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MONSTER LEGENDS - Android game with release date 06/12/2014 from the company Social Point. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers 'answers to players' questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Guide to Monsters (Monsters)
  2. Monster Guide Warmasters
  3. Walkthrough Tips
  4. How to play after the update?
  5. Monsterwood
  6. Proper Avatar Customization
  7. Team Battle Guide
  8. Team Race Walkthrough
  9. Secrets of Team Wars
  10. Monster Lab Guide
  11. PvP Guide
  12. Relics (wiki)
  13. How to Protect Your Account

Monster Legends: Guide to Monsters (Monsters)

New Nemesis Monster: Faraday

For some time now, General Uria felt that, despite his title as commander of the Thunder Army, he was not the main one here. In fact, everyone simply worshiped VoltaiK. The situation escalated to the limit when a battalion of soldiers asked VoltaiK for permission to complete a strategic maneuver. It was then that Uria decided that enough was enough for him, and called the only monster who hated VoltaiK more than himself: Tesaday.Together, General Uria and Tesaday began developing a plan to overthrow VoltaiK.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that they needed a completely new monster that could counter the superhero’s trademark skill: his extra moves. In pursuit of this goal, they began to experiment with various ways to stop their archenemy. However, VoltaiK suspected that something was being plotted against him, and used its super-speed to go around the world in search of the culprits.

Tesaday and Uria had to come up with something very quickly. They needed a safe haven for work, but there was no place on earth where VoltaiK would not find them. In a panic, they asked for help from Noctum, who knew how to open the gates between different universes. In exchange for several services, Noctum agreed to find a place for them in the multiverse Monster Legends, where VoltaiK could not get, despite its super-speed. Uria and Tesaday hid for months in a fantasy medieval universe, where Thorder, who was a good friend of Uria, protected and hid them.

Finally, the day has come to show the world the power of a new monster - the result of their labors. They finished Faraday, a monster of the elements of thunder, capable of stealing additional moves! While working on Faraday, Tesaday took the chance to give him weapons of the elements of the earth to give him some of his own skills.When Noctum saw the result, he was so surprised that he decided to give Faraday and weapons of the elements of darkness. With him, Faraday could defeat the monsters of the elements of the earth, which can withstand the elements of thunder. That was the perfect trick.

Now that Faraday is ready, all Uria, Tesaday and Noctum have to do is put him in the VoltaiK universe so that he can start the plan of overthrow! The only problem is ... Faraday is much stronger than Uria, Tesaday and Noctum: why would he obey them and stop after he decides with VoltaiK?

Oh no! He will not stop until he becomes the ruler of the whole world. And he has everything you need to conquer the world: He is a born tormentor with incredibly powerful skills against one goal, which can also take a lot of energy. But one feature makes Faraday unstoppable and unique in battle: Anticipation! When an opponent is about to make an extra move, Faraday immediately rushes into the battle and attacks before this opponent’s extra move ... Hear VoltaiK cry, hiding in a corner?

Depending on the weapon that Faraday takes to the battle, he has additional abilities: the weapon of the elements of thunder blinds the enemies, the weapon of the elements of the earth paralyzes or drags into quicksands, and the weapons of the elements of darkness can poison the enemies and cause bleeding!

New Monster Nemesis: Warthak!

Once upon a time, Warthak was a powerful commander. He commanded an army of gnomes of chaos, conquering more and more new lands. They had excellent weapons and no moral principles, so wherever they went, they captured everything. Warthak was considered the most dangerous and powerful monster of the elements of the earth, and it was feared in many regions.

Everything changed on the same day, when in one of the conquered countries the dwarf miner dug up a huge golem, and it came to life. The golem's name was Atum. Atum set out to protect and liberate all the tribes on the lands that Warthak had captured. When the rumor of this release passed, many monsters abiding under the yoke of Warthak woke up courage and courage to confront the tyrant. All miners, villagers and peasants, tormented by the dwarves of chaos, united around Atum and proclaimed him their leader.

The battle lasted for many weeks, and Warthak sacrificed all his allies, just to not meet this golem. But despite his best efforts, the time came when Warthak and Atum came together face to face. With the support of his supporters and with a little help from his bodyguard, Atum defeated Warthak after a grand battle.

The leader of the gnomes of chaos had no choice but to leave humiliated and angry. Some time after the defeat, Warthak reappeared and joined the other outcast monsters. They broke into the library and stole books that described General Atum's victory. After that, he was expelled along with others.

Many years passed, and now Warthak is determined to change the ending of this story. He became older, wiser, stronger and studied all the flaws of Atum. It's time for revenge, Warthak is back with a new strategy: Warthak is an unstoppable shield shredder. He is immune to paralysis, nightmares and obsession! Almost all of his attacks break or block the shields of his opponents.

New Nemesis Monster: Xiron!

General Shannara was at the center of a tense battle with the Army of Metal. She used one of her world-famous anagrams, summoned Xiron and won the battle. But the anagram was so powerful that after hitting the enemies it turned into a ball of magic, which flew out of the battlefield and disappeared beyond the horizon. A ball of magic has traveled the Multiverse for many years, saturated with energy, information and power.

The moment came when he accumulated so much information that he became reasonable and began to analyze everything. Xiron did not distinguish between good and evil, did not understand the meaning of feelings. Being nothing more than a ball of powerful magic, he was fascinated by these phenomena, especially weaknesses. He wanted to understand how the monsters felt and what it means to feel. Therefore, he pulled on his vestments and began to wear masks that simulate emotions.

Now Xiron is ready to interact and seek out weaknesses from monsters, it is even possible to discover that he himself has a weakness! The problem is that General Shannara does not care that one of her spells has turned into a monster that has more power and adoration from other magical monsters than herself.

Xiron has just begun to discover his fighting skills, but he already knows that he can apply the following effects to enemies: He can take 100% of the stamina from the chosen target, he can choose another target and activate its recharge and, although not directly controlling it, he can apply random controlling skills such as paralysis, megaparalysis, freezing, or obsession. Depending on the weapon used, Xiron takes on additional skills: Magical weapons do damage, a nature’s weapon can poison and paralyze, and fire weapons ignite and impose two different controlling effects.

New Monster Nemesis: Nadiel!

Nadiel was born and raised in the Cardinal Forest, in a family of beloved support monsters. Of course, Nadiel respected and loved his loved ones, but he did not want to follow in their footsteps in terms of choosing a battle strategy. He did not like what he observed during his life in the forest: monsters from other lands came and chopped living trees in order to tailor the forest to their taste. They built cottages, laid paths so that during their movements they did not bend around every now and then plant ... They sought help, protection and healing. They took, but did not give anything in return.

All monsters of the elements of nature know about this order of things. But the majority believes that this is how it should be. But after talking with them, Nadiel still managed to awaken morale in them. Trying to devote General Alces to his plan - to drive out all the strangers from the Cardinal Forest to a single one - Nadiel was well aware that the comrade could get angry. It would be too harsh to try to drive away absolutely everyone from their homes. Alces promised to start negotiations and rectify the situation, convincing everyone to show respect for nature. But years passed, and Nadiel noticed that the general had not achieved much.

One fine day, Nadiel decided to take everything into his own hands. He climbed a rock and began his speech: "The invaders of the forest, nature speaks to you! You have two moons to leave our forest forever and return to where you come from. If you refuse, you will never see the light of day again! After the second month, starting from this day, the trees will release long branches: they will destroy the houses that you built from our materials.The paths that you laid on our land will grow with moss and the tree roots will rush into the sky, protecting the borders of our lands. More nobody can enter here, nobody turn They’re coming to us for help or healing. Do not rely on nature: there will be no more support for you. "

The end of Nadiel's speech was drowned out by the cries of all the natural monsters present: "There will be no support!" Will everything be as Nadiel said? Or will monsters of other elements change their minds and show gratitude before it is too late? Let's see ... When it comes to the great battle, many unpleasant surprises await Nadiel's enemies.

Nadiel can do huge damage. This caster has unique skills: he can reduce the damage that the entire team suffers to zero. He can also impose the effect of removing protection on the enemy - the enemy monster will receive damage from all attacks, regardless of how high the accuracy of the attacker. Depending on the weapon in the hands of Nadiel, he may also receive additional skills: a weapon of the elements of nature will allow him to poison, a weapon of the elements of fire will impose combustion effects and ignite, and a weapon of the elements of water will freeze enemies.

New Monster Nemesis: LIum!

LIum and her brother Ingvar have always been a great team: they conquered more and more peaks and became known as invincible elements of the elements of light. It was believed that Llum is smarter, stronger and more powerful than his brother, but when the army of light needed a leader, the choice fell on Ingvar. Llum was furious, because she was underestimated only because the large and formidable male monster at the head of the army would have looked more impressive. For her, this was a real humiliation.

Still: the monsters of the world knew perfectly well that she was their most valuable fighter! She had no equal!And she did not heed the pleas of those who persuaded her to stay and rule in the shadow of her brother. But before leaving, Llum raided the library and took all the books about her brother's victories. Now that the Dark Dimension, where all the Nemesis monsters were enclosed, has opened, Llum is back in business: she is ready to lead the army of light, driving out all those who underestimated her and leaving only her supporters.

Llum demonstrates its power on the battlefield, effortlessly controlling energy and various effects. It will not be easy for her enemies to attack her or somehow protect herself. At the same time, she strengthens her allies by any means possible. Depending on the weapon that you choose, she will also receive deadly abilities: with the weapon of the elements of light she can inflict sunburn on opponents, with the weapon of the elements of metal - cause bleeding, and with magic weapons - cause paralysis!

New Beast Nemesis: Lucifire!

The Fiery Army was once an uncontrollable mob. Her commanders successively replaced each other: they barely had time to lead the army, as they were immediately overthrown by the rebel soldiers. But over time, out of the total number of applicants, there were only two obvious applicants for the role of general of the Fiery Army. Both Darmith and Lucifire gathered impressive groups of followers, but Darmith had more of them, so Lucifire was forced to retreat.

In no case did she want to obey the orders of her main adversary. Therefore, she retreated to hell for a while to rest and ponder her prospects. And then interesting news reached Lucifire: its followers who remained in the Fiery Army did not forget it. And would stand under her banners, if she had become a general of the Fiery Army.She also learned that the Nemesis rebels are returning and need reinforcements. And she decided: it's time to return!

First of all, she will conclude an agreement with the rebels: she will fight on their side if they share books stolen from the library with her. And having prepared, she will be able to lead her own army! Lucifire is a monster with excellent stats that does massive damage. She can make enemies hell, burning and igniting them with one blow!And at the same time, it provides protection to its allies, making them immune to the effects of burning. Lucifire herself has constant invulnerability to burning and freezing: these qualities are inherent only to her!

Nemesis - Hydratila the first Rebel!

In the midst of the battle between the First overlords, the confrontation between the elements of water and fire reached its peak. General Thetys decided to attack the volcano that served as the nursery for the Vadamagma kids. Hydratila, a warrior in her army, stepped forward and said attacking babies was too much. General Thetys could not tolerate disobedience in its ranks and immediately expelled Hydratila from the army of the elements of water.

Enraged and furious, the eternal warrior Hydratila decided to take revenge on his former general and joined the ranks of the rebels from other elements. As a result of a powerful attack, a group of rebels captured the library.When the rebels were finally banished into the world of darkness, they took books with them. Hydratila has studied all the information regarding General Thetys for many years and now knows exactly how to deal with it: by combining its water element properties with special weapons.

All Hydratila preparations focused on defeating Thetys. He studied in the Book of the Sea all her movements and tricks. Its invulnerability to freezing increases the chances of not missing a move, and its super adaptability allows you to receive energy during attacks by the elements of water. Hydratila understands the importance of collaborative action when it comes to winning a battle, so it can reload its allies and make them immune to freezing.

He is also familiar with some tricks that he learned while fighting on the side of Thetys: for example, freezing the entire enemy team with one blow. But that's not all! You can choose the weapon for Hydratila that he will use in the battle: the Earth’s Riftmaker’s rod, which can paralyze the enemy, freezing Icebringer or Boltcaster, a deadly weapon for water element monsters. Tremble, generals, because the rebels are coming back! They are strong, they know what they want, they crave revenge and they have a new common name: The Nemeses!

New exclusive monster that can be bred by crossing: Ihtiander!

Ihtiander's youth passed in the depths of the sea, but he always dreamed of getting to know the world outside his native waters. Trying to protect him from dangers, his father Enypiast did not allow him to study the world. But once Ihtiander had a dream in which he received from Yilitre magical eyes, able to see not only what is happening away from the sea, but also the past and the future.

Waking up, Ihtiander discovered that his whole body was strewn with eyes and that he really possesses the abilities gained from Yilitre in his sleep! However, looking into the future of his native sea, he realized that he must stay and warn its inhabitants.

On the battlefield, Ihtiander does not just see the future - he controls it: his many abilities to paralyze and freeze opponents act both on the whole area, and on individual enemies! His special skill is to cause obsession with all enemies! Soon you will realize that evading the abilities of Ihtiander is very difficult!

New monster obtained by exclusive crossbreeding: Granuy!

Tulekahju always tried to dissuade his son Granuy not to embark on the dangerous path of martial magic. He even sent the offspring to serve at Vodyanoy Pond in the hope that he could learn support magic. Granuy learned a lot from his new teacher, but was unable to give up his true calling and after a while left Vodyanoy to follow his path and learn the most dangerous spells that he could find.

After many years of training, Granuy returned home to his father and told him about all the adventures and battles in which he had a chance to participate. Tulekahju became proud when he heard about the achievements of his son, and finally realized that his calling was martial magic. On the battlefield, it’s easy to understand what Granuy learned from Vodyanoy and what he learned from his wanderings. Thanks to the instructions of Vodyanoy, he became one of the few fire monsters who gained the skills of the elements of water, which makes him a strong opponent for representatives of his own element! He can also support and protect his allies.

However, despite the fact that he can provide support on the battlefield, Granuy is also an excellent attacking fighter, possessing powerful abilities of the element of fire, capable of inflicting enormous damage to the enemy and inflicting various negative effects on his enemies.

Exclusive Crossbreed New Monster: EI Dino Volador!

Gangsterosaurus was furious when his son Alfredosaurus informed him that he did not want to continue the family business. Instead, he wanted to become a fighter, like his idol, Plymouth. It was impossible to believe in it!How could his beloved son prefer tights over an Italian costume? How could some dirty basement please him more than a lot of money and a collection of weapons?

Unfortunately, Gangsterosaurus was not able to stop Alfredosaurus, because he was not even called that! Now in front of him stood El Dino Volador - a passionate fighter who was destined to achieve more than his idol Plymouth, and indeed any other fighter. No one can compare with El Dino Volador in hand-to-hand combat! His heavy blows paralyze and stun enemies. He makes a real show, increasing and even doubling the damage done!

New monster obtained by exclusive crossbreeding: Petro Loa!

Some monster who did not give his name offered Baltasar millions of gold coins to kill Sambacadabra. As a professional killer, Baltasar took the gold and did not ask unnecessary questions. Finding a witch, Baltasar attacked her. He almost felt the taste of victory, but then Sambacadabra unexpectedly cast the Mambo Jumbo spell. She slipped away from the distracted killer, managing to take a sample of his cells.

She knew that she was very lucky to escape from such a monster as Baltasar, and that if he returned, luck might turn her back on her. Therefore, she mixed the cells stolen from him with her own, creating Petro Loa - a powerful monster that could protect her in the future when attacked by Baltasar. However, the ingenious creation of Sambacadabra was not what she expected: Petro Loa is a cruel and unpredictable creature. Of course, he can fight Baltasar, but Sambacadabra should stay away from him, because he does not distinguish friends from enemies.

Petro Loa will attack anyone who comes too close. In battle, Petro Loa shows himself to be a very powerful fighter. It inflicts severe damage to enemies and is able to poison them and cause them to bleed. He can heal and remove the negative effects in one go, and then double the damage done to enemies and increase accuracy in another. It is safe to say that he can stand up for himself!

