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MY LITTLE PONY: Princess Magic is an Android game with a release date of November 8, 2012 from Gameloft.In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What is the maximum level in the game? Level 160!

How often can I send gifts to friends? You can send gifts to friends every 24 hours.

Is it possible to give a friend a gift and a chest in 24 hours? Yes, you can do this, since there is a separate 24-hour countdown for gifts and chests.

The game has a special mini-game. How to play it? The mini-games available for the game change cyclically for each pony. That is, if you canít play a game now, you can do it later! The procedure for changing mini-games: "Ball game", "Apple picking" and "Telescope". Please note that games such as Diamond Mine and Equestria Girls are always available. In addition, in these two games you will be able to get unique rewards, but you will not be able to increase your level of understanding.

How to win the game? You need to perform a number of actions:

How to activate Harmony Stones? To do this, you will need a certain number of Harmony Stones of the same type, collecting which you can activate the stone. To find out how many Crystals you need to activate, click on the Harmony Stone.

How to play the Equestria Girls mini-game? For dancing, click on the horseshoes when they reach the transverse strip! A single horseshoe means pressing the screen with one finger, double - with two. In addition, if the horseshoe is purple, press once, green - press and hold, yellow - press several times.

How to jump in the diamond mine mini-game? To jump, tap anywhere on the screen!

How to double jump in the Diamond Mine mini-game? Click anywhere on the screen to jump. And then while jumping, tap again to double jump.

Can I crouch / sit down in the Diamond Mine mini-game? No. Have you ever tried to bend down in a railway trolley? This is unrealistic hard!

What can be collected in the diamond mine mini-game? In this mini-game you can get various items: bits, stones and Element Crystals. You can also get great rewards by scoring a certain amount of points in the Diamond Mine.

How to go to the Leaderboard? Just click on the Leaderboard in your Profile! Here you can see separate statistics on games in the Crystal Empire and Equestria Girls by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper left part of the screen. You can also select general community results or only friends results by clicking the Friends icon on the left side of the screen. In addition, here you can view the results of the players who are nearby by selecting the option Near me (for this, connect location services on your device).

Where does the Harmony Tree grow? The Harmony Tree grows in the Cave of Harmony, in the wilds of the Evergreen Forest. In order to find a tree, you need to get into the Evergreen Forest through a tourist map, then to the Cave of Harmony, which is located at the top of the map. From here you can enter the cave and save the Tree of Harmony.

The Harmony Tree is sick. How to cure him? To do this, you need to return all the Elements of Harmony to the Tree! You can always check your current progress in the game and how many more crystals will be needed on the Progress screen in the story action.

How do totems from the Zekora hut work? Totems are a new way to get Element Crystals. The type of crystal will depend on the type of totem. Mix different ingredients in the Zekora Shack to create new totems. Use various combinations and open all varieties of totems!

Where can I find the ingredients for creating new totems? The ingredients are scattered throughout the Evergreen Forest, it remains only to collect! Also, if you wish, you can buy them at the Zekora Shack for a small price.

How to turn Twilight Sparkle into a Princess? Twilight Sparkle will turn into a Princess after completing the quest "Return to Harmony" in Canterlot.

How many varieties of stocks are presented in the game? There are 4 types of stocks in the game: Single stocks, Social stocks, Special stocks and Narrative stocks. They are all marked with the corresponding icon in the Promotions section. In addition, the game has Mega promotions and Temporary stories - time limited trials that can be accessed from the travel card, but only when these promotions pass. Do not worry, you will not miss their beginning.

What is Social Promotion? In the Social Promotion, you need to surpass the performance of other players and take top positions in the Leaderboard! Rewards for Social promotions are received by all players who have won prizes, and are distributed immediately after the end of the promotion. That is, if you want to receive awards, then you need to take a leading position while the action is active, and keep it until the end of the competition.

What are Special Promotions? Special promotions are competitions dedicated to the special overclocking mini-game! To participate in Special Promotions you will need Magic Lightning. You will spend a certain amount of Magic Lightning with each game in "Disperse the Clouds". The exact number depends on the difficulty level in the mini-game.

How to play the special overclocking mini-game? Access to the Clash the Clouds mini-game is available only in Special Promotions. Go to the Promotions section and check for new ones!

What is Magic Lightning? These are lightning created using magic! Okay, seriously, these are the lightning bolts that you will need to play in "Chase the Clouds" during the Special Promotion! In the Promotions menu, you can check how much you already have.

How to get more Magic Lightning? After some time, the Magic Lightning will reappear, and you can collect them. But if you do not want to wait, you can replenish them instantly for stones. To find out more, click on the Magic Lightning recharge timer!

How to defeat Tirek? Use the Elements of Harmony in order to defeat Tirek! Remember: Tirekís strength is constantly growing, he will become stronger with each stage of the battle. Use different crystals to win at different stages!

During the battle with Tirek, he said that he had regained strength. What does this mean? The insidious Tyrek has the ability to heal itself from the damage done! To take the lead, use all possible types of crystals in one battle. Remember, time is limited. If you do not have time to win on time, he will regain strength and you will have to start all over again! You can always check the remaining time on the task screen (to do this, click on the Tirek icon in the lower left corner of the screen).

Opening the chest, I watched (a) the video and found (a) a new castle in Ponyville. This, of course, is cool, but where did the Sparkle Library go? The villain Tirek destroyed the Sparkle Library, but the magic of friendship restored it and placed it in the Inventory. You can go to this section and place this decorative building in Ponyville! The power of the Harmony Tree erected a new castle, in which Sparkle now lives.

Why canít I get into the Cave of Harmony? I liked it there! The story with the Cave of Harmony is completed, now in Equestria there is peace. But very soon you will find many new adventures, do not miss!

What is this strange vine that appears in Ponyville, Canterlot, and Sweet Apple Farm? Plandersids invaded our lands with the beginning of the action to heal the Tree of Harmony! They will appear in all locations until you heal the Harmony Tree. Only after that they will disappear and will appear only in the Evergreen Forest.

I wanted to purchase an item in the Store, but I can not find it. What happened This is the Pony Collection badge, here you can find all Equestria ponies and cool stickers! Gather collections in a clear and get fantastic rewards. Check out this section every day so you donít miss out on time-limited rewards!

What are these weird chests in the Store? This is a "Direct Kits Purchase" - a kind of hoof of help containing up to five kinds of different pony utilities! Please note that these sets can only be purchased for real money or stones.

What is Ponyville Party and Fashion Show? Ponyville Party and Fashion Show are time-limited promotions that appeared in the game with 19 and 20 updates. At the moment, the stock is over.

In my Inventory there are many identical decorations. Is there any way to quickly place them on a map? Of course have! Now you can quickly place items on your map, one by one. To do this, go to the Inventory and select the desired decoration. Immediately after you place the selected jewelry, you can place the next, located immediately after the previous one. Once you have placed all the necessary items, all the rest can be returned to the Inventory and continue to store them.

