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LAST DAY ON EARTH: SURVIVAL is an Android game with a release date of 05/24/2017 from Kefir. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Guide for Newbies
  2. Passage of the game
  3. Passing the Alpha Bunker
  4. Weapon Modification Guide
  5. Dog Guide
  6. Raid Secrets
  7. How to play after the update?
  8. Be careful with your account
  9. How not to lose your resources
  10. Bugs in the game

Last Day on Earth: A Guide for Newbies

What to do in the game? The most important task in Last Day on Earth is to survive. Stock up on food, clothes and weapons, build and strengthen your base, because this reality is cruel and full of danger. Protect your possessions, look for like-minded people, protect your life. Or choose your path. Indeed, in this sick world it is impossible to say for sure who carries the most threat - the living or the dead.

How to build your base? In order to start building, collect some wood and go into construction mode, this is the window under the mini-map. Start by creating the floor, then build the walls, and install everything you need inside the resulting house.

What happens if my character dies? When your character dies, he immediately appears on the base, but without equipment and with empty inventory. If he died at the base - consider you lucky, you will be able to pick up all equipment and objects from the corpse. However, in other locations, the corpse may disappear forever, still looting is a common phenomenon in post-apocalyptic worlds;)

How to improve the floor and walls? To improve the walls, floor or doors, you need to open the construction mode (the icon under the mini-map) and select the item that you want to improve. A window will appear, which will show what resources are needed for improvement, and the "improve" button.

Missing Survivor’s Diary. The survivor’s diary disappears after you collect all rewards for completed 60 levels or at the end of a timer that has been active for 30 days. Check how much time is left, it was possible on the first tab of the in-game store or in the mailbox.

Once the time is over, you can no longer complete the tasks of the Diary, however, you can pick up the rewards already earned, after which it will disappear from the mailbox.

Where to get the tank and fork for the chopper? Fork, tank and other rare items can be found in the bunker, on the farm or obtained from the boxes in the game store.

Where can I get resources for crafting and construction? You receive the first resources at the beginning of the game, in your territory. Then you need to look for them in neighboring locations, broken planes, humanitarian supplies, and then in bunkers. To get to the general map, run out into the green zone that surrounds your base.

I can not put an item on the floor! If you cannot place an item on the floor, make sure that this floor is suitable for the item. Some of them require a floor of boards or stone.

I can’t improve a door or a wall! Before improving the door, it is necessary to improve the adjacent floor. For a door made of planks, a floor made of planks is required, similarly with a stone door.

Where to get food and water? So that the character does not die of hunger and thirst, it is necessary to carefully monitor his condition in order to fill these indicators in time. Initially, you can eat the found canned beans, get raw meat and berries, but when you build a fire and a dryer for meat, you can cook more nutritious meals. Water can be obtained by loading empty bottles in the water tank, or found in boxes at locations.

Where to find aluminum? Aluminum ingots can be melted from wire collected in a bunker or at the site of a drop in humanitarian supplies, or from bauxite, which farms together with iron in red locations.

Who is a merchant, and where to find him? A merchant is an NPC that periodically appears in the game in order to exchange with a player. Usually, when a merchant is nearby, a notification about this appears when entering a community card. To receive such notifications, you need to build a radio. However, do not attack the merchant, nothing good will come of it.

How to cleanse from pollution? When a character gets dirty, it becomes easier to detect, and the game becomes more complicated. To get rid of this pollution it is necessary to take a shower. A shower can be built on its base already at the initial levels, and water is used as a resource.

How to change your nickname in the game? You can change the name of the character in the wardrobe menu. Clicking on the edit icon next to the nickname (PlayerXXXX) will open a window in which you can change it.

Where can I replenish water? Water can be found in boxes on location, in bunkers and in boxes of humanitarian aid. Of course, there is not much of it, but if you keep empty bottles, you can then fill them in a sump, the drawing of which is available at the initial levels.

Who is a doctor, and what does he give? A doctor is an NPC who sometimes comes to your base for half an hour to offer one of his potions. Drugs have different effects, for example, restore energy or double the experience.

Why does the smelter not work for me, although there are reagents? Check whether the amount of reagents corresponds to the recipe, whether there is enough fuel in the furnace, and whether the smelter is filled with ready-made ingots.

