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Walkthrough MMX Hill Climb: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MMX HILL CLIMB - Android game with release date 05/25/2016 from the company Hutch Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What is the difference between Local Save and Cloud Save? In MMX Hill Climb, you can save the game in two different ways: you can save the game directly on the device using the "Local save" function or save the game in the cloud by entering your Facebook account information. It is recommended to save the game using the "Save to the Cloud" function, because in this way you can continue the game on various devices and platforms. Sometimes a game will remind you to save in such a way that you have the opportunity to challenge your Facebook friends who also play the game.

If you use the Save to Cloud feature, but at any time you want to disable it, then you just need to remove the application and the corresponding permissions from your Facebook account. Just open Facebook, go to the "Applications" section (on the left side panel in the browser or in the "More" section of the application), where you can make the appropriate changes.

How to drive a truck? There are two pedals for control: left for gas and right for brake. When pressed, the gas pedal accelerates the truck, and the brake pedal stops and deploys it. The pedals can also change the direction of inclination, if you can jump high. The patented invisible ninja will help you catch the balance and land properly.

How does the fuel system work? Your gluttonous trucks require fuel, and you need to collect red cans of fuel located on the tracks. Is the fuel run out? Well, come, then ... Or you can try to get on the remaining pairs until the next canister!

How do the improvements work? Improvements are extremely important for passing each level, as well as for setting new records and defeating friends. The truck can be improved in 4 different aspects: speed, grip, strength and tilt. Each improvement changes the truck in a special way:

  1. Speed : improves power and speed.
  2. Grip : Advanced tires for improved grip.
  3. Strength : lowers the center of gravity, reducing the risk of your truck rolling over.
  4. Tilt : changes the speed at which you can turn the truck in the air.

These attributes can usually be improved a maximum of 10 times. After upgrading all of them to level 10, you will no longer be able to collect truck coins for this improved truck, but you will be offered the option "Pumped Import" for this truck.

How can I improve my truck? You can improve any of the attributes in the truck selection menu by clicking on the truck icon on the top panel. Heres how it works:

For example, if you want to improve Mikron, you can only use coins from the Mikron truck, i.e. any coins that you collect on the track driving a Mikron. You can also pay for the upgrade or part of the upgrade with gold coins.Gold coins are universal and can be used to improve any truck.

How can you unlock new levels and trucks? New levels and trucks can be unlocked by setting time records or by passing a certain distance on the tracks available to you. They can also be unlocked for gold coins. Find out how to unlock the level or truck you are interested in by selecting it in the selection menu and viewing the specified requirements.

What is this truck in another lane? A truck in another lane is your opponent! It can be someone from Hutch, a truck representing your personal record, or a record set by a friend above you in the leaderboard.

Who are the Hutch players on my leaderboard? Some members of the development team set personal records at each level. They are called Hutch Ghosts. Ghosts show you how to avoid certain obstacles, and you can compete with them. When you go the distance longer than the one that the team member passed, you get additional currency, which you can pick up on the leaderboard screen.

What does "Imported" mean? Having completely improved your truck, you will get the opportunity to unlock a special version of this standard truck - "Imported Pumped Up". By choosing this option, you will receive a special color version of this truck, whose attributes for improvement are set at level 1.

The first two "Pumped Imports" include a performance enhancement that increases the maximum number of improvements for this new truck. This gain is displayed as GT for the first imported version and as SX for the second. For example, a speed of 1/10 may increase to a speed of 1/12. All subsequent imported versions of this truck will differ only in color, and their characteristics will remain at the SX level.

Why is the currency of my truck indicated as "Max." If you managed to completely improve one truck, then there is no longer any need to collect its currency. In this case, it is marked with the label "Max.", Which means that this truck is at the maximum level. If you then select the "Imported version" of this truck, the level of improvement of this version will be reset to level 1, and you will again be able to collect coins and spend them on improvements.

What are gold coins? Gold coins are a universal currency that can be spent on buying new trucks and, unlike regular truck coins collected, on improving any truck. These coins can be bought in the game store, as well as earned in various ways, for example, receiving time-limited gifts from developers, overtaking friends in the leaderboard or watching ads.

