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Walkthrough Land of Kings: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

LAND OF KINGS - Android game with release date 08/28/2019 from i-Fun Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Hero Level Up
  3. Fighting Right
  4. Shop
  5. Exploring
  6. Research Guide
  7. Popular Questions

Land of Kings: Beginners Guide

Monarch level. When the experience gained by the monarch reaches a certain value, the level of the monarch will be increased. When the monarchs level reaches the upper limit of the players current title, the monarchs level will no longer increase until the player raises the title.

The title of monarch. Having captured the last city of other players, you can get title points. When the title points reach a certain value, you can increase the players title. When a player is defeated and the title points reach a certain value, the players title will be lowered.

Get a hero. You can get a hero by using a regular "recruitment" coupon or by spending diamonds to recruit a high level, as well as opening various bags of the hero.

Hero level. To raise the hero you need to spend a reserve of experience. The level of the hero cannot exceed the level of the monarch.

Defeat conditions. When the players last city is captured, the player is defeated and leaves the war. After the defeat, the title points are deducted. The number of title points taken depends on the level of the title.

Victory conditions. You can win by defeating all players, containing 10 cities or more, or defeating other players along with allies.

Getting silver coins. Having built the market in your own fortress, you can automatically receive silver coins.The more markets, the higher the level of markets, the more silver coins you will receive.

Getting bread. Having built a mill in your own fortress, you can automatically get bread. The more mills, the higher the level of mills, the more bread you get.

Reserve increase. The construction of residential buildings in their own fortress or the modernization of serf churches creates a reserve. The more residential buildings, the higher their level, the more reserves will be created.

Unsuccessful assault on the city. After the hero has exhausted the military forces, he will return to the state of expectation "to enter the battle". The player can form groups of heroes in any fortress, and fight.

Land of Kings: Hero Level Up

STR Strength affects the heros physical attack.

INT. Intelligence affects the magical attack and magical defense of the hero.

AGI. Dexterity affects the physical defense of the hero.

VIT. Stamina affects the strength of the hero.

Evasion. The evasion attribute gives the hero a chance to avoid normal physical attacks.

Magic resistance. Attributes of magic resistance give the hero a chance to avoid enemy attacks.

Attack. The crit attribute can cause the heros normal attack to take extra damage.

Damage due to attacks. The critical damage of an ordinary hero is 150%, a special kind of troops can provide an additional bonus to damage.

Experience. Each time a hero is promoted, he receives the sum of the basic four attributes: strength, intelligence, dexterity and endurance. Characters of different qualities have different experiences.

Heroes collection. When you have a certain number of heroes, you can receive rewards for heroes.

Advanced hero. After the hero increases the level, he will gain a higher experience, as well as receive the attribute of talent.

The skill of the hero. When a hero attacks and successfully deals damage, he accumulates points of anger, and the next attack with points of anger will release the skill.

The combination of heroes. When two specific heroes are simultaneously on the battlefield, the hero combination technique will be used to get an attribute bonus for two heroes. When one of these two heroes is killed, the combination is invalid.

Land of Kings: Fighting Right

Departure on a hike. When the troops go on a campaign, they spend a lot of bread. The waste of grain resources is associated with the number of troops and the distance of the campaign. The more troops, the further the campaign is made and the more bread is consumed. And vice versa. When the grain resources are insufficient, the troops cannot go on a campaign.

Night battle. Every evening from 23:00 to 9:00 in the morning of the next day - night war mode. At night, the consumption of bread resources is 10 times greater. After 9:00 in the morning, when the night war ends, the consumption of grain resources is normalizing.

The arrangement. When the troops are marching, you can set up the arrangement of heroes. Heroes of the first row take more damage.

City wall. After each round of heroic action, the city wall will attack the siege heroes. When the number of lives on the wall is zero, the city is considered captured.

Troop transportation. Players can transfer the strength of the city to other cities, and transport will also consume grain resources. The amount of consumed bread resources depends on the strength and distance of transportation.

Automatically update buildings. Log in to the city pool and select "Automatically update city pool buildings."All buildings in the city pool will automatically consume silver coins for renewal.

Auto dial after the war. Enter the pool of the city and put "Automatic replenishment of heroes after the war."After the battle, all non-dead heroes will be replenished from the fortress in the order of line-up.

Land of Kings: Shop

Secret store. Three items will randomly appear in the store, including various high-quality equipment and wines that can be used for gold coins. Items in the store can only be purchased one at a time.

Store update. Click "Update" to update all products in the store, each update will increase the cooling time of the update.

