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Land of Empires: Immortal is a strategy game from the developers of Nuverse. You are the ruler, and you need to protect the possessions from the invasions of the undead. To successfully complete the task, you will have to develop buildings, train troops, conduct research and extract resources. The game can be divided into 3 parts: building a city, pumping heroes and passing activities. Main modes: PvP and PvE. There are events in the composition of the Alliances. Eliminate all threats and lead your people to prosperity!


  1. Gear of Heroes
  2. Hero Talent Guide
  3. Alliance Features
  4. Lost Sanctuary Event
  5. Completing Daily Quests

Land of Empires: Gear of Heroes

Equipment system. Thanks to the equipment system, you will be able to show your strategic talents and develop the attributes of heroes through power-ups and upgrades. There are 6 types of equipment: Weapon, Helmet, Breastplate, Boots, Accessory 1 and Accessory 2. Each type of equipment has 4 different qualities: Green (basic), Blue, Purple and Orange (highest). The better the quality of the equipment, the more attributes and characteristics it has.

Where can I improve the hero’s equipment? There are 2 ways:

There you can view and improve equipment.

How can I strengthen and improve the equipment of the hero in the fastest way? Head to the Treasure Zone to collect equipment. At the initial stage, unused blue and green equipment can be used as reinforcement materials to increase stars. When you don’t have orange gear yet, you can prioritize upgrading blue and purple gear. So you can increase the strength of the hero at an early stage, and take advantage.

How to get equipment and items of the hero? 4 types of basic equipment can be obtained in the Treasure Zone. Basic equipment and upgrade items can also be obtained from both the starting treasure and the Alliance treasure. And of course, equipment can be obtained from the store and packages.

How to get orange equipment? It can be obtained by participating in events or going in search of the Treasure Zone or the Alliance Treasure Zone.

How to enter the hero training? When the city center reaches level 15, the ruler can enter the main interface of Hero Training by clicking on the ball on the Hall of Heroes building, and then on the function button in the building’s drop-down menu.

How to use hero training? High level heroes or heroes that are the easiest to upgrade will be good instructors. By sending low-level heroes or heroes whose fragments you don’t have a lot of, you can get the best result.

Land of Empires: Hero Talent Guide

How to get Hero Talent points? To get it, you need to increase the level of the hero. If you have experience items, click on the "+" sign to use them.

Is it possible to reset the Hero’s Talents? Hero talents can be reset by spending items or 2000 diamonds. To reset, click on the avatar - Talents.

Types of military Talents. These include:

Types of Economic Talents. These include:

Land of Empires: Alliance Features

Alliance headquarters. The headquarters of the Alliance is the basis of the Domain. Each Alliance can build 2 headquarters. At the initial stage, only a low-level headquarters can be built in the outer circle of the map in the Deep Earth. After researching technologies, it is possible to build a top-level headquarters in the middle circle in the Forsaken Land and in the inner circle in the Land of Plenty. All Alliance Banners must be tied to the Alliance Headquarters in order to provide effective territory.

Alliance Banners. Each Alliance initially has 20 Banners. With the help of researching Alliance technologies, this number can be increased to 335 banners. Therefore, it is necessary to give priority to accelerating the research of Alliance technologies. If you want to occupy the territory of other Alliances, you will need to destroy the banner or the headquarters of these Alliances in this territory (by attacking the buildings of the Alliances). But be careful, these buildings must border on the territory of your Alliance.

Where can I get Alliance resources? Alliance resources can be obtained using resource points on the map. All Alliance resource points on the territory of the holding will automatically produce Alliance resources.

How can I get more Alliance resources? You can expand your Alliance Realm territory by creating more Alliance Banners. On the territory of an invalid Alliance Banner, Alliance members lose the Alliance’s Domain bonus, and Alliance resource points cease to provide resources to the Alliance.

How can you occupy the territory of the Possessions now? The head can occupy the Domain by building the headquarters and banners of the Alliance. To attack a stronghold and occupy the territory of the Possessions, it is necessary that this strongpoint borders on the territory of the Possessions.

buff effect. The buff effect received from a stronghold only works within the territory of the holding. Thus, you need to move your stronghold to the territory of the possessions.

How can I get my buff effect again? The effect of the buff can be restored by connecting the stronghold and the Alliance headquarters directly or indirectly through the construction of banners.

Altar of Trials. The head and officials of the Alliance of the 5th level can place the building of the Altar of Trials on the territory of the Domain. Once placed, it will enter a 47 hour reboot. The head and officials will be able to open it manually. After the opening, all rulers who have been in the Alliance for 48 hours or more can take part in the event and receive treasure system enhancement materials (Enlightenment and Restoration Stones), fragments of the Queen of Sheba, many resources, donation points and other generous rewards. The Altar of Trials can only be attacked by rallying Alliance members. You cannot attack him alone. Each time, the Altar of Trials only opens for 30 minutes, but the number of attacks during the opening is not limited.

Blood and Glory. Your Alliance can challenge time-limited stages, kill various monsters and bosses to win rewards. The event is divided into four stages: registration phase, attack phase, boss challenge phase, reward calculation phase. After the launch of the event, up to 40 players can subscribe to each level.

During the attack phase of the stages, the level is divided into Normal and Elite monsters. By killing Elite monsters, you can get challenge rewards in the level. If all levels have been completed, then the challenge will be considered successful and you will be able to enter the boss stage. During the attack in the level and the challenge phase of the boss, the player can spend Actions to challenge in the registered level.

Land of Empires: Lost Sanctuary Event

Preliminary stage. During the preliminary stage, you can enter the event through the Battle button in the main game interface or through the Event Center. Only the top 20 Alliances of the server will be able to qualify for participation. Alliance members who have received personal qualifications can vote for the time they participate in the battle.

Registration stage. During the registration period, the Head and Officials of qualified Alliances will be able to select 30 battle participants and 10 spares.

Preparation stage. During the preparation phase, the system will select enemies from the list of participating Alliances and send their data (server, Alliance name, BS, number of participants and substitutes and their current points) before the start of the battle.

Collision. After the start of the Clash, the Lords will enter the security zone indicated on the map. Camping, reinforcements, mining, etc. are prohibited in the security zone. To start the Clash, the Lords must move to the battlefield. When the strength of the city reaches zero, the city will automatically return to the safe zone.

It should be noted that the soldiers on the battlefield will be heavily injured, but they will not die and will be automatically healed after the end of the competition. The clash will last one hour and the side with the most Alliance points will win this battle. Players will also be able to receive personal rewards according to personal points.

How to earn points? During a clash, the key to victory lies in that one hour of battle. You need to earn as many personal and Alliance points as possible.

Peculiarities. On the Lost Sanctum battlefield, some game features will be limited, and some actions will not count towards the event. On the battlefield of the Lost Sanctuary, the Lord will occasionally have the opportunity to teleport the city for free. If you want to move (when you don’t have free teleports), you will need to spend a Teleport Point (the amount of teleport items required will gradually increase until the next reset and reload).

Players can leave the Lost Sanctuary battlefield at any time, but they will need to wait for the reload timer to return to the battlefield. Players can also leave this competition after they have left the battlefield. After leaving the competition, they will no longer be able to participate in it, and the wounded soldiers will be immediately cured.

Land of Empires: Completing Daily Quests

Meaning. For each completed daily task, you get resources and activity points. After accumulating 40, 80, 120, 160, 215, 270 and 325 activity points, you will receive more valuable rewards from chests (contain books of Gods, speed-ups, diamonds, Alliance experience, lord experience, resources, stones of fate, tickets to the Arena, purple icons etc.).

Types of daily tasks. These include:

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.