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Ice Age Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ICE AGAIN - an Android game from Social Quantum. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginnerís Guide
  2. In-App Purchases and Billing
  3. Walkthrough
  4. Parking Safety
  5. Tribe and Tribal Competitions
  6. Troubleshooting and Settings
  7. Connecting with Friends
  8. A Guide for Pupils
  9. Market Guide
  10. Sperm Whale Guide
  11. Adventure Stone
  12. Player Blocks
  13. Account Issues

Ice Age: A Beginnerís Guide

I want to play with my friends on Facebook! To do this, your friends should also have a Facebook page and set the Ice Age. To play through Facebook, do the following:

  1. Open Facebook from your device. Make sure that the page on Facebook is exactly the one you need - it will be impossible to change the page for linking to the game in the future.
  2. Launch "Ice Age", click on the settings panel and select "Facebook - connect."

Where can I buy acorns and coins? The only place where you can buy acorns and coins without breaking the rules of the game is the game store. For a successful purchase, you need to go through the in-game button - click on the plus sign next to the currency you need and step by step follow all the steps indicated there. Purchasing elsewhere may result in the suspension of your game account.

How to raise the level faster? Every player wants their parking to be prosperous! The best way to level up faster is to play more! Fill orders from the order board, send a sperm whale, participate in game adventures and promotions. Each of your actions brings you experience points and raises your level. The higher the level, the more opportunities you have and the faster your fame will thunder in all corners of the Ice Age!

Login, password and security rules. Hacking your account can only know your password, so never tell anyone. There are four simple steps that you can take to protect yourself from scammers.

  1. Never tell your password to anyone, not even the support team! The service department never asks for a password for your account, as well as your login on Game Center and Google Play.
  2. Try not to log into your account from other peopleís devices. If you suddenly logged in - do not forget to log out after exiting the game.
  3. When playing from someone elseís computer, use incognito mode in your browser.
  4. Buy game currency only through the in-game store. Having made a purchase through third-party services, you can lose not only the game, but also all the money on your credit card.

Why do I need an internet connection to play? To play, you need an Internet connection so that you can use social opportunities (interacting with your fellow tribesmen, watching a newspaper and visiting the market).And also it allows you to save progress when the game is connected to a network account. To avoid technical problems during the game, make sure the connection is stable and the Wi-Fi signal is stable. It is recommended to play via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G with a stable signal.

How do I rename a parking lot? The name of your parking lot is extremely important! Follow these steps to give your parking lot a new name:

  1. Click on the gear settings.
  2. Select "Rename parking", press it.
  3. Enter a new name for your parking lot.
  4. Confirm the new name.

Ice Age: In-App Purchases and Billing

Acorns purchase failed! If your purchase did not arrive immediately, close the game and log in again.Updating the connection to the server can speed up the processing of data. If this does not help, then be patient - the maximum payment processing time is 24 hours. It very rarely happens that the purchase did not come at all.In this case, be sure to write to the support service by clicking on the appropriate button, attaching a purchase receipt to your appeal. This way they can check if the transaction was sent to your account.

I do not see the store and can not place an order! Problems with the order can arise for several reasons and greatly depend on the model of your device. All payments in the game are handled by Apple. Before making a purchase, it is important to make sure that all settings are set correctly. If your order is being processed for more than 24 hours, contact iTunes Support.

How to disable or enable in-game purchases? This game is free, but it has optional in-game purchases that help in the gameplay. These purchases are made for real money. To be sure of your safety at every stage of the purchase, open the Settings menu on your gaming device. Select "General" and then "Limitations." In the "Restrictions" item, you can enable or disable the restrictions settings. When you turn on the settings, the system asks for a password.

After the restrictions are enabled, select "In-game purchases." At this point, you can completely disable any purchases in the application, or adjust the frequency of the password request using the "Password request" button. Then your device will require a password either at each attempt to make a purchase (to do this, select "Immediately"), or once every 15 minutes.

Is the Ice Age free game? The game "Ice Age" is free. But the developers provide the opportunity to make purchases in the game for acorns, which can be obtained by game methods, or you can buy for real money. This is not necessary, you can play completely free.

Can I buy acorns on websites and apps? The only place where you can buy acorns and coins without breaking the rules of the game is the game store. For a successful purchase, you need to go through the in-game button - click on the plus sign near the currency you need and proceed. Purchasing elsewhere may result in the suspension of your game account.

