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KNIGHTS: CLASH OF HEROES - a game for social networks from the company Playkot. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Castle Guide
  2. Warriors Guide
  3. How to Win the Battles?
  4. Secrets of the Global War
  5. Ranking and League
  6. Special Buildings and Objects Guide
  7. Currency and Resource Guide
  8. Beginnerís Guide

Knights Clash of Heroes: Castle Guide

What are the requirements for the name of the castle? The name of the castle forbids the use of obscene language and insults, incitement to violence, inciting ethnic and religious hatred, racist statements, propaganda of narcotic, psychoactive and equivalent substances, as well as everything that falls under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Please note that castles whose names somehow contradict these requirements can be renamed, and their owners are blocked.

How to change the name of your castle? Click on the name of the castle (the default is "Camelot") and enter a new name of your choice.

How to buy new land / extensions for the castle? Hover your mouse over the area next to your castle (it looks a little darker than already acquired). A pop-up window with two buttons will appear, with which you can choose how to purchase this territory: for crystals or for coins. Some extensions have level restrictions: you must reach the specified level in order to be able to buy them for coins. For crystals, you can buy any extension.

Can I see the record of the attack on my castle? At the moment, the function of recording an assault or any other battle in the game is not provided.

How often can players attack my castle? Between attacks on a player, 3 to 8 hours should pass (time is chosen randomly). Your castle can be attacked up to 6 times a day maximum.

Why is the Level 1 Wall shown in the warehouse, although the Wall has been upgraded to a higher level in the castle? The "basic" version of the item is stored in the warehouse - this is the stockade. After you put the Wall element on the field, it will turn into a Wall element, which corresponds to the research done in the castle.

Where is the warehouse located and why is it? The warehouse (chest icon) is located in the lower right corner to the right of the "Shop" button. The warehouse stores the items you made, bought in the store or received in battles, as well as individual buildings and decorations. In addition, troops can be removed to the warehouse to make way for new ones in the castle.

Is it possible to clean buildings in a warehouse? No, buildings cannot be cleaned. The only exceptions are buildings received in the chest or in the quest - Ice Tower, Dark Tower, Time Fountain.

The buildings

Farm. At Farms you can get gold. In total, you can build 4 Farms and upgrade them to level 12 (maximum):

Sawmill. At the Sawmills, a tree is mined. In total, 2 Sawmills can be built and upgraded to level 12 (maximum).

Quarry. In quarries, stone is mined. In total, you can build 2 Quarries and improve them to the 12th level (maximum).

Mine. Iron is mined in the mines. In total, you can build 2 Mines and improve them to level 12 (maximum).

Forge. In the Forges, items are produced that are necessary for training soldiers and making improvements to troops. In total, 4 Forges can be built: three are built for coins, and the fourth opens for crystals. Forges can be upgraded to level 5 (maximum). In the forge of the 1st level (available from the 6th level of the player) are made:

Level 2 Forge (available from player level 20 ) provides access to the production of the following items:

Level 3 forge (available from player level 30 ) provides access to the production of the following items:

Level 4 forge (available from player level 40 ) provides access to the production of the following items:

Level 5 forge (available from player level 50 ) provides access to the production of the following items:

Smelter. The smelters produce coal, 5 types of steel and some magic items necessary to improve troops and buildings. In total, 3 Smelters can be built: two are built for coins, and a third smelter is opened for crystals.Smelters can be upgraded to level 5 (maximum).

Forge of the Dwarves. In the Dwarven Forge, magic seals are made, necessary for applying open spells and learning new ones, as well as for opening a number of levels of schools of magic. Available from level 25 after exploring Runic Tower .

Citadel. The Citadel is a study of buildings that can later be bought in a store and put on the castle grounds. In addition, some resources are stored in the Citadel: 50 trees and 5,000 coins. It also gives +5 places to the population limit in the castle. The citadel develops gradually from the Fort to the Palace. At the moment, the game has 6 levels of the Citadel: Citadel - Fort - Bastion - Fortress - Castle - Palace. Additional research opens at each level of the Citadel.

Warehouse. Each Warehouse increases the available space for storing extracted resources (stone, wood, iron).In total, 3 Warehouses can be built, each warehouse can be improved to the 6th level (maximum). The amount of stored resources depends on the level of improvement of the Warehouse:

Tent. Each Tent increases the available population limit in the castle by 3 places. In total, 14 Tents can be built.

Barracks. In the Barracks, you can replenish your troops with infantry. Available by default.

Shooting range. At the Shooting Range, you can replenish your troops with archers. Available from game level 3 , upgrades to level 3.

Siege Manufactory. In Siege Manufactory it is possible to produce combat vehicles: Strelomety, Ballista and Siege ballista. Available from the 17th game level, upgraded to the 3rd level (maximum).

Grove. You can replenish your troops with various horsemen in the Ristilische. Available from game level 31, upgrades to level 3 (maximum).

Tower of magicians. In the Tower of magicians, you can train magicians: Tectonics, Pyromancer and the Mentalist - each of them trains for coins. Available from level 45 after completing the Academy mission.

Gates of Heroes. At the Gates of Heroes you can train the most powerful basic warriors: Nova, Avalanche, Phobos, Flurry, Paladin, Whirlwind and Wave - each of them trains for coins. Gates are available for exploration in the Castle from the 61st game level.

