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MARVEL STRIKE FORCE - Android game with release date 03/28/2018 from the company FoxNext Games. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better MARVEL Strike Force download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Game Tips
  3. Heroes Guide
  4. Walkthrough
  5. Challenges
  6. Raids
  7. Raids
  8. Arena Guide
  9. Alliances
  10. Alliance War
  11. Player Profile
  12. Shopping Secrets

MARVEL Strike Force: Beginner’s Guide

Is Marvel Strike Force a free game? Marvel Strike Force can be downloaded for free from the App Store on your Apple device or from Google Play if you use an Android device. Just install the game to start playing. You can make in-game purchases (currency, goods and offers are available) to complete the game faster, but this is not mandatory. You are free to play the game and enjoy the process without making any purchases.

What is Marvel Strike Force? In the game Marvel Strike Force you have to fight side by side with the allies and the worst enemies that inhabit the Marvel universe. The game demonstrates an amazing level of graphic performance and is available for free on phones and tablets. Earth has been threatened from without, so superheroes and supervillains will have to temporarily leave aside eternal feuds to protect their home from invaders!

Stand at the head of an invincible squad and repulse the new enemy in strategic battles along with Spider-Man, Venom, Captain America and Iron Man. Help each other and become stronger to crush your enemies. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and get ready for the battle for the future of the planet!

How to enable / disable music and (or) sounds during the game? If you prefer to play without music or sound, you can turn off these functions. Tap the Settings icon (the small gear icon) in the upper right corner of the game’s main screen. Find the "Music" or "Sound" section and set the value to "On" or off.

Music / sound can be turned on again at any time by returning to the Settings menu.

How to enable / disable the messaging system in the game? If you do not want to use the chat in the game, you can disable it. Tap the Settings icon (the small gear icon) in the upper right corner of the game’s main screen. Find Chat On on the screen and uncheck the corresponding box.

You can turn on chat again at any time by returning to the Settings menu and checking the corresponding box.

What is a mailbox? Every day, messages with useful information come to your game inbox: game tips, updates, news and special offers.

How to enable / disable notifications for an iOS device? To receive notifications, follow these steps: This also applies to support notifications. On the device’s home screen> select "Settings"> scroll down and tap "Notifications"> scroll down and tap "Strike Force"> tap "Notifications Allow" and scroll down to the "Alerts"> tap? On the locked screen ?.

Save your progress with Game Center or Google Play! For iOS devices:

  1. Open your device’s settings, find Game Center, tap it and turn on Game Center.
  2. If you already have an account, enter your Apple ID and password.
  3. Close the settings and start the game.
  4. If after loading the game a Game Center notification appears at the top of the screen, the connection was successful!

For Android devices:

  1. First, make sure you’re signed in to Google Play.
  2. Launch the game.
  3. Open the settings.
  4. Tap "Connect to Google Play Games."
  5. If several accounts are connected to the device, you will be asked to select one of them.
  6. If after downloading the game a Google Play notification appears at the top of the screen, the connection is successful!

I want to play Marvel Strike Force on multiple iOS and Android devices. Is it possible? You can play Marvel Strike Force on multiple devices. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Take the device on which you most often play the game.
  2. Open the settings (tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen).
  3. Tap Connect to Facebook.
  4. A Facebook window will open where you will need to enter your Facebook account information.
  5. After you have registered with Facebook on the main device from which you play the game, you can use Facebook to enter the game on other devices.
To play on multiple iOS and Android devices, you need the latest version of the game. It is also recommended that you additionally save progress using Game Center or Google Play.

What time zone is the game updated in? Now update timers are reset at midnight local time, not GMT.

MARVEL Strike Force: Game Tips

What are daily rewards? Daily rewards are free items that you can get every day the first time you enter the game.

What are daily goals? By completing daily goals, you can receive rewards such as in-game currency, materials, commander experience points that will improve your player level. The list of daily goals is updated every 24 hours.

What are stages? Stages open when a player reaches level 6. As you progress through the game and complete the various stages, you can receive rewards such as energy cores and gold.

What are events? Events open when a player passes the 1st chapter of Heroes. During events you can find unique and valuable rewards. Event time is limited; go through the events before the time allotted for their execution expires. If the event is marked as "Legendary", then the player can pass it only once.

What is a sphere camera? The camera of spheres is a place where you can get free spheres or purchase them.

