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LEGACY OF DISCORD: FURIOUS WINGS is an Android game with release date 11/8/2016 from GTarcade. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Armor and Wing Upgrade Guide
  2. Divinity Boost
  3. Hero Talents
  4. Enchantress Guide
  5. Puppeteer Guide
  6. A Beginner’s Guide
  7. Secrets of the Battle of Ice and Fire
  8. Treasure Hunt
  9. Arena Battles
  10. Expedition Walkthrough
  11. Walkthrough Dungeons
  12. Completing Daily Quests
  13. Guild Guide
  14. Game Currencies Review
  15. Checks Guide
  16. Mystery Chest Review
  17. Events and Game Features
  18. Technical Issues
  19. VIP System

Legacy of Discord: Armor and Wing Upgrade Guide

Armor is a metal "clothing", which basically gives the player a plus: to the maximum coolant, physical and magical protection, sometimes - attack. In total, you can find 8 types of equipment for your hero - weapons, helmet, shoulder pads, armor, leg protection (greaves), boots, ring and chain / necklace.

Despite the fact that different items give increases to different characteristics, in general they function the same - you equip them and get advantages in statistics. The higher the quality of the armor, the greater the increase in BR to the player. You can improve all this equipment in many ways: raise its level, hone characteristics with the help of materials, enhance with the help of special stones, reforge with the help of other stones, insert precious stones into equipment and enchant.

Increased armor level. You need a lot of gold to level up. Armor level will not be limited, with the exception of player level - this is the only criterion for equipment level. This means that if the hero is level 70, then all his equipment will not be higher than this level - as a result, the total bonus from increasing the level of equipment will be limited and relatively small.

Each new level of equipment will add a small bonus to stats - for example, by increasing the level of weapons, you will get a plus to physical and elemental attacks, and armor will improve the protection of both types. However, it is not for nothing that this improvement method is the simplest in the game - each level adds only a small number of units to some of the characteristics, and the level of equipment is limited by the level of the hero.

Increasing the rank of armor. To increase the rank, you will need to collect several similar items of the lower rank, a certain amount of dragon crystals / spirit / soul and gold. As a result of increasing the rank, you will receive an item of a higher rank, which can be improved even more - all other types of enhancement will again be applied to it.

Improving armor through schemes. One of the best ways to improve armor is to improve it with schematics. When upgrading a weapon, helmet, armor and other things, a number like "+1" or "+2 is added. For such an improvement, you need special stones, which players usually have in astronomical numbers, and blueprints corresponding to equipment - you will need more for each level of improvement. materials, and every five such "upgrades" the type of schemes changes. With all this, you will also not be able to improve equipment higher than the character’s level allows - as with the upgrade for gold.

Improving armor due to stones. Also, equipment can be improved with the help of special stones - OZ, attack, verse. attack, etc. Each item can be upgraded by 20 stars and each time the upgrade will be more expensive. Each piece of equipment is improved only 20 times, after which it will no longer be possible to improve it and it will be necessary to redo the item, making it a higher rank.

Reforging armor. Reforging weapons is another way to enhance them using Reforging Stones and Gold. Reforging allows you to increase the attack and the maximum amount of the character’s health, but at the same time it takes quite a lot of time - it is better to use 10 stones at once instead of one, in order to end up spending less time. Also, with the help of reforging, you can enhance each item only up to a certain limit, so strengthening with this method has its own limitations.

Enchanting armor. Enchanting works with randomness - each piece of equipment can be improved in one way or another, if you spend the desired enchantment stone (the more often the equipment is enchanted, the higher the level of enchantment stones are needed) and gold, but the enchantment result will be random.


Combat Wings or Wings is a feature that is unlocked when the player reaches level 13. The training will guide you through the process of getting your first set. Combat wings are very similar to companions and equipment, as they can be improved, awakened and developed to further increase the character’s BR. The first set of character wings is free and easy to obtain, in order to collect new sets, players spend the honor collected from PvP activity to buy wing fragments.

Fragments of wings for many sets of purple quality can often only be obtained through events that use diamonds or also in small quantities with the function of the guild shop, where Lich fragments can be purchased. Each new set of wings requires a certain number of fragments to activate, usually this value ranges from 20-80 fragments, players can find the value of a certain number of fragments needed to search in the wings menu.

Wings can also evolve, this feature unlocks at level 54, players collect additional fragments and develop their wings, as well as increasing their combat rating. Wings are currently one of the largest BR increases a player can get. The fastest way to increase a player’s Battle Rating early in the game is to get new Wing Sets that share bonuses with the current sets. For example, both the Wanderer and the Requiem share bonuses at levels 1 and 20.

Unlike companions, the player can wear any set of wings without affecting combat rating. Wings share their combat rating across the entire feature, so don’t be afraid to put a raging spirit into your first set of wings.

Legacy of Discord: Divinity Boost

Boosting divinity makes each absolute player unique in their own way. You can get divine grace by increasing the rank of mounts. Moreover, the higher the quality of the mount, the more points of divinity it brings when pumping. There are 29 blessings in total, 25 of them have been added at the moment. Each of them can be pumped by 8/8. The higher the level, the more divinity is required and the higher the added parameters, that is, it is beneficial to pump only certain graces, rather than pressing all the ones you like.

As a last resort, if you are still mistaken, or you want to change your fighting style, you can change your choice by dropping grace points for 1 million gold. The first three graces are opened by the Shadow Demon (in fact, this is the only mount that gives access to three divinities at once, while the rest give access to only 1):

Whitemane. Savagery: If your HP is above 70%, Accuracy and Critical Damage are increased by 8%. If HP is less than 30%, Resistance and Resistance to Critical Damage are increased by 8%. The choice for long-term PvP where you don’t die for a long time. It will help both in dealing damage and in greater survival.

Spooky Beast. Warlord: When Rage is less than 50, damage increases by 1% and reduces damage taken from other players by 1%. a variation of the divinity "Persistent". An excellent choice for all players.