Ice Age: Walkthrough

Where can I get items to expand the canopy and storage? You can find the necessary tools as follows:

  1. Just work in the parking lot. Harvest from the beds, get products from animals, do the items you need in industrial buildings;
  2. Buy for acorns. This is the fastest way;
  3. Explore meteorites - they may contain tools too;
  4. Play the frosty wheel (unfortunately, not available on iOS devices);
  5. Take part in the adventures of the Ice Age - the reward for a successful adventure will please you;
  6. Participate in tribal competitions - this is exciting and solidly rewarded in case of victory;
  7. See ads in the newspaper, offers on the market from Peach or other players - they often come across the right things.

How to move buildings, beds, bushes, trees and decor items in my parking lot? Click on the selected item, hold down until a pop-up arrow appears. If you want to rearrange the item, move the item to the place you need. If you want to expand the subject, click on the button with circular arrows. Then tap anywhere on the screen.

How to get acorns? You can get acorns as follows:

  1. Explore meteorites - there may be acorns in them too;
  2. Sometimes you get acorns when the level rises;
  3. Acorns can be a reward for participating in adventures and promotions;
  4. Acorns can be a reward in tribal competitions (unfortunately, not available on iOS devices);
  5. Play the frosty wheel - there is a real chance to win acorns;
  6. You can get acorns as a reward when you receive a new achievement - do not forget to go to the rookery and collect your rewards;
  7. You can always just buy acorns through an in-game store.

How to expand the territory? Nearby there are areas suitable for expanding the parking lot, and you can well master them. To do this, you need to reach the desired level and fulfill the conditions for opening new lands.

How to store, sell or remove buildings and animals? Buildings or animals, alas, cannot be stored or sold - they are too important for the existence of your parking lot. But if you want to put some decor in storage, then this can easily be done. Click on the decorative item of your choice and hold until the arrow appears. A few buttons will appear. The one on which there will be a blue arrow pointing down will put your item in storage at the store, from where you can get it at any time.

There may also be a button with circular arrows - if the subject can be rotated. The ability to expand the item is not available for the whole decor, so this button may not be there. A button with a checkmark allows you to leave everything as is and just close the action screen. If you are playing from a mobile device, simply tap into any other area of ??the screen. Decorate your parking lot to your liking and donít worry about the place to store the decor - it is more than enough.

How can I get tools for cleaning up the territory and producing resources? Parking tools are a must.The tools you need can be obtained as follows:

  1. Just working in the parking lot. Harvest from the beds, get products from animals, do the items you need in industrial buildings;
  2. Having bought for acorns. This is the fastest way;
  3. Explore meteorites - they may contain tools too;
  4. Play the frosty wheel;
  5. See ads in the newspaper, offers on the market from Peach or other players - they often come across the right things.

What are meteorites? Welcome to the world of the Ice Age! Here, mysterious meteorites fall from heaven every day! Explore them and get various useful things. The first meteorite can be investigated for free, the rest can be examined for acorns, but the reward is worth it, we promise! By the way, you can study another free meteorite in the parking lot of your friend - but only one.

How does a frosty wheel work? The frosty wheel works accurately and without fail, like the best Swiss watches. Once a day you can play for free and get a guaranteed useful prize, and you can play for acorns as many times as you like - no one will lose, because a frosty wheel is a win-win! You can spin the wheel from level 7.Unfortunately, the frosty wheel is not available on iOS devices.

How does a wolf work? The wolf works clearly as in a pharmacy - you pay for its services, and it searches for you any things that you need. True, after the completed order, he will rest for a couple of hours - but running around the icy expanses is not an easy task. You can hire a wolf for 1, 5 or 10 days. A wolf appears at level 14.

How does a sperm whale work? Starting at level 17, you can restore the maritime communication between your parking lot and the rest of the world. Sending goods with a sperm whale is an activity for those who insist on it, because really big supplies are needed there. But the reward will also be great, except for coins and experience, you can also get crystals. And you will definitely get rating points among those engaged in marine supplies. The lead time for a sperm whale is limited, it is 17 hours. In 17 hours you need to have time to load all the sinks, otherwise the order will not be considered completed.