What are achievements? Passing the game and completing certain additional tasks (achievements), you can earn valuable rewards. Each achievement has its own reward.

Why do I need an automatic game mode and (or) x3 during a battle? In the automatic game mode, the player does not manually determine what moves the characters must make during the battle. In x3 mode, the speed of action increases both in the case of an automatic game, and in the case of manual control of characters.It should be borne in mind that the automatic game mode does not provide such wide possibilities for influencing the game process as the manual game mode.

Why are fragments of spheres needed? Collect fragments of spheres to create a complete sphere. Having accumulated 2000 fragments of spheres of any type, you can open this sphere in a store or camera of spheres.

How does the seven-day and one-month entry calendar work? Marvel Strike Force has a seven-day and one-month entry calendar. With it, you can get daily rewards: shards of characters, fragments of spheres and much more! To pick up rewards from the calendar for a month, you need to log into the game every day for a whole month. Rewards are updated on the first day of every month!

The seven-day calendar works a little differently: for daily entry into the game you will receive fragments of the premium sphere, and on the seventh day you will be able to pick up the whole premium sphere. If you skip a day in the seven-day calendar, progress will be reset to the first day and you will have to start all over again. Progress can be seen by clicking on the "Daily Rewards" in the mail.

What is this synergy icon when choosing a team? When choosing a team, you can notice the icon that appears and the numbers that change depending on which characters you add to your team. This is the "synergy" of your team. The presence of an icon means that the character has at least one passive or active ability, which is activated or provides a bonus when this character is with any other character from his team. Number means the total number of bonuses that the character receives. Touch and hold the icon to find out which passive or active abilities receive bonuses and which characters provide them.

What are saved units? When you reach level 50 of the commander, you will gain access to several cells for saved units. When creating a team in any mode, you can save the squad and use it in any other mode (Campaign, Tests, Arena, Raid, Raids, etc.) for different teams. The composition of the team will be saved, so it does not need to be re-created to play in other modes. Save your favorite squads and use them in the arena, raid, campaign, event and raid modes!

What are red stars? Red stars are a new way to strengthen characters. With each red star, the character’s total strength is multiplied. In particular, red stars enhance basic characteristics such as health, damage, armor, concentration and resistance. In addition, red stars also take into account all the bonuses from the equipment, levels and technology of Stark.

When does the rise of red stars open? Access to the red star rises opens at level 52.

How strongly do red stars strengthen characters? Red stars give the following increase to the main characteristics (health, damage, armor, concentration and resistance):

Bonuses are not cumulative. For example, if a character moves from 1 red star (+2%) to 2 (+5%), then his characteristics will be increased by +5%, and not by +7%.

MARVEL Strike Force: Heroes Guide

How to open characters? You can earn and save pieces of characters just as you progress through the game: completing campaign missions, earning achievements, and participating in events. For faster character recruitment, you can purchase character shards by purchasing supplies or spheres in the store.

I see that my characters have "features." What does it mean? Characters have various unique properties or "features" that depend on their organization (Avengers, Defenders, etc.), the origin of strength (skill, bio, etc.), class (blaster, support, etc.). ) or in general whether this character is a hero or a villain. Some game modes or certain missions may be available only to characters with certain features. For example, only Heroes can participate in a hero campaign.

Level, training, strength, category of equipment and abilities - what does all this mean for my characters? Character level, equipment category, characteristics, and ability levels affect the totals of the character, also known as strength. Increase the character’s level by training him using equipment (and ultimately increasing the equipment category), and also increase ability levels to improve his characteristics (accuracy, armor, critical strike chance, concentration, health, speed, etc.). All this in turn will increase the overall strength of the character.

What are character abilities? Character abilities are attacks used in battle. There are four types of abilities: basic, special, powerful and passive. Most characters have all four types, some have only three. Upgrade your character’s equipment to unlock more abilities!

Why should I train my characters? Use the training modules to train your characters and thus increase their level, which in turn will improve their characteristics and make them more effective in battle.

The maximum level of your characters corresponds to your level of player. In other words, in order to level up your characters, you must first level up your own player level.

What do the green plus signs (+) around the character mean? The green plus signs (+) around the character mean that you can wear an item of equipment on the character. Tap the plus sign, then tap Use. If the item of equipment cannot be used immediately, but you need to make it first, you need to touch the "Create" button and in some cases pay gold.