How to use a gift code? Open your Profile and click on the Gift Code icon, then enter your code in the pop-up window. Check the correct code entry to get the desired item!

What are Fashion Show collections? This is an amazing clothing line. A lot of fashionable outfits for pony from Six manes are collected in the collection of the Fashion show. To view the entire Fashion Show collection, go to the Fashion Outfits screen and click on the small white arrow at the bottom of the screen. You just have to create all these outfits, while there is time, and you can dress up! Moreover, in addition to the awards that you will receive for creating individual sets of Fashion outfits, you will also find a reward for the entire collection, if, of course, you manage to create it on time.

What is a fashion outfit? A fashionable outfit is a time-limited collection of clothes that you can wear on your own from Six Manes. Create outfits on time and get cool rewards for your efforts.

How to go to the Fashion Show collection screen? Just go to the Main menu and click on the Collection Book icon or select the Carousel Boutique and THEN click on the Collection Book icon. The Fashion Show section is located in the lower left corner of the book menu. You can also easily switch from the Fashion Show to the Carousel Boutique by clicking on the fragments of the costume in the Fashion Outfit section.

What is the Buy kit button for? If you doubt that you can collect all the materials for this outfit, then simply click on this icon to buy this Fashionable outfit for stones!

Can I buy or create outfits for clothes that I donít have yet? Unfortunately, you canít! First you need to get a pony, and only then start to create outfits for her.

I noticed an outfit that appears in black! Can I create it? Do not hurry! Fashionable outfits that appear in black are not available for play, so you cannot create them. Come into the game every day and see what outfits are available for the game!

What does the scale show? The scale shows how much you have left before creating the entire collection of the Fashion Show! Having created one of the fragments of the outfit, you will notice how the scale is a little filled.Once you have created all the Fashion Outfits and put together a Fashion Show collection, you will receive a super reward! In addition, you will receive rewards every time you manage to create a fashionable outfit on time.

I do not have an internet connection. Can I still create Fashion Outfits? Yes you can! Just go to the Carousel Boutique and start creating the necessary fragments of the outfit. Please note that new outfits will only be available for viewing if you are connected to the Internet. Therefore, try to connect when the opportunity arises.

Why do I need an icon Participate in the Promotions section? To take part in the action, you need to click on this icon! Then all your achievements will be added to the general account of the action.

One of my little clothes changes into a new outfit, but I donít see it! Why? While the little pony changes clothes, we close it with a screen on the main screen, since she needs privacy! Do not worry, while it inspires beauty, you can continue to play and complete tasks. If you wish, you can skip the waiting time by paying with stones in the town screen. To do this, click on the screen, and then on the badge with a pass.

What does the mark "Rare" and "Legendary" mean on some items in the game "Balls"? These notes indicate which of the prizes in the current Balls game are more valuable!

How to find out when access to new Fashion outfits will open? Watch for the label "New" in the Activities section next to the Suits icon and on the Carousel Boutique icon on the town screen! The mark "Temporarily" will appear on those outfits, the creation of fragments of which is limited in time. Also note that with the appearance of new or temporary outfits, an exclamation mark will appear above the Carousel Boutique building. In the Carousel Boutique, an exclamation mark will appear over new outfits until you look through them. Immediately after that, a watch icon will appear on these outfits to show that you can create them. Also, a watch and an exclamation mark will appear on the arrows for viewing in the Carousel Boutique, so you will always know about new and temporary outfits for understanding.

In the game "Balls" I can view SOME prizes, but what about the whole list? Just click on the blue Rewards icon below the prize list!

The Balls icon displays a small clock. Why are they? The game has a new ball game in which you can win exclusive prizes. Since this game is limited in time, the watch will appear when it can be played. You can play balls an unlimited number of times until the time runs out.

The Balloons icon has an exclamation mark. What does he mean? This means that you can play a new game of balls, access to which will be open from time to time. Access to it will be closed after you play a certain number of times.

How to open a Crystal Empire? If you want to open the Crystal Empire, you need to prepare for the journey.First, collect tokens with snow balls to open the way to the Crystal Empire. Moreover, if you do not want to wait, you can open the Crystal Empire behind the stones at any time. Please note that the more tokens you have, the less stones you will spend.

What is this pony in crystals on the map of the Crystal Empire. How to free them? These ponies are trapped and are now imprisoned in crystals, but you can free them. In total, 6 ponies are retained in crystals. To free them, use the special Elements of Harmony. That is, you need to collect the required amount, and then spend it and wait until the pony is free. Immediately after this, this pony will fall into your Inventory. In addition, if you do not want to wait until the pony is free, use stones.

How do I know if a requirement is met? When you fulfill the requirement, a shiny pony icon with a check mark and a counter of completed requirements will appear to the right of it. You can click on the icon to see the full list of requirements. Also, a shiny icon will appear when you collect enough items to complete the task (tokens, crystals, bits, etc.).

What is this hotel icon in the Activities menu? This is the Golden Horseshoe Hotel badge. Click on it to go to the Hotel.

Under some ponies, an icon with a green chest is displayed in the Store and Collection Book.What does he mean? This is an icon set. It means that this pony is currently available in a kit.

Can I transfer my game progress from a Samsung tablet to an Apple iPad? Unfortunately, at the moment this is technically impossible. The application does not support cross-platform. That is, you can transfer progress only within one platform: iOS, Android or Windows.

How to get Starlight Glimmer? Starlight Glimmer can be obtained by players collecting a collection of Six Manes or during a series of tasks in the Kingdom of Werewolves.

I see the camp on the map (in the form of a structure), what is this place? This is an adventure camp.Reaching level 8, you can go on an exciting adventure. Play with an Internet connection so you donít miss when access to this challenge opens.

Now the camp looks different, why? Changing the camp marks the beginning of a new adventure in which you can take part.

What is an adventure? This is a special time-limited action in which you need to perform various tasks, such as:

  1. Complete the tasks of the chapter and collect points to increase your score in the ranking, for achievements in which you will receive wonderful rewards.
  2. Complete story missions.
  3. Fight with the bosses!

The game provides for two types of such promotions: Mega promotions (based on the Leaderboard) and Temporary stories (based on completing story missions, including ranking results and boss battles).

I see 2 locks on the chapter. What do they mean? The pink lock will open itself over time, you just need to wait. A yellow lock means that you must first complete the tasks of the previous chapter.

How can I use adventure points? The more points you collect, the higher you go up the ranking. Click on the Leaderboard icon in the Community section to find out your current ranking position. If you reach a high position at the end of the promotion, you will receive a prize for your efforts.

What is this big award depicted on the progress bar, and how to get it? To receive this award after the end of the test, participate in the promotion.

What are snow balls and how to use them? Snow balls are a special type of item with which you can open the 5th location in Equestria - the Crystal Empire.

How to change the image in the profile? Unfortunately, you cannot change the image or name that was automatically determined by the application.

How to change the name in the game? Unfortunately, you cannot change the name that was automatically determined by the application.

How to get into the Kingdom of werewolves for the first time? Reach at least level 27 and complete the mission "WHERE do you say ?!" in canterlot.