You can ask for help from fellow tribesmen and friends in filling the sinks - to do this, select the sink you need and press the button labeled "Help". If you managed to load all the sinks ahead of schedule - feel free to send the sperm whale earlier, for this you will receive additional bonuses. The next sperm whale will sail 4 hours after sending the previous one, but you can call the sperm whale faster for acorns.

How do bushes grow? You can plant a bush on any free part of the parking lot; the bush does not require beds or a special place. But the bush will give only three crops, after which it will dry out. To revive the bush, ask for help with watering from fellow tribesmen and friends - after they help you and pour the bush, it will give another crop. Four harvests from a bush is its limit, after that the bush can only be uprooted using the necessary tools.

Where to get crystals and why are they needed? For crystals, you can buy decor in a store or pets, so this thing is necessary and useful. And crystals will be just incredibly needed in Geotopia! The crystals can be obtained as follows:

  1. Send loaded sperm whale - crystals will be in rewards for the completed order;
  2. Open meteorites;
  3. Come into the game every day - crystals can be a reward in daily gifts;
  4. Fill orders from the order board on which the crystal is painted - you will definitely receive it for these orders;
  5. Just buy for acorns.

How to mine amber, jade, amethyst and ruby? All gems are mined in the Mysterious Cave, it is available from level 20. True, at first it will be necessary to restore it, but then it will be possible to extract precious stones in any quantity! When mining gems, tools are wasted.

I donít have enough plants. What should I do? You can buy the plants you need for acorns, or you can search for newspaper ads. And be sure to check out the market for Peach - maybe it will have what you need!

Ice Age: Parking Safety

Why should I keep parking? In order for your equipped parking lot to remain as prosperous, it is better to connect to your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account. So you are guaranteed to save your parking and your progress, even if your device suddenly breaks or reboots. Plus you can play with your friends on a social network, find new friends and at any time you can connect with your old and new friends. The game does not send spam to its players and does not publish anything on your page without your consent!

Save the game on Facebook! In order to save the game on Facebook, you need to open Facebook and make sure that you are logged into your account. After that, open the "Ice Age", go to the game settings and click on the Facebook login button to link your parking lot. Your parking will be forever linked to Facebook. Therefore, check again that you have chosen the account you need.

Save the game on Google Play! To save the game to Google Play, do the following:

Remember that Google Play only supports one game per account.

Save the game in Game Center! To save the game in Game Center, you need to do the following:

Remember that Game Center only supports one game per account.

Ice Age: Tribe and Tribal Competitions

What are tribes for? Most importantly, when you join a tribe, you can take part in tribal competitions! Make your tribe the best! And also tribes are needed in order to play was easier and more convenient. Team up with friends or join someone elseís tribe - itís better to play anyway. All requests for help will be immediately visible to all members of the tribe and help will come faster. Fellow tribesmen can be asked to help you with the missing goods for completing tasks, agree on a winning strategy and other things. For the convenience of negotiations within the tribe there is a general chat. And all these benefits will become available to you from level 13, after the restoration of the Totem of the tribe.

Roles in the tribe. Each tribe has such roles as:

Leader. There can be only one leader. This role must be present in every tribe. It is he who can appoint other members of the tribe to certain roles, sets the tribeís settings, invites new players and confirms the playersí requests, and can also remove players from the tribe and remove the ban from them. The role of the leader can be transferred to any of the participants.

Elder. There may be several elders. This role is not required for the tribe, the decision about whether he needs the elders is made by the leader of the tribe. They can appoint and remove rangers, can change the settings of the tribe, can invite players and accept requests for joining the tribe, as well as remove players below themselves from the rank of the tribe.

Ranger. There may also be several trackers. This role is not required for the tribe, the decision about whether he needs trackers, takes the leader of the tribe. The ranger may invite other players, and may accept and decline requests to join the tribe.

Participant. There can be as many participants as possible (within the maximum capacity of the tribe), they have no special privileges.

I am the leader of the tribe. What happens if I get out of it? If you leave the tribe that you are leading, then the next player in terms of role and level will automatically take the place of the leader. You will not be able to return to the same tribe for the role of leader, only as an ordinary participant. If there is nobody in the tribe except you, then the tribe will be eliminated with your exit from it.

