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Walkthrough Nova Empire Star Empire: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

NOVA EMPIRE: STAR EMPIRE - an Android game with the release date 07/14/2017 from the company GameBear Tech. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Ships. Admirals. Fighting
  3. Alliances
  4. Bugs and Fitch Games
  5. Payment and OIG
  6. Account

Nova Empire: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? Nova Empire is a grand strategy about domination in space. In this game you have to command the space station. Join one of the alliances and all the possibilities of the game will be revealed to you!You and your allies will be able to quickly develop your fleet and engage in large-scale wars with rival alliances for control of galactic systems. To gain dominance you will have to build important structures at your station, create a powerful fleet, recruit the best admirals, build a base defense system and research advanced technologies.

Can I play with friends? Of course! You and your friends can create an alliance that will allow you to fight together, as well as communicate with each other. Even if you start the game at different times and find yourself in different galaxies (on different servers), all new players will be able to make a free "beginner hyper-jump", allowing you to change the galaxy.

Is this game free? Download Nova Empire and play it absolutely free. In-game purchases are available to players who want to receive OIG without waiting, but you can fully enjoy the game without making them. All purchases are forever tied to the account and are freely transferred to other platforms when changing the device in the future.

How to change the galaxy (server)? You can change the galaxy (server) if your space station has not reached level 4 and no later than 5 days after the first launch of the game. To select a new galaxy and go into it, use the "novice hyper jump".

You have only one opportunity to do this, so think carefully about your decision. If you joined the alliance in the current galaxy, then when you switch to a new one you will have to leave it.

Is it possible to transfer items, OIG, admirals and ships to other players? At the moment, donate items, OIG, admirals and ships can not.

How to see other systems? Other systems can only be seen by players whose space station has reached level 2. To select and view other systems, use the galaxy map or click on the arrows located at the edges of the system map.

To travel to unexplored systems, you must first explore them using a galaxy map.

What are resources for? Resources are used to create structures, improve them, build ships and research technology. Energy is a special resource: if your station does not produce enough energy, many structures will not be able to properly perform their functions. Make sure that energy production always exceeds your need, or make sure that you have enough energy reserves in case of a shortage.

How to get resources? To receive resources, do not forget about the following:

  1. Energy and minerals (minerals) are produced by the power plant and point of sale of your space station.
  2. Minerals can also be obtained by collecting resources.
  3. Energy, minerals, crystals and alloys can sometimes be found when examining planets and other objects.
  4. A certain amount of resources can be captured by defeating the enemy station.

How to collect resources? Select a mineral deposit located in the system and click "Collect" to automatically send a working vessel there to collect resources. All deposits in the system are marked on the map. If another player is already mining in the field or it is captured by pirates, it is impossible to send work ships there to collect resources, but you can attack it using the navy.

What are enemy objects and how to attack them? Enemy objects are non-player ships or other structures that can be destroyed for the purpose of enrichment. On the system map, they are displayed as orange targets.Select a target on the map and send a fleet towards it if you want to attack. Enemy strength will be displayed on the screen. Winning the battle, you can get a reward! Shortly after the end of the battle, a combat report with its results will appear in the incoming messages section.

How to move your space station (take a jump)? Your space station can make jumps, allowing it to move to a new area of ??the current system or to another system. To do this, simply click on an empty spot on the system map and select "Station Jump" in the menu that appears. The bounce engine requires charging before each use - this means that you cannot complete a series of jumps without stopping.

Where can I not jump? Jumping into the territory of other alliances is not allowed, unless your alliance is waging war on them. There are also a number of objects, the immediate vicinity of which is inaccessible for jumping - these are planets, alliance structures and space stations of other commanders.

Is it possible to build a second space station? At the moment, each commander can have only one space station.

How to protect your station? A quantum shield will allow you to completely protect your space station from attacks of other commanders for some time. You can also improve your warships and strengthen your defense, thereby frightening possible opponents. The next step in this direction will be joining a strong alliance - few will decide to attack you, knowing that your comrades will certainly respond with a crushing counterattack.

