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LAST SHELTER: SURVIVAL is an android game with release date 10/13/2017 from Long Tech Network Limited. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Hero Guide
  2. Gameplay Basics
  3. Neighborhood Migration
  4. Guide to bases and resources
  5. Battle Guide
  6. Combat units. Details for armored personnel carriers
  7. Spaceport Battles. Powers of the President
  8. The Complete Guide to Doomsday Conquests
  9. Clash of Areas
  10. Champion Duel
  11. Alliances in the game
  12. Major Alliance Events
  13. VIP Shop & Points
  14. Player Account

Last Shelter: Hero Guide

The use of heroes. Heroes have the strongest willpower and abilities. In order to protect your forces and build a powerful city in the last days, the existence of a great hero is crucial for a commander. Commanders can form formations in barracks, send heroes on campaigns with troops, or leave them in city buildings to improve the efficiency of city construction.

  1. Send the hero to the barracks and perform small operations with the squad.
  2. Place the hero in the control center to set up the corresponding skill effect.

How do I get heroes? Hire heroes in the Hall of Heroes. Re-acquiring existing heroes automatically converts those into hero medals. Heroes are categorized into green, blue, purple and orange.

Hero experience. The hero gains experience when defeating monsters. If there were several heroes in the battle, they receive an equal amount of experience. Using experience cards also brings experience to the heroes.

Hero medals. Hero Medals are used to unlock hero skills and also to decompose them into medals of wisdom. Decomposing heroes or completing certain events will give you hero medals. When you get a hero again, the duplicate hero will automatically turn into hero medals.

Hero skills. Skills are divided into 3 categories: development, leadership, and combat. Each category functions differently.

  1. Development skills. Development skills are used by heroes placed in the corresponding buildings for their full-fledged work there. Some skills are marked as active and have special effects. Use them when the hero is placed in the corresponding building. Don’t forget about recovery time.
  2. Leadership skills. Leadership skills improve the properties of a hero’s squad or the entire formation, which include (but are not limited to) attack, resistance, collection speed, etc. Some skills are marked as active and have special effects. Use them when the hero is placed in the appropriate building to activate the effect.
  3. Combat skills. Combat skills are used automatically by heroes during combat.

The range of the skill. When using a combat skill, only targets within range will be damaged. Example: on each side there are 3 detachments, own and enemy. The farthest squad with the hero uses the skill with the target type "Random enemy target", then:

Class album. Each class has its own special, separate album, which contains many improvement cards that you can open and use. Each card has its own unique uses:

Opening subclasses. The President can open state chapters in the ministerial section at the Cosmodrome. After the opening, the fourth class will appear - the builder. At the same time, 2 subclasses will be added to each class:

Change of class. There are currently two methods in the game for changing classes: increasing the base level or buying the corresponding package.

  1. Raising the level of the base. When your base has reached level 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25. If you want to change the class, click Classroom - Class, select the class you like, click change class.
  2. Purchase the appropriate package. If you want to buy such a pack, click Diamonds - Packs - Soldier Development - Change Pack. After purchase, the class change item will be sent to your backpack. Use it in your backpack and change the class in the classroom.

After the class change, the building of the former class will not continue to operate. The class level and class points will be reset. You will need to level up the class again. If you chose the former class, then you will have the former level and class points.

How do I upgrade my class? Complete government assignments during working hours and level up your class. At the beginning, you can only complete one task per day. In the future, the number of tasks can be increased by using class cards in the album.

Last Shelter: Gameplay Basics

Build your city wisely. You can freely build up your city. Adequate placement of buildings can increase its efficiency in many ways. To move an already constructed building, just long press on it.

Road. Construction vehicles can only move on roads. All Buildings in the base must be connected by roads.

Supply of the army. After successfully signing the army’s supply, you can have special privileges and receive a lot of resources within 30 days. After 30 days, you can renew the army supply agreement and continue to receive rewards. Army supply gives:

The awards must be picked up on their own, those not collected today will be added to the awards for tomorrow.

State assignments. Every day state tasks will appear in the buildings of the state. Accept assignments during business hours and level up your class. At the beginning, you can only complete one task per day. In the future, the number of tasks can be increased by using class cards in the album. Completing tasks will give experience and state points. If the number of points of the state has reached the required value, then the commanders who completed the tasks will receive additional experience.

Each government building is managed by a respective minister. They can place management cards, which will give bonuses to the commander performing the task (the card can be used only if the class matches the building). The minister on the second day, depending on the experience gained the day before the commanders in his building, gains experience himself. The President, depending on the experience gained by 8 ministers, gains experience himself.

Daily tasks. The reward is given when you complete certain tasks and accumulate a certain number of points. The event starts at 00 minutes, every day you can participate several times. Each start of the event is divided into preparation time and participation time. The specific time can be seen on the event page. Each time - different tasks. The more points for completing tasks, the higher the rewards received.

In addition to personal rewards, you can also compete in the ranking position with other commanders, and receive additional rewards for places in the ranking. After receiving a certain number of points, the reward must be collected manually. The system can send you overdue unclaimed awards in the form of a message. Awards:

How do I block another player? You can click on a chat or messages from another player and block him. After that, you will no longer receive messages from him.

Last Shelter: Neighborhood Migration

When the event starts, commanders can immigrate to the new area. The area opens for immigration on the 21st week from the date of its appearance. Immigration conditions: the base level must be at least 10, not participating in the champion duel at the time of immigration.

Immigration limits. Immigration limits depend on the original area in which the game was started. In an area at the very top of the immigration group, commanders with a high immigration rating should not migrate. The immigration group of districts will gradually expand over time. A list of areas available for immigration can be seen in the events section.

Immigration cost. To immigrate, you need to spend Immigration Tickets. Tickets can be obtained in packs sold in the store. The number of tickets required for immigration depends on your immigration rating as well as the difference in ’age’ between the original area and the target area. Required number of tickets for immigration rating:

Required number of tickets for age difference:

After a successful immigration, in order to immigrate again, you need to wait 30 days.