Famperium - Special breeding event

Soon after Count Count Vlad's daughter Fampira left his castle and broke his heart, the count visited Mystery, somehow finding out what happened. She came with a present - a pet that would fill the void left after her daughter left. What made this pet special was that it contained Fampira cells, which Mystery took from her for her experiments when she was still a little girl.

The pet's name was Famperium, and he really consoled Count Count Vlad, but Mystery did not tell the Count that Famperium contained its own cells. Thanks to them, Mystery can now see through the eyes of this creature and spy on Count Count Vlad while he holds secret meetings in his castle with the leaders of darkness. Now, Mystery’s plan to become the only omniscient monster in the entire multiverse of Monster Legends is nearing completion.

Famperium is cruel in battle. He needs only one move to inflict huge damage and cause obsession with the enemy. He is ruthless when he attacks all his opponents at the same time and causes them to bleed. But Famperium becomes terrible when it uses its special skill: it removes all negative effects, completely heals, deals triple damage and ... provides itself with one additional move!

The new monster in the framework of the event "War on the Paradise Island" - Remiel!

Honest, noble, striking in its grace in battle. Watching Remiel in action is a pleasure for any lord of monsters and a real headache for the enemy: he is a brave fighter capable of inflicting heavy damage, and the skills of dealing double damage and self-healing only give him strength.

Enemies of Remiel will simply be crushed: after all, he will impose on them a weakness for his special attacks and attacks of the elements of fire! And finally, do not forget that the guardians of the Gates of Paradise can have only special properties: Remiel is the first monster endowed with a new Divine property that gives him invulnerability to paralysis, megaparalysis and bleeding!

New Monster on the Island of Awakening Artifacts: Flamerion!

Flamerion was found in a dusty hangar. He sat in the corner and waited for him to be used as a mass destruction combat vehicle. This artifact consists of an unquenchable molten lava core, and a special metal capsule is hidden in its very depths. Self-cooling - so that Flamerion does not melt from its own internal heat. The fire emanating from the core can be controlled and used to destroy entire systems of mechanisms and weapons.

Flamerion is an excellent example of impeccable destructive technology: as an artifact, it is immune to any effects of the state: paralysis, freezing and obsession for him is an empty phrase. It also cannot take gradual damage from the effects of burning, poisoning, sunburn, and so on. This is a unique machine, because, even consisting of metal, it produces mainly attacks by fire! This means that this is the only monster that can use the power of fire without fear of suffering from water.

This will give you an advantage in team wars and other modes where any restrictions apply. Moreover, he can make the entire enemy team, regardless of its main element, vulnerable to fire! Flamerion can at one stroke impose the effects of burning, ignition and bleeding. This means that in just one turn the enemy will lose 45% of his health! So this is an ideal machine for killing monsters with a large supply of vitality!

The new monster Baba Yaga on the island of Slavic tales!

Once, while still a very small monster, Baba Yaga got lost in the forest. She searched for her mother for many months, but eventually gave up and resigned herself to loneliness. She had plenty of time, so she built herself a hut and began to experiment with potions and spells.

Soon, she realized that life in the forest could be very difficult and that she needed to become strong.She whispered over the hut, and the one grew two huge chicken legs. So the sorceress could not only survey the surroundings, but also move her house to a new place, if in the old she was bored and wanted changes. Over the years, Baba Yaga has overcome many kinds of difficulties. The fame of her incredible abilities swept across the earth. Now everyone knows: this witch always does what she pleases. If she likes you, she will protect you like no other. If not, she will do everything to get you out of the way.

Her fighting skills also reflect her character: When dealing with enemies, Baba Yaga uses any tricks from her book to stop them: She blinds them, removes positive effects from them, prevents them from being healed ... She can even put on one fell swoop all your enemies have an obsession effect and cause nightmares. While Baba Yaga is nearby, her enemies dare not approach her allies.

The new monster Crissandre on the Island of the Wizards!

Crissandre was once a slave. For many years she worked under the scorching sun of the desert. Every evening, before falling asleep, she swore to herself that the day would come when she would break free. And once, when she was punished for disobeying orders, it happened: her anger became so strong that it gave her magical powers.She called on the legendary sword of Waimour and with his help killed 40 guards who watched her, and their master. Then, taking Wymour with her, she left this place and never returned.

Now Crissandre is a respected wizard. She enters the battle when freedom is at stake, and she does everything so that the victory is fair. Crissandre has a very high speed, high standard of living and everything necessary to stop enemies: it can activate reloading and control the battlefield, removing positive effects from opponents, and negative effects from allies.

New Beast on Beach Monster Island: Hirondeleor!

Hirondeleor did not have a single natural enemy: he killed all. No one knows what made him so deadly. But he is a danger hanging over all the inhabitants of the ocean. Now he has tasted and wants to destroy the only creature that could pose a threat to him: Enypiast.

In battles, Hirondeleor shows himself to be a very balanced fighter with dangerous skills that can cause bleeding and nightmares on his enemies. And if something pisses him off, the damage that it inflicts increases and even doubles. One of the features of Hirondeleor is its reinforced armor, but in case this is not enough, it also gained invulnerability to freezing!

A new monster in the Labyrinth of Hidden Creatures: Muerte McBlood!

Muerte McBlood was an ordinary teenager until Fampira fell in love with him. She was so carried away by him that she confused him so that he would reciprocate. During their first kiss, she infected his blood with her vampire fangs and turned him into a ghoul, unceasingly eager to eat flesh and able to smell blood at a great distance.

His mortality equals only his gluttony. At least now they are a perfect match! In combat, Muerte uses powerful vampiric skills and area damage skills, which he can strengthen by applying Double Damage. And when Muerte McBlood wants no one to bother him at all, he turns on Evasion!

New Beast in the Japanese Dojo Maze: Kihaku!

From the day that, in the midst of a decisive battle, Master Kihaku made the huge dragon emerge from oblivion and destroy all enemies, no one dares to doubt its power, but Master Kihaku is not only a legendary fighter: he also gives people advice. True, deciphering Kihaku's advice is more difficult than solving the problem on your own. In battle, Kihaku prefers to confuse and stop opponents. In this he has no equal!


He can in one fell swoop impose the effects of obsession and freezing on enemies: at least one will work! Thanks to his poise, Kihaku can control both enemies and allies. As soon as you ask him to replenish the energy supply of his comrades and remove negative effects from them, he will immediately prevent opponents from making the next move, weakening them and imposing the effect of energy leakage on them.

New monster in the labyrinth of sinister abomination: Jasastur!

For a while, Jasastur lived only in the dimension of dreams and tormented other monsters only in their dreams.Once he had fun chasing Baba Yaga in her dream in a dark forest, but for her this nightmare became so real and vivid that the power of her mind involuntarily moved Jasastur from the dimension of dreams into her real hut in the forest. Since then, Jasastur has been at large, and he has extremely powerful abilities that materialize the nightmares and fears of his enemies right on the battlefield!

When Jasastur takes possession of the minds of his enemies, all paths to salvation are cut off. It drains their stamina, causes them to have nightmares and, most dangerous, it can cause an obsession with everyone in one go! His special attack deals heavy damage to all enemies, paralyzes them and causes bleeding. But Jasastur has an absolutely unique feature - disgust. Thanks to her, he is completely immune immediately to the three effects - obsession, bleeding and nightmares!

New monster in the maze of nuclear winter: Zimnyaya

Zimnyaya was born into a peasant family in a small village, where he gathered many followers when he proclaimed himself a military leader. To climb to the top of power, he manipulated, betrayed, used political propaganda and killed both rivals and allies. Power is his only ambition. Get ready for your enemies to be covered in cold sweat, as the fastest control monster has arrived.

With a speed of 4508 (at level 130 without speed runes), Zimnyaya is one of the 5 fastest monsters in the game ... No, even better: he is the only one who can freeze several opponents and stop them even before they will start to attack. And in those situations when you need to focus on one opponent, Zimnyaya can freeze one enemy for 2 turns (mega-freeze)!


All these attacks become even more dangerous when Zimnyaya is on the battlefield, as he can impose the effect of a frost hater on his allies, 3 times increasing the damage they do to frozen enemies. Krampus, Cavenfish, Frostwrath ... Your time has run out. It's time for Zimnyaya and his army to freeze Monster Legends so that eternal winter comes.

New Monster in the Labyrinth of Knights and Castles: Quixote

Brave, noble ... and completely crazy. This mighty knight is determined to ride his horse, Rocigon, directly onto the pages of history books. With the help of his squire Panzus, he will certainly achieve the triumph of justice.

This attacking monster in battle is unstoppable. In every battle, it goes all out! He has incredible skills of high damage, including one without reloading, as well as one skill with a 25% chance of instantly killing an enemy! But do not forget that Quixote is almost insane, and his powerful skill “Firabrasa Balm” can either triple his damage, or triple his damage and impose an obsession on himself!

New Monster in the Demonic Maze: The Inheritor

Having proclaimed himself The Inheritor, heir to the Hell's Throne, this monster aroused considerable surprise in purgatory. Barbatos made it clear that he was not going to retire in the near future, but it seems that The Inheritor is not listening to him and is determined to stay, disputing his every decision. So he does, simply because he can!

The Inheritor is a powerful fighter with impressive strength and health. He has a good set of skills with torment effects such as burning, inflammation, and bleeding. For his own amusement, he can impose an obsession on all enemies. The Inheritor hurts others, but it is not easy to hurt him. Since he possesses the property of a Demon, the accuracy of the effects directed at him is reduced by 20%, and he himself is completely immune to burning and ignition.


New Monster in the Supervillain Refuge Labyrinth: Copycat!

Copycat’s superpower is that it provokes an attack on its enemies and then copies their skills. Malair loves having Copycat on his team because he throws his enemies into despair. Watching him act on the battlefield is one of his favorite hobbies.

He cannot be called the king of originality, but no one can imitate the attacks of other monsters like him: he can set fire to many targets like Vadamagma, get extra moves like VoltaiK, freeze and provoke an obsession like Kihaku and impose two random controlling effects like Xiron! And if such imitation is not enough ... he also has a mirror of skills!

New Monster in the Labyrinth of Fear of Darkness: Countess Flawless!

Meet the true ruler of the castle: Vlad. Countess Flawless, Countess Count’s wife and Fampira’s mother, is 367 years old, but she still looks as if she’s only 42! She does not often appear in public even during major events, but everyone knows that nothing happens in Monstelvania without her approval.

At the moment, Countess Flawless is the fastest monster of the elements of darkness with controlling abilities!She has an impressive array of skills: she can impose an obsession on all enemies and send nightmares on them.In addition, she has vampiric attacks that allow her to last longer in battle. Countess Flawless has a special skill that resurrects all allies and gives them double damage!


New Beast in the Labyrinth of the Etheric Order: Gelotron!

During a journey through the Multiverse, such a ball of magical substance as Xiron was accessible to everyone and everyone. And that was the main problem. After some time, someone found a way to extract part of this substance in order to create a new creation - its own magic ball and use it to achieve its own goals.

He placed all this magic in Gelotron - a monster created to attack! It is difficult to defeat him because he is immune to status-controlling effects, and in addition he can make vampire attacks, during which he receives life, taking it from his enemies! But Gelotron is not just hardy, it is also very dangerous! In battle with his enemies, he can use the effects of random torment, increasing the chance of causing even more damage after an impact.

New Monster in the Labyrinth of Demon Hunters: Lady Solaris!

At Lady Solaris, faith and rage merged. This messenger of the common good is capable of anything for the cause.She is not averse to becoming a martyr, and if this means that her name will remain in history, all the better. Lady Solaris can attack and buff quickly!

It can enhance damage and impose the effect of a hater, so with a suitable combo it can do terrible damage! In addition, she can torment enemies, causing them to sunburn and bleeding. Lady Solaris has its own attributes: fortification and hater!

New Monster in the Labyrinth of Hunters: Beledig!


Orcs are destroying everything in their path and subjugating many villages, but there are some who are able to repulse them, put them to flight and destroy them. A wooden harpoon and a magnificent set of skills - that's all you need for excellence in battle.

Beledig is fast and has the ability to get extra moves. She is strong and easily resists negative effects. Thanks to additional moves, she can use the ability of anticipation and kill the monster in 3 turns. She can apply the effect of death delayed by 3 turns, dodge, inflict damage and poison the enemy, each time receiving an additional move!

The new monster in the Grand Prix race: Fatid!

Once upon a time, a small innocent Sheluke lived in a swamp. Once Evil Dr. Hazard began using this swamp as a landfill for his waste and polluted it. After many years of eating decaying garbage in a polluted rotting swamp, little Sheluke turned into this poisonous beast: Fatid!

However, life in the garbage made Fatid not only very poisonous, but also incredibly persistent: it is a tank with a very large supply of vitality, and therefore it is very difficult to kill, and besides, it has the ability that gives it regeneration, double healing and one extra move! And Fatid knows how to use his moves ... He can poison all enemies and cause them to bleed in one move, as well as poison all enemies without spending stamina and reloads, or play with the lives of his allies!

He is able to resurrect one ally and give him triple damage, but this ally will die in 2 turns. And he has one more resurrecting skill! He can bring all allies back to life, giving them double damage, but they will die in 1 turn. Fatid is a very nasty rival.

New monster in the Prince Charmless race: Prince Charmless himself!

This frog has lived all its life in the gardens of the castle, owned by King Daeron and Queen Luthien. She grew up sneaking into their library, reading their books, studying their fighting techniques and imitating their manners.She dreamed of only one thing: to become a handsome prince. Once she managed to convince Bella Baal to kiss her in order to fulfill her dream, but after that she became not a beautiful prince, but an ugly Prince Charmless!

How did she know that if the frog is kissed by a princess monster, a human prince will not come out of the frog!Prince Charmless is a fighter of the elements of nature with additional moves and impressive skills that can impose poison and natural weakness on enemies! It has special properties: strengthening and invulnerability to poison!

New Team Racing Monster: The Undertaker!

Another day at the cemetery. Digging graves again, burying bodies ... Work is sometimes so annoying! Not wanting to wield a shovel, The Undertaker resorts to a little trick: if no one is dead, you don’t need to work! Yes, you didn’t think so. The Undertaker can resurrect an ally: what you won’t do to not work! And to be always at hand when you need his services, this monster does everything so that no one kills him.

In the end, if it does not remain alive until the end, which of them is the grave digger? So it is able to lose all negative effects and be healed. But The Undertaker enters the battlefield not to outlive everyone there. He is capable of much to destroy enemies! This monster can double its damage. In addition, it has impressive fighting skills and can cause paralysis!

New Monster in the Jungle Empire Team Race: Mountezuma!

Mountezuma is a divine leader, shaman and protector of his own reptile empire, which is part of the Aztec civilization. His arrogance knows no bounds, and therefore he personally occupies all these posts, since he considers all his subordinates to be just simple guards.

This also applies to Kulkan, despite all his impeccable skills and magnificent achievements. Mountezuma is obsessed with power, both on and off the battlefield: Mountezuma's obsession makes life difficult for his vassals and terrifies rivals who can spend up to two moves attacking their own squad.

This emperor is angry and unreliable, so he will poison his rivals and activate their recharge to observe how powerless and helpless they are. Many have tried to rebel against Mountezuma, but it is impossible to overthrow him from the throne. The mountainous properties of Mountezuma make him a strong emperor and an indestructible rival: it is impossible to freeze or stun!

New Monster for Team Racing: Burotgor!

To become the head of the clan of beastmen, Burotgor had to prove his bloodthirstiness in the most cruel way: to independently raid 4 villages, kill his 4 brothers in hand-to-hand combat and steal 4 types of weapons from the workshop. The number 4 is very important for beastmen for two reasons: they all have 4 hands, and the clan of beastmen initially had 4 members.

Now there are more than 60, but the rotation of clan members is very high. Many monsters enter the clan every month, but many die in the clashes between its members. Burotgor is an exception to this rule. He has been in the clan for 7 years: none of the beastmen managed to stay alive for so long. But Burotgor not only survived: now he is the head of this clan! In battle, he is merciless. He is very tenacious, has a high speed and a set of skills that tremble any enemy: his every skill damages the enemy, but by killing enemies, he heals himself at the same time!

