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LIFEAFTER: NIGHT FALLS is an Android game with a release date of 08/20/2019 from XD Global. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. How to play?
  2. Building Tips
  3. Completing Quests
  4. Trade Right
  5. Camp Life

LifeAfter: How to play?

What should I do at the beginning when I don’t have a weapon to mine wood or stone? You can mine resources with your bare hands. Tools improve efficiency.

How to fix a weapon? Build a repair machine in a furniture store and place it in your home to repair equipment.

Can firearms be repaired with the first purchase privilege? The Uzi provided after the first purchase cannot be repaired. When its durability is reduced to 0, it can no longer be used.

Once crafted, equipment cannot be sealed. At the end of crafting, only rare equipment is sealed. And only it can be sold later.

I am given the same formula again. Duplicate formulas are automatically converted to formula study data, which you can use to improve the formula attributes.

Why did the formula that I got from the treasure or by the synthesis of formulas disappear? Make sure the "Automatically learn new formulas" feature is active. Also, keep in mind that duplicate formulas are automatically converted to formula study data when retrieved, which you can use to improve the properties of the formula.

Why can’t I find the scanned resource / chest after reaching the specified location? Look for it in the direction of the sharp end of the arrow.

Why are my raw materials missing?

  1. In the manufacture of equipment, furniture and semi-finished products, materials are used directly from the locker. If you think your materials are missing, check your locker, NPC warehouses, and mail (gear in the wild can be stored in your pet’s backpack).
  2. Items sent back to camp are tax deductible. If your item drops, check your camp tax rate.
  3. Composing a formula or materials to improve equipment can lead to overflow if your bag is already full. Pick them up from the ground in time or clear space in bags to avoid loss.

What should I do if the NPC being escorted is not following me? To complete escort missions, players are advised to select flat terrain while escorting, as NPCs cannot currently climb.

Why is my access to the gathering mastery now very low? As your diligence gradually diminishes, the skill you can access also gradually diminishes. Diligence recovers over time, or you can complete daily furniture quests to earn rewards and regain your diligence.

How can I resign from my position as mayor? At the moment, mayors cannot resign from their office. If you want to transfer your position, you need to get out of the camp first. The Survivor with the highest contribution level will automatically become the new Mayor.

Why are my items missing after using Smart Vault? When using the smart vault feature, if items of the same type are found in your mansion, they are automatically placed in the vault.

Where can I equip my diving backpack? All purchased diving backpacks (including trial versions) can be worn in Survival Tools - Cosmetic menu.

How do I create fish food (for feeding fish in an aquarium)? Fish food can be found in the cereals section of the Farm Item Cradle menu. To create this unit, you need to go to the furniture production section of the private camp furniture store.

Where can I create accessories for weapons or armor? These accessories can be crafted at your private camp using the Weapon Crafting Machine at the Weapon Shop and the Armor Crafting Machine at the Armor Shop, respectively.

What does the World Level mean? Once your Gathering, Crafting, and Melee levels are above 15, and any of the levels below World Level 2, your Mastery Multiplier for completing linked quests and other activities will be increased.

What should I do if I have forgotten my security password for the lock? The lock password can be canceled in the security settings (at the moment this is the only way). This starts a 10-day verification period, after which your lock will close automatically.

I have contaminated materials. I can’t go back? Submit the marked contaminated material or store it in the warehouse and you can return.

Why can’t I give a gift to an NPC? Please note that infected items cannot be gifted to NPCs!

Where is the mailbox? The mailbox is located at the mansion. Complete the Starter Tutorial to access it.

The hero doesn’t move. Go to Settings and click "Get Out".

Why can’t I find the camp after entering the correct name? When searching for camps, the filter function is turned on. We recommend that you turn it off and repeat the search for the camp.

What should I do if my gear is accidentally disassembled? The dismantling process is irreversible. From now on, be careful.

What should I do when artifacts appear on the screen? Artifacts during game play may be related to the configuration of your device, system, or client program. Restore the client program from the game login screen, and then restart the game.

What to do if a friend is accidentally deleted? Unfortunately, an incorrectly deleted friend cannot be restored. Please be careful with future actions.

What if nothing happens on the login screen? Try the following:

  1. Change the network (or reconnect to the network) to enter the game.
  2. Restore the client software from the login screen and try logging in again.
  3. Completely uninstall the client program (clear cache data), then reinstall it.
  4. Disable third-party background processes when restarting the game.

LifeAfter: Building Tips

My floor was laid in the wrong direction. How to fix it? Enter Build Mode and select a floor. There you will find a turn button to change direction. You can rebuild your mansion at house level 3.

How do I turn the stairs? In build mode, select a staircase and you will see a turn button. But turning may not be possible if the staircase intersects with other objects.

How to arrange furniture? Can’t I place a piece of furniture with a double click? Why doesn’t it work? Double-clicking doesn’t work here. Use the furniture in your bag and then place it on the floor.

Furniture can only be placed on a laid floor. Elements cannot overlap each other.