How to change the appearance and gender of the character? To customize your character, find a wardrobe in the craft list and place it on your home base. In the wardrobe menu, you can change the nickname and gender of the character, as well as give it individuality by choosing the skin and hair color, hairstyle and beard.

Remember that the changes will be saved for coins, so think carefully before making yourself a new hairstyle.

How to make a fire in the fire? In order to get food in the fire it is necessary to add not only the ingredients (in the upper slot), but also the fuel (in the lower slot). Logs, boards or coal will be used as fuel.

Where to get the chest? For crafting some machines, such as a gunsmith, you will need a chest. However, in the updated list of recipes for crafting, you will no longer find it, only a small box of 15 cells. To increase the number of cells, you will need to improve it (the up arrow icon will be available in the drawer menu during installation). After the improved box you can add to the construction of the machine through Inventory or use for storage.

What locations are considered "dangerous"? Each of us has our own understanding of what "dangerous" means. The same applies to the inhabitants of the world "Last day on Earth". The most dangerous locations on the world map are marked with a red icon. If the raiders puzzled you with a request to do some business in a dangerous area, we advise you to go to Pine Forest or the Stone Mountains. In search of rare parts and objects, it is better to check such locations as the Old Farm, all the same red forest and rocks, or check the coordinates from a floppy disk.

How to contact friends? To build communication with other survivors will require the construction of the tower. Her crafting recipe is available from level 28. To add to the list of friends of another player, it is enough to know his nickname. For each survivor, the game assigns an individual call sign, which is formed as follows: the nickname chosen by the player, plus a unique four-digit tag. You and your friend can choose the same name, but the tags will be different. The limit is 12 characters and the name can be changed once in 30 days. Do not misbehave, for any vulgarity developers will be punished.

Last Day on Earth: Passage of the game

How to join the clan? To search and join the clan you need a tower of the 2nd level. Clans can be open, closed (you must receive an invitation), upon request (you need to send a request). Enter in the search box the name of the clan you are joining, or select any of the available ones in the list.

Please note that you can join another clan 24 hours after you left the previous one, and you can send only one application for joining a clan.

How to get out of the clan? To exit the clan, you need to open information about your clan, the tab - the composition of the clan. Next to your name you will see the button Leave the clan.

I want to play with other users, what do I need for this? The seventh sector of the wall is a place where you can meet, mingle with other survivors, and unite with them against a common enemy - zombies. After repairing the lifting mechanism, you can open the powerful door of sector 7, where you will find a protective suit.They will be needed to study the locations and save from radiation. You can go beyond sector 7 without an anti-radiation suit, but then be prepared for a painful death. Nothing will come through to the zone, so you will have to find the weapon already in place.

A bully attacks me, what to do? Bruiser is the strongest zombie monster in the game, which appears as a rule in the red and orange zones. With a very small chance may appear in green. He takes a little damage, and deals a lot. Therefore, it is very difficult to kill him, but it is possible. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of resources on this, we recommend simply avoiding it.

Can I change the server? At the moment, you can not change the server, and most likely it will not be possible until the very release of the game from beta testing.

What fate awaits cheaters? Any scam is contrary to the policy of fair play, so the developers by all means prevent deceivers. Account holders whose developers notice suspicious activity, additional resources outside of gaming transactions and traces of hacks will be mercilessly banned by them upon detection. Developers will not allow burglars to have an advantage over those who play fair.

Why don’t I get a plane humanitarian healer? At the initial levels, the chance of a plane crash is increased to make it easier for newcomers to join the game. And in order to wait for humanitarian aid and healer, you just need to spend some time in the game.

How to stop a horde moving to my base? To avoid the invasion of the horde, you can kill the witch who lives in the Infected Forest, and until a new inhabitant starts there, there will be no one to summon the horde. This, however, does not prevent the horde, which has already moved to your base, to get to your destination. And you can install next to the house totem from the head of the same witch. And while the totem is burning, the crowd of zombies will be afraid to step onto your territory.

Why am I not offered energy for viewing ads? At the moment, the system of awards for advertising is in test mode and does not always appear in the players.