Immigration rating. The Immigration Rank is calculated based on the buildings, technologies, troops and heroes available. The specific current immigration ranking can be seen on the immigration page in the events section.

Immigration Result:

Realm of Chaos data. After immigration, all these events will be calculated ahead of schedule. Buildings of honor, territories, influence, points, materials, etc. (except for specialties) will be reset. The wounded in the coalition camps will be healed instantly and free of charge. Chaos Realm specialties will remain intact and keep their progress.

About heroes after migration:

If you have heroes that are not valid for use, they will not go anywhere, they simply cannot be temporarily added to the formation.

Last Shelter: Guide to bases and resources

Commando. In tactics, you can activate special commando units, which you can start training after activation:

Combat group formation. For each rear center built, you can get one battle group formation. You can install up to 3 heroes and some troops for each group formation.

Base protection. All combat group formations in the base will fight the troops at the attacking base in turn setting up a defensive center. Units in the base that do not join the group formation will be the last to participate in the battles. Any group formation on the defensive side can be won once in defense battles. The attacker will defeat all troops of the group formation and troops that do not enter the group formation on the defensive side.

For each battle, the attacking and defensive sides will keep reports of the battles. For each victory of the base attack, you can loot resources once. In the defensive center, you can set the battle group formation of the base in turn of participation in battles (the queues of troops that do not enter the group formation of the base cannot be established). The defensive side will receive a defensive battle bonus.

Cafe on wheels. Cafés on wheels must always have food and water to keep the population growing. By improving the Cafe, you can increase the capacity of food and water. A truck carrying more food and water can increase consumption times.

Shopping Center. The Trade Center allows you to trade resources. Sell resources for money and buy other resources (possibly rare) in return. The Trade Center allows trade only when a trade helicopter lands next to it. The stay of helicopters at the base is strictly limited in time, however, the helicopter that landed when you were offline will wait for your return. The helicopter has a maximum load.

You will not be able to load resources into the helicopter if the resources you are selling reach the maximum load of the helicopter.

Placing heroes. In the control center, you can quickly mark the desired heroes in certain buildings in order to fully use their skills. Leadership is needed to place heroes, when leadership is at its maximum, you can no longer place heroes. You can maximize leadership by improving your control center.

If placed heroes have active skills, they can be used by clicking on the building in which they are placed.

Accelerated mode. All resource buildings can use the fast-track mode, but there is always only a chance that it will be successful and bear fruit. If successful, you will receive a lot of resources immediately. However, if the accelerated mode is unsuccessful, then the building will acquire the status "on fire" and the flow of resources from it, for some time, will be greatly reduced. A certain amount of resources will also be required for repairs.

Whenever you use Fast Mode, the chances of success for each subsequent use are reduced. The chances of success are slowly restored if you don’t use Fast Mode for a while. Research the corresponding technology to unlock Fast Track.

Maximum stored resources per base. All resources in the game have a maximum storage capacity. When this maximum is reached, you can no longer receive the corresponding resource type. Build the necessary warehouses and improve them in order to increase the maximum available resources for storage (as well as increase the amount of resources stored under protection from the looting of opponents).

Collection of resources and their consumption. In the resource interface, you can see the rate of production and consumption of resources, as well as the maximum available resources. In the case of purchasing the accelerated resource production mode in the shopping center, you can also see information on the current resources of the base. The easiest way is to click on the button just below to use the resource item, but do not forget about the maximum available resources and do not produce more resources than you can store.

Resource inflow. All resources are produced in the corresponding resource buildings. In addition to buildings that generate electricity in one form or another, all other resource buildings need electricity to ensure the efficiency of their production. In conditions of power shortages, the efficiency of resource buildings decreases, and the base may be left without lighting when night comes.

Base resources

1. Fuel. Fuel is a common source of energy that is extracted from oil wells and is mainly used in fuel power plants and is also a resource for improving buildings. Build an oil well near an oil source to extract fuel. The higher the well level, the more fuel is produced per hour.

2. Alloy. Alloy is a rare metal that can be obtained by smelting in a mine. It is widely used in construction. Build a mine near the alloy source to get alloy. The higher the level of the mine, the more alloy is produced per hour.

3. Steel. Steel is a common metal that is smelted in Steel Mills and is widely used in construction. Build a Steel Works next to a steel source and get steel. The higher the plant level, the more steel is produced per hour.

4. Electricity. Electricity is an essential resource for buildings to operate. If there is not enough electricity, the productivity of buildings drops. After building a fuel power station, supply fuel to the station to generate electricity. The higher the level of the power plant, the higher the fuel capacity and the higher the consumption per hour, at the same time, the productivity also increases.

5. Water. Water is an important resource for population growth, which is produced in water treatment plants and supplied to cafes for consumption by the population. Build a water treatment plant near a water source. The higher the station level, the more water is produced per hour.

6. Food. Food is an important resource for population growth, which is produced on farms and delivered to cafes for consumption by the population. Build a farm near fertile land. The higher the farm level, the more food is produced per hour.

7. Banknotes. The population of the base can continue to produce banknotes, the rate of production depends on the number of people that the bank can hold. Each bank can accommodate a certain number of people. This part of the population influences the speed of banknote production. When the number of banknotes reaches the stock limit, the number of banknotes will no longer increase. Improving the bank can increase the capacity of the population and the limit of the stock of banknotes. When there is not enough electricity from the base, the production of banknotes decreases.

8. Population. Building a base requires a certain amount of population. Build functional buildings and expand the living area to increase the population of the base. The number and level of residential zones, as well as the general level of the base, directly affect the available maximum of the population that the base can accept at the moment. The population consumes resources - water and food in the canteen. The most important thing for population growth is to ensure the supply of canteen food and water,

Until the population of the base reaches its maximum, if there is enough water and food in the cafeteria, it will constantly grow. When the available maximum population is reached, it will no longer grow. Increasing the level and number of residential zones will increase the available maximum population at the base. If food and water supplies are used up, the population will be in a state of decline. To stop the decrease, deliver supplies to the food truck.

