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Walkthrough My Coffee Shop Dreams Restaurant: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MY COFFEE - DREAM RESTAURANT - an Android game with the release date 02.24.2015 from the company Melsoft Games. Game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Questions from beginners
  2. Cafe staff
  3. Recipes and Orders
  4. Visitors and Stories
  5. Game Resources and Experience
  6. Equipment and interior
  7. Town
  8. Festival
  9. Subscriptions, prestigious towns and honorary citizens of the town
  10. Technical issues
  11. Payments and Billing
  12. Proper Account Setup

My coffee shop: Questions from beginners

Where can I find suits for workers? To buy a costume, you need to click on any employee of the coffee shop, select "Let’s change your appearance", then select the "Costumes" tab.

How to cook "Raspberry Summer Cake"? Below you can see the recipe "Raspberry Summer Cake".

To cook it, grab each of the ingredients in your hand, and then give the fully assembled recipe to the visitor.

I did not receive diamonds for the 5th order of Yana. After Jana’s 5 order, a reward of 15 diamonds is awarded to you before you see a congratulatory message from Jana. Therefore, it seems that they were not charged, but in fact, everything is fine. Look at the changes in diamonds before her congratulatory window.

The progress in the festival quest does not count! Exit the game completely and log in again. See if progress counts. If progress is not counted, contact support. In the appeal indicate:

If you do not want to wait for a response from the support service, cancel the task and write a request to the developers - they will check if the resources really were not counted and can compensate you for canceling the task. Such situations can happen in the first minutes of the festival. It is recommended to wait 15-20 minutes before shopping or completing tasks.

Can I make a refund of purchases in the game? In-game purchases are generally non-refundable.Exceptions are possible only under certain conditions, if your purchase has not yet come into play. If the player returns several large orders, developers can even restrict access to the account. The restriction is also possible if the player ordered crystals from third-party sellers, thereby violating the Terms of Use of the game.

Why are rubies needed in the game and how to get them?

The game has a new game currency - rubies! You can see them next to coins and diamonds at the top of the screen (starting at level 8). With the help of rubies, you can purchase and improve stylish buildings in the city, making the coffee house truly unique and stylish. In addition, stylish buildings will achieve the best results at the festival.With each building upgrade, you can complete one additional free quest. Stylish buildings can be stored in the city warehouse, regardless of the status of the player in the city. When leaving the town, the building can always be used in the following.

You can earn rubies from level 8 of the game. This will require stylish devices (appear at level 7). For each independently completed order in which you use stylish devices , you will be awarded rubies. In addition, rubies can be obtained when fulfilling city orders and festival assignments , as well as in festival awards. When you install your first stylish building, an ATM appears next to your cafe . In it you can exchange coins for rubies.It will take some time to exchange, you can see it in the ATM window. To speed up the process, you can use diamonds.

By clicking on the icon next to the ruby ??counter, you can see the capacity of your casket and expand it so that it can contain more stones. The cost of stylish buildings is 50, 500, 5000, 50,000, 150,000, respectively, for each improvement. Each upgrade provides one additional free quest. The cost of increasing the box is 25, 285, 450, 950 diamonds for each improvement. The box will hold 3,000, 25,000, 100,000, 250,000 rubies, respectively. In the future, a new currency will develop and help you improve your coffee shop!

Additional Information:

How does an ATM work?

ATM allows you to receive rubies for your coins. You can find it near your cafe after you purchase your first stylish building.

The ATM operates as follows:

  1. You pay coins for rubies.
  2. The timer starts.
  3. After the timer ends, you get rubies.
  4. If you do not want to wait, you can use diamonds to immediately get rubies.

There are three slots in the ATM - for 100, 500 and 1000 rubies, the cost of which is 1000, 5000, 10000 coins, respectively. The cost of acceleration depends on the time remaining until receipt and the number of updates in a row. For example, if you want to get rubies right away, an upgrade costs 90 diamonds per slot, and if you re-upgrade the same slot, 180 diamonds.

Friends Invitation

By inviting your friends to the game, you can get up to 1,500 diamonds for free (500 for each invited friend)! It is not necessary to invite three friends at once, for each player the reward is charged separately. Very important rules when inviting friends to the game:

To invite a friend and get diamonds for him, you need to go to your town. Click on the diamond icon on the right or on the administrative building of the town.

Click on the green button Invite a friend, choose a convenient way to send an invitation and send.

When a friend receives your invitation, in the window that appears, he needs to click No.

If everything is done correctly, after a friend accepts the invitation and starts playing, the number 1 will appear in the invitation window.

If the player is accurately marked in the list of referrals, has a level of 7 or higher and has entered the town, but the reward has not yet arrived, ask a friend to leave the town, restart the game and join the same or any other town, then restart the game. If a player is marked in the invite list and has fulfilled all the conditions, but the reward will not be credited anyway - contact support!

Special offers

Special offers are available by clicking on the icon in the upper right part of the game:

Browse the list of special offers and select the one you need:

Instead of special offers, I see the Bank. Sometimes the server takes several minutes to update the special offers. If you entered the game and did not see the promotion, then try:

  1. Wait a bit.
  2. Enter the city and return.

Special offers should appear in a few minutes.

I never see special offers at all !. A rare case, but if you encounter this:

Nothing helps! Be sure to write to the support service. Describe the situation, give information:

  1. Where are you at;
  2. Your platform: iOS or Android;
  3. The name of your ISP.

How to get tickets?

Tickets can be obtained for free by performing special orders of visitors, which are indicated by special icons:

Each chain consists of 5 recipes. For the fulfillment of the fourth recipe, the reward is chosen randomly - you can get a simple gift or a ticket, and for the fulfillment of the fifth - the ticket is guaranteed! You can also buy tickets at the Store (Bank tab).

Or buy either in Special Offers on the Coffee Shop screen (top right), or in a game with Lucky Rabbit (on the left side of the screen).

