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Walkthrough Legend of Solgard: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

LEGEND OF SOLGARD is an Android game with the release date of August 13, 2018 from King. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Creature Guide
  3. Secrets of Strength and Improvement
  4. Game Mode Tips
  5. Guide for Donators

Legend of Solgard: Beginners Guide

How to increase the level of abilities of my Creatures? The creatures unlock their first ability in Rank 1, and the second in Rank 2. To strengthen each of these abilities, you will need two things - Gold and Dust Abilities.

What is Dust Ability? Dust Abilities can be used to enhance Creature abilities. This is different from the Creatures rank upgrade, which is done with the help of the Sunflowers. The pollen of abilities is ordinary, rare, epic, legendary and mythical. Each of its varieties acts on creatures of the corresponding rarity.

Where can I find her? Dust Abilities can be won as loot in various game modes. It can also be found in treasure chests and in the store. Dust Abilities cannot be found in Campaign mode.

Are there any different rarities in Dust Abilities? No, she just has to match the color of the Being.However, the rarer the Creature, the more gold and Dust Ability you will need.

How much can I improve the abilities of my Creatures? While Creatures can only reach level 8, their abilities can be upgraded to level 10! However, the Creatures rank determines how much their abilities can be enhanced:

What are the ability parameters? Each ability has four different parameters. Heres how they affect Creatures in battle:

What is a solar blast? Sunburst is available at Hero level 9. He releases all Creatures of the same color, regardless of whether they were combined or not. It is created by horizontally aligning the five creatures and is activated by aligning them behind the Being. The Solar Explosion can be saved until you need to make a massive blow.

What moves can I do in battle? The following actions are available:

Players can complete three actions per turn.

Who is the Frosty Army? The Frosty Army is the enemy in Legend of Solgard. They come from Niflheim and are led by Mani, the God of the Moon. Members of the Frost Army include Frost Minions, Ice Ghosts, Ice Snakes and Frost Wolves.

How can I get more Sunflowers and Gold? Sunflowers and Gold are used to discover and improve Creatures. You will find both of these items in various game modes and online events, either as rewards for winning battles, or by destroying objects, such as ballot boxes, on the battlefield. You can also find Sunflowers and Gold inside treasure chests.

What are Guilds and how can I join them? In Guilds, players play together to explore Dungeons, defeat enemies and climb the leaderboard. Guild members can also donate Gold to improve Creature stats. If you know someone who plays Legend of Solgard and want to join his Guild, find out his tag - this will make it easy to find his Guild. You can also create your own Guild for 500 gold.

What are raid passes? Plaque passes are used to create the elite combat locations that Embla won in Heroic difficulty. Pressing the "Plaque" button (which requires both Plaque passes and Energy) gives instant production, namely: Sunflowers, Gold and XP! Raid passes can be won in elite battles, Rewards, or purchased for Diamonds.

How can I get more energy? Each battle of the campaign requires a certain amount of energy. If it is spent, the energy of Embley will gradually replenish over time, in addition, Embley receives a full scale of energy every time she reaches a new level of the hero. If you do not want to wait, you can get more energy with diamonds.

What is a critical strike? Critical hit is a successful strike that deals double damage. Certain Creatures are more likely to strike, as determined by their Critical option.

What is Heroic difficulty? This mode is unlocked at Hero level 10. Heroic difficulty allows you to fight in elite battles in the Campaign mode. They are based on battles in which Embla has already won, but with new challenges (and booty!).

How to fight with the boss? Battles with the Boss are different, as they do not have an Ice Portal. Instead, the player must focus his fire on the Boss until his Health Points drop to zero. Bosses can (and will) move around the battlefield, so aim your attacks well.

What is a Solar Amplifier? The Solar Amplifier is an item that can appear on the side of an adversary on the battlefield. When it glows, you can get into it to cause double damage to the Ice Portal. However, when it does not glow, a blow to it will not cause damage to the Portal.

How do I protect myself? Place Creatures in front of the Emblem to absorb enemy damage. Creatures can be summoned back to the battlefield after being knocked down, but if Emble loses all her Health Points, the battle will be lost. When three or four Creatures of the same color are combined in a horizontal line, they form a protective fence. The number on each segment of the boom indicates its remaining Health Points. If a second fence is created behind the row, it will be added to the front fence to give it extra strength.

How do I attack? Line up a vertical line from three or more Creatures of the same color. A new "combined" Creature moves to the front row to attack, however it can wait until a later move. The number displayed next to the combined Being indicates its power.

What is a final attack? When the Ice Portal is destroyed, the remaining Creatures will attack everything they can.

What happens during the opponents turn? When your turn ends, the Frosty Army will complete its moves. They can attack, strengthen their minions or create new ones. When an adversary attacks, the damage is absorbed by Creatures in his path. If there are no more Creatures between Emble and the enemy, Emble will be damaged.

What are Amplifiers? Amplifiers are consumables that can give the player an advantage in battle. You can buy them for Diamonds. Guilds even have their own special collective Amplifiers, which they can share.