His bloodthirsty skill deals damage, adds 10% to his life and gives an extra move! If after that he uses the skill “Monstrous Blows !, it’s very difficult for the enemy to stay alive. And do not forget about his cruel special skill, which inflicts tremendous damage to all enemies, and if it does not destroy them immediately, it condemns to a slow death from bleeding and immersion in quicksand.

New monster Alex Bone in the race for the big robbery!

Alex Bone played a key role in the Gangsterosaurus mafia clan, but when the boss became too greedy, he decided to act independently. Of course, Gangsterosaurus was not at all happy with this circumstance and put pressure on the levers that the police had, as a result of which Alex had a lot of problems, and he often began to be arrested.However, the more Alex went to jail, the more inventive he became.

In prison, he acquired very interesting connections in the criminal world and learned to break open the most complex locks. To get out of prison and return to the thieves' business has become commonplace for him. As you may have guessed, Alex Bone in the battle is just as cunning and treacherous as in business. He is very fast, very strong and very difficult to beat! He has a very rare skill called dodging, which allows him to dodge enemy attacks. At the same time, he can hit all his enemies at once.

New Monster in the Ice Titan Team Race: Cryotan!

When Ouros and Igursus were created from the split rock, there was another side effect that no one expected: Cryotan. This huge creature rose from the very base of the former mountain, destroying everything in its path.Only by joint efforts did Ouros and Igursus manage to stop him and put him in a block of ice. Unfortunately, Cryotan still managed to break the ice and escape. Beware.

Cryotan is able to withstand even the most powerful blows: it is one of the three monsters with the greatest amount of life, and in addition, Cryotan is able to further increase its own survivability by obscuring a massive shield and doubling its hit points. The longer he lives, the greater the threat he poses: like Ouros, he has a special skill that can instantly kill any enemy ... in other words, with a 20% probability he automatically drives any living enemy into the grave.

Still not scared? Those who manage to survive his attacks will have to deal with the Countdown: if within 3 turns they do not clear this negative effect, they will certainly die, because no one manages to escape from Cryotan. But if you want your opponent to probably not run away from you, put on the Cryotan runes of energy. Then he will be able to bring down his most formidable weapons on enemies: mega-freezing over an area that freezes enemies for 2 turns, which means that they will make them completely defenseless. This skill requires more energy than any other in Monster Legends, but it costs a lot!

New Monster in the Seven Seas Team Race: Shork!

Shork raided neighboring villages with his orc tribe, but then he got tired of it. He decided to see the world and conquer the sea, embarking on a new adventure. He soon discovered the pirate life for himself and realized that it was for him. Shork was particularly interested in shark hunting. Diving into the water and fighting hand-to-hand with ferocious monsters with powerful jaws and teeth crushing bones - these are strong sensations that give Shork tremendous pleasure.

But when he found out that one shark became a famous pirate, he thought: "Shark with a ship? This is some kind of absurdity. Sharks are food, not captains." He gradually became obsessed with this idea, and now his only goal is to catch Cavenfish and put an end to this nonsense with his own hands. In battle, Shork is very strong: it can inflict huge damage and successfully withstand it. He has powerful attacks with low cooldowns, and he can give himself even more strength, since he perfectly applies buffs: damage enhancement, extra moves ... Shork does everything to ensure his victory!

New Monster in the Celtic Team Race: Balor!

This huge beast was once the leader of the race of giants. When he began to abuse his power, they prepared a potion and secretly added to his food. But the potion was so strong that because of it the poisonous eye grew at the beast. Falling into terrible anger, he destroyed the traitors who tried to poison him, all to one.

Now not only his own people are afraid of him, but all the local monsters who want him to stay as far away from them as possible: because of the potion that Balor took with food, everything he looks at will spoil instantly. For the crop, this effect is simply fatal. If Balor was so cruel to his own people, can you imagine what he can do with opponents on the battlefield?

He can double his maximum life and make all enemies attack him, because he is a good tank, but he is also able to inflict huge damage and apply the effects of torment over the area, such as quicksand and poison. Balor has only one eye, but his enemies and both eyes will not save when he completely blinds them all at the same time!

The new monster in the race of the Virgin Goddess: Talika!

Talika is like a caring grandmother for all forest creatures, especially for General Alces, who always comes to her for advice and comfort. Usually she does not intervene in his battles, but when the weak are in danger, she leaves her peaceful life and rushes to defend them.

Talika is an incredibly fast nature control monster that can add buff to its allies, increasing their strength, removing negative effects or healing, regenerating and protecting them. In addition, it can create big problems for enemies: it is capable of applying two paralyzes in one attack, which increases its chances of circumventing properties such as a stronghold and fortification.

New Prime Monster: Cloud!

While still a tiny kitten, Cloud began to play and fell into the water, and Patrion pulled it out. Since that day, Cloud has been faithful to its savior, and this fidelity is unbreakable. Cloud weapons - steel claws and cat's flexibility. But, if you want to see real magic, take his best friend to the team: Patrion and Cloud work great together! Cloud is a powerful monster of the elements of the world: a huge supply of vitality makes it an excellent tank and protector of the whole team.

He supports his comrades and taunts his opponents, pulling all their attacks against himself so that his allies do not suffer. But that is not all! Cloud can strengthen its allies by doubling their damage, increasing accuracy and giving an extra turn! When it is his turn to attack, Cloud turns into a real fighter: a special ability allows him to inflict sunburn on all enemies and cause bleeding.

New Prime Monster: Sparking Mantis!

Striking Insect - Sparking Mantis: Unlike regular mantis killing their partners, Sparking Mantis prefers to keep them in a den. So, having felt a breakdown, he goes to his collection of victims, stuns one of them and draws energy from it. In general, Sparking Mantis is constantly hunting and replenishing its collection.

In order not to lose all of his monsters due to the greed of this insect, it is better not to let her get bored during the battle: Sparking Mantis is a born fighter and knows how to monitor energy consumption. He deals heavy damage, and most of his abilities help him pump energy from the enemy.

Sparking Mantis, left completely without energy, has one more trick at hand (more precisely, with its front paw): the ability to use which takes 0 energy points gives it a burst of energy and its regeneration! But, being overwhelmed by greed, this insect can create many problems: enemies that are full of energy do not like it, and one of its attacks can suck energy from the enemy - all to zero. As you can see, on the battlefield this wayward monster does with energy everything that he can think of.

New Prime Monster: Patrion

Over the years, Patrion suffered a curse that overshadowed his soul with anger and hatred. At one point, the dark forces took up so much space in Patrion's soul that he turned into a new creature: MMOnster, the lord of darkness, who gradually conquered the world wide web in battles. With each new conquest, he became stronger and at the same time malicious. When there was almost no good left in the soul of MMOnster, his friends decided that he had gone too far.

Together, they broke the curse and freed Patrion from the captivity of the dark forces. Now he is surrounded by light, but has not lost a single drop of his strength! Patrion is an exceptional attacking warrior with very good characteristics. His skills are capable of causing great damage. It can cause sunburn and cause bleeding in enemies, it is ruthless to enemies and removes all the positive effects from them. Having met Patrion, do not think that he is about to lose the battle, because he has little life left: he has the ability to self-repair!

New Beast - Igursus

At the height of the war, the Pandalf monster needed help to win, and he cast a powerful spell on the mountain.The earth trembled, and after a few minutes the mountain split in two. Its northern slope - cold and snowy came to life, and Pandalf gave it the name Ouros. The southern slope - a fiery volcano also came to life, this time in the form of a monster named Igursus. He is not only hardy, but also dangerous. From the very moment he stepped to the earth, he brings destruction everywhere.

Igursus has the most life in Monster Legends! In addition, he is very strong and generally one of the most indestructible in the game: rock! For his team, he is an indestructible wall: with just one skill, he can take all attacks aimed at one target and send all the damage back to the enemies! Igursus can also acquire shields that increase its ability to survive, set fire to enemies and use quicksand.

Ingenica, creator of artifacts and relics!

From a young age, Ingenica stood out for its penchant for engineering, and soon it brought her fame. All monster overlords dream of getting her signature products - artifacts, and relics, her latest invention, will forever change the course of battles! For the future of Monster Legends, it plays a critical role.

In battle, Ingenica curses enemies with incredible speed using her unique abilities. Over the years of experimentation and study, she discovered how to block the properties of enemies! In addition, since she herself creates artifacts, she knows their weaknesses better than anyone in the world, and therefore she can give herself and her allies the effect of an Artifact Hater, which allows you to inflict additional damage on artifacts. Ingenica's special skill is that it blocks the properties of enemies and imposes Obsession on them. All in all, this is a unique monster!

New Prime Monster: Baron Traitor!

Baron Traitor was an assistant to Mr. Flaky in a show of illusionists and squire in battles. However, as he studied witchcraft, he gradually lost interest in illusionism and followed his own path. Now, to destroy the combat system of opponents, he needs only witchcraft attributes and poison, which causes hallucinations.

In battles, Baron Traitor curses enemies with incredible speed and uses several skills that can destroy the fighting strategies of opponents. He can select the properties of opponents, apply the effect of removing the defense to them, so that all attacks are striking, take away the positive effects and apply poison. Using his special skill, Baron Traitor performs one of the tricks he learned in the Mr. Flaky, and applies an obsession effect to all opponents.

New Beast: Borjork

Orcs have a goal - to plunder as many villages as possible. Wealth means nothing to them; they do it simply to quench their thirst for blood and destruction. Only Borjork could be the leader of this expedition, for he is the most bloodthirsty of them all, especially since his brother Shork left to follow his fate. It’s easy to see why Borjork is such a leader that no one in the orc clan dares to challenge.

His fighting abilities are incredible: with his skills, he deals high damage, while paralyzing enemies and causing them to bleed. He motivates himself by doubling the damage done to enemies, and applies the effect of increasing damage to his team. He can also get energy regeneration and regeneration without losing any energy!

In addition to all this, you should know that, like his brother Shork, who hates aquatic creatures, Borjork especially hates winged creatures because he cannot attack them when they fly away! For this reason, he has a proprietary trick, which he calls the Hater. With it, he deals triple damage to all creatures from the Book of the Winged!

New Beast: Yamada

Yamada - this is what Crissandre calls for when a team of battle magicians needs reinforcements. He is their secret weapon! Yamada flies over the battlefield, dodging enemy attacks and healing its allies. This is a real miracle. Thanks to his area regeneration skills, the team can continue to fight! But if team members urgently need a dose of energy, Yamada can put them on double healing and increased damage, which at the same time will hurt the enemies!

New Beast: Rabooka

Easter. Again. Another year passed, and now everyone digs holes, destroying rabbit houses, just to hide the stupid Easter eggs. So a year later it was time again for Rabooka to uncover her huge bazooka! The Easter tradition of this mischievous rabbit is to pick up all the eggs that meet on his way and throw them at the enemies.

This attacking monster has quite unique skills: He can double his damage and apply the effect of a hater for himself for 0 energy points, so he fights great with monsters like Timerion! He can also apply random controlling skills (and their two-way options) to all enemies! Rabooka's special skill is self-destruction, in which he destroys enemies as well.

New Monster on Metal Island: Metalisha!

The real wild child. She left the house, while still very young, and joined the bikers led by Rador. She was uncontrollable by a biker: she screamed and got into fights all the time. Upon learning that the group of metallers would also pay extra for screams, she, without hesitation for a minute, joined Metalhëad. However, they sometimes quarrel with Metalheäd, as both have a high conceit and explosive character. But this does not matter: after all, the stronger the tension and competition in this pair, the more spectacular their show!

Metalisha is a monster fighter, considered one of the fastest in Monster Legends. Rushing into battle one of the first, she helps the comrades, giving them enough time to release the most destructive abilities. Such super-speed is very convenient, because this rock star can give any of the allies an additional move, as well as increase its stamina. However, such powerful amplifications come at a price: the ally exposed to them is so exhausted that it becomes a victim of ignition!

Heavy metal tunes played by Metalisha evoke the most cruel and primitive instincts in the allies. So, thanks to her, their damage can increase three times. When a rock star is nearby, life turns into an endless party: Metalisha can resurrect a dead ally, giving him another chance to crush the skulls of enemies.

New Monster on Keeper's Fables Island: Dungeon Master!

In childhood, Anna was a painful and lonely child. Throughout her childhood, she practically had no friends, but then she met Patrick, together they began to play board games, and this became their hobby. When they jumped into one of their games, Patrick turned into a Burning Rogue, and Anna into a Dungeon Master. She was filled with hatred and wanted other monsters to only follow her and obey. The thirst for power led her into the dungeons, where she spent time challenging all the monsters she could find.

Since she gained power over the dungeons, the only thing that gives her joy is to look for the weak spots of monsters and their overlords with the help of traps and fights. His domineering character is reflected in the battles. If allies treat the Dungeon Master with reverence, she can help them by disabling their reloads. In relation to enemies, she acts ruthlessly, frustrating their plans by launching their reloads and eliminating their accuracy.

New Monster on Gang Island Monster Legends: Al Canine!

Al Canine is the dog gang boss and master smuggler. Chests, gold, cells, and anything else - there is nothing that he could not sell on the black market. Money is serious for Al, and without any remorse, he does everything necessary to destroy any competing gangs that lower his prices.

Al also rules in battle: He is a quick control monster that can paralyze enemies and cause them to sunburn. And if this is not enough to stop the enemy, he activates his recharge! By stopping opponents, Al will ease the path for attacking members of his team by applying the effect of unprotecting enemies, but this is not all: Al gives the allies the effect of a hatred of unprotecting, and they do more damage to all enemies with unprotected!

New Beast on Darkwood Island: Alpha Cliviast!

When Clivia spread its spores, everyone gathered and destroyed them to prevent it from multiplying. After all, it’s not so nice to live surrounded by killer plants. But they did not notice one argument ... She was the strongest of all, and Alpha Cliviast grew out of her. This monster with a powerful attack can destroy any enemy in battle with its paralyzing toxins and life theft skills. It can poison and paralyze in one move, as well as doom the enemies to certain death by applying the countdown: after 3 moves, they will all die! With the help of a special skill, Alpha Cliviast will harm enemies and cause them to hallucinate, imposing an obsession effect.

New Beast in Space Horror Raid: Ixofex!

This creature, which always comes without an invitation, was first mistaken for a shooting star and a symbol of good luck. But this poisonous parasite from outer space is extremely dangerous, it sucks life from its masters and is growing rapidly. Ixofex can attack and inflict amplifications, and also has powerful torment and control skills, such as bleeding and stunning in the same move or obsession with area. Ixofex can also make its attacks even deadlier, doubling its damage! Thanks to his special skill, Ixofex will completely disarm his opponents, disabling their properties and imposing an obsession on them.

New Monster on Mercenary Island: Rabbish!

Rabbish looks a bit like a pacifist druid, hung with amulets, but in fact all this small thing that he carries with him is more like souvenirs collected during adventures. Because of this appearance, enemies often underestimate his combat skills, but this is only to his advantage! Rabbish is a monster of control, and it is very dangerous for enemies. He can induce complete blindness on them, and he also has the skill with two paralyzes! Double paralysis increases his chances of defeating fortified monsters and monsters with a stronghold. But Rabbish is a kind guy, he does not forget about friends: he knows how to replenish the energy of all associates!

New Monster on Ancient Egyptian Island: Viperhotep!

Viperhotep was a disciple of Isis, and through treachery and cunning won the trust of the goddess. Being on her deathbed, she gave him her strength, thinking that he would use them for good. But he betrayed her, using her powers for evil and manipulation. These manipulation forces are easy to spot on the battlefield: Viperhotep is a fiery monster of control that can paralyze and burn enemies, and also take their stamina. His special skill allows him to simultaneously impose an obsession on all enemies and a mirror of skills - on one of them.

New Monster on the Island of Space Corsairs: Privateer Morgan!

The secret customer paid Privateer Morgan and his team a huge pile of gold to find and destroy Captain Copperbeard. This monster has never been particularly famous, but in fact it is an experienced sailor who knows both the seas and galaxies like the back of his hand. After many years of sailing and battles deep in the rear, he decided it was time to step forward.