I brought an infected box to the base, where did it go? Once you have brought the contaminated box to the base, it should be immediately placed in an acid bath for cleansing. If this is not done, in several hours the box will turn into a pile of scrap metal, and it will not be possible to get its valuable contents.

How to assemble a turret? Crafting will require parts from other turrets, which you can destroy and disassemble into parts in the bunker and on the bases of other players.

We draw your attention that in total at your home location you can put 4 turrets.

Where to get coal? Coal can be obtained by burning wood or planks on a fire. To do this you need to put the materials in both slots - in the slot for fuel and for ingredients.

I can not install the generator on the observation tower. If you can not put the generator on the tower, although you have it, then pay attention that it should initially be fully assembled at your home location like a radio, gunner’s table, chopper and other similar items that are assembled in two stages. After you collect it, you need to pick it up and put it in the back seat of the chopper, then you can take it to the observation tower and put it.

How to find out what you need to exchange trader? You can use the home radio to get in touch with the merchant. However, in the age of the post-apocalypse, radio communication is unreliable and, perhaps, to find out what to bring along for an exchange will not work out every time.

Why doesn’t the turret protect the base from the horde? The turret shoots only at warm-blooded targets and does not respond to zombies, so it can be used to protect your home location from other survivors, but will not help stop the horde.

What is the machine for processing? The machine for processing will make it possible to disassemble all the rubbish that takes place in your chests and drawers. Put unnecessary things into the machine slot to get useful resources and sometimes rare details.

Pay attention to the changes in the recipes, now to create some items need unique materials that can be obtained only with the help of this machine.

Machine for processing does not work. If the machine stopped working, make sure that there is an item in the upper slot that can be disassembled, and the lower slots are not clogged with ready-made parts.

Where to get plastic? To create some items you need plastic. To obtain this material, look for unnecessary items such as a broken phone or camera and disassemble them into components using a processing machine.

Why when processing weapons on the machine so rarely parts fall out? The chance of getting depends on the strength of the weapon. If you disassemble a broken weapon, the probability of obtaining resources is extremely small.

Where to find copper? Copper can be mined at locations such as Wooded foothills and Frost wilderness, they are located in the north and become available after the repair of the generator on the observation tower.

Where to find a police station? The police station is located to the right of your home base, not far from Sector 7. If you have not been to this location before, look first at the viewing tower next to it and drop a couple of parts into the generator to unlock the eastern part of the global map.

How to get the boxes with the armory? After collecting and exchanging a sufficient number of police tokens, head to the terminals that are in the premises that used to be the former lobby of the police station. Access cards to the repository can be of four types: sergeant, captain, lieutenant, inspector. Cards can be used to get a box with awards in the armory. The higher the grade card, the better the reward. The number of exchange attempts per day is limited. Awards can be very different: firearms, armor, schemes, unique resources for modifying weapons and other resources and details.

How to start a wave of zombies in the police yard? During the investigation of an abandoned police station in the courtyard, you will find a terminal. There is also a scoreboard displaying the complexity of the zombie wave. To activate the first wave additional resources are not required. After killing a zombie, you can launch a new, more complex wave of zombies for free. If the enemies are too strong, and you are forced to leave the event, launching a new one will require activating the terminal with the help of a microcircuit, and the difficulty will be reset to the first level. The same thing will happen in the event of your death, therefore we advise you to soberly assess your strength.

Tokens at the police station. From a zombie in a police station, 4 ranks of police tokens fall: sergeant, captain, lieutenant, inspector. A raider standing at the entrance to a location can exchange cards with a low level of access for more advanced ones. The higher the rank of the token, the more pleasant the reward from the chests that can be traded at the terminal in the lobby of the police station.

Where can I get the keys to open the cameras? You can open the camera using the keys that fall from the zombies at the police station.

Terminals at the police station. In the lobby of the police station there are 6 conveyor belts, with the help of which you can extract from weapons crates with useful loot. At a nearby terminal, you can exchange vault access cards for valuable supplies. Please note that the number of attempts is limited. Some transporters will have to be repaired. Fortunately, fixing for each conveyor will be required only once.

Why did the barn door not open? The fact that the barn door did not open, there is no error. Chance to get inside the building is not 100%. Sometimes a massive door just can not open. If not lucky this time, lucky next!

