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MAGIC MANASTRIKE - Android game with release date 01/28/2020 from the company Netmarble. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Battles
  2. Maps
  3. Planeswalkers
  4. Ranks
  5. Colors in the game
  6. Emoticons
  7. Magic Skip
  8. Training and Replaying Battles
  9. Rewards for the battle. post office
  10. Mage TV
  11. Game Events
  12. Team
  13. Friends in the game
  14. Shop
  15. Player Profile

Magic ManaStrike: Battles

What is a battle? The battle is a battle with opponents using the selected deck and cards. The battle menu is available on the right side of the main screen.

Window for selecting opponents. Shown in the screenshot:

  1. Here you can see information about the Planeswalker that you have to fight.
  2. Displays the time spent searching for a ranked match.
  3. You can cancel the selection of opponents by touching the "Cancel" button.
  4. The approximate selection time is displayed.

When the enemy is found, you can see information about his rank, as well as his Planeswalker.

Battle interface. The battle is as follows:

  1. You can see the alias and timer.
  2. The main Guard is shown.
  3. You can see the backup Guard, which guards the main Guard.
  4. You can use up to 5 public messages or emoticons.
  5. Displays a Planeswalker map that can be summoned in battle.
  6. 4 out of 7 deck cards are randomly displayed.
  7. You can know in advance which card will appear next.

How to fight? From the bottom of the screen, you can drag the map onto the battlefield. Unleash fierce battles, using the Planeswalker cards according to the situation. The winner is the one who destroys the main Guardian of the enemy or more reserve Guardians. An additional Planeswalker card can be obtained by destroying an enemy backup Guard.

Rules of the game. Battles last for 3 minutes, and ManaStrike is activated after 2 minutes. If there is a draw at the end of the game, another 1 minute is added. For the destruction of the reserve Guard of the enemy 1 point is given, but if you destroy the main Guard, the game will end, and you will win.

Sentinel. This is the main link in the game, which also determines the winner and the loser. There are 2 types of Guards:

  1. Reserve Guards: They are presented on the battle screen and protect the main Guard.
  2. Chief Guard: if you destroy it, the game will end, and the winner and the loser will be determined. This is the main Guardian of the game.

How to earn victory points? For the destruction of the enemy reserve Guard, 1 victory point is given. If you destroy the enemy main Sentinel, the game will end and you will win. Either the one with the most victory points at the end of the game will win. With a tie, another 1 minute is added. In extra time, the winner is the one who first receives a victory point or destroys the enemy main Guard.

ManaStrike. Recover mana twice as fast. Do not miss the opportunity to destroy the enemy faster. ManaStrike automatically after 2 minutes, while mana begins to recover twice as fast. In addition, with the advent of ManaStrike, players are given another card with Planeswalker. Use the Planeswalker card and win.

When 1 minute is left before the end of the game, ManaStrike is activated and players replenish mana twice as fast. Damage taken is also increased for both players.

Magic ManaStrike: Maps

Cards. Used in battle and necessary to win ManaStrike. You can see information about the currently used Planeswalker and the cards you own.

Collection of cards. This is the place to see all the cards you own in ManaStrike. To view a collection of cards, open the "Map Collection" menu by touching the menu button in the lower left corner of the screen. If there is an "N" icon in the upper right corner of the mail, then you have a new card - do not forget to pick it up. The collection screen looks like this:

  1. Here you can see all the cards that belong to you in the game. The last cards received will be displayed at the top for convenience.
  2. You can change the order of the displayed cards - in ascending or descending order.
  3. This filter helps you view the maps you need.

Editing maps. To start editing a map, tap the map menu:

You can replace used cards by dragging in their place the others from among yours. You can use colorless, hybrid, and color cards for the deck that match the Planeswalker you want to use.

You can also learn more about the ranks of Sentinels by touching the Sentinel menu.

You can see the activation and the corresponding cells of the level increase, which can be purchased in a special store, as well as the "Magic Card" function, activated after the improvement of the magic pass.

How to change and use cells? You can replace the used Planeswalkers and maps by tapping the cell button in the upper left corner of the screen.

