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Walkthrough Mafia City: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MAFIA CITY is an Android game with a release date of March 30, 2017 from YottaGames. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Gang and victory strategy
  3. Equipment and gems
  4. Building Buildings Right
  5. Clan Guide
  6. Clan Missions
  7. Battle of the Strongest
  8. Battle for the Mayor
  9. Battle of the Governor
  10. Senator’s Battle
  11. Mafia Conflict
  12. Battle of the Cities
  13. Capturing Regions
  14. Battle for Sin City
  15. Underground Championship
  16. Group Arena
  17. Ultra Raid
  18. The Godfather Collection
  19. The Great Migration
  20. Shopping
  21. Bugs in the game
  22. Correct account setup

Mafia City: Beginner’s Guide

What kind of game is it? In Mafia City, you are the leader of the Gang. Under your leadership, the Gang will become stronger and stronger, and in the end you will become an honorary leader. You can use the following ways to strengthen your Gang: continuous improvement of buildings, training Gang members, investing, plundering resources, joining a Clan and attacking street gangs. Discuss the game and strategy with friends from all over the world to enjoy the game even more.

How to loot resources? Find the resource item on the city map, click on it, select "Rob" and send the gang members to rob. It takes a certain amount of time to complete the operation. After the robbery is completed, the squad will return to your base with resources. The higher the load level of your Gang members, the more resources they will bring.

What are reliable resources? Resources resulting from the use of Items are Reliable Resources. Like regular resources, reliable resources can be used to improve buildings, train troops, etc. When you have both reliable resources and regular resources, your usual resources will be consumed first.

What are the benefits of reliable resources? Reliable resources cannot be stolen by opponents. Cash in reliable resources cannot be used to support gang members.

How to make gold? There are many ways to earn gold in a game:

Can players give gold, resources or items? Players cannot give gold or items to each other. The secret market is a place where clan members can transfer resources. You can send clan members only regular resources. If all your resources are reliable, then you cannot transfer them to members of the Clan. Improving the secret market can increase the amount of transferred resources and reduce tax.

What is the ammunition resource for? Why do you need a metal resource? Ammunition is used to improve buildings starting at level 10 and above. Metal is used to upgrade buildings from level 15 and up.

Leader Skills. Every time a leader level rises, he gets skill points. Skill points can be used to improve Leader skills. Leader’s skills are divided into 3 categories: battle, development, support. Using skill points to learn a specific skill allows the leader to get the appropriate effects. Talents are distributed in a tree structure, which means that you must first learn the current skill at a certain level before the next one unlocks and you can learn it.

How to get Leader skill points? Skill points can be obtained by increasing the level of the Leader.

Leaders can level up by participating in street fights, using experience items, and completing quests.

How to increase strength? The following methods will help you increase your strength: training gang members, building and improving buildings. When you upgrade buildings, the difference in strength between the current and previous levels of this building will be added to your strength. If you upgraded your Villa from level 5 (strength 534) to level 6 (strength 961), 961-534 = 427 will be added to your strength.

Dotted lines on the map. A green dotted line means that your Gang is heading to some place on the map, or the Gang of your Clan member is moving towards you to strengthen you or deliver resources to you. A red dotted line means that the enemy Gang is moving towards you or a member of your Clan to attack or spy. It can also mean cops during a police raid. A white dashed line indicates movement on a Gang map that is not a member of your Clan.

Inspection of the prison. On the map, you can find several well-fortified prisons. By sending your gangs to inspect the prison, you can avoid losses from enemy attacks. You can also find a small amount of resources and experience as a leader when viewing the prison. The prison can be found on a city map.

Street groups. Inside the city you can always find an ambitious street group around the corner. By sending your Gangs to attack them, you will not only destroy these groups, but also receive many rewards. To destroy these Groupings will require energy. This energy is restored automatically, or can be completely restored by energy recovery items.

How to attack street gangs? The number in front of street groups shows their level. You can get a rich reward for the first victory over a street gang. For multiple victories over street gangs, you can not only receive resources as a reward, but also access to items. Leader experience can be gained mainly from victories over street gangs.

Only by defeating a street group of the previous level, you can challenge the street group of the next level. For example, you need to defeat a street group of lvl.4 in order to gain the right to attack a street group of ur. 5. A small portion of Gang members will be injured in fights with street gangs. The wounded will automatically be returned to the hospital for treatment. If there is not enough space in the hospital, they will die.

The level of street gangs rises with the average strength of the city. Be patient while waiting for a higher-level street gang.

City center. Operations within the city center are extremely complex, not to mention that the speed of the operation will be significantly reduced. In addition, the city center cannot be occupied, and if you place the Villa there, the strength of the wall will be significantly reduced.

Protective weapon. Protective weapons can be produced at the Security Center; it is used to protect Villa.

If you do not have Gangs inside the Villa, then protective weapons do not work.

How to use Teleport Base? Teleport can be purchased at the store in the War section. There are 2 types of teleporters: random teleporter and advanced teleporter. They will automatically appear in items after purchase. Your villa will be randomly moved if you use a random teleport. Having chosen a place on the city map and clicking "OK" or "2000 Gold" you can use the advanced teleport to move around.

If the Villa exceeds level 6 and you created an account more than 3 days ago, then you will not be able to transfer to another city.

Is it possible to occupy the bases of other players? Each account can own only one database. Other bases on the map belong to other players. You can attack them, but you cannot occupy them.

How to protect your base? You can use the shield to prevent others from attacking your base (the members of the gang behind the wall of the base do not protect the shield). If members of your Gang robbing resources are attacked, you can withdraw them. If your base is under attack, you can send your Gang members somewhere to avoid direct conflict.

Sending your Gang members to prison for research is a great way to reduce casualties during the war. Using random teleport or advanced teleport is also an effective way to avoid an attack. Join the Clan and use the Clan teleport to teleport to the territory of the Clan and protect yourself from attacks. Build hospitals to avoid a direct conflict with a strong gang and reduce the loss of gang members.

My base is on fire. What to do? If opponents set fire to your base (failed to defend during the battle), it will burn. In this case, the strength of the wall will gradually decrease. You can use the item "Restore Strength" to restore the wall. The fire of the base lasts only half an hour and will automatically stop after this time.

If your base has already been attacked several times, the duration of the fire will increase. As soon as the strength reaches 0, your base will be automatically moved to another place in the city. After using the teleport, strength will immediately return to maximum.

The line of construction. The remainder of the building improvement time will be shown in the Construction Queue. Click on the "Hammer" icon and you will directly go to the building for improvement. You can use the item "Construction Worker" or spend gold on hiring a construction worker for a certain time to get another turn.

The second phase of construction. The second phase of construction can be activated by clicking on the golden hammer on the left side of the screen. Having spent 250 gold you will get access to 1 day.

If building improvement takes longer than the time the second builder works, then you will need to pay another builder. If both phases of construction are busy, you will not be able to demolish the buildings inside the Villa. You need to wait until at least one line is free to demolish the building.

What is happy poker? Starting the Wheel of Fortune you have a chance to participate in a happy poker. In Happy Poker, you can get a maximum of 9 reward items. Possible rewards: resources, acceleration items, energy items, Leader experience, gold, etc. At the beginning, happy poker will show you 9 cards. By clicking on "Shuffle" the cards will be automatically shuffled and flipped. By clicking on the card and spending a few chips, you will receive a corresponding reward. Card Turning Chips Consumption:

What is an increase in rewards? In Happy Poker, there is a special kind of reward - an increase in reward. Any reward after receiving an increase in reward will increase. Reward increases can only be added up, not multiplied. Note: Reward increases are only valid for this round of happy poker.

Where to get the chips? You can get chips:

  1. In the "Resources" in the Store;
  2. Buy from a smuggler;
  3. Get rewarded on a yacht;
  4. Get rewarded in the Wheel of Fortune.

Where to get advanced chips? You can get advanced chips:

  1. Buy them at the "Resources" in the Store;
  2. Buy from a smuggler;
  3. Receive from Daily Supplies;
  4. Get rewarded in the Wheel of Fortune.

Black market. You can get a lot of resources in the Black Market. Improving the Black Market will help increase the number of free trades per day and the resources from each trade. When trading on the Black Market, you have a chance to increase the reward x2, x5, as well as x10.

You can make a maximum of 200 transactions every day.

How to increase the number of criminal operations? By clicking on the Investment Center - Invest - Armament - Criminal Network, you can increase the number of criminal operations, or when you reach the level of VIP 8 you can increase the number of criminal operations by 1, activating the VIP.

How to start a new game? By clicking on the image in the upper left corner - Settings - Account - Start a new game, you can create a new account.

If you did not link the previous account before creating a new one, all progress on the previous account will be lost. Make sure you link your account.

How to save and delete coordinates? Click on the map icon in the lower left corner to go to the city map. Select an area and click on the star icon (favorites) to save the coordinates. Then click on the star icon on the left side of the map to go to the saved coordinates. By clicking the button to the right of the selected coordinates, you can delete them. Click on the trash can icon on the right and confirm the deletion of the saved coordinates.

Event Police Raid. During the event, the cops will attack all members of the Clan. The more cops you reflect, the better the reward. Some cops are too strong, it is recommended to help a friend and send reinforcements. After you have been defeated twice, the cops will stop attacking you. In doing so, you can help other members of the Clan protect their bases. This event will end when all members of the Clan twice fail to defend themselves against the cops. The shield does not affect cops.

Why become a VIP player? VIP players can enjoy many privileges. For example: speeding up construction, increasing production of resources, speeding up operations, expanding operations, attack bonus, defense bonus, increasing health, etc. This helps the Leader to develop faster and gain more advantages in the battles.

As the VIP level increases, the advantage will become more and more noticeable. It is a fact that VIP players are very strong and achieve outstanding goals! Click on the VIP button next to the avatar and enter the VIP interface. There you can scroll through the VIP pages to view privileges for each VIP level.

How can I increase the level of VIP? There are 10 different VIP levels in total. Players can see their current VIP level and points by clicking on the VIP button next to the image and entering the VIP interface. To reach a new VIP level, fill the current scale using VIP points.

How do I get VIP points? By clicking on the "Get Points" button on the VIP page, you can either enter the shopping page to buy, or use the available corresponding points to increase the VIP level. This is a relatively quick way to level up. In addition, you can also get VIP points by completing tasks, participating in events, etc.