How to explore the werewolf kingdom location? Complete tasks with a portrait of Chrysalis and start an exciting story about the Kingdom of werewolves.

Thorax fights Queen Chrysalis in a hive house! It looks great, but can I help him? Of course! Visit Thorax and his changeling friends more often and collect Friendship Stones. To find out how many Friendship Stones you need to defeat Chrysalis, click on her last portrait in the middle of the right side of the "Defeat Chrysalis" menu.

What are these green sections with the awards in the "Defeat Chrysalis" menu? Great question! The section on the left shows the reward that you will receive by completing the task of the stage (collecting the necessary number of Friendship Stones). In the section on the right, a time-limited exclusive reward is displayed, which will only be received by players who have completed the stage task in time.

How to get a time limited reward? Everything is simple - finish the stage until the timer expires.

How to assign bonus ponies? Click the "Assign" icon next to the bonus character in the "Defeat Chrysalis" menu! Do not worry, werewolves will do all the necessary work at home, so the bonuses of love will not affect the performance of ordinary tasks. And do not forget to invite bonus ponies to Equestria - they will not be able to help you if they are far away.

How to get to the menu "Defeat Chrysalis"? Click on the battle scene of Thorax and Chrysalis on the overview screen, or click on the icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Why canít I get into the werewolf kingdom after defeating Queen Chrysalis? You went through the story and saved everyone! Now itís better to leave the Werewolf Kingdom to the werewolves themselves so that they think about their new role in Equestria society. Do not worry, new adventures await you!

I collected the necessary number of Friendship Crystals and defeated Queen Chrysalis, but she is still here and has become even more aggressive. What to do? Most likely, you went through one of the 4 stages of the boss battle. You still have to try! Global progress is displayed below the Chrysalis portraits above the Friendship Stones scale in the "Defeat Chrysalis" menu. After each stage you can get a reward!

Can I view my collections? Of course! They are at the end of the list of collections. It is not necessary to scroll the list to the very end, click the "First collected" button in the collections menu to display the list of collections in the reverse order.

Where can I find the Fashion Show menu? Go to the Pony Editor from the Activities menu, the Profile menu, or the Carousel Boutique icon on the overview screen! If Fashion Show is active, you will get there!

In my city, hundreds of kinds of all kinds of scenery. Do I need to place them in the inventory one at a time? Not necessary. Click the "hide all" icon in the form of a box with two arrows in the Edit mode, confirm that this is exactly what you want to do, and all the decorations from the map will be moved to inventory! This will free up space for new projects, but be careful - this action cannot be undone, only manually move each item from the inventory to the place where it used to be.

I accidentally clicked the "hide all" icon in the form of a box with two arrows, and all the scenery from the map moved to inventory. How can I cancel this action? Unfortunately, nothing. That is why two confirmations are required to complete this action.

Is it possible to sell what has already been bought? Yes, some shops and decorations may be sold. To do this, select the item you want to sell in the Edit mode. If a sale is possible, click the dollar icon on the left side of the screen and the selected item will be sold.

What are Temporary Stories? Temporary stories are large promotions with unique prizes, a plot and various activities. Their duration is limited, then they disappear from the game, but do not worry, they are difficult to miss.

Where did the game "Magic Wings" go? You no longer need to play Magic Wings if you have collected enough pieces of a star to collect a new star.

Why were paths removed from the game? The paths are now available, but now you do not need to buy them in the store. To get them, just go into edit mode, then click the blue icon with a white brush in the upper left corner of the screen and lay any number of paths.

Why in the game you can no longer move houses understand? Please note - just the way to move the houses has changed a bit. Now you need to click on the house that you want to move, drag it to a new place, and then click outside the house. After that, the house will move.

Why do I meet Sweet Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo in various locations? With the release of the 28 update of the game, the Marks finders can travel to various locations along with the little manes from Six Manes. The only places they cannot go are the Evergreen Forest and the Kingdom of the Werewolves.

How does the Timeline Leaderboard work? Rating gives you the opportunity to compete with other players and receive unique prizes by regularly entering the game and completing tasks that bring rating points.There can be several ratings in one Time Story. At the moment, they are called Rating # 1 and Rating # 2.

How to get into ratings in Temporary History? There are two ways:

  1. Click on the Community tab in the Timeline menu, then click on the "Rating" icon in the lower left. In the upper left corner is a drop-down menu in which you can select the desired rating;
  2. At the top of the Time History menu is a task bar. There are badges with cups with which you can go to the ratings.

How to understand that a rating is active in a temporary history? Go to the Community tab in the Time History menu, the "Community" section for active ratings is always displayed there.

Is it possible in the Provisional History to switch to a rating that has ceased to be active? Yes, there are two ways to do this:

  1. Go to the Community tab in the Time History menu, then click on the "Rating" icon in the lower left corner. In the upper left corner you will see a drop-down menu in which you can select the desired rating;
  2. At the top of the Time History menu is a task bar. There are badges with cups with which you can go to the ratings.

Why is the History tab grayed out? Why canít I continue to participate in the Provisional History? Do not worry, the application works correctly. You can continue to complete tasks when they appear. In the meantime, we advise you to take part in the affordable leaderboard. To go, click on the Community tab.

How to defeat the boss in Temporary History? To do this, attack the enemy to reduce his level of health, then wait until his strength is restored and deliver the next blow. Boss battles can be divided into several rounds, in each of which you need to take all his health. Only in this way can you win.

How to use Assistants during boss battles in Time History? You have a standard strike force that takes a certain amount of health from the enemy. To increase it, use the Helpers. The more Helpers you use, the harder you can strike.

Who is the Mysterious Pony? No one knows who she is. But from time to time you can see her on the streets of Ponyville during the Tempest Story Story story. Click on it to receive a reward.

How to open Clujtown? First you need to find the road to Klugetown. To do this, collect Tokens with Kludzhayt cards and open this location. If you do not wish to wait, open Kludzhet by stones. Please note that the more tokens you have, the less stones you will have to spend.

What are Clujtown Maps and how to use them? Kludgetown Cards are special items that will be needed to unlock Kludgetown.

The game has a new game, "Balls", which is called "Balloons of Kludzhtauna." How is she different? In this new game you can get exclusive items from Kludstown. In addition, you can use the lucky coin to play Klubstown Balls.

What is a lucky coin and how to use it? You can use it to play Klubstown Balls. Collect enough and play.

Can I use lucky coins in another Balls game? At the moment, you can use coins only for playing in "Balloon Town Balls". Perhaps in the future it will be possible in another game. Keep for updates.

What can I do in Klugetown? There are a lot of interesting things in this location. By collecting maps of Kludzhtuna and opening this location, you can:

  1. Complete the storyline quest. Help the pony from Six Manes restore Kludstown by taking part in a number of exciting challenges.
  2. Discover areas. You will notice that access to some areas is limited. Complete all tasks and open these places.
  3. Restore sights. Each open area will have a building that needs repairs.