For new magicians, select a deck cell of a certain color and complete the training for the corresponding Planeswalker to unlock this deck cell.

You will not be able to play Planeswalker until you have completed the training.

How to improve maps? Tap the map menu on the right side of the main screen.

Select a card with a level mark that you want to upgrade.

Tap the level up button in the lower right corner to see the amount of gold you want and the improvement rating, and then tap again to complete the improvement.

Remember that if you press the button with the image of a coin, then the coins will be spent immediately. It is impossible to raise the level of your cards by more than 2 from the current rank. Keep this in mind when upgrading maps. Example: Rank 2 cannot be improved above a level 4 card.

Magic ManaStrike: Planeswalkers

What is a Planeswalker? Planeswalkers are fighters who act as leaders in battle. Depending on the Planeswalker, you can use cards of various colors. They also have skills that enhance the effectiveness of equipped cards. They can be used when you need powerful support in the battle, these are the most significant fighters in the game.

Unlike cards, Planeswalkers do not need mana to summon, but you can only summon them in each game for a limited number of times. You can summon them no more than 3 times, and use their skills only once per call. When ManaStrike goes, they can be summoned an additional 1 time.

Characteristics of each Planeswalker. Planeswalkers are usually one of five colors: white, blue, black, red and green. One color has no direct advantages over the other, and each of them requires its own strategies.

Level up. Your Planeswalker levels will increase as your rank increases.

How to change Planeswalker? Tap a Planeswalker map on the left side of the map menu and select the appropriate Planeswalker.

Certain Planeswalkers have additional ones besides the main ones. They are available as rewards with a magic pass, or they can be purchased at the store.

Magic ManaStrike: Ranks

Rank and ranked match. Ranks are determined each season by the number of rank points earned. There are two ways to see your rank. The first one is in the ranks menu, in the ranking points section:

The second is in the "Rating" section, in the "Menu" window.

  1. You can see the ranking points for the current season.
  2. It shows how many battles are left to register a rank.
  3. You can see the previous season.
  4. You can view rank information.
  5. Personal rank is displayed.
  6. The rank of the teams is displayed.
  7. You can see the rank of the Planeswalkers in the overall ranking.
  8. Indicates an overall rating.
  9. Indicates rank by region.

Registration of a rank. Your personal rank is automatically registered after 10 distribution matches when the season data is reset. Team rank is registered after reaching 3000 points after the reset of the season. The rank of the Planeswalkers is recorded after 10 wins of the season.

View information about the previous season in the menu "Previous season". You can also view information about the ranks and ranking points of the current season.

Rank points and rank increase. Your rank grows based on the points accumulated in the battles. But do not forget that if you lose points when losing in matches, the rank also falls.

You can earn rewards on the basis of accumulated points up to rank 9. The first 200 best magicians get more valuable rewards of the season as players with the best ranks.

Rewards for ranks. Rewards are given on the basis of ranking points accumulated in each season, you can pick them up by clicking the Collect button. However, each award can only be awarded once. Even if your rank falls and returns to its previous value, you will not be able to get them again.

Unlock items based on rank. Magic Skip items unlock upon reaching rank 2.

Team items open after receiving 200 ranking points.

Upon reaching rank 4, new Planeswalker options open up and you can get more cards.

Magic ManaStrike: Colors in the game

The game ManaStrike presents cards in 5 colors: white, blue, black, red and green. Each of them has its own characteristics and strategies.

White color (W). White color unites, creating a spirit of solidarity and teamwork. Cards of this color specialize in healing or protecting allies, and the well-organized White Mana Army does not retreat under the onslaught of the enemy. Combine the abilities of your troops to act as efficiently as possible.

Available Planeswalkers:

Blue color (U). Blue allows you to control the course of the conflict with the help of deception and skillful manipulations. You can make enemies fight each other or neutralize them by blinding them. Carefully plan your battle progress no matter what.