How to change the nickname in the game? Click on the "Items" button in the game interface and buy the item "Rename Leader" in the Store.

After purchase, the item will be automatically added to the Items. Then click on the "Use" and "OK" buttons. Enter your new nickname, click on "OK" and your nickname will be changed. Remember that the name of your database depends on your nickname. Second method: click your avatar on the game interface (located in the upper left corner), click on the button near the nickname and enter a new nickname, then click "OK." You need to spend 200 gold to rename.

How to change the look? Click on the "Items" button on the game interface and buy the "Change of face" item in the Store. After purchase, the item will be automatically added to the Items. Click on the "Use" and "OK" buttons, all standard skins will be displayed. After you have selected your favorite look, click "OK" and your look will be changed.

Invite friends. Invitations to Facebook can only be sent to those who have not linked their Facebook account to an account in the game Mafia City. At the time of the invitation, the invitee’s Villa level must be 5 or lower for the invitation to be considered successful. When the invitation of friends reaches a certain amount, the inviter will be able to receive the appropriate reward.

By clicking on the avatar image of a friend, you can see his status. You can also receive rewards for friends performing events in the game. For the first time, having successfully invited all your friends, you can get a reward of 800 gold. Each invitation will be rewarded with a gift box, a maximum of 20 pieces per day.

Mafia City: Gang and victory strategy

Types of Gangs. Gangs consist of 4 main types: Cutthroats, Bikers, Shooters and Auto, which can be separately trained in Camps and the Auto Center. Each type contains at least 2 categories that have different talents and characteristics. Details can be viewed individually for each gang.

Gang of Cutthroats. Cutthroats are the muscles known as the melee gang. Cutthroats are divided into Zdoravyakov and Bullies. Healthy people have higher Protection and Health level, excellent defenders, are recommended for training in the first place. Bullies are gangs superior in dealing high attack damage.

Biker gangs. Bikers are killers during the battle. They have a chance to attack the enemy of distant troops. Bikers are divided into Bikers and Ringleaders. Bikers participate in close combat, their characteristics are balanced. They are able to attack the enemy of distant troops. The instigators are like distant troops, so they can be attacked by enemy Bikers.

Gang Shooters. Arrows are the main distant troops. Shooters are divided into Shooters and Snipers. The shooter can attack twice per round, but his level of attack is low, as is his life. Snipers have a high Attack, and even an Attacking bonus when defending the Villa.

Gangs Auto. Cars have the highest load, but also the lowest speed. Cars are divided into Airborne BM and Armed Couriers. Airborne BMs are melee, they get an additional Attack bonus when defending Villa. Armed Couriers belong to distant troops, with the largest Attack radius and highest Attack strength. But they can attack only once every two rounds.

Characteristics of Fighters. These include:

Protection gangs need to increase Health and Protection, for example: The Big Men and Armed Couriers. Attacking Gangs need to increase their Attack, for example: Bikers, Shooters, Snipers and Bullies.

Battle strategy. Before the start of the battle, it is worthwhile to carry out espionage to get acquainted with the composition of the enemy’s gang. Based on the data obtained, draw up the right strategy and effectively carry out an attack, thereby reducing costs and getting an excellent result. Before starting an attack, try to choose the right heroes, for example, if in this attack the emphasis is on Bikers, then it is better to use heroes who can give bonuses to Bikers.

If you do not have suitable heroes, then use heroes who can increase Health, Defense or Attack of the Cutthroats, because Cutthroats are a fundamental part of the Gang.

Description of the heroes. Each hero has special skills that can enhance various characteristics, for example: Sylvia can help in the destruction of Street Groups, if you need to send troops to attack another player, you can choose heroes like Milena or Napalma - they can strengthen the characteristics of the squad. You can find more detailed information about the skills and bonuses that they give in the hero’s interface.

Equipment. Equipment can add bonus features to the Bands, with which you can easily win, so before the battle, equip the Banda in full. Different equipment adds different characteristics:

  1. Recruitment Policy - increases bonuses for robbery, investment, training of the gang to other;
  2. Killer Set - increases the attack of all Gang members, ideal equipment for battles.
  3. Conqueror Kit - an improved Killer kit, significantly increases the characteristics of Bikers;
  4. Set of the God of War - an improved Set of the Conqueror, madly increases the characteristics of Bikers;
  5. Set Destroyer of Empires - an improved Set of the God of War, slightly inferior to the set of the Governor;
  6. The Governor’s set is the most legendary set in the game, you can get it only by becoming the Governor.

Criminal operations. Gang movements within the city are criminal operations. The size of the criminal operation is largely dependent on the restaurant and investment. The number of Gangs sent at a time can be increased through investment, or by raising the VIP level to level 8 or higher.

Why is the load of the gang lower when attacking another player? In order to protect newcomers, the attack boss’s gang load will be automatically reduced by 50% compared to the load when looting ordinary resources.

Additional characteristics of the gang. Each type of gang will receive additional characteristics after reaching a certain level. You can check the details in the feature overview.

Gang upgrade function. When your Villa reaches level 15, the Gang Upgrade function will be automatically activated. To improve the characteristics of the gangs, it is necessary to use the "Enhanced Hormone". Attributes are effective for all gangs of the current type. Strengthened Hormone can be obtained by defeating the Ares mercenary in the city.

Rules for improving gangs. Each time you click "Improve", you add a few experience points to the improvement level of the current Gang. Each time you randomly increase a certain value of experience, you will receive Crete. hit (the number of points will be multiplied) during the first 10 times a day. After the value of experience has reached the required level, the characteristic will be randomly selected.

You can look at the general Characteristics and the corresponding probability of receiving the characteristics by Gangs of this type, on the Characteristics overview page. Experience beyond what is needed to improve a level will not be kept at the next level. Each time you click Improve a certain type of Gang, consumption will accumulate, and accumulated consumption will be reset the next day.

Mafia City: Equipment and gems

Lapidary complex. The lapidary complex can be unlocked after the Villa reaches level 5. It is used to mine and synthesize gems.

How to exchange equipment? To exchange equipment, 3 materials are required. These are mainly gems, as well as checks and additional equipment. The final quality of the Equipment depends a lot on the quality of the gems used for the exchange. The probability will vary based on the quality of the additional equipment and gems.

If the chance of exchange does not equal 100%, this means that there is a chance of not getting the quality of this Color after the exchange.

Gems. Each Gem is a certain characteristic, therefore, based on the characteristics of the equipment, the gems necessary for the exchange of this equipment will change.

Methods for producing gems. Gems can be obtained:

Synthesis of gems. A gem that is 1 level higher in quality can be synthesized using 4 gems a lower level.

Additional equipment. To make an exchange for equipment of a higher level, equipment below the level is necessary (except for equipment of the 1st level).

Checks. Checks are necessary material for the exchange of equipment. Ways to get checks:

The quality of the equipment. The same equipment can be 6 types of Quality: white, green, blue, purple, orange, gold. The order of quality is as follows: white - green - blue - purple - Orange - gold. The better the quality of the equipment, the better its characteristics.

How to disassemble equipment? Equipment can be disassembled. A random amount of materials and gems of the same quality will be obtained after parsing. For example: level 1 gold gear will give 1-2 random gems of gold quality. The appearance of the resulting gem will be random, but the quality will definitely be gold.

Invest in equipment. You can invest in equipment at the investment center to speed up the processing of gems, reduce the consumption of checks, improve the characteristics of equipment. For example:

Mafia City: Building Buildings Right

Villa. The Villa is the most important building, improving the Villa helps to activate other buildings, in addition, the level limit of other buildings depends on the level of the Villa. In the "Base Bonus" you can see the status of various bonuses.

Camp of Cutthroats, Camp of Bikers, Camp of Shooters and Center. Here you can train troops. The number of trained troops and the speed of training depend on the level and number of clubs. New troops will be activated when the buildings reach level 4, 7,10,13,16,19, 22, 26, 30. Construction and improvement of the building cannot be completed at the same time.

If you want to disband the existing troops, click on the building where the troops are training, click on the "Training" button, select the troops, click on the "!" on top of the image, click on the minus sign and determine the quantity. Then click Dissolve.

The dismissed troops will not return the resources spent on training.

A restaurant. Build a restaurant at the base. The level of the restaurant will affect the maximum amount of criminal operation. You can invest and use the item "Operation Extension" to increase the maximum number of criminal operations.

Security Center. In the Security Center, you can create defensive weapons. Improving the Center you can open a new protective weapon. The Leader’s investments and skills influence the speed of creating defensive weapons. The maximum number of protective weapons depends on the level of the wall. Protective weapons will only be activated when there are troops at your Base.

If there are no troops at the Base, defensive weapons will not work. If you want to demolish your existing protective weapons, click on the "Security Center", click "Build", select a protective weapon, click on the "!" on top of the image, click on the minus sign and determine the quantity. Then click Demolish.

Stock. Warehouse protects your resources from robbery. The higher the warehouse level, the more resources the warehouse can protect. Uncollected resources at the Base are not protected. Do not forget to collect them.

The "Resources" items that you received from trading with a smuggler, the warehouse also protects as reliable resources.

Center of investment. In the Investment Center you can invest in the development of your Base. There is only one basic requirement for investing: the availability of a sufficient amount of resources.

Clan Club. The level of the Clan club affects the effect of help from members of the Clan. The maximum size of reinforcements depends on the level of the Clan club. You cannot accept reinforcements when the Clan club is not yet built. Reinforcements are the most effective way to protect Clan members and can inflict massive damage on an advancing adversary.

Clan Hall. After the Clan Hall is built, you can use the Raid function and view the Clan Battles. The Raid function allows you and your Clan members to come together and form a team to attack opponents. The maximum number of Raid Gangs depends on the level of the Clan hall and the organizer’s restaurant. The number of Gangs that can participate in the raid depends on the Clan’s investment. In Clan Battles, you can view all Clan battles. Raid is the most effective way to destroy a strong enemy.

Casino. At the Casino you can find the Wheel of Fortune. In the Wheel of Fortune, you need to spend 1000 chips for each start of the wheel to get a rich reward such as: resources, acceleration items, energy items, happy poker, etc. Every day, the first start of the wheel is free. Updated at 08:00 local time.