How many districts are in Clujtown? There are 7 districts in Kludstown: Entrance to the city, City Market, Pirate Bay and Steam District. Access to the districts will open after you collect the maps of Kludzhtuna and open Kludzhtown. Storm Creature Camp, Criminal Lair and Hippogryph Site will appear in the game with the release of updates.

How to open areas in Kludzhtown? To do this, click on the closed area and see the list of resources needed to open it. Please note that some areas can only be opened after you open others.

There are ruined buildings in Klugetown. Why are they? These are buildings that you can remodel. To do this, you will need to complete the storyline quest. To start its implementation, click on the green OK icon. The building will become yours after you restore it. In addition, you will receive a reward.

The travelerís map looks different. What changed? A new navigation menu has appeared at the bottom of the screen for your convenience. To focus on the location, click on the desired icon in the navigation menu. Or double-click to go there. The location icons on the map work in exactly the same way.

I completed the task Temporary History New Horizons, access to Kludzhtown is still closed. What will happen to the items that I have earned (a)? Do not worry, all items will be stored in the Inventory.You can use them after collecting cards, and open Kludzhtown, or open this location for the stones.

What is trash? These are stones, driftwood, Plandersids, crystals and old trees that are scattered throughout the territory of Ponyville, Canterlot, the Evergreen Forest, the Crystal Empire, the Sweet Apple and Kludzhaeta farm. To remove an item, click on it, then confirm the deletion! Remember: to remove an item, you will need beats or Harmony Crystals, as well as a certain period of time. You can skip the waiting time by paying with stones.

How to play the Equestria Girls mini-game? Just click on the Activity icon in the lower left corner of the screen, then on the mirror icon. In addition, the mini-game can be accessed through the Magic Portal of Equestria Girls, which is located in Canterlot, Ponyville and Klugetown. Click on it and play!

How to play the diamond mine mini-game? Click the Activity icon in the lower left corner of the screen, then the icon with the diamond mine trolley. Or just click on the Diamond Mine, which is located in Canterlot, Ponyville, and Cluddown.

I noticed a new building on the map and a cute Pony Editor icon in the Activities menu. What are they needed for? You can change the appearance of a pony from the Six Mane collection in the Pony Editor.New outfits will bring you more income for completing tasks or increase the score in mini-games!

I checked the items in the Store and did not find any new items. Where are they? Some items are displayed in the Store only for a certain period of time, while others can be received as a gift in a different way!Come into the game every day, so as not to miss the chance to get new items!

How to open more locations? At the moment, only 7 locations are provided in the game: Ponyville, Canterlot, Sweet Apple Farm, Evergreen Forest, Crystal Empire, Kingdom of the Werewolves and Klugetown. But with the release of the next game updates, new territories will appear.

How to remove an unnecessary item from Inventory? Shops bought for bits can be sold after being placed on the card. Other stores bought for other currencies cannot be sold or removed.

I noticed (a) on the map a building around which stones and beats are scattered. What is this structure? By clicking on them, you will be redirected to the in-game purchases section, where you can purchase stones and beats if necessary.

How to increase the level of my heroes? Play mini-games with certain heroes and collect pieces of stars!Once you collect all the parts of the star, you can increase the level of the character. After that, start collecting a new star!

How to get Element Crystals? Element crystals come across randomly when collecting revenue from stores, as well as as a reward for performing single or social actions. They can also be collected in the Diamond Mine, won in the "Balls" mini-game or obtained from totems in the Zekora Shack.

What maximum level can a hero reach? Five Stars!

How many mini-games are in the game? You can play 5 mini-games in which you can increase the level of heroes, win awards and complete tasks. Games in which you can increase the level of the character: "Ball game", "Apple picking" and "Telescope". Also in the game there are also such mini-games as Equestria Girls and Diamond Mine.

How to increase your level? To increase the level, gain as much experience (or OP) as possible! To do this, complete tasks, complete the construction of buildings, place scenery, expand the territory, play the mini-game "Balls" or make new heroes. To find out how much OP you currently have or how much you need to level up, open your Profile. To do this, go to the Main menu and click on the blue bar in the upper left part of the screen. In the Profile section, click on the blue bar in the upper left corner of the screen.

New tasks do not appear in the game ... Why? New tasks appear when you move to a new level or get one of the main characters. Please note that some of them will open after completing other tasks in other towns. So first make sure that you complete all the tasks!

I won a gift in the "Balls" mini-game, but I cannot find it in the game. Where is he? All won heroes, scenery and shops are automatically moved to the Inventory section. You can get into it through the Store or the Edit mode. You can also win various in-game currency, OP or crystals, which will automatically be added to the total account of your currency, OP or crystals.

How to travel between distant places? A tourist map of the Earth allows you to travel to all available places in Equestria and even find new territories! It unfolds by clicking on the train station in your current location or in the lower left corner of the screen.

How to score points in the special game "Overclock the clouds"? Just collect as many parasprites as possible! The number of points received will depend on the color of the parasprite: 3 points for the golden parasprite, 2 for purple and 1 for blue. And do not forget to collect time bonuses! Each of them will add a few seconds to the timer of the mini-game. Want to get even more points? Then play the recommended hero for the Special Promotion and get a bonus account! The more stars the character has, the better the bonus you will receive at the end of the game.

A strange chest appeared in the Cave of Harmony after completing an action to heal the Tree of Harmony. How to open it? To do this, you need to find six keys. Heroes from Six Manes have already helped many of Equestriaís inhabitants. Sometimes they will delight you with gifts of friendship as a token of gratitude.Complete all the tasks in the Friendship Gifts series to get all the rewards that eventually turn into keys and open the chest.

What is the icon in the upper right corner of the screen for? This is the Heroes Collection badge, here you can find all Equestria ponies and cool stickers! Collect character collections and get fantastic rewards. Check out this section every day to not miss the temporary rewards!

How does the Daily Bonus work? All the characters really want to see you in Equestria. Therefore, your entry bonuses will not go anywhere! Just go into the game every day and get rewards - coins, stones, exclusive heroes, shops and decorations. The more days you are in the game, the better prizes you get!

When I click on a playerís avatar in the Friends or Leaderboards sections, I see a new Report icon. What is it for? There may be misunderstandings and disputes between players. You can file a complaint against a player if he:

To report this, click on the user avatar. Select the reason for the complaint and click on the Report icon. These actions can be performed in the Friends and Leaderboards sections.

I noticed a counter in Hero Collections. Why is he? This counter will help you follow the heroes. With it, you can see how many ponies you have now and the total number of characters in the game.

New items appeared in the store, but instead of prices, items are indicated next to them. Why?These incredible new characters, shops and decorations can be opened for items! To get them, collect items of a certain type in Equestria.

What items can I open heroes, shops and decorations? For tokens! In the store next to such items there is a badge with a token.

How to instruct the heroes to complete the task? The game has two options:

  1. Go to the Store and click on the closed hero, store, decoration to understand what tasks you need to complete to get tokens with which you can open what you want. Then you can send the heroes to complete tasks and get rewards.
  2. Open the Pony Book, select a hero and send him to complete tasks!

