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Walkthrough Modern Combat Versus: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MODERN COMBAT VERSUS - Android game with release date 09/27/2017 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Modern Combat Versus - shareware game? Yes, you can download and play Modern Combat Versus for free.

Does the game support multiplayer mode? Yes, Modern Combat Versus is an exclusively multiplayer game.

This game is a sequel to Modern Combat 5: Eclipse? No, Modern Combat Versus is a completely new game in the series.

Will a single player campaign be added to Modern Combat Versus? No, Modern Combat Versus is an exclusively multiplayer game.

How many game modes are provided? There are currently 2 modes in Modern Combat Versus: Zone Control and Reward. In the Control over a zone mode, two teams fight for control over a point in a specific section of the map. In Reward mode, players collect data from destroyed enemies to score points. The team with the most points wins. In the future it is planned to add more modes. Watch the game!

How to join the match? Click on the "Fight" icon in the main menu to enter the game.

How to navigate the map? Just swipe your finger on the left side of the screen to move to resp. direction;swipe forward and hold to run. Swipe to the right of the screen to control the overview.

How to shoot? Modern Combat Versus provides two shooting options: automatically and manually. In automatic mode, a shot is fired when aiming at a player of an enemy team. Certain types of weapons can only deal damage at a certain distance, so the weapon may not fire if the enemy is too far away. In manual mode, to open fire, you need to click on the corresponding icon on the screen.

How to run on the walls? Each map has at least two zones where you can go over the wall, which is indicated by the line of flashing arrows. For a run, just start running towards the wall, and the action will be performed automatically.

How to jump over obstacles and boxes? You can jump low objects just by running in their direction.

How can reload weapons? You can reload weapons by clicking the reload icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Your Agent will automatically reload an empty store.

What are Interactive Tournaments? Interactive tournaments are private matches within the Clan.

How to create an interactive tournament? You can create your Interactive Tournament by clicking the icon of the same name in the main menu. As the creator of a match, you can choose a map to your taste and redistribute teams.

How can I enter the Interactive Tournament that has already begun? Its impossible. If the match has already begun, you cannot join it, even if there are empty seats.

How to improve your player level? You can increase the level of the player by improving the Agents.

What will I get for leveling up? Your player level displays the number of trophies received for each victory.Also, when leveling, you get instant rewards.

What is the maximum level in Modern Combat Versus? The current maximum level is 41. Please note that the level of the player and the level of the Agent are not the same, and they have different limits.

How to activate the ability of the Agent? During the game, your Agent automatically fills the skill scale with Kernel Charges. Each skill consumes a certain number of Core Charges. Once you have the right amount, click on the skill icon to activate it.

How to gain Kernel Charges? Kernel Charges are obtained over time, but you will also receive a Kernel Charge for killing an enemy, for helping to kill and for capturing a zone.

What will happen to the Kernel Charges if my character dies? Kernel charges are automatically transferred from the fallen Agent to the next under your control.

What are trophies? For winning the match you will receive Trophies and increase your position in the Leaderboard. If you lose, you will lose Trophies. Having earned more Trophies, you will get into a higher league with higher rewards.

What is a player emblem? Your personal emblem is displayed on the screen of the enemy you killed. The emblem consists of two elements: a symbol and a background.

How to change the logo? Go to your Profile from the main menu and click on the Change icon next to Emblems. You can choose any logo and background that you open. Get achievements to discover new ones!

How to open new elements emblems? You will discover new emblems and backgrounds when using the Tickets (received as a reward for the Seasons and completed promotions).

What is practice? Modern Combat Versus allows you to test the game for each Agent on a safe training ground.To enter the Practice mode, go to the Agent menu and click the Practice icon.

How does the player selection system work? Modern Combat Versus selects players of a comparable skill level.

Is it possible to crouch or crawl? No, this feature is not available in Modern Combat Versus.

Is it possible to invert control? Yes, in the gameplay settings in the Settings menu.

What is overtime? When the team achieves 99% progress, but the opponent is still contesting the zone, it is necessary to kill all the enemies that prevent the capture in order to reach 100% and win the match. The same applies when both teams have 99% progress.

Why is the capture progress percentage shown in gray? If for a long time no team disputes the zone, it becomes neutral. The zone begins to accumulate its own progress, displayed in gray. When one of the teams captures the zone, all this progress goes to it.

