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Mahjong Treasure Search WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

MAJONG: SEARCH FOR TREASURES - Android game with release date 05/12/2016 from the company VIZOR APPS. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Booster Guide
  3. Friends and Lives
  4. Expeditions
  5. Technical Issues

Mahjong Treasure Search: A Beginner’s Guide

How to open the next level? To open the next level (for example, level 10), you just need to successfully pass the previous level (in this case, the ninth). And to open the next chapter, you need to get a certain Collector Level.This can be done by collecting collections.

How to open the next chapter? To open the next chapter, you need to open a large gate. First you need to get to them. And to open them, you need to get a certain Collector Level. If you want to open the third chapter, then you need to get the third Collector Level.

How to increase Collector Level? This can be done by collecting collections. Click on the chest at the bottom of the screen to find out which elements of the collection you still need to find. If you want to find out where exactly one or another element of the collection can be found, just click on it, and then click on the Find button, and you will automatically be taken to the level where you can get this collection element.

Why do I need a photo album? Photo album is used to collect photographs (or pieces of jigsaw puzzles).From these photos you can learn the story of Sophie and Oliver. Each photograph consists of 10 pieces. To get pieces of photos, you must complete daily tasks. Click on the gift box at the bottom of the screen to view available daily activities. If you fully collect the photo, you will get 5 suns, which you can then use to restore the estate!

I collect diamonds on a level, but they disappear! To successfully pass the level with diamonds, you need to collect them in a certain order. This order is indicated at the top of the game screen. If you used a diamond of the wrong shape, then it will not be counted and will be lost. If you didn’t manage to collect all the diamonds on the level, or if you just want to pass it faster, you can use the Diamonds booster: it will automatically collect all the stones in the correct order.

The order of diamonds is unique for each level!

What do knuckles with keys mean? This means that some knuckles on the level are blocked. Such knuckles are marked in gray - they are not active and you cannot remove them from the field until you "open" them with a key. To do this, you need to remove the knuckle with the key according to the usual rules: just connect it to any suitable knuckle (with or without the key):

As soon as the knuckle with the key is removed, one of the inactive knuckles will be unlocked. You can also use the Castle booster: it instantly unlocks all the knuckles!

Do golden knuckles have any special significance? At some levels there is a goal: "Remove the golden knuckles." To successfully complete these levels, you need to find the golden knuckles and remove them from the field. By the way, if this goal is the only one, then you can simply remove the golden knuckles as soon as you notice them, and all the other knuckles will assemble automatically!

Why do we need bubbles? Bubbles at the end of the level allow you to score more points. The number you see in the bubble is the number of points you get if it bursts. To get more bubbles at the end of the level (and, accordingly, more points), you need to increase the coefficient (the figure that appears on the right side of the points indicator). The faster you collect the knuckles, the higher the ratio.

How can I get yellow stars to open dungeons? Just go through the levels! You can get from 1 to 3 stars per level, depending on the number of points scored. The faster you collect the knuckles, the higher the ratio and, as a result, the more points. The number of points scored is multiplied by the number coefficient. The higher it is, the more bubbles you get at the end of the level.

Why are some circles of levels blue and others yellow? If you have completed the level better than all your friends, then the circle of the level will turn yellow. In all other cases, the circle remains blue.

How to let a cat out of the cage? To open the cage, you need to find the key. This key can be anywhere on the map, and no one knows where exactly. Moreover, the key location is unique for each player! But do not worry, as soon as you pass the desired level, you will receive a key, the cage will open automatically, and the cat will be free.

My daily quest box has been open for 3 days! How to fix it? If you do not receive daily tasks, this means that you have completed all the tasks that are currently available! Just wait a moment and new ones will surely appear.

I don’t like the knuckles I just won! If you want to change the knuckles, click on the knuckles icon in the lower right corner of the screen (near the box icon with daily tasks):

Then scroll left / right until you see the design of the knuckles that you like, and click Use.

I try to pass the level for a second time, but 15 seconds have not been added to my time! 15 seconds are added to the time only if you purchase them for coins. If you decide to replay the level, then only a few seconds will be added.

How to take part in the mini-game? On Monday evening, around 21.30 Moscow time, you will receive a notification about the opening of access to the mini-game. After clicking on the notification, you will be redirected to the game page on Facebook. On the wall you will need to find the top post. A link to the Google form will be attached to it, in which the rules of the mini-game will be placed. Read them carefully, answer the quiz question, solve the puzzle or puzzle, then enter the correct answer and your ID in the appropriate fields. After a few days, if you correctly and timely fill out the Google form, you will receive a reward.

How to turn on / off prompts? To enable / disable prompts, go to any level and click on Pause (the button is located in the lower left corner of the screen). There you will find a button for turning on / off prompts.

How to change the language in the game? The language used in the game depends on the system language of your device. If the system language of the device you are playing is English, then the game will be displayed in English. Therefore, to change the language of the game, you just need to change the system language in the settings of your device.