Privateer Morgan - an attacking fighter of the elements of magic. His impressive skills deal damage on a single target or area. But these skills become even more deadly when he gives himself double damage and accuracy. And that's not all: Privateer Morgan hates the Legions of Evil, so he can do even more damage to the monsters in this book!

New Monster on the Island of Superpredators: Predagelum!

This secretive hunter lives by the lakes, where he patiently waits for a suitable victim. Ripples on the surface are enough for him to understand which creature swims underwater, but he does not attack the first victim that he has noticed. He will not agree to anything other than a perfect meal. Predagelum is a quick monster of nature control. Generally speaking, he is the first monster of the elements of nature with skills of freezing! His special skill allows him to impose megafrost on all enemies. You won’t run away from Predagelum!

New Beast Island Steampunk: Stake!

This steam powered snake is designed to withstand super predators. Stake lives in water, where he recharges and cools his systems, but on land he is a fully functional machine: he can survive and fight for up to 9 days.Stake is a very powerful water element fighter with rare water skills that inflict heavy damage on enemies and cause them to bleed! He can also strengthen himself to do even more damage! Its property is austerity, which gives it resistance to various effects.

New Monster on Orc Invasion Island: Warspellz!

The tribe of orcs cannot do without a shaman. Although he does not spend all his time on the front line of the battle, his potions strengthen the fighters in the camp, and on the battlefield his spells become a blessing to allies and a curse for enemies. Warspellz is a very fast support monster. He prefers helping his team instead of dealing damage: he can give them all buffs, even if they have to sacrifice themselves for this.

It can also have a very special effect: Anticipation! With this effect, when the enemy triggers an additional move, the allies are the first to make an additional move. But the forces of Warspellz are not limited to this: he can give 50% protection against damage to all allies, and thanks to his special ability to give the whole team complete rest: all allies will receive 100% life and stamina, as well as lose all negative effects.

New Monster on Space Defenders Island: Toshiro!

Toshiro's vocation is to protect innocent creatures traveling through space. Space is a dangerous place full of scary and vile creatures such as General Holter and his team, but if Toshiro is nearby, then there is nothing to fear! He faithfully serves justice and his values, and this makes him a perfect space protector. In a battle, Toshiro is the lord of thunder: he begins a battle with immunity to thunder, and makes his enemies very vulnerable to thunder elements and inflicts deadly damage with shock skills.

In addition, in battle, he is very resourceful and quickly adapts, increasing his power and getting an extra move thanks to his skills. But most importantly, he is a great defender: the effects of mockery and mirror damage combined with regeneration and extra moves make Toshiro a great monster for defense.

New Monster on Abandoned Wasteland: Sting Westclaw!

Sting Westclaw was driven out of the country after robbing dozens of banks and taverns. He found a new home in the desert region of post-apocalyptic wastelands. Here, little can be stolen, but he retained all the previously stolen money, his pistols and enviable accuracy. He will be all right. Sting Westclaw is a fast and powerful attacking fighter with an incredibly cool feature: strengthening and anticipation! He can increase his damage and accuracy, destroy enemy shields, and his special ability allows him to kill one enemy with just one shot from a pistol!

New Monster at Halloween Grand Prix: Francine Frank!

Frank S. Tein finally found his soulmate. Muscularist Francine Frank, like him, is a little dumb, like him, and loves to provoke others, just like him! Apparently, the application for selecting their monstrous half worked perfectly for these two. Francine Frank - a tank with a huge reserve of vitality and cool property: severity!

If she comes to you as an adversary, it will not be easy to defeat her: she can increase her maximum life and heal herself. She is able to protect her allies with the help of the ridicule effect, but she can also cover herself with a shield that allows only 50% of damage to be missed. Using her Destructive Beast ability, she randomly applies instant death, death in 3 turns, nightmares or shock to one enemy!

New Monster at the Cybercrime Grand Prix: Patient Cyber!

Patient Cyber ??suffers from a rare disease that slowly turns him into a robot. It all started with a stream of nanobots spreading through his veins, and now they have already occupied half of his body. He loses his emotions, but becomes a war machine! In battle, Patient Cyber ??is an ultrafast metal tormentor. He introduces a new effect: Nanovirus! Nanovirus takes 10% of life with each turn and blocks the positive effects of the monster that suffers from it! Patient Cyber's skills also include significant damage reduction, blindness, and total blindness.

The new monster in the invasion of "Wrath of the Titan": Igneus!

Usually, when meteors fall from the sky onto the Monster Legends islands, no one pays special attention to them, but this meteor was not like the others. Besides the fact that he was huge and everywhere left hot traces of fire, he also began to walk and destroy everything around. Igneus - a powerful attacking fighter of the elements of fire, but with the health of the tank! He can make his attacks even more deadly, imposing the effect of a hatred of burning, and on enemies - vulnerability to fire, so when he sets them on fire ... the moment comes for them to say goodbye forever.

New Beast on Atomic Soldier Island: Sergeant Hull Head!

When the Great War ended and Zimnyaya was forced to surrender, he left one prisoner of war locked in a bunker and did not tell anyone about him. Without food, the prisoner quickly died, but his body was exposed to radiation from nuclear bombs for many years and after a long time it came to life ... like a zombie! Welcome back, Sergeant Hull Head! And you have changed!

Sergeant Hull Head - a tank with a large supply of vitality and amazing property: grave digger! This property blocks obsession and nightmares. When he is alive and in command, he can block the resurrection of the enemy team! Sergeant can increase his maximum life and heal himself, as well as block the skills of torment and protect against attacks of the elements of fire! This zombie has one more trump card in its sleeve: it can cause blindness and total blindness in enemies!

New Beast: Drakor!

When Eggeater, Goran, Daganth, Drekk and Dracontium formed a dragon alliance, Drakor wanted to join, but he was not accepted, because he is only partially a dragon. This upset him terribly, and he vowed that he would take revenge on the alliance. He will crush all its participants one by one. Drakor is a powerful attacking fighter that is very difficult to stop! It is immune to paralysis and freezing. It can inflict heavy fire damage and become even more deadly, imposing vulnerability to fire on enemies. Enemies will have nowhere to run when Drakor hits them with paralysis and megaparalysis skills.

New Monster at the NeoCity Grand Prix: Neobuki!

Fast and sparkling, Neobuki traveled through the universe when a black hole suddenly sucked it. She was unable to jump over her, and she had not yet found a way to get out of there, but she was still able to send her projection onto the battlefield! Neobuki is a super-universal support monster: it can be both an attacking fighter and a tank thanks to its amazing set of skills. Her property gives her invulnerability to the removal of positive effects, and she also has a strengthening, which reduces her chances of getting negative effects.

New Beast in the Bestiary Maze: Belbreath!

This legendary creature is the star of the Bestiaryum exhibition center. Both visitors and researchers are amazed at its unique properties. But Belbreath is also a born fighter, and it is difficult to keep a fighter for a long time at the exhibition. Her place is on the battlefield! Belbreath is the fastest fire support monster in the game. She has impressive defenses against control, and additional moves allow her to bring her allies into shape, removing negative effects from them and applying shields that only allow damage from water. Therefore, when enemies attack, it is difficult for them to break through and inflict damage! But that's not all: Belbreath begins the battle with anticipation.

New Monster on the Island of the Emperor’s Courtyard: Itzanami!

Mountezuma is known to be an arrogant and suspicious emperor. In truth, he has reason to be like this: everyone hates his abuse of power, everyone except Itzanami, who will fight everyone in the empire if it is necessary to protect her master. And it is likely that she will be able to protect him, because, ironically, she is much stronger than he can ever become!

Itzanami is a very fast support monster that can block the properties of opponents, remove positive effects from them and infect them with a novirus, this curse that it brought to the empire from another universe! She is also immune to paralysis and bleeding.

New Warmaster Monster: Remntar!

Remntar was born in the form of a tiny spirit of light. He was just a small blue flame, but he felt strong and wanted to do something more than just float through the air in the Kingdom of the World: he wanted to fight in important wars! He received an audience with King Daeron and Queen Luthien. They could not recruit him into their army as a soldier, because he was too small to somehow influence the battle. But they gave him an empty workshop in the village so that he could develop his talents there.

They expected him to learn potions or magic, but Remntar never lost sight of his goal: he wanted to participate in important wars, even if he was never destined to step on the battlefield. He turned the workshop into a forge and began to work with iron. He started with simple shields, but soon became a true gunsmith. King Daeron instructed him to equip an army of light and appointed him the official blacksmith of the kingdom.

He was so glad that he worked for months without sleep to carry out the assignment. The result exceeded all expectations. He received great honors and began working on new things: relics! Remntar is the creator of very famous relics such as the Shield of Tenacity, the Exhausting Mask, and the Atum Armor. Remntar was absolutely happy: his dream came true. Working in his humble forge, he could influence the course of important battles.Once, guests came to him, whom he had not expected.

One fine morning, he opened his forge when Warmasters appeared in front of him! Thalassa took the floor and explained that they would need Remntar's help to defeat the Titans. "We watched your work and came to the conclusion that although you have never been on the battlefield, you are undoubtedly the Warmaster of the elements of metal. Nobody knows how to work with iron like you do, and the weapons and relics that you created beyond praise. Why don't you make yourself the armor and come with us? You can be a hero. "

Remntar simply could not believe it. He, a modest monster who spent his whole life working alone, was called with him by the greatest team of monsters in all history. He could not refuse them. He created armor for all Warmasters, including himself, and they went to battle the Titans together. The fight was long and exhausting, but the Warmasters won. Then they rested a bit together and returned home. In the Kingdom of Light, everyone met Remntar as the hero he was, and when he opened the door of his forge, he felt like he was at home.

Now Remntar combines his work as a blacksmith, whom he will never cease to be, with his role as Warmaster, which gives him the excitement of battle! Here are the skills Remntar uses on the battlefield: this Warmaster metal element is a tank with amazing support skills. Its property is severity, and gives invulnerability to damage from special attacks. At the beginning of each battle, he puts a mirror of skills on his entire team! In addition to all this, he has many other ways to protect allies, for example, shields and protection from control, and he also possesses skills that can give allies stamina and anticipation.

New Beast: Soul Hugger!

Soul Hugger eats damned souls, but this food is not so easy to find. However, this monster is well versed in how everything works in hell, and it paid one of Soulfagi to sometimes "lose" a soul or two on the way to the punishment zones. Thus, Soulfagous gets a salary supplement, and Soul Hugger gets his lunch! Soul Hugger - a tank of the elements of darkness with a unique property: disgust in combination with a blocking resurrection. His vampiric attacks replenish his health, and because of the skills of double healing and double life, it is very difficult to deal with him.

New monster in the maze of water feast: Frosilka!

Frosilka was the head of the royal guard when Thetys ruled the Water kingdoms. Frosilka was stronger than Thetys herself, and incredibly loyal to her. She did her job well, but when Thalassa returned, it was unbearable for Frosilka to serve another queen, and she left the guard. Now she is determined to help Thetys take her mother’s power!

Frosilka is a unique support monster that protects his team from control skills, gives stamina and heals. She is the first monster with the property of evading the area, which gives her invulnerability to attacks on the area: only attacks aimed at one target can get into it! But in her arsenal there are also skills for dealing damage, skills of shock and attack of the elements of thunder, which is very dangerous for other monsters of the elements of water.

New Warmaster Monster: Sherezar!

The final battle of Warmasters against the Titans was decisive for the multiverse Monster Legends. It ended with a victory that saved all the monsters, but this victory was dear to them: One of the heroes had to take a hit on himself and sacrifice his life to ensure a bright future for everyone, and this hero was Sherezar. Yes, Warmaster of the elements of magic died in the final battle against the Titans, and along with the joy of victory, his friends felt the bitterness of loss.

They all mourned him, but Necromancer had the hardest time. He was friends with Sherezar for many years, they worked together in a school of magic and planned to carry out many magic projects. Necromancer was not ready to say goodbye to his friend. Almost his whole life was devoted to working on the power of resurrection, and he thought that there was nothing to lose ... Sherezar was his friend - he should at least try to resurrect him.

Tearing such a powerful creature out of the clutches of death was no easy task. It took Necromancer many years, but in the end it worked out. Once Sherezar woke up, but ... he was not the same as before. It was as if he were not completely himself. He was as courteous as always, but there was nothing in his eyes, and it seemed that death did not leave his body, and although he remained as powerful as before, his powers were now different.

Frightened by the result of the resurrection that he committed, Necromancer advised Sherezar to hide, so as not to harm other monsters. But now, after many years of solitude, Sherezar is fed up with it. His powers have changed, but he is still the most powerful wizard; he is still - Warmaster of the elements of magic: Sherezar is ready to enter the battlefield!

This elemental magic Warmaster is a magnificent monster of control. He is severe, so the chance that the effects on him will hit the target is reduced by 35%. He also has a completely new property, acting in the field: true vision! True vision doubles the accuracy of all attacks, so it can circumvent properties such as stronghold, severity and fortification.

At the beginning of each battle, Sherezar protects against recharging activation, and this will begin your victory!Thanks to his random skills of control and torment, it will be difficult for enemies to develop a strategy against him. Sherezar has skills with a new effect of tormenting the elements of magic: a curse that takes 10% of health and stamina on the first turn, 20% on the second turn and 40% on the third turn! This makes Sherezar incredibly deadly.

The new monster in the Grand Prix race: Sunblast!

Sunblast was a student of The Firestorm until he began to argue with the teacher on some topics. These differences gradually grew into real hatred and ended on the battlefield, where The Firestorm hit Sunblast so hard that it flew away and landed in the sun. The Firestorm thought this was coming to an end on Sunblast, but he was wrong! Now Sunblast is back: he has become stronger and longs for revenge! He is a quick control monster who loves to take stamina and turn on reloads, but that's not all! It can also reduce the accuracy of enemies by stunning them and causing a sunburn, or take away the stamina of opponents and impose an obsession on them in one turn.

New quest monster: Yimburbur!

When Talika found a little Yimburbur lost in the forest, she thought she could raise him to become a forest adviser, just like herself. She sent him to Bo Tai to learn from the best, and she tried everything she could. But although she struggled to make Yimburbur a support monster, he was clearly not meant to be. And how was he to become an adviser if he never said anything but "Yimburbur"?

A real thug came out of it. Thug with excellent healing skills, which he still did not forget, but still thug.Yimburbur is an attacking elemental fighter with several healing support skills. He is immune to control and possesses skills that can cause heavy damage while healing and regenerating teammates, or block healing for enemies. A fairly high reserve of power for the attacking fighter combined with self-healing skills makes Yimburbur very persistent.

The new monster in the maze of the curse of the army Qin: Wangzhou!

No one expects to encounter a metal monster in a terracotta army, so Wangzhou attacks often take enemies by surprise. His statue stands on the first line of battle, depleting the resources of enemies before they reach the rest of the terracotta warriors. Wangzhou is a metal control monster that puts extreme pressure on enemy energy. The set of his skills includes all the torment that depletes the enemy’s energy (nightmares, the effect of the drowned man and the curse), and he also knows how to take energy and cause the effect of energy leakage from opponents.Its property is strengthening, and at the beginning of each battle it takes 50% of the enemy’s energy.

New monster in the maze of the curse of the army Qin: Qinling!

When Qinling woke up next to the tomb of the emperor and saw that his brother-in-arms Qin had violated his duty to guard the emperor forever, he decided that it was time for the whole army to do the same, and used his magic powers to wake all the terracotta warriors one by one! Qinling is a monster supporting elemental magic that protects cooldowns. His skills include resetting allied reloads and protecting their reloads from activation.

He can remove and block the positive effects of the enemy team, as well as give the allies accuracy and increase their damage. His special skill includes reloading the entire enemy team and blocks all positive effects. Its property is strengthening + imposition of effects - protection of reloads.

New special monster: Dunn Ra!