Why do characters need gear? Equipment will increase the characteristics of the character, which will be reflected in his overall indicator of strength. If you equip all six parts from a complete set, you can increase the category of equipment. So you will not only receive a significant bonus to strength, but also discover new abilities!

What are shards of characters? It is necessary to collect shards of characters in order to subsequently recruit them and then increase their star rank. Shards of characters appear in campaign missions or during the opening of spheres, they can be obtained for participating in events or trials, as well as purchased in the store. One way to quickly find fragments is to go to the collection of characters, select any of them and touch the "Search" button.The game will show you places where there is a chance to get shards of the selected character.

Keep collecting shards of characters to increase their star rank. This will not only increase the strength of the character, but also open events or missions for certain characters and star ranks.

What do the blue and green scales and the icons above my characters mean during the battle? The green bar indicates the character’s health level. The scale turns yellow when the level of health decreases, and red when the character faces death. The blue scale is the "speed scale" that displays the order of the attackers. For example, an adversary with a full blue scale attacks earlier than those whose scale is less full.

What is a character collection? The collection of characters is a list of all game characters - both already recruited and undiscovered. To view the collection, tap the "Characters" icon on the left side of the main screen.Recruited characters are color coded and appear at the top of the list. Characters that are not yet open are highlighted in gray, and a magnifying glass icon is displayed on their icons.

Why improve characters? Improving the characters will make them stronger, which means they will give them more chances to survive and win the battle. You can improve the characters by raising their level in training and collecting more fragments to increase their star rank.

What does the red dot mean for the "Characters" icon or for the icons of specific characters? The red dot is the notification icon. If she appeared, it means that in relation to this character some action is available.For instance:

Where can I find specific items of equipment for specific characters? If you have an empty equipment cell where the word "Find," is displayed, this means that this item should be found. Touch a cell, and the equipment menu opens with additional information about how many and what items you need to find. Select the item you are interested in and tap the "Find" button on the right side of the screen. On the screen that appears, you will see the listed methods of obtaining the item, from buying spheres in the store to specific campaign missions where it can drop out.

What happens to the shards when the character gets 7 stars? The excess fragments of characters who received 7 stars will be converted into ultra loans, which are necessary to obtain Ultimus spheres, in which fragments of Ultimus can be found.

How to recruit Ultimus? Ultimus can now be added to the collection! To recruit him, buy the ultimus sphere for ultra-loans.

MARVEL Strike Force: Walkthrough

How are different campaigns different and how do I open them? There are five campaigns in total, and certain conditions must be met to access them.

  1. Hero Team - Available from the start of the game, but only for heroes.
  2. Union of Villains - Opens after player level 13 if you have 3 villains. Available only to villains.
  3. Nexus Campaign - Opens after completing the 3rd chapter of the Villains. Available for all characters.
  4. Mystical powers - Coming soon.
  5. Battles for space - Opens after completing the 6th chapter of the "Team of Heroes", if you have 5 characters of space. Available only to space characters.

How to assemble a squad for battle? If you’re ready to start a campaign mission, tap the Battle button. Now you can choose a squad. All characters available for the mission are listed on the left. Touch any of them to add him to the squad. To remove a character from a squad, tap it on the right side of the screen. When the squad is formed, click "Finish" to start the battle.

What do the stars mean? If during the mission none of the characters dies, you will receive all three stars.This opens up access to the possibility of using auto-victory for the same mission. For each character who died in battle, you lose one star.

Why are certain characters displayed on some mission nodes? This means that on this node of the mission there is an opportunity to knock out the splinter (s) of these characters. These are special missions, so the number of daily attempts for them is limited. If you use all attempts, you can reset the counter by spending energy cores.

Why do you have to go through campaign missions? Campaign missions are a great way to increase a player’s level, get rewards (in particular, equipment, gold, energy cores, ability materials and character shards) and complete daily goals and earn achievements. The further you advance, the more campaign modes you will open. And the cherry on the cake is, of course, the plot.

What is auto-victory and why is it unavailable? An auto-victory is an opportunity to instantly pass a mission and receive rewards for it, without actually entering a battle. In other words, this is an easy and quick way to get rewards without wasting time. This feature is only available after completing a specific mission with three stars. If you did not complete the mission or received less than three stars, the "Auto Win" button will be unavailable.

Auto-victory requires as much campaign energy as it does for a regular mission.