An icon with a hero or a building is displayed next to some tasks. What is he for? To complete the task, the hero will need to talk with another character or go to a certain building. This means that you SHOULD BE the necessary hero or building to complete the task!

Near some heroes in the store is written "Plot." How to get them? To get such heroes, you need to complete all the plot tasks! Click on the hero, then on the "Go" icon that appears, which redirects you to the next story quest.

How do I know that the hero completed the task? When the character completes the task, the corresponding icon appears in the upper left part of the town screen. In addition, such an icon will appear above the hero who completed the task! Also, in the Store, when you click on a character, store or decoration that can be opened for items, the Pick icon will pop up.

Are all the tasks for the heroes the same? No, they are all unique! For each completed task, the hero can receive a different number of tokens and resources, and a different amount of time is required to complete them.

Can I send a hero who is busy completing a task to play a mini-game? Unfortunately, the hero cannot play until he completes the task.

How do you know how long it takes a hero to complete a task? Click on the character on the city screen and find out how much time is left! In addition, you can open the Pony Book and select a hero there.

Why canít I assign a task to one of my heroes? Do not forget that ponies cannot complete tasks while changing clothes.

In a special mini-game "Overclock the Clouds", a store icon appeared. What is he for? This means that there is a hero in the store who can bring you a bonus in this mini-game! Click on this icon, go to the store and invite this character.

How to collect snow balls? After reaching level 23, you can start collecting balls in the following ways:

  1. Send several heroes to complete the mission "Preparing for the Journey to the Crystal Empire". There is a chance to get snow balls for the passed test.
  2. Collect items from shops to get snow balls.

What heroes can complete the mission "Preparing for the Journey to the Crystal Empire"? You can send the following characters to complete the assignment: Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Spike, and understand from Six Manes. In addition, to find out which characters are ready to begin the assignment, click on the Crystal Empire icon.

I noticed that a new friend has appeared next to Princess Celestia in the Friends section. This friendís icon displays Princess Cadance. What does this mean? Now you can visit Princess Cadence in the Crystal Empire, as well as send gifts and chests to her.

How to visit Princess Cadance? Click on the dropdown menu and go to the Friends section. Then click on the Princess Cadance icon and select the house icon. Please note that if you have not reached level 23, then you need to click on the road sign icon on the tourist map.

Is it possible to choose another hero for the special Clash the Clouds mini-game? Each week, a new bonus character can be used for this mini-game. If you already have one, then this will happen automatically. In another case, Twilight Sparkle will help you gain maximum points!

I noticed the Hotel icon in the Activities menu. Why is he? Having reached level 14, you can purchase the wonderful Golden Horseshoe Hotel in the Shop. Then place it on the map and meet the hero travelers. In addition, a special game plot has been prepared for you, with the help of which you will learn more about the hotel and its advantages.

I put the Golden Horseshoe Hotel on the map and now I see the character sitting at the table.Whatís next? This is a traveler hero. Such characters come to Ponyville from all over Equestria, but will leave soon if you do not convince them to stay.

How to convince a traveler hero to stay? Each hero has his own conditions. Click on a character in the Hotel and you will see a list of requirements. Complete them all before time runs out and the hero stays in the city.

And if I do not fulfill the requirement on time? Then the hero will leave Ponyville, but may return at any time in the future.

How do I know if a requirement is met? This is the Golden Horseshoe Hotel badge. Click on it to go to the Hotel.

Under some heroes, a green chest icon is displayed in the Store and in the Collection Book. What does he mean? This is an icon set. It means that this hero is currently available in a set.

An icon with a red suitcase is displayed under some characters in the Store and Collection Book.What does he mean? It means that this hero is currently available at the Golden Horseshoe Hotel.

In the Activities menu next to the Golden Horseshoe Hotel, I see several notification icons. What do they mean? An exclamation mark means that a new hero has appeared in the Hotel. The clock icon indicates that the character is available for a limited time, and the gift icon means that you have completed all the requirements and can greet the hero-traveler.

I noticed (a) on a city map a building around which stones and beats are scattered. What is this structure? By clicking on them, you will be redirected to the in-game purchases section, where you can purchase stones and beats if necessary.

How to complete the tasks of the chapter? To do this, send your heroes to complete tasks for which they can get tokens. Having collected enough tokens, you can complete the chapter and get a reward.

When I assign heroes to work, one of them is highlighted in gold. Why? In this way, special heroes are distinguished who are guaranteed to bring you tokens for completing the task.

Having completed the heroís task, I received (a) not one token, but two. Why? These are special adventure points that you will receive for completing all the tasks in this series.

How to collect adventure points? To do this, send your heroes to complete tasks. For a complete list of characters, go to the Community section.

How to find and get treasure chests in Ponyville? Treasure chests are gifts that friends in the game can send you daily through the Friends menu. Carefully monitor your card, the chest can appear anywhere.

I rarely get items when I send my characters to meet hotel guests, or when trying to get someone in the storyline of Coloratura. Why? Please note that each item has a different probability of receipt, and some of them may come across very rarely. On the assignment screen, you can see how likely it is to receive an item. Also, the frequency of their receipt depends on how much you have already managed to collect, and how many heroes you can get for this item.

How to invite a friend to the game? To invite a friend, give the user who has not previously played this application your friendship code. Then this person must install the game, go through training and enter the friendship code in the Invitations section of the Friends menu.

I played a dance mini-game several times, but never received a heroes. Why? This means that you have already won all the heroes you could get in the Equestria Girls mini-game. The number of characters that can be obtained in this way is limited.

How to go to the profile menu? Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the city overview screen! You will see your heroes, costumes and a counter of collected collections, as well as a menu of ratings, gift codes and the Friends tab, in which all your friends are displayed.

Why do my heroes glow with a strange green light? Are they sick? No, this is an invasion of werewolves! Defeat Queen Chrysalis in the Kingdom of Werewolves to save your characters and drive away the werewolves.

Can I get a missed time-limited reward for the Beat Chrysalis mission? Yes, but it will not be easy.Watch for promotions, and one day these heroes will fall into you in temporary offers or sets.

How to get more Friendship Stones? There are several ways:

What are bonus characters? These are special heroes who can improve the production of Friendship Stones. Each bonus has its own multiplier. For example, applying the x2 bonus, you will get twice as many Friendship Stones! Do not forget that only some characters bring bonuses, and for each stage their list is cast.

Why do you need the TASKS and GAMES tabs located at the top of the Pony Book? By clicking on GAMES, you can go to the section with mini-games to increase the level. By clicking on TASKS, you will see heroes who can complete this task. Please note that only those characters who can play mini-games and complete tasks will be marked in the Pony Book.

Why do I need a profile menu? Firstly, you can find out your name in the game, under which other players see you. In addition, in this menu you can see the OP scale, the friendship code, as well as the number of ponies, collections and costumes that you already have. You will also see your Harmony Elements in the middle of the menu. Really great? And thatís not all.You can go to the Friends and Leaderboards tab by selecting it under the navigation menu. You will also get quick access to the Lottery, gift codes and ratings by clicking on the corresponding icon on the right side of the Profile menu.