Radar. The radar allows you to spy on Villa other players in the city. Using the "Details" function, you can find out information about a moving adversary who is going to attack your Base. The higher the radar level, the more detailed information it provides.

Wall. The amount of protective weapons and strength depends on the wall. One of the necessary requirements for improving the Villa is a wall.

Hospital. A hospital can be built outside the wall. Healing the wounded costs much less than training new troops. Only a certain number of injured can be treated in hospitals. The higher the level of the hospital and the more hospitals, the more wounded can accommodate.

The capacity of the hospital can be increased by investing in the expansion of the hospital. Treatment of the wounded can be accelerated by investing in "Medical Training". When the number of wounded exceeds the maximum capacity of hospitals, those wounded who did not have enough space will die. Troops can be injured in the following battles:

  1. In defensive battles, those killed will become wounded (if the number of those killed exceeds the capacity of hospitals, some of those killed will still die).
  2. In street fights, a small number of Gang members will be injured.
  3. After investing in First Aid, a certain number of injured people will appear after each battle.
  4. After using Leader’s Rescue skill (not working for the raid), only the wounded will appear in the next battle.

Club. The club can be built behind the wall. The club can increase the speed of training and the maximum number of trained fighters. You can build more clubs to train new Gang members faster, but at the same time it will reduce the available space for building buildings that produce resources.

Money center, cargo center, ammunition warehouse, metallurgical plant. A money center, a cargo center, an ammunition warehouse, and a metallurgical plant respectively produce cash, cargo, ammunition, and metal. Improving these buildings will increase the production of related resources. A level 10 villa is required to build an ammunition warehouse. A level 15 villa is required to build a metallurgical plant.

Resource buildings. In the city, various resources appear in the form of buildings. You can plunder them with your Gangs. Resource buildings are classified at different levels. The higher the level of resource construction, the more resources it contains. The closer the resource building to the city center, the higher its level.

How to move buildings in a villa? This can be done by clicking Villa - details - moving buildings, but this opportunity will cost you 500 gold.

Gray area. The city hall is surrounded by a large area of gray area. Movements within the gray zone are very complicated. The speed is also significantly reduced. If the Villa inside the gray zone is set on fire, its wall strength will be significantly reduced.

Mafia City: Clan Guide

How to create a clan? Bosses with level 1-3 villas cannot create a clan. Bosses with a Level 4-5 Villa can spend 200 gold to create a Clan. Bosses with Villa level above 6 can create a Clan for free. When creating a Clan, you must enter the name of the Clan and the motto (which will be displayed to other Bosses, attracting them). When creating a clan, the language will be installed according to the language of the creator of the clan (the language can be changed later).

How to change a rank in a clan? A member of a higher status may change the rank of a lower member (R5 may change the rank of any member below his rank, R4 may change the rank of members of R3 or lower, etc.).

How to change the banner of the Clan? Click Clan - control - view the banner to change the banner.

How to dissolve / exit the clan? How to change a clan? Each Boss can join only 1 Clan. If you want to change the Clan, you will first need to exit the current one. Way to leave the Clan: click on the Clan - control - leave the Clan. A clan cannot be dissolved unless the Clan Leader has expelled all members of the Clan. A Clan leader can transfer leadership to another Clan member to leave the Clan.

How to take the place of the Clan Leader? You can take the Leader’s place in the following cases:

Clan investment. After joining the Clan, you can begin to donate to the Clan’s investment. Each donation will bring clan member Clan honor points, and the Clan will be given Clan points. After the donation, a waiting time of 4 hours will be set until the opportunity to make the next donation.

Every day, members of R5 and R4 can start investing after the donation scale is full. As soon as the investment is completed, all members will receive a bonus effect from this investment. A clan can only invest in one investment at a time. Whenever an investment reaches a certain level, a new advanced investment is unlocked.

Clan territory. Clan territory is determined by the clan towers. She gives various bonuses for clan members. The borders of the territory of your Clan are blue, the color of the borders of other Clans is red. Bonuses will be active if at least part of the Clan member’s Villa is inside the territory of the Clan. Only being in this territory you can receive bonuses. Clan Warehouse can only be located R4 or R5.

Clan members can store part of their resources in the Clan’s warehouse, which cannot be plundered. In the meeting room you can get special achievements of the Clan, for the implementation of which the whole Clan will receive awards. The Clan’s secret base will allow you to shelter your troops in case of an attack, the troops sheltered in it cannot be attacked. Clan Hospital will accept a certain number of your wounded fighters if the capacity of the hospitals in Villa has reached the limit. Clan Defense Tower: A guarantee of the security of your own Villas within its jurisdiction.

Help Clan. When upgrading buildings, investing, and treating the wounded, you can ask the Clan for help to shorten the time. The reduced time corresponds to the amount of help received. Each member of the Clan can help other members using the "Help" button in the Clan Club or in the "Help Clan" interface. The effect of assistance depends on the level of the Clan Club of the petitioner.

How to use Clan reinforcements? After the Clan Club is built, Clan members can send you reinforcements if your Villa is attacked. The amount of reinforcements you can get depends on the level of the Clan club.

What is a clan’s order? To enable Clan Leader and R4 members to better manage Clan affairs, the Clan order function has been added. It allows both the Clan Leader and R4 members to send simple messages to other members and explain what tasks need to be completed. Clan orders can be sent in the following places:

  1. Inside the Clan Member menu, click on any member and you will see the Clan order button.
  2. Click on the Villa of any member of the Clan on the map, and you will see the clan’s order button.

Only Clan Leader and R4 members can see the Clan order button. After clicking on this button, a list of orders will appear, select one of them and confirm your choice. The system will send an order letter to each member of the Clan. The letter will contain detailed information about the needs of the Clan. The Clan’s order comes in the form of a reminder, which can be viewed in the Clan’s mail in messages.

How to organize a raid? In fact, a raid means an attack by the enemy, which, at the same time, members of the Clan can join. When a raid is created, the one who starts the raid must choose the time to collect. The assembled troops will then head towards the enemy. To use the raid function, you must have a "Clan Hall", this building also affects the amount of power that you can collect. The raid can only be dissolved by those who formed the raid.

Clan Store. Clan Store is a combination of Store and Item List. To better describe the functions of the store and the list of items in the Clan’s store, we first explain the difference and similarities between the Clan’s honor points and the Clan’s points. Clan Honor Points and Clan Points:

Item List and Store:

Mafia City: Clan Missions

Description of Joint Tasks. Clan’s joint quests will be available as soon as your villa reaches level 10. The clan will give random collaborative tasks for clan members, which they can accept if conditions suit them. To complete the joint task requires 2 players. After completing the accepted task, the reward for completing the joint task will be received by both the person who accepted it and the one who helped.

The quality of collaborative assignments. Joint tasks are divided into five types of Quality: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold. From highest to lowest: Gold - Orange - Purple - Blue - Green. You will receive more resources from performing better tasks.

Unlock collaborative jobs. If the level of your Villa is 10 or higher, then you can accept the joint quest. You can receive a reward only after a member of your Clan helps you, otherwise your task will disappear and you will not receive a reward.

Free acceptance of the task. Only one task can be taken for free at a time. If you want to take a few tasks, you will need to spend gold.

Help in a joint task. If the level of your Villa is 10 or higher, then go to the "Help List" page to select a Clan member for help and completing a joint task. After accepting the joint quest, you must wait until the time reaches 0 to get a reward for the quest. Keep in mind that you will receive more rewards from higher quality assignments. However, you can only help one Clan member at a time.

Update collaborative tasks. Automatic update: the system updates tasks every 2 hours. Forced update: you can update the tasks yourself for free twice a day.

Mafia City: Battle of the Strongest

What is the Battle of the Strongest? During the Battle of the Strongest event, Leaders must complete different tasks according to the stage of the daily event in order to gain points.

Time of the Battle of the Strongest. The battle of the Strongest will automatically begin after a certain time after the opening of the City. The break between the Battles of the Strong is a week. The view of the battle is random.

Stages in the Battle of the Strongest:

  1. Robbery of resources: in the stage of Robbery of resources, Leaders need to rob resources in the city to get points. The number of points received from the robbery of resources depends on the type of resources.
  2. Street Fight: In the Street Fight stage, Leaders need to attack street gangs in the city to get points. By destroying street gangs, you can get points. The higher the level of street gangs, the more points you get.
  3. Strength increase: in the stage of Strength increase, Leaders need to increase their strength in order to get points. With the demolition of the building, both strength and points will decrease.
  4. Base Development: In the Base Development stage, Leaders need to upgrade buildings or invest in property to gain points. The number of points depends on the increase in strength after improving buildings or investments.
  5. Coaching Gang Members: In the Coaching Gang Members phase, Leaders need to train Gang members to earn points. The number of points depends on the number and level of trained gang members.
  6. Killing opponents: In the Killing opponents stage, Leaders need to kill Gangs of other leaders in order to get points. The number of points depends on the number and level of killed gang members of another leader.

Reward events. There are 2 types of rewards:

  1. The usual reward. In the Event you can get 3 types of rewards every day. When the Leader’s points are reached a certain amount, a message will be sent with the corresponding award. Points are reset every day at 00:00 local time.
  2. Daily Rating Reward. During the event, an overall leaderboard score will be maintained every day. The higher the Leader rating, the better the reward. The accumulated points are reset every day at 00:00 local time.

The Strongest Leader. For the week of the event, a ranking of the strongest Leaders will be compiled. The place in the Rating depends on the accumulated points for the entire week of the Event. The more points, the better the reward. The leader taking the first place in the ranking will become the Strongest Leader.

The first 10 minutes of the event are preparatory. Points earned in these 10 minutes will not be included in the final Event Points.

Mafia City: Battle for the Mayor

How to become a mayor?