Available Planeswalkers:

Black color (B). Black gives tremendous power through the sacrifice of minions. You can resurrect dead allies or turn them into zombies, and with the help of victims call up powerful demons, bringing down attacks one after another on enemies. Take the risk of causing pain and destruction to everything that opposes you.

Available Planeswalkers:

Red color (R). Red allows for quick and powerful attacks, completely destroying the enemy. Crush the enemy defenses by masterfully applying zonal spells and high firepower and leaving the enemy Sentinel vulnerable to attack. Smash enemies with powerful spells and monster creatures /

Available Planeswalkers:

Green color (G). Green absorbed an abundance of mana and the stamina of nature itself. While the giant monster resists enemy attacks, collect more mana and smash enemies. Quickly replenish your mana and break through the enemy defenses with the help of strong creatures.

Available Planeswalkers:

Magic ManaStrike: Emoticons

Emoticons. Emoticons are images for quick and peculiar communication with opponents during the battle. Touch the Menu button in the lower left corner to open the emoticon menu.

For installation, you can drag emoticons from your own list to the section of used emoticons and use them from the next battle.

Those emoticons that you do not have are marked with a gem and are available for purchase. At the same time, no more than 5 emoticons can be used. The default settings are Hello, Good, Cute, Wow! and "Oh!". You can also use Planeswalker emoticons, which do not necessarily match the current Planeswalker.

How to use emoticons? Emoticons can be used during battles or in team chat. In the battle after the start of the match, the installed emoticons can be viewed by pressing the chat button in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you touch the emoticon, it will appear next to the Guard and will be visible to the enemy. Even if you quickly click on several emoticons at once, only 1. will be displayed in the team chat.

You cannot use one emoticon on top of another in team chat. Emoticons are not objects, so they do not disappear after use.

How to get emoticons? You can buy emoticons in the store or with the help of a magic pass. Do not forget that each emoticon is acquired differently. You can purchase only 1 emoticon of the same type, and even if you purchased more, they will not overlap each other. You can purchase various emoticons in sets in the store:

Having earned a certain amount of points with the help of a magic pass, you can also purchase emoticons:

Magic Pass rewards may change with each season, so not all emoticons may be available. Emoticons in the form of magic rewards are available only with an improved pass.

Magic ManaStrike: Magic Skip

The magic pass. Through the system of magic passes, you can earn additional rewards in the battles of the current season. Magic Pass is available in the Magic Pass menu on the left side of the lobby.

Obtaining skipping points in battles. For the destruction of an enemy Guard, 1 spark is given. For every 10 sparks, pass rewards are given. In total, 30 sparks can be collected per day. Their number is updated daily.

Rewards for completing quests with a magic pass. Additional pass points can be earned by completing tasks in the upper right corner of the screen. You can change the task once every 24 hours.

Rewards with a magic pass. With the help of a magic pass, you can earn a variety of rewards by accumulating pass points. You can improve the magic pass by touching the enhancement button on the left side of the screen and spending gems. There are two types of awards:

  1. Regular Rewards: Rewards that can be earned by earning pass points for the current season.
  2. Magic Rewards: Additional rewards that can be obtained by improving the magic pass.
Even if during the season you received only ordinary rewards, then by improving the magic pass, in addition to them, you can immediately receive magic rewards.

Team advantages of magic pass. Improve the magic pass while in a team to be able to send notifications of improvements in your team chat. Touch the improvement notifications from your team members to receive rewards. Improvement notifications are displayed only for current team members. Participants who join the team after improving the magic pass will not receive a notification.

Improvement notifications are only valid for the season. Rewards should be received before the end of the season. You cannot receive rewards from upgrade notifications sent by players who left the team.

How to improve the pass?

You can improve the pass for receiving magic rewards by touching the enhancement button on the left side of the "Magic Pass" screen. Having improved the magic pass, you can get special rewards like emoticons.

Improving the magic pass requires a certain amount of gems. Improved Skip Rewards may vary from season to season.

A lookup ticket is available after upgrading the magic pass.

When updating a magic pass, the "Level increase" advantage is applied, which matches the level of the installed card with your rank. You can find out if the "Level increase" advantage has been activated using the "Edit Deck" menu after improving the magic skip.