What to do with the box on the farm? The only way to get to the valuable loot inside the blue box from the farm is to saw off the lock on the machine next to the barn. To drag him home is not worth it, on the trunk of the chopper, it does not fit.

What is a rusty engine for? While exploring the locations you may stumble upon the remains of rusty cars, rummaging in which you will find the engine. On the spot, nothing can be done with it, however, having disassembled it on a machine for processing, you can get unique resources.

Important: drag the engine from the location without a chopper will not work.

What can you do in the garage? Having built a garage at your home location, you will be able to plunge into the pleasant soul of any biker chores: painting, washing, repair. Or open new models for your "iron horse". To repaint the motorcycle, you will, as before, need patterns and paint cans to wash it - get a few bottles of water.Damage can be repaired in the garage with ordinary spare parts, or on the road with repair kits. There, in the garage, you can open three new types of bikes: off-road, military and police bike. All of them differ in strength, speed, tank volume, bag volume, fuel consumption.

Where to get the drawings for the chopper? Now you have 3 types of bikes available: off-road bike, military motorcycle and police bike. All of them differ in strength, speed, tank volume, bag volume, fuel consumption. The off-road bike drawing can be requested at Jane’s gas station, for a military motorcycle you can get it in the Bunker for red tickets and a diskette, and the policeman’s drawing will have to be pulled from the numbed hands of those killed in the 99th wave of zombies in the Police Station.

At what locations you can ride a bike? On the bike, you can ride around the locations, shoot down all living things, crash into all the dead. Although some locations, such as a farm or an Alpha bunker, will still have to be explored on foot, since the chopper will not pass there.

How to repair a bike? If you are too carried away and, crashing into some kind of obstacle, crushed your motorcycle, you can fix it in the garage on your home base with the help of publicly available spare parts. If time does not endure, and repair is required away from home, use repair kits.

Last Day on Earth: Passing the Alpha Bunker

What is a bunker, why is it needed? The bunker is a game zone of increased complexity. To get into it, you need an access card and password. Inside you can meet a lot of obstacles in the form of zombies and traps, but you can find weapons, equipment, rare parts and objects.

Where to find the access card in the bunker? Access card to the bunker can be found by searching the defeated opponents.

Why, after passing through the bunker, did not the minigun / fork / gas tank fall out? The chance of falling out of these items in the bunker is not 100%, there is no such thing that everyone necessarily finds them.These are very rare items and fall only from the boxes for red tickets. If you could not get the desired part the first time, do not despair, next time you will definitely get lucky!

How to kill a blind hunter? In the advanced bunker mode Alpha, a special mutated zombie species is hidden - Blind Hunter. It is not so easy to cope with it, but there is a chance to get a special item. We advise you to pay attention to his behavior and his environment, it will help you develop your own tactics and defeat the boss.

Why do I get cold damage at level 4, despite wearing winter clothes? The fact is that in freezers the temperature is so low that even fur clothing does not save. Therefore, we do not recommend staying there for a long time!

How to find out the password from the bunker? The bunker password is updated every two days. It is broadcast on the radio, and it can also be recognized by checking the corpse of a dead military, which can be found in gaming locations.

I enter the password, but it does not fit. Make sure that this is the current password for the bunker you need.

I can not get into the bunker, writes that "little energy", why? Alpha Bunker is a demanding location for device resources. Therefore, developers have limited access to devices that do not meet the minimum system requirements, the game on such devices would simply fly out inside the bunker. But do not worry, every day the developers are working on optimizing the game, and perhaps in one of the following updates the bunker will be available to you in full.

How to activate the protocol and what will it lead to? By activating the protocol, you start a mode of increased complexity, with the result that completely new and stronger opponents will appear on the bunker floors, as well as the opportunity to receive special rewards. We advise you to thoroughly prepare for cleaning the bunker and not to go there with picks, shovels and destroyer. To gain access to the new regime you will need to find a military engineer.

Please note: if you open access to the new mode, it will be impossible to return to the usual level of difficulty until the bunker is rebooted!

How to get to the caretaker’s room? You can get into the caretaker’s room with the help of an engineer, but first you have to find and free him from the depths of the Alpha bunker.