Flying Whale. Hercules: When attacking enemy players, there is a 1% chance to deal additional damage equal to 1% of your current maximum HP. This is your choice if your goal is to "pick" a high-level player with a lot of HP, not too comparable to your attack. Or use it as additional damage to weaker players. A stronger version of the Hot Dragon (grace - Bright fire) with silence or Sanbi (grace - Guardian Fox) with a higher chance of dealing damage and the amount of hp removed.

Azure Dragon. Razor: When attacking, there is a 3% chance to increase attack by 30% for 3 seconds. For extra damage.

Hot Dragon. Bright Fire: when attacking enemy players, there is a 1% chance to inflict additional damage equal to 1% of the current HP (this damage ignores defense) and impose silence for 2 seconds. Similar to the grace of the Flying Whale, but with additional effects.

Desher. Mana Flow: When attacking enemies, there is a chance to activate a Mana Surge and restore 2 MP. Necessarily for pumping in the arena, or for people without OM potions.

Orion. Bird’s wrath: when attacking an enemy player, there is a 10% chance to gain 2 fury. Also useful for the arena, but you can’t count on a lot of rage.

Crimson Lion. Vengeful Heart: Has a 10% chance to reduce an enemy’s Attack and Elemental Attack by 16% for 3 seconds. For support players and, in principle, against players of equal and high level.

Fairy chariot. Soul Shock: 20% chance when attacking to immobilize the enemy for 4 seconds and increase your own critical hit, penetration and accuracy by 100% for the same time. Necessarily for pumping. It is useful both in attack and defense.

Phantom Horse. Soul Echo: When attacking enemies, there is a 1% chance to restore 1% of your maximum HP. It will come in handy both in the arena and in flights. an extra vampire never hurts. A stronger version of the Heavenly Drake (grace - Last Radiance) with a higher HP regen and a proc chance.

Hell Bike. Hellfury: Attacks have a 5% chance to increase your attack speed and reduce the enemy’s attack speed by 60% for 5 seconds. An irreplaceable blessing for arens, sky flights and treasure hunting (especially when you are fighting with someone). A stronger version of Icefang (grace - Ice armor) with a higher proc chance, duration of action and an additional buff for 4 seconds, but a lower attack speed reduction (by 10%, which is not very noticeable and is leveled by a longer duration).

Dreadnought. Zeal: Attack has a 20% chance to increase Attack, Elemental Attack, and Run Speed by 10% for 4 seconds. Another blessing for dealing more damage. Can be used to finish off fleeing players. Similar to the grace of Arsei and the Night Hunter, but with a higher proc chance.

Sunby. Guardian Fox: When attacking, there is a 6% chance to deal 2% damage from the enemy’s current HP. Similar to the grace of the Flying Whale, but with higher damage and proc chance.

Dawn. Trample: Attacks have a 10% chance to Stun an enemy for 3 seconds. Another great control grace! Necessarily for pumping. Will help in any kind of pvp. A high chance of triggering and the inability to apply skills - this is what makes similar grace indispensable in battles against players.

Heavenly Drake. Last Radiance: Attacks have a 6% chance to restore 2% of your current HP. Similar to the grace of the Phantom Horse, but with higher HP regen and proc chance.

Saberfang. Feral Heart: Attack has a 10% chance to increase Critical Damage / Toughness / Dodge by 35%, for 5 seconds. Random buffs for 5 seconds. Quite a controversial grace. But nevertheless it may interest the arens.

Ice Fang. Ice Armor: When attacking, there is a 20% chance to reduce the enemy’s attack speed by 50%, for 6 seconds and increase your stamina / block / evasion by 100%, for 4 seconds. Similar to the grace of Hell’s Bike, with a higher proc chance, but less attack speed reduction.

Silver Rachel. Sand Barrier: Attack has a 3% chance to increase Critical Damage Reduction by 30%, for 3 seconds. It will be useful at high levels of buildup for arenors.

Arsey. Furious Anger: When attacking, there is a 10% chance to increase critical damage and run speed by 10%, for 3 seconds. Another blessing for finishing off fleeing players. A stronger version of the Dreadnought (grace - Zeal) with a higher proc chance and duration.

Cyberglider. Cyber Agility: When attacking, there is a 24% chance to increase your running speed by 75% and block and dodge by 150%, for 5 seconds. Top grace for running from the enemy and / or for survival. The extremely high chance of triggering makes this grace indispensable in arena pvp.

Night Hunter. Fast Reflex: When attacking, there is a 10% chance to increase your running speed by 10%, for 3 seconds. Grace for finishing off fleeing players. The stronger version of the Dreadnought (grace - Zeal) with a higher proc chance and duration.

Hellish steed. Infernal Doom: When attacking, there is a 10% chance to reduce the target’s Fury by 3 and Defense by 100%, for 3 seconds. One of the best pvp benefits. The combination of a fairly high chance of triggering and actually lowering the protection give very good performance both in 1v1 pvp and in mass skirmishes.

Legacy of Discord: Hero Talents

Talents are one of the ways to level up in the game. For talents, seals are required, which can be obtained by improving the Alchemy Stone. There are currently 4 talents for each class in the game.

Skills and their talents. Let’s look at an example on a sorceress:

All these skills are essentially standard for this class, but with the pumping of talents (for each class their bonuses are the same), they will differ for each character separately. There are only 5 talents available for each skill, but you can only choose 3 of them active.

1. First skill:

2. Second skill:

3. Third skill:

4. The fourth skill:

Legacy of Discord: Enchantress Guide

Basic class information:

Attacks. The type of combat of the sorceress is ranged, so she cannot immediately cope with large concentrations of enemies. The enchantress needs a certain amount of time to prepare, so the damage from the skills is applied a second after activation.

Skills. The sorceress’s standard attack hits farther and faster than anyone else - she throws out three ice cards that cut enemies. The damage from this attack is not very great. Although the skills of the sorceress take longer to recover, they do much more damage.

Battle. The magician’s damage element is ice. Hits enemies from afar, can inflict damage before attacking her. Along with this, the sorceress does not hold the onslaught of enemies poorly. Since the type of her fight is ranged, she cannot quickly deal with nearby enemies.