How to quit the game? Just go to the main map and click on the Back button on your device - and you will see a confirmation window about leaving the game. To display the touch buttons of your device, you may need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Mahjong Treasure Finder: Booster Guide

1. Shuffle. This booster mixes the knuckles. It can be used if there are no possible moves left on the playing field.

2. Diamonds. Booster Diamonds automatically collects all diamonds in the correct order.

3. The bomb. Booster Bomb removes 5 random pairs from the playing field.

4. The castle. Booster Castle will help unlock all inactive knuckles on the level.

5. Time. Booster Time adds 15 seconds to your time at the level of the time you are currently running.

There are several ways to get boosters :

Mahjong Treasure Search: Friends and Lives

I have run out of life! Where can I get them? If you have just started playing this game, your maximum number of lives is five. Each unsuccessful attempt to complete a level takes one life. What to do if there are no lives left?

How can I send lives to friends? Scroll the main map to a level near which your friend’s avatar will be displayed. Then click on this level, find a friend in the list of Best Players. Then click on the heart icon. You will see a "Gifts sent" alert, which means that the friend to whom you just sent your life will receive it soon!

How can I ask friends for life? Make sure that you and your friends have connected a Facebook profile in the game settings. Then click on the heart icon at the top of the screen. After that, a window will appear with various options for obtaining lives. You need the very first:

Click on the button with 2 people, select the friends you want to ask for life from, and click Ask.

Friends send me lives, but I don’t get them! Try to exit the game, clear the list of recently opened applications and open the game again. A fresh connection to the server can speed up the process. If life still hasn’t reached, write to the support service, indicating your game ID, your friend’s game ID, and the date and time when your friend tried to send you life.

I accepted the sent lives, but they disappeared! If none of the sent lives was added, it is possible that now you have the maximum number of lives. When you first start playing, the maximum number of lives you can have is five. If you try to accept the lives sent by friends, or buy more lives, they will not be added. This also explains why only a fraction of sent lives can be added: lives have been added to your limit, and all other lives have disappeared.

The life won in the Wheel of Fortune will be added anyway, regardless of how many lives you currently have.

I bought "Maximum Lives +1 Forever," but I’ve taken lives anyway! This extension does not give you life that will never end (the store has special packages for this). This extension increases the maximum life limit.At the very beginning of the game, the maximum number of lives you can have is five. If you purchase this extension, your limit will increase to six. Keep in mind that the maximum life limit is 7.

Mahjong Treasure Search: Expeditions

What is an expedition? An expedition is an adventure with new game mechanics! In addition to the already familiar mahjong, you will find new locations where you have to conjure, help various characters and restore the estate of Sophie’s parents!

How can I go on an expedition? As soon as the expedition becomes available, you will receive a letter in the game. You will also see this icon in the upper right corner of the screen:

How can I leave the expedition? To return to the estate, click on this button:

To return to the main map, click on this button:

What is magic dust used for and how to get it? Magical dust is only mined in chests. She is needed in order to get a unique decoration on the estate. To get the scenery you need to collect all the dust on all the islands. After the expedition ends, the dust burns out, and in the next expedition it is necessary to start all over again.

How to get energy? The energy, which is represented as magic wands, is used to remove objects on the map.Every 30 seconds, 1 point of energy is restored. The maximum amount that can be restored for free is 200. Energy that is added above this limit can be obtained from boxes on the map (not to be confused with chests) or bought with coins.

Why do I need dynamite? Dynamite is an analog of energy that is very convenient to use. Depending on the power, dynamite removes a different number of objects (equivalent to 250, 500 and 1000 energy). Large dynamite can be obtained by exchanging red rubies; medium and small - for completing tasks and raising levels in the Estate.

Why do I need to complete missions on an expedition? Mission assignments are the only source of the sun (except for a small comic book reward). Performing tasks on the expedition, you collect the suns that you can spend on tasks on the estate. The number of suns per task depends on the complexity of the island and the complexity of the task itself.

Mahjong Treasure Search: Technical Issues

I want to start the game again. First, copy or rewrite your ID. Then send a request by e-mail of technical support with confirmation that you would like to start the game from the first level, as well as indicating your ID.Your request will be reviewed and further instructions will be sent to you.

What is included in the subscription? With a subscription you get:

Subscription is provided with a trial period of 7 days. This means that within 7 days after subscribing you can test everything for free! If you don’t like the subscription, you can cancel it. At the end of the trial period, your account will be automatically paid for the subscription and the subscription period will automatically begin. Subscription payment is displayed in your iTunes Payment History as a Prepaid Payment.

Subscription bonuses are provided only in case of an active subscription. In case of cancellation of the subscription, access to bonuses will not be provided. If the subscription was canceled before the end of the subscription period, you will still have access to the bonuses, however, as soon as the subscription period ends, the bonuses will become inactive.

Videos in the Wheel of Fortune do not work! All commercials in the game are provided by third-party companies. Their performance directly depends on the game cache. If the cache is full, errors may occur. Try clearing the game cache on your mobile device:

  1. Go to your mobile device’s settings >> Applications >> Mahjong: Treasure Search.
  2. Click the Clear Cache button. Please do not click on "Erase Data".

If this does not help, send a message to the support team, attach a screenshot of the problematic advertisement, and they will deal with this video.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.