Additional battle base

Most of the functions and buildings of the battle base are directly related to battles. There are no resource-producing buildings here. There can be only one armored personnel carrier at a combat base, which can be customized and sent on a campaign. The battle base does not have its own additional technologies, there is only a new tactics system. For each increase in the level of the base, 1 tactics point is issued, these points can be used to activate tactics.

Tactics come in different stages, and only one tactic of each stage can be activated at a time. You must activate them in order, and this will give powerful boosts. You can reset all tactics at once, or individual ones. To reset, you must have the appropriate item. The spent points will be returned back and can be redistributed.

All attributes, effects, enhancements of the main base are available and additional. Buffs from posts, VIPs and classes are also available extra. Heroes, alliance, tasks, reward center, shop, event center, inventory are common to all bases. Items with resources in the inventory are common to all bases until they are used. On which base the item was used, resources will be transferred to the warehouse of that base.

Resource warehouses are different for each base, in which warehouses the resources are stored, only there they can be used. The armored personnel carriers at each base, as well as the troops. After the construction of the Transportation Center at each base, it will be possible to transfer resources or troops between them. The transport volume limit depends on the building level and the higher it is, the higher the maximum limit.

Last Shelter: Battle Guide

Base attack. At least one APC must be sent to start the battle upon arrival at the defenders’ base. You must defeat all the garrison formations in order to win. If the siege wins, it will damage the health of the defending base. If you win, resources are also plundered, and armored personnel carriers with the Rogue’s power-ups also plunder money.

Base protection. The defending side can send up to four formations to fight, where each formation corresponds to an APC. For detailed configuration of the defense forces, go to the "Defense Center" building. During the battle, the defensive formations will operate according to the settings in the "Defense Center".

If any formation wins, the defense is successful. Soldiers who are not part of the defenders will not participate in the battle. If the defense fails, some soldiers will be injured. If the defense fails, the base health will be damaged. When it is zero, the base will randomly move to another location in the area.

Attack range. Normal attacks and tactical attacks have their own specific range. Depending on the placement of the units, the distance of each unit to the enemy will differ.

Normal range. A normal attack attacks the nearest enemy. The target of combat skills depends on the range of the skill effect or on specific conditions. Take Eagle Eye’s Precise Shot as an example. When Eagle Eye is in the rear, his skill is activated. The range of the effect is 4, which means that it can hit an enemy vanguard or central unit.

If the entire detachment is lost, then the detachment that was behind it will take its place. According to the previous example, an enemy vanguard or central unit can be defeated. If the vanguard dies, the center and rear will move forward, thus, the rear will also fall into the affected area.

The order of attacks. In battle, the order of both friendly and enemy attacks is determined by the unit’s battle speed. The battle speed depends on various factors such as heroes, units, and buildings. When a squad attacks, the combat skill will be used first, then the normal attack, and then the catching skill.

Moral rules. In battle, each unit has its own morale. Morale drops when units die. When morale reaches 0, the unit falls apart. The destroyed units leave the battle, and no longer suffer losses. Morale is based on squad size. The more units, the higher the morale.

Last Shelter: Combat units. Details for armored personnel carriers

Combat units. These include:

  1. BTR (construction). A commander needs at least 1 armored personnel carrier to lead troops on campaigns. 1 BRT can carry up to 3 units.
  2. Detachment. The squad consists of a hero and units. One squad can have only one hero and units of the same type.
  3. Heroes and units. Hero skills can be useful for squad and build. The effect of a hero’s skill is related to the type of unit, so it is important to choose the right heroes and units in their squad.
If there is at least one unit in the armored personnel carrier, it can go on a hike.

Unit building. The formation is divided into the vanguard, the central detachment and the rear - these are three armored personnel carriers.

  1. Vanguard. The first unit in the APC will be the first unit in formation. He is closest to the enemy, and comes into close contact with him.
  2. Central detachment. The second unit in the armored personnel carrier is the central one in the formation, it will stand right behind the vanguard.
  3. Rear. The third unit in the APC is the last one in the formation, it will stand behind everyone.
The position of the units is related to the skills of the hero, and their correct placement will reveal his potential to the maximum.

City defense. The defense value of the city garrison will be displayed on the world map. When you click on the bases of other commanders, only the percentage of the remaining defense indicator will be shown, clicking on your base will show the defense indicator by a specific number. If the defending side wins, then with a certain amount of losses, the base can get the Smoke effect, during which it will not lose its safety margin.

Victory in the siege will reduce the safety margin of the city, the base of the defending side may fall into a state of fire. In a state of fire, the safety margin will constantly decrease. Defeat will get you nowhere. If the safety margin is not maximum, then it will slowly regenerate itself. Or you can restore it instantly, for diamonds. When the base’s HP drops to zero, it will move to a random location and restore 500 odds there. safety margin. The original place will be in ruins for some time, it will no longer be possible to teleport.

The destructive power of armored personnel carriers (structures). Each formation has an attribute of Destructive Power. It depends on the heroes and units in the formation, as well as their level and number. All other things being equal, destructive power: shooters - soldiers - transport. In case of a successful attack, the damage to the safety factor that the defending side takes is equal to the damage of the destructive force of the formation.

About the details. APC parts are special equipment for armored personnel carriers, which can improve them in a certain way. Each armored personnel carrier has an Engine, Central Control System, Suspension, Tires, Armor and Weapon, for each part it needs its own parts. Each piece belongs to its own series, and pieces from different series can be combined to achieve the desired effect. If you have several parts of the same series, you will receive additional bonuses. Many materials are needed to create parts, materials are obtained from various buildings.

Finished parts. The finished part can be completed in an armored personnel carrier. Since the armored personnel carrier consists of 6 parts, the parts are also divided into 6 corresponding categories, in each part of the armored personnel carrier there can be no more than 1 part. After preparing the materials and energy cores, send the construction machine to the parts factory to start production. The quality of the part can be of 6 types, in ascending order - white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold. The higher the quality, the better.