How to change a tribe? You can only be a member of one tribe at a time, so in order to join a new tribe you have to leave the old one. In order to leave the tribe, go to the tribeís Totem and click on the red "Abandon" button. Before joining a new tribe, you will need to wait a while. After that you can both join any other tribe and create your own.

Welcome to tribal competitions! Have you already joined the tribe? Then welcome to the tribal competition!On the hill near the geyser are three dodos. They are the ones who come up with assignments for Armageddodon.Click on the geyser to see the time remaining until the start of the next competition. If Armageddodon has already begun - choose a task to your liking and forward to victory!

Competition Rules You must be a tribe and agree to compete. After the start of the competition, you select your tasks from the list of proposed ones and complete them, one task at a time. The next task can be taken after the previous one is completed, canceled or failed. Points for completed tasks are taken into account in the results of the competition. Penalties for failed missions are taken into account if your tribe is in the world top, so choose carefully.

Depending on the points scored by the tribe, the tribe takes a place in the competition. For 1-3 places, members of the tribe receive additional prizes. If the tribe did not take prizes, then there will be no additional reward, but you can independently select rewards from the list according to the number of points scored. Competitions last five days and are held once a week.

To participate or not to participate in competitions? Whether or not to participate in tribal competitions is up to you. But if for some reason you still do not want any competition, then here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the tribal totem.
  2. Select your own name in the list of fellow tribesmen and uncheck the box "Participation in competitions".

Why canít I take part in competitions? Perhaps you unchecked the item about participating in the competition in the tribal totem. If you change your mind, just put it on again. You could also join the tribe after the start of the competition. In this case, wait until the end of these competitions and take part in the following.

Possible assignments of Armageddodon. You may be asked to fulfill orders from the board, send a sperm whale, feed animals, collect plants or help friends and tribesmen - in general, almost any action that you perform in your parking lot may turn out to be a competition task. Do not worry, you will be offered only those tasks that you or someone from your tribe can pass.

Can someone help me with tasks in competitions? Most of the tasks in the competitions are designed for independent fulfillment, but nevertheless, your fellow tribesmen (and this is a big bonus of the tribe!), Newspaper and Peach can help you. Assistance in tasks of various types can be either direct or indirect - for example, if you do not have the right amount of plants to plant them, you may well buy them through a newspaper or in the market, but you will have to plant and harvest them yourself.

Tribal Competition Magazine. Check out the Tribal Competition Magazine for a better job! To view the magazine, go to the chat window and open a tab with the name "Journal". The competition log shows:

The magazine allows you to see who in the tribe needs help with tasks, which will make your tribe more effective and promote it to the top places in the rating!

Global Top Armageddodon. Now the best tribes will be on the leaderboard, taking into account the whole world! You can see the hundred best tribes whose members were the fastest, most agile and strong! The global top will take into account 4 different parameters:

If, according to the results of the competition, your tribe ended up in the previous league (that is, it lost its position), then you wonít get into the top leaders in these competitions, but there is every chance to do so in the next competitions.

How can a tribe move to the next league? To get into the next league, your tribe must receive any of the three watermelons at the competitions (gold, silver or bronze) and pass at least one mark on the progress bar.

Ice Age: Troubleshooting and Settings

Low requirements in aspects of sound and graphics. The game "Ice Age" is regularly updated and improved, respectively, increased requirements for devices for the game. But the developers are making every effort so that players with older devices can also enjoy this game. For this, the level of graphics and sound was slightly reduced for older devices, but otherwise the game is the same on all types of devices.

How to change the language in the game? Select "Settings" in the game. Select "Select Language." Select your preferred language. After changing the language, the game will automatically restart and will be in the language you need.

Can I reset / restart the game? Unfortunately not. But you can restart playing on another device or through another social network if your game is not linked to Facebook, Game Center or Google Play.

Ice Age: Connecting with Friends

How can I help my friends? Helping your friends is easy and profitable, and very simple. If your friend needs help, he will send you a request. You can see all requests for help if you click on the friends icon in the lower right corner. Click on the icon of the player from this tab you want to help, and click on the "visit" pop-up button - you will find yourself in his parking lot.

The player may ask for help with watering the bushes - such bushes will be highlighted with an exclamation mark, they can be watered and thereby help your friend. If nothing is highlighted with an exclamation mark, then help has already been provided and you canít do anything else. The player may ask for help in loading the sperm whale - in this case, an exclamation mark will be above the sperm whale platform. Click on it and you will see with what specific product you can help a friend.

