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Walkthrough My Country: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MY COUNTRY - Android game with release date 08/11/2011 from the company Game Insight. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Walkthrough Secrets
  3. Bugs and Fitch Games

My Country: Beginners Guide

How to play - quick start. Welcome to My Country, a unique city builder using augmented reality (AR) technology. To start the game, follow the on-screen instructions or use this quick start guide.

  1. First of all, make sure that there is enough space around you to build the city and that it is well lit.
  2. Allow access to the camera. Augmented reality uses your camera as a window to new worlds, and without access you cannot play.
  3. Move the phone from side to side. White dots will appear in space. Keep moving the phone until enough dots appear.
  4. When the game explores the space around you, a blue square will appear in it - this is the best place to build your city. Touch the square and the magic will happen.
  5. As the city expands, you will have to consider it from all sides. It is recommended to play on the floor or on the table.However, any other large surface is suitable, even if there are foreign objects on it.

The best place to play in My Country. It is recommended that you play My country on the floor or on a table large enough for a small town. In the first game session, you can evaluate the scale of your city and for the second time choose the ideal space for it.

Is it safe to play My Country? Absolutely! Augmented reality is a new concept that is not yet familiar to all players. A great future awaits her. During the game, make sure that you can walk around your city. You can place the city on any flat surface: small objects (for example, vases or magazines) will not interfere with you. Before launching games using augmented reality, be sure to inspect the surrounding space.

How to move my city to another place? To move your city, go to the games settings and click on the "Change city position" button. This will allow you to start the process of creating the city anew and find another place for your city. You can also simply restart the application.

I cant place the city. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Augmented Reality game:

My city is not located on the surface / My city is floating in the air / My city is not fixed and is constantly changing position. Do not block the camera while playing in My Country - this may lead to a malfunction in the game, as a result of which your city may be somewhere out of place. If this happens, go to the games settings and click the "Change City Position" button to restart the placement process.

My Country: Walkthrough Secrets

How to build a building? Touch an empty construction site with a bulldozer icon and price. If you have enough country bucks, a building will appear on this place, which will immediately begin to make a profit.

How to improve buildings? To upgrade a building, tap the upgrade icon at the bottom right of the screen. You will enter improvement mode. Arrows will appear above your buildings. Touch the arrow or the building itself to improve it one level. Touch and hold the building to improve it many times - as many times as you have enough country bucks.

How to collect profit? Touch any building that has a country bucks icon above it to collect profits. Buildings above level 10 generate profit automatically, while buildings below level 10 must collect profit manually when the country-bucks scale is filled. When the scale is full, tap the building to collect profits.

How to open new locations? When you collect a sufficient number of keys to the city, go to the area for balloons and send the balloon into flight. During the first balloon flight, the location selection menu located in the middle of the upper part of the screen will become available. After that, you can view the list of available locations. To get to closed locations, you need to collect a certain number of keys to the city.

How to switch between locations? Click on any balloon near your city or on the balloon icon in the middle of the top of the screen to open the location selection menu. Touch the place you would like to go to go there.

What is a magnet? Money magnet is a tool that allows you to quickly collect all the profits in a location. If you have one, click on its icon and move the device across the location area to collect country bucks. Use Force Touch (strong press) to collect all the profits at once.

How to take screenshots? To take a screenshot, tap the photo icon at the bottom left of the screen. You can share pictures with friends, save them on your device and publish to social networks.

What is country bucks? Country Bucks is the primary currency in My Country. It will be needed for the construction and improvement of buildings. To earn country bucks, collect profits from buildings.

What is the best way to earn country bucks? The most effective way to enrich a country is to improve buildings. First of all, improve the buildings that bring the most profit, but do not forget about the rest of the buildings to increase the total profit.

What are city keys? Keys to the city is a rare resource that you will need to open new locations. Keys to the city can be obtained by improving the building. As a rule, each building in the process of improvement brings several keys. Upgrade buildings to earn as many keys as possible and open all locations!

What is a holiday hammer? A festive hammer is an item with which you can throw a party in the whole city at once in all locations! Holiday hammer allows you to get a constant increase in production and at the same time remove everything that you have achieved during the construction of the city. After the holiday, you will start the game again, but the constant increase in production for all future buildings will continue. A party is a great way to increase profits when the city is not developing as fast as we would like.

What happens if I have a party? If you throw a party, all your buildings will be destroyed, but you will get a constant increase in all future production of country bucks. Party is a good way out in a situation when you need to sharply increase profits. Parties can be arranged several times, and each time the increase in production will increase.

What is the bonus after the party? The bonus after the party is a constant increase in the production of country bucks for all your cities. Have a few parties to make the bonus even bigger. The addition to the production of country bucks helps when it seems to you that the improvement and construction of buildings are too expensive, and the city is developing very slowly. Parties are always fun, and parties in My Country are doubly fun!

What happens when I upgrade all location buildings by 100%? When you upgrade all the location buildings by 100%, a festive scene will open. Your whole city will turn into a platform for a fantastic show of fireworks!

How many locations are there? There are currently 4 available locations:

In the future, other locations will appear.

What are tasks from the townspeople? If you see a city dweller with an exclamation mark over his head, this means that he needs to pay attention. Touch it and find out whats up. Citizens may ask you to hire professionals to resolve emergencies or find a lost item. After talking with a resident, you will need to find an object or person marked with an exclamation mark.

Touch an object or person with an exclamation mark, and the citizens request will be granted. In each location, many tasks are available with different incidents and objects. Complete tasks and grateful residents will reward you with country bucks. Completing tasks will help you accumulate the necessary amount for the next building.

How does profit doubling work? Touch the gain icon on the left side of the screen to watch a short video and activate profit doubling. Doubling profits will allow you to briefly speed up the entire production of country bucks by half. Watch a few videos to extend the gain.

How can I interact with the townspeople? Find a resident with a question mark above his head and find out what he needs. Citizens may ask you to find another person, a lost item or give other instructions. By the way, touch any resident of the city and see what happens. Try touching cars and other objects - explore My Country and make small discoveries!

How to save my gaming success? To save progress in case you decide to reinstall the game or change the device, My Country uses Game Center. Make sure you are logged in to Game Center in order not to lose your achievements.

How to turn off / on the sound and music? To turn off or on the sounds in the game, tap the settings menu in the lower left part of the screen and click on "Turn on / off sound" or "Turn on / off music".

How to disable notifications? To turn off notifications, go to settings, tap the gear icon on the left side of the screen and click on "On / Off notifications".

My Country: Bugs and Fitch Games

The game does not load. Make sure you are using a supported device that has the latest version of iOS installed. If the problem persists, contact support.

The game crashes. This is a bad sign. Please contact support and describe the problem so that developers can solve it in the next game updates.

There is no sound in the game. Try using the switch on the left side panel of your phone and the volume up / down buttons located below the switch. Make sure that sounds and music are included in the game settings.

Slow performance on my device. After some time of continuous play, application performance may decline.Try restarting it. If performance is still poor, make sure that you are using a supported device that has the latest version of iOS installed. If this does not solve the problem, contact support.

The game lagged. You will have to restart the application. Double-click on the "Home" button on your device and swipe up the My Country game window. This will stop the game, and you can restart it by touching the corresponding icon. If the error persists, contact support with information about your device.

My progress has been reset. Contact support immediately with your support ID. Support ID can be found at the bottom of the settings menu in the game.