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Sword Art Online Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SWORD ART ONLINE - browser game from the company Esprit Games. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Autofusion of things. Autofusion of things on the network is available from the 7th VIP level. Off-net autofusion is available from VIP level 6. The rule of automatic melting in offline mode is that when a player’s backpack is full, new things will automatically melt into appropriate gain stones and gold coins. Players without automatic melting will not benefit from this part. At the same time, things with rare parameters do not fall on the autowater.

Items that are already in your backpack cannot be automatically melted for the reason that among them there may be something you need that you specially left in your bag. Automatically melt only new items received by the hero when you are not in the game.

How to create a mythical weapon? Mythical weapons are good equipment highlighted in red in the game. Its minimum level is 40, but it can be increased immediately by 10 points - up to 50, up to 60, and so on. Getting mythical weapons is easy enough. You can take it for VIP 3 or higher, grab it in Treasure Search, knock it out of server-to-server bosses, and also win in different promotions and events in the game (carefully review the prizes). Having possessed such a weapon, you can improve it.

Where to get the "Hot Summer" medal? This medal can be obtained in the event "Search for treasures" at a time when the regular Hot Summer event takes place in the game - you will see its icon at the top of the screen. If this promotion goes, then go to Treasure Search, make 100 attempts a day at a discount to get a special red chest. From it with a certain chance you can get the medal "Hot Summer" and other values.

The leader of our clan is gone. How to change it? If the clan leader does not appear in the game for 5 full days, then the clan’s menu will have the opportunity to remove him and transfer the clan’s leadership to another member. However, if the leader enters the game, for example, once every 4 days for exactly 1 second, then this is considered a visit to the game.

The epic soul has fallen, but I can’t put it on any character. Probably each of your character is already wearing one Epic soul. The second one cannot be activated at the same time as the one used.

Why is the income indicated almost the same amount of experience and gold for VIP 6 and VIP 11? In this part, starting with VIP 6, players receive the same bonuses for gold mining and experience. If you want to increase this income, then join the clan - they give a good increase in bonuses to their members.

Can I create and play multiple characters at once? Only one character can be created on a single server. Therefore, you can play on all servers if you create a character on each.

Why did I stop receiving entry rewards? You participated in one of the starting events, which is located in the "Bonuses" section - "Entrance Prize". Rewards here are issued only during the first 28 days from the date the server was opened. If you want to participate in this event again, then you need to create a character on a new server.

Where to find the CD-code or how to get it? Codes can be a prize in promotions or some competitions that take place in the group and on the forum. Codes are not distributed in technical support.

The game noticeably slows down on the phone. What to do? The game has two modes of operation: 30 frames per second and 60. The default is always 30. To change this, click on your character’s portrait (top left) and switch the mode. If the game slows down anyway, then perhaps the power of your phone is not enough for a comfortable game.

Article author: Nadezhda D.