I need more campaign energy. What should I do? Each day, a certain amount of items is available for you to restore the energy of the campaign. If they are not enough, you can spend energy cores to buy energy. You can spend energy cores no more than 20 times per day.

Spending resources is optional. Campaign energy is automatically replenished over time. You will receive 1 energy point of the campaign every 5 minutes.

MARVEL Strike Force: Challenges

What are tests? Challenges are a set of missions, through which you can earn a special resource, such as training modules, ability materials, gold, etc. Each day you can test a limited number of times; every 24 hours the restriction is reset. Each type of test is available on certain days.

How many times can you pass the test? Take a few tests every day to earn various resources to fight Ultimus. The test of each particular type can be passed 3 times a day, but the number of attempts to pass them is not limited.

MARVEL Strike Force: Raids

How to open "Plaque"? To open the "Plaque" mode, you need to reach player level 12.

What needs to be done in the "Plaque" mode? In raids, you compete with teams of other players to earn rating points and go through stages (for which awards are also awarded). When the season is over, you will receive additional rewards according to your rating.

How does the game select opponents for the "Plaque" mode? Rivals are selected randomly taking into account the total strength of your team - levels, characteristics and categories of equipment. Once an opponent is defined, you can click New Opponent and see two more possible teams. Choose one team from three to join the battle. Changing an opponent can either increase or decrease the number of arena points, depending on which team you are fighting with.

Why can not I use one character in several raids in a row? Raids are a tedious affair. After each match, the characters participating in the raid must regain strength and cannot fight for some time. But you can use charges or energy cores to instantly restore character powers. If there are not enough charges or energy cores, you need to wait for the characters to recharge.

What happens after a victory or defeat in the "Plaque"? Points are awarded for every victory. Get more points for defeating strong opponents! Win several battles in a row to move into a new category. The higher your category, the greater the score multiplier. Losing can reset the category. The more consecutive losses, the more serious the consequences.

What are raid loans? Raid credits are awarded for raid battles. They can be spent on buying shards of characters, supplies or spheres in the raid store.

How to earn raider charges? Charges are needed to restore the strength of the characters between matches in raids. You can get them for fulfilling daily goals and passing tests. You cannot buy charges.

How do I get my raid rating rewards? At the end of each raid, you must have a certain minimum score to receive raid rating rewards. In order to find out the required minimum points, tap the "Rewards" button in the selected or current raid. You can also see your rank and rewards for the previous raid. After the raid, your rating rewards will be mailed to you within 24 hours.

What is a novice raid? New players (who play less than 30 days) compete among themselves in a separate league of raids for beginners. 30 days after the account was created, players gain access to raids in which you can compete with veterans from around the world for the best prizes. The age of the account at the time the raid begins determines whether the player will compete with other newcomers or join the global league of veterans.Players cannot change league during a raid.

MARVEL Strike Force: Raids

How to open raids? To open raids, you need to reach player level 25. Then it will be possible to participate in raids of different levels: level 25, level 30, level 35, level 40 and level 50.

What needs to be done in raids? In raids, the entire alliance needs to work together to complete a series of missions in the allotted time. For completing the entire mission, the entire alliance will receive rewards. In level 25 raid, your strike group needs to defeat the villains in order to earn ability materials to prepare for level 30 and 35 raids. In them you must defeat the henchmen of Ultimus and make your way to the raid boss! Ronan is waiting for you in level 40 raid, so create a strike group that will break through the ambush and defeat him! And in level 50 raid you will encounter the strongest and most powerful enemies you can imagine!

Are there any time limits for participating in raids? As soon as you choose and start a raid, your alliance will have 24 hours from the start of the raid to complete all missions. Missions are available for viewing on a common map.

What are raid loans? Raid credits are awarded for completing each raid mission. They can be spent on buying shards of characters, supplies or spheres in the raid store.

What are Ultimus keys? Ultimus keys are required to launch a raid. This is the only game currency that is used only for the needs of the alliance. You will receive 1 Ultimus Key for each campaign energy you use to complete the campaign mission. Each member of the alliance can have no more than 600 keys.

Do I need to join the alliance to participate in the raid? Yes. You must be an alliance member to participate in the raid. In addition, in order to participate in the raid, you must join the alliance before it begins.

The character team completed the raid. Why their health is not restored before the next mission?If characters participate in a raid, their health may decline during battles. The only way to heal characters is to use first-aid kits or energy cores if there are no first-aid kits. Keep in mind that the more you use your character, the more expensive the healing will be.