The level of the card placed in the cell in which "Level Increase" is activated is consistent. A card level with a level increase involved cannot exceed the level limit for a standard friendly match / event.

Improving the magic pass requires a certain amount of gems. Improved Skip Rewards may vary from season to season. At the end of the season, you cannot get magical rewards, so take care of this in advance. Even if you purchase a magic pass, you will need to earn pass points to receive rewards.

Magic ManaStrike: Training and Replaying Battles

Workout. Training allows you to meet an adversary with whom you have not yet fought or would like to fight. To start a workout, tap the map button in the upper right corner of the main screen. Then, in the menu that opens, you can click the "Training" button.

Training starts automatically if you click "OK" in the menu that opens.

Upon reaching rank 3, you can choose the difficulty level of the enemy and his Planeswalker. The difficulty level of the opponent and his Planeswalker are randomly determined, and training begins.

The current deck will be used for training. To end your workout, tap the button in the upper right corner of the screen. Remember that rewards for winning training are not provided.

Repetitions of battles. If you are interested in seeing how you won or lost the match, watch the battle in replay. To play the replay, tap the menu button in the lower left corner of the screen:

Then in the window that opens, you can click "Repeat":

To watch a video replay, press the play button. When viewing, you can pause the video, as well as use regular or fast forward. To pause the video, tap the button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can complete or continue your workout by clicking the "Exit" or "Continue" button in the window that opens. You can also share replays with team members by clicking the Publish button.

Remember that the publish function is only available if you are a member of a team.

View in AR mode. To start AR-mode, you need to configure permissions. When the settings are complete, follow the instructions below.

Touch the snooze button for AR mode.

Recognize the surface in AR mode.

Set the location and size of the battlefield.

Switch to viewing in AR mode.

AR mode is only supported on iOS 11 or later on iPhone SE, 6s or newer models, and also on iPad Pro and newer models. Therefore, check the version before the game.

Magic ManaStrike: Rewards for the battle. post office

What is a battle reward? This is a reward for destroying an enemy Guard. Located in the chest. You can see the battle reward at the bottom of the main screen. You can view the list of awards by touching the awards menu.

It is possible to get boosters of all classes. Having received the booster for the 5th time after improving the magic pass, you can get an additional booster of the magic pass. You can fill 3 cells for victory and 1 cell for each defeated Guard in case of defeat or a draw. Get more rewards by opening boosters of higher classes.

As the class of rewards increases, the chance of receiving bonuses increases along with the number of rewards available. If you have earned all the rewards for winning, you can update the list by spending gems.

What is the Gift of Nikola Bolas? The gift of Nikola Bolas can be found on the main lobby screen and received when it is activated at a given time. The number of awards that can be obtained depends on the rank of Dar Nikola Bolas and accumulates over 8 hours. The reward items and the number of items vary depending on the situation.

Post office. By mail you can receive items from sets, rewards for the onslaught and not only. You can check your mail by touching the "Menu" button in the lower left corner of the screen. If "N" is displayed in the upper right corner of the mail, then you have unread messages - do not forget about them.

In the mail menu, you can see the rewards and information about the sender. All items received by mail have a validity period, and if you do not request them during this time, they will disappear.

How to request items from mail? You can click the "Get All" button or pick up the rewards in each letter individually.

You can learn more about each award by clicking on it. If you click "Get All", then request all the rewards available in the mail, and you can see the details about them later.

Magic ManaStrike: Mage TV

Watch the spectacular matches of the greatest magicians. Touch the icon on the left side of the main screen to access the Mage TV.

If your friends or team members take part in matches, notifications will be displayed on the left side of the Map menu. Tap the notification to open the Mage TV popup.

How to watch Magician TV? Touch the play button in the Mage TV window to watch other players’ matches in real time.

Touch the Filter button to set the color of mana and the ranking of the matches you would like to view. The TV Mage will automatically find and play the next program after completing the current program.