Arsenal. In the Arsenal you can explore the improvements for your units, as well as discover new types of troops. Available from level 7. In addition to the first Arsenal, you can purchase a second for crystals.

Runic tower. In the Runic Tower, you can explore new and strengthen existing spells. Available from level 25 after completing the mission "Lord of the runes."

Temple. In the temple, you can restore the fallen in battle troops. Available after completing the mission "Strike Ahead." A certain time is allotted for rebirth, after which the warrior disappears forever. Warriors in the Temple are reborn one at a time, for crystals all warriors can be resurrected at once. All warriors that you did not have time to revive in the allotted time will die.

In the current version of the game, you can build up to four Temples, in each of which you can revive one warrior at a time. 3 Temples are built for coins, and an additional 4th Temple can be purchased for crystals. All soldiers bought for the currency of the social network or received as prizes are revived only for crystals:

Only for imperials are reborn:

Also, elite troops resurrected for imperials can optionally be cured for crystals.

Market. In the Market, you can sell surplus resources and manufactured items for gold coins. In addition, once a week caravans come to the Market for certain items that can be sold at a higher price. The market is accessible from level 5. In the Market, you can only sell resources and items; purchase is not yet possible. Market prices change every day so that you can profitably sell not only one type of product.

In window mode, you can hover over the number of resources / items for sale, left-click and enter the desired number from the keyboard. In full screen mode, unfortunately, this feature does not work yet. If you do not have time to make the right amount of items for the caravan, put aside ready-made items and wait for a new caravan: they periodically arrive again.

How to set the exact number of items / resources for sale in the Market? In window mode, you can hover over the number of resources / items for sale, left-click and enter the desired number from the keyboard. In full screen mode, unfortunately, this feature does not work yet.

Altar of heroes. In the Altar of Heroes, you can place and upgrade heroes - illustrious warriors with special abilities who lead your troops when storming other castles. Available from level 10. The game has 3 heroes available so far: on foot ( Sir Crashton ), equestrian ( Sir Galahane ) and mage ( Ingrid ). The equestrian hero appears in the Altar of Heroes after completing the mission of the "Siege of the Camp" campaign and the construction of the List. Sorceress Ingrid will appear in the Altar of Heroes after you reach level 45 and explore the Tower of Mages. Heroes are immortal: even after death in battle, they are automatically reborn in the Altar of Heroes.

Tower of the Order. The tower of the Order gives access to the creation of its own Order or entry into existing ones. In addition, it does not affect the population in the castle, but it is a powerful defense structure with 320 units. attacks, 2400 units. health, 160 units. initiative and a firing radius of 5 cells. It is impossible to improve it.Available from level 15.

Wall. Walls block the way for enemy troops to storm your castle: in order to attack a site fenced by the Wall, they will first have to destroy the Wall. Only long-range units (archers, siege vehicles) and magicians can hit the target protected by the Wall. The wall is accessible to players from level 5 and can be upgraded to level 6 (maximum).The game has a limit for setting Walls, depending on your level. The warehouse shows the maximum number of Walls (for example, "45" to "1/45"), which you can buy or install from the warehouse, if any, when you reach a certain level.

The rotation of the Wall sets each subsequent fragment. Bring the new item to the existing ones to set the direction or rotation.

Goal. The gates block the way for the enemy troops during the assault, like the Wall, but they can open to release your troops. Use this feature when planning your castle defense! The gates are available for construction from level 5, in total 4 can be built. The game has a limit on setting the Gate, depending on your level.

Shooting tower. Archers are sitting in the shooting towers, shooting at the troops who storm your castle. The towers are highly durable and can be upgraded to level 15 (maximum). In addition to the increased characteristics, the Shooting towers take -50% damage from all types of troops, except for magicians (as well as units with a magic attack), archers and rifle destroyers. Characteristics of rifle towers (damage-health-range-initiative) by improvement levels:

In total, the castle can build up to 18 towers. Each tower takes 1 place in the castle as a unit. The game has a limit on the purchase and setting of towers, depending on your level:

Where is the shop? What can I buy in the Store? The store (shop icon) is located in the lower right corner next to the warehouse. In the store you can buy various buildings for the castle, which are previously explored in the Citadel. In addition, in the store you can buy decor, individual buildings, resources and energy, as well as unique items and units (tab "Elite goods"). Here, improvements are acquired elite troops.

What is the maximum population limit in a castle? 3 places in each of the 14 maximum available tents, plus 5 places in the Citadel itself.

How to cancel the duplicate task in the forge or smelter? If a player has built two or more Forges, or Smelters, then the launched production on one building is transferred to another (on the mouse cursor you can see the icon of the item being produced). At the same time, a cancellation icon will appear on the site of the Tools icon, by clicking on which the player can remove the duplicate task and produce another item on the second building.

Where to find items produced and received in battles? How to use them? All items received and produced fall into the warehouse (Inventory). Items stored in the warehouse are automatically added to produce the necessary improvements and research.

Do resources and items return when production or improvement is canceled? Resources and items spent on starting production or improvement are not returned.

Knights Clash of Heroes: Warriors Guide

How to get unique warriors?