I’m out of raid energy! How to make up for it and continue the game? If you have run out of raid energy, you can replenish it in two ways: you can use the recovery of raid energy or, if your supply is exhausted, spend energy cores to buy energy.

Spending resources is optional. Raid energy is automatically replenished over time. You will receive 1 raid energy point every 14 minutes 24 seconds.

Is it possible to participate in several raids at the same time? Yes, you can participate in several raids at the same time, provided that your alliance has enough Ultimus keys to start a new raid.

I managed to get through my raid card. Why can’t I join another strike group? During a raid you can only be in one strike group. You cannot enter multiple strike groups within the same raid.

I’m trying to cure a character, but I encounter an error exceeding the limit. During the raid, each of the characters can be cured or revived no more than 11 times. After using all attempts, you will receive messages about exceeding the limit.

MARVEL Strike Force: Arena Guide

How does the new Arena work? For the first time going to the arena, players will have to start from the bottom and systematically move to the highest ranks. To increase the rank, just fight! Remember that you will only have two squads. One of them is intended for defense, your rivals will fight with it. The second unit is used to attack rival units. We recommend constantly increasing the strength of the characters in order to simplify the ascent to the top. Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Create a defense squad that other players will attack (5 characters are required).
  2. Before the battle, you need to select a squad to attack other players. To do this, you can either select the squad presented on the screen, or choose another squad yourself.
  3. Choose an opponent according to his rank. If you win, you will receive his rank, and he is yours.
  4. After each battle, you have to wait a bit before you can fight again. If you do not want to wait, you can use energy cores.
  5. Winning is sent every 24 hours by mail and depends on what category of awards you managed to receive. In addition, along with the distribution of rewards, all attacks are restored.
  6. Your Arena depends on your time zone and date of entry into the battle. The number of seats in the arena is limited. When the seats run out, a new arena will be created.
  7. Other players may attack your defense squad when you fight.

A new currency called "Attempts" has appeared in the arena. Why is it needed? To start the battle in the Arena, 1 attempt is required. On the day you will receive 5 attempts that are spent on fights. A new five attempts will be issued to you after 24 hours. If you do not want to wait, you can pay for fights with energy cores.

What rewards can I get for Arena ranks? Get ranks before completing the Arena in order to get a certain amount of energy cores and arena credits (depending on the rank). Altogether, 10,000 ranks are represented at the Arena.

How to open an arena? The arena opens at level 30! For the first time going to the Arena, players will have to start from the bottom and systematically move to the highest ranks. To increase the rank, just fight!

When are Arena rewards issued? Arena rewards are sent daily after the reward timer expires. Winnings, the size of which depends on your rank, can be found in the mail.

How many characters should be in the arena squad? For battles in the Arena, you will need a detachment of 5 characters.

Why are Arena loans needed? Arena credits can be spent on spheres and supplies in the arena’s store.

When are Arena rewards issued? Arena rewards are mailed every 24 hours and depend on your reward category.

Have the correct Arena rank and awards been given to me? The rewards that come to you in the mail are calculated for the rank that you will have at the time of the end of the daily arena cycle.

How does the arena rating work? In the arena, your squad is fighting an opponent’s attack squad while another player’s squad can attack your defense squad. Players are constantly changing places as their defensive units lose. The arena rating changes very quickly - right up to the very last second of the arena cycle.

MARVEL Strike Force: Alliances

How to create an alliance? If you want to create your own alliance, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main screen of the game.
  2. Find the Alliance button and tap it.
  3. Touch the Alliance Members button.
  4. Touch the Change Alliance button.
  5. Touch the Create button in the far right corner of the screen.
  6. Enter the name of your alliance.
  7. Choose whether your alliance will be open or closed.
  8. Enter a description of your alliance.
  9. Touch the "Create" button, then confirm.

This will automatically remove you from the previous alliance, and you will become the leader of your own, just created by you. Keep in mind: in order to take full advantage of the raid, you will need a total of 25 alliance members.

Why am I in the alliance, although I remember for sure that I did not join any alliance? Players join the alliance automatically as soon as they open the alliance function. But if you wish, you can change the alliance or create your own.