Where to find the location of the coordinates obtained from the diskette in the room of the caretaker? For increasing the reputation of an engineer, you will receive not only weapons, but also diskettes that will allow you to find a special location with valuable loot on the world map.

We advise you to hurry, access to this location is limited in time, and the countdown will begin from the moment data is loaded from the diskette into the terminal!

Why do we need personal items, military notebook and tokens? In order to gain the trust of an engineer, you will have to get special items for him: personal belongings, a military notebook and tokens. As a reward for this, you will receive a diskette with coordinates, or a new weapon.

What is gun oil for? Gun oil is one of the components needed to modify a weapon from an engineer. You can get gun oil during the passage of the bunker in the advanced mode.

Why can not I go down to the lower floors of the Bravo bunker? Currently, the underground levels of the Bravo bunker are still under the rubble, and so the survivors cannot yet access them.

Last Day on Earth: Weapon Modification Guide

How to modify weapons? In order to modify a weapon, you first need to build a gunsmith’s table. Then you need to find a drawing, examine it and craft the appropriate modification. Each gun has several slots for modified parts. By selecting a specific slot, you can place one of the modifications in it. Different weapons have a number of slots.

What is the need to modify weapons? Mods give all sorts of additional bonuses for a particular weapon.Weapon modules can affect damage, attack speed, strength, size and chance of critical damage, shot noise, character movement speed, and scatter when shooting.

Will modifications for weapons be lost if they break / lose? All purchased mods remain with you forever and will not be lost along with the breakage of a weapon or the loss of it after death. Having received a new weapon, you can continue to use all the previously created improvements.

Where to get resources for weapon modification? Clay is common, the spring is the former weapon parts, carbon and factory parts can be obtained when parsing a firearm, lenses found in the world, and large bones - killing the most dangerous zombies. Drawings of modifications fall on most locations, including the bunker, and can also be produced when disassembling a firearm on a machine for processing.

Why can not I study the drawing of weapons modification? If the button is inactive, most likely, you have previously studied this modification and you got a duplicate of the drawing. You can exchange unnecessary drawings with an engineer in the bunker lobby.

Can I install a modification from a weapon that I found? You can install only studied and collected fashion. Yes, they can be removed, but it will not bring benefit - it will not be possible to reinstall.

Last Day on Earth: Dog Guide

I have a puppy in a box, but I can’t do anything with it. In order to release a puppy on your base, you must first build an aviary for him.

What happens if the feed ends in the aviary? As long as there is food in the aviary, you can feel the positive effect of the useful skills of your pets, as soon as the food is finished, the buffs will stop acting and the puppies will stop growing.

How can I take a dog with me to other locations? Only the most brave and well-trained pets can accompany the survivor during the attacks, so don’t even try to take the dog for a walk until it reaches rank 4 and gains the special "Loyal friend" skill. After that, in the menu of the aviary, you will see a separate slot where you need to place a pet that will follow you in your travels.

How to increase the rank of my dog? To get a puppy of a higher rank you need to cross two talented parents.For example, you have a chance to get a puppy of the third rank from two parents of the second rank. After that, the parents will run away, however you will get a new puppy with new abilities.

How to add abilities to my dog? The number of skills your pet corresponds to its rank. To get the most perfect representatives of the breed, you need to cross pets of different gender and the same rank. To bring a trained and experienced friend ready to go on a journey with you, you will need talented parents.

Where to get a dog enclosure? For growing puppies and breeding dogs with new skills you will need an aviary. The scheme for creating an aviary is in the list of drawings.

In addition, in the aviary, you can designate which of your pets will patrol the base, and who will go with you to explore. You can learn more about taking a dog with you by clicking on the link.

Last Day on Earth: Raid Secrets

How to call raiders? To make a deal with the raiders and get the coordinates of another survivor’s base you will need a radio. Having twisted the handle of the receiver, you can contact their leader, who in a few minutes will send his thugs to you at the base, and you will have to negotiate with them yourself.