  1. During the Battle of the Mayor, if the Leader leaves his Clan, then this player will be deemed to have left the Battle of the Mayor, and all the Gangs involved in the Battle will be disbanded. Leaders who participate in the Battle of the Mayor cannot use the Shield.
  2. During the Battle of the Mayor, you must capture the Town Hall (coordinates 600: 600) and hold it for 8 hours to win.
  3. If the captors of the Town Hall and the Fort are not from the same team, then the Fort will attack the Town Hall every 30 seconds and randomly destroy a certain number of Gangs.
  4. The maximum number of Gangs located in the Town Hall and Fort is determined by the maximum size and level of the Clan Hall of the first player to enter.
  5. During the Battle of the Mayor, the effects from the previous Mayor will not work.
  6. At the end of the Battle, the Town Hall will enter a state of defense. Within two hours of entering the state of defense, the Clan Leader may appoint himself or any of the members of the Clan as Mayor.
  7. If the Mayor was not appointed after 2 hours, then the previous Mayor (if the one who captured the Clan is the same as he captured before) will be appointed the acting Mayor. If this is the first election on the Server or the previous Mayor is not a member of the conquering Clan, the Clan Leader will automatically be appointed by the Mayor.
  8. The next Mayor election will begin 5 days after the end of the previous Battle of the Mayor.

Privileges of the Mayor. These include:

Bonuses assigned to positions:

Mafia City: Battle of the Governor

Governor of the Mafia. The hostile parties in the Governor of the Mafia are the States, while different cities will be divided between different States. The parties during the battle are represented by Clans, where different Clans from different cities will gather in one State (city) to fight for supremacy in the Governor’s Hall. The battle will go on for 8 hours, in which the Leader who holds the Governor’s Hall longer than others will automatically become the Governor.

During the battle, you can earn battle points, which will determine the place in the rating of battle points and when the event ends, the rewards will be sent to the players through the mail according to the place occupied in the rating. On the battlefield are advanced resource points with accelerated robbery times. By robbing these resource points you can earn robbery points that can be used to earn rewards.

You can get fame points for soldiers who died in battle, and you can get different points for fighters of different levels. During the event, fame points can be redeemed for rewards. Clan robbery points can be used to get temporary bonuses that can help you in the battle for the post of Governor. You must have Level 19 Villa. You must be in the Clan to participate in the event.

The rules of battle. The rules and methods of battle during an event are identical to those used in an ordinary city. Use of items will not be limited or prohibited. All battles associated with the Governor’s Hall and the Governor’s Fort will have only those killed, but during the Battle of Villas, the gangs of the attacker will die, while the defenders will initially be sent to the hospital.

If the hospital overflows, then the gangs that exceed the limit will die. During the battle, resources from villas of other players may be looted. During the battle for the Mafia Governor, if the conqueror of the Governor’s Hall and the capture of the Governor’s Fort are not from one Clan, then the Governor’s Fort will begin to attack the Governor’s Hall every 30 seconds, killing a random number of Gangs with each attack. But the Clan that has occupied the Governor’s Fort can shut down the Base by stopping the attack of the Governor’s Hall.

How to become a Governor? Anyone who has occupied the Governor’s Hall longer than others (in total) will automatically become the Governor at the end of the event. The next battle for the Governor of the Mafia will take place 28 days after the end of the previous battle for the Governor of the Mafia.

Governor Improvements. Feature Enhancements:

Appointments to the Hall. The Governor may appoint any player in the state to his office in the following positions: Duke, Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Minister of Economy, Chief Justice, Generalissimo, Tycoon, Developer, Idiot, Homeless, Lamer, Slave, Deserter, Villain, Arrestor and Traitor .

Governor Recruitment. During the stay of the Governor in the hall, the Governor may give 5 super honorary sets, 10 fearlessness sets and 20 friendship sets, but each player can receive only 1 set.

Bonuses of the Governor. Governor Bonuses can be summed up with Mayor Bonuses:

First aid center

During the event, the Governor of the Mafia (excluding the playoffs of the Mafia Conflict), battles with other Leaders will have dead people who will be sent to the First Aid Center. As soon as the Mafia Governor’s event ends, the First Aid Center will open so that Leaders can use the medical certificate to recover the dead Gangs. When the First Aid Center opens, it will contain Gangs who died after the previous First Aid Center closed and before the opening of the current First Aid Center.

The First Aid Center is divided into two departments: the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Emergency Medical Unit (OSMP). Lost Gangs in battle will be divided into two groups, one will be sent to the ICU, the other to OSMP. When there are large gang losses, then the number sent to each branch will be approximately equal, but if the losses are small, then most of the gangs will go to OSMP.

The ICU contains only part of the dead during the Battle of the Gangs. To cure these Gangs, all Leaders must use their medical certificates. After the event, these Gangs will be cured according to the total number of medical certificates used in the city and returned to the Villa based on the accumulated share. The more medical certificates will be used in the city, the greater the proportion of gangs will be returned to the Villa.

OSMP contains only part of the dead during the Battle of the Gangs. Using a medical certificate, the Leader can not only increase the number of medical certificates used in the city, but also cure some of the dead Gangs who are in OSMP. A medical certificate can be obtained from kits or purchased at the Clan’s store.

Each time a medical certificate is used, the total number of necessary medical certificates will be increased. The quantity will be updated after the opening of the next First Aid Center. The exact number of medical certificates required each time can be found by going to the medical interface of the ICU.

Mafia City: Senator’s Battle

Rules. During the Battle of the Senator, the two States of the Battle of the Governor will be combined into one large territory. The winner of the Battle of the Senator will receive the highest post of Senator. In addition, the winner will receive a governor recruitment improvement coupon and badge. Participants during the battle are represented by the Clans. Different Clans from different cities will gather on the map of the event to fight for supremacy in the Senatorial Hall.

The battle lasts 8 hours. During the occupation of the Senatorial Hall, you can get Senator points. The top 3 leaders in the ranking by the number of Senator points will receive a position and a reward corresponding to their place in the ranking. The player with the most Senator points, respectively, becomes a Senator.

Senator points earned for the clan arms race rating will be credited to each member of the Clan. Received Senator points will be included in the calculation only if your Clan occupies the Senator’s Hall for more than 5 minutes.

Glasses. During the battle for the destruction of enemy troops, you can get battle points. All rewards for rating by points will be sent by game mail. Also during the battle, you can get points of theft of resources and a bonus to the speed of theft of the resource when robbing resource points on the map of the Battle of the Senator. You can also get rewards for these points.

You can get courage points in the Battle according to the level of Senators killed in the Battle. Received points can be exchanged for various rewards. During the battle, robbery of resources allows you to get clan robbery points. They can be used to temporarily enhance the characteristics of all members of the Clan. Maximize your chances of winning. To participate in the event, your Villa must reach level 19. You must also be in the Clan.

Battle. The rules and methods of battle during an event are identical to those used in an ordinary city. Use of items will not be limited or prohibited. All battles associated with Senatorial Hall and Senatorial Fort will have only those killed, but during the Battle of Villas, the gangs of the attacker will die, while the defender will be sent to the hospital first.

If the hospital overflows, then the gangs that exceed the limit will die. During the battle, resources from villas of other players may be looted. During the battle, if the Senator Hall was captured and the Senator Fort was not from the same Clan, then Senator Fort would begin to attack the Senator Hall every 30 seconds, killing a random number of Gangs with each attack. But the Clan that has occupied the Senatorial Fort can disable the Fort by stopping the Senator Hall attack.

How to become a senator? During the occupation of the Senatorial Hall, you can get Senator points. The top 3 leaders in the ranking by the number of Senator points will receive the appropriate position and award for their place in the ranking. The leader with the most Senator points, respectively, becomes the Senator. The battle of the Senators will open periodically after 2 battles for the post of the Governor of the Mafia, the effect of strengthening the Senator lasts 28 days. Feature Bonuses:

Taking office. The Senator may appoint any player to the position of Senator Hall. Each post gives different bonuses or penalties.

Senator set. During the term as Senator, he can present 5 sets of unrivaled honor, 10 sets of the guardian knight, 20 sets of assistance to associates. Each player can receive only one set during the life of this Senator.

Mafia City: Mafia Conflict

Fundamental rules. Two Clans from different cities will represent different Gangs in the Mafia Conflict. During the battle, both Clans will occupy various buildings on the battlefield to earn Gang points. Ultimately, the Clan with the most points will be declared the winner. In addition, on the map, each type of building has its own functions, the capture of such buildings gives a strategic advantage to the invader.

Clans who participate in the Mafia Conflict earn points according to the result. At the end of each season, all Clans will receive rewards according to the rating. The Mafia Conflict playoffs begin almost at the same time, and the strongest Clan in Mafia City will become the winner.

Your actions in the Mafia Conflict will not have any effect on your points in the Battle of the Strongest. The time in the Mafia Conflict will be indicated according to the time of your city.

Participation. Clan must be more than 2 weeks old (Top 50 in Clan Strength Rating). Clan leaders must first apply. During the Event, applications will begin every Wednesday and will last 2 and a half days. At the time of application, the Clan Leader and R4 members can choose a time period for the competition. After submitting the application, the Clan Leader and R4 members can select the Clan members to participate in the battle. Each Clan can select only 50 members.

Only members who have been in the Clan for more than 3 days can be selected to participate (meaning 3 days before the application by your Clan. For example: your Clan was registered in the Mafia Conflict on Saturday at 10 am, then the time by which you had to join The clan will be Wednesday 10am). Only Leaders (and R4 members) of the strongest 30 Clans of each City can apply for participation in the Mafia Conflict.

Event time. A 2 hour competition will be held every week. The exact time depends on the choice when applying. In the Mafia Conflict, Clans that have chosen the same time will be distributed in pairs against each other. The ranking will be determined every 3 months and rewards will be sent in accordance with the position of each Clan.

Matching couples. The earned Gang points in each round will determine the strength of the Clan according to which the Clans will be distributed in pairs.

The rule of scoring. Successful capture of the building adds 15 individual points and 15 gang points. For every 100 thousand gangs killed, 1 individual point and 1 gang point is added. Holding the Godfather’s estate, night club, or church adds 8 Gang points every minute. Bars give 3 Gang points every minute. Holding any buildings with an attacking Gang gives 1 individual point every 10 minutes.


The basic rules of the battle in the city of events are the same as the rules in the original city of the player. Players can send gangs to capture various buildings for bonuses. Capture key buildings to get Gang points that will determine the winner of the competition. Clan members can either attack buildings occupied by the enemy, or send reinforcements to buildings controlled by their own Gang. Teleport use is limited inside the city.

During the battle, all members of the Clan will have the same number of movement available. Once the number reaches zero, you cannot use the teleport. Capturing a gas station can increase the current travel number. At the same time, if Clan members teleport inside the gas station territory, neither the teleport item nor gold will be used, but the number of available movement will be reduced.