How to join the alliance or change it? If you want to leave the current alliance and join a new one, do the following:

  1. Go to the main screen of the game.
  2. Find the Alliance button and tap it.
  3. Touch the Alliance Members button.
  4. Touch the Change Alliance button.
  5. There are two ways to find a new alliance: search by the name of the alliance, select from the list of recommended alliances (all open alliances you can join).
  6. Select the alliance you want to join and tap the Join button. Confirm that you want to leave your current alliance and join a new one.

Is there an alliance ranking system? Within the alliance, there are 3 ranks:

What is the difference between an open alliance and a closed alliance? Anyone can join an open alliance, while to join a closed alliance, you need to send a request to the alliance leader, who must approve it.

I was kicked out of the alliance. What should I do? You can be kicked out of the alliance for a variety of reasons. You can try joining the same alliance again if you think that an error has occurred. You can also join another alliance or create your own.

How many players can an alliance have? The alliance can have no more than 24 members.

How to enable and disable invitations to alliances? If you do not want to receive invitations to alliances, you can disable them. Tap the Settings icon (the small gear icon) in the far right corner of the game’s main screen.Find the "Alliance Invitations Inc." on the screen and uncheck the corresponding box.

Invitations can be turned on again at any time by returning to the Settings menu and checking the corresponding box.

I am the leader of the alliance. How can I change the name of the alliance? To change the name of the alliance, the leader of the alliance needs to do the following:

  1. Open the main screen of the game.
  2. Find the Alliance button and touch it.
  3. Touch the Alliance Members button.
  4. Touch the "Edit" button.
  5. Enter a new name for the alliance.
  6. Touch the Confirm button. Changes will take effect immediately.

I am the leader of the alliance. How can I change the logo of the alliance? To change the logo of the alliance, the leader of the alliance must do the following:

  1. Open the main screen of the game.
  2. Find the Alliance button and tap it.
  3. Touch the Alliance Members button.
  4. Touch the "Edit" button.
  5. Tap the icon below the logo to open the list of icons. Select a new icon.
  6. Touch the Select button.
  7. Touch the Confirm button. Changes will take effect immediately.

How do I get my alliance ranking awards? At the end of the raid season, you must have 4 conditions met:

  1. You need to be in the alliance for 7 days until the end of the raid season.
  2. The alliance must reach at least the 1st stage in the list of leaders of the alliance raid season.
  3. The alliance must be eligible for rewards.
  4. You need to be in your alliance until the end of the distribution of rewards.

After the raid season ends, your rating rewards will be mailed to you within 24 hours. If at least one of the conditions is not fulfilled, you will not receive an alliance rating award.

What is the alliance leader rating? Every 2 weeks (14 days) a new raid season begins. Compete with other alliances, earning raid points for victories in raid battles. The harder the raid, the more points the raid season will receive the alliance. You can find out how many raid points this or that battle will bring in the menu "Possible rewards". Earn as many points as you can to get alliance rating rewards.

What are contributions to Stark’s alliance and technology? Reaching Commander Level 50, you will unlock contributions to Stark’s alliance and technology. Every day, make deposits in gold or energy cores in order to gain the alliance experience necessary to increase its level, and alliance loans. Alliance credits can then be exchanged for Stark technology, which improves your team and characters with certain features. The maximum number of improvements depends on the level of your alliance. By joining the alliance, you can make a contribution to it only after 24 hours. Stark’s technology remains with you when you change the alliance.

MARVEL Strike Force: Alliance War

How to open the "Alliance War"? To open a war, you will need the 45th level of the commander and the 20th level of the alliance. Only members of the alliance who have been in the guild for more than 24 hours can participate in the war. If you satisfy these requirements, you will be able to participate in the war and coordinate your actions with other members of the alliance.

How long is the war season? The war season lasts two weeks, and several wars will be held every week at once!

Are there any restrictions on participation in the alliance war? Yes, to participate in the war you will need an alliance, level 45 player and level 20 of the alliance.

Can my alliance participate in several wars simultaneously? No, you can only participate in one war per day. In each war, you will battle one other alliance for 24 hours. In the next war, another opponent will confront you.

What rewards can I get for participating in the war? If you carry out at least one attack or create at least one defensive unit, you can receive the following rewards: shards of characters, blue, purple and orange equipment materials, ranks in the leaderboard, gold, credits of war and elite credits of war! Rewards are given for each war in which you participate, as well as at the end of each season of the war.

What are war loans and elite war loans? War credits and elite war credits can be obtained for helping the alliance during the war. They are needed to buy shards of characters, supplies or spheres in a war store.

