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LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

LEGO LEGACY: HEROES UNBOXED - Android game from Gameloft. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

What is a minifigure? Minifigure is a collectible character from various LEGO sets and LEGO Minifigures for the last 40+ years. These are the key characters in the LEGO Heritage of Heroes universe.Open everyone and gather an invincible team.

What are Heroes? Heroes is your collection of minifigures, which can be accessed through the main screen. From here you can manage the collection of minifigures depending on who you have, who else you need to get, and who is ready for improvement.

How to assemble or improve minifigures? To assemble the minifigure, you will need codec cards. Having received them, you will learn how to collect (or improve) these minifigures, as well as how to use their abilities during the game.

What is a code card? Codex cards are items you need to unlock or upgrade a minifigure.

How to increase the level of minifigures? You can increase the level of the minifigure on the information screen (appears when you click on the minifigure in the list of minifigures). To increase the level of minifigures, experience scrolls and coins are required.

How to collect experience scrolls? Scrolls of experience can be obtained for participating in various battles, completing daily tasks, gaining achievements and training tests.

What is ability? Abilities can be divided into 4 types: Primary ability, Special ability, Highest ability, and Passive ability. You can learn more about each ability by clicking on it on the information screen of the minifigure or by pressing and holding the corresponding icon.

The abilities of some minifigures are blocked. How can they be unlocked? Many minifigures have blocked abilities. They can be unlocked by equipping minifigures.

What is equipment? Equipment is any of the items in the inventory that gives minifigures extra bonuses.Equipment can be taken in the information screen of the minifigure (you can enter it through the list of minifigures).

How to equip a minifigure? Minifigures can be equipped by filling all 6 equipment slots with appropriate items. The equipment slots are in the information screen of the minifigure (click on any open minifigure in the list of minifigures to get there).

What are elixirs of abilities? Elixirs of abilities are items used to increase the ability level of minifigures. They can be obtained in training trials, recruitment research and other ways.

What is a kit? Every kid, teenager or adult has undoubtedly played or at least heard of LEGO sets. Relive the fond memories of these sets in the LEGO Heritage of Heroes universe. The official LEGO kit can be assembled from various LEGO bricks.

What is an area? The area is part of Pipetown, where minifigures from each individual topic live in harmony.In the areas you can find all the available kits. Here you can also view the sets and go to the information screen.

How to build or improve a set? Kits can be collected by receiving the required number of codex cards. A search for Codex cards will help you figure out how to use the bricks again, build (or improve) sets, and uncover the secrets of their builder.

How to get rewards from the set? You can explore the kit using the brick divider (located in the lower right corner of the area). Just drag the brick divider onto the set you want to learn. Thus you will receive rewards.

How to succeed in LEGO Legacy of Heroes? Gather experience and improve your game level by completing tasks and taking part in battles. Players with higher levels will open up new opportunities and increase the potential of their collection.

What are status effects? The abilities of certain minifigures apply status effects when used. These status effects are enhancements / attenuations that improve minifigure performance during battle. The game has various status effects.

I never got anything worth from gift bags! What needs to be done to get something good out of them? Each item in a gift bag has its own specific probability of falling out. The probability of falling for gift bags can be seen in the game.

What is the function of the daily login calendar? Daily Login Calendar is a set of rewards that you can receive for daily entry into the game. The more days you enter the game in a row, the more rewards you will receive!

Daily Entry Calendar: What happens if I miss a day? The list of awards is updated monthly; do not miss!

How to climb the arena leaderboards? Skipping one day means you will not receive a reward for that day.However, missed rewards can be obtained for diamonds.

What do green notification icons mean? To achieve a higher rank in the arena leaderboards, you need to defeat opponents whose rank is higher than yours in the arena leaderboards.

What is Inbox? Green notification icons appear above the site when it requires you to perform any action. For example, when you can increase the level of the minifigure, or when the minifigure can put on an item of equipment.

The LEGO Legacy game is now available in beta. What does it mean? This means that you got early access to the game! You can play it before it becomes available to the whole world.

What will happen when the beta period ends? At the end of this period, the profiles of all players playing the beta version will be reset to zero.