If you are teleporting to a territory outside the gas station, then you will need a teleport item, or gold. The number of available transfers will also be reduced. Gangs will not die during the battle, but will be considered wounded. Treatment of the wounded does not require resources, at the same time, the speed of treatment will be increased. The capacity of the hospital will not be limited.

After the event ends, all the wounded will be immediately treated. Gold healing will have a time limit. Since instant treatment will be limited, you will need to consider your strategy. The burning speed of the Villa is significantly increased, keep this in mind and put out the fire as soon as possible.

Victory and rewards

The victory will go to the one who gains the most gang points in the city (if 2 players from 2 different gangs scored the same number of individual points, then the reward of the player of the winning gang will be better than the one whose gang lost). The total score of the winning Clan will be increased, respectively, and the place in the ranking will increase. The clan will also receive certain rewards.

The losing Clan will receive a certain amount of points, but less than the winner. At the same time, the total score may change according to the results in the city. The better the performance in the city, the more points will be obtained. Therefore, the longer someone remains active in the battle, the greater the total Score. In the city, an individual result can affect the received number of coins of the Godfather. The more active you are, the more points you will receive, respectively, the more Godfather coins you will receive at the end of the event.

Information about the reward for the Mafia Conflict event can be found in the Villa in the church (lower right corner) - Mafia Conflict - history. Rewards for the Mafia Conflict are issued by the system on Sundays; they can be collected in messages. There you can see and compare rewards. The Mafia Conflict award can be of two types: the award received at the end of the event and the award received through the mail at the end of the event.

The player will have to wait for the reward sent by mail until Sunday, until the system automatically sends the rewards by mail. Exiting the Mafia Conflict during the event will result in the loss of individual points. you will have to start from scratch when you re-enter, avoid involuntary exits. Exiting the Mafia Conflict will not affect Gang points, but individual points will be lost and you will not receive rewards.


After entering the Mafia Conflict, you will not be able to:

You cannot place Clan buildings. Battles in preparation for the round are not available, the speed of criminal operations will be normal. Bosses participating in the Mafia Conflict will not be able to send reinforcements to Villas from their original city. Villas of Bosses participating in the Mafia Conflict will enter the inter-city state during which the Villas are inaccessible to attack or spy on other players.

After entering the Mafia Conflict, actions such as attacking, robbing and attacking street gangs in the original city will not be available. After entering the Mafia Conflict, the transfer of resources to the Bosses in the original city will be impossible, but still possible for Clan members who participate in the intercity event.

Description of buildings

The Godfather’s estate. The Godfather’s estate brings many gang points. After capturing the estate of the Godfather, the captive Gang will receive 8 points per minute. Players of the same gang can join the raid and send reinforcements. The longer you hold the estate, the more Points you will receive. The winner is determined by the number of gang points earned.

Night club. The night club brings a lot of gang points. After capturing a nightclub, the capturing gang will receive 8 points per minute. Players of the same gang can join the raid and send reinforcements. The longer you hold the night club, the more points you get. The winner is determined by the number of gang points earned.

Church. The church brings a lot of gang points. After capturing the church, the capturing gang will receive 8 points per minute. Players of the same gang can join the raid and send reinforcements. The longer you hold the church, the more points you get. The winner is determined by the number of gang points earned.

Bar. The bar brings a small number of gang points. After capturing the bar, the capturing gang will receive 3 points per minute. Players of the same gang can join the raid and send reinforcements. The longer you hold the bar, the more Points you get. The winner is determined by the number of gang points earned.

Gas station. After capturing a gas station, players of one Gang can teleport to certain areas for free. Gold and objects will not be used, but the number of available teleports will decrease, and any teleport to a certain area after the first teleport will require the use of a teleport item or gold.

Armory. Armory gives attacking and defensive gain. After capturing the armory, the Gangs will receive appropriate amplifications.

Medical Center. The medical center increases the speed of treatment. After capture, all gang players will be able to heal troops faster. The wounded will recover faster and will be able to return to battle faster.

Watch tower The watch tower gives an increase in the speed of a criminal operation. After capturing the sentinel tower, the Gangs will receive the corresponding gain.

Police station. The police station gives the raid increased attack and defense. After capturing the police station, Gangs will receive a corresponding boost.

Mafia Conflict Playoffs

Playoff requirements. When the regular season ends, the top 64 Clans are selected to participate in the Mafia Conflict Playoffs. The number of Clan members involved is still 50. The playoffs take place on Saturdays as a regular season.

Playoff Rules. The top 64 Clans will be randomly assigned to 8 groups. In each group, pairs will be formed randomly. In the Playoffs, 1 round per week will be held, with one relegation game, which means that only the winning Clan will move to the next round. After 3 weeks of selection, the winners of 8 groups will be revealed. Then 8 Clans will fight in 4 random pairs, where the winning Clans will be combined in one group, and the losing Clans will be combined in another.

Winning Clans will fight in pairs to determine the top four, while losers will fight in pairs to determine TOP 5-8. Before the start of each round, the Clan Leader must choose a time frame, but unlike the regular season, you need to choose 3 different times (you can re-select the same time).

The system will then set the battle time based on the selected time frame of the two Clans - the time that both Clans have chosen will be set as the battle time. If no time matches, then the average time of the selected time frame will be set as the battle time. The rules are the same as in the regular season.

Features Playoffs. During the Playoffs, the hospital will no longer have an unlimited number of places. Instead, the number of wounded you can take will be increased by 250% of what you have in your city. If a player exceeds the limit on the number of injured, then the Gangs will die.

Playoff Standard Reward. After each round, all members of the winning Clan will receive a reward. The more rounds your Clan passes, the better reward you will receive.

Only a participant who reaches the end will be able to receive a reward. A participant who leaves the battle before the end of the Playoffs will not receive a reward.

Playoff Rating Award. According to the final rating, awards will be sent to all Clan members from the TOP 8 Rating. The reward will be sent a few days after the end of the Playoffs. The player who leaves the Clan may not receive the reward.

Playoff defeat reward. Clan members expelled from the Playoffs in the first round will receive a reward for losing. A participant who leaves the battle before the end of the Playoffs will not receive a reward.

Mafia City: Battle of the Cities

Introduction Leaders from different cities will move to the interserver city, their Villas will be located in random order. Leaders can earn points by attacking other players. Corresponding awards will be sent out based on their rating. There is always a chance to meet Clans from the same city.

Leaders will be distributed based on their main city. Leaders from the same city will not be able to spy, attack and raid each other. A reward for points can be obtained during Intercity competitions when the Leader reaches a certain number of points. In addition, a reward can be sent at the end of the event via mail.

Requirements. The villa must be level 15 or higher. For each stage, you must use the "Invitation to the Battle of the cities." An "Invitation to the Battle of the Cities" can be purchased at the store and can also be obtained as a reward for completing certain quests in the Battle of the Cities. The first entry will not require any items in every season. To enter the Battle of the cities, you need to cure all your Gangs.

The rules of battle. In the Battle of the cities, the rules of battle are identical to those in the ordinary city. The use of things by the Leaders will also not be limited (with the exception of the shield). No gang will be killed during the battle. All Gangs will become wounded, at the same time, treatment will be much faster and will not cost any resources. But the burning rate during the failure of the protection will also be significantly increased. Try to put out the fire on time.

Rules for the winning streak. Winning continuously, you can gain a winning streak. Once the winning streak reaches a certain amount, you can get extra points. The higher the number of wins in the series, the more bonus points, but the winning series will automatically end as soon as your defense or attack fails. Interrupting the winning streak of another Leader will be rewarded with bonus points. The longer the winning streak that was interrupted, the more points you can get.

Successful defenses in a row will not affect the winning streak.

Introduction to the steps. The battle of cities will be open 24 hours. Each stage lasts 2 hours, then 2 hours of rest.

The rating will be compiled at the end of each series, while a new phase will be in preparation. Each stage requires an invitation to the Battle of the cities. At the very beginning of each stage, all locations of the Villas will be reset, as well as the tasks of the stages.

The tasks of the stages. When the Battle of the cities begins, the Leaders will randomly receive the tasks of the stages, completing which, you can get rewards. The more tasks you complete, the better rewards will be received.

Points accrual rules. Points can be obtained for killing gangs, successful attacks and successful defenses. The higher the level of killed Gangs, the more points you can get, but if there is a tie, then no one will get points.

Limitations After the start of the battle of cities, none of the players can leave the clan, join the clan, create a clan or be kicked out of the clan. Clan territory also cannot be moved. During the preparation of the battle will be unavailable, but the sending of criminal operations will be possible. Leaders entering the Battle of the cities will not be able to receive reinforcements from the Leaders from their city.

Ranks Battles of cities. Silver, Gold, Diamond, Battle Legend, Battle King. Each time a player wins, he adds a star and the corresponding number of stars increases the rank. King of the Battle (highest rank) - you can reach this rank by rising in the ranking. Once you reach this rank, it will no longer drop.

Ratings According to the player’s personal points, the higher the points, the higher the rating. Players of the same rank are highly likely to hit with the same players of the same rank.

Rewards for the event. The higher the rank, the better the rewards, and the highest rank has a chance to get club cards, killer coins and much more.

Reset rank. At the beginning of the season, the division will be in accordance with the level of the Villa.

In the new season, the rank will be reset and calibrated in accordance with the results of last season.

Your actions in the Battle of the cities will not have any effect on your points in the Battle of the Strongest.

Mafia City: Capturing Regions

100 - this is the maximum number of Leaders with the level of Villas from 17 and above to 26 and below, who can enter this event. But if a player has a Villa level of 26 or higher, then this player will not be affected by quantitative restrictions.

General information. Cities of the mafia world will enter the lands of a new world in which each city will become a single military unit. In each round, 3 cities fight, only by destroying the enemy you can defeat and seize new territory, in the end, the strongest city will become the ruler of the new world. During the battle, players from one city are one camp, they need to defeat players from other cities.

Awards. The final winner will become the ruler of the new world, capture all regions and receive huge awards and exclusive powerful looks. Among them there are huge sets for the rating of the best cities that the Mayor of this city can send. All participants from all cities will be able to receive awards of various kinds.

