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Walkthrough Midnight Pool 4: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MIDNIGHT POOL 4 is an Android game from Gameloft. Game Genre: Sports. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

I’m new, tell me how to play? Switch to Career mode to open the last available location. Perform trickshots and earn stars to open new bars, defeat the boss and go to the next level.

How to buy a new item? Go to the Shop section by selecting the green dollar icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you can buy cues, amplifications, chat sets, tables and chips.

How to choose a cue? To complete all tasks, you need to be able to choose the most suitable cue for performing certain tasks. Go to the Store and select the Kiev section. Here you will see various categories of cues (standard, improved, etc.), scroll up / down to see all the options. The Buy icon is displayed on the right side of the screen with the indicated price. If such a cue is already available, you will see the "Take" icon. If you have already selected this cue, there will be a green checkmark next to it.

What is a rating? This parameter indicates the ability of the cue. You must meet the requirements in order to challenge the boss to battle.

What is an English punch? This is a common hit, allowing the ball to roll across the table over long distances and hammer balls into the pocket with force and accuracy.

What is Masset? Mass impacts are used to give the ball a torsion effect. Thus, the ball rolls along a curved path or even in the opposite direction.

What is a hop? A hit is performed on the bottom of the ball, thereby causing it to bounce a little when there are too many obstacles on the table to get the ball into the pocket.

Unable to get 3 stars for performing trickshots. What to do? With increasing levels, performing trickshots will become more difficult. Using special cues with suitable parameters will help you succeed.

What are combo hits? This is a special hit that allows you to score the desired ball using the push of another ball, and not the cue ball.

What is a kick from the side? This is a special hit in which the ball bounces off the side and hits (hammers) the desired ball.

What is the Quick Ball Mode? In this mode, you need to score as many balls as possible. The initial time is given at the beginning of the game and gradually ends. Each goal scored will bring extra time, and each failure, on the contrary, will take a little time. That is, the more hits, the more time and points earned.

What is survival mode? In this mode, you need to score as many balls as possible. At the beginning of the game, a certain number of hits is given. Each ball scored will bring you extra hits. That is, you need to score balls to get extra hits and score points.

Can I reset game content? Yes, go to Settings and select "Reset Game." Please note that in this way, you will delete ALL game data of your profile without the possibility of subsequent recovery.

How to enter Facebook through the game? To log in to Facebook, go to Settings> Log in to Facebook. If you do not, during some actions (for example, opening the Friends menu), a pop-up window will appear with the text "Sign in to Facebook."

The game freezes. What to do? Try closing and restarting the application. If it does not help, please reinstall the game.

The game crashes. How to send a request to Gameloft User Support? Most likely, the request has already been sent. In such cases, the application sends a request automatically if you have an Internet connection.

How to change the sound settings? To do this, open the Sounds section in the settings menu.

How to change the language in the game? To do this, open the Main menu and go to the Languages ??section in the settings menu.

How to get chips? Chips are awarded for the following: performing trickshots and winning Duels in Career mode (with each star, the awards are getting steeper). In online games, players make bets, the winner receives not only his initial bet, but also the opponent’s bet. You can also get chips in online promotions and for certain achievements, or just buy them in the Store.

What is a stock? Promotions are tasks that must be completed in online matches. They are not binding.However, various gifts can bring: Phased awards will bring chips for completing tasks, and Rating Awards will please you with prizes based on your rating at the end of each promotion.

How long do stocks last? Each action takes place over a different period of time. You can always find a valid promotion! At the end of the action you can pick up your rewards.

What are tournaments? Tournaments are a special type of competition. Unlike main promotions, participation in tournaments does not require a fee, nor does it provide Phased awards. However, a player can win other special rewards (such as rare cues) as a Rating reward. That is, in such tournaments only the best players are rewarded!

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.