Why can’t I find the LEGO Legacy of Heroes game in other app stores? The LEGO Heritage game is currently only available on the Google App Store in some countries.

How to go to settings? Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of Pippuan to go to the settings.

Can I adjust the sound in the game? Yes. To adjust the sound, go to settings. Here you can change the volume of music and sound effects. You can also completely mute the sound.

Why am I not receiving push notifications? If in-game push notifications are enabled, but you don’t receive them, check if your device’s settings allow you to receive push notifications from the LEGO Heritage Legacy game.

What push notifications will I receive? You will receive push notifications for those parts of the game that require your attention. For example, when energy is restored, when a free bag with gifts appeared and much more!

Do I need an internet connection to play the game? Yes, you cannot play LEGO Legacy of Heroes without an internet connection.

Do I need to use Wi-Fi to play online? Not necessary. Any wireless connection will do. But preferred are 4G (LTE) or Wi-Fi.

Can I play using the controller? Unfortunately, the LEGO Legacy of Heroes game does not support the controller.

How to change the language in the game? At the moment, the game supports only English, but in the future it is planned to add other languages ??to the game.

What should I do if the game freezes or crashes? If the game freezes or crashes, contact User Support and fill out the appropriate form. Provide them with as much information as possible.

What are coins? Coins are the main currency used in the game. Coins can be used when performing various actions, such as raising the level of a minifigure, building a set, making equipment, and much more!

How can I earn coins? Coins can be earned during the game for participating in battles, completing daily tasks, earning achievements, studying sets and opening gift bags. They can also be obtained on the daily login calendar, so do not forget to enter the game every day.

What are diamonds? Diamonds are the premium currency used in the game. Diamonds can be spent on buying items in a store and recovering energy.

How can I make diamonds? Diamonds can be earned during the game for participating in battles, completing daily tasks and earning achievements. They can also be obtained on the daily login calendar, so do not forget to enter the game every day!

What is energy? Energy is needed in order to start a battle.

How can you make energy? Energy is replenished over time, it can also be obtained for completing daily tasks or restored for diamonds.

What are hybrid coins? Hybrid coins are the currency obtained exclusively in the hybrid campaign. They are fashionable to spend on the purchase of various items in a hybrid store.

What is hybrid energy? Hybrid energy is required to unleash the battles of the Monolithic Wasteland.

How to get hybrid coins? Hybrid coins can be obtained for participating in hybrid battles.

How to get hybrid energy? Hybrid energy is restored at regular intervals, which can be skipped for diamonds.

What are arena coins? Arena coins are the currency that you can spend buying items from the arena’s store.

How to get arena coins? Arena coins can be obtained from arena battles and daily quests.

What are guild coins? Guild Coins is the currency that you can spend buying items from the guild store.

How to get guild coins? Guild coins can only be obtained by helping your guild. For example, by sharing minifigures or using minifigures shared by other players in battles.

I lost all my progress! How do I get it back? Give Techlip your game ID Gameloft, and they will try to recover your account.

How do I log into Facebook with LEGO Legacy of Heroes? To access Facebook, go to the settings section, then Gameloft Connect and click on the login icon next to the Facebook logo.

What is hybrid energy? Hybrid energy is required to unleash the battles of the Monolithic Wasteland.

How to get hybrid energy? Hybrid energy is restored at regular intervals, which can be skipped for diamonds.How to change username? Each user gets a charming eccentric name at the beginning of the game. This boasts a safe game for users of all age groups that complies with LEGO standards.

How to keep progress? Progress is saved automatically. If you are logged in, your progress will be saved on the game servers.

How to reboot your game progress? It is impossible to reset your game progress yourself. But the support service has incredible superpowers and will definitely come to your aid if you need to reset your account progress.

Can I play with friends who use other gaming platforms? Some game functions (guilds, arena) support cross-platform game. This means that players using one platform can easily play with those using another.

Can I play from different profiles on the same device? Unfortunately, in the LEGO Heritage of Heroes game, the use of several profiles on the same device is not supported.

How to change profile picture? You cannot change the picture at this time. Nevertheless, make sure you always have the latest version of the game, as this feature will appear in one of the future updates.

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