Legacy of Discord: Puppeteer Guide

Basic class information:

Puppeteer activation. There are two ways to activate the puppeteer - either by starting a new game on the server for him, and you must have three characters of level 62 and above, or by activating him directly in the game. To do this, you need to spend 5000 diamonds, be level 62 and above, and at least 6 times participate in the Treasure Robber. After that, you need to re-enter, if you linked your Facebook / Twitter / Google Play account - log in again, and you will enter the server as a puppeteer. Attacks and armor also change accordingly. Various costumes such as Twilight, Diamond and regular, as well as superweapons do not work on the puppeteer, but upon returning to the main class, they will continue to work.

Attack and skills. The puppeteer uses his mechanical puppet to fight. Skills:

Mechanism. During the battle, you can switch from the puppeteer to the Mech - a mechanical "person" who can be improved. After activating the puppeteer, the player will have access to editing the fur - its improvement, strengthening, strengthening, etc. In mechanization, 4 sections are opened for you: mech weapons, reinforcement, mech parts and skill settings. In the first section, you will be prompted to activate or strengthen the main and additional. fur weapons. To activate, you need to collect a certain number of fragments of one or another weapon. Fragments can be purchased from the doll shop.

In the second section, you can strengthen parts of the fur - this will require fur details. There are six pieces of mech that can be buffed: the mech hand, processor, gear, power node, engine, and core. The core improves after all other parts of the fur have been improved to one level or another. The third section is similar to metamorphosis: you are asked to choose one of the activated weapons.

Legacy of Discord: A Beginner’s Guide

Battle Rating (BR) . This is a number that represents the overall power and toughness of the player’s character. This is the most important part of the game, as all players on the selected server are measured in terms of their BR. Any upgrades to equipment, skills, rage, and other activities that the player does will also increase them. Some updates offer a larger increase in BR than others, but all of this is important for character growth.

BR also allows players to quite accurately determine if they can defeat different opponents in PvP and PvE. For example, in the arena, each player’s BR is highlighted and the other can determine whether he will win the player or not. The higher the players’ BR, the stronger the player is and the more he can do with relative ease. But there are such players when their strength does not match the BR, that is, they can defeat the player much stronger than he.

Players can see their overall rating in the ranking compared to other players on their servers. Please note that lower level players will not be able to access this feature right away.

Gaining stamina. There are 4 ways to get stamina:

  1. Click on the stamina icon to buy stamina with diamonds;
  2. Buy a ball of endurance in the VIP store;
  3. You can get stamina from your friends in the game;
  4. You can worship if you are a member of a guild.

Stamina purchase. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the main screen, and then the "+" sign in the upper right corner to gain stamina. The system will also automatically prompt you to buy stamina when it is used up and you try to start a dungeon.

Feast. Press the "Reward" button and select "Feast" to get 60 stamina for free (twice a day, from 12 noon to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 8 pm).

Pet. Pets will accompany you in battles. The first pet will be obtained after completing the third part of the main task. Pets can also be obtained from various events. Pet shards can be obtained from the Wild Soul Shop and the Monopoly Shop.

You can increase the attributes of your pets by improving them or providing them with support.

Getting gold. There are many ways to get gold, for example, in a treasure vault, a gold dungeon, and also in VIP rewards. The Gold Dungeon is a multi-person dungeon that rewards you with tons of gold. The higher your BR, the more gold you get.

Methods for obtaining diamonds. Diamonds are one of the rare currencies in the game, and many players want to get more of them. They can be obtained in the following ways:

You can also earn diamonds by completing the blitz in the first levels in the "Crucible of Pain" chapter.

Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is a multi-awarding event that is only available during the first two days of the server opening. During this event, you can replenish your diamond account and get even more diamonds as a bonus.

Experience dungeon. An Experience Dungeon is a multi-person dungeon that rewards you with tons of experience. The higher your BR, the more experience you get. It is also possible to gain stamina.

Complete the experience dungeon at a special time and get double experience.

Deadly Combat. In mortal combat, players fight each other. The winner becomes king of PvP and receives a temporary title until the next match. For participating in it, rewards are given: a chest with P4 equipment and a lucky chest of P1-P4 equipment. For victory - a title and a chest with equipment. The match lasts 20 minutes, the first three minutes before the game - registration of players, later it will be impossible to enter. Mortal combatants are located in the territory outside of which they receive damage.

Tower of Eternity. The Tower of Eternity is a multi-level dungeon where players climb the floors and the higher the floor, the stronger the monsters and bosses.

Monopoly. Monopoly is available from the third to the seventh day of server opening. You can roll dice for 30 diamonds, and as you move along the board, earn exchange coupons by completing a full circle. For exchange coupons in the store, you can purchase Wings of Fury.

What are seven-day assignments? These are weekly quests that are completed in chunks each day to earn valuable rewards. When you complete all tasks within seven days, you can get Wings of Fury.

Plunderer of treasures. Treasure Robber - PvE game mode, available after activating the puppeteer. The treasure hunter can be played both alone and in a team of up to 5 players. Each player on the team can use one of their attempts to enter the dungeon. VIP 8 or higher players get 1 extra try. Attempts are dropped daily at 12 am.

After entering the raider’s treasure dungeon, players must eliminate various monsters and a boss. After defeating the boss, a chest of random quality may appear. After killing demons, you will receive amazing loot. There is also a chance to find a second boss in the dungeon. Treasure Hunter has a chance to drop a Diamond Drill, Black Market Coins, and Solid Cannon. After 50 entries, you will have access to the blitz mode.

Secret spire. This is the PvE mode in the game, which opens after activating the puppeteer. Endless attempts are given to enter the Ancient Spire, the first 10 attempts can bring high income. After that, it goes down. During the event, players can participate as much as they like. The bosses in the Spire are very strong, so you need at least two players to challenge them. In the Spire, all the characteristics of the players will be reset to baseline, so that they will all be equal.

The player’s BR increases the percentage of health, the rank of the companion reduces the recharge time of skills, and the rank of the wings reduces the recharge time of elixirs. The higher the ranks, the better the effects. Players cannot respawn during challenges. If at least one player kills the boss, the whole team will receive rewards. If the team dies, the challenge ends, but they can pass it again.

