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LANGRISSER is a game for android with release date 06/13/2019 from ZlongGames. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. Heroes and Leveling
  2. Battle Secrets
  3. Soldiers and Equipment
  4. Walkthrough Activities
  5. Account Questions

Langrisser: Heroes and Leveling

How to summon a hero when his memory shards are enough? When you have enough memory shards to summon a hero, you can select an unopened hero at the bottom of the Hero interface and summon him.

Can I share my hero’s summoning results? To make sure you see the Share button, do not click on the screen until your characters are fully summoned (that is, wait for the animation to finish). After completing the call process, you will see the exchange options.

Where can I see call rates? Click Summon in the main interface, then click Gallery. Click on the little gold "i" next to the Back button in the upper left corner to see your call chances.

Where can I see the crit level of a hero? Skill is the chance to crit a hero in battle. If you want your heroes to deal fast and deadly explosive damage, increase their skill.

How to upgrade a hero’s class? You can use promotion materials to upgrade your heroes. After advancing the hero’s class to the limit, they can be promoted in other classes. When classes are advanced to a certain level, they will be considered mastered.

How can I transfer a hero to another class? You can get promotion materials in the Portal of Ages and use them to promote your hero classes. After advancing a hero class to the limit, they can be transferred to other classes! Head to the Portal of Ages and unlock all of your hero classes.

Why can’t I level up my hero? The maximum level of a hero can be at most one level higher than the level of your team. For example, if your team’s level is 40, your heroes can be leveled up to level 41.

Will the hero’s stats change when his star level increases? After increasing the level of the hero’s star, their stats will change. Try to raise the level of the hero’s star and see for yourself.

Should I level up my heroes’ stars and then level them up? Will the statistics grow in the same way? The final stats obtained in these two situations will be the same - you can choose any of the methods to improve your heroes.

Why do my three main characters have 3 stars but are stuck in R quality? The initial rarity of the main characters Matthew, Almeda and Grenier is N. At 2-3 stars they will be R rare, and at 4-6 stars they will be SR quality.

Where can I see my team’s experience and how can I increase it? Click on your avatar to see your team’s level and experience. You can gain a great team experience by participating in daily events and dungeons of the Secret Dimension. Have fun watching your team grow even stronger.

How do I use the experience potion? Follow the instructions:

  1. Click the Hero in the game;
  2. Choose the hero you want to use;
  3. Click Details on the right side of the screen and then click the blue "+" button to the right of the XP bar to open the Experience Potion interface;
  4. Apply the potion.

How can I make my heroes stronger? Leveling up your heroes, raising their star levels, advancing classes, improving the level and quality of equipment, and unlocking bonds are just a few of the ways you can increase the strength of your heroes in battle.

The proximity of the hero. You can check your closeness with your heroes in the Ties interface. If you have not yet discovered Bond, continue your adventure in the game until you do so.

Can I change Matthew’s classpath after starting the game? Matthew’s class direction cannot be changed after answering the Goddess’s questions at the start of the game! Whichever class direction you choose, there are countless possibilities in the game, and you can always find a way to make the best use of Matthew’s class when he’s on the battlefield.

How can I change the progress path of a hero class? The class route can be switched using the Runestone. After unlocking a class, you can spend some gold to return to it.

Where can I find promotional materials? Materials for class transfer can be found in the Portal of Ages. You can click on an item icon in the class transfer interface to see where it drops out and click Forward to go to the Ages Portal.

How do I choose the heroes I want to send to the battlefield? During the pre-battle preparation phase, you can drag heroes at the bottom of the screen to replace your current heroes or reposition your current heroes.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the hero limit in every single battle!

Do I need to use a different runestone to transfer classes back? If you’ve already used a runestone to transition to a new class route, you don’t need to use another to pass back - all you need is some gold.

Langrisser: Battle Secrets

What are Bonds? The interactions between you and your heroes, as well as the gifts you give them, can quickly increase your intimacy, thereby increasing your bonds with them. Bonds can improve your heroes’ stats and unlock passive skills, as well as unlock exclusive voiceover dialogue and special dungeons! Only with the help of friendship can you reveal the true strength of your heroes.

