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MORTAL KOMBAT MOBILE is an Android game with a release date of 05/04/2015 from Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Characters & Maps
  2. Battle Basics
  3. Game Modes Features
  4. Tower Guide
  5. Faction War
  6. A Beginner’s Guide

Mortal Kombat Mobile: Characters & Maps

Character type. There are six main types of characters in Mortal Kombat Mobile: martial artists, special forces, people from the Underworld, representatives of the Outside World, elder gods and nomads. Some profiles can affect a certain type, giving different bonuses to these characters in your squad.

Feats. The gold and diamond character cards in your collection can now showcase their fighting skills using unique custom abilities. These abilities will be available when completing certain tasks in the game.

Character cards. Character cards represent fighters that can be fought. Depending on the strength, the cards are bronze, silver, gold or diamond. Each character has its own attack, health, stamina, healing and power charge, growing with each level. Flip the cards over to reveal special moves, equipment, support, and character profiles. Cards can be connected, increasing their performance.

Support cards. Support cards increase the power of a certain technique, health, or the accumulation of character power. The cards are activated after purchase. Having received a support card, you can view it in the "Support Cards" section of your collection or in the "Support Cards" section of your character card, if it is tied to it. Cards can be connected to increase the bonus they provide.

Equipment cards. Equipment cards are used to improve the performance and skills of characters. When these cards are applied to a character, they will appear on his back. There are three types of equipment cards: weapons, armor, accessories. A character can have one piece of equipment of each type. Equipment has a numerical indicator of rarity and strength. Cards can be connected to increase the bonuses they provide.

Upgrade cards. Upgrade cards help enhance the character’s special moves. Upgrade cards correlate with the character’s rank (bronze, silver, gold, diamond) and with the type of character’s special move (Special 1, Special 2, Special 3, X-ray attack or fatal blow). Some upgrade cards can also level up the character.

Special receptions. Powerful moves that each character performs during battle. Details about special moves are indicated on the back of the card, and they can also be improved there. You can increase the power of special moves using upgrade cards or coins.

Profiles. Every character in the game has a passive skill called a profile. A profile gives the character a number of boosts or special skills.

Merging. Most of the cards in Mortal Kombat X can be connected to increase their strength. Merging occurs when a duplicate card is purchased. Composite cards are much stronger than their regular versions.

Mortal Kombat Mobile: Battle Basics

The composition of the detachments. There are three squads you can create in Mortal Kombat Mobile. Each squad can be changed in the edit screen. Units are automatically saved with characters in the slots they were in when exiting the edit screen.

Attack. Attack - damage inflicted by the character to the enemy. Attack indicators grow with the increase in the character’s level or when they use the corresponding support cards and equipment.

Health. Health - how much damage a character can withstand during a battle. Health indicators grow with the increase in the character’s level or when they use the appropriate support cards and equipment.

Treatment. Healing - how much health is restored over time. Healing rates increase with the level of the character or with the use of the corresponding support cards and equipment.

Persistence. Fortitude affects the damage that a character takes when attacking an enemy. Toughness indicators grow with the increase in the character’s level or when they use the corresponding support cards and equipment.

Power charge. Power Charge is the amount of power accumulated by a fighter. Power is used to carry out special moves in combat. Strength charge indicators grow with the increase in the character’s level or when they use the corresponding support cards and equipment.

Energy. Fighters need energy to participate in combat. Each character has its own energy scale for each battle. Some fights require more energy than others. Over time, the energy self-replenishes. Alternatively, low energy levels can be restored using the soul.

Battle effects. Certain hits in Mortal Kombat Mobile apply temporary beneficial or adverse effects to characters.

What battle effects are there in MK Mobile? Effect list:

Team synergy. Update 2.0 introduces team dynamics. These cards have passive abilities known as Disciplines that benefit other members of their team when used in conjunction with one another. Most of these teams also get bonuses against the other team, making them stronger against certain enemies, however there is a team that gets bonuses against them!

Mortal Kombat Mobile: Game Modes Features

Test mode. Trials appear for a limited time and provide an opportunity to get a character with unique abilities. To do this, you need to complete all towers in challenge mode before the event ends.

Towers with a guest character. In some towers, a guest character can join you in battle mode. It can be used to traverse the entire tower, so think about your squad accordingly.

Shao Kahn’s tower. This tower is the only place where players can earn the talent points needed to develop the Talent Tree.

Relic hunt. To resurrect Shao Kahn and add him to your collection, you need to collect spirit shards. They can be found in Shao Kahn’s Tower and during the Time-limited Relic Hunt. During the hunt, you will choose one team of characters for each of the five towers. The damage they take will carry over to the next battle. The passage in the towers is difficult. Complete the battle in the tower and you will earn coins, souls, spirit fragments and other rewards. Once you have collected enough fragments, you can resurrect and unlock Shao Kahn.