How to use tickets? Tickets can be used in the game with Rabbit Lucky

There are many awards on the lucky playing field: gifts (Pink, Blue, Gold and even Red!), Diamonds, rubies, spices! And sometimes even stylish devices for several cups! The game has both free moves (once a day, as well as for the execution of special orders with spices), and moves for tickets: throw a die and win many great prizes!Also, tickets can be used in a win-win game.

Here you can win coins, diamonds, spices, as well as gifts (Pink and Blue)! Every day there is one free attempt to open boxes in a win-win game without using tickets and a second free attempt for viewing ads. These attempts are available during the day and are not carried forward to the next! To start using tickets, you need to use two free attempts.

My coffee shop: Cafe staff

How to hire employees? To hire employees, click on the "Main Menu" button, and then on the "Personnel Menu" button.

In the window you will see the hired employees, their level and profession. You can hire new waiters and a barista only if you have slots. To hire an employee, click on the "Hire" or "View Candidates" button.

In the menu "Candidates for the position", you can see the staff available for hire, their characteristics and the cost of hiring. In order to acquire an employee, click on the "Hire" button on the right.

How to fire employees? To dismiss an employee, click on his image in the "Personnel Menu", and then on the "Dismiss" button.

The list of available employees will be updated over time. Be careful, game developers cannot cancel your operations with personnel in the game!

What is the difference between a barista and a waiter? When hiring employees, you need to remember that there are two types of them in the game: barista and waiters:

The difference between the two is that barists only serve visitors at the bar. Waiters work only with customers at the tables. In addition, the waiters for work need a table for the waiters.

My employee is not gaining experience. What to do? Remember that barists can only serve bar counters, and waiters only work with tables. If one of your employees has ceased to gain experience, make sure that your cafe has enough tables or bars. The waiters need a table for the waiters and at least one barista who will prepare orders for them. Also, make sure your employees are not assigned to phone orders. For them, gaming experience is not accrued.

How to change staff clothes in the game? In order to change the clothes of the staff in the game, click on any employee and click "Let’s change your appearance." After that, you will go to the wardrobe, where you can choose and buy clothes for each employee. To buy things in a certain style, you need to have a percentage of tips from this style.

On the Costumes tab, you can find various ready-made options that can be purchased for diamonds. From time to time, guests come to the coffee shop and ask them to purchase one or another costume - for its purchase you will also receive a gift! Follow the wishes of the guests and maybe you will just like the suit that they ask!

Why do my employees not fulfill phone orders? Remember that your employees cannot fully fulfill orders that include spices. Only you can personally manage the resources of the cafe, including spices. If you appointed employees to carry out a telephone order, and after a while found that it was still not completed, carefully check the contents of the order, most likely there is a dish with spices.

How to improve employee skill? Each employee in the game has certain skills. They may be different.

Skills can be pumped after the employee has increased his level. To do this, open the employee menu and click "improve for free."

Also, the skill can be pumped for diamonds at any time (only the skill level should not be higher than the general character level).

My Coffee Shop: Recipes and Orders

Why are recipe ingredients hidden in the menu? When you just start your business in a Coffee Shop, you don’t know a single recipe, but over time you will learn them from your visitors or by searching in the group for playing VK. Until the recipe is fully opened, all its components will be hidden.

Why is there no recipe on the menu even though I have all the ingredients? Knowing the recipe is not enough, you still need to be able to cook it. To open a recipe in the menu, you need to cook it yourself, and for this you need to have all the ingredients in stock and put them together manually.

You can find the recipes themselves in the group on the game in VK. You can also open a recipe for diamonds, but without the availability of ingredients, you will not be able to cook and sell this dish.

All special recipes presented in the "Special" tab do not require opening.

Why doesn’t staff prepare special orders? Spice recipes can be prepared only by you. Why is that? Because as soon as you decide which of the visitors you want to treat with something special and which spices you are ready to spend now, and which you would like to postpone for a special occasion. You can treat someone to one, or all at once, to complete only the first special order or the entire chain of orders of an insatiable guest. A completely satisfied visitor, all of whose taste whims have been fulfilled, will surely award you with a gift or a ticket.

Why does it take so long to make latte, cappuccino and hot chocolate? The duration of the preparation of drinks depends on their complexity. This is an important part of the balance of time and effort needed to advance to the next level. Of course, all players have the opportunity to use diamonds to speed up cooking. The pace of the game is completely up to you and how you want to play.

How to carry out telephone orders? To carry out telephone orders:

Ordering can also be done manually. To do this, collect the recipe in your hand and click on the cabinet with the handset. The dish will automatically be added to the order.

If you send all the staff to fulfill the order, then no one, except you, will be able to serve visitors.

How to complete the order yourself? You can execute each order manually. To collect the recipe, you need to take "in hand" each ingredient from the recipe. To do this, alternately click on the devices that give the appropriate ingredients. As soon as all the ingredients are in your hand, you will see the name of the recipe that you just prepared.

Now click on the visitor who ordered the recipe and say: "Here is your order."

Each recipe in the order must be submitted separately.

How to cook a special recipe? Making a special recipe is practically no different from making a simple recipe.To collect the recipe, you need to take "in hand" each ingredient from the recipe. To do this, alternately click on the devices that give the appropriate ingredients. To take the spice, first click on the spice box (left side of the screen):

And then on the spice necessary for cooking:

As soon as all the ingredients are in your hand, you will see the name of the special recipe that you just prepared.

My Coffee Shop: Visitors and Stories

Visitors are always asking for something new. Periodically, visitors will ask you about something new on the menu. In this case, you need to not just buy equipment or learn how to cook a dish. The visitor will expect you to treat him. Therefore, you need to collect the ingredients and serve the right dish to the one who asks for it.Since such requests are not orders, visitors themselves decide how they will thank you.

When you move to a new level, visitors will begin to ask for recipes with new equipment that opens on the level. Before moving to a new level, accumulate enough coins to buy new equipment.