Also during viewing, you can specify the program that will be viewed next. You can send emoticons to allies / enemies. If emoticons are not available, a lock icon is displayed.

How to watch matches of a friend / team member? The screenshot shows the ability to watch matches of friends or team members, as well as the ability to receive notifications when friends or team members start matches.

How to watch the hour / channel video on YouTube? Here you can watch videos on various topics and find videos on YouTube about Magic: ManaStrike.

Magic ManaStrike: Game Events

Do not miss 3 events in which ManaStrike will be even more interesting. You can go to events through the events menu in the lower right corner of the main screen. They open upon reaching rank 3.

Sealed Deck Event:

Sealed Deck (AI PvP) Event:

Draft Event:

Event "Standard":

Obtaining and using event points. Event points can be obtained from a one-time reward for fulfilling the conditions for winning the event. You can have a maximum of 1,000,000 points and not a single point beyond this value. Is this the currency used exclusively to purchase Planeswalkers in the Shop menu? Planeswalkers.

Magic ManaStrike: Team

A team is a community cell in which ManaStrike is even more interesting to experience. Take part in friendly matches with other players, you can quickly go to them from the left side of the main screen. Take advantage of the team by creating a team or joining someone, and play in such a community. Team content unlocks when you reach rank 3. Team ratings are available in the Menu - Ranking menu.

Team chat. You can chat with team members. And to revitalize and diversify communication, use emoticons.

Friendlies. Choose Planeswalker to your liking and send a request for a friendly match to the team members by clicking the "Request" button.

How to create / dissolve a team? You can only enter teams through the "Team Details" pop-up window, available on the search or create team screen. To create a team you need a certain amount of coins. There is a limit for requests for joining a team.

How to find a team? You can search for teams by name or tag in the "Search for a team" window. When searching by tag, you must first enter "#" in the search bar. Teams are searched in their respective language. Select "All Ranks" in the rank category when searching for a team.

How to invite to the team? Go to the Team - Info Tab menu on the left side of the main lobby and touch the Invite button to generate a link with an invitation to the team and send it to a friend through the social network.

If you received an invitation link, you can touch the installation link and log in to the game, and then view your team invitations in the Team - Invite List menu on the left side of the main lobby. All team members can send invitations to the team to invite more members.

Team missions. You can earn rewards for stages 1-10 by completing missions with team members.

Team Store. Go to the "Team Store" tab from the team menu and purchase cards for team coins. Consecutive purchases at the command store are available with a pop-up purchase window open.

Information about the team. Displayed here:

  1. You can see the name of the team.
  2. The team score is displayed.
  3. The status of the team is displayed: open or closed.
  4. You can see the limits on the rank of the team.
  5. You can see the control area of the team.
  6. You can see information about team members.
  7. You have the opportunity to send an invitation link to a friend to invite him to the team.

How to change team name? Go to the Team - Info Tab - Settings menu on the left side of the main lobby. Touch the Change Name button, enter a new name and tap the button below to approve the change. The team tag does not change.

Magic ManaStrike: Friends in the game

Access to the Friends menu is possible using the Menu - Friends option in the lower left corner of the main screen.

How to send and receive friendship requests? To send and receive friendship requests:

  1. Go to the Move - Friends - Search Friends Tab in the lower left corner of the main lobby.
  2. Touch the Search button after a friend tag belonging to a friend is entered.
  3. Touch the Send Friend Request button, making sure that this is the right person.
  4. Check your user tag, copy it and send it to another player.

  1. View the sent friend request in the Friend Request tab and cancel the sent request by tapping Cancel.
  2. View the received friend requests in the Accept Friend tab and accept or reject the received requests using the Accept or Reject buttons.

How to participate in friendly matches with friends? To participate in friendlies with friends:

  1. Go to Menu - Friends - Friend List Tab in the lower left corner of the main lobby.
  2. After choosing a friend who wants to take part in a friendly match, a pop-up window will appear.
  3. Touch the Casual Match tab in the pop-up window to send a friend match request.

  1. Touch the Cancel button if you no longer want to take part in a friendly match.
  2. A friendly match will begin immediately after touching Accept, as soon as a request for a friendly match is received, and will end after touching Reject.