The fierce war between Bandses and Akhenotep did not bode well, especially for Akhenotep. Once, his adviser Viperhotep told him: “If we do not turn the tide of the war in our favor, we will be defeated. You know who we should call on.” “I don't know if this is a good idea,” Akhenotep replied. “Dunn Ra is not helping anyone who calls her, she chooses who to protect, but I think we now have no choice.” So Akhenotep and Viperhotep decided to wake up the great protector of the free kingdom - Dunn Ra.

They hit the road and walked through the desert until they came to it. She towered before them like a huge rock, and the earth shook when she opened her eyes. “How dare you wake me up?” She asked sternly. Now Akhenotep and Viperhotep are already shaking. "We need your protection, great Dunn Ra, and we would never ask for your help without extreme need," Akhenotep said. “I give my protection to those who deserve it. Have you brought me royal offerings to deserve my help?” Asked Dunn Ra.

“Offerings? I'm sure I have a gold scarab somewhere. I can give it to you,” Akhenotep replied. "A golden scarab? This is only one of the five royal offerings. If you cannot bring me all of them, you are wasting my precious time. You are not worthy of my protection." And before Akhenotep could object, Dunn Ra got up and walked away.

The war continued, and without the help of Dunn Ra, the Bandses won. But Bandses also failed to earn the protection of Dunn Ra. She still travels the multiverse of Monster Legends in search of someone who will be honored to fight next to her. Dunn Ra - the first representative of a new generation of tanks in Monster Legends!She has a huge supply of vitality, and her skills include several powerful debuffs, including damage reduction and blindness.

Dunn Ra is the first monster with the mega-ridicule skill! The mega-taunt allows Dunn Ra to not only block attacks aimed at one target, but also to intercept all attacks in the area.This means that Dunn Ra will take triple damage from any attack in the area (as well as all effects), but her allies will be completely safe under her protection. She also has what only Nemesis monsters have had so far: the fourth category of skills that unlock when leveling!

New monster in the Grand Prix race: Koralle Brutalis!

The war between the Pirates Varuna and Cavenfish had a very bad effect on the ocean as a whole, but especially on the seabed and coral reefs, where bombs are falling from ships. Koralle Brutalis is fed up with this and is ready not only to defend the reefs, but also to strike back! Koralle Brutalis is a tank with a huge supply of vitality and your new favorite skill to protect allies: mega-mockery! Koralle Brutalis also has an excellent skill set to stop enemies, such as quicksands, paralysis, and damage reduction. This monster is one of the 3 earth element monsters in the Sea Book!

New Monster on Witch's Whisper Island: Saika!

Saika used to work as a conductor of the elements of light for lost travelers. When she went on a well-deserved rest, her great-granddaughter Kassia continued her work and was always ready to help when someone was in trouble or did not know which way to choose. You might think that there is no way to make enemies with such a job, but this is not entirely true: she always advised travelers not to visit Monstelvania, since if they get there, they will simply drown in taxes specially invented to fool ignorant travelers.

Gold from these taxes went straight to the coffers of Count Vlad and Countess Flawless, so when Countess Flawless found out that Kassia was stopping them from getting tax income, she sent a guard to kidnap Kassia! Now Kassia is being held captive in the Monstelvan castle, but she will not stay there for a long time, because Saika decided to get back to work and give Countess a good lesson!

Saika is a monster of elemental control, which can freeze enemies and reduce their accuracy, tormenting them and applying debuffs. She has several support skills with which she can strengthen allies, remove negative effects from them and give them invulnerability to control. Saika is immune to frost and can give all allies invulnerability to obsession at the start of a battle.

New Monster in the Rainbow Bridge Labyrinth: Olnir!

In the center of the multiverse Monster Legends is an ancient city, which can only be accessed through a rainbow bridge. Anyone can cross the bridge, but only a few selected monsters can enter the gates at its end and enter the ancient city. Olnir decides who will enter and who will not! Olnir - a powerful attacking monster of the elements of thunder, which can cause shock to enemies, make yourself a hatred of shock and smash them all to shreds! She can also revive an ally, but not in vain: at the same time, she will sacrifice herself. At the beginning of each battle, Olnir imposes invulnerability to torment on the allies.

New Beast in the Rainbow Bridge Labyrinth: Helgudin!

Helgudin always wanted to enter the ancient city in the center of the multiverse, but when she crossed the rainbow bridge, Olnir blocked her road, which from afar felt her evil intentions. But the answer “no” does not fit Helgudin, because Olnir was absolutely right about her: her intentions are really evil, and her plan is not just to penetrate the ancient city: she wants to conquer it and rule it!

Helgudin is an incredible attacking monster with high speed and amazing area evasion! In addition, it is endowed with reinforcement. It can cause bleeding and nightmares in enemies, and also impose dark weakness on them, increasing the damage that it can cause them. You can equip her with two sword relics so she can attack even harder!

The new monster in the Grand Prix race: Marquis de Flambe!

This monster - a fiery toad - lived in the gardens of the Bright Kingdom, like Prince Charmless, but Princess Bella Baal was terribly afraid of him, so she left and went to where they would be appreciated, and not afraid: to Firyna!When Firyna was born, Barbatos cast the curse of inner fire on her. But when she grew up, it turned out that her heart was kind. Despite this, Barbatos is still waiting for her chance to get close to Firyna again and take her to her netherworld.

So Firyna should worry about this? Not at all. She has not only her own skills, but also the defense of her faithful servant: Marquis de Flambe. Marquis de Flambe - an attacking fighter of the elements of fire with the property of anticipation. He can best deal with monsters with extra moves. The Marquis skillset includes torment (sunburn, ignition, and burning), paralysis skills for one target, and powerful attacks. It can reduce enemy accuracy using blinding attacks.

New Quest Monster: Clipeum!

In the underworld and in the Legions of Evil, violent activity is underway, and the Legions of Good seek to replenish their ranks. That is why they came up with what can be called a masterpiece of divine technology!Clipeum is designed by angels to protect and support the heavenly warriors. Clipeum - a tank of the elements of light, which can impose a mega-laugh on itself and strengthen its allies.

Its property is mockery combined with divine power, which gives it invulnerability to paralysis and bleeding. His set of support skills includes removing negative effects and restoring energy, as well as area dodging and accuracy. But that's not all: Clipeum is able to stun its enemies and cause them a sunburn!

New Monster in the Dwarven Mines Labyrinth: Hobkin!

Hobkin is a magnificent artifact created by Nabuline to guard her on her travels. When Nabuline goes a dangerous road, Hobkin flies over it and can warn her about the approach of the enemy! Hobkin is a beautiful metal elemental support monster that can impose an area dodge effect on allies. In addition to support skills, which include removing effects and defense, he also has attack skills that are useful against enemies with a large supply of life: he can torture them and take 50% of his life in one fell swoop. At the beginning of the battle, Hobkin causes energy regeneration for all his allies.

New Elite Monster: Gorg!

Thetys, Korzorg and Frosilka spent a lot of time together since childhood - perhaps because they all had something in common. Thalassa, the mother of Thetys, took many years to fight like Warmaster; Gorg, the father of Korzorg and Frosilka, was absent, not at the behest of duty, but simply because his family life was not too attractive: he was a lone hunter.

Gorg started by hunting small Mersnake and Sealion, but it was a dead end, so he began to look for ways to turn his hobby into a big business. Some time later, he found the answer at the Bestiaryum exhibition center. A new department was built there only for sea monsters, but the existing monsters were rare at best. This was not enough to attract crowds of visitors, so Gorg took this opportunity, accepted it as a challenge and began to supply the Bestiary with incredible epic and legendary eggs. Monsters from these eggs were born and raised in captivity.

Now Gorg is so rich that he would no longer have to hunt if he didn’t want to, but he continues to hunt for increasingly rare eggs for the excitement. He almost single-handedly filled in exhibits the marine department of the Bestiaryum exhibition center! Gorg is a fast attacking fighter of the elements of water with a set of skills that allows you to remove the positive effects from enemies before the attack. He can torture enemies (using poisoning, the effect of the drowned man and shock), and also impose debuffs (stunning and unprotecting).

In addition, he has several skills of an additional move with attacks on one target and in an area, as well as several attacks that give buffs to himself when he makes himself a self-seeker and gains accuracy or true vision. Its property is invulnerability to freezing, and at the beginning of the battle it causes shock to all enemies.

New quest monster: Pierceid!

The Inheritor has long been trying to capture the Throne of Hell, but although he is stronger than Barbatos in the battle, he has far fewer supporters than his opponent. Unshakable, The Inheritor went to the darkest corners of purgatory where he found Pierceid. No one ever dared even look at Pierceid, let alone approach her den. The Inheritor hopes that, with her support, he will terrify all creatures of the underworld, and they will fear this new alliance more than they will fear Barbatos.

But here's the question: why should Pierceid support someone who is weaker than her? What could The Inheritor offer her to get her support? Pierceid - activator of reloading the elements of darkness, able to cause obsession. It can impose an obsession effect on enemies and activate their reloads, as well as impose torment effects (nightmares and curses).

She has the ability to impose a deadly count on 3 turns and can even paralyze the ability of enemies to stop counting! Her property is disgust (immunity to obsession, nightmares and bleeding), and she can give herself true vision at the beginning of the battle.

The new monster in the Grand Prix race: Wasper!

This magic element beetle spent many years hiding from Clivia, who pursued him like crazy and wanted to swallow it whole. But now, Wasper came out of his shelter with a set of heavy attacks and a new focus under his wing: disabling properties! And who will be the pursuer now? Wasper - an attacking fighter of the elements of magic, able to disable properties. His main skills are disabling properties that affect both one enemy and an entire area that weaken opponents. He can enhance his damage with the help of positive effects and defend himself by imposing shields on himself. But this is not his only defense: his property is strengthening, and at the beginning of each battle he receives evasion!

The new monster in the Grand Prix: Mirak!

Nowadays, the battlefield is getting hotter, all monsters are striving to surpass themselves, but the two creators in particular set out to win all the battles! Ingenica and Hackster joined forces and, after much research and many hours of work in a secret laboratory, created an unstoppable creature with artificial intelligence: Mirak!

Mirak is a monster of metal control with a flexible set of skills that, if necessary, will make it a monster of support.Her property is strengthening, and at the beginning of each battle she imposes random protection over the area, which will greatly help the team! Mirak can apply random effects of control and torment to enemies while blinding them, as well as remove positive effects and infect them with a novirus to block any new positive effects!Her skills also include invulnerability to control and torment in one turn - this makes her a universal monster.

New Monster in the Labyrinth of Chaos Fortress: Volthar!

Volthar is a sophisticated machine that can easily mislead enemies. Because of his appearance, they think he will inflict heavy attacks or defend allies, but the trick is that he controls them and makes them obsessive, striking them with electric discharges before they realize that he attacked them! Volthar is a thunder element monster with superb obsession skills. It can shock opponents by blocking their extra moves, or even remove positive effects and infect enemies with a nano-virus in one move! His property is severity, and at the beginning of each battle he imposes a mirror of damage on himself.

New Monster in the Labyrinth of Chaos Fortress: Hookuai!

Hookuai and Cryotan have been friends for a long time. Both of them adore mass destruction, and always work well together. But when Cryotan was caught and imprisoned in the Fortress of Chaos, Hookuai was terribly disappointed. He never thought that his friend would be so weak as to fall into such a position. Now Hookuai is about to free Cryotan, but on one condition: in exchange for freedom, Cryotan is obligated to fight under the command of Hookuai.

This attacking fighter of the elements of water can cause very strong damage, as well as torment enemies, causing bleeding and sunburn, but it can become even more dangerous, giving itself accuracy, increased damage and protecting positive effects. And all these enhancements - in one move! Enemies cannot hide from his rage when he activates their reloads. In addition to his impressive skills, he has two properties: anticipation and invulnerability to control!

New Quest Monster: Mephisto!

Everyone in hell hates Saulot, but not because of his cruelty or bad manners - the inhabitants of hell have nothing against it. He is hated only because of his annoying dog - Mephisto. This is a fat lazy beast that walks everywhere, barks, bites everyone and makes fire drool. But no matter how they hate this stupid dog, no one dares to oppose him, because he is terribly strong ... and dangerous!

Mephisto - fire element tank with mega ridicule skills! It protects allies, and with suitable skills it can reduce the stamina of enemies. He also knows how to inflict various torments on enemies. Its property is a demon, which gives it strengthening and invulnerability to burning and ignition. In the battle with Mephisto you will need luck, because at the beginning of each battle he imposes a mega laugh.

The new monster in the Grand Prix race: Dr. Marihelson!

Dr. Marihelson left the house many years ago to spend some time in an abandoned war zone of the Great Water War. He was an expert on nuclear weapons and wanted to study how a seemingly mundane conflict between different groups of water monsters led to a nuclear battle. He planned to spend several months in this area, but interesting discoveries led to the fact that, as a result, his research dragged on for years.

Now he has returned home with a bunch of valuable data, but he has changed ... very much. Long-term radiation exposure and hermit lifestyle had a huge impact not only on his personality, but also on his appearance. Now Dr.Marihelson is completely different from the kind and beautiful monster he was when he went on his expedition.He has become a truly monstrous and terrible creature.

Dr. Marihelson is a monster of the control of the elements of darkness, able to paralyze and poison enemies, and also impose a curse on them. In addition, he has the skills to heal both allies and enemies, but he can apply reverse healing to enemies, so you can choose different strategies. Dr. Marihelson is endowed with the property of disgust, and at the beginning of each battle he makes himself invulnerable to freezing.


Narok was for many years a slave to Lord Mammoth and his tribe. Tired of hunting only in order to get food for feasts that Lord arranged, Narok convinced all the other monsters enslaved by the tribe to rebel against Lord Mammoth. The rebellion ended successfully, and now Narok freely lives alone in abandoned wastelands, where he hunts only for himself.

Narok loves to drain his victims before they finish them off. This is an attacking monster of the elements of the earth with the property of anticipation, which takes stamina from enemies. Before an attack, he can also remove positive effects from enemies and strengthen himself by doubling the damage done and giving himself additional moves! He is immune to paralysis and knows how to torture his victims in different ways.

New Beast in the Labyrinth of Synth Invasion: Silverleaf!

Silverleaf is one of the youngest and wisest spirits of the forest. He was just a young elf when he first saw the future in stone, which crowned his staff. He made several predictions that helped forest creatures prepare and repel dangerous invasions - for example, the Zizania invasion.

Silverleaf is a nature control monster that stops enemies by imposing an obsession on them. In addition, he can use some torment and debuff, as well as take stamina. Silverleaf also has several support skills, including regeneration and mirror skills. It has a developing property: at rank 0, it has a fortification, and at rank 3, it becomes an effect caster (invulnerability to area obsession).

New Elite Monster in the Synthesis Invasion Labyrinth: Zizania!

Since this monster of an alien origin appeared on earth, different teams of monsters have been trying to contain his deadly attacks. Every time someone manages to find a way to control Zizania, it changes its behavior and becomes even worse. Zizania is the first monster with a new piercing effect. Piercing allows attacks to penetrate through all protective effects, such as evasion, mirrors, shields, ridicule, area evasion, invulnerability to various elements, etc.

The debuffs, torment and vampiric abilities of this attacking elemental fighter deplete the health of opponents with incredible effectiveness. But that's not all: Zizania is also the first monster with a developing property: at rank 0, this is a fortification, at rank 1, invulnerability to stunning is added to rank, and at rank 3, Zizania also becomes an effect caster and can cast upon itself piercing effect at the beginning of the battle.

New Beast: Zorgon!

For many years, Hackster has been using encryption systems to protect valuable information about the strengths and weaknesses of each monster in the multiverse. His work guarantees balance in the battles, but he recently discovered an intruder in the system! And he is dangerous: this is Zorgon! Zorgon entered the database of monsters ... And now what? What can he do with this information? Himself using it or maybe ... selling it?

Zorgon is an attacking fighter of the elements of darkness with several key debuffs. He can apply the Hacked effect, which bypasses the invulnerability to obsession. He is also able to impose deprotection and blindness.Zorgon is an immediate mortal threat to beasts from the Mechanical Book: when he makes himself a hater, he deals them triple damage. Finally, he is immune to obsession, and at rank 3 he also becomes an effect caster, gaining area evasion at the start of each battle.

