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Walkthrough Mighty Quest: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MIGHTY QUEST is an Android game with a release date of July 9, 2019 from Ubisoft Entertainment. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, check the Wise Geek website more often.

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  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Character Leveling
  3. All About Energy
  4. Equipment System
  5. Adventure Mode
  6. Arena
  7. Player Profile

Mighty Quest: A Beginner’s Guide

Who should you play for? You are a robber who travels in search of glory and epic loot.

Can I play as a specific class? The style of play depends on the weapon used. Try a staff, hammer, sword and ax to feel the difference. A set of equipment also provides certain skills (blessings) that allow you to create a unique style of play.

How to control a hero? Hold and move your finger to run. Tap or hold your finger at one point to attack. Swipe to roll. Tap the icon to use the skill.

What do the metrics mean?

What is my companion? By default, you are accompanied by the demon Thomas. Do the monsters in the castle give you a moment’s rest? Don’t worry, your companion will collect all the gold and loot for you.

Where can I find more companions? You can change the companion in the hero menu. Use gems or perform certain game actions to unlock new companions.

Where to get gold? Get gold for missions of the day, achievements, as well as in the castles of the campaign, challenge and gold You can also buy it at the store.

Can I play castles with friends? Not yet, but you can face off against other robbers in the arena. New features of interaction between players will be added in the future.

What is the maximum level? So far, the maximum level is 30. In the future, it will grow!

What are events? Events allow you to earn additional rewards for certain in-game actions. Climb to the top of the leaderboard and get even more loot!

What are achievements? Achievements are long-term goals in Mighty Quest that will give you cool rewards. Some are easy to accomplish, while others are hard work.

What are missions of the day? Missions of the Day are daily challenges that earn Glorious Loot and XP!

Can I play Mighty Quest for free? Yes! This is a free game with in-app purchases. Such purchases will help speed up progress, but everything can be achieved in game ways.

What are in-app purchases? These are special packs and exclusive content available in the store for real money.

Why can’t I build my own castle? The mobile version of Mighty Quest is different from its computer predecessor. The developers have tried to make it the most powerful and epic game for mobile devices. Although some functions from the computer version have not been introduced and are not yet planned, they can still appear in updates, because Mighty Quest does not stand still.

Mighty Quest: Character Leveling

What is power and how can I increase it? Power is a collection of all indicators, by which you can judge the coolness of your character. Choose the best equipment to increase your power. However, remember: high power does not guarantee that the robber will be the perfect assassin!

What are skills? How can they be changed? Skills are abilities and spells that will help pave the way for loot and gold. Choose up to three skills from the hero’s menu.

What are talents? How can they be changed? Talents are passive skills that make your robber even cooler. Choose up to three talents from the hero menu.

How to improve skills and talents? To increase the indicators of skills and talents, you need to improve them. To do this, use scrolls of points and books of skills / talents.

How do I get the scrolls of points? Follow them to adventure castles.

How do I get skill / talent books? For every five levels, you will receive special items to improve your skills and talents. New books will appear as the level rises, so their number is limited. Choose wisely!

What does "attract enemies" mean? This will happen if you use a skill that attracts enemies to the character. Now only the black hole has this effect (purple icon, third in the list of skills).

What are runes? The rune is an item for increasing power. Place it on your gear, and if you change your mind, you can always rearrange it on another item. Just remember to remove the rune first.

How to improve runes? Upgrade runes for gold to increase their power. The success rate depends on the level of the rune. To upgrade a rune, go to the Forge and then to the "Runes" section.

Where can I get runes? Go to find runes in the castles of trials and adventures.

Mighty Quest: All About Energy

What is energy? Energy is needed to perform certain actions, such as entering a castle.

How to get more energy? There are many ways to get more energy in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. It automatically regenerates over time. It can be replenished with missions of the day, achievements or leveling up. You can also fully restore energy for gems.

Can I increase the maximum amount of energy? Yes! The maximum amount of energy increases with the level.

Can the energy exceed the maximum? Energy exceeds the maximum if you buy energy for gems or receive it as a reward.