If you send your fleet to defend buildings / stations, or scan / attack other players or alliance buildings, any active quantum shield at your station will be immediately reset.

How to add / remove ships in your fleet? You can manage your fleets or create new ones by clicking on the menu button on the right side and opening the "Fleets" tab. Then, click on any fleet or select "Add Fleet".

The number of fleets you can create is determined by the level of your station. Your research may also unlock an additional fleet slot.

Can high-level players attack novices? At the very beginning, the player begins his development from a protected area where he cannot be attacked. In this territory, the player can feel protected and calmly study and develop his station until he decides that he can leave this zone. After the player left the safe zone, it will be impossible to return to it.

How can I use fragments of drawings that I have already collected? Extra fragments for already completed drawings can be disintegrated into materials on the display "Items - Fragments". You can exchange the received materials at the Black Market, where you can get special ships, schemes, and so on. Access them by clicking on the "Exchange" button in the "Fragments" menu.

Why is building improvements time consuming? Nova Empire has only 6 station levels, compared to many other games that have 25 or more. Therefore, although each level of construction may take a little longer, the total amount of time goes faster! The base station also has its own assembly line, so at the same time as improving the station, you can build other improvements.

How many resources can be stolen from stations of other players? Resources are protected according to station level. When the resources of the players exceed the limit of protection, you can steal them. As for the extraction of resources from the wreckage, it all depends on the number of vessels that are at the station. When the number of ships at the station exceeds a certain limit, debris will remain during their destruction. As a result, when attacking active and strong players, your chances of getting a large amount of resources increase.

When do events open? Keep track of the information on the main display to find out information about an upcoming event. Events usually open on weekends, and sometimes during the week. Stay tuned for updates and announcements in the game.

How can I share my location with other players? To mark your location, click on the position on the system map and select the "Bookmark" option. To share a bookmark, use the small arrow icon on the right side of the Submit button in the chat window. Bookmarks can be sent in all chats, including general and alliance chat.

How can I see which server I am on? You can open the Map of the Universe by clicking the small button under the chat button on the left side of the screen on the Galaxy Map. You will be transferred to the map of the universe (servers). The default galaxy will be yours (the icon of your station will be on it). You can also look and search for other galaxies.

Is there a maximum limit for ships being built in the Alliance Workshop? Special ships are being built in the Alliance Workshop. Their construction is slowly using the resources of the alliance. Players should contribute resources to their alliance if they want their ships and items to continue building. For certain ships, production stops after reaching a certain number. Frigate production stops when 3,000 ships are reached.Destroyer production stops upon reaching 1,000 ships.

What are manufactured legions? Crafted legions can be formed by small groups of players of your alliance for any purpose. They do not have to have common tasks, as in legion missions. The fabricated legion has its own communication channel, and the creator of the legion can share his whereabouts with other members.

What is the revenge fleet? Each time, attacking the pirates, the level of anger of the pirates increases. You can see the current level of anger by clicking on any of the pirates on the System map and selecting "View." When the line of anger reaches its limit, the next attack on the pirates will trigger a countdown to the attack. When the countdown is over, the pirates will immediately attack your space station. Victory on the pirates promises huge rewards.

Make sure that during the countdown, you have enough fleet to repulse the attack and get out of it with minimal losses. Avenging fleet can attack only once a day.

What is a module and a kernel? Modules are special components that can be installed on the cores in the auxiliary unit of the station. Modules can be assembled from various events, installed and improved to get a special bonus for your station. Your kernels can give special abilities that can be activated in a special menu on the right of the screen (Economy and Fleet menu). Using abilities spends the resource Ethereal Energy. Modules and Ethereal Energy can be found in events, sets and other places!

What is the enhancement of salvation? As long as Strengthening Salvation is in effect, your ships that you lost in the battle outside your station can be restored to your station through the quick repair function. This feature has a limit of 6,000 leadership at a time. Make timely repairs to avoid unnecessary losses. At the moment, the salvation booster can only be used during special events and during the Galactic War.

