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Walkthrough Languinis: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

LANGUINIS: GAME IN WORDS - Android game with release date 03/11/2015 from Tilting Point. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. How to play?
  2. How is scoring done?
  3. Effects
  4. Coins
  5. Friends Gate
  6. Sound and music
  7. reviews

Languinis: How to play?

Basic Rules. The gameplay in Languinis consists of two main parts: arranging rows and composing words. At each level, the player receives at his disposal a field filled with colored chips. They can be rearranged by building rows of three or more tiles of the same color. After such a row is built, the corresponding colored chips are converted into letters.

Unlike colored chips, you do not need to build rows of letters with letters. All open letters, regardless of the position of the chips on the field, can be used to compose words of three or more letters. After composing the word, the used letters disappear from the field, making room for new color chips. At each level, the player has to complete certain tasks, for example:

On some levels, you need to complete only one task, on some as many as three! You will see yourself during the game.

What are special rows? By lining up more than three chips of the same color, you get special bonuses.

You can combine a bomb and a flow chip or two crystals in one row.

Why does the game not accept the word I composed? Please note that you cannot use proper names in the game, for example, the names of countries and cities. If the word you have composed is common and does not apply to proper names, perhaps the developers simply forgot to include it in their dictionary! Contact them through the support service using the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

What are these daily rewards? You get gifts just for playing every day! Not bad, right? It is enough for you to enter the game every day, and you will receive free lives or effects. To see the full reward schedule, click the spinning chest icon in the main menu. Enter the game 5, 10 or 15 days in a row and you will get free coins!

In order for the game to take into account your every input correctly, we recommend that you close Languinis every day after the game is over, preventing the application from running in the background.

How to free the dictionary? At the last level of each island, the player’s task is to free the Glossary. This dictionary is on the playing field instead of a colored chip. To complete the task and free it, it is necessary to line up the rows and remove the chips in such a way that the Dictionary goes down to the bottom edge of the field.After you complete all five levels of the island, the Dictionary will be automatically released. In this case, the card of the corresponding character will become available.

How to get three suns per level? The number of suns is determined by the number of points earned and does not depend on the performance of tasks. You can complete all level tasks and still not get three suns, even if you still have unused moves. The number of points to be scored at each level is indicated on the panel at the top of the screen. To earn more suns, try to score as many points as possible before completing level tasks.

How to pass the level? To complete each level, the player has to complete certain tasks. Examples of tasks:

At some levels, you need to perform only one task, others require a series of tasks.

What are life for? You start the game with five lives. If you fail to complete the level, you will lose one life.Every 30 minutes, one lost life is restored. If you’re tired of waiting, you can restore your life for gold or ask your friends on Facebook to send an extra life.

How to invite friends to the game? This requires a connection to Facebook. If your account is connected to Facebook, select any level on the map in single player mode. At the bottom of the task screen, scroll to the right of the Facebook rating table. There you will find an item that allows you to "Invite a friend." A new window opens with a list of friends you can choose to invite to play Languinis. So far, the search for a specific friend in the game is not provided.

Languinis: How is scoring done?

Points for rows of chips. Different combinations of chips bring different points:

Each combination also earns points for chips that were removed upon activation. Above, only the bonus put for activation of the corresponding special feature is indicated.

Points for composing words. For each chip-letter, a certain number of points is awarded corresponding to the frequency of use of this letter in the selected language. The more often this letter occurs in words, the less points are awarded for it. Then the "price" of each letter is multiplied by 200. Some letters with chips can have an additional random factor, which further increases the score.

The composed word must contain at least three and no more than 15 letters. After completing the level, the game creates flow chips. Their number corresponds to the number of unused moves. For each unused move the player receives 250 points. If, upon activation of a flow token, the flow passes through an already open letter, the multiplier of this letter increases.

Languinis: Effects

Joker. It can be used instead of any letter of the alphabet.

Find the longest word. Allows you to find the longest word that can be composed of letters on the field.

Destruction of chips. Deletes one chip from the field (it can be a colored chip, letter or barrier).

Place the crystal. Turns one chip (color or letter) into a crystal.

Place the bomb. Turns one chip (color or letter) into a bomb.

Removing obstructions. Removes all obstacles from the field.

Crystal at the beginning. Before the start of the level, the crystal is placed in an arbitrary place in the field.

The bomb at the beginning. Before starting a level, places a bomb in an arbitrary place on the field.

Languinis: Coins

Why are coins needed? Are you on the verge of victory, but just can’t pass the level? Do you want to continue the game, but you have ended your life? For coins, you can buy additional moves or lives to continue the game, without waiting until they recover themselves! In addition, coins can be used to buy special effects that will provide you with an additional level advantage. Coins are sold for real money, but when passing the game without coins, it is quite possible to do.

How to get more coins? Click the "+" sign next to the coin stock on the world map. A menu will open in which you can select the appropriate package of coins.

Is it possible to complete the game without buying anything? Of course! When passing levels, buying coins (as well as lives and additional effects) is not necessary at all - the game can be completed without them.

Languinis: Friends Gate

What is the gate of friends? For the first time, gates of friends appear on Volcano Island, between the 40th and 41st levels. There are three ways to open the gates of friends:

  1. Ask your Facebook friends for help;
  2. Wait for the set moment when the gates open themselves;
  3. Spend gold to open the gates.

Touching the god-Phoenix on the world map, you will open this window in which your time reserve is displayed:

Languinis: Sound and music

How to turn off the sound or music in the game? Go from the main menu to the settings section (the golden gear icon in the lower left corner). The first parameter in the settings menu is to mute music and / or sound.

Languinis: reviews

New device? Have you switched to a new device and want to continue the game from where you left off? Just connect to your Facebook post and you can continue the game started on your old device.

Reviews about the levels. Does any level seem too complicated for you? Or maybe the game incorrectly calculates your moves? Report this to the support service using the button in the upper right corner of the screen.Enter the following information:

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.