When crafted, high quality materials give a higher chance of obtaining high quality parts.

Part materials. Materials are the main source and key to quality parts. There are many different materials, mostly based on the series. For example, alloy plate, rubber, nanomaterial and sensor are special materials for the avant-garde series and cannot be used for other series parts. There is no cost to produce a material, but each material takes a long time to produce. After selecting a production at the factory, wait for it to complete.

In addition to the production of a part factory, energy fragments can be obtained from killing zombies above lvl 10. and can be replaced with material boxes in the manufacturer’s material warehouse. Materials, as well as parts, are divided into 6 quality categories, in ascending order - white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold. Poor quality materials can be improved if fused with each other. Better materials give better quality parts.

By researching technology or upgrading factory parts, you can increase the production speed of materials and unlock more production queues, greatly increasing efficiency.

Energy cores. Power cores are one of the main consumables for manufacturing parts, and are also an important resource for upgrading a parts factory and researching parts production technology. The energy processing plant is the main building for the production of the energy core, production will start when money is paid there.

Increase the production rate of Power Cores by researching Power Core Production technologies or upgrading a Power Plant.

Application of parts. Parts must be equipped with an APC for the effect to appear. On the APC control screen, click on the small truck to enter the equipment parts screen. Six nets in the six o’clock direction of the equipment screen represent six parts of the APC. If a part has an unoccupied part, it is displayed with a "+" symbol. Click the exclamation mark at point B to display all details and set bonuses.

Last Shelter: Spaceport Battles. Powers of the President

Spaceport Battle is an event where you capture a spaceport on the world map, get rewards for it, become president, and get unlimited honor and glory. The cosmodrome is located in the center of this area, 600: 600. Capture him to become the district president. An event has three states: preparation state, war state, and defense state.

Condition of preparation. When a new area opens up. The cosmodrome will begin a countdown, and during this time it cannot be captured. The battle will begin when the countdown ends.

War phase. The war phase lasts from 00:00 to 24:00 on Saturday. When a state of war begins, all alliances send troops to capture. The first to reach 100% wins the battle. If no alliance can capture the spaceport by 100%, then the one with the highest percentage of control wins.

Send more higher tier units to take over faster.

There are 4 giant cannons around the cosmodrome. All losses among units during the battle in the spaceport or in the giant cannon will be irreversible. When troops are sent to a spaceport or a giant cannon, if the current invader is from the same alliance as you, then the troops will become reinforcements. If not, then the battle will begin. The maximum capacity of the spaceport and the giant cannon depends on the number of units delivered and the level of the headquarters of the first commander.

When the giant cannon and the spaceport are not captured by the same alliance, the cannon will fire every minute at the spaceport and a random part of the troops in it. Only commanders with an alliance can join the battle. Leaving an alliance during a battle will be considered leaving the battle. In this case, all involved units will be recalled.

Protection stage. When the battle is over, the cosmodrome will be protected for 7 days. While protected, it cannot be grappled or attacked.

Appointment of the President. After the end of the battle for the cosmodrome, the cosmodrome will enter a state of defense. Within 4 hours from that moment, the alliance that seized it can appoint a president. The assignment must be carried out in the same area as the invader, and only members of the alliance from that area can be assigned. If within 4 hours the president is still not elected, the presidency will be transferred in order from the leader of the alliance to the invader. If the same alliance occupies the spaceport for 2 weeks in a row, and the previous president did not leave the alliance, then he will be appointed for a second term.

Presidential privileges. The president can give positive and negative titles to commanders in the area and distribute kits. The President also receives the following privileges:

Presidential kits. The president can send gifts to commanders. Each commander in the area can only receive 1 set from the president. Number of possible gifts: 5 Conqueror Packs, 10 Defender Packs, 20 Support Packs.

Titles from the President. The president can give positive and negative titles, the former give certain gains, the latter, on the contrary, are sanctions.

Last Shelter: The Complete Guide to Doomsday Conquests

Doomsday Conquest is a battle side by side with your alliance, during which you receive the final rewards for capturing territories, gathering resources, improving buildings of honor, increasing specialties of honor, and competing for places in the ranking. One season of conquest lasts 45 days. The entire season is divided into Season Points, Season Rewards, and Season End.

  1. Season Points. In season points, occupy territories, build buildings of honor, declare wars to get points. Declare war on other alliances and win to take away a large number of points from them. A defeat in a declared war will result in the loss of some points.
  2. Season rewards. At the end of the season, the higher the rating of the alliance, the better it receives rewards. When counting the season, the awards of the leaders of the alliance are automatically sent to them by mail. The leader determines the rewards for the other members of the alliance.
  3. End of the season. When the event ends, territories, buildings of honor and points are reset. Virus samples, composites and contaminated resources cannot be taken with you.

Territory rules. At the beginning of the event, you can occupy territories on the world map. The higher the level of the territory, the higher the productivity and impact. Different types of territories produce different products. Territories can only produce contaminated resources, a processing plant is needed to purify and use them.

You can only capture those territories that are adjacent to you or your allies. After the capture, the territory enters a state of defense for some time, during this time it cannot be captured by others. Each has a territory limit, and it grows every day. Captured territories can be abandoned, but it takes time.

Impact Score Rules. Occupying territories adds an indicator of influence. The higher the level of the territory, the higher the influence. With influence, you can receive monetary rewards. The higher the place in the rating of personal influence, the more money is given.

Resistance rules. The territories on the world map are infected with a virus, and the closer to the center of the world, the higher the degree of infection. When troops do not have enough immunity, they will take damage from poisoning in each round. The greater the difference in immunity, the higher the damage.

Upgrade the Virus Institute to increase the immunity of your troops. Activating the specialty will help build more buildings of honor.

Specialties. Click on an institute to view and teach specialty skills. After the end of the event, the skills of the specialty will still be active (except for some special exceptions). Specialty points are earned by upgrading buildings of honor. The occupation of territories and the construction of buildings of honor add honor points.