Network tournaments. You can choose to pass various network tournaments against the opposing squads. If you exit the tournament, all of your progress will be lost, so before entering a battle, prepare for the fact that you will have to fight several times.

Fractions. You can join one of the factions and fight as part of it. The leaderboard is different for each faction. Every week, all members of the faction, depending on their rank, are given a reward. You can change your faction at any time, although this will affect your position on the leaderboard.

Daily tasks. Every day you can complete daily tasks and receive additional coins for them. To complete daily quests, you need to complete certain tasks during and outside the battle. You will receive an additional reward if you complete all daily tasks in the allotted day.

Quest mode. Players select characters from their collection and send them on missions of varying duration. Quests have conditions that the fighters must meet. Characters sent on a mission are not available for other game modes, with the exception of Faction Wars. Upon the return of the characters, players receive rewards based on the conditions / difficulty of the tasks.

Season goals. Earn your Battle Rating in Faction Wars by reaching your Season Objectives. You will receive Blood Rubies and Coins. There are only six goals in the season. Objectives are reset each season, depending on the Battle Rating.

Bloody rubies. Blood Rubies can be obtained by playing Faction Wars. At the end of each season, you can earn Blood Rubies by spending exclusive cards in the new Faction Wars Store. Blood Rubies can also be obtained by completing Season Objectives. Unused Blood Rubies are transferred from season to season.

Great feats. Feats of Strength not only give you stylish badges, victory stances, titles, and more, but they also unlock constant stat boosts for your gold and diamond characters. Each character has different skills that he can use. Follow the chain of necessary actions to unlock the next levels and new skills.

Mortal Kombat Mobile: Tower Guide

What are towers? Towers consist of several battles. The difficulty increases with each subsequent battle. These are usually single player battles found in Battle Mode (single player) or in Mortal Kombat Mobile special events. Towers are of the following types:

  1. Battle mode (one player);
  2. Shao Kahn Tower;
  3. Event towers.

Event towers. From time to time, a special event tower appears in Mortal Kombat Mobile, which is available for a limited time and provides exclusive rewards. This Halloween-themed tower is available as part of the Tower of Terror event! Like Shao Kahn’s Tower, event towers consist of many challenging battles (usually up to 200). Every 8 hours, you will have 3 attempts, and you can refresh your attempts by spending souls.

Pay attention to the timer on the event tower screen in the main menu, which shows how much is left until your next attempt is updated.

Just like in Shao Kahn’s Tower, your squad should consist of 3 characters from your collection. You can pre-assemble up to 3 units that will be available for battles. Click on the Change Squad button to select the characters for the current squad. For the successful completion of all battles in the event tower, you will receive a special character card. You can study the detailed information about the character card in the description of the specific tower of the event!

Please note that once you have successfully completed all the battles in the event tower, it will be reset and you can fight again and receive exclusive rewards. Looking to get a boost to progress through the current event tower? Visit the in-game store for special offers to help you during battles!

Shao Kahn’s tower. Shao Kahn’s Tower consists of 100 battles. Each successful completion of a battle in this tower will be rewarded with talent points and sometimes shards of Shao Kahn’s spirit. Shao Kahn’s Tower is a great way to collect his Spirit Shards without participating in the Relic Hunt event. In Shao Kahn’s Tower, your squad should consist of 3 characters from your collection. You can pre-assemble up to 3 units that will be available for battles. Click on the "Change squad" button to select the characters for the current squad. Every 24 hours you will have 3 attempts to fight in Shao Kahn’s Tower. After these attempts are used up, you can upgrade your attempts up to 2 times, spending souls.

How can I use Shao Kahn’s Tower talent points? Talent points can be used by clicking on the "Talents" button. Direct them to improve the attack, defense and support of your squad. Please note that you can only get talent points for the first 100 battles in Shao Kahn’s Tower. After you successfully complete the first 100 battles, the tower will be dropped, but from that point on, talent points will no longer be included in victory rewards.

Can I resurrect Shao Kahn in Shao Kahn’s Tower? No. You can only resurrect or combine Shao Kahn’s cards during the Relic Hunt event. These events are available for a limited time and appear randomly several times a year. Stay tuned for incoming messages to receive official news of these events!

Tower of Terror. Fight in the Tower of Terror for exclusive gear and Diamond Cabal from the Black Dragon as you progress through this tower! Earn Diamond Cabal from Black Dragon every time you complete all 200 tower battles. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, you will be able to earn a reward and a chance to get a card for Halloween equipment.

New Halloween-themed Gear Cards provide incredible bonuses to level up and build a top-notch squad. Cheat death by equipping the new epic Walking Dead armor, which gives you temporary invulnerability and 100% unblockable basic attacks! And the new epic equipment "Screaming Spirit" drains the strength of your opponent when he enters the battle. Want to get a boost? Equip your fighters with new gear from the Tower of Terror! The Tower of Terror event will be available until December.