Mysterious Relics. Mysterious Relics appear randomly. After finding them, you must call your guild members for help. The rewards will be worth it!

Benefits of adding friends. Friends can send stamina to each other (stamina sending is not deducted from your own stamina) every day, and you will receive rewards when your friends are online, level up, gain BR, etc. To add a friend, click the Social button and the friends interface, then click Add Friend.

Legacy of Discord: Secrets of the Battle of Ice and Fire

Key Features

Field of Ice and Fire is a PvP game mode. It is the place where Wild Souls are mined: for victory - 3000, for loss - 1500 souls. In this mode, two teams of five players face each other. Each team has its own crystal, which must be destroyed by the other team. Heroes practically do not damage the crystal and therefore they need to summon monsters that will go to the enemy crystal and break it. Of course, at the same time, the heroes must defend their crystal from the attack of enemy monsters.

There are two checkpoints on the pitch, originally belonging to both teams, respectively. If both control points are captured by one team within a certain time, then a boss monster will appear on the map, fighting on the side of the control point invaders. It is more difficult to kill such a boss, so that he can deal a lot of damage to the enemy crystal.

To summon monsters that will go to destroy the enemy crystal, you need to kill monsters located at a certain point on the map. After killing monsters, you summon a destroyer to your side, which goes to the enemy crystal from the altar in the center of the map. If the destroyer dies, then after a certain period of time has passed, he will be revived and again go to the enemy crystal. Thus, it will not work just to constantly kill the destroyers of the enemy - they will become more and more, they will constantly be reborn and eventually capture your crystal.

To summon the boss-destroyer, you need to capture both control points - for this your hero must be on them for a certain period of time, preventing the enemy from taking the point back. The destroyer boss goes to the enemy crystal from a point located between the crystals, but at the same time from the edge of the map, and not in its center. Thus, this great destroyer not only threatens enemies with its capabilities, but also distracts them from protecting the crystal from monsters.

Control points are captured from the edge of the map - opposite to the one from which the boss is coming. The game ends at the moment when one of the crystals is destroyed - in which case the team with the whole crystal wins - or 10 minutes after the start. If the game ends due to the time limit, then the team that killed more monsters and enemy heroes wins.

Secrets of the fight

Keep in mind that the key to victory lies primarily in the competent distribution of roles between team members. You need to understand that on your and the enemy’s sides there are five heroes who can fight against monsters or among themselves and at the same time move along a mirrored three-line map. Thus, the behavior of the commands can be as follows:

1. An attempt to kill enemy heroes. Heroes can try to gather together and kill enemy heroes, preventing them from performing their functions. It is useless to do this with the five of us, since you will not be able to summon destroyers, and enemies distributed across the map will either be able to summon their destroyers or, worse, capture control points and summon the boss. Despite the fact that such a tactic is very annoying for the opponent, it is quite easy to break it - just use two or three strong heroes as "bait" and send the remaining monsters to kill and capture checkpoints.

2. Trying to focus on summoning monsters. The heroes can try to quickly beat the monsters in order to have time to call more destroyers to their side. Doing this with the whole team (as well as doing one thing for the whole team in general) is not the best idea, since the monsters that need to be interrupted in order to summon the destroyer also have a certain respawn time, and guarding them, wasting time idle, is not worth it.

Legacy of Discord: Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt - PvP mode in the game. You and the members of your guild (if they are present in the location) appear in the selected location and when the search starts, 25 chests appear in it in a wide variety of places. Participants must open chests of different quality: better quality chests take longer to open and rewards are awarded for opening chests.

After all 25 chests are opened, three great chests appear in each room in the middle. Ten minutes later, bosses appear in the same place, which can prevent the opening of the chests. To free the chests, you need to kill the boss. Also, four demons appear around them, which will interfere with the opening of the chests if they are not killed.

Locations. The following locations are provided:

  1. The kingdom of the gods. This dungeon requires an arena space of 100 or higher to enter. Most often, players play there in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, which will easily kill you, so you should not play in this dungeon if you have just passed the 100th place mark.
  2. The domain of the gods. Similarly to the first one, this dungeon is the territory of the strongest players, only not included in the hall of kings, but also quite strong.
  3. Ancient lists. The location is already simpler than the previous ones. This is the dwelling place of players from 1000 to 500, more often these are players with 5-7 million BR (if this server is old enough, on the new one the hall of kings consists of players with 2-3 million BR).
  4. Treasure city. This dungeon is most often played by those who want to test themselves in PvP mode, because the city of treasures has no restrictions, and also has a PvP mode.
  5. Domain of light. This is a dungeon for the weakest players who do not yet have a top spot in the arena. There is a peaceful regime, i.e. players cannot kill each other, but just calmly open the chest.

Bosses and demons. Bosses and demons around them can prevent the opening of the chests. There are great rewards for killing them. The skills of the players and BR are not taken into account, all damage the boss by 100, the demons - by 300. Killing the boss alone can take 8-10 minutes. When there are a lot of players, you most likely won’t get the boss. The Earth Destroyer also has a super attack that kills weaker players.

Types of Treasure Chests

1. Small chest. This chest is the smallest, it opens quickly, but it also has fewer rewards: gold and a couple of chests with various materials, when opened, random epic, occasionally legendary items drop out.

2. Medium chest. The chest is larger than the previous one, it can drop any item Р1-Р2, gold and chests with materials. It also opens longer.

3. Large chest. A large chest takes a long time to open, but the rewards in it are larger: an item P2-P3, sometimes 12 diamonds, gold and chests with materials.

4. Great chest. The largest chest appears in the middle of each room after all 25 chests have been opened. Rewards: 12-24 diamonds, chests with materials, item Р3-Р4-Р5, occasionally fragments of Inferno’s wings.

Legacy of Discord: Arena Battles

Arena - PvP mode in the game. The arena in Legacy of Discord appears at level 25 and is located in the PvP section at the top of the main screen. In the Arena, you face another player and fight one on one. It is victories in this mode that will raise you in the rating table and bring great rewards. Every day you can start 5 battles for free. You can also use PvP coupons for additional battles. The number of available attempts is updated daily at 05:00 (server time).