Rewards to undefeated cities are sent after the city is dropped. In the Capture Regions event, leaders will be able to score points and exchange them for rewards. In addition, you can get rewards for the rating of kills. This kind of wealth is sent according to the rating of the final calculation. The Capture Regions event will be held regularly seasonally.

Fundamental rules

The event itself is divided into several stages: the battle of urban groups, the battle of 81 cities, the battle of 27 cities, the great battle of 9 cities, the decisive battle of 3 cities. Each stage (the battle of urban groups, the battle of 81 cities) will be divided into 3 rounds, based on the results of these 3 rounds, it will be decided whether the city passes to the next round. At the stages (the battle of 27 cities, the great battle of 9 cities, the decisive battle of 3 cities) there will be only 1 round of battle, the winner of each round will go to the next stage or ultimately become the winner of the event.

At each stage of the event, each city will be in a small group of 9 cities, all battles at these stages will take place inside this group. The player can get acquainted with the basic information about the other 8 cities and the rating at any time, the group with the most points goes to the next round (after 3 rounds are over, there will be several cities from the group with the most points, the city that will take first place in the ranking goes to the next stage).

Those cities that could not pass are distributed by rating from a larger number of points to a smaller one, the first 7 cities of this rating will be able to go to the next stage. 3 cities participate in one round, only 1 city will be able to become a winner and get 3 event points. Among the two loser cities, 1 point will be able to get the city with the most points or dropped out later.

According to the number of event points, it is determined whether the city will go to the next stage of the battles, but the final champion is determined only by victory, and the event points cannot affect the result. Winning or losing is mainly determined by the number of points received. To win, you must fulfill 2 conditions:

  1. Collect the most Points;
  2. Defend the main tower, do not let it break.

Points are made up of two parts: robbery points and kill points for the entire city during the battle. To win in a limited time - more rob bars, a casino, a shopping center to get robbery points. At any convenient opportunity, attack opponents, because for killing you can get kill points (points can only be obtained for killing enemy gangs, you can’t get points for the wounded).

If the number of victory points is the same, then based on the rating of the strength of cities, an advantage will be given to a city with a greater strength determined in the ranking. This city will go to the next stage. The strength of the city is the sum of the strength of the 20 strongest leaders in the rating of the city. The amount is saved at the very beginning of the event. Caution: Strength ratings will be updated at regular intervals.

During each round, for each city there are restrictions on the number of participating players. In addition to leaders with Villa level 26 and above, after the limit reaches the limit, bosses (with Villa level 17 and above) will not be able to enter the battle, be careful.

Event Center

In the center of events you can see the current status of activity. In the event interface above is the sign of your city, this will be the symbol of the city. The mayor can customize the sign of the city. In each round of battles after the appointment of opponents, 2 signs of enemy cities will be displayed under the sign of this city. You can click on the city sign to see basic information about the enemy.

Under the city sign is a function button that will change depending on the course of the game. At the bottom of the interface you can see the map, here is the current situation about the division of the new world. All city players can see information about the occupied territories of 9 cities in this group, unreached areas will be highlighted in gray. As the battle phase progresses, the victorious city will capture more and more regions.

In addition, points received for each battle can be exchanged for rewards in the event interface (event center). Please note that reward items during the takeover event have a quantitative limitation. Currently, the overall rating of cities and the situation with the transition to a new stage can be viewed by clicking on the rating button. Cities that have dropped out and cannot go to the next stage in the rating interface will be grayed out.

The beginning of the battle. Commanders

After the opponents are selected, the Mayor and the senior secretary of the city can choose the time to participate. There are 3 lengths of time for participation (all in one day). Please note that time intervals are indicated based on the time of the city (playing time). The final time for participation in this contest will be determined by the rule of the majority of voters. If all 3 cities choose different times, the system itself will choose a random time to participate.

In the event interface, the player can see the list of commanders. In the privileged button for the Mayor, the player can see the current commanders, and the Mayor and the senior secretary can choose and appoint suitable candidates to the post of commanders. Players designated as commanders in the Capture the Regions battle will be marked with a special mark in the lower right corner of the avatar.

Only commanders on the battlefield can use the reinforcement skills of commanders. Players who have not been appointed commanders can follow the commanders and fight shoulder to shoulder with them. The outcome of the battles - victory or defeat - largely depends on the commander. If there is no Mayor in the city before the start of battles, then the staff of the commander will also be temporarily empty. The mayor and senior secretary are also commanders, with the exception of the mayor and senior secretary, the quantitative limit of the commanders is 10 people (maximum 10, less than 10 is also possible).


The duration of each match is 2 hours, in addition, if you voluntarily leave the game, then after that you can’t re-enter the battle. At the scheduled time, the player will be able to click on the enter button to go to the interserver map of the event. After entering the interserver card, the rules for the interserver event come into force. The first 15 minutes before the start of the battle will have the status of defense, players can not attack the Villas of other players and neutral buildings.

Each city has a main tower, the color of the roof of the main tower corresponds to the color of the city in this round. There are 3 colors: red, yellow, blue. In each round of the event, the color representing the city may change. Each participant from the city can appear near the main tower of the city in the range (range 40x40).

The Main Tower is the heart of the city, if the enemy can capture the main tower, then all participants from the city will immediately lose in this battle and leave the interserver map. An attack on the main tower of the enemy can also weed out all participants in the enemy city. For each player on the map, the capture of regions is a quantitative restriction on the use of an advanced teleport. The quantity is displayed outside the Villa, on the left under the involved creams. operations.

After spending the limit, the player will not be able to use the advanced teleport. The number limit can be restored for the occupation of gas stations after a certain number of times. The commander will recover more attempts for teleportation in an appropriate period of time. The use of advanced teleporters on the territory of the main tower (range 40x40) does not affect the limit of teleporters.

On the interface outside the Villa, the player can click on the menu button to familiarize himself with the basic rules at any time and see the remaining time of the round. The points of the three battle cities can be viewed on the results page in a separate window or on the map after clicking on the Map button. In the Capture Regions event, in almost all battles, Gang members will die. The attacking side in all types of battles, gang members will die.

Only if your side defends the main tower, as well as the defense towers nearby, and they are attacked, will the soldiers be injured. If the hospital limit is exceeded, then the fighters will die. After the battle, for a certain period of time, you can use a medical certificate to restore part of the troops from the Regional Capture Hospital. On the Capture Regions map, players can freely use the shield, speed up operations, and other items. Leader skills can also be used, except in special situations.

Capture Regions Buildings

Capturing buildings of the regions: main tower, defensive towers, robbery point, gas station, secret place. Each city has a main tower. Players need to defend it with all their might. On the sides of the main tower are two protective towers. To capture the main tower, you must first destroy 2 protective towers. Players of the city can send reinforcements to the main tower and defensive towers, only commanders have the right to remove all reinforcements from the main tower and defensive towers.

If the enemy city wins by attacking the defensive towers, then the strength of the towers will decrease. When the strength of the guard tower drops to 0, the tower will be destroyed. Robbery points include: casinos, bars, a shopping center. From the robbery points of different levels for one unit of time, you can get a different number of points. Within a certain range from the main tower there will be a bar. Players in this city can send Gang members there to receive robbery points.

In addition to the main tower, near the center of the map there are 4 neutral towers. At first, they do not belong to any of the participating cities, but inside there is a small number of neutral fighting fighters. During the battle it is necessary to rob these neutral towers. Players who occupy the tower are free to rob buildings (bar, shopping center) near this tower to get points.

If a battle occurs on neutral towers, then fighters will die on both sides. After city A occupies a neutral tower, 2 other cities can fight to take it away. Several gas stations are scattered on the map. If the occupying party holds a gas station for a certain period of time, then the participants in this city will restore the limit on the use of advanced teleporters.

There are also several secret places on the map. Sending a gang to search for secret places, you can accidentally discover power-up bonuses. Successfully received gain from secret places can be used by any of the commanders in the menu for the commander.

Strength and rules of the City Raid

On the Capture Regions map, in addition to the aforementioned restrictions on an advanced teleport, players can fight as usual, as if they are outside an interserver event, arrange raids, and more. However, players designated as commanders may create City raids.

To do this, they use raid attempts. Each city in each round has 10 attempts, you do not need to buy them. Clan separation in this case is ignored, so all participating players from the city will be able to join the raid. All gang members participating in the raid will receive the characteristics of the raid initiator, but the City raid has a limit on the number of fighters - 5,000,000.

In Capture Regions, players from the same city belong to the same camp and cannot attack each other. Leaders can arbitrarily create raids and ultra-raids. These 2 types of raids are not subject to any restrictions other than those already existing by their own rules, but only players from the same Clan can take part in these raids.

Leaders can send reinforcements to the walls of neutral buildings that your side is occupying, but bosses cannot send reinforcements to players’ Villas from other Clans. Only in a city raid can clan restrictions be ignored in order to gather to attack or reinforce a target.

Mercenary Heroes

The boss effectively uses the power of the hero of Freddy, because from a young age he has established himself as an ideal personal mercenary. Rumor has it that such a mercenary is extremely powerful, but very few people know about his secret. The power to send a mercenary belongs to the commander.

During the battle, you can send the hero of a mercenary only 1 time. The strength of the hero of the mercenary is extremely huge, moreover, during the battle the force increases, and the closer to the end of the battle, the stronger it becomes. Best of all, do not use a mercenary hero at the very beginning of the battle. The hero can attack only the main tower and defense towers of the enemy.

Method of use: the commander clicks on the main tower / defensive tower of the enemy - send a mercenary. You can also click on the main tower - a hero mercenary. In the menu you can see in detail the current strength of the mercenary. This type of troops is extremely strong, so the participants in the city must be careful and attentive in order to use the strongest blow at the right time.

First aid center

During the Capture Regions event, in battles with other Leaders, your troops will die, but they can be reanimated - the dead will be sent to the First Aid Center. As soon as the Capture of the Regions event ends, the Capture of the Regions First Aid Center opens, where the Leaders can use the Capture of Regions hospital pass to recover the dead Gangs.

When the First Aid Center opens, there you can only reanimate those Gangs that died during the last Capture of the Regions. In the First Aid Center for Capturing Regions, a hospital pass is used - it differs from a medical certificate in the First Aid Center of the Battle of the Governor of the Mafia. The soldiers who died in these events will be sent to different First Aid Centers according to the event.