Mortal Kombat Mobile: Faction War

Lead your team to glory in a series of battles in which the health of your fighters from previous battles will be transferred to the next. Overcome difficulties to earn extra Battle Points, achieve victory, and take first place on the leaderboard. Consumables are now available in the Faction War Store to help your team succeed, as well as a new Faction War Survivor Support Card and Daily Quests.

What are Faction Wars? Faction Wars is a PvP mode in Mortal Kombat Mobile. In this mode, you can fight the AI versions of the player’s real team. Compete regularly to climb the leaderboard of your faction and win great rewards.

What does the choice of faction give? Faction selection alters the list of players you compete with for leadership positions and also allows you to contribute war points to your faction. War points affect the rank of your faction in comparison to other factions. When the weekly network event ends, higher ranked factions will receive bonus rewards.

When will I receive my awards? You will receive your rewards for participating in the Faction Wars via an inbox at the end of the current tournament. You can see how long the current tournament will last on the main menu screen on the "Multiplayer Faction Wars" banner.

Will I only receive rewards if my faction wins? No, you will also receive rewards based on your position on your faction’s leaderboards.

How to change faction? You can change your faction by going to Menu - Profile - Change Faction. On consoles, you can change it by visiting the "Faction" section in the main menu and selecting "Change Faction".

Please note that changing factions can affect your position on the leaderboards and the rewards you receive.

Can I belong to different factions on mobile and console? Yes, you can belong to different factions on different devices. When you first log into a WBPlay account on a console or mobile device and it has already been associated with a faction on another platform, you can select "No" when asked about factions to use each platform separately.

Mortal Kombat Mobile: A Beginner’s Guide

Gameplay. The gameplay is a mix of a fighting game and a turn based card game. The player has cards of characters, equipment, weapons, special moves, and so on. By participating in 3v3 team battles, against computer opponents or against opponents based on the characters of other players, you can pump character cards, getting new levels, special attacks and improving their abilities. The game includes characters from the console version of the roster, as well as exclusive characters created specifically for the mobile version.

X-Ray attacks and Fatalities are also included in the game, but with restrictions. Fatalities are only available for certain characters in certain towers, and X-Ray can only be produced by "golden characters". To pump your character cards and get money and souls, you can go through towers or participate in online battles against the cards of other players in the battle of factions. All opponent’s cards are controlled by artificial intelligence. There are four types of character cards: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond, with different variations and costumes.

Modes and maps. The game has several modes and several maps. For example, Shao Kahn’s Tower, for which the player increases the level and skills of the characters. At about the 80th battle, the player receives shards of souls, for which you can buy a card in the "Hunt for Relics" after passing the card, which gives access to Shao Kahn himself.

How can I merge cards in MK Mobile? Merging occurs when you receive a duplicate card. You can get new cards through challenges, single player, online tournaments, card packs, or by purchasing a card directly through the store. If you purchased the card from a store, the merge will happen automatically. Otherwise, you can discard the card after receiving a second copy. To do this, you need to open the collection of cards and click on the card to view it.

How can I receive Seasonal Rewards for participating in online events on MK Mobile? After the Seasonal Rewards have been sent out, you can claim the rewards by clicking on the NetherRealm logo in the lower left corner of the main screen. This will open the notification panel where you can claim your rewards. The distribution of rewards may take up to 48 hours after the end of the season. If you have not received your reward after 48 hours, or if you think the reward does not match your performance, please contact WB Games Support.

In-game currency. Mortal Kombat Mobile uses coins and souls for purchases. Coins can be obtained in a variety of ways, including fighting in battles and completing daily tasks. Souls are awarded for passing towers, they are rarer and more valuable than coins.

Player name. Your name as seen by other players on your Player Unit during multiplayer. The player’s name can be changed at any time.

Player module. Your player module displays your banner, player name, and account level.

How do I change my profile name in MK Mobile? Your player name is how other players will identify you. You can change the name by going to Menu - Profile - Profile Name.

Talent tree. The talent tree is the only way to improve an entire player’s account at once. To do this, you need to earn talent points in Shao Kahn’s Tower and spend them in the Talent Tree.

I do not receive my daily MK Mobile login bonus. If you do not receive your daily login bonus, please try closing the game and reopening it. This can usually be done by double-clicking the Home button, but this action may differ depending on your device. After the list of open applications is displayed, remove the game from the screen to close it.

If you still don’t see the daily login bonus, please make sure your date and time are correct. Please note that setting the date or time to something other than the actual time may cause problems with daily login bonuses. If you have set an incorrect date and time, then the correct setting of these parameters should correct the error with not received bonuses.

You should also make sure that this device is the only one on which you use your WBPlay account to log into the game.

I was unable to claim my rewards at the end of the Mortal Kombat Mobile Online Event season. It may take up to 48 hours after the end of an online event season before rewards are sent to all participants. This time allows developers to calculate rewards and make sure everyone gets what they earn.

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