Collect a certain number of honor points to increase the level of honor. After gaining a new level, you get 1 specialty point. Spend specialty points to train specialty skills. Learn specialty skills to unlock active skills.

Buildings of honor. After the event is open, the survivors can build honored buildings near the Alliance. The Alliance Building is divided into four types: Virus Research Institute, Recycling Plant, Combat Command Post, and Guardian Fortress:

  1. Institute of Virology: Used to heal wounded soldiers from ground battles. Raising the level of the building increases the resistance of the troops (necessary conditions for the occupation of areas of a higher level).
  2. Processing Plant: Raw resources harvested from the land are processed into useful resources and building materials. Increasing the level of a building can increase processing speed.
  3. Defenders’ Fort: can greatly increase the defense of troops in the field (field battles include battles for land and battles for buildings of honor).
  4. Opera. command center: can greatly increase the attack of troops in the field.

During the event, the buildings of honor will provide strong support for the world battle. After the event is over, the buildings of honor will be returned.

Alliance duel

Alliance Duel is an additional land grab system. Get rewards for competition and robbery. Process: declaration of war - preparation - battle - counting.

At the beginning of the event, you can declare war on other alliances, and this cannot be refused. The event is divided into preparation and war, but points are not given during preparation, they can only be obtained during the battle. During the battle, occupying a foreign land, destroying another building, the center of the alliance, etc., you can get points of declared war. If at the end of the combat time the score is higher than the opponent’s, or the opponent’s score decreases until the moment of failure during the battle, victory is declared.

Victory will fix a certain percentage of the season’s points, if it fails, it will be captured by the enemy. During the battle, operations to change alliance members cannot be performed, including: withdrawal, annexation, etc. Declaration of war is used only to calculate the hegemony of the end of the world.

The higher the ground level, the higher the ground level of the Construction Center and the Alliance, and the higher the points of declared war. The declaration of war is cleared after the end of the game.

Doomsday Conquest - Eden

Check in. During the registration stage, the leader of the alliance and the inspector can register the entire alliance for the season. Leaving the alliance during the registration phase is considered a refusal to register. Alliance members who joined the alliance after registration can no longer take part in the event together with the alliance. After registration, you need to wait until a suitable area of Eden is selected.

Random introduction. Commanders who have not signed up for the season with the alliance can travel to Eden via Random Introduce. A random entry will match the Eden area according to the commander’s power.

Creation of a guild in Eden and joining the guild. While in Eden, you can create a guild through the season interface if all requirements are met. You can also find and join a guild through the season interface.

What are guilds for? Members of the same guild can occupy cells next to each other. All guild members receive the effect of captured cities. Guild level is a new attribute for guilds in Eden. Raising the level of guilds gives various bonus effects. The guild level rises when the guild experience reaches a certain value. Guild members bring her experience by capturing territories or donating guild resources.

Raise the level of the guild to accommodate more members.

You can leave the guild yourself through the guild interface. The value of the contribution to the guild cannot be taken with you when you leave. During the season of The Rise of Eden, guilds are the primary unit of participation. The members of one alliance will not be connected with each other, and therefore the annexation of territories to each other will be impossible.

Regions. The map of Eden is divided into several sectors, and each sector is divided into several regions. You can only join the guild that is located in the same sector with you.

Buildings of honor. Build buildings of honor through the Season Buildings interface. You don’t need to build them directly on the map.

Will. Will shows the will of the troops to fight. If will is too low, troop damage will be reduced accordingly. Each kilometer of the campaign reduces the will by 1. When the troops return to the base, their will is fully restored.

The energy of the armored personnel carrier. The energy of an armored personnel carrier is a resource spent on actions in Eden. During the Rise of Eden, the energy of the APC is spent instead of the APC’s HP. The APC consumes energy in the same quantities as the safety factor. The energy of the armored personnel carrier is replenished over time. For quick replenishment, you need the item Battery of Energy.

Due to restrictions on the use of such equipment, there is a daily battery recharge limit. When it is reached, no more recharge can be used.

An occupation. When the base health drops to 0, it enters a state of occupation. The territories under the occupied base begin to belong to the invaders, and they can seize the adjacent territories. In a state of occupation, a defense state will also appear, preventing the base from being attacked again. If the base in the state of occupation is attacked by someone else (not the occupier), then when its safety margin decreases to 0, it will be teleported to a random place. The occupation can be lifted by paying with resources. After the end of the occupation, the territory under the base will again belong to her.

Liberation. Guild members can help out other members by removing the occupation for them. For liberation, it is necessary that the territory of the guild is adjacent to the territory of the occupied base. Liberation acts much like a normal attack. The Liberator sends troops to the occupied base and a battle ensues. When the HP of an occupied base drops to 0, it is considered liberated.

Invaders can send reinforcements to an occupied base to prevent its liberation.

Capture rate. Capture Rate is the main factor determining seasonal rewards in The Rise of Eden. Guilds gain a capture rate by capturing cities. The more cities are captured, the higher the capture rate will be. The loss of the city will also lead to the loss of this indicator.

Season rewards:

Doomsday Conquests - Back to the Past

About the event. A mysterious time machine has been discovered under the Cosmodrome. Thanks to her, all the commanders went to the past, when the zombie virus was not yet there. Will they be able to stop him and save the present?

Participation in the event. After the start of a new season, any player who has joined the alliance can start this season’s event by clicking on the "Join" button in the season window. After clicking the "Join" button, the time machine will take you 70 years ago. If you do not meet the conditions, you will not be able to start the event. First fulfill all the conditions (base at least level 8 and membership in the alliance) and try again.

Event rewards. When calculating the season, the number of cities occupied by the alliance determines the size of the reward pool. Rewards are sent out during the season counting stage by the alliance leader by mail. The specific content of the rewards can be viewed in the Season Rewards section.