Why am I not getting experience for expanding the cafe? The extension of the cafe does not apply to the purchase of furniture or decorations, and experience is not accrued for it. However, some visitors may ask you to expand the space, and already for fulfilling their request you will gain experience.

It is needed to make it more convenient for you to arrange furniture in a cafe and play.

Why don’t Margaret (Karl) buy furniture? Margaret buys furniture once a day. After a certain story at level 16, Carl will buy furniture instead.

If the characters do not buy furniture, check your warehouse, it may be empty. Also, special items cannot be sold, as they are rare and unique!

Why doesn’t Fernando sell gifts? Fernando sells one line of gifts (from simple to gold) for diamonds only once during the whole game.

Then gifts can be obtained by going through some stories or bought in a store.

At level 37, I don’t get any more stories / experience. What to do? At level 36, the latest story becomes available. But you can still improve your cafe and serve visitors by collecting furniture, appliances and participating in festivals. If you still need to gain a lot of experience to the next level, do not worry, this was intended by game designers. However, if it happens that you are stuck and only a little bit is left to the next level, and there are no more stories, do not worry! Contact support and they will certainly help in this situation.

Visitors sit too long! If visitors like the establishment, they enjoy drinks, pastries, interiors and socializing and are in no hurry to leave. The main income of the coffee shop is the preparation of special recipes. You should not wait until visitors pay and come again. Offer them "something special" and your profits will constantly grow.

I moved to a new level and the stories in the book disappeared. Why? In the game, stories are associated with levels. When you move to a new level, previous stories will disappear and you will start new ones.

I can not get through the 5th level! Some players, being at level 5, may encounter this situation: the stories are over, and experience is still required before level 6. To get experience points and move on, you need to wait until all visitors come to prepare a recipe for Pink tea (tea + rose petals) and serve it to the visitor with a dialogue icon above his head.

My Coffee Shop: Game Resources and Experience

I do not have enough spices, how to get them? If you do not get enough spices, then try following the prompts on the list:

I do not have diamonds, how to get them? There are several ways to get diamonds in the game:

  1. You can receive diamonds by completing some tasks and requests of visitors to the Coffee House.
  2. With luck, diamonds can be found in gifts.
  3. Daily bonuses may also contain diamonds.
  4. You will also receive diamonds every time you earn an achievement! Check your reward shelf for achievements.
  5. By participating in festivals, you can get diamonds for completing festival tasks.
  6. When watching ads on TV (up to 10 per day) you will also receive diamonds.
  7. Winning contests in game groups on social networks guarantees you a worthy reward with diamonds.
  8. You can buy diamonds at the bank of the game by clicking on the "+" button next to the diamond balance.

I do not earn enough coins, how to get more? There are several ways to earn coins in a Coffee Shop:

  1. Cook special recipes. Offer your visitors "something special" and your profit will increase.
  2. Raise the tip. The coffee shop, fully furnished in the same style, is liked by visitors even more. Happy visitors are the key to profitability.
  3. Fulfill telephone orders. And although the profit from them is small, but spices will definitely come in handy for increasing profits.
  4. Take orders from the city. They also bring spices.
  5. Participate in contests in game groups on social networks. Winning the contest will not only bring you a valuable reward, but also help to quickly develop your Coffee Shop.
  6. You can always buy gifts and promotional offers. They will greatly help in the coffee business, and also bring you unique vip points that open up new opportunities for players in the game. Despite the high usefulness of these bonuses, they are not required to complete the game.

How to raise the level faster? The easiest and most interesting way to quickly level up is to play a lot! Each of your actions will bring experience points, but you will receive the most experience points for fulfilling the wishes of your visitors and helping them in various situations. The more experience you have, the more you can improve your cafe, equipping it in one style, buying new devices and discovering new recipes. So keep communicating with your visitors! They are eager to tell you the latest news!

My coffee shop does not generate income while I’m not in the game! What to do? Make sure you are completely logged out of the application. When exiting, a window should pop up asking: "Do you want to leave the current game?". After which you can check the task manager, there should be no gameplay. In addition, check that you have not assigned your employees to carry out telephone orders, no coins will be credited for them.

If you have an iOS device, it’s more difficult to exit correctly because your device does not have a Back button. In this case, after minimizing the game, it is recommended to remove the game process from the running ones and clear the cache!

How are daily bonuses accrued? Each player has the opportunity to participate in the "Win-win game" to get a daily bonus. To do this, just go into the game. When the win-win game window appears, you will see all kinds of bonuses, which will then be distributed into boxes, one of which you have to choose. Your daily reward depends only on you and your luck.

If you want to participate in the game a second time in a day, you just need to watch the video. You can also open the win-win game window by pressing the daily bonus button in the menu.

My coffee shop: Equipment and interior

How to move items to the warehouse and back to the cafe? You can store items in a warehouse to make room in the cafe for other decorations and furniture. These items are stored in a safe place and can be easily returned from stock on the "Warehouse" tab in the game store. Thus, you can safely store and reuse seasonal decorations or other styles of furniture. Touch and hold the item you want to put into the warehouse. As soon as the item is highlighted and the button bar appears, you can place the item in the warehouse by pressing the "box" button.

To return the item to the Coffee Shop, just select it in the warehouse and confirm the installation in the cafe you need. At the moment of returning the item from the warehouse, the function of turning the item is also available to you.

How to move and rotate items in a coffee shop? You can rearrange items in the Coffee Shop.

  1. First, tap and hold the item you want to move.
  2. As soon as the subject is highlighted and the rotation button appears, you can freely drag and rotate it.
  3. Now just drag the item to the free area of ??the Coffee Shop. Please note that when an item is highlighted in red, it cannot be placed in this place.
  4. To leave an item in its new position, simply tap the screen anywhere in your cafe.