Both teams lost the match. How so? If no team controls the zone and it gains 100%, being neutral, the match ends in a draw. In this case, none of the teams lose the Trophies.

What is the line on earth near the point of rebirth? Lines on the ground are the most efficient way to the control zone.

How to use the scope? The game has two options for using the sight, depending on which one is selected in the Gameplay Settings. If "Double tap" is enabled, then you need to double-click on the right side of the screen. If the "Sight Icon" is on, click on it.

What is Inbox? Inbox - your folder where news, promotions and gifts will come. Do not forget to check it regularly to keep abreast of everything that happens in Modern Combat Versus!

How to open the Inbox section? You can open the Inbox section by clicking on the envelope icon in the main menu.

How to pick up a reward in your inbox? When you receive a message with a gift, click on the Take icon in the message.

How to get to the forum Modern Combat Versus? You can access the forum by clicking on Settings and then on the Forum.

How to get into the social networks of Modern Combat Versus? You can get to the official pages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) by clicking Settings and then Social networks.

Does Vodern Combat Versus include clans? Yes.

How to join the clan? To join the Clan you need a player level in the Bronze League and above. Go to the Clans section and click Join. In the menu that opens, you can view the list of clans or use the Search to find the clan by name. Filters also allow you to search for clans by type.

How to add friends? This feature is not currently available, but will be added in future updates.

What is a group game? Players can gather in the lobby by sending an invitation to other members of their clan or receiving such an invitation from them. Thus, they can queue for participation in the PVP battle, and also play together in the same team. To take part in such a game, the user needs to click on the PVP battle in the Main menu. Then, on the Group Game screen, the user can choose to send an invitation to other members of his clan or join an already created lobby (this will require a code that the player can receive in the invitation).

What are improvements? Improvements are individual elements of Agents that increase their health, damage and ability indicators. Improvements can be obtained in Loot Boxes or made using upgrade tokens.

What are upgrade tokens? Enhancement Tokens are used to make enhancements for your Agents. Upgrade tokens can be obtained in Loot Boxes.

What is super power? Agents superpower is the final improvement that can be opened to the Agent. After this improvement is open, the Agents ability changes to Superpower - an improved and more powerful version of his original ability.

What are Contracts? Complete each contract and get a reward. Contracts are updated once an hour.

What is the maximum agent level? The maximum skill level of the Agent is 50.

Does the game need an internet connection? Yes, the game requires a permanent Internet connection. We recommend using Wi-Fi for the best effect.

How to change the shooting control mode? You can always change the shooting control mode in the Settings> Gameplay Settings menu.

What is a player profile? Player Profile - A general overview of the details about you, including your Emblem, name and level, Clan and League. It also displays your game stats and your current squad.

How to get into the player profile? You can access the Profile in the main lobby by clicking on your Logo (in the upper left corner of the screen).

How to change your name in the game? You can change your name in the Player Profile. Click the Edit icon next to the name. The first change of name is free.

Can I play offline? No, Modern Combat Versus requires a permanent Internet connection.

Can I turn off aiming assistance? Yes, you can turn off aiming assistance in the Settings menu, in the gameplay settings.

The game freezes. What to do? Close the application and open it again. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the application. If the problem is still present, contact User Support.

My device is not compatible with Modern Combat Versus. What to do? Please note that the game requires a significant amount of resources, which some budget devices are unable to cope with. The development team is constantly testing and adding new devices, as well as optimizing the game so that it can work on various devices.

Is Modern Combat Versus a cross-platform game? Yes, owners of Android and iOS devices can play together regardless of platform. However, players using PCs will play separately.

How to change sound settings? You can change the sound settings in the Settings menu.

How to change the language of the game? You can change the language of the game in the Settings menu.

How to get into Settings during a match? Click the Settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Note: this will not pause the game!

How to change camera sensitivity? You can change the sensitivity of the camera in the Settings menu, in the gameplay settings.

How to change the layout of interface elements? Its not possible to change the interface at this time.

I played during the preliminary launch of the game. Am I on the wrong server now? No, if you played MCVS during or after the worldwide launch, the server will not change.

How to change the schedule? You can change the graphics in the game settings.

How to lose progress? The only way to start the game from the very beginning is to enter it from a new social network account.

Which controllers does Modern Combat Versus support? Only the Xbox controller is currently supported. But it is planned to add other controllers in the next updates.