Cooling the store. After the store is updated within 10 hours, it will not be able to continue updating. Players can consume appropriate diamonds to exclude cooling time.

Intimacy. Each time you update the store, you can increase intimacy by 1 point. When intimacy reaches a certain value, the level of intimacy will increase. The higher the level of intimacy, the higher the likelihood of updating rare equipment.

Black market. Players can use bloodstained coins to buy items on the black market. Blood stained coins can be obtained by participating in the battlefield in standard mode.

Black market goods. There are 6 fixed details and 3 random details on the black market. Each item has a purchase limit. When the purchase is 0, you cannot continue to buy.

Black market update. The black market will be updated at 24:00 every Sunday, while updating the number of purchases of random items and props.

Land of Kings: Exploring

Research scroll. Players can research and get a scroll right away. Each study increases the corresponding study cooling time.

Eliminate cooling. After 10 hours of cooling, you will not be able to continue studying. Players can consume appropriate diamonds to exclude cooling time.

Alchemy. Get 120,000 silver coins immediately after use.

Food. Receive 120,000. bread immediately after use.

The call. Immediately after use, you can get a scroll of 15,000. reserve, but there are certain restrictions on use in battle.

Happy Star. Immediately after use, the remaining camping time will be halved.

Fast construction. After use, all buildings in the city, except the temple, can be completed immediately.

Instant construction. Get 80,000. bread immediately after use.

Land of Kings: Research Guide

Advice on building a rare hero 1. First row: Fiery girl Moon, Little witch Saliel, Leah. Back row: Destroyer, Lesard, Wolf. The advantage of this line is that the front row of fiery girls + little witches + Leah with passive evasion cast 3 physical spells. Enemies cannot use Target Mantle or full armor. The blue composition can be quickly formed in the early days of the game, and the blue ones will be able to rise to a full star (5 stars) by only 1050 dust stars!

Council for the construction of a rare hero 2. First row: Adela, Sandra, Sellen. Back row: Caron, The Wizard of Lloyd, Mengfeila. The advantage in the line is similar to the advantage in the first line, but the only two purple milk Adela that were added to the first filled package were the advantage of the initial attack on the wild city. Using the nurses recovery skills, you can destroy a city with fewer troops, and purple Adela will be thicker and less likely to be defeated when using the Dwarf Shield after the Cavaliers.

Advice on building an epic hero 1. First row: Medusa, Adela. Back row: Atalanta, Geyaa, Hermes. The advantage of this composition is the combination of skills in the composition of the heroes, Medusa (strong control). Press (big move to provide an amplification effect + armed with a ban on treatment), Atalanta (Mr. Violet will be the first exit!) Gaia + Hermes (to compose a physical damage command)! From the point of view of the complexity of the queue, the newcomers to Medusa and Hermes should send, Adela (first charge) the overall complexity is difficult to obtain, the whole composition is perfect.

Council for building an epic hero 2. First row: Solon, Barrett, Danny. Back row: Bedwell, Freya, Forest Elf.This lineup is a motherless kit that might not be enough in terms of battery life, but the output is definitely explosive. Danny, Bedwell offers a good damage reduction and team strengthening, Freya (the only version of the current version of Magic Magic!) And the whole team has a mixed type of injury, the opponent is not good.

Advice on building an epic hero Z. Front row: Lamesis, Giant of hundreds of hands, Oerek. Back row: Vella, Yulanda, Suff. The legendary 5th row of defense 1! Vella (little Athena in violet will, combined with heavy arm cavalry for super-high damage), front row of 3 dodging formations (Lamesis, Giant of hundreds of arms, Oerek have talent for evasion), back row due to Yuffs debuff, purple Nanny Suff .

Land of Kings: Popular Questions

War time. The time of war is divided into 1 hour for cavaliers and 2 hours for cavaliers. During this period, the players city of birth is protected from attacks.

About military resources. Bread, silver coins and a reserve are all military resources, and the system will provide a certain basic cost at the beginning of the battle. Combat resources will be reset after the battle ends.

Non-combat resources. Gold coins and diamonds are not military resources and are not dependent on the military situation.

On the experience of the monarch. The experience of a monarch is the experience required by a monarch to level up. The amount of experience that the monarch will receive depends on the number of defeats inflicted in one game, the time of the game and the number of victories.

Association experiences. After the completion of the military association, you will receive additional experience of the monarch (150 points for independent association, and 50 points for association in the company).

Hero Experience. Hero Experience - This is a spare experience used to improve the hero. It can be obtained by killing soldiers. The maximum margin of experience of the hero is 10 million.