Where can I get Bonus gifts? You can find gifts to raise your intimacy with your heroes on the Friendship page in the Store. You can also find them in the Dimension of the Bond of the Secret Dimension. There is no limit to how many times you can challenge the Dimension of Knot each day. You will receive bonus rewards for your first challenge every day. In the dungeons of the Dimension of Bond, you can also find keys to enhance your intimacy skills.

Can the heroes of Honor of the Empire and the Legion of Glory apply multiple Energy Fusion buffs? Heroes cannot add Fusion Energy, but compounds formed from heroes of different factions can simultaneously use different Fusion Powers. For example, in a lineup of 5 heroes, 2 heroes can have the Empire Honor buff and 3 heroes can have the Legion of Glory buff. See which combinations work best for you in battle.

Aren’t the effects of special vehicles displayed in the hero’s interface? Equipment skills are currently not displayed on the stats screen, but they will be effective in combat. Go into battle and put your equipment skills to the test.

How many buffs can a hero have at the same time? Can buffs be stacked or updated? There is a limit to the number of unique buffs a hero can have at the same time. When there are buffs of the same type, they will not stack, and the strongest one will receive priority. For example, if a positive effect is received that increases attack by 20%, and a positive effect is obtained that gives 10% attack, the attack will be increased by 20%. If he is affected by a positive effect that increases the attack by 10%, then after receiving a positive effect, which gives 20% additional attack, the attack will be increased to 20%.

Moving three blocks to increase ATK and DEF, do you use the skill that allows you to move again in order to increase the number of blocks to move? Using a skill to re-move will reset the calculation of the skill’s overall effect to zero! Use your skills wisely on the battlefield.

My hero’s passives do not work in combat! Sometimes enemies have skills that limit your passive skills from triggering. Just remember to constantly adjust your tactics in battle, and you will be able to overcome any challenge.

Why can’t I see my hero’s skin in battle? Make sure you click the Change Clothes button in the lower right corner of the Hero Portrait screen. Be aware that your hero’s current class may not support a skin of your choice.

What is Fixed Damage? Fixed damage refers to the specific damage of the hero talent, such as the damage from Egbert’s talent Raging Hell.

What qualifies as long range damage? Ranged damage can refer to many different effects. Archers, assassins, mages, healers and other classes, special skills, special buffs, special weapons and equipment, enchantments, etc. can all be counted as ranged damage.

How can I earn gold? You can use Trinity Crystals to buy gold, and you can also get gold in the Stolen Treasure dungeon. Gold can also be obtained from the Portals of the Ages.

Where can I find Trinity Crystals? The fastest way to get Trinity Crystals is to recharge. It is not only fast but also has additional benefits. Completing random events on the world map, missions, challenges and feats will also give a small amount of Trinity Crystals. Whichever method you choose, you will have a great time in El Sallia.

Langrisser: Soldiers and Equipment

How do I equip the soldier skins? To equip soldier skins, go to the Soldier page in the hero’s interface and select the desired soldier. You will see a clothing icon in the lower right corner of the soldier icon. Click on it to change its skin.

Where can I see the stats of soldiers? To view the stats of soldiers, click on the desired hero, select the Soldier page, and then click on their soldiers to view their corresponding stats.

Where can I find soldier training items? Training items for soldiers can be obtained from the Devil Adon’s Training in the Secret Dimension, and you can try them as many times as you like each day. Don’t forget that you can receive bonus rewards for the first two challenges every day. You can also get related items from expeditions at the Training Field.

I have unlocked the soldier, but I cannot use it. Make sure the desired soldiers can be used by your hero’s current class or at his current class mastery level. Also make sure you unlock the soldier type in the training field just in case.

How can I change the soldiers used by my heroes? Follow the instructions:

You can also click on a hero before the battle to change his soldiers. Experiment with different types of soldiers and you can find new ways to overcome the many challenges in the game.

How can I level up my equipment? To level up your equipment, you will need to consume other pieces of equipment or different rarities forging Hammers.

Gear upgrades are very important, so don’t be afraid to sacrifice your unused or useless gear to upgrade your best gear.