Selection of opponents. The selection of opponents is based on the similarity of the BR - usually you can select opponents with a similar rating (the differences can be within about 10% of your rating in either direction).

Please note that Battle Rating does not necessarily reflect the real abilities of the enemy - sometimes good players know how to use their character in such a way that they are able to defeat a hero with a significantly higher rating.

Fighting. In the arena, you can choose manual or automatic combat mode. If a higher-rated defender loses to a lower-rated attacker, the ratings of the sides change. If the fight is over and both contestants are still alive, victory is awarded to the defender. After the battle, the attacker receives battle points and the recovery timer starts.

If the recovery time is more than 30 minutes, then it will be impossible to use the attempt to participate in the arena, it is necessary that the timer has expired completely. This can be avoided by either throwing off the timer for diamonds, or using attempts not all at once, but by pauses. The rating is calculated at 10:00 pm every day, and rating rewards are sent to the players in the rating (top 10,000) by mail.

Legacy of Discord: Expedition Walkthrough

Every day at 00:00 on the server you have access to the expedition. After opening the entrance, you choose the difficulty of the passage (low / high). You are given 10 attempts to complete. There are 6 points and 6 chests on the expedition map, one after another. At each point, you are fighting an enemy (bot). Before the battle, you have the choice of strengthening the character or weakening the enemy. These enhancements remain with you until the end of the expedition (increase / decrease in HP, attack, defense, elemental strength, elemental chance, and crit chance).

The enemy gets stronger with each battle. On hard difficulty, the 6th enemy is stronger than you. After each battle, you are given the opportunity to open a chest - the first time for free, the second for 60 diamonds, the third for 120 diamonds. In the chests you will find fragments of wings, relics, scarlet stone, nobility and amber. Expedition items:

After 6 battles have been fought, saved attack attempts turn into free chests.

Relics. You can activate, enhance, temper the relic in the menu that is located above the Companions menu. Each relic opens in turn. Fragments for its opening can be found in the expedition chests and in the expedition store for scarlet stones. The level of the relic rises with nobility, the relic is tempered with amber. When quenching, you get extra. characteristic, the quality of the characteristic is chosen randomly. Each relic can be raised in rank due to fragments of relics. For every 5 ranks you get the opportunity to temper additional. characteristic.

Before hardening the second characteristic, the first must be blocked, otherwise it will also be hardened. You can lock it with a lock, which is located in the hardening menu near the characteristics.

Legacy of Discord: Walkthrough Dungeons

These options open at character level 78. It is a very powerful (but also quite expensive) character upgrade. Everyone will have to invest in it in order to remain competitive.

Single dungeon. An analogue of the hero’s test, 3 free entries are available per day. Your task is to clear the levels, the first 5 levels in the chapter - 5 waves of mobs, give you dark seals for the level of clothing in the set. 6th level 4 waves and a boss - give stones for upgrading the rank of clothes in the set. You need cheerfulness and blitz tickets to complete the levels.

Group dungeon. To complete the group dungeons, twilight tickets are required, the cost of one is 300 diamonds (with VIP10 status, you receive one ticket daily). It also has two options for passing: a dark and a light dungeon. There are also three types of dungeons: gold, satellites, wings - they come across by chance. Rewards: gold, pet-level stones and a chest of companions (random fragment), raging spirits, a chest of wings (random fragment).

Dark dungeon. In a dark dungeon, each participant requires 1 ticket. The reward for a dark dungeon is issued depending on the number of participants. It makes no sense to go there alone, you will receive a very small reward. You can enter 2 times a day as a group leader, and 5 more times by invitation (but must have 1 ticket each time). In a dark dungeon, there is no difference between the leader and the guest. you get seals, stones and a dungeon-specific reward.

Light dungeon. To enter the light dungeon, the leader must have 5 tickets. The rest of the participants can go without tickets, by invitation. You can log in 2 times per day as a leader and 5 times by invitation. In a light dungeon, only the leader receives 480 seals, 60 stones, 5 boxes (or gold) + x2 reward level stones (100) and spirits (400). The rest of the participants receive only gold, stones for the level, spirits. Also, for passing the Light Dungeon, a server room is given (general reward). When visiting 100/200/300 and so on times, all server players will be able to take stones and seals for their rating.

How do I open a suit in a dungeon? To open a thing, you need to collect a certain number of dark souls. Dark souls are replenished for fulfilling certain conditions. You can see the entire list of conditions by clicking on the blue ball with dark souls on the right side. When you have the first thing open, you will see 2 tabs. Things swing in 2 ways (and both must be used): 1st - this is the level of the thing, swing for seals, increases attributes and increases attributes by 1% for every 5 levels. 2nd is the rank of the item. It swings with the help of stones, immediately increases the general attributes of a thing by 1% and every 5 ranks swings the effect of the twilight set, which is one of the main advantages of this set. When you reach a certain rank, you can put this thing on yourself.

Legacy of Discord: Completing Daily Quests

Daily tasks are tasks that you can (or should) do every day. For them, you can get diamonds, a total of at least a thousand (1000 diamonds includes 125 diamonds and 100 diamonds for "Share" and "Invite friends", respectively, plus 200-100 diamonds - the arena reward). Daily tasks are located in the section of the same name. They are reset daily at midnight, thus giving you the opportunity to really level up on them. You can also see 4 chests with the most valuable rewards on the left. The goal is to get to the chest that requires you to earn 120 points.

1. Task: "Share and invite friends." You must have a Facebook account to complete these quests. The first quest asks you to share a link to the game on your Facebook wall. At the same time, to complete the second quest, you need to invite your friends to play this game. You don’t need to do anything, the main thing is to log in with your name on Facebook. Next, click on the "Forward" button near the first quest and literally immediately cancel this action. Do the same with the second quest. Nothing will happen, and the completion of the quests will be counted.

2. Task: "Use the mysterious chest three times." Go to the section of the mysterious chest and open it. It’s best to hit "Open 10 Times" right away to save time (only if you have a lot of gold). In total, you are given 5 free attempts to open the chest per day (with breaks of 5 minutes). Also, once every two days, you can open a chest with armor, and also for free. Both chests count towards the quest.

