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MODERN AGE – PRESIDENT SIMULATOR is a game for android with release date 12/21/2018 from Oxiwyle. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, check the Wise Geek website more often.


  1. Game Secrets
  2. UN and International Relations
  3. Actions with Other Countries
  4. All About the Troops

Modern Age: Game Secrets

How do I get gold? There are several ways to earn gold:

  1. Raise taxes;
  2. Rob another state;
  3. Build gold mines;
  4. Sell goods;
  5. To complete tasks;
  6. View ads;
  7. Buy in the store or log into the game daily.

How do I get crystals? Crystals are an elite currency required to instantly complete an action. Crystals can be earned in battles, completing tasks or watching ads, as well as bought in the store.

How to increase fertility? Population growth is influenced by the level of taxes and the absence of a shortage of goods in the country. The positive effect can be obtained from bonuses of religion and laws or after the annexation of another state.

Increased rating. The change in the rating of the ruler depends on the level of taxes and the shortage of goods. There is a high risk of rebellion against the ruler with a rating less than 10.

To quickly raise the rating, you can use events, for example, a carnival or a fair.

Statistics. In the Statistics menu on the first tab, you can see complete statistics on your daily income and expenses. Clicking on any item will take you to the corresponding menu. The second tab is the leftovers of your products, their production and consumption per day, the third tab is the average price on the market. The upper values are selling and the lower values are buying.

The fourth tab is population growth. The value below the bar displays your mortality / fertility. Goods in surplus increase reputation and population growth, while goods in shortage, on the contrary, decrease. Taxes directly affect the demographic situation in the state.

Losing options. A coup d’état can happen for several reasons:

It is recommended not to bring the country to such a state in order to avoid a coup and start the game over. After starting the game again, all the achieved result is deleted.

In-game events. In-game events include:

Population. In the game, the population is divided into several layers:

  1. Workers: affect the speed of food production;
  2. Entrepreneurs: affect the rate of production of resources and military equipment;
  3. Military: take part in military battles;
  4. Spies: needed to spy on the enemy army;
  5. Saboteurs: necessary for sabotage in the location of the enemy army.
The growth and fall of the population depend on the level of taxes and the absence of food shortages in the state. Low taxes and providing the population with the necessary amount of food (products) will lead to population growth.

Command. Commanders bring an additional bonus to the attack of the army, the speed of construction, the amount of taxes, and trade. The following commanders are available in the game:

  1. Fleet Commander: affects the attack and defense of the fleet;
  2. Ground Forces Commander: affects the attack and defense of the ground forces;
  3. Commander-in-Chief: attack and defense of all types of troops;
  4. Chief on taxes: increasing tax revenue;
  5. Construction Chief: Reducing construction time.

Laws. Laws are divided into 2 categories: military and economic. Military laws affect the rate of production of military goods, while reducing the production of civilians. Economic ones have a positive effect on trade, the production of civilian goods, relations between countries, the speed of construction of civilian production facilities. The law can be changed no more than once every 180 days. Clicking on a law opens the law selection dialog.

Taxes. Taxes affect income per day, ruler rating and population growth. The higher the tax, the more income you get per day, but thereby increase the chance of revolution in the state.

Raising taxes can lead to a sharp drop in the population and the rating of the ruler.

Research. Research will increase the amount of products produced or reduce the construction time of a plant. There are two types of research:

  1. Increase in the number of products manufactured;
  2. Reducing construction time.
Research for military facilities only affects the number of products produced per unit of time.

Production of goods. In this tab, it is possible to produce military equipment (by clicking on the Start button and stop by clicking on Pause, while resources will be consumed), the construction of objects for the production of food and resources. At the top of the screen is a switch between branches. To build in the industries of food and resources, click on the building icon, in the dialog that opens, enter the required amount. In military gear, press the Start button.

Warehouses. Warehouses save the specified amount of resources (depending on the level) of each type when losing the war, when enemies are robbing the country. There are the following types of warehouses:

  1. Resources;
  2. Food;
  3. Military equipment;
  4. Gold.

Initially, all warehouses are level 0. The number of levels is not limited.

Services and ministries. These include:

The Age of Modernity: UN and International Relations

UN. The first tab of the International Meetings screen is Voices, which shows the number of votes for each state. After the annexation of the country, the winner takes control of the votes of the conquered state. The second tab is "Offers". Here you can form proposals that other countries will vote for, or vote for proposals from other countries.