Where does my furniture go after using the drawing parsing function? After the blueprints are parsed, the related furniture will be converted into base components. If there were items in the recycled storage, they will be placed in your mansion. If the reworked weapon rack had a weapon on it, it will be mailed to you and the rack will be reworked to its base components.

The door was not created or was built in the wrong place. What should I do?

  1. Enter Build Mode;
  2. Click on the trash can to enter the delete mode;
  3. Aim at the object you want to remove;
  4. Press V.

Furniture was redesigned after stickers / wallpaper was applied to the floor or wall, but these items are not. Stickers can only be used once and will disappear when recycled. After using the stickers, we advise you to rearrange by moving the furniture.

When I recycle floors or walls, the decorations or wallpaper on them disappear! When floors or walls are recycled, all decorations and wallpapers on them are also recycled. This can be checked in the [Construction] - [Wallpaper] menu.

LifeAfter: Completing Quests

Why can’t I accept / complete a quest for a reward? Players of different skill levels have different daily quest limits. Before you reach the limit, you can accept any challenge on the reward board. Once you reach the quest limit, you will no longer be able to accept quests for rewards, and the ones you have already accepted will disappear.

Why isn’t the completed mission listed in the Survival Guide? The tasks in the survival guide should be completed in order. The tasks completed in advance will be displayed only as a serial number.

Why can’t I continue after my friendship with Zenby reaches Stage 1? Friendship in this game develops as follows: "First meeting" - "Hat acquaintance" - "See each other often" - "Idle conversation". The quest requires your friendship to reach 20,000 points.

In a resource search job I was able to complete the collection, but I cannot complete the job. To complete the task, after collecting resources, pick up the fallen objects from the ground.

I was able to open arable land before the start of the Survival Guide quest, but I cannot continue. Please join the camp and move on to discover new arable land.

I need to complete the quest "Iron Pickaxe" / "Iron Ax", but I do not have the corresponding formula. The corresponding tool formula will become available when your logging and mining skills reach level 2.

The quest at the university is complete, but there are no rewards. If you are unable to receive a reward for completing a stage, make sure that:

  1. The rewards for completing the quest at the Bowl University can be claimed once a day.
  2. The task is considered completed only if you board the evacuation plane. Leaving the team before boarding the evacuation plane or exiting the level in any other way will not be able to receive the reward.

How do I transfer home the resources I have collected in Charles Town or Farstar? Mail drones will appear on the map from time to time. Only with these drones can you send infected materials. Drones in Charles Town require recharging.

LifeAfter: Trade Right

How to trade? Basic resources can be gifted to each other. Other materials can be sold or bought on the shelves.

How do I sell things? Resources that can be sold to NPCs, such as tainted blood, can be sold to NPCs in Hope 101 or other NPCs with a sell function in the camp. Other items can be bought or sold at counters.

Why can’t I list things for sale? The survivors’ center trade counters currently hold a limited number of items. If you are unable to list items for sale, then the trade limit has most likely been reached. Please try again later.

Why are my gold bars / items being deducted when selling items? In order to limit the cheating of gold bars and items in the game, the developers did this to stabilize the game economy.

I sold a weapon or armor, but I didn’t receive any gold bars! All sales of valuable equipment go through a 24-hour verification period, after which gold bars will be mailed to you.

Why hasn’t my trade tax changed after buying Federation membership? The Federation member tax credit applies only to the merchant city. This does not apply to the Hope 101 retail counters.

How do I get a Federation member award for monthly card holders? 300 Federation Credits will be provided upon purchase. Log in every day for 30 days of benefits, including $ 2,000, 1,000 skill points, a platter, and spaghetti bolognese. Pick up your awards by mail.

Lost Federation credits and gold bars. Federation Credits and Gold Bars can be spent at the mall and in-game counter Coins are deducted directly when the item is purchased. Purchased new dollars and skill points will be added directly. You can check your skill points in the Talent Ability window.

LifeAfter: Camp Life

How can I become someone’s camp mate? When your mansion and your friend’s mansion reach level 2, you will be able to join the merged private camp and move your mansions there. When your friendship reaches 300, you can move to your united estate and complete the quest to live together there. Complete it and you can live together!

How do I stop being with someone in the camp? You can end your cohabitation in the settings of the mansion control device. After the cohabitation ends, each of you will receive the corresponding amount of resources, but all furniture built after the cohabitation began will remain in the current building.

Why is my level limited after I start living together and I can’t get more Mastery? After assigning the main mansion, the two roommates will receive the general level of the main mansion. The talent level cap will also depend on the level of the main mansion.

Why aren’t the NPCs at the Furniture / Armor / Weapon Store in Hope 101 trading with me? By joining a private camp, you will no longer be a member of Hope 101, which means that you will not be able to trade with NPC Hope 101. Go to your private camp to trade with NPCs there.

How do I leave the camp? Find the female hunter on the 2nd floor of the stairs in the courtyard of your private camp city hall and talk to her to leave the camp.

Article author: Nadezhda D.