Which warriors never die (new way of resurrection)?

Unique units are warriors from events, as well as those that players received from the Dragon Shop (from chests or crystals) never die! Instead, they leave for a while to "rest" - cease to occupy the places of the population and participate in defense and attack. They can be returned to service for crystals at any time. Or you can just wait: having rested enough time, the unique warrior returns to duty as if nothing had happened! At the moment, such unique warriors include:

Why canít I assemble the components needed to make the Sword Orc? Components for creating this warrior can be obtained by opening the Morgain chests. The rewards in each chest drop randomly, without any system, so the loss of a particular component depends only on luck. Play in your usual mode and you will be lucky.

Remember that you can only have one Sword Orc in your Castle.

Why am I not getting the desired warrior from the chest in the Whelp Store? All items / warriors / scrolls drop in chests from the Dragon Shop by random selection (randomly). The probability of the loss of certain warriors / items / scrolls is indicated in the pop-up window - you just need to move the mouse cursor over the yellow question mark.

Where to get elves, orcs, gnomes? After completing each of the following campaign missions for a limited time, you will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive warriors:

All units purchased are added to inventory. In the event that the units did not appear, it is necessary to clear the browser cache and restart the game. Also, after completing the respective missions, these units can be trained for crystals in the Barracks and at the Shooting Range. In addition, these units can, with a certain chance, get caught in the Morgain chests.

Why arenít mages added to my troops after completing the Academy or Battle for Magic mission?After completing these missions, units are not added to the player. Joining magicians in campaign missions is a role (text) part of the game, so the light forces are united against the dark.

What does the blue flag mean in unit characteristics? A blue flag indicates initiative. The more initiative a unit has, the more often it can walk. You can improve this indicator for a specific unit in the Arsenal.

I have lost buildings (warriors) from the field, what should I do? Try to clear your browserís cache, Flash player storage and restart the game. In most cases, graphic errors are the cause of this.

How to increase the characteristics of a unique warrior when buying an upgrade? Improvements of elite warriors are sold in the store, in the "Improvements of troops" tab or in the same tab in the Dragon Shop: each unit has its current parameters and the characteristics that it will receive after the upgrade. Acquired improvement increases all the basic parameters of the unit, special abilities do not change.

Why is not the Ice Golem or Plague Doctor improving? You could get one of three different Golems / Doctors after the winter / fall events in the game - the New Icy, Ice or Ancient Ice Golem.Please check which Golem / Doctor you have. If you buy an improvement, then each of the Golems / Doctors receives this improvement, but does not become a different unit.

Pumping does not mean turning the New Ice Golem into the Ice Golem, and the Ice Golem into the Ancient Ice Golem - these are three different characters. The same goes for the different types of Doctors. The characteristics of your Golem / Doctor can be viewed in the Store, in the last tab "Improvements of troops", there you can improve it to the next level.

Why are the warriors of the Legion, the Headless Horseman, the ballistaes not stunned and not treated? Spells and special abilities of units that heal, stun, or take control only affect live warriors. Warriors such as the Archer and Spearman of the Legion, the Headless Horseman, Scarecrow, zombies, ballista and some other units are considered inanimate, therefore they are not subject to control, poisoning, stunning and healing. Complex spells that have several effects (damage and stun) will work partially, i.e. all units will receive damage, and stunning will only affect live warriors.

Where to get elite warriors? Some of the usual game warriors are presented in an elite version with additional abilities (for example, Elite Guard, Elite Champion, Elite Pyromancer, etc.). Unit data can only be obtained by participating in the Global War. Elite warriors train with the rest of the units in the respective buildings: in the Barracks, Shooting range, Siege Manufactory, Ristalishche and the Tower of magicians.

Access to the training of various elite units is opened upon reaching the appropriate rank of the Order in the Global War. The required ranks for opening warriors are indicated in the building where the unit is training. All elite warriors occupy the same number of population slots as their regular version. If soldiers die in battle, then they can be resurrected either for ordinary crystals or for dragon crystals (a special currency of the Global War).

How are warriors reborn in the Temple? A certain time is given for rebirth, after which the warrior disappears forever. Warriors in the Temple can be revived:

Note: All unique warriors received as prizes for passing events are revived only for crystals. The time for which you can start the revival process is different for each unit. For example, you can start treatment for a regular Minotaur within 8 hours, and the Ghost of a Minotaur - 336 hours.Important! When the revival in the Temple is canceled, the unit dies.

How many places do warriors and buildings occupy in the castle? Buildings do not affect the population limit. The exception is Shooting and unique towers: each takes 1 place.

What is the limit for placing elite units on the field in the castle?

Knights Clash of Heroes: How to Win the Battles?

How to start a battle?

To start a battle, click on the button with crossed swords in the lower right corner of the screen and select the desired type of battle. You can either start an assault on the castle of another player, or put your troops in the tournament. It takes 4 hours to complete the assault or tournament: after this period, you will be credited with a loss if during this time you do not score a single star. Campaign missions do not have a time limit: you can leave and resume them at any convenient time.

If you put out the troops and started the battle, you can end it only by victory or defeat. If you surrender in battle, all warriors who remained alive at the time you surrendered will return to the castle unharmed, but you will lose the rating. Starting with the mission "Way to the Mountains" , you can take heroes into battles, including campaign missions (heroes do not participate in all missions of the campaign, but join the player only in some of them).