Levels of devices and why are they needed? Each unit has up to 3 levels of improvement. When buying a device, you yourself decide whether to buy a 3-level device right away, or choose the one that is cheaper, and then gradually improve it. Yellow stars indicate the level of the apparatus, and a fully improved apparatus is not indicated by stars.

Buying an immediately upgraded 3-star device is more expensive, and therefore more difficult than buying a device of a lower level. At the same time, the non-improved apparatus does not allow you to cook all the recipes for which this ingredient is needed. However, there is an explanation for this. Levels of improvements can significantly reduce the down payment for the device and make it more affordable. Thus, you can cook some recipes even with an incompletely improved apparatus, making a profit, and not the dissatisfaction of visitors.Moreover, all special recipes require only a minimum level of devices, which means you can earn even faster.

Buying immediately an improved device opens up all the possibilities of this ingredient, but you will have to earn some extra money. Improving the devices, as well as buying a top-level device, are quite difficult, but this is not accidental - this mechanics is a real challenge for players.

How do device improvements work? The necessary level of the apparatus for cooking the recipe can be found in the menu. If the level of the device is too low, the recipe in the menu will be grayed out until the device reaches the required level. At the same time, you can open the recipe for display in the menu with a minimally improved device.

To improve the device after the purchase, you just need to ask Tatyana about it. Find Tatyana in the cafe and click on her. In the window that appears, select the "Improve the device" button.

Select the device you are going to improve and confirm the action.

Or select the device right in your cafe, hold your finger on it and press the "Up" button in the menu that appears.

Now your device is improved by one level. To raise the level of the device higher, if available, you must repeat the procedure. It is worth noting that the accrual of experience for the apparatus occurs gradually. The cafe experience is growing with each improvement of the device.

How to sell furniture and home decoration? To sell an item you need:

Please note that special items cannot be sold or removed from stock, because they are valuable and rare!

Why is equipment expensive in a game? This selection of prices is the result of painstaking calculations by game designers. They tried to create a not boring game that could captivate for a long time! With each new level, devices are more expensive, but at the same time there are more opportunities to earn more coins: buy expensive furniture and decor and soon you will see how your tip is growing before our eyes! But the more tips, the more income your coffee house will bring. It’s only worth it once to spend a little time increasing the% of tips and in the future, saving up for new devices will be much faster!

How to expand a coffee shop? (there is not enough space in the coffee shop) To expand the coffee shop you need:

  1. Go to the "Shop".
  2. Click on the tab "Interior".
  3. Buy "Extension coffee shop."

Do you think that the coffee shop has not increased? Look at the cost of expansion (the price has increased, so the coffee shop has expanded).

Why am I receiving less than 3 items on a special offer in a store? If you constantly receive less than three items on a promotional offer in the store, it means that you have a fairly high level in the game, you have already bought all the stylish devices and the store has nothing more to offer you, because in each style you can buy only one stylish device. However, if you change the style and its tip will be the highest, you will again get the opportunity to buy stylish devices for coins, already in a new style.

Where did the toppings (cinnamon, lemon, nuts) go? Carefully inspect the wall (it is on the left side of the coffee shop and has no windows). Move all the furniture away from the wall and look for a sprinkled shelf there.

And also check if there are any sprinkles in the warehouse or in the store.

My coffee shop: Town

How to create a town? The town can only be created by players with 50 diamonds in their account and VIP level 1 and above. To create a town, click on the map icon in the lower right part of the screen. Click Create.

Enter the name, type of city, select the coat of arms and click "Create a town".

After that you will be shown a screen with a map of your town.

How to leave the town? To leave the town, go to the city in which you are a member and click on the town hall building:

Then click on the red button "Leave the town".

Agree to delete. Be careful: the resources that you have invested in the treasury will not be returned to you. If you are the owner of the town, it will be disbanded and lost forever!

How to exclude a player from a town? Players can be excluded by city owners, as well as citizens with the status of Manager or Assistant leader. To exclude a player:

Confirm the action. Be careful, the player will be expelled from your town!

A resident of my town made a huge contribution to the treasury. What to do? If you noticed that one of the inhabitants of your town made an abnormally large contribution to the city treasury, or has a very high level (32 and above), inform the technical support service of the town name and player’s nickname. They will carefully check the player’s account. If the suspicions of unfair play are confirmed, the player will be blocked. Be careful if you do not report suspicious activity as soon as possible, your entire town may be blocked!

Why is no one taking me to town? Owners of townships receive dozens of applications every day, including yours. In order to increase your chances, try to negotiate with them directly. You can do this through social networks, for example, through the official game group in VK.

Nobody enters my town! There are two main ways in which you can invite other players to your town: post an ad on a set of players to your town on social networks, or invite a player from among your friends. To invite friends:

  1. Go to your friends list (if you don’t have the Friends button in the Menu, you need to click on the blue Facebook button, log in with your username and password, restart the game. After that, you will see a list of friends who have also logged into their Facebook account and playing at the coffee shop).
  2. Choose a player who is not currently in the town (there is no town icon next to the name).
  3. Click on the green arrow and select Open Cafe.
  4. By going to a friend’s cafe from above, the option Invite to town will be available.
  5. If the player accepts your invitation, he will immediately be added to your town!

Why do I constantly get the same spices for city orders? Residents of the town can be quite constant in their rewards for city orders, do not worry if they continue to give you the same spices for a very long period of time. Sooner or later, rewards will change.

Why do I receive city orders from only one / two characters? If in your town you see orders from only one or two characters - this means the following:

How to improve the town? Owners of townships can improve their townships by building new houses in them, which can then accept additional players. For this, it is necessary that a certain amount of resources be in the treasury. Click on the site in the town with the sign "For sale".

You will see a window in which the amount of resources required for the construction will be indicated.

If this amount is already in your treasury, click "Buy" and the house will be built. Otherwise, construction will not be possible until the town replenishes the treasury with missing funds.