Legend of Solgard: Creature Guide

What are idols? Idols are manufactured items that can be used to strengthen your Creatures and improve their parameters. To make an Idol, you need to find the Idol Harvesting, which can be found in the Boss or Underworld Arena, plus you need to collect some materials for the manufacture. Once created, this item can be added to Creature Idol Cells to improve parameters. Idols and Creatures can be viewed in the Collection menu.

What are Creatures? The creatures are allies of the Embley you command on the battlefield. Use them to attack the enemy, destroy the Ice Portals and protect the Emblem from damage. Creatures come in four colors: red, yellow, green and purple, and each of them has different abilities. They can be improved using special items found during the game.

What are Creature parameters? All Creatures have the following parameters:

You can find all the individual parameters of the Creature and manage updates on its Creature Page, which can be found in the "Collection" menu.

What types of creatures are there? There are many Creatures in Legend of Solgard that are of the following types:

Who are Supporters, Defenders and Attackers? These are the different roles that a Being can best approach in combat:

The combination of the roles of the Creatures upon entering the battle will provide the best tactics against the Frosty Army. Try experimenting with different teams and see how they work together.

How to get more creatures? New creatures can be unlocked by collecting the corresponding Sunflowers as you move along the map. You can choose which Creatures you want to use at the beginning of each battle.However, you can only use one Creature of each color at a time. Some Creatures can be earned in various game modes and special online events, so try to participate in them if possible.

How to create a Big Creature? Large Creatures are created by combining four normal-sized creatures in a square grid. They are more powerful and take up more space than combined Creatures. Large Creatures become even stronger when two ordinary Creatures of the same color stand behind them. This is called a merger.

What are ordinary, rare, epic, legendary and mythical creatures? These terms indicate the rarity and relative value of the Creature in the game. As rarity increases, Sunflowers become more exclusive to improve this particular Creature. Improving them may also require more Gold.

What are Creature abilities? All Creatures have special abilities that can be used in battle and improved for greater effect. Creatures learn and improve their abilities using an item called Ability Dust. Once unlocked, the training menu for the Creatures new ability will appear in the Collection menu. Learn how each of them works to improve your tactics on the battlefield.

Legend of Solgard: Secrets of Strength and Improvement

How to increase the level? Your Hero level automatically increases when you get enough XP (experience points). This not only improves the parameters of the emblem, but also unlocks new game modes. XP can be earned by winning battles, upgrading Creatures, or unlocking treasure chests.

What are the parameters of the emblem?

What is the Spear of the Sun? The Spear of the Sun is a spell that Emble can cast with Heavenly Disc. It attacks a random target without using moves. Merging and uniting Creatures during battle charges the mana of Embley. When the Spear of the Sun icon lights up, tap it to cast a spell.

How to update Creatures? Creatures can be updated in the Collection menu using Sunflower and Gold. Each time you fill out a Creature cell, one or more of its characteristics increases. When all three cells in Creatures are full, the player can then use the Ability Dust to increase his rank. Having received a rank, the Creature can learn a new ability or update the current one.

Legend of Solgard: Game Mode Tips

What are the different game modes? The game Legend of Solgard has the following game modes:

Some modes, such as Hero Arena, Boss Arena, and Dungeons, have seasons. Rewards are distributed at the end of the season depending on the rating.

What are daily assignments? Daily tasks are additional tasks for which you can get Gold, experience, passes for raids or other passes. Tasks should be performed in different game modes. For completing nine missions in one day, a Treasure Chest is awarded.

What online events are available? The following events are regularly held. Win big rewards while you have the opportunity! All events are divided into such categories that certain creatures of various rarities are needed to participate in them. Strengthen your army to gain access to more difficult levels.

How to win a battle in Campaign mode? Campaign battles in Legend of Solgard are won by destroying the Ice Portal behind enemy lines. However, usually enemies and obstacles will block the path.

Legend of Solgard: Guide for Donators

What are subscription offers? Offers for subscribers allow players to buy in-game currency (Diamonds) at a reduced price. After the purchase, the player can immediately receive a certain amount of Diamonds, and then receive a certain amount of Diamonds every day upon entering the game for the next 30 days.

What can I buy for Diamonds? Diamonds can be spent on the following items:

What can I spend diamonds on?

How can I find out which offers are available? Go to the "Shop" menu, which you can enter by clicking on the button in the lower left corner of the screen. In addition to the Diamond offerings, you can also view Day Offers, Event Offers, and more. Remember to get your free treasure chests!

How to purchase offers for subscribers? Just click on the "Offer for Subscribers" button and you will be asked to confirm the payment using the account configured in the Legend of Solgard application.

What will happen after the purchase of the Offer for subscribers? 180 Diamonds will be available right away, and you can start spending them right away. Over the next 30 days, you will be able to collect 60 Diamonds every day. Remember to log into the game every day to collect your Diamonds!

Will my Subscription be updated automatically? Although they are called "subscriptions," each is a one-time purchase. If you are satisfied with the offer and wish to renew it after the subscription period, you can purchase another Offer for subscribers when it ends.