How can I check which alliance has a system, where am I? You can check which alliance owns the system you are in by clicking on the button in the corner on the left of the System map.

I used the accelerator to increase speed, but it does not work correctly. Most acceleration items (including construction speed, shipbuilding speed, repair speed, research speed, and scan speed) will not affect processes that have already begun. They affect only the projects that should begin. Accelerators increase the speed of a specific operation by a certain ratio, and not reduce the completion time.

Sometimes this can lead to a reduction in time if you are not familiar with how it works. Example: with an increase in shipbuilding speed by 25%, and also with an increase in shipbuilding speed by 10%, the speed of ship construction will be increased by 35% = 1.35x, which will reduce the total shipbuilding time to 74% of the initial time. (1 / 1.35 = 74% of the original time)

Nova Empire: Ships. Admirals. Fighting

What is "command" and how to increase this parameter? Command determines the size of the fleet.Each ship has a certain command indicator. The fleet can only be increased until the command limit is reached.To increase it, you can research specialized technologies or recruit admirals. Technology increases the command limit for each of your fleets, while admirals influence the command of only the fleet they head. The command of admirals increases with their level.

How to raise the level of admirals and develop them? Admirals earn experience by participating in battles. Having accumulated a sufficient amount of it, they get a new level. You can also instantly increase admiral experience using items from the Admiral Experience category from the item store.

Is it possible to improve or change the skills of admirals? At the moment, it is impossible to improve or change the skills of admirals.

How to increase the number of fleets? Improving the space station will increase the number of fleets available for creation. You can also research Lead Extension technology to increase this limit.

What is the difference between different types of weapons? Weapons differ among themselves by rate of fire, damage, armor-piercing qualities, effectiveness against shields and accuracy. In addition, certain types of weapons better cope with various defense schemes.

How fast can warships and work ships start moving after jumping into a new system? After jumping into the new system, the ship’s engine takes a little time to reload. At this time, the ship cannot continue to move and evade attacks. Items in the Fleet Acceleration category can reduce this delay. Some admirals also have this skill and apply it when they stand at the head of the fleet.

What are shields for and how to charge / restore them? Shields absorb a certain amount of damage. As long as they are active, the hull is invulnerable to conventional weapons. Weapons with the effect of piercing shields can overcome them and damage the ship’s hull. To quickly restore the ship’s shield, send your fleet back to the space station for automatic recovery.

What are armor and plates for? Armor reduces the damage the ship takes from weapons. Plates increase the strength of the ship, allowing it to withstand more damage, but do not reduce the effectiveness of the basic damage of enemy weapons. Armor is effective against most weapons, but some of its types - for example, guns or drones - have a piercing effect that allows you to inflict damage on a ship even with armor. In this case, the plates will do more good.

How to get the legendary (orange) admiral? You can find the legendary admiral at the fleet academy, when updating the lists of admirals. However, the chance of falling out is very rare. Nevertheless, it may increase with the improvement of the Academy.

What types of pirates exist in the galaxy? There are the following types of pirates:

What does "Ship Energy" mean in the ship editor in the shipbuilding center? Most weapons and components added to the ship’s design require energy to work. Reactor components provide additional energy. If the energy value of the ship’s circuitry is less than 0, the circuitry cannot be saved or constructed. For maximum efficiency and firepower, it’s best to strive to add weapons and components to your circuits so that the energy is as close to 0 as possible.

What is a serial shipyard? Serial Shipyard allows you to queue for construction all ships at once with one click. This function can be activated only with a monthly card. You can purchase monthly cards in the game store.

Can my fleet retreat during the battle? What happens if I do this? Your fleet may be recalled during the battle. However, in this case, each of your ships will lose 10% health. If the ship had less than 10% health, it will be destroyed and no debris will fall out of it.

How do I disassemble my ships or change them? At the moment, ships already built cannot be dismantled or altered. You can use them against strong opponents. After the battle, you can collect the wreckage of destroyed ships to build new ones.