The selected item will be deducted from your inventory, so if you want to help, for example, load 14 feathers onto your friendís sperm whale, make sure you have these 14 feathers. Otherwise, you canít help, unless you buy the missing for acorns.

How to disable Facebook notifications about likes? Open Facebook, go to settings. Select "Applications and Websites", select "Ice Age" and set "Publication Privacy" to "Just For Me." Thus, no one except you will not see the postings, respectively, no one will like them. And there will be no notifications about likes. At the same time, unfortunately, no one will know about your gaming achievements either.

Ice Age: A Guide for Pupils

How can I get pupils? A foster child can only be bought for crystals.

What are pupils for? First of all, they are cute. Secondly, when you feed them, pets give you additional experience.

How many pupils can I have? As many schools for them you buy. One school can accommodate two pets.

How to feed the pupils? Click on a bowl at school, select a feed, click on a selected feed or drag it into a bowl (depending on the device you are playing with). Then your pet will cope on his own.

Why do you need a rattle? Your pupil can walk around the parking lot, so the rattle calls him back to school.

Why do we need schools for pupils? To your pupil was where to play and eat, he needs a school. Therefore, without a school, having a foster child, alas, will not work.

Ice Age: Market Guide

Can I pick up items from my market? You can remove the exhibited goods for acorns back to your store.

How to change the price of an item on the market? It is not possible to change the price of an already set item. But at the moment when you are only exhibiting the goods, you can change the quantity and price of the goods offered through the "Offer" block (located to the right of the goods).

How to sell items to other players? At level 6, you will have access to a market where you can sell and buy goods. Just click on the market and you will see slots for the display of your goods. Click on an empty market slot, and then select the product you want to sell. You can choose a canopy or storage (bookmarks to the left of the goods). On the right you will be able to choose the amount of goods sold and adjust the price for it, reduce or increase it at your discretion.

After that, feel free to click on the blue "Place" button - your product will be placed on the market, and it will be able to be seen by both your friends entering your market and readers of the newspaper - unless you uncheck the "Advertise" box, of course. If you uncheck the "Advertise" checkbox, then only the player who enters your market will see the product; such a product will not get into the newspaper. After your product is sold, you will see a warning sign above the market building. Enter the market, click on the slot where your product used to be - now there will be an icon of the player who bought the product. So you take your money.

How to buy items from other players? To buy an item from another player, you can go to the market or view ads through the newspaper. To buy goods in the market of another player, go to your market. Below, under the slots for goods, icons of Peach and one of your friends will be placed. Just click on any icon and you will be taken to the market.

All your friends will appear below in order of priority. Or you can enter the playerís parking lot and enter the market already - so you immediately enter the playerís market, which you visited. To buy goods through a newspaper, click on the mail box (located to the right of the market) or on the newspaper icon (in the upper right corner of the screen). Open a newspaper, flip through and view ads. And do not forget to update the newspaper, this can be done once every 20 seconds.

How does product advertising work? There are three points that you need to know about the work of advertising products.

  1. You will never see your ad in the newspaper. But you will see strangers in the order of their placement. First, those that were posted earlier, and when you update the newspaper - those that were posted later.
  2. The maximum lifetime of an ad is three hours. You can place an ad once every five minutes for free, but for acorns you can place ads without waiting.
  3. A product that you put on the market without an advertisement will not get into the newspaper, and only those who enter your market will be able to see it.

The newspaper shows the goods sold. The turnover of goods in the "Ice Age" is up to you! Thousands of thousands of players sell and buy a variety of products, and all this happens in real time. In practice, this means that someone else has time to buy the product that you have looked after before you. In this case, you are informed that someone has already bought the goods before you, and instead of the goods you will see the profile picture of a more successful player.

The same goods are constantly in the newspaper! This happens because some products are much easier to produce than others. Therefore, there are more goods that are simple to manufacture on the market than complex or rare. After all, all the goods on the market are made, sold and bought by real players.

Is it possible to make contractual transactions through the market? Only if you directly agreed with another player that he will offer you some goods at an attractive price. Just do it quickly until an outsider looks at the market and outbids your deal. And it is better for such ads to uncheck the advertisement of the goods in the newspaper.