How to add friends in the game? In order to see the list of your friends you need to follow these steps:

  1. Add to your friends on your Facebook page the people who play My Coffee Shop.
  2. Click on the Menu button - then on the blue Facebook button.
  3. Log in with your username and password, restart the game.

After that, you will see a button with a list of friends who have also logged into their Facebook account and play in the coffee house.

How to rename a town, change the logo and type of town? To do this, go to the town and click on the town hall building:

In the menu that opens, click on the "Settings" button.

Next, select the name of the town, its description, logo, type, language and the minimum level for the players who will enter your town.

After you have made the necessary changes, click the "Change" button. The cost of changing the name of the town is 100 diamonds. Be careful and careful when choosing a name!

How to enter the town? To enter the town you must have at least level 7. Click the map icon on the right side of the screen.

Then click "Join." You will see a list of existing towns and the number of inhabitants in them. Choose the one that you like (you can also use the advanced search for towns).

Then you can click on the "Join" or "Apply" button (if the town is closed). If you have applied for entry, you need to wait a while until the owner of the town considers the application. He can approve it, reject it, or ignore it.

How to appoint a deputy / change the leader in the town? If you are a town leader and want to stop playing for some time, you can appoint an assistant from among your citizens. To do this, go to the town, click on the player’s building and select the "Assign Role" option.

Among the available vacancies are such as Assistant Leader, Manager and Recruiter. You can choose a role depending on what powers you want to transfer to the player.

After the appointment, the player will receive a letter in the game mail stating that he was appointed assistant.When appointing other players, remember the following rules:

If you are a leader and want to stop playing for a long time or for good, but want to transfer the status of a leader to another player, write to tech support and tell the name of the town and the exact name of the city dweller.

Only VIP 1 or more players can be a leader. If you change your mind in the future, the new leader will need to contact the support team and transfer the leadership back to you.

Stylish buildings and festival assignments!

All players receive 5 free tasks at each festival, but with the help of stylish buildings this number can be increased!Stylish buildings not only look beautiful, but also allow you to achieve the best results at the festival!

Styles on the image: Provence (French), Chester (English), Golden Dragon (Chinese), Manhattan (American), Northern Lights, Loft. The style of your building does not affect the tip, so it doesn’t matter what style you use in your coffee shop! With each building upgrade you can complete one additional free task, and there are 5 levels in total. For example, if the level of your construction is 2, +2 free tasks are added to you at each festival, so your total becomes 7. If your level of construction is 5, the number of your free tasks for each festival becomes 10!

The cost of stylish buildings is 50, 500, 5000, 50 000, 150 000 rubies, respectively, for each improvement. You can buy several buildings of different styles, however, only the building that is active in the town adds free tasks!For example, if you have a Level 5 Loft building in your warehouse, and there is Level 1 Provence in the town, then you will have only one free task at the festival!

Levels of different buildings do not stack! If you leave the town, all your buildings are automatically transferred to the warehouse, and after entering the new (or the same) town, you need to set up a building - go to the town, click on your simple building and click on the green UP arrow.

Treasury and how to use it

The treasury is a special building in the town where you can invest game resources for the further development of the town. Invest in the treasury can both residents of the town, and its owner. But only the leader or deputy is allowed to dispose of the treasury and spend the expenditure of public funds. Funds from the treasury can be spent on building new houses in the town, which will later be used to take new residents into the town, as well as opening shelves with prizes for their further distribution among the players. To make a contribution to the treasury, click on the treasury building.

You find yourself inside, where you can see which of the players has already helped the development of the town, as well as how many diamonds, coins and cups are in your treasury.

In order to make your contribution, click on the green button below "Contribute to the development of the town."Use the green arrows to select the resources you want to transfer to the town; You can also click on the diamond and enter the quantity manually.

After that, click on the button Transfer to treasury and the resource will be sent. You can put diamonds and coins into the treasury. You can also send spices to the town directly from your coffee shop! To do this, go to the box with spices and drag the spices onto the treasury icon at the bottom of the box.


Treasure chest

The treasury stores all the rewards that the town wins at festivals. After the end of the festival, depending on the prize, diamonds, rubies, gifts and spices are credited to the town.

For what? With the help of the treasury, the leader of the town or his assistant can distribute the awards among all residents of the city for participating in the festival. Rewards to citizens come to the game mail.

How? In order to distribute the rewards, go to the treasury, select the recipient and then the reward.

You can select a reward using the arrows, as well as click on the shelf with the award itself and enter the number of prizes.


My Coffee House: Festival

I took the task of croissants / cupcakes and now I can not complete it! If you encounter such a problem, it means that you have a fairly high level in the game. The bottom line is that visitors rarely make such orders at high levels. It is recommended to look through visitors’ orders in advance as well as telephone orders in order to make sure that someone asks for the recipe you need, it is also recommended to leave such tasks for residents with a lower level. If you submitted the necessary order, but it did not count in the progress of the task, write to the support service and they will be able to help you!

What is a festival and how to participate in it?

Only participants and city creators can take part in the festival! The festival is a list of tasks for all residents (and the owner) of the town.

You can find out about the beginning of the festival by going to the city. During the festival, an icon (marquee) will appear above the main building (town hall). The festival starts every Friday at 11.00 UTC and ends at 07.00 UTC. During the festival, each participant in the city can choose any task and begin to carry it out. This task will be assigned to this particular participant. The number of tasks in the city is limited! Jobs are updated after each of them.

Progress on the selected task can be seen in your coffee shop.

Each participant in the city has the opportunity to perform:

The first and second paid task costs 10 and 20 diamonds, respectively. The price of each subsequent task increases. Assignments are rewarded:

Each festival, all towns are divided into groups (maximum 6 towns per group). You can see the account of your town, as well as its position among the towns of classmates by going to a special menu:

If a player leaves the city, his cups remain in the city and do not move with him to another city.Players accepted into the city after the start of the festival can only participate in the next festival. After the end of the festival, all participants will receive prizes depending on the occupied place.