New quest monster: Madam Fusion!

Malair always hoped that when his daughter grew up, they would form the perfect team of magical villains. He could not have imagined that the daughter would grow up much more powerful than her father and simply would not want to fight on his side. Madam Fusion has always been an extremely ambitious monster and thought much more extensively.

She began visiting arenas, demonstrating her skills, and soon she was able to find the perfect partner: VoltaiK!But she was so attracted not so much by absolute compatibility as by her father’s hatred for the chosen one - she liked it the most! Initially, this alliance was exclusively strategic in nature, but little by little their relationship grew into something more. And no matter how mad Malair is, VoltaiK and Madam Fusion are now partners not only on the battlefield.

Madam Fusion is a monster supporting elemental magic with additional moves. It has a wide range of skills that allow you to remove the necessary positive and negative effects, disable the properties of enemies and make an additional move. In addition, she can restore the team’s energy without spending her own, give the allies invulnerability to blindness, and also protect them from activating reloads. This master of support, designed to complement the capabilities of other monsters with additional moves!

Madam Fusion has an evolving property: rank zero grants her the ability to strengthen. Reaching 1st rank, she gains the ability to apply effects, gaining the ability to evade at the beginning of each battle. 3rd rank expands its ability to apply effects, giving the ability to protect positive effects.

Monster Legends: Monster Guide Warmasters

New Warmaster Monster: Elvira!

Elvira was a guardian angel until she lost one of her wards - a good monster who fought against slavery in which other creatures languished. After this loss, she appeared in court, and she was sentenced to be deprived of wings and expelled from heaven. Having lost her wings and work, Elvira was crushed and devastated, but decided to do a good deed: to complete the mission begun by her ward. She trained day and night to become stronger and gain fighting skills in addition to her defense skills.

Thanks to her new skills, she managed to save the slaves from terrible oppression. She also stopped the enslavers who abducted the slaves. Her feat did not go unnoticed in heaven, and the angels decided to ask her to return. But when she regained her wings, something unexpected happened ... She became even stronger ... Stronger than ever ... She became unstoppable. Elvira became a kind of commander and master of all the angels, and without any struggle. All of them just felt her power.

Once, a baby demon was brought to heaven, and a heated debate erupted. On one side was Remiel, the guardian of the Gates of Paradise, who ardently objected to letting the baby stay.On the other side stood Ragnael, his right hand and assistant in everything, who himself had once been a demon, and tried to convince Remiel to give the baby a chance. "But it's not the same thing! You deserve your wings by making great efforts. The prophecy says that this baby is destined to become the Lord of Hell. If we allow him to stay, we will endanger everyone," said Remiel, trying to convince Ragnael.

But then Elvira entered into the argument: “Enough. Leave the demon to me. I will make sure that he becomes the most faithful angel of us all. I will train and protect him myself, and I don’t want to hear a word about it anymore.” That's how Elvira took the demon under her protection. He later became the fiery Warmaster Barbael and proved that Elvira was right: he is the most faithful of the angels. Over the long years during which Elvira and Barbael trained together, a strong bond arose between them that was understood only by the two of them.

Some angels looked at them with disapproval, who envied their close friendship, but no one ever dared to tell them anything directly, because they were Warmasters. Want to know why Elvira is so special? In battle, her exceptional talents are manifested: this Warmaster of the elements of light has a huge reserve of vitality and perfectly protects her team. She can give allies protection that will stop 50% of the damage done by enemies.

She can also apply the so-called photophobic shield, which stops all damage except damage from elemental abilities. In addition, it is capable of causing serious damage to enemies and causing them a sunburn. But what makes Elvira truly unique is its exclusive combat mechanics: At the start of the battle, it imposes a dodge effect on all its allies. It doesn’t matter how fast she or her enemies, because this effect is applied before the start of all moves! As a bonus, she gives allies invulnerability to blindness, and the accuracy of the effects directed at her is reduced by 35%.

New Warmaster Monster: Barbael!

The prophecy predicted that two brothers who are destined to become the most powerful demons in history will be born in the 3rd lunar month of this year. This was revealed to the Lords of Hell, but they did not know that the secret informant told the Lords of Paradise about the prophecy. On the night they were born, the Evil Legion messenger from Hell came to pick up the babies and take them to Hell, where they would be trained to rule them in the future. But he was taken aback by an angel who made his way from Paradise itself to prevent him from getting two demons ... otherwise Paradise would be in danger!

Hell's messenger hastily grabbed the babies and flew away, but the angel closely pursued him. He had almost caught up with the messenger, so he needed to figure out how to distract the pursuer. He threw one of the demon babies flying over the volcano, and the angel had to choose: either stop the messenger and prevent him from picking up his second child, or save the creature, which was facing imminent death. Guided by his moral principles, the angel stopped the chase. He ducked down and caught the baby at the last moment: his life was saved. But what now?

What did the angel do with one of the future kings of Hell? He took the baby to Paradise, and there they decided to raise him as one of his own. He was given the name Barbael, and he grew into a strong angel with the power of a demon, and demon blood flowed in his veins. Who would have thought that the demon would become the most valuable angel of the Lords of Paradise, the soldier leading the Legions of Good ... and the rival of the brother with whom he was separated, who became the legend of Hell: Barbatos.

Warmaster Barbael - the fastest fire control monster with a huge reserve of vitality! He also has a special property that gives him strength and enhances the damage done by all his allies! His skills are very impressive: He knows how to induce complete blindness like no other and does not allow enemies to use their properties, and can also impose torment effects, such as ignition and sunburn! Barbael will be one of the scariest opponents you can meet in battle.

New Warmaster Monster: Necromancer!

Necromancer was once an honorary professor at the Higher Academy of Magic. Extensive knowledge, excellent experimental skills and Warmaster status helped him become a leader. But it was suspicious experiments that caused dissatisfaction on the part of his associates. His research in the field of life and death allowed him not only to raise the dead, but also to manipulate them, which the Academy leadership considered too dangerous. When Necromancer appeared before the Council, he was urged to stop the sinister experiments.

Understanding perfectly the situation, he still could not stop on the threshold of great discoveries and was forced to leave the academy. This decision was not easy for both parties, since the Council clearly did not want to lose such an authoritative member of the community. Temporary difficulties did not stop the Necromancer, and he soon found himself a new haven. Count Count Vlad, a wealthy villain from Monstelvania, offered the Necromancer a whole wing in his castle without demanding anything in return. There he received complete freedom and was free to conduct any necessary experiments.

Warmaster could not refuse this offer and immediately moved to the ancient castle of Count Vlad, where he resumed his work. Of course, Count Vlad himself did not stay in the loser. No joke, Warmaster himself was in his house. Of course, false rumors immediately spread that Warmaster worked for the infamous count, but no one considered it necessary to refute them.

The Count himself believed that in response to his kindness towards Necromancer, he would be able from time to time to address his guest with one or another small request. Necromancer perfectly mastered the dark art of resurrection and unprecedented skills in this mystical sphere. Thanks to his vampire abilities, he can replenish his vitality, inflicting damage to enemies, and is also able to hold on to battle for a long time due to skillful dodging attacks. And the most interesting thing is that he can resurrect enemies, giving rise to the Obsessed, who die in one single move!

He can also resurrect one ally, granting him the ability to deal double damage and one additional turn! But that is not all: it is in his power to revive all allies! In addition, the status of Warmaster gives Necromancer completely special properties. Thanks to the abilities of the thief of additional moves and fortifications, he can reduce the accuracy of the effects of the effects on him by 35%. After that, its properties, acting in the region, take effect! All Necromancer allies gain invulnerability to obsession.

New Monster-Master of War: Gortak

Gortak used to be a warrior and hero of the miner gnomes. But when he left with the rest of the Warmasters, the Dwarves did not have a strong leader to follow. Warthak took this opportunity to torment and enslave them until they removed Atum from the bowels of the earth and made him their new leader. He saved them from Warthak and sent him into exile.

Years passed, and Warthak returned when peace reigned everywhere, and he was not expected at all. He returned with renewed vigor, learning how to attack Atum and his gnomes in order to defeat them without effort, and began to oppress them even more, avenging all the humiliations that he suffered after his defeat. But Warthak does not know that the Warmasters are returning to fight with the Titans, and ... Gortak has not forgotten the miners who are dear to his heart. He will not be happy at all when he finds out what Nemesis did with his friends.

The first Warmasters is a powerful attacking monster of the elements of the earth, which has a special property: it is invulnerable to control (paralysis, megaparalysis, freezing, megafrost, ordinary and exclusive obsessions), and besides, it gives all allies invulnerability to paralysis and megaparalysis! Yes, you understood correctly: the Gortak property works on the whole team!

Gortak is an attacking fighter out of control. He has very powerful attacks combined with shields and quicksand skills. But he can also help his teammates, making them uncontrollable and protecting them from Darkness. In addition, he can gain megaparalytic skills and control most of his enemies (if they have not died by that time)!

New Warmaster Monster: Babari!

Once upon a time, a wandering tribe of thunder elements was looking for a place to settle down and end their nomadic life. After many months of wandering, they found the perfect place: a mountain high and rocky, on top of which they could touch the clouds and cause severe thunderstorms! But the problem was that the mountain was not uninhabited. The monsters of the elements of water under the leadership of Frostbite and White Walker have lived there for many centuries, and they did not want to share their home or leave it ... So the war began.

Frostbite and White Walker had an advantage: they knew the mountain much better than any of the thunder elements warriors. For months, they created barriers and glaciers that prevented the tribe from climbing to the top of the mountain, but then the youngest warrior of the tribe decided to act on his own: his name was Babari.He stealthily approached the mountain, climbed to the top without making any noise, and caused a severe thunderstorm that instantly destroyed all barriers and glaciers - so quickly that the White Walker and Frostbite simply did not have time to react and erect new walls.

When they started trying, hundreds of soldiers were already running to the top of the mountain, and at this strategic point they were invincible. The monsters of the elements of water had no choice but to surrender and leave the mountain. Babari became a true tribe leader, something like a king. He built himself a palace in the clouds and founded a family. He was born a girl, Zyla, who inherited his father's military and strategic talents. But once, after many years of peaceful life, a new conflict began.

Warthak and his clan of dwarf chaos laid eyes on the mountain and set out to conquer it. To start the war, they hit Babari where it was most painful: they kidnapped Zyla, but on the same day Babari was called by the rest of the Warmasters to join the battle against the Titans. He had to make a difficult decision and entrust the salvation of his daughter and the protection of the mountain to his tribe, while he fought for an important cause - victory over the Titans. Babari and other Warmasters won this war. But the soldiers of the elements of thunder were not so lucky.

They managed to find Zyla, but when she saw that her father had not come to save her, she was so angry that she refused to go with them and joined Warthak. With Zyla on the enemy side, the thunder warriors had no chance of defeating Warthak. They lost their mountain and Babari Palace, which Zyla now owns alone. What new tricks do you think Babari returned from the war to defeat Warthak and his own daughter? And how will he be able to win Zyla's love and devotion again?

Babari is an attacking fighter of thunder elements with a property that acts over an area that makes his entire team immune to the effects of torment! To strengthen the defense, he imposes a mirror of damage at the beginning of the battle, and he also has the ability to mirror damage, but do not forget ... He is an attacking fighter, and he is very good! He has the skills of an extra move, which can cause blindness or block the property of the enemy. He is able to cause shock to opponents, causing them damage and preventing them from taking advantage of additional moves! His skills as a water hater and dealing thunder damage will simply evaporate the water monsters!

Monster Legends: Walkthrough Tips

How to increase the level of my monsters? To raise the level of your monsters to the maximum, you need to build Temples. Except for the legendary monsters for which there are no temples. Each element has its own temple, the cost of which varies. After buying a temple, they can be updated to allow the transfer of monsters to a higher level. If the monster has two different elements, it is necessary to renew both temples.

The maximum level of a monster in rarity. Depending on the type of monsters, their maximum levels may be different. Below are the levels for the various types of monsters:

Legendary monsters and their homes. Legendary monsters can live only in legendary dwellings, because ... they are legendary! If you have a legendary monster with two elements, it can only be placed in a legendary dwelling.

How to change the name of a monster? Changing the name of a monster is quite simple. Follow these steps to give your monster a truly legendary name!

I lost my monster. All monsters are stored on different servers, so this never happened. Most often, this is an accident when users sell monsters without looking at them. Be careful when touching the screen so that you do not accidentally initiate unwanted actions.

Why am I losing gold / food? Resources cannot disappear, because information about them is stored on a separate server. However, if other users defeat you in the Monster Arena, they may steal resources from your account. Using a shield can protect you from opponents. There are two types of shields that are described below:

Why am I losing diamonds? Information about diamonds and all other elements is stored on a separate server. Such precautions prevent the loss of this information. Check the stock and amount of resources to see if you have made any purchases for diamonds. Also be careful during quick touches, as this can lead to unwanted purchases.

To avoid unwanted purchases, it is recommended to enable the "Confirm purchases" option in the game settings (upper right corner of the screen). Here you can turn on and off the pop-up window asking you to confirm the purchase, which will warn you that you are going to spend diamonds.

Please note that a warning will only be shown for purchases worth 20 or more diamonds.

Where is my store? In the vault you can store homes, buildings, decorations and donated eggs. Storage can be found by following these steps:

  1. Click the Social icon (bottom left).
  2. You will see a list of social features. Click the Vault icon located between the Messages and Leaderboards.

What is a rune house? The rune house is a place where players can acquire, manufacture and transfer runes to their monsters. To get this building, your level must be at least 28. Runic house can also be updated, which allows players to use runes at higher levels. The maximum level of runes that can be purchased corresponds to the level of the Runic House. In the store you can purchase runes up to level 3 inclusive. Runes of a higher level can only be obtained in the process of their manufacture.

The maximum level of users. Currently, the maximum level that users can reach in Monster Legends is 100. If you get to this level, you are a terrific player!

Explanations for dwellings. A home is a place where monsters can live. Each dwelling has its own characteristics (the maximum number of monsters and gold that it can accommodate). These characteristics can be improved by upgrading the home to a higher level. You can only purchase level 1 housing and then upgrade it.It is impossible to immediately acquire a higher-level housing.

I won the match on the Map of Wanderings and did not receive Roulette! The roulette prize screen appears if you are playing for the first time in this part of the Travel Card or if you have improved your score by at least 2 stars compared to the previous passage of this level. It will not appear every time you play.

What are the Temples of the Guardians? Temples of the Guardians are sacred places where the Guardians live! In order for you to receive help from them, you must prove that you deserve their attention. You must complete certain tasks that they will give you before you can count on their help in your journey. Today your main island is surrounded by three Guardians:

How to increase the level of the Keepers of the Guardians? Each temple can receive up to 3 stars. Each star obtained for each temple, by a certain percentage enhances the effect of the special skills of the Guardian. To get more stars for the temples, you must activate the Guardians several times. You can see the number of activations required by clicking on the yellow information icon next to the star.

Where is my Komocat monster? The Komocat monster can only be obtained the first time you log in to your game account via Facebook from a mobile device or tablet. If you have already logged into your account in this way before the start of this promotion, you cannot get the Komocat monster.

How to expand the islands? The islands follow in a certain order; they cannot be bought at random. The first island you buy is always to the right of your main territory. The next ones go clockwise until the last two remain.Islands can be bought for gold or cash, and they have the following value:

Why can't I see the list of goals? Goals are used at the initial levels of the game to teach its basics. Upon reaching a certain level, the goals disappear, a list of achievements appears instead. Unfortunately, unfinished goals are not restored.

Why can't I build more homes? This is normal as you have reached the maximum number of dwellings for your level. To get a higher limit, you need to increase the level. If the limit is 80, it means that you have reached the maximum amount that will not increase, even if you raise the level.

I want to bring out a monster, but I’m not allowed to cross them together! Some elements cannot be mixed directly, as intended. You will have to use hybrids (monsters with more than one element).