Is it possible to buy characters, shops or scenery from the wrong location where I am now? Of course you can! Click on the pink icon with the location name to expand the list of available locations. Choose the one you need and find out what you can get there.

Why canít my characters complete missions in the werewolf kingdom all the time? Most quests in the Kingdom of Werewolves relate to a specific quest. Therefore, they are available only during the quest, and you do not need to repair the bridge again if it is already repaired.

The hero received the task, after that the interface was blocked. What happened Everything is good.Wait a few seconds until the character prepares ... Thatís all!

How to change roads on a city map? Itís simple - click on the road icon in the lower left corner of the screen in Edit mode, select the type of road and the place where it should be. Easy, right?

How to enable editing mode? The game has two methods:

  1. For quick access, on the city overview screen, select the icon with the image of arrows in four directions.
  2. Click on the building you want to move and hold it for several seconds until the Edit mode opens.

In this mode, you can place items from the inventory, move them, sell, change roads and move all the scenery to the inventory! In addition, you can open expansion zones and remove items.

How to increase the chances of a hero getting tokens for completing a mission? Each quest gives you only one chance to earn a token. The chance varies depending on the task and the type of token, so you canít improve the chance of getting the desired token. The probability of receipt is displayed in the requirements for each task.

How to go to the Temporary History? Very simple! Click the special icon on the left side of the screen under the hero icon. It will appear as soon as the Temporary History begins and disappear after its completion. Also, to access the Temporary History, you can use the special building of the action, which is in all locations.

Is there any way to quickly find the right hero on the city map? Of course have! Just open the Pony Book, select the page with the desired character, click on the special icon in the lower right corner under the image of the hero. This icon is a magnifying glass.

Why are the tasks in the Pony Book displayed in different colors? The game has two types of tasks:

  1. Pink: quests involved in story trials. That is, having completed these tasks, you will achieve progress in several trials at once. Some tasks will disappear from the Pony Book immediately after they are completed, while others will turn purple.
  2. Violet: Heroesí normal quests.

How to collect cards of Kludzhtuna? After reaching level 12, you can send several heroes to complete the quest "Finding the road to Kludstown". You can get cards after completing the task.

What heroes can complete the quest "Finding the Road to Klugetown"? You can send the following heroes to complete the quest: Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow, Spike, Trixie Llamun, Daring Do, Songberd Syrinade and Storm. To find out which pony is ready to start the quest, click on the Tourist Map.

How to collect lucky coins? The game has several options:

  1. Send specific heroes to complete the quest. It is likely that they will receive lucky coins after completing the task. To view the list of heroes who can receive such coins, go to the "Cludtown Balls" section by clicking on the icon with three gold coins.
  2. You can watch the commercial and get a lucky coin.

Why did the cost of boosters increase in mini-games in which you can increase the level ?! It all depends on your level. The higher the level, the more benefits you will receive, but the price will be correspondingly higher.

On the city map, balls are displayed. Why are they? Click on them to find out. In them you can find various awards, special hearts and decorations for the Day of Hearts and Hoofs. You can open several items in the Store for tokens, but only during the action of the temporary story story "Day of Hearts and Hoofs."

What are Gift Codes and how to get them? Using these codes, users can receive special in-game items or currency. Pay attention to the loading screens!

What are group assignments? This is a series of quests that open at level 13 and consist of several points. For each moment you have to make a choice of several solutions. Your result in the task depends on your decisions!

How to open group tasks? Click the Activities icon in the lower left corner of the screen, then the Group Jobs icon. Or click on the building where you get Group assignments.

Is it possible to start several group tasks at the same time? Yes, you can start several group tasks at once. Be careful - the heroes involved in the group task cannot be assigned one more, so choose carefully.

Why do my friends have different tasks? Each player receives a random set of group tasks. As soon as you complete one task, it will immediately be replaced by the next.

I do not like the score in the group assignment. Can I redo it? Of course! The same group task may appear several times. Do not miss!

Why canít I give the character a task? You will not be able to assign a character a task if they are already busy with another or are doing another group task.

Who is a Pro in a group assignment? Pros are experts who know the solution to the most complex problems. If you choose the solution marked with the Pro icon, you will definitely get the maximum points (and the best reward)!

I do not have a Pro for a specific point in the plot. What to do? You can choose one of two usual solutions or click the Store icon under the icon with the Pro and open this character!

What are trophies in a group assignment? These are the rewards you will receive for completing a group quest. The more characters you assign, the higher your chances of getting trophies!

Starlight Glimmer, Sweet Belle and Scootaloo disappeared. Starlight Glimmer, Sweet Belle and Scootaloo moved and now live in Ponyville.

Is it possible to change a character while he is on a mission? No - you need to wait until the task is completed.

Why do I need Star Mastery, which appeared in the Profile menu? With each level increase of the character you become one step closer to receiving rewards. In Star Mastery, the rewards and the required number of stars for receiving them are indicated. Each character can have no more than five stars, so constantly raise the level of all your characters to get even more rewards. By the way, the game also provides unique rewards for each individual character. Just take a look at the characterís biography in the Pony Book.

How to score maximum points for a group task? To do this, assign the task to the maximum number of characters, as well as select the best solutions and earn points.

How to instruct the hero to complete a group task? Select a group task, press Start and select the Assign Characters section. The game will automatically assign the maximum number of free characters, but you can replace them with others (or even remove them if you want).

What is the moment of the plot? This is a confusing situation that YOU must solve! Some of them happen during group tasks, and the characters you choose will offer several solutions that you have to choose from.

What levels do group tasks have? Group tasks are divided into Silver, Gold and Diamond levels: in high-level tasks, more characters are required, but the rewards in them are better!

How many heroes can you get in the game? The game has 600 characters! This is VERY much!

How long to wait for an opportunity to play a mini-game with a certain hero? The waiting time for the mini-game is different for each hero. In the Pony Book you can see timers for all characters.

There are two tabs in the Storytelling menu: History and Community. Why are they? In the History tab, you can view the main storyline of the current Time History. By clicking on the Community section, you will see the Community section for an active rating for the current Time History. To get directly into the rating, click on the Rating icon in the lower left corner of the Community section. You can switch from one section to another at any time.

When the Provisional History began, the schedule had a lot of understandings that I already have.Where are the rewards for the story? Understood the icons in the Timeline plot - these are the bosses and minions of the heroic battle with the bosses. When you get to a servant or boss on a schedule, a reward is displayed in the lower left corner of the Temporary History screen. Defeat the minion or boss and you will receive this reward!

Who is the main character of the heroic boss battle? This is one of your characters who will confront the minions and bosses in a heroic battle.

What is Team Strength? Team strength is the total number of damage points that all your ponies inflict on a boss or minion in a heroic boss battle per second. Increase Team Strength to deal with bosses and minions faster.