I can not take the task at the festival. What to do? The reasons why you cannot take the task may be as follows:

All about personal tasks!

In addition to simple tasks, personal ones are also available at each festival, which contain more complex tasks and bring more cups for their implementation. They are distinguished by bright yellow on the board.

Such tasks are available for each player in the same amount and are personal, i.e. If you decide to postpone a personal task for later, you can be sure that no one else will take it. The remaining players can complete their personal tasks, or leave them for later. By clicking on the personal icon, you get into the menu of 39 tasks of varying difficulty: receiving gifts, selling spices and simple dishes to visitors, earn / spend coins, rubies, diamonds, tickets.

After you complete such a task, it disappears from your board and is no longer available to you, however, if another townsman has not completed his personal task, it will still be available to him. You can find out which of the players is performing a personal task at the very bottom of the board - such tasks are highlighted in yellow.

The order of appearance of personal tasks. When you perform a normal task, it disappears from the board and another task appears at the very end of the board to replace it - it can be either ordinary or personal. When you carry out a personal task, it disappears from the board, but another task does not appear to replace it.

Imagine that the board has a continuation in the form of a continuous line of tasks. Now, on the part of the board that is visible to the players, the last task is tea for 410 cups.

Thus, in order to find as many personal tasks as possible, all residents of the town need to perform ordinary tasks. The more players in the campus and the more active they are, the greater the chance to find all personal tasks.

Useful facts about personal tasks:

My coffee shop: Subscriptions, prestigious towns and honorary citizens of the town

How to get the status of Honorary Citizen? Honorary Citizen is a player who has acquired an appropriate subscription. In order to activate the status, you need to go to the Bank and click on the icon of the Prestigious city:

You can also subscribe from the town window by clicking on the special icon:

An Honorary Citizen status is acquired by subscription - 1 week for free (for one Google Play / Game center account!), Then you can choose one of the options:

For each game account, you must have a separate Google Play or Game Center account!

What bonuses will be available to me as an Honorary Citizen? By purchasing a subscription, the player becomes able to take 2 tasks at the festival at the same time (only for the subscriber):

If you took two identical tasks at the festival (collect rubies + collect rubies / serve dishes with anise + serve dishes with anise), then progress will not be credited to two tasks at once, but first for one task, and only after completing the first, it will begin to accrue progress for the second task. You also have the following options:

  1. The ability to see how many tasks the opponent cities performed at the festival and how many tasks are in progress (for all players in whose city there is at least 1 honorary citizen);
  2. Additional 5 shifts of special orders of visitors (added to each player in the town for each honorary citizen);
  3. An honorary citizen regularly receives VIP points for a subscription. VIP points are awarded in game mail (letter from Kevin). If you accidentally delete a letter without reading it, contact support.
  4. Over the name of the honorary citizen in the rating of deposits appears a wreath that shows the status of the player.

What bonuses can I get in the Prestigious Town? If there is at least one honorary citizen in the city, all members of the city receive the following bonuses:

  1. All participants of the city, regardless of their role and status, will be able to see how many tasks the participants of other towns took and completed in the regatta (by clicking on from a balloon).
  2. The ability to additionally change the special orders of visitors (+5 attempts per day for each honorable citizen)
  3. The prestigious status of your city will be visible to all citizens, as well as citizens when searching for a city.

Bonuses are valid only in a city in which there is an honorary citizen. If you leave the city and do not have the status of an honorary citizen, then you lose the opportunity to monitor other cities and additional attempts to change the special order. If you enter another prestigious city on the same day, you will be able to receive additional attempts only on the next day.

How do I subscribe, add a payment method, manage my subscription, and cancel it? If you activate a trial subscription with a new card, Google Play may charge you approximately $ 1, which will be returned when you cancel your subscription. You can activate a trial subscription only once; it is valid for one week continuously. You can unsubscribe at any time, it will continue to operate until the end! You can activate a free subscription at any time, it will not disappear until you use it.

The Restore purchases button means that you can restore your progress in the Coffee Shop through your Apple id / Google id, even if you accidentally erased your progress when connecting via Facebook. The button works for those who have activated a subscription at least once. If you want to change the plan from weekly, monthly, or annual, wait until the end of your subscription. Unsubscribe and buy a new plan. Subscriptions work on the principle of 1 account in Appstore / Google Play = 1 subscription. In order to subscribe to multiple accounts, you need separate accounts in stores.

My coffee shop: Technical issues

Visitors walk past a cafe! What should I do? Make sure that none of the furniture blocks the entrance to your cafe. The furniture could block not the entrance to the coffee shop, but the path to the place where the visitor would like to go (to the table or to the bar counter). Or the bar and table are adjacent to the wall, which is why the visitor cannot sit down for them.

Make a permutation in your institution, clear the passage for visitors, and they will revive your coffee house again.

Why can’t I see the ad? If, while watching a video, you encounter the message "Videos have ended," you will be credited 10 coins (instead of 1 diamond) in compensation. The situation is caused by the fact that videos have ended in your region. Just wait while the ad operator uploads new material. If the TV screen is black (off), this means that all available viewing attempts have ended (10 attempts per day). The TV is updated daily at 00.00 UTC. If you experience other difficulties, complete all of the following steps:

There is a green arrow on my screen and it does not disappear. What to do?To make the arrow disappear, simply clear the entrance to the building. This problem occurs when you hire an employee and he cannot enter the cafe.

The game crashes with a message about low RAM. What should I do? If at the entrance to the game you see a message that your device does not have enough free RAM, this means that at the moment your device has less than 1 GB of RAM. At the same time, the game may work unstably and crash.

How to fix it:

  1. Remove all unused programs from processes.
  2. Stop unused applications in the settings. Programs like Skype, even when closed, use RAM, it’s worth considering this.
The desired amount of RAM on your device must be at least 1 GB. The amount of RAM does not depend on the internal or external memory of the device!

