target of enemy attacks. But it can take damage from attacks on several targets. When damaged, it loses effect.

Protective barrier. Blocks a portion of damage. Penetrating damage cannot be blocked.

Unwavering. During the action, the effect does not die, even if the HP drops below 1 (Including "Impending Death").

Immortality. Resurrects with a given number of HP after death. Resurrection is not possible if the character was set on fire at the time of death.

Protection. The "Protection" effect transfers the received damage to the one who applied this effect (except for passive effects).

Preparing for a hit. The next attack is guaranteed to crit. damage.

Berserk. The hero is filled with the fury of a berserker, filling him with great strength, but at the same time loses control of himself. The hero can be controlled, if before. how to become a berserker, he received immunity to a change in state.

Ghostly shroud. Guaranteed to evade attacks. (Not more than 1 time per battle).

Warrior of darkness. It becomes a warrior of darkness, immune to any changes in state.

Blissful abundance. Resurrects after death with some HP. Resurrection is not possible if the character was set on fire at the time of death.

Not applicable with the Immortality effect.

Damage absorption. Recovers HP by absorbing damage. Poison damage is not absorbed.

Focusing power. Increases damage from skill number 3.

Butterfly wing. Gets immunity to continue damage.

Wings of protection. Recovers HP by absorbing damage. Poison damage is not absorbed.

Resurrection. Resurrects with a given number of HP after death.

Power concentration. Increases damage from attacks on a single target.

Crying: Phantom Virgo. Gives immunity to any damage except penetrating. For 2 turns, immerses the enemy in sleep, which removes the effect of "Crying: Phantom Virgo."

The effect cannot be applied if the damage is invulnerable.

Amplifying reagent. Each turn restores HP. The enemy who has canceled the "Reinforcing Reagent", becomes blind and receives "Impending Death" for 1 turn.

Adrenalin. Increases ATK speed. The duration of the effect takes into account both the moves of the allies and the moves of the opponents.

Cannot be combined with effects that increase ATK speed.

EMR barrier. Reduces damage taken by a specific value (except for penetrating damage). When removed or removed at the end, removes 1 positive effect from the enemy.

Rebound damage. Upon receiving damage, it deals damage to the attacker, commensurate with the heros ATK. Taking damage removes this effect.

Invulnerability to neg. effects. Invulnerability to all denied. effects.

Quick reflection. Improves UKL. The duration of the effect takes into account both the moves of the allies and the moves of the opponents.

Cannot be combined with effects enhancing UCL.

The wings of a fallen angel. Gets immunity to continue damage.

Improved life. Significantly increases max. Oz.

Reflection of an altered state. Reflects altered states (except when provocation is in effect) and ignores immunity to positive effects, as well as passive effects. Reflected altered state cannot be re-mirrored. Not applicable to bosses.

Negative effects

Target! Take some damage when an ally takes damage.

Burn. Increases damage taken.

Detection of weakness. Crete. damage is guaranteed.

Increase the power of the elements. Increases damage on weak elements.

Flame. Uses Flame and takes additional damage, commensurate with the attackers ATK.

A dangerous sign. Increases damage taken from attacks on five targets.

Righteous light. When a hero is attacked under the influence of the "Righteous Light", he gets extra. damage commensurate with the attackers ATK. Upon receiving damage, the Righteous Light is scattered.

Discharge. Becoming the target of the attack, gets extra. damage equal to a fixed amount from the attackers ATK. Enters the target in a state of shock when removed.

Weapon Corrosion. Reduces damage done. Improves UKL. The duration of the effect takes into account both the moves of the allies and the moves of the opponents.

Cannot be combined with effects that reduce damage.

Negative stateful effects

Freeze / Stun Paralyzes.

Sleep. Paralyzed. Damage received is guaranteed to be critical and cancel the effect.

Witchcraft. Cannot use skill. The effect disappears when taking damage.

Provocation. Attacks a hero with an active provocation effect.

Silence. The ban on the use of any skills except skill number 1.

Confusion. The prohibition on choosing a goal or skill. Randomly uses one of the skills against a random opponent.

Blindness. With any attack there is a chance of a miss. Exception: healing and positive effects.

Impending death. At the end of the action, the state dies. Deals damage equal to 50% of current HP after half the state has expired.

Loss. It cannot be resurrected if it dies during the action of this condition.

Amnesia. The effect of the passive skill does not work.

Melancholy. The ban on receiving positive effects (with the exception of effects that cannot be removed).

Exile. Expelled into another dimension. Paralyzed, and also loses all the positive and negative effects.

Containing Tornado. Paralyzed.

Mental print. Using the skill takes damage.

The chasing of destruction. Using skill number 3 takes damage.

Madness. Paralyzed. Deals damage when the effect is canceled.

Weakening reagent. When attacking, there is a chance to miss. Exception: healing and positive effects. The enemy, who has canceled the "Weakening reagent", goes blind and receives "Impending Death" for 1 turn.

Weakening. By the set value reduces max. OZ and current OZ.

Steadiness is disconnected. The unwaveringness is not activated (unless the unwaveringness cannot be removed).

Optical illusion. The attack is guaranteed to miss the target. (1 time per battle.)

The gem of extermination. Heroes with this effect do not resurrect. The unwaveringness is not activated unless the unwaveringness cannot be removed. Does not stack with Extermination.

