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Walkthrough NCIS Hidden Crimes: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

NCIS HIDDEN CRIMES - Android game with release date 09/14/2016 from the company Ubisoft. Game Genre: Adventure. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to make sure that my progress in passing NCIS: Hidden Crimes will not be lost? If you want to uninstall or reinstall the game without losing progress in passing or playing the same game on all mobile devices, use the Facebook Connect function on the game’s start screen or in the "Settings" menu.

How to get coins to advance the plot? Coins can be obtained in various ways! Make an exchange with Abby!Look for her items in the scenes, collect exchange kits and get coins as a reward.

How to earn coins faster? Coins can be obtained faster by purchasing them at the store or by making in-app purchases.

How to improve the scene? Go through the scenes and fill the stars, earning points! As soon as the star is full, the scene will automatically improve the next time you select it.

What does "improve the scene" mean? After filling the star, the scene will automatically improve, and you can:

How do I understand that a scene can be improved? When the scene can be improved, this is visible on the map:

What is a game mode bonus? Bonuses of game modes give permanent and significant privileges in the scenes. Filling the second and fourth stars and improving the scene, you will open the following bonuses (and not only):

The game mode bonus is provided in open game modes randomly, which gives the opportunity to get new impressions of the game.

How to choose another evidence in the selection menu? You can select a different clue from the scene pop-up menu immediately after improving the scene. To do this, simply click on the evidence.

What game modes of investigation are available in the scene? You can go through any scene in the "Classic" mode. Two additional investigation modes are available for each scene when:

Opening game modes, you can get a new diverse and exciting experience. Filling the second and fourth stars and improving the scene open up new game modes, for example:

What do numbers or factors above the scenes show? Points multipliers allow you to get more points for searching for an item by word. They increase as new hidden multiplier objects are in the scene.

Is it possible to explore scenes with less energy? Research always has a fixed price: 10 units per scene.

How to recover energy? Every 4 minutes, 1 unit of energy is restored. Energy can also be restored:

Is it possible to increase the maximum energy reserve? Yes you can! When you increase to certain levels and ranks, the maximum energy reserve increases.

Is it possible to increase the maximum energy reserve for playing cash or through VP? At the moment, you can increase the maximum energy reserve only when obtaining new levels or ranks.

Who are partners? Companions are NCIS agents or your social media friends whom you invite to play NCIS: Hidden Crimes. Workmates give you extra energy, and workmates as friends help you discover more NCIS agents.

Which NCIS team can I investigate with? The NCIS team can help if you choose one of them as a partner.Bishop is at your service from the very beginning, but you can open the rest of the NCIS team by inviting friends to the game. You can also open the NCIS team for in-game cash. The NCIS team consists of Bishop, Di Nozzo, Abby, McGee, Ducky, Gibbs and Palmer. For each agent you receive a "Partner Award".

Can I spend less time analyzing? Of course! To immediately complete the analysis, use in-game cash!

How to skip to the next episode? The next episode will be available after passing the current one. To move to a new episode, you will need to start research and wait until the episode timer has finished counting, or use reports earned in MTAC missions. You can also open a new episode for in-game cash.

How to get warrants? Orders can be restored during the passage of scenes. You can also receive warrants as a reward for achievements, level or rank upgrades and completing the MTAC mission.

I can not find the hidden object! What should I do? Don’t worry, there are several ways to help you. Try clicking on a word to reveal an object hidden in a scene. You can also use amplifiers to find hidden objects. It is worth trying the amplifiers "Hint" and "Sniper" if you want to quickly find the item.

How are points awarded? Points are awarded when you discover hidden objects in scenes. These can be valuable items, such as evidence, or ordinary items. Points are awarded for both. For hidden objects you can get more points if you manage to find words with a multiplier. When calculating points, the following are taken into account:

How do I know that I have a new level or rank? A shield with a level is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. As you earn experience for completing scenes and completing goals, the shield will fill up. When it is completely filled, you will receive a new level or rank.

Are new episodes planned? In the near future, the regular release of new episodes. Stay on top of the release of new episodes of the game NCIS: Hidden Crimes on the official page of the game on Facebook.

How to choose or change avatar? You can open an avatar store by clicking on your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. There you can select, view and purchase a new avatar image. You can change the gender of the avatar for free.

What is MTAS and how to get access? In MTAC missions, you can interact with special agents around the world. They will help you get a reward. To start the MTAC mission, you need a warrant: you can access it using the card at the bottom of the screen.

What is an exchange? The exchange involves helping Abby find items hidden in the scenes. For collected exchange kits, you will receive coins.

Where to look for items for exchange? On the sharing screen, you can click the "Find" button under the image of each item. After that, the scene in which the item is located will be displayed. You can also search for coin icons above scene labels on the map. They show in which scenes you can find items from this exchange kit.

What are interactive items that I sometimes have to drag and drop? At the end of some scenes, you need to correlate the evidence with one of the highlighted objects in order to find a new evidence. If you correlate them correctly on the first try, get a reward.

Why do I need a menu at the bottom of the screen? The navigation menu combines 4 main screens of the game for ease of use. Through the navigation menu, you can quickly access the map, episode, exchange or MTAC from any of these screens. And the navigation menu shows what you can do next by displaying a hint arrow.

What is on the map screen? From the map screen you can access any scene. Slide your finger on the map to scroll through it and view scenes, as well as upcoming and completed episodes. From the map screen, you can access the pop-ups of daily rewards, achievements and gifts, as well as the settings screen.

What is on the episode screen? On the episode screen, you can see the goals, as well as start their implementation, see the progress in the episode and access the suspects screen.

What is on the suspects screen? Here you can view the suspects and information about each of them, check the features of the killers found during the passage of the episode, interrogate the suspects and arrest the criminal! Until the offender is arrested, starting from the third episode, on the suspects’ screen, you can also select the main suspect and get a warrant from Agent Di Nozzo if you made the right choice.

What are achievements? After completing some tasks in the game, you can get achievements and rewards.

What is cash? Cash is the premium currency used in NCIS: Hidden Crimes. Cash can be used to purchase various resources and amplifiers, as well as to open content and speed up processes. Cash can be purchased using in-app purchases, or received as a reward in the game.

How to get more cash? You can buy more cash at the store by making an in-app purchase (VP). Cash can also be rewarded for new levels, ranks and achievements, or participating in MTAC missions. In some cases, cash can also be earned by collecting an exchange kit.

What are reports? Reports are used to reduce the time it takes to research a new episode when it becomes available. One report reduces study time by 1 day.

How to get more reports? Reports are only available on MTAC missions. Interact with special agents around the world to help you find reports. You can increase the likelihood of receiving a report using cash. The cost of the operation is constant. The increased likelihood remains at the current level until you find a report, even if you leave the MTAC missions screen or exit the application.

How to replay the opening video for an episode? The clips that occur at the beginning and sometimes in the middle of the episode can be watched only once. Replay is not possible. When a new episode becomes available, you can watch the trailer for the next episode.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.