Raiders tasks are too complicated! Raiders are not a temporary event, but a full part of the game. This is not just an opportunity to rob someone for the purpose of getting bored, agreeing to cooperate with these adventurers, be prepared for the fact that other players can visit you. This is no news for anyone? Recently added quests provide an opportunity to prepare for the raid, collect a certain amount of weapons, axes, stock up resources to restore your base, etc. Nothing is impossible, the standard set of actions in the game. If you are new to Last Day on Earth and the quests seem difficult to you - then, most likely, it’s too early to go to raids.

Why was my base robbed? By agreeing to take part in the attack on the enemy base, you promised the raiders to share with them part of the booty in exchange for location coordinates with valuable loot. If you violate your part of the contract, be prepared for the wrath of the raiders. In addition, you can visit and other survivors, eager to appropriate a part of someone else’s loot.

Where to find the C-4? C-4 can be found in the bunker and other dangerous locations.

During the raid, the Thugger is teleported after me. Not all players honestly fight, and some use the fact that zombies sometimes get stuck in furniture or wreckage of buildings. However, zombies are also lagging behind in development and are trying to evolve along with the constantly changing conditions of survival in the new world. That is why the Thunder, appearing during the raid, learned not only to restore his health, but also to teleport to the survivors.

I cleaned out the bunker. Why quest raiders do not count? This means only one thing - somewhere in the bowels of the bunker the surviving zombie lurked. We advise you once again to carefully run through the floors and inspect all the back streets.

Why did zombies appear on the base during the raid? By cracking boxes or destroying the walls of an enemy base, you create a noise that attracts zombies. Therefore, if you do not want to talk closely with the Thunder, behave yourself quietly.

When can my base be attacked by other survivors? After a deal with raiders, other survivors can attack your base within 24 hours. If you take revenge or attack other people’s bases while you are under threat, the danger of an attack on your base increases, and the time of the threat increases.

Why are my things missing from the bunker / from a nearby base? Do not store personal belongings on foreign bases and bunkers, raiders can steal them.

Why didn’t they start me in retaliation? Not all players are ready for the return raid, so it is likely that the survivor decided not to take revenge on you.

Last Day on Earth: How to play after the update?

Maximum skill level. If the choice of skills for pumping all the proposed options are listed as the maximum, for example, as in this image:

- this means that it is by choosing the skill now that you pump its maximum level, and not that you already have the maximum one. Thus, no skill point will be wasted.

How to open access to clan storage? Storekeeper Pete is now in charge of your clan repository, but everyone except recruits can access it.

How to invite friends to the party? Now you can join in groups of 3 people and go to Sector 7 with friends, not unfamiliar players. Even if you are in different clans, this is not a problem. To call a friend to battle, it is enough to know his tag.

Twitch Added Twitch Drops for streamers and their viewers! To activate you need to go to the settings and link the game and Twitch accounts. It is very simple, and as a reward you will also receive coins. More about promotions and sweepstakes will be discussed on social networks of developers.

How to remove items from Sector 7? The high level of radiation in Sector 7 causes the virus to constantly mutate. In order to prevent the spread of a new virus strain, it is strictly forbidden to take any objects outside the walls. All personal items, including clothing, should be left at the checkpoint when entering Sector 7. Such isolation methods are required to prevent further mutation of the virus in the high radiation zone.

How to increase the capacity of the boxes on the base? In the updated list of recipes for crafting, you will no longer find huge chests and storages, only a small box of 15 cells. To increase the number of cells, you will have to improve it. Not immediately, but in the future you will be able to increase its capacity to 75 cells.

How to understand what is inside the box at my base? On the lid of the box displays a picture by which you can understand what objects, for the most part, lie inside.

How to apply new skills? In the inventory menu a little lower and to the right of your character’s nickname, you will see a green star, clicking on which opens access to all available bonuses and skills of your character. The skills panel has three tabs: active, passive and temporary. From among the active skills you can select two and assign them to the buttons in the left and right lower corner of the main screen. Do not forget that some active skills have a rollback time. Passive will act from the moment they are studied. A temporary buffs can be obtained with the help of pets or as a result of completing quests.

Last Day on Earth: Be careful with your account

How to link your account to Google Play / Game Center? Usually, an account is automatically linked to Google Play / Game Center when you first log in to the game, if you have agreed to this. Check whether your account is tied in the game settings. If you see the Unbind button:

This means that the game account is attached, and your progress is automatically saved. If the settings window looks like this:

then the developers strongly recommend that you click on the "Link" button.