How can I get the energy of war? At the beginning of the war you will have 2 units. energy of war, and in total you can have up to 5 units. this energy. The energy of war is restored during the war. You can also purchase war energy recovery to replenish war energy and conduct additional attacks.

When will the war begin? The alliance war will begin at a specific time / day of the week, depending on what your alliance leader has chosen. As soon as the leader of the alliance chooses a zone, he will notify the members of the alliance about the initial time, adjusted for the hours on each of their devices.

How to change a zone? The leader of the alliance can change the zone of the alliance, which will be used in the next war. If you select a zone that corresponds to the war that has already begun, then the change will take effect only after the start of the next war.

How to choose an opponent? The search for an enemy alliance begins 30 minutes before the outbreak of war.The process of finding a suitable alliance is repeated before every war in which your alliance participates.

What is amplification? Amplifications are war consumables that can be purchased at the raid store.Strengthening the defense of war gives the defense team an additional positive effect. This gain can be obtained for credits of raids and energy cores before the war. Amplification during the war applies only to attacking characters, but not to defenders (they will be strengthened by the next war).

How to win the war of alliances? To win the war, your alliance must score more points than the enemy. If the score turns out to be equal, a tie will be declared and both alliances will receive rewards for defeat. If both helicarriers are destroyed, then the alliance that was the first to destroy the enemy helicarrier will win. If you leave the alliance during the war, your defending characters will continue to defend the helicarrier throughout this war.

You can participate in the defense of a helicarrier or war only 24 hours after joining the alliance.

What is the Alliance League? Alliance War League is a rating system that will allow you to receive additional rewards for every alliance war won. Now, alliances will earn trophies for victories in wars and lose them for defeats. When the alliance has accumulated enough trophies, it will advance to the next league. If the alliance loses in too many wars, it can move into a lower league.

Alliance War Rules

General rules

  1. Several times a week, a new alliance is automatically selected in a pair of the alliance to conduct a 24-hour war.
  2. Spend the energy of war to fight defense units and get points. Less than 5 characters can participate in an attack.There can be from 1 to 5 characters in a squad.
  3. Points are awarded for each defeated defense character at the end of the battle (summoned characters are not taken into account when scoring points). To earn room points, you must destroy all the defense units in the room.Some rooms bring more points, so choose goals for attacks wisely.
  4. All players who participated in the war will receive rewards for either victory or defeat. To take part, you need to make at least one attack or at least one defense enhancement. To receive war season rewards, you must be in the alliance for at least 5 days.
  5. The points earned by the alliance in the war are added to the points in the list of leaders of the war season. Winning alliances also receive a bonus to points on the leaderboard, the size of which depends on the total strength of the alliance collection at the end of the war.
Strengthen the characters, even if they are not used, to get the maximum bonus to points in the leaderboard.

Defense Organization Rules

  1. You can take part in the defense of the helicarrier only in non-war time (also called Peacetime).
  2. Go to the heli-carrier of your alliance using the Alliance Warfare screen.
  3. Choose a free room.
  4. Take a cell (you can protect only one room).
  5. Choose your defense units. There should be 8 units in total. Empty squad cells will be occupied by Shch.I.T.’s minions by default and they will be: ur. 40, equipment category: 4 and with the ability level 3/3/1.
  6. Squads can consist of both the characters in your collection and the guards of the Shch.I.T.a by default.
  7. Characters selected for defense cannot be used for attack.
  8. Attackers will fight with your units in the order in which they were placed in the cells.
  9. Having finished organizing the defense, you can take part in the war. The rooms that are above or below the selected room, as well as to the left or to the right of it, are considered neighboring.
Your success in the war largely depends on how you manage your characters. Think in advance which characters you will use for defense and which ones for attack.

Rules of participation in the war

  1. Characters can only be used once to attack a war. Use less than 5 characters in battle to increase the effectiveness of your collection.
  2. Each room has two cells that protect two players of the enemy alliance. Choose a room and squad to attack. Four units are displayed simultaneously (two for each player) - in the order in which they were selected for defense.
  3. To get into the rooms located under the current one, you need to eliminate all the units of one player. To get into the rooms to the left or right of or above the current one, you need to eliminate the squads of both players.
  4. You can strengthen your defense units while viewing defense.