What is the Round icon on the event screen? The Round icon now appears on the event screen. After the event is fully completed, you can start its passage again, and the icon will display the time you do it. Thus, you can collect more monsters and exchange them for cells!

Treasure cave

Treasure Cave is a new source of rewards where all players can enter once a day. Some of the most valuable rewards in the game (elementium, elemental cells, diamonds, pumped monsters, runes and high-level relics) are waiting for you there, but they will go to only the most brave and successful researchers.

How it works? The cave consists of a series of halls with treasures. In each room you can choose one of four doors. For each of them - an amazing prize that will be stored in your treasure box. At any time, you can leave the cave so that you no longer return to it that day, and take away everything that has accumulated in your treasure box. Or you can continue to move forward for larger rewards.

But be careful: some doors may have a death trap! If you fall into the trap, you can exit the cave, but all the loot in your treasure box will be lost. To help you along the way, every few rooms you will meet safe bonus rooms. There are no traps in them, and there you will find even larger rewards! If you are ready for this test, in halls 30, 60 and 95, incredible rewards are guaranteed to await you. Big rewards change every day.

Important! To explore the cave, you will need to have a version of the game XX and level 3 or higher.

Monster Legends: How to play after the update?

Live duel

Live dueling is the new competitive PvP (player versus player) mode in which you can fight in real time against other players. But there is one feature! This is the first feature in Monster Legends, for which you do not need to have any monsters in the collection, as you will be provided with monsters with which you will play! All you need is your skills.

Types of live duels. Live duels open at level 20. There are 2 types of live duels:

Classic duels:

Big duels:

The choice of monsters. To participate in live duels, you need to choose the monsters that you will play. This is the most important and key stage, because victory or defeat will depend on the chosen monsters - so choose them wisely. You will be given a number of monsters randomly selected from the reserve (the reserve is the same for all players). Monsters already have a set of skills and runes by default. But after choosing your team, you can change the skills and runes on any monster. If any monsters are unfamiliar to you, you can see their properties and skills by clicking on the "i" icon.

Tip: It is very important to have a balanced team with monsters that fulfill certain roles, for example: attacking fighter + attacking fighter + control monster or attacking fighter + attacking fighter + support monster. There are also many other combinations that you can try yourself.

New battle rules. To make the battles more fair and balanced, several new rules have been introduced:

Limitations The monster level set is 100, and the runes are 6. This cannot be changed. But monsters that have skills that open after level 100 will possess these skills even at level 100 - exclusively in live duels.

Awards. The longer your series of victories, the better rewards you will receive at the end of the duel.

Classic duels:

Big duels:


Monster Legends: Monsterwood

How can I see how I have progressed in completing the assignment? If you go to the tasks section, you will see the status of all started tasks on the "In progress" tab. If you started the task, it will be clearly indicated whether it is “Started” or “Completed”.

I completed the task, but it is still marked as "In Progress." What should I do? You need to directly contact either IronSource or TapResearch depending on the job.

I completed the task, and it is marked "Completed", but I did not receive a reward. What should I do? You need to contact IronSource customer support. They will provide the necessary assistance. Please note that they will not be able to help you with anything if your assignment is still marked “Started”. You will need to provide them with the following evidence:

Please note that sometimes it is not enough to provide evidence. Rewards are given only for completed tasks confirmed by the advertiser.

I completed several tasks in the same game, but received only 1 award. As shown before the start of the task, the task is valid only for new users. You will receive a reward for only one task. Repeated completion of a task that has already been completed in the past (even if it is again displayed as available in your task list) will not be counted as valid completion of the task, and you will not receive any rewards.

How do I know if I received an award for participating in a survey? When you successfully complete the survey, you will see a screen with thanks. You will then receive instructions to return to Monster Legends and restart the game, and when you find yourself on your islands again, a reward will be waiting for you. So, you need to follow these steps:

Why are there no polls available? Sometimes there may be no polls that are suitable for you. We advise you to return more often, as offers change all the time!

Monster Legends: Proper Avatar Customization

How do I get new player avatars? Some avatars can now be obtained when promoting the game. These avatars can only be obtained for promotion and achievements in the game. They will never be sold.

Also, avatars can be purchased for diamonds in the personalization section (coming soon!).

How to use?

Why does my avatar have a timer? Will I lose him? Yes. Some avatars are temporary. They have a timer so you can see how much time is left before they turn off. By receiving duplicate temporary avatars, you can extend the remaining time.

Monster Legends Team Battle Guide

Command battlefield. Overview.

Command battlefields are events in which one team competes with another and which are created on the basis of team wars, but add a new level of strategy and coordination between colleagues. Gather your army of monsters and join the battlefield!

Requirements. To participate in this event, you and your team need to meet certain requirements. To participate in the event, individual players must have a level of at least 40. The team must meet the following requirements:

Familiarization phase. The familiarization phase is the phase in which players can begin entering the main view of the event and learn about restrictions and rewards. This phase begins a few days before the start of the main event, so that the players have enough time to check compliance and preparation.

Note: It is important to remember that restrictions and rewards may change when the review phase ends. If teams from different categories are selected for the match, both teams will see restrictions and rewards corresponding to a higher category.

The phase of selecting opponents for matches. After the end of the familiarization phase, the event goes into the phase of selecting opponents for matches. This phase lasts from one to two hours. During this phase, players cannot leave the team and cannot be expelled from the team.

Defense phase. In the defense phase, team members need to communicate with each other to select the team’s overall strategy, determine where they will place their defense monsters, etc. During the defense phase, players and teams can earn points by filling defense cells in their battlefields. For each monster placed, both the player and the team earn 50 points, that is, a maximum of 150 points (50 points x 3 monsters) for each cell .. Each player in the team can place 5 defense cells. But in some situations, when the teams have a different number of participants, some players can get more defense cells to compensate for the smaller number of players in the team.

Important: Monsters placed in defense cells cannot be used for attack, so players and teams need to very carefully manage their monster armies. Pick up the defenders carefully!

Attack phase. In the attack phase, players must use the remaining monsters to break through the enemy’s defenses and destroy their battlefield.

Warning: at the end of the defense phase, all player monster lists will be frozen. This means that you can feed and pump them (as well as supply runes or relics), but these changes will not enter into force during the event, so make every effort so that when entering the attack phase your army is as good as possible.

As in the defense phase, each player in the team can perform 5 attacks. If the teams have a different number of participants, some players will be able to carry out additional attacks to compensate for the smaller number of players in the team. In this phase, players can earn points in the following three different ways:

Important: monsters sent to the attack will have exhaustion after the battle. Players will be able to use each monster in the attack phase only once. Before starting the attack phase, make sure that you have enough monsters to defeat your opponents.

Qualification. In this event, the team as a whole and individual players must achieve a minimum number of qualification points in order to receive rewards. This measure eliminates the inactivity of players joining teams throughout the event. Qualification points for individual players and teams are also calculated dynamically depending on the number of available cells.

For qualification, players and teams must make every possible effort to repel all attacks during defense and to carry out the greatest possible number of attacks. If you are inactive in the defense or attack phase, then before the end of the event it will be difficult for you to qualify.

Awards. At the end of the attack phase, the team with the most points will be declared the winner and they will have access to the most valuable rewards, and the losing team will have access to the less valuable rewards (but still quite good). In that (rare) case, if both teams earn the same number of points, they will both receive awards intended for the second-place team.

Rewards also vary depending on your current league. The higher your team’s league, the better your rewards. As a final reward in this event, you will receive a large number of military medals that could be earned only by winning many team wars! For military medals you can purchase exclusive content in the command store.

What are command battlefields? Command battlefields are a new event in which one team competes with another. It is very similar to team wars, but at the same time very different. There are 2 phases to this event: the defense phase, which lasts 2 days, and the attack phase, lasting 1 day. Teams try to defend their territories and attack the territory of the opposing team. The team with the most points at the end of the event wins.

How to win the battlefield event? Your team will win if you score more points than your opponent.

How are points scored? Your team will receive points for placing monsters on their battlefields for defense, for winning the battle when you attack, and for the successful outcome of defensive battles.

What is the difference between attack and defense phases? In the defense phase, your team members strategically place monsters on the battlefield. Considering that each battlefield has its own requirements (book, element), this phase lasts 2 days so that all members of your team have time to discuss the strategy. In the attack phase, you can send attack only monsters that are not placed on the defensive and meet the requirements of the territory you are attacking.

How do defensive battles take place? Your defensive team will behave as in survival mode. If you successfully repel the attack, in the next defensive battle, the monsters will have as much HP and energy as at the end of the previous battle.

Can I use a monster in defense to attack? Defending monsters are tied to defense cells, so you cannot use them in the attack phase.

Can I use my monsters assigned to defense in other parts of the game? When the defense phase ends, your monsters remain in a “frozen” state for the duration of the event, and all actions not related to it, such as feeding, equipping runes, relics, etc., do not affect them in any way. The monsters participating in this event can be freely used in any other parts of the game.

What happens if there is no defense on the battlefield? If you do not fill a single defense cell in the territory, it will be automatically destroyed when any other territory adjacent to it is destroyed.

Do we need to fill in all the cells on each battlefield? No, all cells are not required to be filled. It completely depends on the strategy you choose.

Can one player place more than 1 team on one battlefield as a defense? Yes it is possible.

What if I sell a monster after the defense phase? Can I still use it in the attack phase? Yes, when the defense phase ends, your monsters remain in a “frozen” state throughout the event, and all actions not related to it do not affect them in any way.

Which battlefield should we protect first? It completely depends on the strategy of your team. You can defend the entire battlefield equally or focus on defending areas closest to the enemy. Some players can only defend, while others only attack, etc. There are many different strategies that you can apply.

What is the order of attack on the battlefield? The attack is carried out from the center to the edge. Once you destroy one territory, you will be able to attack each adjacent territory.

How do restrictions in the attack phase work? The restrictions in the attack phase are the same as in the defense phase.

When can I see runes and relics? In the attack phase, before attacking an enemy cell, you can go to the pre-battle screen and see the equipment of enemy monsters.

Can I reuse monsters in the attack phase? When you use your monsters in the attack phase, they become "exhausted" and cannot be used until you "restore" them in exchange for game currency.

How long does the cooldown last until the next monster attack? There are currently no reloads for attacks. Your attacking teams can be used only once in the attack phase. But you can restore them if you run out of monsters for attack.

Monster Legends: Team Race Walkthrough

What is a team race? Team race is a special island where a group of teams selected for each other competes.All teams must complete as many laps as possible in order to receive more significant rewards. You and your teammates will need to complete tasks in order to advance at different stops on the track. After passing a certain number of stops, your team will complete the circle.

Each team must complete a certain number of laps in order to qualify and qualify for awards. If your team is qualified, it means that you are guaranteed to receive at least one award! You can see the list of awards by clicking the "Rewards" button in the lower left, while in the team race itself. The team that completed the most laps at the end of the event will receive the first prize!

When can I unlock a team race? You will be able to participate in the team race as soon as you join the team.So first you need to unlock the team zeppelin! The Zeppelin team opens upon reaching level 16 and can be repaired for gold. Repair takes 2 days.

There are not enough members in my team to complete a specific task! The game is aimed at ensuring that everyone joins teams or creates numerous teams, and all participate in race events together. Therefore, to complete some tasks many unique team members are required. (For example: 20 participants must collect 20,000 food). If you feel that your team is unable to complete such tasks, then you can:

So invite your friends and develop a strategy for the next race to win the best rewards!

What are qualifications circles and how do we get rewards? Each team must go through a certain number of laps in order to qualify and qualify for awards. If your team is qualified, it means that you are guaranteed to receive at least one award! If your team has not completed enough laps for qualification, a warning message will appear in the "Rewards" section. In addition, you can take a look at the “Team” tab to see a list of teams that have currently completed or have not qualified. At the end of the event, you can receive rewards depending on the final rating of your team.

What happens if I move to another team, leave it or get kicked out of the team? Leaving the team after the first half of the race will deprive you of the right to receive awards. This means that if the race lasts 10 days, and you change or leave the team after the 5th day, you will not receive a team award at the end of the event. But you can still help the other team that you joined advance in the race and get an individual prize if you qualify with your individual score.

Monster Legends: Secrets of Team Wars

Conducting matches. Until recently, the selection of opponents during matches was based only on trophies.This selection method was used, since the power of the monsters is not an accurate indicator of the real strength of the team, but the developers found that in some cases the matches were not complicated enough for all the teams. Therefore, the conduct of matches has been improved, and now various factors are taken into account depending on the position of the team so that you can always find suitable opponents for an exciting match.

What are team wars? Team wars (team zeppelin) is a function that allows you to join a team, gaining new allies, or create your own team. Together with friends you can fight against other teams from different parts of the world. You can receive rewards and accumulate battle points to unlock unique monsters!

How to open a zeppelin team? You can open a team zeppelin at level 16 and pump it using gold. It takes 2 days.

How to start a war? To start a war, follow these steps:

  1. Rebuild the team zeppelin.
  2. Create a team or join a team.
  3. To continue, it is necessary that the team has 10 members.
  4. When all requirements are met, click on the icon with the image of crossed swords in the lower left corner of the main Monster legends window (above the "Attack" icon). Then click the "Start War" button.

What is preparation day? Each member must collect at least 15 war coins. During the training day, players must select and grow their best monsters (which meet the requirements) and create their own defensive team.Level up your monsters, collect runes to prepare well for war! Watch your enemies and develop, together with your team members, a strategy that determines who to attack in order to increase the number of war coins collected by the team.

How to create a team / join a team? In order to create a team or join a team, you need to have a team zeppelin. It can be unlocked at level 16. After that you can create a team or join a team. When creating his team, the player must develop requirements for players who want to join you: The power of monsters, open / private group.

You can also ask your friends what their team is called, or join a team for which you can be useful.

What are war coins? War coins are the resources that your team receives for participating in a war. Having accumulated a certain amount of military coins, a player can purchase unique monsters in the store, and much more in future versions.

How to become a team leader? The leader of the team is the player who created it. A leader can transfer his title to another player.Also, any member of the team can become a joint leader. To do this, the player must send the leader a request.

Types of team members. There are 3 types of status of team members with a different set of privileges.

How to rename your profile? Before joining a team, select a profile name. You can change your name only once. The system will warn you about this before confirming the profile name. If you have not changed the profile name before, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper right corner of the window, click the "Settings" button.
  2. Next to the current profile name, you will see the "Edit" button.
  3. You can change the profile name only once, so choose a name carefully!

If this option is missing, then you cannot change the profile name.

I am in observer mode and cannot take part in team wars. Before starting a war, make sure that your team has the maximum number of combat-ready players. This should be a multiple of five: 10 against 10/15 against 15/20 against 20/25 against 25/30 against 30.

If the number of players in the team exceeds the norm, then the player who owns the weakest monsters becomes an observer. To always participate in the battles, you must raise the level of your monsters in time and pick up runes for them so that your monsters have maximum strength.

How many members must a team have to start a war? To start a war, a team must have at least 10 members. If there are enough players in the team, you can start searching for the opponent.

What is chat and how to find it? To open a chat, click the arrow in the left part of the window (above the social network button). Chat has two rooms:

How to remove a member from the team? Only a leader / co-leader can exclude a player from the team. There are no other ways. In the team zeppelin, select "My team", select the player and click "Exclude". If you are not a team leader, you can apply for leadership / joint leadership or contact the leader to exclude the player!

Why didn’t I get the bonus after the war? Players receive bonuses not after each battle, but after the end of the war. If the team lost all the battles or did not participate in the war at all, the members of such a team will not receive food and gold, but only battle points. (For example: food / gold units captured: 0 -> Bonuses accrued: 0).

Why didn’t I get the reward after winning the team war? If a victory message appears on the screen, it means the victory of your team. You may not have taken part in the war with your team, as the team already had enough players to take part. To always participate in the battles, you must raise the level of your monsters in time and pick up runes for them so that your monsters have maximum strength.

Can I choose the team that I want to fight against? You cannot independently choose a team with which you will fight. After you started the war, the system will automatically select the enemy for your team.