I lost my progress. What to do? If your account has been linked to Google Play / Game Center, progress can be restored. If the game did not offer to do this when downloading, go to the settings and click the "Link" button:

Unfortunately, if you did not tie your account, you will not be able to restore progress. If you are sure that your account has been linked, but the method proposed above does not help, write to the developers, they will try to help you!

I click on the Link button, and nothing happens. Please ensure that your device has the latest versions of the Play Market and Google Play Games apps. If after the update the "Link" button still does not respond to pressing, contact the developers, and they will help you with the solution of this problem.

I can not restore progress! If after pressing the "Restore" button the game loads, but the save loading process takes too much time, write to the developers, they will definitely figure out what the problem is.

How to start the game again? To remove current progress and start over on Android:

  1. Click Unbind to unbind your Google Play profile.
  2. Delete data in Settings - Applications - LDoE.
  3. Restart the game and link it to Google Play so that your progress is automatically saved.

On iOS, in order to start anew, it is enough to untie the game progress in the game settings and reinstall the game.

How to avoid loss of progress? The following tips will help you keep progress:

  1. When you first enter the game, you must agree to link the game to Google Play / Game Center.
  2. Make sure that your progress is tied: in the settings on the button it should be written "Unlink".
  3. If the progress is not tied, you need to bind it in the settings by clicking the Connect button and selecting the account you need in Google Play / Game Center.
  4. If you could not connect the progress, contact the developers in the game via the technical support menu, you can find it in the game settings (gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the screen).
  5. In addition, developers can write through the website, through the "Contact us" button or this form: https://kefirgames.helpshift.com/a/last-day-on-earth/?p=all&l=contact=1.
  6. Click on the server name in the settings section to display your User ID, save a screenshot with these numbers. In the event that you cannot recover the progress yourself, the technical support staff will need your old user ID to find your lost account.
  7. Do not reinstall the game if it is not necessary! It is the abuse of reinstallations most often leads to the reset of the account.
  8. Sometimes, after the release of the update, players are faced with an endless download. Do not panic and do not rush to do anything: as a rule, the problem is resolved by itself after a while.
  9. Do not follow the advice of other players. All situations are different - what helped another, you can finally ruin the game.
  10. Cheats, hacks and cheat increases the chances of losing an account.
  11. And finally: do not share your credentials with your Game Center / Google Play account.

I can not play on multiple devices at the same time. Unfortunately, the progress synchronization function on several devices has not yet been implemented, but the developers plan to add it in the future!

Account binding failed. If, when trying to link an account to Google Play Games or Game Center, you are faced with a message that another account is already linked, this means that your current game progress is linked to a Google Play Games / Game Center account that is different from what is currently active. on your mobile device.

To remedy this situation, recall the Google Play Games / Game Center account that you linked to the current progress earlier, log in with this account, and if necessary, untie it. This will allow you to link another Google Play Games / Game Center account. If while trying to link your account to Google Play Games or Game Center you are faced with a message that you could not get a response from the server, then try again after a while.

I’m trying to tie my progress, and the game offers me to restore my account. This means that a game profile is already connected to your Google Play account. To protect yourself from losing the current progress, we recommend that you untie the old progress and bind the new one. For this:

  1. Open the game on another device (emulator or other phone).
  2. Restore the game from Google Play.
  3. Unhook your account in the game settings and close the application.
  4. Open the game on the main device and link the current progress to Google Play.

It is necessary to perform these steps in strict sequence! After that, you can continue the game on your device with tied progress.

How to transfer your progress to another device? To transfer the game to another device, follow the instructions for your operating system.


  1. Make sure your game profile is linked to a Game Center account.
  2. Then log in with the same Game Center account on another iOS device.
  3. If after starting the game did not offer to restore the saved progress, go to the settings and click the "Link" button.


  1. Make sure your game profile is linked to a Google Play account.
  2. Then sign in with the same Google Play account on another device.
  3. If after starting the game did not offer to restore the saved progress, go to the settings and click the "Link" button.

From iOS to Android or vice versa: To transfer game progress from one platform to another, write to developers from a new device and attach the user ID of your account on the old device.