Three heroes can be put into battle: a pedestrian (Sir Crashton), a horse (Sir Galahane) and a magician (Ingrid).Experience for the battle will receive every hero. After the deployment of troops, you cannot add soldiers to the battlefield. If an icon with crossed swords appears over your warriors in the castle, then these units are busy in a mission or battle. Before taking these units to the next battle, you must complete an unfinished mission or battle.

What is energy for? How to replenish it? Energy goes to the beginning of each assault and tournament, as well as to change the enemy in the "Assault" mode. Energy is automatically restored at 1 unit per hour, and it can also be purchased at the store. In addition, when you go to each new level, your energy is restored to a maximum of 6 units.


It is impossible to choose an enemy to storm - locks for attack are issued randomly. Opponents are selected according to a complex formula that takes into account the level of development of the castle, the strength of the playerís troops and many other elements. For the destruction of an enemy castle, you can get up to 3 stars. One star is given for the destruction of the enemy Citadel, the second - for the destruction of at least half of the buildings, and the third - for the removal of at least half of the defenders of the enemy castle.

Having received at least one star, you can end the battle with a victory and return to your castle with prey.However, it should be remembered that in order to end a duel with a victory, at least one warrior must survive in battle. A successful assault brings the winner gold coins, resources, items, fame (experience) and rating. Defeat leads to a loss of rating. For a victory with one star, you get all the loot that you managed to get before the end of the battle. For two stars, its number doubles, and for three, resources and gold are added to it from all the other undestructed buildings and untouched units.

Please note that before the start of the battle you are shown the maximum possible loot (taking into account a 2-3 star victory and all bonus doubles). Bonus x2 for the first six assaults per day does not affect the number of ratings received for them - only glory (experience) and production (gold coins and resources) are doubled.

Tournament. The arena for the tournament is randomly selected. At the tournament you can put up to 4 warriors who will remain alive regardless of its outcome. Against your warriors, warriors of a randomly selected player are exposed; the one who first destroys all enemy soldiers wins. For winning the tournament you can get gold coins, up to 3 items and rating points. For defeat in the tournament, the rating is removed. The rank obtained in the Tournament does not affect anything - in fact, it is simply a reflection of the number of your victories for today. Every new day (from 05:00 GMT), the victory counter is reset to zero.

How can I start campaign missions? Click on the button with a white and blue emblem in the lower right corner of the screen to open the Greenmire map and begin the passage of the campaign. Remember that some missions are not available until a certain player level.

How does matchmaking work? The random opponent selection system is based on many factors: the selection is influenced not only by the playerís current level and development, but also by how often and successfully the player attacks other castles. If you make many victories per day, then the strength of your opponents increases each time.

Why was the loot after the victory in the assault not doubled? Before the start of the battle, you are shown the maximum possible loot (taking into account a 2-3 star victory and all bonus doubles).

What is the effect of the number of stars earned when winning?

Why canít I cast with runes? All spells can be activated by both scrolls and runes. If you have both a scroll and a rune, then first of all the spell uses the scroll, and only after the scrolls are over, the runes will be activated.

Can I take revenge on all the attackers on the list? No, at the moment in the game you can take revenge on only one player from the list of attackers. After an attack on the offender, the list of revenge is cleared.

Knights Clash of Heroes: Secrets of the Global War

The goal of global war. The aim of the Orders in the Global War is world domination. Orders occupy territories. Holding the fortress, the Order places its coat of arms over the corresponding area and begins to receive tribute from the intraregional cities of other Orders that are located on its territory.

The rank of the Order reflects its strength and progress in the Global War. Each level of each settlement under the control of the Order propels it forward. Also, some ranks offer the opportunity to receive unique rewards for dragon crystals. However, the height of power is to capture and hold the capital of Albion.

Knightly Orders

Each player has the opportunity to join an existing order or establish their own order. Members of one Order can exchange messages and help each other - for conversations inside the Order, a general chat is provided.

Creation . In order to be able to create your own Order or join one of the existing ones, you need to build the Order Tower (available from level 15). To create your Order, go to the "Knightly Orders" menu in the lower left corner of the screen, next to the ratings icon. Click on the "Select Order" button - in the window that opens, the "Create Order" button will appear - click on it. Then you can give your Order a name, choose a color, pattern and image on the coat of arms of your Order. Remember that a one-time charge in crystals is charged for creating the Order.

Attention: The name of the order is assigned to him forever and is not subject to change ! In the name of the Order it is forbidden to use obscenities and insults; when searching for similar names, spaces are ignored. Orders whose names somehow contradict these requirements can be renamed or even disbanded, while the crystals spent on creating the Order are not refundable.

Introduction. In order to be able to join one of the existing Orders, you need to build the Tower of the Order. To join the Order, go to the "Knightly Orders" menu in the lower left corner of the screen, next to the ratings icon. Click on the "Find Order" button and select one of the offered ones. If you want to join a certain Order, enter its name in the search bar. If the Order is recruiting, you will have the opportunity to apply for membership and attach a short message to it. You can submit an application at the same time in several Orders, but you can enter only one of them. You will be a member of the Order who will be the first to approve your entry request.