How to invite a friend to your team? Unfortunately, you cannot directly send a team invitation to a friend. However, you can tell your friends the name of the team you joined, and they can find it using the "Search for teams" feature in the team zeppelin.

Team rating. In addition to the power of monsters, the team’s rating is also determined by the number of earned war coins and the number of unique monsters. Together, all these values ??determine the team score and the team’s position in the world ranking.

On the global ranking screen, three icons indicate the status of the team’s position: stable, increase or decrease.

Monster Legends: Monster Lab Guide

What is a monster lab?

Monster Laboratory - a building built by Dr. Viktor and intended for the production of cells. You can use cells to:

The building unlocks when it reaches level 25, but to use it, it must first be repaired. The laboratory building can be upgraded to level 5. After each improvement, you can increase the rank of identical monsters to the level of the laboratory.

Improved monsters can evolve beyond normal limits. For example: The maximum level of an ordinary monster is 100, and an improved level is 130.

Why did the power of monsters fall? This can happen if you sold a monster or used a monster laboratory to extract cells from it. Of course, increasing the rank of monsters with the help of cells will increase the overall strength of the monsters, but will affect only those monsters that are on the island.

Unlocking the laboratory of monsters. Monster Lab will be available upon reaching level 25. But first, the building will need to be repaired by paying with gold or diamonds.

Improvement of the laboratory of monsters. The Beast Laboratory was secretly built by Dr. Viktor. The building is equipped with unique technologies, so only the evil genius has the resources to build it. The building can be improved using the "Improve" button. In order to be able to increase the rank of monsters, you must first improve this building. For example: If the laboratory is improved to the fourth level, you can only increase the rank of monsters to this level. To further increase the rank, you will need to upgrade the building to the fifth level.

Why can't I extract cells from a monster? Dr.Viktor knows exactly what he wants. He will allow to extract cells from the monster only if there are several identical monsters on the island. You cannot extract cells from a single specimen, which Dr. will tell you about. Viktor.

The repository of monsters. Storage - Department of Dr. Viktor, which contains information about the number of cells collected. If you have collected enough cells for a certain monster, you can:

Creating monsters in the laboratory. The Beast Creation Department in the lab can be unlocked at level 20. With it, you can use cells from the vault to create monsters from scratch (and you won’t need to pair them for this). Once you have collected at least 100 cells of a certain monster, you can use the manufacturing chambers to create the monster. These cameras work in much the same way as the extraction cameras that you already use.

If you do not have enough cells to create a monster, you can use part of the elementium cell to compensate for the missing number! But keep in mind that to use an elementium cell you need to have at least 80 regular cells. For instance:

Monster Lab Store. In this section of the laboratory, you can buy cells directly from Dr. Viktor. Check back here from time to time for new offers.

Extract cells from monsters. Sometimes it happens that you bring out a monster that you already have. Instead of selling it for gold, you can extract cells from the monster in the Dr. Viktor. The higher the level of the monster, the more cells you get. The higher the rarity and level, the slower the extraction process will go. Thus, you can increase the rank of the main monsters for future battles.

Camera rental. The first camera is always available for use for free. If she is busy, you can rent other cameras for the time required to extract cells / increase rank.

Raising the rank of a monster. In the laboratory of Dr. Viktor has a promotion department. Here you can use the accumulated cells to improve monsters in excess of the maximum level. For example: The maximum level of an ordinary monster is 100, and the improved one is 130. For each subsequent rank, you will need to spend more cells. Maximum number of ranks: 5.

How to get more cells? Improving the monsters, you will need more and more cells to reach the maximum level. You can get cells:

  1. Using the extraction department in the lab.
  2. Passing special dungeon events.
  3. Winning them at roulette after defeating another player.
  4. Buying them at Dr. Viktor.

Extract cells from monsters with equipped runes. Dr.Viktor took care of everything. Runes can be removed with its special tool. The extracted runes will automatically appear in the rune building, where you can use them again.

Common monster cells and cells for each monster. Each cell refers to a specific monster. For example: Pandalf can be improved only with the help of its cells. You cannot use any other cells to improve it. If you can get some elementium cells, they can be used together with monster cells! Elementium cells are a special type of cell that can be used to create or increase the rank of any monster!

Can cells be bought for gold, diamonds or real money? Cells can be obtained in the following ways:

How many cells will I get for extracting them from the monster? The amount depends on the level of the monster and its rank. When you go to the extraction screen, you will see the exact number of cells that you will receive after the process is completed.

What kind of monsters can I improve? All. You can improve every monster from the ordinary to the legendary. You will need to collect the required number of cells for each monster, but they can only be improved to the fifth rank.

What maximum level can monsters improved in the laboratory reach? In the monster lab, can you increase the rank of the monster to a maximum of fifth rank? Based on the rarity of the monster, the maximum level will be:






Why can't I use only elementium cells to create a new monster? During the experiments, Dr. Viktor found out that the elementium cell has special properties, but does not carry "information" about a particular monster. Therefore, to create a monster, it is necessary to have mainly its cells, and if you do not have enough of them, you can use elementium cells as a replacement. Still have questions? Try asking them Dr. Viktor!

What are elementium cells? Elementium cells are a special type of cell. You can get them as rewards for game events and battles, like ordinary cells, but remember that elementium is very rare! They can be used to create and improve any monster.

If you do not have enough cells to create a monster, you can use part of the elementium cell to compensate for the missing number! But keep in mind that in order to use elementium cells you need to have at least 80 regular cells.For instance:

You can use elementium cells to increase the rank in any quantity without restrictions. If you lack 2 cells, 25 cells, or even if you do not have cells of this monster at all, you can replace them with elementium cells.

Beast Cell Donation

Donations of cells allow members of the same team to exchange monster cells with each other. You can both receive and donate cells. Here's how to do it:

1. To ask. Using team chat, members of one team can ask them to send cells of any type that is already in the store. There are restrictions on the level of the player. Remember that some time should pass before re-requesting cells.

2. Donate. Players who have a sufficient number of cells of the requested type can share them with the ally who sent the request. The number of cells sent depends on your level and rarity of cells. Each time you touch the Donate button, you send one cell to an ally. For each donation you will receive gifts (experience points, gold and military coins that you can spend on cells of legendary quality).

Restrictions: Only players who repaired the laboratory of monsters can donate cells. A few hours must elapse before submitting a second donation request. Members who have just joined the team will not be able to send requests for help within the first few hours.

What are elemental cells? Each element in the game corresponds to the cells of the same element. There are 9 of them:

Elemental cells can be used for pumping or to create monsters in the laboratory of the corresponding element.

Is it possible to extract elemental cells from other monsters besides legendary ones? No, elemental cells can only be extracted from legendary monsters.

How to get the cells of the elements? Elemental cells can be extracted from legendary monsters. When extracting cells from a monster, you can select monster cells or cells of its element. You cannot extract both. Elemental cells are also found in some chests and are given as rewards for various game events.

How to pump or create monsters using elemental cells?

Creature. When you collect enough cells from a specific monster, you can use the camera in the laboratory to start creating the egg. And if the cells of this monster are not enough, you can use elements or elemental cells to replace them!

Important: If you do not yet have the monster that you want to create, you will need at least 80 ordinary cells before you can use elementium or elemental cells. For example, to create a monster of the elements of water, you can take the cells of this monster, and the cells of the elements of water. If you already have the desired monster and you want to create the second one, you can use any number of elements or element cells. You can choose only elementium or only cells of the required element, you can not mix them to make up for the missing cells.

Leveling up. To pump a monster using the cells of its element, it also requires a minimum number of cells of this monster. Only then can you use the cells of the elements to make up for the missing. Please note that these rules are valid from 1st to 5th rank. Example: to pump a monster of the elements of the earth from 2nd to 3rd rank, you will need a minimum number of cells of this monster, and then you can make up for the elements of the earth that are missing with cells (cells of other elements, for example, fire, will not work).

Is it possible to give cells of elements? Since the cells of the elements and elements are of great value, they can not be requested as a gift or give.

Where to find your elemental cells? They can be found in the laboratory vault. You can apply an element filter; rarity filter cannot be applied.

Monster Legends: PvP Guide

Seasons and leagues. The multiplayer mode is divided into seasons, and each season lasts a limited time. During each season, your goal is to rise to the top positions of the league, fighting in battles and gaining as many victories as possible. Victories will bring you trophies that will allow you to advance to the best leagues. By collecting a certain number of trophies, your rating will increase and you will be transferred to the next league this season. The higher the league, the better the rewards! You will receive your rewards at the end of each season.

Leagues. There are the League of Beginners, Bronze I, II, III, Silver I, II, III, Gold I, II, III, Legendary.

Legendary league. To enter the major leagues, you need to meet the requirements for both trophies and world rankings. Players in the Legendary leagues will start each season with the same number of trophies, i.e. progress will be reset to the threshold of entering the league.

Promotion up / down in leagues. During the season, you can automatically increase or decrease in relation to your current league, depending on your trophies. Each league requires a certain number of trophies. Therefore, when you collect a certain number of trophies, you will be transferred to a higher league, and if you lose a certain number of trophies, you will be transferred to a lower league.

Trophies. Trophies reflect the player’s strength in PVP and help other players know if there is a chance to win by attacking. You get trophies when you make an attack and win, as well as for the revenge that you started or for a defensive battle. Trophies can be lost as follows:

In major leagues, trophies are discarded at the beginning of the season, so that all players in the league start with the same amount.

Shield. When you lose in battle, an automatic shield fires. When the shield is on, other players cannot challenge you to battle, and you cannot lose trophies. Over time, the shield dissipates or shuts off when you attack another player.

Why am I in the No League category? At the beginning of each season, all players are placed in the “No League” category. When you qualify (making the first attack in the new season), you start in the league in which you were at the end of the previous season. If this is your first time in the arena, you will be in the Beginners League.

Why am I now in a different league? When you collect the necessary number of trophies, you will instantly be transferred to a higher league. The opposite can also happen: if you lose too many trophies, you will be transferred to a lower league.

What is the difference between attacking and defensive teams? The attacking team is designed to challenge other players. You can change its composition at any time before the start of fights. A defensive team is automatically used when another player challenges you. Carefully choose the monsters for the defensive team, because they will protect your trophies!

When will I receive my rewards? You can collect your rewards at the end of each season.

Monster Legends: Relics (wiki)

What are relics? Relics are powerful items that can equip your monsters. Ingenica created them in the forge, where they are stored. Relics can be unlocked upon reaching level 30. There are 9 categories (or types) of relics. Relics have 4 levels of rarity (bronze, silver, gold and diamond), and they can be combined to increase their level. Each relic has a passive ability called perk.

Perks and types of perks. Relics will add abilities to your monsters - the so-called perks. Each relic has one or two perks that will help the monster in battle. Perks are passive abilities that trigger when certain conditions are reached before or during battle. These conditions are always indicated in the description of the relic or perk.

Categories. There are 9 categories of relics:

Each monster has 1 cell (ordinary, unusual) or 2 cells (rare, epic, legendary) for relics, and each cell is designed for a certain category of relics (for example, The Keeper has one cell for the amulet and another for the staff).

Levels of rarity. The rarity level of each relic is indicated by a special color so that its value can be easily determined.

Raise the level of relics. Relic level improves perk stats. The maximum level depends on the rarity of the relic, as shown below:

How can I increase the level of relics? To increase the level of relics, you need to collect enough relic experience points. This can be done by merging relics. Merging is like making runes. Remember that the relics you use to merge will disappear forever. You can merge any relics together, and you are guaranteed to get relic experience points. The higher the relic class, the more points you get. When merging the same relics, you will receive bonus experience points.

Relic System Improvements Awaiting You

Now you can make relics. You can donate relics of any quality (even mixed ones) to get the one you need. Most relics can be made by sacrificing other relics. Here is a short list of exclusive relics that cannot be made. Over time, the list will be updated.

Exclusive Relics:

The reliquary has been improved by adding the following features:

An autofill system has been developed that will quickly select relics for you until the bar for creating or increasing the level is filled. You will be able to block your favorite relics, so as not to select them by mistake on the manufacturing or level-up screens. The relics used for equipment will be marked in the Monstagram, and you can see which monster they equipped by looking at the information about the relic.

Monster Legends: How to Protect Your Account

How to save your account? It is recommended to link your game account to your Facebook or Google Play account (available only for Android), as this will allow you to save all the data in your profile and transfer the game to other devices if you buy a new one or (in the worst case) lose your device.

Facebook (for iOS devices):

  1. Click on the "Settings" button (in the upper right corner).
  2. Click on the "Connect" button.
  3. Your Facebook account will appear by default as the first option. Select your account and click "Sign In".
  4. Enter your Facebook account credentials and click Continue. Your game account has now been saved and linked to your Facebook account!

Facebook and Google Play (for Android devices):

  1. Click on the "Settings" button (in the upper right corner).
  2. Under "Account Link" you will see the Facebook and Google Play buttons.
  3. Choose Facebook or Google Play.
  4. Enter your Facebook or Google Play account credentials and continue. Now your account is saved and tied to your chosen account!

How to get my user id? To get a user ID, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Settings" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. In the center of this page you will find your user ID (this number).

This identifier will help the support team respond to your request much faster.

Do not share your credentials with anyone! Never share any personal data, passwords or credit card information with anyone. The CS team never requests such information.

Can I restart the game (start over)? The game does not have a "reset" function inside the game. Keep in mind that after resetting the account (after choosing the wrong account when connecting the game to Facebook) there is no way to return the game to its previous state.

How to transfer all my achievements and promotion to another device?

There is a way to transfer your data to another device, but this requires that your game be connected to your Facebook account.

Facebook (for iOS devices):

  1. Download the game to your device.
  2. When you open the game for the first time, a pop-up window will appear asking you to connect to Facebook. Accept the request and complete the training.

If you mistakenly rejected the request, do not worry: there is another way. Just complete the training, and then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Settings" button (in the upper right corner).
  2. Click on the "Connect" button.
  3. Select "Receive." (Note: if you have already played Monster Legends, you will not receive the indicated items, since you need to be a new player for this).
  4. Your Facebook account will appear by default as the first option. Select your account and click Continue with FB Progress.
  5. Please be careful not to make a mistake when choosing an account. For example, the second option is an account of only the 2nd level, and, as the application advises you, this is not recommended !!!
  6. If you accidentally choose a low level account, the application will warn you. Click "No" to sign out, and then select your Facebook account.

Facebook and Google Play (for Android devices):

  1. Download the game to your device.
  2. When you open the game for the first time, you will need to complete the training, and then go to the "Settings" section (in the upper right corner).
  3. Under "Account Linking" you will see the Facebook and Google Play buttons, as well as the "Change Player" button.
  4. Click on "Change Player" and select Facebook or Google Play, depending on which of these accounts you previously linked the game account.
  5. Please be careful not to make a mistake when choosing an account, and carefully read the messages in the pop-up windows after choosing the method of linking the account.
  6. Select your account and confirm to download the progress.
Remember that when you reset your account, progress is lost without the possibility of recovery.

Can I transfer my game from my Facebook account to another Facebook account? Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer a game from one account to another.

Why can't I receive or send a gift to my friends? This problem can sometimes occur between game servers and Facebook servers. When the game connects to Facebook, it is recommended to go to the PC and follow these steps:

1. Clear the query list. Remember that the capacity of the Message Center is 50 requests and after reaching this level new requests do not arrive. It is also important to know that the request expires in 24 hours and that if you accept them after this time, you will not be able to receive the item that they contained. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

2. Clear your cache and cookies in your browser and FlashPlayer. Many download problems can be resolved by clearing the cache and cookies in the browser and Flash Player.

Why are my friends not showing up on the list? When connecting the game to Facebook, you could choose the option not to exchange information with the game. In this case, the game cannot get your friends list and add them to the game. Since Facebook is constantly changing these settings, it’s best to contact them directly and find out how to change this setting. If you see some, but not all, of your friends in the game, turn to the above question, “Why can't I receive or send gifts to my friends?”. Before sending a request for help, try the recommended actions there.