Why does the game need access to my repository? The game requires access to your device’s internal storage for progress files. Without this, each time the application is restarted, the game would have to be restarted. Please note that this does not mean that the game has access to your personal data. The application has access only to the game part.

Where can I find my ID? Player ID can be obtained by clicking in the lower left corner of the game settings window. When you click on the word "Server", your ID is copied to the clipboard, after which it can be pasted, for example, in a dialogue with technical support. The ID will appear below before the first fraction. You can take a screenshot of it and save it for the future. If this method does not work, you can try to tap in the upper left corner of any boot screen of the game.

How to change push notification settings? Push notifications allow the game to send you messages while you are not in the game, for example, that the character has arrived at the destination. If you want to enable or disable push notifications on your device, follow these steps:

By changing the settings, you can allow or prohibit the game to send you notifications.

How can I get, update or delete my personal data? In order to receive, update or request the deletion of your personal data, contact the developers at privacy@kefirgames.com.

Last Day on Earth: How not to lose your resources

I lost resources! If you have lost coins, please try to remember if you could spend them on accelerating any craft, or on a quick journey. The mechanics of the game does not provide for the situation when coins are written off without the user’s knowledge. The same applies to any other game resources, pay attention to what they could be spent.

I did not come shopping! Sometimes it takes some time from payment of the purchase to its appearance on your account. If after restarting the game, the purchased items did not appear on your in-game mail, write to the developers, attaching a receipt of payment that came to you in the mail as proof of purchase. On iOS, order information can also be found in Shopping History.

Lost purchased items after death! The mechanics of the game is based on the full drop system. When your character dies, there is a chance that you will lose all your belongings. At some locations, this chance is higher, at others - lower (for example, at home location). By taking things from the game mail, you risk losing them after death, these are the rules of the post-apocalyptic world. If you have lost the purchased items for any other reason, let the developers know that they will be happy to help you.

Can I buy coins or play sets outside the game? Some websites offer to buy game currency or sets for real money. Such websites and individuals request confidential credentials to access your account. Remember that by providing access to your confidential credentials, you risk not only your game account, but also personal data, as well as financial means.

If you want to make an in-app purchase, the best way is to simply make it from the game itself on a mobile device.Developers cannot guarantee the security of your account and your personal data when you make purchases outside the game. In addition, the developers reserve the right to block game accounts from which purchases were made on third-party websites.

Can not make a purchase. If you have any problems with payment in the application on Android, please contact Google Play support. In case of problems when making purchases on the iOS platform, you need to contact iTunes support.

Where to find payment ID?

Last Day on Earth: Bugs in the game

The game does not load

If your device meets all the specified requirements, but you still see this problem, contact the developers. In order to more quickly resolve your question, indicate in the message:

  1. Your device model and OS version.
  2. Your User ID (to get it, click in the upper left corner of any boot screen of the game and take a screenshot of the code that appeared in the lower left corner).
  3. A description of your recent actions in the game before the problem began.

The game crashes. Most likely the game does not have enough free RAM on your device; perhaps the following actions will help you:

Found a bug in the game. Who to write about it? Please report the bug to the developers by describing in detail the actions that led to its appearance.

Why do I need money to upgrade the game? Installation and updates of the game are free. If you are asked to pay for the installation or update of the game, please go to the Play Market / Game Center and make sure that you download the original application. Also, developers recommend to check the device for viruses.

What are the minimum system requirements for a game? The Android operating system requires an Android version of 5.1 and 1.5 GB of RAM. Stable work on iOS requires operating system version 10 or higher.

When downloading or updating the game through the Play Market, an error with the code appears. If you are unable to install or update the application from the Google Play Store, try the following:

  1. Make sure the device has enough space.
  2. Check your internet connection and try again.
  3. Forcibly stop the Play Store and clear the cache.
  4. Update Google Play Store.
  5. Reboot the device.

If the proposed measures did not solve the problem, please contact the Play Market technical support.

I have the latest version, but at the entrance a message appears that the game needs to be updated. If you are playing on iOS, try going to the Updates section on the App Store and download the update directly from this section of the store. Most often, to solve this problem on both iOS and Android, just wait and try to update the game later.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.