Which fleet will be damaged when attacking the pirates / Space Station? When you attack a pirate fleet, the first fleet that enters the battle will receive all the damage. When attacking Space stations, the damage will be randomly distributed to the attacker.

How do I get Kraken ships? Kraken ships can be unlocked for a limited time if your Alliance has participated and won the Kraken event. Watch the pop-up on the right side of the game’s main screen. During the Kraken event, a small Kraken fleet will appear throughout the galactic map. You can find and destroy this fleet, after receiving, an item that makes it possible to build a small number of Kraken ships. Nevertheless, victory in the Kraken event is much more important, since it makes it possible to build ships without a limit on the number for the allowed time!

Nova Empire: Alliances

What are the benefits of joining the alliance? Joining the alliance for the first time, you will receive:

How to create an alliance? To create an alliance, go to the alliance menu. If you are already an alliance member, you will need to leave it to create your own. A new alliance can be created by any player. The creator automatically leads the alliance, but subsequently the leader can be changed.

What is alliance help? During construction and improvement, as well as during research, you can request the support of your alliance to expedite these actions. Each member of the alliance can offer and request the help of his comrades. The help time from each member of the alliance that pressed the button is 0.5% of the total time, but not less than 15 seconds.

What are the legions of the alliance? Alliance members with a rank of 3 or higher can create legions, and the rest of the alliance members can join them using the Legions tab in the alliance menu. Players entering the Legion receive special temporary bonuses and power-ups.

How are alliance wars? Members of an alliance with a rank of 3 or higher may declare war on other alliances.To conduct hostilities, each of the alliances participating in the war must have an alliance headquarters built. If your alliance has no territory, you can use the GKI to declare war. The amount of GKI depends on the level of the alliance and its adversary. To declare war on an alliance, you need to go into its territory and click on the icon in the far left corner where the alliance icon to which this territory belongs is shown. Next, a menu will open where information on the alliance is indicated, and there will also be a "Declare War" button.

After the declaration of war, a 12-hour preparatory phase begins, during which the parties do not have the right to invade each other’s territory. Preparation is replaced by a war that goes on for 24 hours or until the complete victory of one of the alliances. After the end of the war, the party declaring war cannot declare war on the same alliance for 3 days. However, the side that has dropped can immediately declare war on the side that last declared war.

What determines the level of the alliance? The level of the alliance directly depends on the actions of its members. When a player belonging to one of the alliances fights with pirates or is engaged in the construction of his station, he accumulates the experience of the alliance, which subsequently raises the level of the alliance itself.Moreover, helping their comrades in construction or in battle will help to increase the accumulated experience of the alliance.

How to change the rank in the alliance? Alliance members can only change the rank of players with a lower rank. Therefore, you can’t change your own rank, just like upgrading someone to your own rank.

How to strengthen the members of my alliance in battle? You can place warships near the space stations of your alliance comrades, thereby enhancing their defense. If the station is attacked, your ships will automatically engage in battle with the enemy.

What are the structures of the alliance and why are they needed? How to expand the territory of the alliance? Alliances have access to special structures that protect and expand their territory. Having collected enough resources as gifts, the alliance can build its headquarters in one of the unoccupied systems. After this, the territory of the alliance around the headquarters will gradually expand.

For faster expansion of the territory of the alliance, the construction of outposts in other systems is possible. The number of outposts is limited and depends on the level of the Alliance. Alliances can also build on their territory special defensive systems that attack the enemy during the alliance war. The number of alliance buildings that can be built depends on the level of your alliance.

How to protect the construction of the alliance? Select the alliance building on the system map and click "Protect". Your fleet will go on combat duty, which can be canceled at any time.

Is it possible to assemble in units following a specific player? In this game there is no need to form units. You only need to negotiate with your alliance partners about a simultaneous attack. With the start of the battle, the game combat system will automatically collect all the attacking ships in one place. Alliance leaders and rank 3 members can create their own legions within their alliance. Each of the members of the alliance can join the manufactured legion. Inside the legion, players can use their own chat and share coordinates. