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Walkthrough Littlest Pet Shop: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

LITTLEST PET SHOP - Android game with release date 11/21/2011 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

I cant scan the pet token, why is this happening? During the scan of the token, the camera should be stationary and the token should be approximately at arms length. We also recommend scanning tokens in a well-lit area.

How many pets can I have? The game has 70 groups of pets, each of which has 5 pets. In total, you can get 350 pets!

A cloud appeared over my pets head. What does it mean? This means that he needs your care! Click on the cloud, and select an action from the list. Do not forget - you can take care of your pet for free only by clicking on the cloud.

How to get pets? The easiest way is to buy them at the store. You can also get pets by caring for one of them (cleaning, playing, giving food) until he becomes happy. When your pets happiness level reaches the star, you will get a new pet! Take challenges in the pet camp or participate in special events to get a new pet.

What is the difference between entertainment and gaming buildings? Playgrounds - additions to dwellings, from time to time bringing you kibble. Entertainment venues consist solely of playgrounds and bring you more kibble.

After taking care of the pet on the screen "GOOD FELLOW!" "MAX" appears. What does it mean?This means that your pet is as happy as possible, and you can take care of the next pet in the family!

The object on the street after clicking disappeared, and I added Kibble. What was it? You clicked on the Presser! They randomly appear from time to time on the screen and give you a reward for pressing kibble. In some tasks, your goal will be to find such Pressers, so do not lose your vigilance!

How can I keep a record of my pets? This can be done on the Collection screen. To do this, select "COLLECTION" in the "TOOLS" menu. There you can find out what types of pets you have and how many pets of each type you live. You can also see the rewards you get for achieving 5 stars in each family!

I already have a family with 5 pets, but there was no reward ... Why? Great job, but just getting 5 pets is not enough. All 5 pets must be happy - that is, you need to get 5 stars in the family!

What rewards can you get for achieving 5 stars in a set in an album? For every 5 stars in one family you get Bling and Kibble! Moreover, the more happy families you have, the more each next reward will be!

Does the game have a help screen? Yes! In order to get there, select "SETTINGS" in the "TOOLS" menu, and there select "HELP".

My pet became less likely to ask me for help. Why is that? Each new pet in the family can do without your help for a long time. The first pet requires very frequent care, and the fifth is extremely unpretentious. But for Bling and hearts you can take care of the pet at any time!

What is a gift for friendship? A gift for friendship is a special event with which you can win cool prizes at the end of daily tasks. Every day a new test appears, which can be passed at any convenient time. But it is better to hurry, you will not be able to complete the task after it ends. The more trials you pass, the better the rewards.

Who are the camp inmates? Pupils of the camp are special pets, which can sometimes be found in your city or with friends. They are very shy, so they hide in boxes. If you constantly communicate with them, they will love you and will stay in your city.

How to use the wish list? To add a new item to the wish list, select the pet that lacks items for the Dream Set and click the Ask Friends icon. After that, the item will appear in the wish list. To view your friends wish lists, go to the Chat menu. If you want to help a friend, send him an item from his list, if you certainly have one. If you do not have such an item, you can buy it or win the Lucky paw lottery.

What are holiday assignments? This is a new set of tasks of different types. Read the job description to learn how to complete it.

What is a Dream Set? A Dream Set is a list of items that your pet dreams about. Having collected a set, as a reward you will receive cool special effects!

What stocks are displayed on the message board? Distribution of gifts, special tasks and promotions, as well as community events (when you play with the whole community) and friends events (when you play with friends).

Tell us about community events. You participate in the event with all the community players. At the top of the community menu there is a progress bar that shows the achievements of one player. Below is an indicator that shows the overall achievements of all players. Upon completion of the community quest, each player receives special rewards.

Tell about events among friends. In these events, you participate with friends to receive rewards. The more friends you have, the more actively they take part in the event, the higher the likelihood of completing a task and receiving prizes. The event screen displays a list of friends and neighbors, as well as their score. However, only your score and the score of your friends will lead you to victory. If you want the neighbors account to also influence the results of the event, invite your neighbor as a friend!

Why do I need a reminder icon in an event for friends? If you see that the friends score is too low or that the friend is not actively participating in the event, you can remind him to play more often. To do this, click "Remind."