Why can’t I see rewards and get no achievements? If you don’t see your achievements in the game, just get the reward shelf!

The cup icon in the upper right corner of the screen appears when you purchase a shelf for rewards. In the same way, the mechanism acts in the opposite direction - as soon as the shelf for awards is removed to the warehouse, the cup icon disappears. When you return the shelf back, the icon also returns. At the same time, awards do not disappear.

Can I play a game without an internet connection? It’s impossible to play My Coffee Shop without the Internet. Connecting players to the Internet is necessary to constantly improve the game, add innovations and conduct promotions.

I do not see friends in the game in the game. What to do? In order to see a list of your friends who also play at the Coffee Shop, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the game;
  2. Log in to your Facebook account: click on the Menu button - blue FB button;
  3. Reboot the game.

Remember that your friends must follow the same steps as you, only in this case you can find each other.

I can’t collect the recipe, the game gives out a message about the lack of space! What to do? If you can’t make the recipe, most likely you haven’t been trained in cooking.

Try to repeat your previous steps, put the device you bought in the warehouse and look for a new green arrow in the story log. Then just follow the instructions.

My resources / experience decreased! Why did this happen? If you have decreased resources / experience or furniture has disappeared since the last entry into the game - this may mean that there has been a rollback of progress. This happens when part of the information that the game sends to the server is lost along the way to it due to a poor Internet connection or load on the server. It is recommended not to start the game without a stable connection.

How to disable notifications? You can disable notifications from the game in the settings of your device. For iOS devices:

  1. Open your device’s settings.
  2. Find "Coffee Shop" in the application list and click on it.
  3. On the right, select Notifications -> turn off Allow notifications.

For Android devices:

  1. Open device settings -> Applications.
  2. Find "Coffee Shop" in the list of installed applications and click on it.
  3. Uncheck Enable notifications.

Why does the connection drop all the time? If you experience connection problems during the game, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are connected to the network and that your connection is stable. Keep in mind that sometimes networks are overloaded or fail, so the connection can be unstable regardless of what the indicator says.
  2. If you are using mobile Internet, try switching to Wi-Fi. Using Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G is recommended as they offer the best connection.
  3. You can also try rebooting your device.

My device gets very hot during the game. This is normal? Devices (especially high-performance ones) really often heat up while running resource-intensive games and applications - this is normal. However, if you are worried about heating the device, you can reduce it in several ways:

  1. Close other applications before starting the game.
  2. Play on a device with a charge level of at least 50%.
  3. Check for device updates.

If heating the device affects its proper operation, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer for further instructions.

Third party software. Third-party software is an unsafe application that affects the gameplay. It changes the functionality of the game and aims to provide unfair advantages to players, while creating a potential threat to their accounts and privacy. Third-party software includes:

  1. Hacks, mods or programs that unfairly change the functionality of the game;
  2. Bots, game automation services or scripts;
  3. Any other programs aimed at modifying the game or obtaining undeserved achievements.

I received a gift, but I do not see it in the game! What to do?Most likely, your received gift is hiding behind everyone else. Try to open them all and you will find the one you need.

My Coffee Shop: Payments and Billing

Do I have to pay money in the game? Despite the fact that My Coffee Shop is a free game, you are given the opportunity to purchase items for the game currency (diamonds and coins), which, in turn, can be bought for real money. You can make such purchases directly from the game. These purchases are made through the online stores iTunes and Google Play, which ensure maximum security of personal data and financial information. Regardless of whether you invest real money in the game or not, all the activities of the game will be available to you. The difference is only in the pace and speed of development.

How to get vip points and vip status? Using VIP status, players can ask visitors to change a special order, store more spices in a cell, play dice more often with Margaret, and much more. You can find information about all bonuses in the section with VIP levels: click on the button of your level and go to the corresponding section.

VIP points are awarded for making purchases in the game using real money. Special offers, gifts and diamond sets in the game, an honorary citizen’s subscription, seasonal items - all this brings you VIP points. You can find out your VIP level and the number of vip points by clicking on the asterisk in the upper left corner of the screen.

Why is the content of the gift different from the one indicated in the game? The contents of the gift are randomly generated when it is opened. The game indicates only an approximate filling of the gift.

The number of diamonds and spices may differ from gift to gift, it is greatly influenced by chance. If you want to get the diamonds, it may be worth buying them at the bank or getting them in other ways.

Where can I buy diamonds? If you need more diamonds to buy upgrades or spices at the Coffee Shop, you can do this through the game Bank by clicking on the "+" button next to the diamond balance.

You can also find advantageous offers not only with diamonds, but also gifts and even decor in special offers!

The bank works only through iTunes and Google Play. Accordingly, you can choose a payment method from the provided iTunes and Google Play. If your payment method is not in their list, then, unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible. If you bought diamonds not in the game, but somewhere else, the developers will not be able to help you, because this is a violation. Moreover, they reserve the right to take action against accounts that violate these conditions.

Where can I buy gifts? If you need certain spices, but they are not in the Spice Shop, you can always buy a gift. Go to the Bank:

Choose the present you are interested in!

By clicking on the button `` i ’’ above each gift you can see what is included in it! In-game purchases work only through iTunes and Google Play.

How to protect yourself from random in-game purchases? My Coffee Shop is a free game, but some in-game items can be bought for real money. To protect yourself from accidental purchases in the game, you need to change the device settings.For iOS devices:

  1. Go to device settings -> General -> Restrictions.
  2. Click Enable Restrictions.
  3. Create and remember a password for the Restrictions function, and then confirm it. It is recommended that you select a password that does not match the one used to unlock the device.
  4. After selecting the "Enable restrictions" option, you will see a list of allowed objects on your device. To prevent only in-app purchases, turn off the In-app purchases option.

If you do not want to completely turn off the shopping function, you can set up a password request before making a purchase in applications. To change these settings, go to device settings -> App Store, iTunes Store -> Password Settings.