If I transmute a level 30 gear, will I get a refund with the star upgrade materials I spent? Transmuting equipment will not return Star Promotion materials. You can preview items before transmutation.

Be careful when using alchemy to avoid unnecessary losses.

Do enchantment stats stack with equipment stats? Enchanted stats are calculated along with other properties. In other words, yes, they can be folded.

How can I get epic fighting spirits? You can use Orichalcum Ore to purchase Epic War Spirits from the Equipment page in the Shop. You can also get epic fighting spirits in certain events.

Where can I get Orichalcum Ore? Orichalcum Ore can be obtained by transmuting SSR equipment. Remember to take extra care when handling such rare items.

Where can I get Mithril Ore? Mithril Ore can be obtained by transmuting SR equipment. Remember to be very careful when transmuting rare items.

Langrisser: Walkthrough Activities

What is cooperative combat? Co-op is a limited-time teamfight in which you can earn many rewards by working with your teammates to complete the dungeon. You can fight in joint battles every day from 14:00 to 15:00, and from 21:00 to 22:00.

Why can’t I find my 45 Path of Light award? The 45-point Path of Light award gives you an avatar frame so you won’t be able to see it in your bag. Check out your collection of avatar frames to see your reward.

How can I fight in the World Arena? You can enter the World Arena daily from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 21:00. The battle will begin after you find a suitable opponent. You can participate in a random mode at any time, and you will also have to find a suitable opponent. You can check the details at any time by clicking on the small information icon in the upper left corner of the page.

What is the difference between the World Arena and the regular Arena? World Arena is a real-time PvP combat mode, whereas in a regular arena, defensive formations of other players are controlled by AI. Both modes offer different rewards and different challenges - give it a try.

Do memory shards fall out during the Gate of Fate stages? The first time the heroes pass the Gate of Fate, you are guaranteed to receive Shards of Memory You can view the items that may drop in subsequent victories by checking the individual stages.

What days do the different dragons of the Trials of the Goddess appear? Trial of the Goddess is home to different bosses on different days:

What do messages like "The entry into the battle has already been completed, the battle is duplicated!", "It is impossible to enter the dungeon!" and other similar errors? There may be a problem with your character ID. It is recommended that you use a different device to force your account to log out of your current device. You can also use an emulator to enter the game.

How do I change my guild app approval settings? The guild leader can change the guild member approval mode to automatic or leader approval at any time in the guild settings.

How many guilds can each player create? You cannot create a new guild if you are already in a guild, even if you are the guild leader. You can create a new guild as soon as you leave your current guild.

How do you increase guild activity? You can get activity every time you consume stamina as part of a guild.

Will my activity be cleared when I leave my guild? When you leave the guild, your activity is cleared. Even if you don’t join another guild after leaving, you will have zero activity if you return to your original guild.

Is there a limit on the number of Friendship Points I can earn each day? There is a limit to the number of Friendship Points you can receive each day. The current limit is 300. Try your best to collect as much as possible.

Langrisser: Account Questions

How do I exchange codes?

How do I get physical rewards? If you received a physical reward, click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the world map, then click Q&A, and then click Others, and then Submitting Bugs and Feedback. Click "Please tap here" and then select Others as the Ticket Subject. In the "Description" section, enter the recipient’s name, address, mobile number and postal code. The customer service team will verify your details and arrange for the delivery of your award.

Can I change the name in the game? Click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the main interface, then click the Change name option in the pop-up interface.

How can I switch between English and Japanese voice-overs? Click on your character’s avatar in the upper left corner of the main game interface to open the player information panel, click the Settings button and find "Change voice".

How do I link my guest account to Facebook? Click on your character’s avatar in the upper left corner of the main game interface to open the player information panel, then click "Link Account". After that, all you have to do is follow the in-game tips to link your account. Linking your account to Facebook will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Linking improves the security of your game account and prevents the loss of game progress across devices.
  2. The binding makes the login even more convenient when playing on different devices.
  3. Linking your Facebook account makes it easy to find and participate in official gaming events.

Article author: Nadezhda D.