The First Aid Center is divided into two departments: the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Emergency Medical Unit (OSMP). Gangs lost in the battle will be divided into two groups, one will be sent to the ICU, the other to OSMP. With large losses of soldiers, the number sent to each compartment will be approximately equal, but if the losses are small, then most of the soldiers will go to the OSMP.

OSMP contains only some of the dead during the Battle of the Gangs. Using a hospital pass to capture the regions, it is possible to cure some of the dead gangs in the OSMP. In addition, after using the pass, the total number of used hospital passes in the city will be increased - which leads to an increase in the share of ICUs reanimated.

The ICU contains another portion of the dead during the Battle of the Gangs. Each time a city pass is used in the city, the proportion of reanimated in this department increases. After the event, the Gangs in the ICU will be cured according to the total number of used hospital passes in the city and returned to the Villa based on the accumulated share. Accordingly, the more hospital passes will be used in the city, the greater the share of Gangs will be returned to the Villa for each Leader.

A hospital pass can be obtained from kits, it can be exchanged for robbery points or kill points. Each time after using a hospital pass, the total number of hospital passes required for resuscitation will be increased. The quantity is updated only after the next opening of the First Aid Center when the time comes for the next battle of the Capture of Regions. The exact number of hospital passes required each time can be found by going to the medical interface of the ICU Regional Capture.

Mafia City: Battle for Sin City

Stage. The event consists of 4 stages:

  1. Stage of preparation (7 days);
  2. Stage of battle preparation (40 hours, last 16 hours - registration time);
  3. Stage of the battle (48 hours);
  4. Stage of peace (varies in accordance with the stage of preparation for the battle. The time of the event from the second to the 4th stage is 5 days).
On the battlefield, the fighters who defended Willa and helped defend Willa (reinforcements) will be injured and hospitalized. If the number of wounded exceeds the capacity of the hospital, the wounded will die. In other cases, in a battle between leaders, wounded fighters die. Villa resources can be plundered as usual on the battlefield.

Stage of preparation. This stage lasts 7 days. The first three days are the registration phase. Registration in the event will be made by city. The mayor and senior secretary of each city can choose the appropriate time for registration. After completing the registration phase, the 2-day selection phase begins. After the selection phase is completed, a 2-day group demonstration phase will begin. All Bosses will be able to view detailed information about groups in the event interface.

Battle preparation stage

After the stage of demonstration of groups is completed, the stage of preparation for the battle will begin. During this stage, the Battle of Sin City begins. All registered Bosses whose Villa has reached level 22 will be able to enter the Battle for Sin City. Cities of temporary registration 0 hours / 8 hours / 16 hours in time systems in the game will enter into various battles corresponding to them. The duration of the respective stages of battle preparation is 24 hours / 32 hours / 40 hours.

After the start of this stage, during the Battle of Sin City, the Bosses will be able to rob resource shops, attack casino robbers, arrange raids on police officers and attack enemies. For this, the Bosses will receive rewards and accumulate Sin City points.

The Battle of Sin City resource stores are different from the usual resource points. At the points of the Battle of Sin City resources, you can find rare items: fraction coins, club cards, killer coins, various gems, The Godfather coins and other rare items. Bosses will be able to get these nice rewards right after a successful robbery of resources.

Casino robbers and police Sin City are new unique opponents, so you can get a generous reward for defeating them. You can rob resource shops, destroy casino robbers and police officers until the event ends.

Battle stage

On the second day after the start of the battle, the battle stage begins. This stage consists of two stages - the Battle for the mafia casino and the battle for the royal casino. Each stage lasts 24 hours. During the Battle of Sin City, 12 areas of origin will be established around the city. After the start of the Battle for the City of Sins, 12 cities from the group will be randomly distributed in one of the areas of origin. Each city will have only one area of origin, all Bosses from one city will appear in this area.

The battle for the mafia casino. There will be 12 mafia casinos during the Battle of Sin City. They will be evenly distributed throughout the city of the Battle of Sin City. Twelve mafia casinos will be divided into 2 groups, each group has 6 casinos. Each casino has unique characteristics. Group information will be displayed and published during the group demonstration phase. Information about the characteristics of the mafia casino will be displayed after the start of the battle.

After the start of the battle stage for the Mafia casino every 12 hours, 1 group of casinos will be open for battle. To take possession of the casino, you must continuously occupy it for 3 hours. City leaders with casino points for the successful occupation of the Mafia casino will immediately receive a reward for the occupation. During the Battle of Sin City, the leaders of this city will also receive a Mafia casino bonus. If players from one city have occupied several casinos, then the gain characteristics will not be summed up, but the leaders will receive another reward for the occupation.

Battle for the royal casino. After the end of the one-day battle for the Mafia casino, the one-day battle for the royal casino will begin. Royal Casino is the main event of the Battle for Sin City. Around the royal casino there are 4 artillery fortresses and 4 collection points. The occupation of artillery fortresses and gathering points will help leaders occupy the royal casino.

It is necessary to occupy the royal casino for 4 hours (continuously) for the occupation to be considered successful. The leader who successfully occupies the royal casino will become the head of the casino. The head of the casino will receive a unique award - fragments of the exchange of aura of the Villa of the Sin City. This aura of the Villa can only be obtained in the Battle for Sin City event. The aura not only looks great, but also increases the characteristics of its owner. The boss who collects the fragments can directly exchange them for a 5 star aura Sin City.

Award for the occupation of the royal casino. After the battle for the royal casino is over, all city leaders who have occupation points for the royal casino will receive a reward for the occupation. The head of the casino can send sets to leaders who have performed well during the battle. Also, Klava casino can appoint players to 8 posts. Positions will be divided into 2 categories - positive and negative.

For each position, the player will receive a corresponding reinforcement effect. Posts will be retained until the next Casino event. Until the battle for the royal casino is completely over, all participants in the event will be able to visit the royal casino daily and congratulate the head of the casino. For congratulations, leaders will receive random rewards from the head of the casino. In addition, all players in the city that successfully occupied the royal casino will receive a casino winner gain bonus.

Stage of peace

After the battle for the royal casino is over, the world stage will begin. For cities of temporary registration 0 hours / 8 hours / 16 hours in terms of the system time in the game, the duration of the corresponding stage of the world is 48 hours / 40 hours / 32 hours. During this stage, all buildings will be inaccessible for battles. All participants in the capture of the Sin City will be able to continue the theft of resources, attacks on casino robbers, raids on police officers and so on until the battlefield is closed.

First aid center

During the Battle of Sin City, your troops will die, but they can be reanimated in the First Aid Center. Once the Battle for Sin City ends, the First Aid Center will open, leaders will be able to use the Sin City medical certificate to heal the fallen soldiers. When the First Aid Center opens, only those Gangs that died during the last Battle for the Sin City can be reanimated there.

The First Aid Center is divided into two departments: the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Emergency Medical Unit (OSMP). The dead will be divided into two groups, one will be sent to the ICU and the other to OSMP. With large losses of fighters, the number sent to each compartment will be approximately equal, but if the losses are small, then most of the fighters will go to OSMP.

In OSMP is only part of some of the soldiers who died during the battle. Using the medical certificate of the Sin City, you can reanimate some of the dead soldiers who are in OSMP. After the event, they will return to the Villa. In addition, after using a medical certificate, the total number of certificates used in the city will be increased. Due to this, the number of resuscitated fighters in the ICU will increase. It contains the rest of the dead soldiers. Every time a medical certificate is used in the city, the proportion of reanimated people increases.

Each time after using the certificate, the total number of medical certificates required for resuscitation increases. The quantity will only be updated after the next opening of the First Aid Center, during the next Battle for the Sin City. The exact required number of medical certificates can be found by going to the medical interface of the ICU Sin City.

Mafia City: Underground Championship

Game process. After the start of the event, players can challenge other players indicated in the rating table. If your Gang defeats the Gang of the enemy, then you will switch places in the ranking with the enemy, thereby increasing your rating. On the other hand, if you fail in the attack, then the position in the rating will remain unchanged.

Call rules. During the event, each player can challenge for free 5 times a day (regardless of the result). Gold can be used to continue battles when free calls are over. If you win the battle, the Gang you won will automatically be considered the Defense Gang. The defender will receive a small number of wounded, while the defender will not have any wounded at all.

Event time. After the start of the City Championship, it will last 14 days - the end of the event, distribution of awards, rest 4 days - the beginning of the 7-day world championship - End of the Event, Distribution of Awards.

The terms of participation. Only when the Player’s Villa reaches level 10 can he participate in the Underground Championship. Only the top 30 city championship ranking players can participate in a World Cup event.

Award Rules. The rewards for the city championship and for the world championship will be distributed according to the occupied place of each player at the end of the event. The higher the ranking, the better the reward.

Mafia City: Group Arena

Gather allies and conquer the throne together. Only players with a Villa level above level 10 will be able to take part in the event. Three Leaders from the same city can organize a team. Only after you send information about the team, it will be considered that you have successfully signed up. Only Leaders from the same city can create a team. Leaders from different cities will not be able to create a team.

Each team can change the line of associates in real time, the commander and team members can choose a team to call. After creation, each team initially has 6 energies, 1 energy is restored every hour, the energy recovery limit is -12. Each battle requires 1 energy. When the energy reaches 0, you can’t fight. The commander and team members can change their formation and the line of associates at any time.

When a formation changes, these equipment, skills, and bonus items will be re-recorded. If participants change the order at the same time, then the queue that remains last is considered the protection queue. The battle consists of three parties. The team that first wins two games will win.

After the battle, scoring will be made. For winning you get points, for losing points are deducted. The rating of all teams is set on points. In the history of battles, you can see the replay of the last battles. After the event, the rewards will be sent according to the rating.

Mafia City: Ultra Raid

What is Ultra Raid? An Ultra Raid is a special raid that a player can organize upon receiving SVIP level 10. During the Ultra Raid, the attack bonus, defense bonus, health bonus, damage bonus, damage reduction bonus of the leader organizing the raid will affect all Gang members who participate in the raid. An ultra-raid can be arranged upon activation of VIP status.

A player can only organize one Ultra Raid at a time. The next Ultra-raid can be organized only after the previous one has been completed (from the beginning of the Ultra-raid until the return of the Ultra-Raid team). To use, you need to activate SVIP 10 - select the raid target - click on the Raid button - select Ultra-raid after a reminder appears.