Control. In the upper right corner of the Order window there is a button with a hammer icon, which allows you to perform actions with the Order for which you have enough rights in the Order. Here you can leave the Order, open / close the set into it, change the message of the day, remake the emblem, dissolve the Order, etc. Currently, the Order may include no more than 20 members. In order to dissolve the Order, the ordermaster must first dismiss all members from it, and then leave the Order itself. In the event that the ordermaster wants to leave his order without dismissing it, he must transfer his powers to another member of the order. In total, you can send up to 1000 messages within your Order per day. There is no restriction on receiving messages.

Rating. The rating of the Order is the total rating of all its members. From joining the Order, the rating of its members does not change.

What information about the Order is available to players? In the window with information on the Order you can see its name, current message of the day, the number of members of the Order (human icon), rating of the Order (laurel icon), place in the TOP of Orders (icon of the knightís helmet), and whether recruitment is currently open .

How to visit the castles of friends and associates in the Order? In the future, a global war will appear in the game between the Orders of Power in Greenmire. Now you have the opportunity to stand in the front ranks of future great and formidable Orders, joining them during their foundation. In addition, members of the same Order can exchange messages and help each other - for conversations within the Order, a general chat is provided.

Global map objects

There are four types of settlements: villages, cities, fortresses and the capital.

The villages are built by the players themselves (Ordermasters, Deputies and Warlords). The remaining settlements have already been placed on the map, and in order to advance to world domination they will have to be captured. An order can have only 4 villages (maximum). This maximum includes both founded and captured villages. If the limit is reached when attacking the village, the captured village becomes abandoned. A new village can be built or captured after reaching the following levels of the most developed settlement:

Cities are divided into two types: those located within regions and border ones. Intraregional cities provide an opportunity to attack the fortress, but they are taxed with thorium. Border (free) cities do not pay tax (since they do not belong to any fortress), but attacks against fortresses cannot be made from them. ? The order can have as many cities as it can hold - there are no other restrictions. Each settlement belonging to the Order can be improved. For this, a special resource is used - thorium . Thorium is produced independently and continuously by each village and city of the Order. The higher the level of settlement, the greater the income.

Fortresses do not produce thorium themselves, but take as a tax a certain percentage of income from the cities of the region that they own. The more developed the area, the more income! Regardless of the method of extraction, the thorium is stored inside the corresponding settlement on the map and can be captured by the enemy if the Owner Order does not have time to spend it. A great way to fill your treasury! The higher the level of settlement you are attacking, the more thorium can be taken out of it. Well, if there is no thorium in the settlement, then there will be nothing to bear.

Attack and capture of settlements

Attacks on settlements. Each member of the Order has the opportunity to inflict several attacks per day in the settlements of other Orders. In order to make an attack, select any village within the radius of attack of your village and attack (click on the village you want to attack, and then on the "Attack" button). For a specific player, an attack is an assault on the castle of a random member of the Order whose settlement is being attacked. If the village leaves or collapses, instead of assaulting the player will be asked to go through the battle in the "Patrol" mode.

Tip: Before you attack, evaluate your strength by comparing the rating of your Order with the enemy.Take the time to go into the information about the Order and look at the levels of the players. If you intend to get a thorium in the attack, make sure that the settlement has its reserves!

From the village you can attack other villages and cities. From the city are other cities, villages and the nearby fortress. From the fortress - neighboring cities and fortresses, as well as the capital. The more settlements of your Order reach the target and the higher their level, the more damage the attack does. In addition, the more stars received in battle, the greater the damage.

The capture of settlements. The capture is divided into two stages: the garrison and the capture itself. Each attacking Order conducts its capture and each has its own capture progress. The Order that causes the most damage after the timer expires wins. Capture occurs as follows:

Note: the same settlement may be attacked by several Orders at the same time, but their attacks are not cumulative.

Outcome options:

  1. If your goal was the most developed village of the Order, then it simply loses one level of development (it is impossible to capture the most developed settlements).
  2. If the target was a city, fortress or not the most developed village of the Order, it loses one level of development and falls under your control.
  3. If the target was a first-level village, it is destroyed.
  4. If the limit is reached when attacking the village, the captured village becomes abandoned.
Important: Any village can be the most developed, including abandoned villages.

If the most developed village of the Order is abandoned, then this village has no protection against capture. In addition, all active villages of the Order, which will be lower in level than the most developed abandoned village, can also be captured. If the capture was successful, and the owner of the settlement has changed, then the attack progress of all the other Orders participating in the attack on this settlement remains the same (if it amounted to less than 80% of success). If the progress exceeded this percentage, then it decreases to 80%, necessary for the capture of the object. At the same time, the former owner of the settlement receives a bonus: the garrison, which has been previously divided by 50%, in case he wants to return the object back.

Why take over villages? The village is extracting resources. It is often more effective to capture an already developed village, rather than improve yours from scratch.

Why take over cities? Unlike villages, the number of cities in the Order is not limited. The city allows you to attack other cities and attack the fortress (if it is in the same area as the fortress) or, if your fortress is already yours, to strengthen the reinforcements sent to it.