Features of the event:

Battles. You can attack any bases that are adjacent to your or allied territories. All wounded troops go to the Virus Institute for treatment. If the Virus Institute has not yet been built, the wounded troops will not disappear, but in order to see them again, heal and return to duty, it is necessary to build the Virus Institute. When you win a battle, you cannot take away ordinary resources, but you can take away contaminated resources. Moving back to your original area during the season will still leave your base copy in the past. It can be attacked, but no troops will participate in the defense, therefore there will be no losses.

Capture of bases and occupation. When the base’s HP drops to 0, the base will enter a state of occupation and will lose a certain amount of its territories. In a state of occupation, the base will not receive any enhancement effects from the alliance and cannot be attacked by the invader or members of his alliance. After the capture, the territory under the base will pass into the possession of the invader. The invader and members of his alliance can use these territories.

The state of occupation lasts 24 hours. For a fee in the form of resources, you can reset the occupation earlier.

Teleportation. You can teleport the base only to your territory. The size of the territories should be 2 by 2. After choosing a place for teleportation, you must first build a teleport point there so that you can move there. The teleportation point can be attacked and destroyed by others. But for this it must adjoin the territories of the attackers.

Cities. On the world map, there are many cities that have not yet been destroyed. Depending on their importance, they are divided into Cities, Capitals, World Centers. Capturing different cities will give the alliance different bonuses. The cities are composed of urban areas and the city center. Taking over the city center means taking over the whole city. Each city has its own defense troops, and the closer the city is to the center of the world, the more powerful these troops are.

Each city also has its own degree of infection, so we must not forget about the proper immunity. After capturing a city, all members of the alliance will begin to receive large boosts. After capturing a city, he will enter a state of defense, during which he cannot be attacked. After capturing a city, its defense troops will be restored automatically. If the city was attacked, but not captured, its defense troops will automatically recover after 30 minutes.

Relief. There are mountain ranges and special areas on the world map, you cannot occupy them. To get through such areas, you can find passages nearby. The final version of the rules is indicated directly in the game.

Legion March

About legions. Each center of the alliance has the function of adding a legion, each can have a separate legion, maximum - 4. The inspector and the leader of the alliance can appoint a captain of the legion who can send troops to battle. Alliance members can choose any center of the alliance, where they can send their troops to join the legion. The legions of the center of the alliance cannot defend it.

The number of legions. Initially, there can be 10 troops in legions. Alliance technologies can increase this limit. The head of the legion can choose 3 units for the campaign. The Inspector’s Post, the Robber class and the corresponding specialty give 1 troop from above, thus, up to 6 troops per campaign.

Garrison base. Use the stones in the alliance warehouse to build a garrison base. During construction, it must be connected to a friendly territory. Troops can be added after completion of construction.

Transfer of the legion. The chief of the legion can transfer troops to the garrison base or front-line base. The transfer takes time, but it can help the boss to choose the right pace.

Trekking rules. During the legion’s march, select or several territories to attack, depending on the number of troops, and select targets with high and low priority. High priority targets will be attacked first, and will be attached to friendly territory. Low priority targets should be located within a 7x7 radius of high priority targets. When attacking, they must be attached to friendly territories.

Battle rules. When a legion attacks territory, the troops will attack the defenders in sequence until they are conquered. Each time a legion unit marches, it can only attack once. When the last squad complete the attack, the legion will return.

Last Shelter: Clash of Areas

Warm up

Warm-up is a multi-state event. The warm-up begins on the second day after drawing the draw. Based on the group assignment, 16 districts will warm up, competing for a spot in the rankings. 6th day - the task of free development, before the start, the commanders themselves can choose the objectives of the task. Different tasks give different points. The rating is determined by daily contributions.

Awards. During the event, as soon as the required number of points is received, you can receive a personal stage reward. Commanders can increase their rewards by developing appropriate technologies. If the total points of all members of the alliance reach a certain mark, all members of the participants will receive an alliance stage reward. Each day when the event is scored, the ratings will be based on the scores of both areas, the top 20 commanders will receive rating rewards.

Every day after the end of the event, all players from the winning area with at least 3000 points will receive victory rewards. Personal and alliance stage rewards must be collected by yourself, after the end of the event, the rewards not collected will be sent by mail along with the rating rewards and the rewards for winning.

Qualifying competition

The Qualifying Competition for the Most Powerful District is a system in which two groups of districts with approximately similar forces compete with each other. The event usually lasts 7 days, the districts will be divided into 2 to 2. The commanders of both districts will complete daily missions to earn points. When the time runs out, the area with the most points wins.

During the event, opponents will be randomly selected each week. After the end of the event, all members of the selection groups will have a chance to get into the silver group. The 7th day is a free development task, before the start, the commanders themselves can choose the objectives of the task. Different tasks give different points.

Awards. During the event, as soon as the required number of points is received, you can receive a personal stage reward. Commanders can increase their rewards by developing appropriate technologies. If the total points of all members of the alliance reach a certain mark, all members of the participants will receive an alliance stage reward. Each day when the event is scored, the ratings will be based on the scores of both areas, the top 20 commanders receive rating rewards.

Every day after the end of the event, all players from the winning area with at least 3000 points will receive victory rewards. Personal and alliance stage rewards must be collected by yourself, after the end of the event, the rewards not collected will be sent by mail along with the rating rewards and the rewards for winning.

The Assassination event will not be available during the Qualifiers for the Strongest District.

The most powerful tournament of the most powerful region

The Powerful District Tournament is an event in which many districts take part. The system will classify districts into groups - Silver, Gold and Legendary. Each group contains 16 alliances competing for a place in the ranking. Each season of the Powerful Region lasts 5 weeks. The first week is the drawing of lots by the district presidents, thereby choosing their opponents for the next 4 weeks of the competition.

After the completion of the first competition, the winning district will be assigned to another winning district with the closest lot number, and the losing district will be assigned to another losing district with the closest lot number. Opponents for the remaining weeks will be determined in this way. When the tournament is over, high ranked districts will be sent to the higher ranked group, and the lower ranked districts will be sent to the lower ranked group.