No one is buying goods from me, what should I do? Reduce prices and do not forget to check the box "Advertise". And do not be discouraged, sooner or later your product will definitely be bought!

How to get additional slots for selling goods? Additional cells in the market can be obtained in two ways: by inviting friends to the game or simply by purchasing them for acorns.

Ice Age: Sperm Whale Guide

What is a sperm whale for? Sperm whale is needed to send goods around the world of the Ice Age - and for the prosperity of your personal parking, of course. Sea deliveries are a sure way to wealth and prosperity!

What is sperm whale rating? Among those involved in marine supplies, you can see a list of the most successful suppliers. To do this, click on the cup in the upper right corner - you will be offered two pictures, with a cup and a sperm whale. Choose a picture with a sperm whale and get into the rating of a sperm whale. A picture with a gold cup leads to the world ranking tab where you can see the overall and seasonal ratings.

In the sperm whale rating you can see your place in the overall rating and the place in the rating among your friends. The overall ranking shows the top 200 marine suppliers. The rating is updated once a day, so send the loaded sperm whale and you will have a chance to see your own name in the list of the best! By the way, the faster you send a loaded sperm whale, the more rating points it will bring to you.

Do I need to send a sperm whale myself? Of course, you decide. Sending a sperm whale makes a profit and allows you to significantly unload the storage, but requires effort and a more intense game.

What happens if you send the sperm whale and do not fill all the sinks? When you load each sink, you get a certain reward, but if the time runs out and the sperm whale does not float fully loaded, then you will not receive the total reward for sending the sperm whale. You can send the sperm whale completely empty, but if you loaded at least one sink or requested help with loading, then sending the sperm whale earlier and not loading it completely will not work. After the sperm whale sailed away, on the platform you can see what goods will be needed in the next loading.

How to ask friends and fellow tribesmen for help with a sperm whale? Go to the platform and select the sink with the goods with which you need help. You will see a menu for filling sinks with goods to the right of the sinks, and there will also be a green button "Need Help!" Click on it, and your friends and members of your tribe will see your request if you are a member of the tribe.

Ice Age: Adventure Stone

What are the adventures in the game? Periodically, adventures begin in the world of the Ice Age. The Stone of Adventure will tell you about them - after all, it is for this that it is set!

What will I get for participating in adventures? Each adventure provides its own reward, but it will be worthy, do not hesitate! For some you can get a unique decor, for others - acorns or tools, or even both at once. And certainly you will not be offended by coins and experience. Take part in adventures and let your parking lot flourish!

At what level can you participate in adventures? From level 6 in the "Ice Age" adventure begins! Follow the news of the game and the Adventure Stone, it is on it that the drawings appear talking about the new Adventure.

How not to miss an adventure? Come into the game, read the news of the gaming community, look at the notifications in your gaming device - on the day when the adventure begins, news will surely appear.

Ice Age: Player Blocks

Consequences and blocking. The user agreement of the developers categorically prohibits any fraudulent activities, cheating and trading operations outside the game store. In addition to the actual threat of an account hack, participation in any of the above actions will lead to penalties on the part of the game developers.

Developers can withdraw game currency, temporarily block a suspicious account, or permanently close a playerís account. Developers do not provide support for accounts involved in fraudulent activities, as well as in cases where the account has been changed by the fraudulent service provider. Adhere to the user agreement and do not perform actions that threaten the security of your account.

Why am I blocked in the chat? If you are blocked, it means that several players have sent complaints to you over a certain period of time. At the same time, the same person cannot send a complaint twice, that is, for blocking, complaints of several people are necessary. The blocking lasts 24 hours, after which you can again take part in the tribal chat. The message system is automatic, and it blocks and unblocks you without the participation of any moderators, but the tribal leader can remove your ban earlier if he sees fit.

Ice Age: Account Issues

Choosing the right parking. If you have saved two parking lots on your device, you need to choose in which parking lot you want to continue the game. Since the device can save and continue the progress of only one parking lot, the choice must be made very carefully. Be sure to check the level of your parking before choosing.

