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Walkthrough NOVA 3: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

NOVA 3 is an Android game from Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to change predefined weapon sets in the game? This can be done in the Weapons section of the pause menu. A new set will be installed automatically after rebirth.

How to change vehicle management? This can be done in the Management section of the Settings game menu.

How to disable auto-switch weapons? This can be done in the Advanced Management section of the Settings game menu.

Can I buy upgrades anywhere else besides Armory? Yes. Improvements can also be purchased at the War Shop in the game menu.

Can I change the skin color of a character? Yes, this can be done in the Armory by clicking on the icon above the character.

How do I know who Im talking to? You will see a green animated speaker icon next to the talking player icon in the score window.

Who will hear me if we play a team game? Only teammates can hear you. You can also ignore teammates, in which case you will not hear them, and they will not hear you.

Who will hear me while playing in a mode where players are not divided into teams? In this case, any player who enters the game will hear you, if you do not ignore each other.

What is auto leveling? Auto-alignment adjusts the camera after downtime so that the weapon is parallel to the ground. You can enable or disable it in the Advanced Management section of the Settings menu.

Can I turn off aiming assistance? Yes. You can turn off aiming assistance in the Advanced Control section of the Settings menu.

Is it possible not to watch movie scenes in the game? Click the Skip icon in the upper right corner.

Can I turn off the subtitles in the game? No, you cannot disable subtitles.

Where can I see the list of tasks? The list of tasks can be found in the section Tasks in the game menu.

What is the difference between Items and Enhancements? Items can be bought, and improvements can be earned.

Can I put on how many types of armor at once? Not. You cannot wear multiple types of armor at the same time.

Does constant reloading only affect the weapon that is currently in use? Not. Buying a permanent reload replenishes the supply of ammo for all types of weapons in your inventory.

Why do we need blue loans and how to use them? Blue credits are used in solitary mode to purchase equipment and weapons.

Can I reset the game progress? Yes. Game progress can be reset in the Settings menu in the main menu.

How to change the language of the game? The game language can be changed in the Settings menu in the main menu.

Can I adjust the position of the additional panel? Yes. This can be done in the Control section of the Settings menu during the passage of the level.

How to adjust the volume of voice chat? You can adjust the volume during the game by moving the Voice chat volume slider in the Settings- Sound menu. This slider does not affect the microphone volume.

Why is the green speaker icon displayed at the top right of the screen? This icon appears every time you speak and means that your voice message is being transmitted. This icon is visible only when the Voice Chat option is enabled.

How to change the control scheme or sensitivity? The control scheme can be changed in the Control section in the Settings menu before starting a task or during a game.

How to turn off voice chat? There are two ways to do this:

  1. During the game, find in the Settings - Sound menu, scroll down and enable the DISABLE CHAT AUDIO setting.Using this setting, you can turn the chat sound on / off at any time.
  2. If you have a low connection speed, go to the Main menu - Settings - Sound, scroll down and turn on the DISABLE CHAT AUDIO sound setting. After that, you will NOT be able to turn on the chat sound again during the game. Unlike the first method, this setting completely disables the chat channel, thus saving connection speed.

How to change sound settings? Sound settings can be changed in the Settings menu.

Can I turn off gyro control? Yes. The gyroscope can be turned off in the Control section.

How to earn gold coins? Gold coins can be earned in online multiplayer matches. You will receive a certain amount of gold for almost every action performed.

How to add friends from Gameloft LIVE !? This can be done from the friends list in the lower left corner of the online menu by clicking on the "+" sign or on the friends icon in the game standings. This way you will send an invitation to a friend. You will become friends at Gameloft LIVE! As soon as the invitation is accepted.

How can I play with friends from Gameloft LIVE !? J ^ Use the friends filter in the Filters section of the Join menu, or click on the friends name in the friends list (bottom right) and then click Join.

Can I play via Wi-Fi with all items from the Armory? First you need to unlock them in the online game.

Will I get experience playing through Wi-Fi? Not. You can only get experience in the online game.

Can I switch from one team to another in a team game? Not. Teams will be balanced automatically if, when creating a match, the auto-balance feature is enabled in the Advanced Management menu.

How do I mute or ignore a specific player in a game? Open the Account Window and click on the speaker icon next to the players name. If the icon is highlighted in red, player replicas are ignored. You can ignore any player at any time if he is not already added to the list of ignored or has not turned off voice chat.

How to play in the tournament? When tournaments are available, enter the Tournament section from the online menu and click Play. Remember, you can enter or exit the tournament at any time, your score will be automatically saved.