How is leaving the village? As long as the village leaves, it is still considered yours. As soon as the time of leaving ends, the village loses its level and begins to collapse (the village of the first level collapses as soon as the abandonment ends). When destroyed, it can be attacked, taking the Resource from it, which remained in it upon leaving, or you can even capture it. The former owner (if there is room for another village) can return it to himself if during this time it was not captured or the village did not have time to collapse.

The village in the process of leaving still gives Resource. A crumbling village no longer gives Resource.

What happens when you leave the village? ? If you leave the village, then your Order loses it, but gets the opportunity to found a new one. During the construction, the new village will be level 1, the improvements of the abandoned village are not tolerated.

Why doesnít our most developed village have a corresponding badge? The most developed can be any village, including abandoned villages. If the most developed village of the Order is abandoned, then this village has no protection against capture. In addition, all active villages of the Order, which will be lower in level than the most developed abandoned village, can also be captured.

Fortress capture

Why capture the fortress? Fortresses control the area in which they are located. Want to showcase your greatness? Capture the fortress, and the coat of arms of your Order will appear above the corresponding area!From fortresses, you can attack cities in their area and other fortresses in the neighborhood, or send reinforcements to your objects. In the future, it is the fortresses that will help take control of the capital of Albion.

The specifics of the siege of the fortress. Before you begin the capture of the fortress, the Order must prepare for the siege. To begin the siege, you must pay the "fee" - a certain amount of thorium (the amount depends on the level of the fortress). After that, the garrison of the fortress deals 20% of the damage from its maximum. Now, as long as at least a unit of damage is inflicted by your Order to the garrison, the siege is on. If the defending Order manages to restore the garrison completely, the siege will have to be restarted.

To attack the fortress you need equipment . Be careful: a city (or fortress), in which there is no equipment, will not participate in the attack! Equipment is made independently in each city of the Order, which adjoins the fortress, and the fortress itself. When a city is captured by another Order, all accumulated equipment in this city is destroyed. For the most impatient, there is the opportunity to buy equipment in the city they need.

Upon a successful attack on the fortress (the assault / patrol ended in victory), a member of the Order spends 1 unit of equipment from each participating in the attack of the city / fortress of the Order. This means that the player will add his attack to damage only from those cities in which there was equipment at the time of the attack! Keep track of its number in cities, so as not to be in a situation where there is not enough equipment for everyone who wants to damage the fortress. However, if your Order has already conquered the fortress, this does not mean that equipment is no longer needed - the sending of reinforcements to the fortress follows the same principle as the attack.

Capital Londinium

You can capture the capital from any fortress. The capture is carried out in the same way as the capture of the fortress, but with one difference: Orders can join forces.

What does it mean?The order, which has a fortress, can join another Order, which is already attacking the capital. Thus, several Orders can cause her total damage. However, the owner of the capital will be only one Order, to which the rest began to join.

Why take over the capital? The order that owns the capital gains power and power over the whole of Albion and the opportunity to attack any of the fortresses, taking them to the thorium (the capital does not produce thorium itself and does not collect tax). Each member of the Owner Order will receive a fierce Dragon in his army! The dragon is incredibly strong and occupies 5 units of the population. If the Dragon dies in battle, then its resurrection does not require any resources. However, the Dragon needs to rest for 72 hours in order to gain strength for the next battle.

Note: The Mighty Dragon joins the Order only during the tenure of the Capital. If your Order loses the capital, the Dragon will fly away. Only the owner of the capital can possess the Dragon (members of the joined Dragon Orders do not receive).

Mercenaries. When attacking (and reinforcing) in cities and fortresses, you can hire Mercenaries. If brave soldiers are not interested in villages, then they are ready to fight for large settlements. After the attack, each mercenary needs rest (and time to spend the money earned). After this time, warriors can be hired again. Types of Mercenaries:

Each member of the Order can hire mercenaries.

Dragon Ore. This is the "raw" currency of the Global War, which players receive for their personal use for storming enemy targets. Dragon ore is processed into dragon crystals in the Order Tower, and they are already being spent on various unique things. Now, for example, in all barracks, shooting ranges, lists, etc. You can find elite versions of ordinary units, which are bought for dragon crystals.

Morgaine Camps

Morgainy Camp is a special object of the Global War. Camps are not settlements and cannot be taken into their possession. A successful attack on Morgaine Camp brings the members of the Order the necessary items from the Forge and Smelter for personal development. The award is received by members of each Order, who managed to inflict the required amount of damage. Each camp can be captured an unlimited number of times. The attack is carried out as follows:

After the garrison of the camp is defeated, the camp begins to burn, and re-capture can be carried out only after 48 hours. At this time, you can continue to attack the camp - all attacks will be taken into account (but not more than 80% of the campís "general health") during the next attack on it. Example: to capture Camp A, you need to inflict 15000 damage to it. Suppose your Order has done 17,000 damage - in this case, after burning out, Your Order will have 2000 ? damage already inflicted for the new capture (and 13000 will remain to be inflicted).

Knights Clash of Heroes: Ranking and League

Why do I get so little rating for victories? The rating is part of the balancing system of the game, which ensures that the game remains interesting even for the most powerful and developed players. The accrued rating is calculated according to a complex formula that takes into account the strength of the attacker and the defender and many other factors. This system is carefully designed and verified.