Is multi-user mode available? Yes, it is proposed. MMX Hill Climb offers an asynchronous multiplayer mode, so during the race you will not only try to improve your records and the longest distances, but also compete with the ghosts of friends or members of the Hutch team, which will allow you to study their movements and improve your game without stopping truck! Just look at the leaderboard to find out who you need to overtake in the next race.

What are gifts? Developers give gifts to express gratitude for participating in the game! They give not only free gold coins, but also a chance to double their number - for this you should just watch a short advertisement. You can include a reminder that tells you when you can return and receive ready-made gifts.

How do I add my friends who I dont have on Facebook to my leaderboard? (Codes of friends) You can add friends that are not on your Facebook list to your leaderboard using friends codes. When they are added, you will see their score in your leaderboard and will be able to receive rewards for defeating them. You can also give your code to other players to be on their leaderboards. If you enter a friends code, you can see his account, but he or she will not see your account (unless, of course, you are not friends on Facebook). You can add friend codes and find out your code using the "Friend Codes" button in the settings menu.

You must be logged in to Facebook to use your friend codes.

What are the Pro Racers events? The events of "Pro Racers" are similar to all other events, except that the ghosts of Hutch are much more difficult to defeat here. Since these levels appeared in the game later, the developers had a little more time to prepare and lay good records in the potential ... even for Hutch David ...

What are the events of "Lawlessness"? Remember all the offers that appeared during the race? They are here again, only multiplied by 10 and all in one place! These levels are created to experience. Jump, crash, spin and spin to get to the end of the level.

What are Marathon events? A marathon is a series of events that follow one after another. Usually they are combined according to the type of terrain, for example, a city, desert or snow, and each stage takes place in an appropriate place. The level of the "Lawlessness Marathon" stands apart - these are all the events of the "Lawlessness" combined into a marathon.

Can I record video with my races? Of course! If you have an iOS device and have iOS 9 or newer installed on it, the record button is on the race start screen. Just click on it, start the race and show yourself from the best side.When the race is over, click on the blue button on the results screen to view, save or share the entry.

I downloaded MMX to get a free muscle car, but the car is locked. Get a muscle car for free can those who install MMX Racing and play it on the same device as MMX Hill Climb. If MMX Racing is installed while MMX Hill Climb is running, you need to completely exit the game and then reopen it so that the server checks to see if you can get a free car. Then the free muscle car will be unlocked.

I had the City Marathon event unblocked, but after the update it became blocked again, what happened? If playing in the early version (0.20.1515) you managed to unlock the "City Marathon", it may happen that the level becomes blocked again after updating to the latest version. This is because the two versions have different criteria for accessing this level. The blocked City Marathon is, of course, a minus, but the plus is that now a new level of City Lawlessness is unlocked for free! The developers hoped to avoid such inconsistencies during the upgrade to the new version, but, unfortunately, in this case it turned out to be impossible.

What if the game crashes? If the application crashes when you play the game, try the following steps, which should correct the situation:

  1. Try restarting your phone or tablet. Turn off and on your device, then start the game. This will clear the old memory processes, which should lead to a better application.
  2. Check if there is enough free space on your device, because a lack of space can lead to crashes, lower frame rates and other unforeseen problems with any application.

Additional recommendations depending on the brand of device:

If the application crashes at a certain point in the game, contact Support, and they will try to find a solution to this problem.

How can I transfer a saved game to another device or platform? You can save the game in MMX Hill Climb in two different ways: directly on the device using the Local Save feature or in the cloud by entering your Facebook account information. Only the "Save to the Cloud" function will allow you to continue the game on other devices and platforms, so carefully consider which way to save the game is best for you.

I have a problem with your purchase. What to do? If your purchase does not appear in your account or you want to receive a refund for an accidentally completed purchase, then you need to contact Hutch Support with a copy of the official receipt from iTunes or Google Play and indicate your user code, which is usually displayed on the game settings screen. You can also send a screenshot containing this information to the support service.

The game works very slowly, with errors, but I have a good device, is the problem in me or in the game? On some devices, the game does not work well when the battery optimization mode is on. Check if this mode is turned off - so the game should start working much better.