How to create an Ultra Raid? A special item is required to create an Ultra Raid. The first two Ultra-raids of each day require a certain amount of bonds, then a special item will be required. The Ultra Raid item will be returned via messages if the Ultra Raid is canceled or the raid target cannot be attacked. But the number of raids available will not be restored, so you must carefully choose the purpose of the raid.

Ultra-raid does not affect the player under the shield.

Types of Ultra Raids. Ultra-raid is divided into 4 types. Daily use of Ultra Raid is limited. The number of uses of different types of Ultra-Raid does not interfere with each other:

Hero in Ultra Raid. The hero can also be sent to Ultra Raid. In Ultra-Raid, the effect of bonuses of the hero only affects the Leader who uses this hero (for example: A and B participate in the Ultra-Raid, And with the hero, bonuses of this hero only affect members of Band A, but do not affect members of Band B) .

Mafia City: The Godfather Collection

The Godfather Collection is a new kind of Equipment. When you put on a thing from this collection, your Leader gets a bonus to various characteristics.

How to put on a thing? The Godfather Collection will be unlocked after the Villa reaches level 15. In the collection interface, you can buy a thing from the Godfather collection for the coins of the Godfather. You can also put on a purchased item there.

Coins of the Godfather. Godfather coins can be obtained in the Mafia Conflict.

Characteristics of the Godfather collection. The Godfather collection is divided into different levels by color. Habitual: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold. With the improvement of color, new characteristics will open, and at the same time, all characteristics will increase significantly. The characteristics of things from the Godfather collection are divided into two types: basic characteristics and random characteristics. Basic characteristics and initial random characteristics will depend on the color of the Godfather collection.

Please note that there are no random characteristics in the green collection of the Godfather. The Processing function can replace the random characteristic of a thing from the Godfather collection with a new characteristic with a different value. You have 2 free treatments every day.

Resetting the Godfather collection. In the interface of the Godfather collection there is a Reset button, clicking on which all unlocked items from the Godfather collection on the current page will be reset and all the Godfather coins spent on these things will be returned.

Mafia City: The Great Migration

Stage. The Great Migration is divided into three stages:

  1. Stage of bribes: you can bribe Customs, it depends on whether new players can move to the city.
  2. Preview Stage: Customs announces the status of the boundaries of the City.
  3. Stage of relocation: use the Relocation Passport to relocate to the selected City.

Stage of bribes

The stage lasts four days. The result of bribing customs by city leaders influences the decision of customs on opening / closing city borders for new players. All cities are divided into groups, respectively, when relocating, you can choose only the cities from your group that have opened their borders by successfully bribing customs officers.

Only players who have reached level 16 Villas can bribe customs. Voting options: Open for moving or Closed for moving. Each Mafia Leader can try to bribe customs once a day for free. In addition, you can spend gold that you try to give a bribe again, however, the more often you try, the more gold is required for a bribe (the required amount is dumped every day).

The influx of new residents depends on the total number of bribes in the city. If during the voting an equal number of votes was collected from both sides (supporters of open or closed borders), then it is considered that the city’s borders will be open. The bribery result only affects whether players from other cities can move inside the current city.

Bribery does not affect the relocation of players from the current city to other cities. While the borders of the city are open during the event, players can move at their discretion. The last trick from the mayor will be marked with the marker "Position of the mayor." Voting results are updated every 5 minutes, and you can also update them manually.

Preview Stage

The stage lasts three days. At this stage, the customs will announce whether access to the city is open or not. In the Clans, a recruitment board will appear in the Clan. Clan leaders and R4 can publish information about the Clan, and players in other cities can see this basic information and decide if they should join this Clan.

Resettlement stage

The stage lasts seven days. In the event menu, you can see a list of cities in your group that you can move to. In this menu you can view basic information about the city, including: the name of the city, the current mayor and the flag of the city. In the same menu, near the "Move" button, you can see the objects of movement that need to be collected to enter the city.

If you confirm that you want to move to this city and have met all the conditions for the move itself, you can hit the road. Remember that each city has a limit on the number of players of a certain level moving to the city. If the current city has many high-level players, then the entry of new players of the same level will be restricted.

The number of passports required for moving depends on what place you take after moving in the ranking of city strength. The higher the seat, the greater the cost. Please note that the number of travel certificates may vary. You can only move to another city once during the event, and you cannot return to the original city after a successful move.

You can move to another city only during the event, at other times the possibility of moving is disabled. Clan leaders and players located on the interserver map of events cannot move to another city.

After moving, you teleport to a random place in the new city. When you move to another city, all of your items, the entire army and all reliable resources are also moved with you. Normal resources will be deducted upon relocation. After moving, you will leave the current Clan and resign from your position in the city. The mayor also loses office when moving to another city. Governor positions will be lost if you move to a city under the jurisdiction of another state.

If at the time of the move there are events with the calculation of points of the city or the Clan, etc., points and ratings of the source city and the current city will be calculated separately. Before the clan moves to the city, the clan leader must expel all other leaders in the clan, leaving only the leader. Requires 100 moving passports (Clan) to relocate to another city.

Mafia City: Shopping

Is this a free game? Although Mafia City is a free game, it also offers the option of buying gold in the game for real money. To protect your personal data and information about your Account, all purchases will be carried out exclusively through the gaming platform. Regardless of whether the player buys gold or not, as soon as he reaches a certain level he will be unlocked for free and all the functions in the game are available.

I did not receive the kit that I bought. Most transactions are usually processed without problems, but sometimes the server can process information more slowly than usual or some difficulties arise. Therefore, gold and sets may come to your account with some delay. Be patient and do not try to repeat the purchase as your previous purchase is still being processed.

At the same time, you can try to restart the game and check whether gold has arrived. When you ask a support service a purchase question (such as the lack of a purchased set), always provide a screenshot confirming your purchase, for which you have difficulty so that you can be helped as quickly as possible.

Can I buy gold from third-party resources? If you need more gold to improve buildings or buy things, the only authorized way to buy is to buy from your own game account. Some third-party sites promise to provide gold to players, but these sites are not safe and are not allowed in Mafia City. They often ask players to provide them with an account password and other login information, sometimes even a cross-platform confirmation code from other sites.

All this means that now they will be able to log into your account, and in this case no one can guarantee you the security of your account. In addition, game developers reserve the right to block an account that used methods of receiving Gold from third parties.

Can I transfer kits, items, and resources to other players? The game prices of sets are identical to the official prices, however, some players in the game sell resources, sets, and items to other players. This is not only a violation of the rules, but also a threat to the security of other players’ accounts, which negatively affects the fairness of the game.

Avoid selling sets, items, and resources to other players, and don’t make deals with similar players. Any player who participates in such a transaction (seller or buyer) will be considered a violator of the rules. The punishment will be determined after the player complains about such an action and the developers will receive confirmation of this. They reserve the right to block such accounts.

Mafia City: Bugs in the game

Why can’t I enter the game, the game lags and crashes? Try the following solutions to the problem:

  1. Double-click on the "Home" button, and close unnecessary programs to free up space.
  2. Reboot the device and enter the game.
  3. Update your iOS / Android version: settings - basic - software update, and check for new updates.
  4. Check if there is enough space on your device. Lack of space also causes lags and problems with the game. Go to settings - basic - storage. Check how much space is available on your device and delete unnecessary applications, videos, and files.
  5. Check if your internet connection is stable (better Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G). Using Airplane mode, you can reset the network settings.
  6. If, due to server maintenance, it is not possible to enter the game, then everything will turn out after the update is completed.
  7. If none of the above helps, try reinstalling the game.

There is no sound in the game. First make sure that sounds and music in the game are turned on:

If they are already resolved, then try closing and re-entering the game.

What should I do if the game has stopped working or is not loading (iOS)? If you have any problems during the game or when loading, you can try the following methods to solve the problem:

  1. Check for updates to your system. Go to settings - basic - software update to check if there are new updates.
  2. Make sure that your device has enough free space, as lack of space can lead to freezes, slow operation, etc. Go to settings - basic - location to check for free space and remove unnecessary applications, videos and other large files.
  3. Closing applications that run in the background can free up RAM. To close, double-click the Home button to see all running applications, then close unnecessary applications.
  4. Another way is to turn off the device and turn it on again. By doing so, you can improve the operation of the device and the game.

How to disable notifications on Android? To disable notifications on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the device in "Settings" - 3 sounds and notifications "-" Application notifications. "
  2. Find the Mafia City app icon.
  3. Turn off "Allow notifications" to stop notifications.
Not all Android devices are designed the same way; players are advised to check the instructions or contact the device’s support service for more information.

How do I report a player? Why am I blocked in city / clan chat? You can click on the message to report another player. You can also write to your GM secretary online or you can leave a message with the name of the offender. In addition, you can send a screenshot of the chat by clicking settings - report an error - upload an image. When the number of complaints from other players about your words in the city / clan chat reaches a certain number, your chat will be blocked. Therefore, if your chat is blocked, this means that several players have complained about you.

How to close notifications?

You can also turn off exactly those notifications that bother you, while leaving others on.

Can I cancel the current version of the game? No you can not. Mafia City is an online multiplayer game. This means that all players use the same version of the game.

How to block mail from a player? You can block messages from the player by clicking on the avatar icon of the player you want to block and then clicking on the black list. You will no longer receive emails from this player.

Mafia City: Correct account setup

How to link an account? To prevent the loss of progress, link your account to Facebook, Vkontakte, or to Gmail. IOS users can also link an account to the Apple Game Center. To link an account, click on the Leader icon in the game - Settings - Account - link an account. Next, you need to select Facebook, Gmail, or Vkontakte.

Each Facebook, Gmail, or Vkontakte account can be used to link only one game account. Before you link the current account, make sure that you have not linked your previous game account to Facebook, Gmail, or Vkontakte.

How to create a new account? Click on the Leader icon in the game - account settings - start a new game to start your adventure anew.

If you did not link your account before the start of a new game, all progress on the previous account will be lost. Therefore, we recommend linking your account as soon as possible.

Can I sell, buy or transfer accounts? Game rules prohibit the purchase, sale, transfer and donation of Mafia City Accounts. Accounts that have been transferred may be subject to blocking and denial of service.

Article author: Nadezhda D.