If you make improvements, but rarely play assaults and tournaments, the system will strive to increase your rating to the limit more, and you will earn a lot of points. If you attack frequently, the system will try to lower your rating, that is, charge a little and take a lot. But in any case, even though the player loses a lot of points for the defeat, the system is structured in such a way that the player will still grow in the ranking over time.

What determines the amount of rating obtained?

The amount of rating obtained depends on:

To increase the number of ratings obtained for victories, open new troops in the Arsenal and improve them, research and improve the buildings in your castle - the more developed your kingdom and the more powerful your army, the higher your rating. The amount of rating you receive depends on the development of your castle and troops. If you do not make any improvements, your development remains at the same level, and you get a minimum rating for victory - one.

You need to constantly develop the castle and troops in order to get more rating, because if you do not grow, you lag behind. If a player is often attacked (several attacks simultaneously or in a row), the rating is counted only for the first attack from the series, after which the defense is turned on for several hours, and all subsequent attacks do not affect the player rating in any way.

Leagues. Leagues are categories in which the most active fighting players fall. The position of players in the League is determined by the rating that they receive for each victory and lose when they lose. For getting into the League you get imperials. With the transition to a higher League, you will receive imperial rewards both for it and for the previous one. If at the time of receiving the awards for the previous week you were in the League, then even if you leave it within a week, the imperials in any case will be credited to you next Monday.

What are Imperials and why are they needed? Imperials are special coins that are issued for entering the League. All participants of the Bronze League get 50 bronze imperials every week, Silver - 50 bronze + 20 silver, Gold - 50 bronze + 20 silver + 5 gold. League rewards are issued every Monday. You can spend imperials in the store for the purchase of elite troops and their improvements (the tabs "Elite troops" and "Improvement of troops", respectively), as well as items for improving other units.

Please note that after leaving the League, a reward for it ceases to be awarded. In addition, to receive the reward on Monday, you must enter the game at least once during the previous week and conduct a battle.

Knights Clash of Heroes: Special Buildings and Objects Guide

Magic statues. Magic statues - a special decor that strengthens the army (gives a bonus to attack, health, initiative, speed, healing to one warrior) in attack and defense.

Power Stones

Strength stones are powerful artifacts that can be used to upgrade Arsenal warriors (except for the Militia, Mercenary, and Ranger).

What are Power Stones? There are 4 types of Strength Stones:

Each Stone also has its own level - only 12 levels.

Strength stones can be processed - combined with each other and turned into other, more "cool" ones:

How to get Strength Stones?

Important: when you exit the Order, the countdown of the waiting time begins anew.

How to use Strength Stones? Strength Stones must be inserted into slots on the special Stones map. Each unit has its own map attached to it:

By inserting Stones into the card slots, various bonuses to the unit are activated:

The higher the level of the inserted Stone, the greater the bonus value:

Important: nests of the same type can give different growth to the characteristics. To find out which one, you just need to hover over the socket.

Rules for arranging Strength Stones. First of all, you need to insert the Stone into the central socket. How many Stones can be used on the map depends on the level of this Stone:

In addition to the central one, the maximum on the map can be 12 Stones (the maximum level of the Stone is 12), therefore it is impossible to fill all the nests - you have to choose. Colored Stones of Power, Fortitude and Speed ??can only be installed in a socket of the same color: for example, a green Fortitude Stone can only be inserted in a green slot. An exception is the central nest (any Stone can be inserted into it). Special Perfection Stones can be inserted into any nests, but new special abilities open only in special nests:

Stones can only be inserted in a chain, starting from the central slot. Moreover, each next Stone should be of the same or lower level than the previous one. Thus, either all the Stones in the chain will be of the same level, or they will be arranged in descending order. Once every 24 hours, all installed Stones on the map can be pulled out free of charge to rearrange them in a new way (more often - already for crystals).

It is possible to selectively replace Stones for free with stronger levels, if this does not contradict all the rules above. Strength Stones is a long-lasting system of improvements, so itís not easy to fill out a unitís map to the maximum. The more and more actively you play, the more stones of a higher level at your disposal!

Shields (Defense Against Attacks). Protection from attacks is acquired at the Whelpling Shop for crystals. At the moment, the game has 3 types of defense against attacks:

The player who turned on the defense remains available for attack, however, the attacks will not appear on the revenge list, and rating points and resources will not be deducted from the player.

Special items

Special buildings and decor

The fountain of time. An ancient magical artifact that rules over time and magically accelerates production up to five times a day. Limit - 1 pc per player. Players could receive the Time Fountain after completing the "Dreams of Time" event. The Time Fountain is currently unavailable for purchase.

Dark tower. Powerful unit to protect the castle. Limit - 2 pcs. (included in the limit of conventional towers), each tower occupies one place in the population. Previously, the tower was awarded as a reward for getting into the TOP, and also fell out during the Halloween 2013 event. In the current "events" and in the usual store, the tower is not available. Now the Dark Tower with a small chance can be obtained only by opening the chest "Halloween 2013", which is purchased in the Whelp Store.

Ice tower. Another powerful defensive unit. The limit on the building is 1 pc. (included in the limit of conventional towers), each tower occupies one place in the population. The tower can only fall out of the "New Year 2014" chest, which is purchased in the Whelp Store.