Why are Dark Crystals needed? Dark crystals are needed to improve the equipment of the protagonist and increase the Strength of the team. They are available only during an active heroic battle with the bosses and after its completion turn into Stones.

How to get Dark crystals? You get Dark Crystals for every vanquished minion. Just click on them and they will appear in your inventory.

The heroic battle is over and all my Dark Crystals are gone! What happened? Dark crystals are available only during an active heroic battle with the bosses and after its completion turn into Stones.

Why do I need a brown bag with crystals? This bag is used to collect Dark Crystals.

How to increase Team Strength? Team strength can be increased by appointing assistants.

How to defeat the boss in a heroic battle with the boss? During a battle with a minion, the recommended Team Strength for the boss fight is displayed. Increase Team Strength by upgrading the equipment of the main character or appointing Assistants. When the Strength of the team reaches the recommended value, click on the icon "Fight the boss." Do not forget that a limited time is allocated for the battle with each boss - but the reward is worth it! If you do not have time to defeat him, do not worry! You will return to the previous stage of the battle with the boss. Use this opportunity to increase Team Strength and fight the boss again. Good luck.

How to get to the Augmented Reality Studio? Augmented reality studio is not supported on all devices.There are two ways for supported devices:

  1. Special icon "Augmented Reality Studio" in the "Activities" menu;
  2. Open the Pony Book on any page. There is a special icon in the form of a camera. Click on it to launch Augmented Reality Studio.

What are Seasonal Group Jobs? Seasonal group quests are limited in time. You will see a timer, which will display the time remaining until the end. You can go through Seasonal group tasks several times, receiving after the end of the award, depending on the stages completed. You can get a unique reward in Seasonal Group Quests, so donít miss them!

What is a draw calendar? The draw calendar will bring you cool daily rewards! Log into the game every day, click on the Calendar icon at the bottom of the screen and get rewards! For each entry you will receive additional special tokens, which can be exchanged at the end of the month for a cool prize! Do not forget to enter the game every day!

There are various chests in the draw calendar. What is in them? We can only say that in these chests there are incredible prizes! We donít want to spoil your surprise, so go on certain days and find out for yourself!

What function does the currency perform for a heroic boss battle? Currency for a heroic battle with the boss goes to improve the equipment of the protagonist, thereby increasing the strength of the team. It is available only when the heroic battle with the boss is active.

How to get currency for a heroic boss battle? You will receive currency for a heroic battle with a boss for each defeated servant. Just click on it and it will appear in your inventory.

The heroic battle is over, and the whole currency is gone! What happened? The heroic currency for boss battles is only available during active heroic boss battles.

Why are helpers needed? Assistants give a permanent bonus to Team Strength in a heroic battle with the boss. They also increase the capacity of your currency bag for a heroic boss fight.

Why do I need a brown bag? This bag is used to collect currency for the heroic boss battle that the minions drop.

What do the numbers next to the bag mean? The numbers next to the bag indicate its capacity. When the bag is full, you can no longer put new currency in it for a heroic battle with the boss. Therefore, it is important to go into the stock more often in order to collect currency and empty the bag.

How to defeat a servant in a heroic battle with the boss? The battle with the minion begins automatically. All you need to do is collect the currency for a heroic boss fight, which the minion drops.

Oh no! I missed a day on the Draw Calendar! How to get a reward? Understanding, do not worry! If you missed a day, then a reward and special tokens can be obtained for a certain number of stones.

The main character in a heroic battle with the boss suddenly begins to sparkle! Whatís happening?! This means that you have a chance to collect additional currency for the battle with the boss! Wait until the light around the protagonist becomes the brightest, and quickly click on it! You can repeat this until the light goes out completely. After that, the protagonist will begin to sparkle again and bring you even more currency!

Why do I need separate tabs in my inventory? All items in your inventory are divided into categories: characters, workshops, decor, roads and backgrounds. Click the tab with the corresponding icon to fall into a specific category.

How to change the background in their locations? This can be done in several ways: in Edit mode, in special sets with different themes for cities or in the store.

A new magnet icon has appeared in the game menu. What is he for? Click on it and hold, you can collect income immediately from all workshops.

Why do we need Golden Keys? Golden Keys are special tokens that can be won in group tasks. Open the group task menu and see the progress bar with the collected Keys. Having collected all the keys, you can exchange them for a Diamond chest with amazing prizes!

How do I know how many bits he will bring to me before buying a store? Everything is very simple!Click on the building in the Shop section and a window with all the information will appear on the screen. To buy this building, click on the green icon.

What are Pro Design Kits? With the help of such kits you can expand the territory with one click, remove obstacles and place objects! Use these kits to improve your towns!

How to use Pro Design Kits? To do this, select the set in the Store containing the buildings and decorations you need. Then go into edit mode and open the section with sets. Choose one and place it anywhere on the map.After that you will be able to add, delete and move objects. In addition, placing the kit for the first time, the application will automatically remove all obstacles in the set area.

Can I reuse a kit that is already on the map? Yes you can! After reuse of the Pro-designer kit, all items will be transferred to a new location on the map and will be placed in the original order.

Do I need to clear a place to place the Pr-designer set? There is no need! Having placed the kit, the application automatically expands the territory, removes all obstacles and parasprites, and also places its contents in a beautiful order. If there are decorations or shops at the place where you place the set, they will be moved to Inventory. Please note that the set works in this way only at the first placement.

How to move the Pro-design kit to another place? Hosted sets display the Reassemble icon. Just click on it to assemble the kit and transfer it.

Can I place the Pro-design kit in the place where the store is being built? No, It is Immpossible. To do this, you must first wait until the store is completed.

Can I change the Pro-design kit after purchasing it? After the purchased kit is placed on the card, you can change it at your discretion.

What if I want to undo all the changes and return the Pro-designer set to its original appearance?You can do this by clicking on the "Collect All" icon in edit mode. You can always cancel any changes.

Why canít I post a Pro Design Kit? Check that there are no other objects in the territory where you want to place the kit. In addition, it is not possible to place the kit in place of the Diamond Mine, Pony Editor, and other buildings that are there by default. Also, you cannot place the Pro-designer kit in the place where the pony houses or shops are built.

Can I place the Pro-design kit in the place where the pony house is built? No, first you need to move the pony house to another place, and only then place the Pro-designer kit there. You donít want to leave a pony without a roof over your head?

Why did the Pro-design kit stop automatically expanding the territory and does not remove obstacles? The pro-designer kit automatically expands the territory and removes obstacles only at the first placement.

In the Leaders section, I have a strange name displayed (for example, Cloudy Star). Despite the fact that I did not indicate this name. Why is this happening? Do not worry! The game automatically determined a name for you. If you have friends on the list, their names will be updated automatically. So you can easily find yourself in the Leaders section! Just click the My Location icon! And see your name on the leaderboard! Remember: if you go to any social network, your name in the account will be replaced with the name from the social network.

How to find out your user ID? Click the Settings icon, then About the game. Below the game version information, your user ID will be displayed.