Merciless witchcraft. Cannot use skill. The effect disappears when taking damage. The duration of the effect takes into account both the moves of the allies and the moves of the opponents. Does not stack with Witchcraft.

Reduce. Reduced hero deals much less damage.

Extermination. Heroes with this effect do not resurrect. The unwaveringness is not activated unless the unwaveringness cannot be removed. Cannot stack with extermination gem.

Negative effects with prolonged damage

Poison. Each turn takes damage. OZ-healing effects instead of healing do damage.

Bleeding. Each turn takes damage. The effect cannot be neutralized.

Curse. Each turn takes damage. When neutralizing a curse, it deals damage to a character who neutralizes the effect.

Combustion. Each turn takes damage.

Explosion. Takes damage when the state ends.

Shock. Each turn takes damage. When neutralizing the effect of shock, stuns the character who neutralized the effect for 1 turn.

Voodoo Doll. Each turn takes damage. Enemy attacks deal crit. damage.

Black wound. Each turn takes damage. The effect cannot be neutralized.

Glaciation. Each turn takes damage.

The ghostly raven. Deals damage every turn. If the ally of the hero on whom the Phantom Raven is cast removes it, then the hero who takes it takes significant damage, and this effect transfers to him.

Melting. Deals damage when the status effect ends. The duration of the effect takes into account both the moves of the allies and the moves of the opponents.

Ignition. Each turn takes damage. Element, PROTECT. increased damage and reduced damage do not apply.

Skills improvement

Active skills of heroes can be improved.

Skill selection. Skill for improvement can be chosen independently.

Material. The use of an identical hero in the form of material is mandatory. There can be any category of such a hero, but there is a chance of failure. For 100% improvement, 6-star heroes are needed.

Moon. The moon can improve the skill of any hero.


Exalted is available to 6-star heroes who have reached level 50. Through exalting, the level of heroes can be increased up to 60. Each exalting increases max. hero level is 2.

Requirements. Exalted is available only to 6 * heroes of the maximum level. Each new stage of exaltation requires the hero to reach max again. level. For example, after the 1st exaltation, max. the heros level increases to 52. Until the hero reaches level 52, the 2nd exaltation will not be available to him.

Material. The material for the exaltation are 6-star heroes. Each stage requires a different number of 6-star heroes. Exalted hero and 6-star material hero can be different heroes. Trials and zlatik-like creatures cannot be material.

Hero Talent

Talents available upon reaching hero level 50 Subsequently, for every 2 lvl. You can select and activate 1 talent.

Activation of talent. Activating talent requires essences and gold, and its level is chosen randomly.

Change of talent. Changing your chosen talent also requires essences and gold. Talents max. level can only be replaced with another talent.

Rune Set Bonus

When the hero receives a certain number of runes of one type, the bonus of the set of runes begins to apply.

Type of bonus set. There are two types of set bonus. An aura that acts immediately upon receipt of a set bonus, and a triggered effect that activates when certain conditions are met. Aura effects, unlike triggered effects, can be added up.

Strengthening runes

When strengthening the runes, their characteristics increase. The value of the increase in characteristics is determined by the quality of the runes. To strengthen the runes, gain stones and gold are needed.

Improvement of runes. The quality of the rune can improve depending on the number of its amplifications.The quality of the rune will not be improved if it is higher than the quality that can be obtained from amplifications:

Additional characteristics Runes from 2 ? and higher have extra. har-ki (up to 3). For every 3 amplifications add. har-ki runes increase by 1.

Dismantling runes

When disassembling the runes, the player receives gain stones. The higher the quality of the runes, the more stones you can get. Dismantling the runes is completely free. Disassembled runes cannot be restored.

Rune Transformation

The selected rune will be converted to a random rune from the same set. The quality of the runes will not change, but the level of improvement and additional. Runes characteristics will be reset. When converting with some chance, you may get a rune identical to that used as a material.

Material for transformed runes. Strength stones and gold are used to transform the runes. Strengthening stones can be obtained by disassembling the runes. Higher quality runes require more gain stones and gold.

The power of the elements

The belonging of heroes to one or another element has its pros and cons.

Damage boost

Damage reduction

Elements of light and darkness do more damage only in battles outside the arena.

City buildings

Theo received this small piece of land for his service as Peacemaker.

Town Hall As the level of the town hall rises, access to new buildings opens. With the improvement of buildings, their features also improve.

Improvement of city buildings. Buildings can be improved upon reaching the required level of the town hall. For this, crystals or gold are used. Improvement of buildings occurs immediately.

Mine.City building for gold mining. With the improvement of the mine, the volume of stored gold and the speed of its extraction increases.

Laboratory. Here, the essences obtained can be turned into objects and heroes. The number of essences needed depends on the item or hero. In addition to essences, gold is needed for transformations.

Roulette. A building in the city where you can win a random prize!

Roulette update. If the player doesnt like the prizes offered, you can update their assortment.

Mill of heroes. City building transforming heroes into new heroes. The quantity and type of materials required depends on the hero. Having improved the hero mill, you can get heroes of a higher category. Some heroes cannot be obtained through transformation.

Friendship Lottery. The building in the city where the lottery for friendship points is held. Only 6 categories of random prizes, numbered from 1 to 6.

Secret store. City building where you can buy rare items and hire heroes.

Goddess Waterfalls

Wandering spirits from around the planet gather at this mysterious source.

The call of the hero. Here you can call for heroes for gold. Improved Goddess Waterfalls allow you to summon high-quality heroes.