Where to get a unique decor? Unique decor like Ice statues or Sinister pumpkins can only be obtained during game events ("events") or with a certain chance in the chests in the Dragon Shop. New Year Fir is issued to all players at the end of December; it is not available in the store. During the New Year "event" and some time after it, Spruce generates gifts.

Why do we need decor? Does it bring income, does it protect in battles? The decor is needed only for beauty, it does not bring income, but disappears in battle: the troops of the attackers on your castle do not see it.In assaults, the decor is preserved only in the territory that is not redeemed by the player.

Why, when buying a territory, all the decor located on it disappears? When buying territory, vegetation and other decor located on it automatically disappear for more convenient placement of buildings for the castle. Only the most valuable decorative items can remain in the purchased territory.

Why canít I put the Dark / Ice Tower on the field? The Dark and Ice towers occupy 1 slot of the population and also share their common limit with the Shooting towers:

Knights Clash of Heroes: Currency and Resource Guide

Why havenít free crystals for using other applications on my social network been added to my account? You may be asked to use third-party applications (games or adware) to receive free crystals. All these offers come from a social network. In the event that crystals are not received, it is best for you to contact the support of the social network.

I got two crystals for a new level, but they did not add to my account. Why? Starting at level 71, you get Tears of an angel instead of crystals for moving to a new level.

What are crystals? How can I get them? Crystals is a universal in-game currency that can be spent on the purchase of any game items, units and buildings, as well as on the acceleration and instant execution of any processes in the game. Crystals can be bought for the currency of the social network or get free as a bonus on the sixth day of the game. In addition, you get crystals for individual completed quests, and one crystal is given for each level you earn. Among other ways to get crystals for free is by participating in community contests.

How often should resources be removed? Resources (gold coins, wood, stone and iron) are mined automatically during the day. You can shoot them every 15 minutes or once a day - at your discretion.

Can I enter the game once a week and collect the accumulated resources? As soon as the maximum accumulated resources in the building per day, the extraction of resources ceases. You can enter the game at any time, however, the amount of accumulated resources will not change after a day from the last collection.

Knights Clash of Heroes: Beginnerís Guide

How many levels are there in the game? Now the game has 130 levels.

How to get a daily bonus? To receive a daily bonus, you need to enter the game every day. If you miss a day, the game starts again from the first day. The next daily bonus can be issued from 08:00 Moscow time (05:00 GMT).

Please note that the bonus is issued only during the launch of the game. If a new gaming day has arrived while you are in the "Knights", you need to refresh your browser page to receive a reward.

How do gift and daily bonus notifications work? All messages about gifts or bonuses that come to you immediately after the start of the game, notify that the item has already been added to inventory. According to the same principle, a notification is received about receiving a daily bonus in the Dragon Shop. In the Shop you can see the entire line of daily bonuses, and a large highlighted bonus shows which bonus was received today. It doesnít matter whether you click the "Get Bonus" button or not - it is added to inventory or to resources right away.

Why am I not receiving gifts from friends? The game has a restriction on receiving gifts from friends: gifts are not added in excess of the established limit. The energy received in gifts is not added in excess of the maximum possible amount - 12/6 units. For storage of scrolls that can be gifted (Healing, Lightning Bolt, Fire Shield, Shaking), a limit of 6 is also set, so gift scrolls are not added to inventory beyond this limit.

Why do not I receive gifts from the entries on my page? For a day, a player can receive 5 gifts by recording on his page or a friendís page. If you do not receive gifts, then most likely you have already exceeded the limit of gifts per day.

What do Morale Points give?Each moral point can be spent on accelerating the work of any building in your castle by 30 minutes - for example, on the revival of troops in the Temple, research in the Arsenal, and the extraction of resources. There is no maximum limit on the number of morality points, but every day their number is reset.

How can friends and allies help in the game? Each friend or associate in the Order can help you 5 times a day, accelerating the work of any building in the castle for 30 minutes. For helping friends and allies you get special moral points, which can also be spent on accelerating the work of buildings in your castle.

What should I do if I suspect a player of unfair play? If you suspect a player of using cheats (third-party programs), take a screenshot of the castle with his name and send it to the player support service along with a detailed justification of why you are sure that the player is breaking the rules. The profile of the suspect will be checked, if necessary, the necessary measures will be taken.

Where did the items that I collected for quests disappear after the "event"? All items that you produce or collect during a game event ("event"), after its completion, lose their relevance and are automatically deducted from the Warehouse, as they cannot be used outside the event. Only chests purchased in the Magic Shop remain in the playerís asset. The player can leave these chests in the Warehouse and open them even after the completion of the "event".

Important: Chests change from "event" to "event", however their contents remain the same. For example, in the event "Dreams of Time", players received Shards of sleep, and in the subsequent event "Headless Horseman" they changed to Kofra. Please also note that all chests purchased in previous "events" in the tasks of subsequent "events" do not count.

Is it possible to take part in the events "Wolves of the seas", "Dreams of time", "Headless horseman", etc. for the second time? From time to time, game events (so-called "events") take place in the game, after which players can receive unique powerful units. Such events take place only once in the game for each player and are not triggered repeatedly.