How to transfer an account to another Android device? You can transfer parking to another Android device using Google Play. To do this, you need to be registered on Google Play and have both Android devices at hand. Itís important to remember that Google Play only supports one account, so for a new game you will need a new account. Take the device number 1 on which you are already playing. Make sure the game is associated with an account on Google Play:

  1. Sign in to Google Play on device # 1;
  2. Open Ice Age World and click the "Settings" button;
  3. Connect to Google Play - to do this, click the login button.
  4. Take the device number 2 on which you want to transfer the game. Log in to the same account as on device number 1;
  5. Download the game from the Google Play Store;
  6. Log in to social networks or go through training;
  7. Open the gameís settings and click on the "Enter Google Play" button;
  8. You will be prompted to download the saved game - be sure to agree.

How to transfer an account to a new iOS device? You can play the game from multiple devices or transfer it from one device to another using the Game Center. Just follow the steps below. Connect device # 1 to your Game Center account:

  1. Enter the device settings;
  2. Select the Game Center tab;
  3. Log in using your apple ID;
  4. Verify that no one else is using this account.

Now return to the main screen and open the game. You should see a pop-up message "Welcome, (game name)." Now take the device number 2, which will transfer the game. Download a game on it, and then follow these steps:

  1. Enter the device settings;
  2. Select the Game Center tab;
  3. Enter your username and password. They must be the same as on device No. 1;
  4. Launch the game. You will be prompted to download the saved game - be sure to agree.

How to transfer parking from an iOS device to Android (or vice versa)? You can transfer the game from Android to iOS and vice versa only if the game is linked to your Facebook account and both of your devices are at your fingertips. To transfer your parking, an Android device must be connected to your Facebook account. On your iOS device, open Ice Age and connect the game to Facebook. To do this, in the gameís settings, click the "Connect to Facebook" button. Then step by step follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook on the device where your parking is located. Make sure you are logged in with the account you need.
  2. Launch the game on the device where the parking lot is located, open the "Settings" and check that the game is also connected to Facebook.
  3. Open Facebook on the device to which you want to transfer the parking. Make sure you logged in with the account that is associated with your parking on another device.
  4. Go to the device settings and verify that you are logged in with the account you need.
  5. Launch the game on a new device, go through the training until the opportunity to click on the "Settings" button appears.
  6. Select "Connect to Facebook" in the settings and select the profile to which your parking lot is linked.

If your iOS device has an operating system of iOS 6 or higher, you need to log in to Facebook using your account in the device settings. Open the settings and find "Facebook" at the bottom of the list. Check if you are logged in to the account you need. Check if the game "Ice Age" is in the list of applications that are allowed access to your account. Check if the game is running. If you want to play from any device, you can do this if your game account is connected to Facebook or play through different worlds.

How do I start parking on multiple devices? If you want to play in your parking lot from different devices, you need to link it to your Game Center, Google Play or Facebook account. To connect via Facebook, you must have the opportunity on your device to access Facebook, through a browser or the official application. Verify that you are truly logged into your account. After that, launch the game, select "Settings", select "Facebook - connect."

To link the game to the Game Center, go to the deviceís settings and select Game Center. Log in using your username and password, or create a new account if you do not already have one. Launch the game.When you enter the game should appear the inscription "Welcome, (username)" from the Game Center. This will mean that the parking was successfully tied to the Game Center. You can also bind the game to Google Play, this will also allow you to play from multiple devices with Android OS.

I can not transfer the parking to another device! For technical reasons, on iOS 4x, iOS 5x, iOS 6x devices, after upgrading, parking the parking lot to another device will not work until the OS is updated to iOS 7 or higher. It is very important to install this update if you want to play from multiple devices. If your device does not support iOS 7, then you can play from several devices by linking your parking to your Facebook account.

Can I play with multiple accounts on the same device? Developers only support one saved entry per device or account. To prevent your game from getting lost, be sure to save it! To save the game, you must bind the game to Game Center on iOS or bind the game to Google Play on Android. You can also play with authorization through Facebook, your data will be safely stored.

If you play without binding, you can lose the saved data permanently. This can happen if you restore the factory settings or start playing on another device, or incorrectly reinstall the game.

Why is the connection automatically disconnected? (Google play). Only one Google account can be associated with a game. If your connection is automatically disconnected, this could happen in the following cases:

  1. The Google Play account youíve connected to is tied to another Ice Age parking lot. To start playing, restart the Ice Age and select the parking lot tied to your Google Play account.
  2. The Google Play account you use is not tied to your parking lot.
Always verify that you have selected the Google Play account you need associated with your parking lot.