Why are there no events in the message board? If there are no current events, this means that the test has just ended. The next event will be available in a couple of days, come back often, so as not to miss a new event!

I want to buy a certain pet, but I cant. Why it happens? There may be two reasons. Firstly, you may not have enough Kibble or Bling to buy this pets name. In this case, you need to either buy more or earn during the game. Secondly, perhaps you are trying to buy another locked item. Then you should increase the number of inhabitants of the town.

How to get bling for free? You can earn Bling by receiving a Star (Total Happiness) for each pet in the collection. In addition, for the increase in the number of inhabitants of the town, for the purchase of new pets and taking care of them. More Bling will be awarded for completing assignments. And of course, the easiest way to get Bling is to buy them!

If I miss an assignment, will I receive rewards? Yes! Despite skipping tasks, you will receive rewards.

What are Happy Paws? Happy Paws is a game mode in which you can get a prize. Here you can win Kibble, pets, as well as gifts for your pets. You can play Happy Paws for Kibble, Bling or hearts. In addition, once a day you can play for free!

How to get the best daily bonus? All you need to do is play the game once a day for five days in a row.Remember, if you miss at least one day, your daily bonus will be reset!

I was awarded a prize for increasing the number of inhabitants of the town! When will I receive it? You will receive a reward every time the population of the town reaches a significant figure. Prizes will be awarded for 3, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325 and 350 pets.

I received a reward for completing a task without completing the task itself. What happened So you completed the requirements of the assignment before you even got to the assignment. Well, what do you think in advance!

How to delete friends? Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such function.

Can I exchange Kibble for Bling? Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such function.

Why is the playground not producing enough Kibble? Some items are gradually increasing Kibble production. If you do not collect them, after a while you will receive the full amount.

Can I play without access to the Internet? Yes! You can have new pets and take care of them even without access to the Internet. Internet is only needed if you want to buy additional Kibble / Bling or visit friends cities.

How can I change the volume of music or sound effects? The volume can be changed by selecting "SETTINGS" in the "TOOLS" menu, and then "SOUND". Set the sliders to the desired level.

What are push notifications? Push notifications allow you to always be up to date with game news, even if it is not running on your device. For example, you may be informed that a new pet has arrived in your city. To use enable push notifications in the "SETTINGS" menu.

Why do I need the "CHANGE" function in the "TOOLS" menu? This feature allows you to move pets to other homes. Enter the "CHANGE" mode, and drag the pets into any cells. When resettle them as you like - click the "Exit" icon.

How to buy bling? You can buy Bling by clicking on the "Bling" icon at the top of the screen. You need an online connection to go to the App Store / Play Store.

How to buy Kibble? You can buy Kibble by clicking on the "Kibble" icon at the top of the screen. You need an online connection to go to the App Store / Play Store.

How to earn hearts? Hearts are awarded for any social actions. You can add friends, visit friends, collect hearts in the towns of friends (no more than 5 hearts from each of 5 friends). In addition, you will receive hearts for friends visiting your town or adding you.

Can I get hearts if I dont have an Internet connection? You will not be able to chat with friends if you are not online. However, you can collect hearts by visiting the first town in your friends list.

How often can I visit friends in cities? You can visit cities of friends as much as you like! But you will receive hearts only once a day.

How many friends cities can I visit per day? You can visit friends as much as you like. However, hearts can only be collected from 5 cities per day (no more than 5 hearts from each city).

How to ask friends to give a gift? You can ask friends to send the necessary items for their Dream Set. To do this, go to the Dream Kit and click on the "Ask Friends" icon.

Why cant I ask friends for some items? These items may already be on your wish list. You cannot add an item if it is already in the list. The wish list can be checked in the Communication menu. Also, you cannot ask for buildings from friends.

What are these people on the friends list? Are these my neighbors? Neighbors are players who are at about the same stage of the game as you. You can add them as friends! They can also send you friend requests!Every day, new neighbors appear on the list, so check the list from time to time.

What is a message board? The message board is a new place in the city where you can learn more about current special events, as well as pass fun trials and receive wonderful rewards! By the way, current promotions are displayed there!