What are Diamonds? How to get them? Diamonds are one of the types of game currency. They can be used to buy items in the STORE.

What is the Free Rewards section? Free Rewards is a section of the Modern Combat Versus app where players can watch commercials and receive rewards for this. The game has a limit on the number of rewards for viewing ads. Come back every day and get presents!

What are loans? Credits are given for winning battles. A sufficient number of credits allows you to open a box with the loot and get a reward.

What are tickets? Tickets are needed to buy special items at the store. Tickets are given for participating in promotions. They can also be obtained at the end of the season, depending on your League.

What are Loot Boxes? Loot boxes may contain Agents, upgrades, and upgrade tokens. To open the box, earn 100 credits in battles. You can also buy loot boxes for diamonds.

What are Agent Boxes? Boxes of Agents contain Agents of a certain rarity.

How does the League system work in Modern Combat Versus? The league system is based on the number of trophies. Moving to a higher League, you will receive much more rewards at the end of the season.Also, when you move to a higher league you will immediately receive a prize.

How many leagues are there? There are seven rating Leagues: Start, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Workshop.

What is the essence of the transition to the high league? The higher the League, the better rewards you will receive at the end of the season. In the high leagues you will fight against stronger opponents, which will improve your level of play.

What is a Leaderboard? The Leaderboard lists your position in the overall ranking based on the number of your Trophies.

Is it possible to fly to the lower league? Yes, if your Trophies are not enough for the current League, you will be transferred to a lower one. By collecting more Trophies, you can return to a higher one (or go even higher!).

If I am transferred to a lower League, will I lose all Agents opened during the game in the higher League? No, open Agents are yours forever, no matter what League you play in.

How to cure your Agent? Your Agent begins to restore health without taking damage for several seconds.Sometimes a wise decision is to retreat to a safe place and wait for recovery!

How many agents can be sent to battle? In the game you can choose any of the available agents.

Is it possible to change Agent to another in the middle of the battle? You can choose another Agent from your list if your current one is dead and awaiting rebirth.

What is the difference between agents? Each Agent has a unique skill, weapon and style of play. Agents also have a unique appearance and character.

How many roles are provided in Modern Combat Versus? All Agents are assigned to one of four roles according to the style of the game: Attack aircraft, Defender, Killer, Specialist.

What is the characteristic of attack aircraft? Attack aircraft are Agents that deal the main damage to an enemy team and possess an aggresive skill.

What is the characteristic of the Defenders? Defenders are Agents that provide support to a team and help them avoid damage. They have great health, but move slower than others.

What is the characteristic of Assassins? Killers are capable of inflicting short-term huge damage with their weapons or skills, but a low health indicator makes them an easy target.

What is the characteristic of Specialists? Specialists make it difficult to move the enemy, making the battlefield dangerous with their situational weapons and skills.

What are the basic indicators of agents? All Agents have different health and damage indicators. Health - the number of life points that the Agent may lose before death. You can increase this indicator by improving the Agent. Damage is the number of life points taken by the Agent from the enemy in one hit. You can increase this indicator by improving the Agent.

How to activate Agent skill? To activate a skill, click on its icon at the bottom of the screen, or on the completed skill scale. You can activate the skill only if you have the right number of Core Chants.

How to get Agents? Agents can be obtained by opening the Boxes.

What is double tap? Each Agent has an action performed by double-clicking on the right side of the screen. For most, this is a transition to sighting mode, but for some Agents this is a different action, depending on their weapons. Details can be found in the Agent Info.

How to improve agents? To improve the Agent, get the Improvement from the Box or earn enough Improvement Tokens to make the necessary improvement for the desired Agent.

Is it possible to change the Agents weapons? No, each Agent has its own weapon, which makes it unique.

Is it possible to add modules or otherwise change weapons? No, weapons cannot be modified at this time.

Is it possible to test the skill and weapons of the Agent? You can test the Agent in Practice mode. To enter this mode, go to the Agent menu, select the Agent and click the Practice icon.

How many Agents can I take into battle? You can choose any of your agents in any battle.

How to perform a melee attack? Only certain Agents can attack melee. Ronena is the main attack, at the Ghost and the Tower - Ext. action during skill action.

What is agent power? This is the general strength of all improvements for the Agent. The maximum strength of the Agent is 50.

What is Agent Skill? Earn experience and increase the skill level of the Agent, using the Agent in battles.