3. Task: "Enter the guild." Accordingly, it is available only if you have a guild, otherwise, you simply have nowhere to click. Open your guild window, find the "Login" button, click and select the gold entrance. Everything, the quest is completed.

4. Task "Present endurance to five friends." We open the window of our friends. Here you need to send stamina to your friends. Go to the "Present endurance" section and click on the "Send endurance" button. If you have more than five friends or the same, you will complete the quest, otherwise nothing will come of it.

5. Assignment: Pray in the Hall of Kings. Next comes the prayer to the kings, i.e. the strongest players on the server. To do this, go to the Hall of Kings and click on the "Prayer" button next to each king.

6. Task: "Open the storage 3 times". Go to the Storage section and click on the "Open 1x for free" button three times. Everything, the quest is completed. If you need more gold, you can immediately get it for diamonds.

7. Task: "Complete the quiz 1 time." Go to the "Quiz" section, select the survey you want to take (free or for diamonds) and, in fact, take it. You can also buy automatic completion of the survey by clicking on the corresponding button.

8. Task: "Play fishing 3 times." Go to the "Fishing" section and use all three chances. It is necessary to stretch when the circle narrows. By the way, for this you get endurance - the better the catch, the more endurance. After you have caught a fish this time, you will have 2 more chances to fish with an interval of 30 seconds.

9. Task: "Complete the main dungeons 10 times." You need to complete the campaign levels 10 times. But again, you can blitz the old levels.

10. Assignment: "Enter the Tower of Eternity 2 times." You need to go through two floors in this tower. However, if you have already gone through everything you could, then click on the "Reset" button, and then - on the "Quick Blitz." Completed the quest.

11. Task: "Take part in the test of the hero 2 times." Now go to the Adventure - Hero Test section. Here you also need to go through two bosses (in total, you are given 3 chances to enter), but you can blitz the already completed levels with the help of the Secret Assistant.

12. Task: "Complete the arena test three times." Everything is quite simple: open the PvP - Arena window, select an opponent and press "Challenge". In total, you need to conduct three battles, after which the quest will be considered completed. You can also choose players whose BR is at least 30% lower than yours, then you will simply be offered to skip this challenge, because you will win it anyway.

13. Assignment: "Take part in the treasure hunt once a day." This quest is one of the easiest. We go to the next section: PvP - Treasure hunt. We select any room, press "Forward", find ourselves in the room and press the exit and wait. Everything, the quest is completed.

14. Task: "Go through the dungeon of gold \ experience." Doesn’t take much effort. Just go in and put on an autoboy or go through with the help of the Secret Assistant. For players above level 60 inclusive, all of the above, starting from the tower of eternity, can be performed by a secret assistant.

At this point, you can already get a chest for 120 points.

15. Task: "Enter the kingdom of the runes 1 time." Choose a level and kill bosses.

16. Task: "Pass the field of ice and fire". Complete quests of the field of ice and fire.

17. Task: "Buy stamina 1 time." You don’t need to do anything special, just buy stamina. But if you do not want to spend diamonds, it is better not to do this, because the chest for 120 points can be reached in other ways.

18. Task: "Pass a mortal battle". Take part in a deadly battle, i.e. just go in and out, the quest still counts. Unless, of course, you are killed by the members of the Hall of Kings.

Legacy of Discord: Guild Guide

If you decide to join a guild, first you need to select a guild from the list offered to you and apply for membership. The list contains the name of the guild and its place in the guild rating (determined by the total BR of all participants), the guild level, nickname and level of the guild leader, and the number of guild members. After your application has been reviewed and approved by the head of the guild or one of the officers, you can become a member of the selected guild.

Remember that if your character does not meet the requirements of the guild, then he will not be accepted, then you should try to enter another guild. You can create your own guild, but for this you will need a lot of gold and crystals, and most importantly - many active players who want to take part in the development of the guild and work as one team, otherwise your guild runs the risk of getting lost among many others. After you have been accepted into the guild, when you click on the guild button, you will open a menu.

Benefits of joining a guild. There are tons of benefits to joining a guild, such as guild level up rewards, guild badge rewards, stat boosts from guild blessings, and much more, including guild dungeons and PvP modes. You can access the guild functions as soon as you reach level 22 and 1000 BR. There are a wide variety of guild events that offer many good rewards. Join the guild as quickly as possible.

Lobby. Here you see a list of all guild members, their level, BR, the amount of their guild gold, guild position and online status. Also, right from here, you can write a message to any member of the guild and view detailed information about each. There are 5 buttons at the bottom, if you are not the head and not an officer, then you cannot control the guild and only the leave button will be available to you, with its help you can easily leave the guild. After that, there is a break of 24 hours, only after that you can apply again to join any of the guilds.

Entrance. Guild attendance mark. You can check in for gold, or for crystals, for which you will be credited with guild gold and guild fund and a certain number of registration points for entry. Guild funds earned by all participants are used by the guild leader to raise the guild level and send a courier.

Guild Prayer. There are three of the most powerful players from your guild here. You can honor them with either gold or crystals. For prayer, you can get stones for increasing the stars of equipment. You can also fight any of them and take his place if you win.

Red envelope. Every 24 hours, starting from 19:00 server time, the guild has the opportunity to get gold and crystals from red envelopes. If you wish, you can put gifts yourself in the same envelopes.

Guild shop. Here you can purchase various necessary resources with the guild gold that you have earned. Fragments of Criarino’s pet are available after any store update. The goods in the store are updated daily at 12:00 and 18:00 server time. You can also update the list of goods with guild gold, but each update attempt will be more expensive than the previous one.

Guild Companion. Every day you are given a certain number of coins (maximum 5) and a certain number of free reset attempts (maximum 7). You can get Guild Gold, Star Stones, and Criarino Pet Fragments. If you have, say, 5 images out of 6, then using the reset does not affect these 4 fields, after using all free reset attempts you can reset for crystals. If the image of a pet falls on 6/6 slots, then you will receive a fragment of a pet. The more slots that appear with the pet, the higher the reward will be.