During the competition, commanders will compete to complete similar tasks for points. Points will be calculated every day, the winner of the day is the one with the most points, and the final victory will go to the one who most often became the winner of the day. The 7th day is a free development task, before the start, the commanders themselves can choose the objectives of the task. Different tasks give different points. The president of each district has the right to draw lots. If the state does not have a president, the leader of the strongest alliance will draw the lot. The results of the draw are final and cannot be changed.

Awards. During the event, as soon as the required number of points is received, you can receive a personal stage reward. Commanders can increase their rewards by developing appropriate technologies. If the total points of all members of the alliance reach a certain mark, all members of the participants will receive an alliance stage reward. Each day when the event is scored, the ratings will be based on the scores of both areas, the top 20 commanders receive rating rewards.

Every day after the end of the event, all players from the winning area with at least 3000 points will receive victory rewards. Personal and alliance stage rewards must be collected by yourself, after the end of the event, the rewards not collected will be sent by mail along with the rating rewards and the rewards for winning. The event reward also includes Merits, which can be purchased in the store. When the tournament is over, the ranked contribution rewards will be mailed out automatically.

Last Shelter: Champion Duel

The champion duel is an event when all districts are divided into groups of 2 districts in each, and the commanders themselves recruit teams for qualifying.

Registration stage. Registration takes place from Monday to Friday. Registered troops will not occupy heroes and soldiers, and the battle will not suffer any losses. The competition is divided into 2 parts - qualifying and battle of champions. The top four from the qualifiers will go to the Contest of Champions. Before the start of the competition, the commanders can change their formations in the appropriate section.

If you migrate during the registration stage, you will lose your eligibility and will be able to re-register in the new area.

Qualifying. The qualifying areas begin on Thursday, which consist of 10 rounds, with 60 minutes between each. During the event, the one who loses 3 times in a row is eliminated. The ranking is based on the number of victories, with the top four from each of both areas going to the Contest of Champions. If the number of wins is the same, the winner is the one with the most points. Points are awarded for damage caused.

If you migrate during the competition stage, you still have the right to participate, but the builds cannot be edited.

Contest of Champions. The top four from both districts enter the Contest of Champions stage. The Contest of Champions includes 1/4 finals, semi-finals and finals. They are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively, at 12 noon (game time). There are many different competitions held in each round. The one who received the most victories is promoted.

Duel rules. The quarterfinals and semi-finals have 3 rounds each, before the battle you can change your formation once, after which you can no longer change it. The final has 3 rounds, before the battle you can change your formation once, after which you can no longer change it. Only 10 minutes before the start of each round can you upgrade heroes, unlock skills, upgrade technologies, upgrade buildings, etc.

Combat attributes:

Betting rules. The betting system works in the battle of champions. Bet diamonds on who you think will win. The odds depend on the number of bets on both sides. You cannot bet on yourself. The maximum possible odds have become 5. If the difference in the size of the bets continues to increase, they can be made further, but the odds will not rise higher. You can only bet 1 time for each battle, maximum 9000 diamonds. Once the quarterfinals, semi-finals and final bouts have started, no more bets can be placed. The awards will be sent by mail.

Awards. In the qualifiers, all participants receive awards, the winners receive the winners ’awards, the losers receive the losers’ awards. Contest of Champions will also award ranking rewards. All awards will be mailed.

Last Shelter: Alliances in the game

Joining an alliance. Click "Alliance" in the lower right corner of the main interface and you will see a list of alliances. The system can recommend suitable ones for you, and you can also find by yourself through the search the alliance to which you want to join. After joining the alliance, you can use the powerful technologies of the alliance, buy objects in the alliance store. Join the alliance ASAP!

It is better to join an alliance whose language you speak, so it will be more convenient to communicate.

How to create an alliance? You can spend 200 diamonds to create an alliance or create one for free, reaching base level 6 and above.

The center of the alliance. During the Doomsday Conquest event, spend stones to build an alliance center. Higher level centers can be built near the center of the map. The closer to the center, the better the resources. Buildings of honor can be built around the center. When the center closes, the buildings of honor will also be closed. Centers may be closed manually during the season. When the event ends, all alliance centers will be reset.

Alliance resources. The larger the territory of the alliance, the more it produces resources. When 4 types of resources reach the limit, the leader of the alliance can distribute them among his members. Upon distribution, the system will distribute them in accordance with the contribution, and immediately send them to the commanders. Maintain the balance and quantity of each type of resource to bring the alliance to prosperity. Stones are an important resource for the construction of alliance buildings. They can be purchased from the Alliance Store or in packs.

Combined Alliance Forces. Combined troops can oppose the enemy together with alliance comrades. To unite the troops, the initiator must choose the time at which the united allies will start attacking the enemy. To combine troops, you must have a command center. Only the initiator - and no one else - has the right to disband the combined forces.

Contribution to the alliance. You must contribute to alliance technologies (Alliance - Alliance Technologies).

Alliance store. Alliance Points are used by R5 and R4 to buy items from the list of items in the Alliance Shop. Alliance honor is used by alliance members to buy items from the store.

How to leave an alliance? Click "Alliance" in the lower right corner of the main interface, then "Manage" - "Leave."

Alliance buildings

1. Hub of the alliance. Having fulfilled all the necessary conditions, the alliance can build a hub and quickly increase the levels of alliance technologies with its help. Different hubs can be built in different places. When hubs are completed, alliances can gain territories around them. The members of the alliance, having moved the base closer to the hub, will receive excellent bonuses. Commanders of other alliances will not be able to move to your territory. The borders of territories of different alliances cannot intersect.

2. Towers. With the proper level of alliance technologies, you can unlock towers. Towers must be located in areas adjacent to the existing ones, as if connecting with the hub. If the tower has lost contact with the hub, then its effects also cease to work. Tower construction helps to quickly expand the territory of the alliance, its cost is low and it is easy to move. The more ownership of the alliance, the higher its influence.