How to invite friends to the team?

  1. Go to Menu - Friends - Friend List Tab in the lower left corner of the main lobby.
  2. Select a friend to invite to the team and select Invite to Team in the pop-up window to complete the invitation. Invite to Team is displayed only for friends who have not joined the team. View Team is displayed if a friend has already joined the team.

  1. Go to the Team menu in the main lobby if you receive an invitation to the team.
  2. Browse the Invite List.

  1. See your invited friends by tapping the i button. You can cancel the invitation by tapping Reject, and you can accept the invitation by tapping the Accept button to join the team.
  2. After joining the team, a corresponding message will appear.

Forums This is an additional medium where you can learn more about ManaStrike. Touch the "Forum" button in the lower left corner of the screen and go to the official developer forums.

Options for getting to the forums:

Magic ManaStrike: Shop

Score. In the store you can purchase various currencies and items. You can quickly access it through the store menu from the left side of the main screen. Store screen configuration:

You have the opportunity to purchase various items from the store’s tabs, such as "Set", "Daily Store", "Special Store", "Planeswalkers", "Gold" and "Gems".

Shop tabs. The store has the following tabs:

  1. Kits. In the kit store you can find emoticons that are used in the game, and items that are useful at different ranks, at competitive prices.
  2. Set of tickets for choosing hybrid cards. Hybrid cards? these are multi-color cards used with Planeswalkers of the same color. Make a purchase to select and take a card from the presented list. You can purchase up to 3 times per account. The resulting hybrid cards can be found in the Map menu and add them to the deck like other cards.
  3. Daily shop. This is a showcase that is updated every 24 hours and where you can purchase various cards, as well as request free rewards.
  4. Special store. Here you can purchase special items such as Alias and Level Increase, increasing the level of the map to the value of your current rank.
  5. Planeswalkers When you reach rank 3, you can find even more Planeswalkers on this tab. You can purchase them for gold or event points. Planeswalker prices may vary and may vary. They will be acquired immediately after touching the gold button or event points, so care should be taken.
  6. Gold. You can buy gold for gems.
  7. Gems. You can buy even more gems at the gem store.

How to use Pseudonym? You can use it using the Shop menu - Special Shop Tab. Select Alias, enter the desired alias and tap the button below to complete the alias change. User tag does not change.

How to use level increase? If the card level is lower than your current rank, this item will match the card level with your rank. You can activate the level increase and its cell after purchase using the Card - Edit Deck menu, which will affect which card you put in the cell.

The acquisition of items. Select the item you want to purchase.

Confirm the currency required for the purchase and select the currency you want to use. Remember that when you press the gold button, the currency will be spent immediately and the item purchased.

When the purchase is completed, the "Purchase Complete" window opens.

Magic ManaStrike: Player Profile

Profile. Find out more about ManaStrike here. To view information, tap the nickname in the upper left corner of the Lobby screen. The information screen looks like this:

  1. You can see the current rank and ranking points.
  2. You can see your best score.
  3. You can view information about the current team by tapping the View button.
  4. You can see information about the current deck.

What are titles? Titles are given along with badges based on ranking points. You can view titles awarded on the basis of ranking points in the ranks menu.

How to get titles? You get titles automatically, earning more ranking points for victories in battles. List of titles:

Game Results To view the results of the game, tap the nickname in the upper left corner of the Lobby screen. The screen with the results looks like this:

  1. You can see Planeswalker, often used in battles, and other information.
  2. The total number of victories is shown.
  3. The current season record is shown.
  4. You can see the total number of cards you own.
  5. You can see the total number of guards destroyed.
  6. You can find out the greatest number of victories during events.
  7. You can see maps often used in battles.

The badges. From the variety of icons in the game, choose your favorite. To use the icons, tap the icon in the upper left corner of the main screen, and then tap the icon menu on the left side of the pop-up window. The icon screen looks like this:

Here you can see the types of icons and the icons that belong to you.

Article author: Nadezhda D.