Guild Quests. Celebrate for entering guilds, play as a guild companion, go through guild dungeons with your guild members and get rewards - guild gold and guild fund.

Guild blessing. After unlocking this feature, the head of the guild is responsible for improving it. To increase the level of a blessing, a guild fund is required. The guild blessing consists of increasing the max. HP, f. defense, m. defense, attack, that is, with an increase in the level of blessing for all members of the guild, these characteristics increase. Guild gold is lost when leaving it.

Convoy. In the convoy, you need to protect the treasures of your guild. Sky City sends supplies to guilds every day, and guild members must enter the Wasteland to protect their goods from thieves. The head of the guild or the officer appoints the time of the convoy of his choice no earlier than 2 minutes from the current time, all members of the guild will receive a message by mail about the beginning of the escort, and then the elephant will have to deliver the goods to the unloading station. Guild members must defend their precious cargo from monsters and other players (1 time per day).

Those who set the time of the convoy will instantly receive a bonus reward. The higher the level of the elephant, the more health reserve it has. The remaining HP at the end of the convoy affects the quality of the rewards received. Escort rewards will be received by all members of the gi, even who did not take part in the escort (treasure maps, boxes and guild gold). During the convoy of other guilds, attack their elephant and, after killing him, receive a reward (no more than 5 times a day). For robbery, only participants in the robbery in the form of boxes and guild gold receive rewards. If the guild leader ignores his duties, then you, or another member of the guild can take his place.

Legacy of Discord: Game Currencies Review

Diamonds / Crystals . A special game currency that can be used to pay for rare items in the diamond store and some other paid functions. Gold is a game currency, required for character development. Diamonds and gold are the main currencies of the game. They buy everything - from reforging stones to checks of the best companions.

Diamonds are earned during the game, but if the player has few of them, others can be bought for real money. Gold is also purchased during the day, but it is already easier to earn it than diamonds, because there is a storage in which you can get it, and for passing the main dungeons and dungeons of gold / experience / materials, etc. many sets of gold are given. For diamonds, you can buy very rare items, they are also used as the main currency at holidays and competitions.

Obsidian. Obsidian is a currency that can be used to pay for valuable items in the obsidian store, for example, blitz tickets, HP and MP potions, enchant stones and reforges. Found in the Tower of Eternity, main and daily quests, stage rewards.

Honour. Honor - you can get it by participating in battles in the Arena, it is also collected from the rewards for the rating and prizes for points in the same arena, you can also get honor from the treasure hunt and the treasure hunt mode. You can use it to buy fragments of initial wings, such as the Wanderer, Requiem, Hunter, Judge, Tyrant, Lich, and a raging spirit.

Eternium. Eternium is the currency used to buy dragonstone and spirit, anvils, and equipment from P1 to P6. Eternium is given to the player in the process of passing the floors of the Tower of Eternity.

Arcanite. Arcanite is one of the most easily mined currencies in the game. Drops from all main dungeons except the very first level. On it you can buy diagrams of various parts of the equipment, as well as order. a rock.

Wild souls. Wild Souls are the currency mined at the Field of Ice and Fire: for a loss - 1500 wild souls, for a victory - 3000. On them in the store of wild souls you can buy fragments of companions, for example, Koksal, Vazhon, Sabelon, Kynar, occasionally Ximakh, and stones of companions and fortifications. Sometimes you need to buy one of the above for diamonds.

Blue Fruit. Blue Fruit is obtained by upgrading the Mystic Tree and collecting fruits from it. Blue fruits can be used to buy Shadow Demon Fragments, Secret Bags, Steel Plates and Steel Nails.

Battle token. A battle token is obtained by participating in the war of the Brotherhoods. It purchases fragments of relics, the Cursed Stone and the Dark Seal, sets of stones and glyphs, emblems, amber, nobility and seals.

Guild gold. Guild gold can be obtained for entering the guild, completing guild quests, convoy (elephant) and attending the guild fire. Can be exchanged for items in Guild Bonuses. When you leave the guild, all the gold you have accumulated is lost.

Heavenly fire. Heavenly Fire can be obtained by participating in the Battle of Heaven. You can use it to buy fragments of Heavenly wings, such as Asura and Phoenix, emblem stones and cloth feathers.

Scarlet. The scarlet is obtained by completing the Expedition. In the Expedition store, you can buy fragments of meteorite ore, souls of Darkness, Glitter, Light and Hell, fragments of relics, nobility and amber.

Black gold. Black Gold can be obtained by completing Treasure of the Nation stages. It purchases: a fragment of the "Light of the Observer" staff, manuals of evolution skills, a certificate of evolution, a seal, and fragments of the relics of the Royal Protector and the Sphere of Nine.

Sapphire of the kingdom. Realm Sapphire can be obtained by completing Treasure of the Nation stages. On it you can take fragments of relics Fissure, Banshee, Horn of Dawn, Scroll of the Guardian, fragments of the Marlor and Ximah companions, fragments of the Lich and Tyrant wings, companion stones, sets of stones and glyphs of the 2nd level, amber, nobility, reforging stone, and zak. a rock.

Legacy of Discord: Checks Guide

Checks (companions, wings, mounts, or metarmophosis) are scrolls that can be exchanged for fragments of companions, wings, mounts, or metarmophosis.

The companions are epic. These checks are the worst, they can be exchanged for fragments of Feoksur, Vazhon, Koksal, Eziksal, CL3-Ver1, Scout and Fangrol. They can be obtained from the holidays for free, for example, by visiting the game every day.

Legendary checks. Regular companion checks can be obtained from the Mystic Tarot, usually 5 pieces, but with luck, the rewards will double. Also on many holidays their currency can be exchanged for checks from these companions. These satellite checks are exchanged for fragments of Pantora, Ximach, Marlor, Ash or Haverus.

Mythical checks. These checks are already better than the previous ones and can be obtained from the treasure hunt. Checks obtained in the search for treasures can only be exchanged for fragments of Dramera or Flamegor. Checks obtained in a different way can be exchanged only for those fragments of satellites, which, respectively, are indicated in them.