How do I find my Gameloft user ID? Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner, then About the game.Under the game version information, your Gameloft user ID will be displayed.

Can I transfer progress from an old device to a new one? You can transfer progress from the old device to the new one and continue playing. To do this, on your old device, log in to your account and the game. Then, to transfer the progress, log in with the same account on your new device. Please note that the transfer is possible only within the same platform (iOS or Android). This option is not supported on Windows.

Where are the photos taken in the Augmented Reality Studio? When you take your first shot using Augmented Reality Studio, the album "My Little Pony" will be created in your Gallery. All pictures taken at the Augmented Reality Studio are stored in this album.

Do I need an Internet connection to add friends or visit their towns? Yes, this requires an Internet connection!

How to set up sound effects and music? Click the Settings icon in the city menu, then select Sound.

How to change the language in the game? Click the Settings icon in the city menu, then select Language.

I see some numbers on the Settings icon in the main menu and an exclamation mark on the News icon in Settings, what do they mean? This is the amount of unread news about the game "My Little Pony"!To read them, click on the News icon in Settings. But first, make sure you are connected to the Internet! In the Gameloft Connect section you will find a lot of interesting information! And also, if necessary, you can contact User Support. (The Gameloft Connect section is available in game version 1.9 and higher.)

How to enable or disable notifications? Click on the Notifications icon in Settings! Here you can choose which notifications you want to receive and which not. More options can be found in the settings of your mobile device.

I play on Apple TV. Can I use a controller? Yes, you can use an external controller or Siri Remote to play.You can find out more in the Help section or using the tips in the game.

What is Augmented Reality Studio? This is a new opportunity that allows you to transfer your heroes to the real world using a camera. You can move them, take pictures and share them with friends.

How to choose another character in the Augmented Reality Studio? In the Augmented Reality Studio, click on the hero icon in the lower right corner of the screen (lower left corner of the screen in portrait mode). A list of characters is displayed. Click on the desired hero to place him on the screen. You can choose only those characters that you have. Inaccessible heroes in the list are darkened.

Why are some heroes not in the Augmented Reality Studio? You can use only those heroes that you own; other characters are also displayed in the list, but they are darkened and inaccessible.

How to take pictures in the Augmented Reality Studio and share them with friends? Open Augmented Reality Studio through the Activities menu or Pony Book. Select the hero you want to place on the screen. Click the icon in the middle right of the screen (at the bottom of the screen in portrait mode). Three icons are displayed:

  1. Save snapshot: green checkmark icon. Saves the current picture in the album "My Little Pony".
  2. Delete snapshot: red basket icon. Deletes the current picture.
  3. Send: blue icon. Opens the iOS menu where you can select a destination.

What devices support Augmented Reality Studio? At the moment, Augmented Reality Studio is supported on almost all iOS and Android devices.

How does the crown icon work? Clicking on this icon will take you to the VIP system section. Here you will find all the bonuses received for purchasing in-game currency or sets, as well as a list of those bonuses that you can receive for the next purchases. Click on the bonus icon to find out more.

How to get VIP bonuses? You will receive VIP bonuses for reaching a certain VIP level. A list of possible bonuses in each level is displayed in the VIP system menu. To increase the level, replenish your supply of VIP points that can be obtained for in-game purchases. The more purchases, the more points, and, of course, special bonuses!

What about the purchases I made before the VIP system came about? Do not worry! All purchases before the 17th update are taken into account and your VIP level is determined correctly!

There are many different tokens ... Can I collect all of them? Of course! In the game you can collect tokens of all types.

How to get tokens? Assign the ponies with different tasks, and after completing them you will get tokens!

How to get hearts?To get hearts, open the treasure chests that friends left in your city, or go to the Inbox section and check if there are gifts from friends there. Moreover, you can replenish your supply of hearts by winning them in the action (single, special, social or plot).

Can I get stones for free?Of course, there are many options to replenish your supply of stones! To do this, play "My Little Pony" and get Daily rewards; play the (wonderful) mini-game "Balls"; increase your level; collect stones in the Diamond mine; complete tasks; find Derpy, the little snuff in the box; collect Pony Collections; play the Equestria Girls mini-game and get rewards; destroy parasprites; participate in special promotions; watch the video in the Stones section, which is located in the in-game shopping menu; do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of special offers in which you can get stones for watching a commercial; collect stones from appropriate shops such as the Flower Shop; Get stones when your invited friends reach a certain VIP level, in the Friends section of your Profile.

Will I receive tokens for each completed quest by my hero? Not every time. Completing a quest gives you a CHANCE to get tokens.

I donít want to spend tokens to invite heroes ... Can this be done differently? Of course! You can invite the hero for the stones.

In requirements I see tokens. What heroes can help me get them? Click on the Earth icon in the requirements menu, a notification will appear in the game with a list of all the heroes who can collect the token you need.

Why did the building with stones and beats become larger? This is so that you can watch commercials and get stones for it! As soon as a video appears for viewing, a green plus with a stone image will appear above the building. Click on it, watch the video and get stones.

What does the Remind icon mean? This icon will remind your friends to play with snacks. By clicking on it, you will send a message with the text: "Ponies from Equestria are bored. Come and play with them!". You can send notifications to one friend once every 24 hours.

What can I do in the Invite section? In this section you will find friends who were invited to the game My Little Pony using the friendship code, and they indicated you as the player who invited them. Near each such user a reward will be displayed, which you can receive as soon as he moves to a new level! You can send a friend a reminder of the game by clicking the Remind icon. If you have already used this function, during the next attempt you will see a timer counting down 24 hours until the next reminder. The progress bar, which is located above the Invitee List, will show all the awards received based on the achievements of your friends in the game My Little Pony.

How to add friends? Friends can be added via Facebook or using the friendship code (for this you need to specify this code in the "Invite" menu in the Friends menu). Facebook friends who are already playing will be automatically added!

How to send gifts to friends? Click on the "Friends" tab in the Profile and see the entire list of friends. Then click on the heart icon to send the heart, or click on the house icon to visit a friend and leave him a treasure chest.

Can I send other gifts to my friends? No, every 24 hours you can delight your friends with one heart and one treasure chest. By sending gifts, you will notice that a timer has appeared on the gift icon in the Friends section or in a friendís town. As soon as the timer runs out, you can send your friend another heart or treasure chest.

How does the updated Friendship Code feature work in the Friends section? Now you can easily add new friends to your friends list! Enter their friendship code in the "Add Friend" field in the Invite section of the Friends menu in the Profile. Your friendship code is listed next to the "Add Friend" field. You can copy it and send it to your friends! In the Invite section, you can only see friends who have added you as an invitee. Remember: Friendship is a Miracle!

Why do I need an orange block in the Invite section of the Friends tab in my Profile? Here you can enter the code of the player who invited you to the game. This can be done before you reach level 10.

In the Invite section of the Friends tab, there is no invitation block! After you enter the code of the player who invited you to the game, the invitation block will disappear. In addition, it will disappear when you reach level 10!