Mighty Quest: Equipment System

Where to get equipment? Equipment can be found in free chests, challenge and adventure castles, and can be obtained for achievements.

Why do certain equipment have elements? There are three elements: fire, water and nature. In some events, it is required to install the equipment of one specific element. Neutral gear is not as powerful and cannot be developed.

What’s the difference between blue, green, and orange gear cards? The different colors represent the equipment rarity levels.

What does blue card mean? Blue cards are common equipment. The most common items without any special features.

What does a green card mean? Green cards are complete equipment, they are useful only in a set. Install several items from the same set to get special skills (blessings). For two elements, one blessing is given, and in order to receive two blessings, you will have to install all five elements of the set.

What does the orange card mean? Orange cards are legendary weapons or epic equipment. It couldn’t be more powerful. Equip just one piece of epic equipment or one legendary weapon to receive a blessing.

What do the stars on my gear mean? This is the potential of your gear. Craft awesome gear to upgrade and rank up.

How many stars can a loadout have? So far, you can upgrade your equipment to six stars.

How can I upgrade my equipment? Upgrade your equipment by alloying it. To do this, go to the "Upgrade" section in the forge. For rafting, use equipment or amplifiers. If the equipment has reached the maximum level, increase its star rating using the functions "Combine" and "Evolve".

Where can I get amplifiers? Boosters can be found in Challenge Castles, Free Chests, Orb Chests, and can also be obtained for achievements.

How to use the development function? Upgrade equipment of the maximum level, increasing its rank for gold and development stones. To do this, go to the forge and use the "Develop" function. The required development stones depend on the type of equipment: weapons (sword, staff, hammer and ax), armor (armor, helmet, gloves and pants) and shield.

Neutral equipment cannot be developed.

Where can I get development stones? Look for development stones in challenge castles. Tap a development stone to find out which castle it can be found in.

How do I use the merge function? Combine two max-level items of the same type to get a random item of equipment of the same type, but with an increased rank. Two elements must be of the same type (2 weapons, 2 pieces of armor, or 2 shields), have the same number of stars and the maximum level. If you’re lucky, you will receive an epic gear or set item.

How do I share my gear in chat? To show off, share your gear in the chat!

Mighty Quest: Adventure Mode

What is Adventure Mode? Adventure mode is a group of castles divided into actions. Go as far as possible and win all the crowns for even more rewards!

The castle I want to get into is inaccessible. Why? To open it, you need to go through the previous lock. If you are playing on Hard or Extreme difficulty, make sure that this castle has already been completed on the previous difficulty.

Will there be new castles? Yes, new locks and actions will appear in future updates.

What are the auto win tickets for? An auto-victory ticket allows you to instantly pass an already researched castle for one ticket and a certain amount of energy. You will receive the same awesome rewards as for the regular playthrough.

What are tests? There are two types of locks in the challenge menu:

  1. Castles of the day: castles of development stones and castles of gold;
  2. Challenge Castles: Challenge dungeons that change daily.

Show your best and collect the rewards you owe!

Mighty Quest: Arena

What is an arena? The arena is a mortal battle of all against all. You have to oppose three players and kill them as many times as possible. For each kill, 1 point is given. After death, the player is automatically revived. The winner is the participant who has committed the most kills in the allotted time. The arena requires special purple energy.

What rewards can I get in the arena? After the battle, you get the keys to the arena chests and victory points. Use the keys to open the arena chests (even better than the epic ones!). Victory points allow you to move to the next category (from Bronze III to Bronze II, and so on). After moving to a new category, you will receive the best rewards for winning the arena.

Mighty Quest: Player Profile

How do I change my profile picture? The profile picture is called a portrait. Tap the portrait in the upper left corner to select one of the available options.

How to save progress? We recommend linking your Mighty Quest account to Game Center or Google Play. This way, data will not be lost, even if you uninstall the application or change the phone.

Can accounts be transferred between Android and iOS? For technical reasons, it is not possible to transfer between platforms.

Article author: Nadezhda D.