3. Points of resources of the alliance. The alliance resource point can be set anywhere without obstacles, it can never be attacked or scouted. At the point of resources of the alliance, you can quickly and safely collect resources, and the higher the level of technology of the alliance, the more these points can be. The more commanders participate in the construction, the faster it goes. Commanders will also receive participation rewards. The number of alliance resource points is limited, and one commander can only send one army to the point.

Alliance resource points disappear after a certain time, so you need to rush to extract resources from them.

Last Shelter: Major Alliance Events

Alliance arms race

Alliance Arms Race is an event where all members achieve goals to earn points and rewards. As soon as the alliance points reach a certain goal, all participants will receive the corresponding rewards by mail. Rules:

  1. Before the start of the event, the leader of the alliance can choose the difficulty. Difficulty levels are divided into: low, medium, high or outrageous.
  2. One event is divided into 3 categories by points. The required number of points for each is determined by the choice of difficulty.

At the beginning of the event, if the leader did not set the difficulty level, then the one that was chosen last time will be set by default. If the alliance participates in the event for the first time, then the default will be low difficulty. When the event ends, the alliance leader will have time to distribute rewards, during which members will no longer be able to receive points.

When the last levels of task completion points are reached, the head of the alliance will receive an additional bonus. At the end of an event, if an ally does not issue a contribution reward within the specified time, the system will automatically issue a reward to the five best members of the alliance who contributed to this event. If you replace or leave the alliance during the event, you will not be able to receive the reward properly.

Awards. The rewards are divided into point rewards and contribution rewards, all of which are sent by messages.

Capturing landmarks

There are landmarks buildings on the map. Initially, they are in a neutral state, but after the start of the event, they can be captured. The more landmarks the alliance has, the more its members receive bonuses. But the number of landmarks on the alliance is limited. There is a restricted area around each landmark building and no one is allowed to move there. Travel speed in the restricted area is reduced by 50%, only one acceleration can be used.

The event starts at a specific time every week and lasts several hours. The event is divided into three stages: preparation, competition and defense. During the preparation phase, no player can locate and attack landmark buildings. During the skirmish phase, all alliances whose territory borders the restricted area of the landmark building can attack the landmark building. After the attack is successful, the alliance will occupy the building and the building will become "occupied" and timed out. An alliance with 100% priority will become the owner of the building.

The speed of occupation is determined by the total combat strength of all deployed troops. If during the competition there is no alliance that takes 100% of the progress, then the alliance with the highest progress will take control of the landmark building. When the dispatched troops reach the landmark building, if the occupier is a member of their own alliance, the troops will provide assistance and each landmark building will be able to accommodate a different number of formations.

Only players who join an alliance can join the battle. If you leave the alliance during a skirmish, you are considered to be leaving the skirmish and the participating forces will be demobilized. After the end of the battle phase, it enters the defense phase and will continue until the end of the event. No player at this stage can detect and attack landmark buildings. Alliances that own a building can enjoy its bonus effect until the owner changes to other alliances. Each strategic landmark has victory points. At the end of the competition, the league with the highest Victory Points wins.

Zombie siege

Zombie siege is an event when members of the alliance jointly fight off massive zombie attacks. The Alliance Leader and R4 members can start the Zombie Siege on Tuesdays and Thursdays at any time. After the start of the event, zombies will attack the bases of the alliance members in waves. If the zombies defeat the commander 2 times in a row, then they will no longer attack him.

During the event, killing zombie aggressors brings points, points are divided into personal and alliance points (the total number of points received by all members). After the end of the event, rewards will be given based on personal points and total alliance points. Rewards are divided into point rewards, personal rating rewards, alliance rating rewards. All rewards are sent by in-game mail.

Alliance War

If the territory of the commander’s alliance is in contact with the building of another alliance, then such buildings can be attacked as defenders, members of the alliance can reinforce their troops with their observation towers or gathering places of the alliance. When attacking the hub and the tower of the alliance, if the attacker wins, the building loses its strength and goes into a burning state depending on the amount of damage. The burning state will continue for a period of time during which the building cannot be repaired and it will continue to deteriorate.

When attacking a building with a burning state, unless the durability decreases again, the burning time will be refreshed. Burning buildings in a defensive direction will not continue to lose durability after reaching a certain combat strength. Once the burning time has elapsed, the building can resume normal durability. Alliance buildings become "ruins" when their durability reaches 0, and all effects granted to them become invalid. The Alliance can immediately rebuild the ruins. Otherwise, the ruins will disappear after a while.

Last Shelter: VIP Shop & Points

VIP store. After the base reaches level 20, it can build a VIP store. To unlock the VIP store, you need VIP medals. Once unlocked, the store will have many privileges and bonuses for soldiers.

VIP points. Players can earn VIP points through Daily Challenges, the VIP Shop Free Lottery and other events. If the player used VIP points before unlocking, then all points will be added to his account, and he can find them after unlocking.

VIP medals. Players can receive VIP medals in alliance gifts or packs.

VIP level. After purchasing from the VIP store, VIP experiences will be added to your account and the VIP level will be updated with sufficient points. So far, the highest VIP level in the game is level 4.

Last Shelter: Player Account

Account linking. Unlinked accounts will be permanently lost if they switch to other devices or delete the game. To link your account, thereby protecting yourself from losing it, do the following:

The most reliable option is to link both an IM30 account and a third-party platform. The linked IM30 account cannot be changed.

How do I reset my PIN?

  1. Press Menu - Settings - Account - Link Account - PIN Settings;
  2. Select Forgot PIN and enter your IM30 account;
  3. Go to the email linked to your account to receive a PIN.

Account switching. To change your account:

  1. Click Menu - Settings - Account to change your account;
  2. Select IM30 account, Facebook account, Google Play account, Game Center account to change;
  3. It is recommended to use the IM30 account first. Multiple accounts can be stored in this account list for easy switching.

Account deleting. Players cannot delete their own accounts. The system will periodically clean up accounts that have not been registered for a long time. You can select "Start New Game" to reset your current account progress.

Article author: Nadezhda D.