Country proposals. The following offers are available in the game:

The better your relations with other countries are, the higher the chance that they will support your proposal. The level of relations can be raised by helping states.

International relationships. On this screen, you can build a representative office in the country (a prerequisite for concluding a trade agreement and a non-aggression pact). The conclusion of treaties takes a certain amount of time, which depends on the distance between states.

For the successful conclusion of a pact and a trade agreement, it is necessary to improve relations with the chosen country.

The level of attitude of other countries towards you is also displayed on the screen. The red frame is low-level relationships, yellow is neutral, and green is friendly. Helping other states leads to better relations with them.

Trade. You can trade with those countries where you have a representative office. Only surplus goods can be sold. Surplus - production - consumption, they can be viewed by clicking the Remains button. The purchased goods arrive at the warehouse on the day of purchase. The table displays history for the last 180 days.

Nonaggression pact. A non-aggression pact establishes peace with the selected country for a specified time. The better your relations with the country, the longer they will agree to sign a non-aggression pact with you. Other countries may themselves offer you to conclude a pact. States can conclude a non-aggression pact among themselves.

Modern Age: Actions with Other Countries

Headquarters. At the headquarters, you can attack another country, carry out espionage and sabotage, grant independence to the captured territory and improve your troops.

Country attack. After attacking a country, you can capture or rob it. The duration of the movement of troops depends on the distance to the country.

Sabotage. With the help of sabotage, you can harm the enemy army. Sabotage is limited in time. The more saboteurs, the more harm they can do. To carry out sabotage, you need:

  1. Go to the army headquarters;
  2. Click on the Sabotage button;
  3. Select a country, the number of saboteurs;
  4. Expect the result of sabotage.
If the saboteurs are caught, then your country will have to compensate for the losses from their actions tenfold. The captured saboteurs will be executed.

Espionage. The espionage function helps to find out information about another state. Available information: military, economic, resource:

The amount of information available depends on the number of spies sent. While spying, your spies can be caught and executed. This will affect relations with this country. The time for preparing a report is from 3 to 10 days. The state also has counterintelligence, which catches spies of other states.

Granting independence. You can grant independence to the country that you annexed. After that, she will become completely free and independent. The level of relations with a given country: friendship.

Wars of other states. States can wage war not only with you, but also against each other. Options for the outcome of the war: annexation, seizure of resources and retreat, retreat. You get information about it.

Modern Age: All About the Troops

Improvement of troops. Troop upgrades are aimed at increasing the strength of the unit. Each new level increases strength by 10%. You pay for the improvement / improvement of the troops at the expense of the income received per day. He does not return at the end of training, but goes to constantly maintain the selected level.

Military potential. The potential of the armies reflects the military power of each country.

We recommend that you pay attention to the indicated numbers before attacking, we do not recommend attacking countries that have a potential higher or at a level with yours.

Victory in the war. After winning the war, you will be offered several scenarios to choose from:

  1. Annexation. The enemy’s territory, his resources and surviving production are transferred under your control;
  2. Retreat and collect resources. You take resources from the enemy’s territory, your troops return to the base;
  3. Retreat. Your troops return to the base without any trophies.

Troops. There are 2 options for training each type of troops in the game: recruitment and recruiting. When hiring, you pay in gold for each type of troops and get them instantly. When recruiting, military equipment and a certain amount of time are spent. In both cases, you get a type of troops that has the same characteristics (the same strength, it does not depend on the type of recruitment). Clicking on the icon opens the unit recruiting window.

Types of troops. For the war with other states, you have 6 types of troops at your disposal. Each type of troops has a power that affects the power of a combat unit.

Military units. The game offers construction of 6 types of parts: airfields, tank hangars, barracks, shipyards, industrial centers, arsenals. 5 objects are aimed at increasing the limit of military units, the industrial center increases the speed of production of troops. More details:

  1. Aerodrome. Increases the maximum number of bombers by 100.
  2. Tank hangar. Increases the maximum number of tanks by 100.
  3. Barracks. Affects the maximum number of infantry.
  4. Shipyards. Affect the maximum number of ships.
  5. Industrial center. Increases troop production speed.
  6. Arsenal. Affects the maximum number of throwing weapons.

Clicking on the icon opens the object construction window.

Article author: Nadezhda D.