For Android devices:

  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Tap the menu icon and select Settings.
  3. Click Purchase Authentication.

You need to choose one of the authentication options:

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Who does in-app purchases? Developers do not conduct in-app purchases, and they do not have access to information about your credit cards. This is all because all money transfers go directly through the App Store, Google Play or Amazon (depending on the device) through the personal email address associated with the account. After each purchase, Apple, Google or Amazon sends you checks to the email address (remember that all processes after the purchase are controlled by Apple, Google or Amazon and can only be changed by them).

My Coffee Shop: Proper Account Setup

How to transfer the game to a new device? The game is transferred to another device using the Player ID link to Facebook. To do this, save the progress in the game on the current device:

Go to the settings window, click "Accounts". Click "Connect" Facebook and enter your personal data. If the button says "Connected", then your account is already linked.

On the new device, log in with the same Facebook account to which the main Coffee Shop was tied. Connect the new game to Facebook on the new device.

Now you can choose the desired coffee house and continue playing!

How to start the game again? When you start a new game, a new Player ID appears. Progress and game purchases from the old Player ID are not transferred! If this is what you need:

The old Player ID will be erased. If you want to leave access to the old Player ID, create new accounts on Facebook or in the Google Play / Game Center for a new game.

How do I know if my game has been saved? To find out if your game is linked to Facebook or Google Play / Game Center, open the settings window from the drop-down menu and click "Accounts".

If the buttons for Facebook, Google Play or Game Center are not highlighted and "Connected" is written on them, then your account is already linked to the corresponding service. Progress saved.

If you see that the buttons are green and they say "Connect", it means that the game account has not been connected and your game progress will not be saved in case something goes wrong.

Save the game! Click Connect to Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center.

Can I have two game accounts on the same device? If you download another account to the device, then the original game progress may be completely lost without the possibility of recovery. For the correct operation of "My Coffee Shop" it is strongly recommended to have one game account on one device.

How to change your name and photo in the game? Go to the "Main Menu" - "Settings". Click on the green button to the right of your name:

A special menu will open. In the input field you can enter a name for the game. The game can only upload your photo from a Facebook account. If you want a new photo in the game, first put this photo as an avatar on your Facebook page. Then start the game, go to the name change menu and click "download from Facebook".

Short video instruction:

How to find out your Player ID number? To see your Player ID number, open the "Main Menu". This is the icon in the upper right corner of the game.

Then click on "Settings."

The Player ID number will appear on the bottom right of the screen.

How to link the game to a Facebook account? Go to the main menu, click settings - accounts. Then click "Link game to Facebook" and enter the username / password of your Facebook account.

The blue "f" button does not attach the game to Facebook. This button only downloads friends from your Facebook account (and you can see your friends on Facebook in the game), but the game remains unlinked.

Protect your account from hacking and theft! If you transfer your login information to third parties, your account may be hacked. As a result, you may lose progress or access to your account. You may even be banned for using cheats. In this case, the support service will not be able to help you, so keep the data from entering your account safe. Follow three simple rules and your account will be protected:

  1. Never share your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play login details with anyone - even the support team! There, no one will ask you to provide your registration information.
  2. Do not share this data with other players - so unscrupulous players can "take away" your account under the pretext of helping the game.
  3. Try not to log into your account from other people’s devices. If you really need to do this, be sure to log out of your account when you’re done! To do this, on another device, you will need to log out of your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account, and reinstall the game.
  4. If you buy game currency, do it only through the in-game store. Cheap currency online chains sell stolen credit card information and hacked accounts. You can lose access not only to the game account, but also to the credit card and accounts in social networks!
You cannot trust websites that offer you free diamonds and gifts. This is how they steal player accounts.

My account has been blocked! If you saw Watson at the entrance to the game, your account has been blocked.

This is sad since you can no longer use this account in the game. You were blocked because one of the violation of the rules of the game was found on your account:

You will not be able to regain access to this account, but you can start the game anew, guided by the principles of fair play.

Save game

Saving the game will come in handy if you have to reinstall the application. You can also transfer the game to a new phone, or play on two devices at once.

How to save the game? Save the game using Facebook or Google Play or Game Center.

  1. Go to the game settings;
  2. Click "Accounts";
  3. Click "Connect" next to the Facebook or Google Play or Game Center icon.

Watch a short video with instructions:

How to understand that the game is saved? When the game progress is saved, the "Connect" button is replaced with a gray "Connected" window. Use one button to save the game, or both at once.

The blue Facebook button in the menu does not save progress. The button is needed to see the player’s friends on Facebook in the list of friends in the game.

Recovery of progress

To restore progress:

  1. Download a new game.
  2. Go into the game, go through a short training, go to settings.
  3. Click: Accounts.
  4. Connect the game to Facebook, Google Play or Game Center.

Short video with instructions:

If the game was saved with these services earlier, then you can easily restore progress. Click: Download Coffee Shop.

Select the desired Coffee Shop, and keep playing!

I can’t restore progress. Make sure that you are logged in to Facebook, Google play or Game Center under the account to which the necessary Coffee Shop is linked. If you have lost access to services, restore it. To restore your account, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Start a new game, on which developers will transfer the previous one.
  2. Link this new game to Facebook, Google Play / Game Center and inform support id.
  3. Tell support service information about the old coffee shop: id or the city you were in, name in the game, your level, when was the last time you were online.
  4. If you made purchases (there is a VIP), you need to inform the GPA of any purchase / for Apple: take a screenshot with the date and amount of payment in the Appstore.

Delete account

If you want to completely delete all information about the game and your game account, you need to go to the game settings, the "About the game" option.

Data Usage Option.

Option "Request deletion of personal data and deletion of the game account"

Check the information provided, check the box "Yes, I want to delete my account" and click "Delete"

After that, all data about your game will be deleted and it will be impossible to recover!

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.