MARVEL Strike Force: Player Profile

How to change profile name? To change the profile name (by default - Commander), follow these steps:

  1. On the main screen of the game, tap the player icon located in the upper left corner.
  2. The Player Profile screen appears.
  3. Touch the pencil icon to change the name.
  4. Enter a name - this name will be seen by other players. It is not recommended to enter information that will establish your identity.
The first time you can change the name for free. All subsequent changes will cost 200 nuclear cores.To undo the name change, you can click the red X in the upper right corner.

How to change avatar? Follow these steps:

  1. On the main screen of the game, tap the player icon located in the upper left corner.
  2. The Player Profile screen appears.
  3. Tap the avatar icon to select a new avatar.
  4. Select the avatar you want to use and tap the "Select" button.
New avatars will be available after you unlock each character.

What is a player identifier (PID) and where can I find it? You may be asked the player identifier (PID) when contacting support. This is a unique identifier that is assigned to you when you first install the game. To find out your player ID, follow these steps:

  1. On the main screen of the game, tap the player icon located in the upper left corner.
  2. The Player Profile screen appears.
  3. Find your ID next to the profile name.

What is in the "Leaderboard by Strength" section of the player profile screen? If you touch the "Leaderboard by Strength" button, a screen opens that displays all the player ratings. The following leaderboards are listed: Collection Strength, Strongest Alliance, and Strongest Team.

Where can I see the general statistics of the player? To open player statistics, tap the "Player profile" button in the upper left corner of the main menu. Here, under the profile name, you can find various statistics.

How to lose progress and start over? If your game has not yet been connected to Facebook, Google Play or Game Center, then you just need to delete the game, and then reinstall it. This will allow you to start the game from the very beginning. If you need help, contact support.

MARVEL Strike Force: Shopping Secrets

What are the different types of stores in the game? The game provides many places where you can purchase items, such as the main store, raid store, raid store and arena store. The main store offers the widest range of products, including consumables and shards of characters. The assortment of goods in the raid, raid and arena stores is more limited and to purchase them you need a special currency that can be earned by participating in a raid, raid or arena.

What are the main currencies used in the game? Energy cores are the main currency that you will use during the game to buy spheres, first-aid kits, supplies, arena charges and energy recovery. Gold is a soft currency used in the game mainly for training characters and making equipment. Also, with the help of gold, you can purchase items in the main store.

What are offers? Players can take advantage of special offers available for a limited period to purchase sets and characters.

What are spheres? Spheres are items that can be opened to receive character shards, equipment, training modules, gold, and ability materials.

How are supplies used in the game? Supplies should be acquired when equipment and shards of characters are needed. The list of supplies is compiled randomly, but you can update the list by paying. The list of supplies is automatically updated every 8 hours.

What are ability materials? Using the materials of abilities, the abilities of the characters are improved and strengthened. The materials are represented in total by six quality classes, and they can be obtained not only by playing in various game modes, but also by going through the campaign and performing tests.

What are training modules? With the help of training modules, players train characters and increase their level. Training modules are represented by four quality classes; a higher class module gives more experience, but also costs more gold.

How to get energy cores? There are two ways to buy energy cores.

  1. Touch the "Energy Cores" icon in the upper right corner of the main screen and go to the "Energy Cores" store section. In it you can purchase energy cores in any required quantity.
  2. From the main screen of the game, tap the "Supplies" icon on the left side of the screen to go to the store. Tap the Energy Cores tab to view and purchase energy cores.

How to get campaign energy? To purchase additional campaign energy, you need to touch the yellow "Energy" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. A pop-up window will open in which you can purchase campaign energy using energy charges. If you have run out of energy, you can spend energy cores instead.

How do I request a refund for a purchase made through the App Store / iTunes? Developers have no way to recover funds spent on purchases through the App Store and iTunes. For all questions related to purchases, contact iTunes Support.

How to earn ultra loans? Shards of characters who have already reached 7 stars, automatically turn into ultra loans. These loans are needed to purchase Ultimus spheres, which contain Ultimus fragments and other exclusive trophies. Start saving ultra loans right now!

What are double sentences? Double offers give the chance to choose between several options. After buying one of the options, the rest become unavailable. Double offers can be viewed on the "Offers" tab.

What are paid calendars? Paid calendars are offers with which you can receive rewards when you enter the game for a certain number of days. The first reward is given upon purchase, and subsequent login attempts will be counted after each daily update.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.