Perfect checks. They can only be purchased at the Mystery Store after reaching VIP 7 for 1250 diamonds. They can be exchanged for fragments of Luavissa, Raphael, Tyranus or Liloth.

The wings are epic. These checks, like companions, can be easily obtained and exchanged for fragments of the Wanderer, Requiem, Hunter, Judge, Tyrant, Lich, Hermes, Boreus, Saint and Assassin.

The wings are mythical. The best checks of the wings can be exchanged for fragments of Sanguinar, Sin, Fortune, Regalia, Doom, Screech, Shiva, Empire, Azazel, Hades, Falcon, Ares, Hell’s mouse, Pegasus, Mora, Archimech and the Abyss.

The mounts are epic. These checks are also very cheap at the holidays, and the fragments for which they can be exchanged for the lower mounts: Shadow Demon, Dread Beast, Orion, Phantom Horse.

Mounts are legendary. These checks are expensive, but they can already be exchanged for checks for legendary mounts: Whitemane, Silver Rachel, Azure Dragon, Crimson Lion, Arsey, Golden Dawn or Saberfang.

Epic metamorphosis. The cheapest checks, they are exchanged for fragments of a Sniper, Steel Knight or Fire Spider.

Legacy of Discord: Mystery Chest Review

Regular equipment chests. This chest is cheap, it costs only 100k gold and 10 chests, respectively, 900k, but every 5 minutes you can open 5 free chests per day. It contains items such as all the parts of the P3 and P2 set, and two items each from the entire P1 set. You can also win HP and PS Potions, Star Stones, etc.

Legendary equipment chest. This chest can be opened for free once every two days, after 10 free attempts, at the end of the week, you can get the legendary P5 + items. A chest costs 720 diamonds, 10 chests - 6,500 diamonds. It is best to wait for free trials, because it is much more productive and you can save precious currency (there are never too many diamonds, of course, unless you are a VIP).

Promotion of the week. Up to level 60 or earlier, the promotion of the week is open for you. Here you can win fragments of Tyranus, Scout, Vazhon or Koksal for 1000 diamonds. Again, very expensive and not worth it, Tyranus and other companions can be obtained differently.

A regular chest with wings. This chest is also cheap, it costs only 100k gold and 10 chests, respectively, 900k, but every 5 minutes you can open 5 free chests per day. It contains items such as raging spirits, honor, fragments of the wings of the Wanderer, Requiem, Hunter, Judge, Tyrant and Hermes, as well as 1-star glyphs.

Legendary chest with wings. This chest can be opened for free every two days, after 10 free attempts, at the end of the week, you can get 16 fragments of Venus, Overseer or Harmony. There is also the option to get 4-star glyphs.

Promotion of the week. Up to level 60 or earlier, the week of Wrath promotion is open for you. Here you can win fragments of the wings of a Seraphim, Lich, Tyrant or Hunter for 1000 diamonds.

Legacy of Discord: Events and Game Features

Can I get 7-day gifts if I miss the entrance? Yes. You do not need to log in consecutively for 7 days for a 7-day gift, the gift is issued for 7 days in total.

Are there rewards for a certain number of entries? Yes. You can get additional login rewards, namely 2, 5, 7, 15 and 21 days! Skipping days will not affect the total score.

Does the legacy of contention have high system requirements? Legacy of Discord can run on devices with minimum system requirements: Android Dual-Core 1Gb RAM, iPhone 4S.

When will we receive new events? You can follow the offs. Facebook page and official website to receive all the latest news such as new events.

Why are my messages showing as *? The chat system automatically filters out offensive words or phrases that are replaced with * instead of words. Portions of ordinary words can sometimes be censored if they contain the censored word.

Why can’t I find my Facebook account on Gtarcade? This is because you created an account through Facebook, so you can only use your character through Facebook, and you cannot log into your account through GTArcade.

Why can’t I send stamina to five friends on Facebook as a daily challenge? This task is available only to those players who have registered using their Facebook account.

Can I get double the size of diamonds after I received them on the first top-up? You can only get double size diamonds the first time you top up each diamond set.

I made a purchase of diamonds from a store but did not receive them. Give the support team a screenshot of your payment receipt and they will solve your problem. You can upload the screenshot to any image hosting and send the link.

Legacy of Discord: Technical Issues

How to use the exchange code in the game? Click on "Reward" and select "Redeem Code". If you received a code for a reward, enter your unique code in the special field and click "Confirm" to receive your reward.

Where can I find on / off sound? Click the Settings button in the upper right corner. You can turn music and sound effects on and off in the general settings.

Where can I set display settings? Click the Settings button in the upper right corner. You can set the number of characters to be displayed on the screen (from 1 to 15) in the general settings.

Where can I change my graphics settings? Click the Settings button in the upper right corner. You can choose from 3 different graphics modes.

How do I sign in? Press the "Reward" button and enter enter, in the Login and collect the reward.

How do I access mail? Click the "Mail" button in the lower left corner.

How can I access the chat? Touch the "Chat" icon in the lower left corner to open the chat interface.

I bought a monthly card (supreme card) but did not receive it. Check the "Daily Quests". You can receive daily rewards from your monthly card every day.

What is the maximum number of characters in a letter? Each letter has a limit of 300 characters.

Legacy of Discord: VIP System

Why do I need a monthly VIP card? You will receive 300 diamonds as soon as you buy the monthly VIP card. After that, within 30 days, you will receive 120 diamonds per day. This is a total of 3900 diamonds.

How do I buy monthly VIP cards? Click on the "+" next to diamonds and select "Monthly VIP Card".

Why don’t I get VIP experience when I spend diamonds? You get VIP experience when you buy diamonds, not when you spend them.

If I buy a higher card, will it add 300 points to my VIP experience every day? VIP experience increases according to the amount of diamonds you buy. You will get VIP experience from the diamonds you bought, but not from the daily ones.

Where can I get daily diamonds for my monthly VIP card? Click on the "+" symbol next to diamonds and get your daily diamonds in the monthly VIP card panel.

Article author: Nadezhda D.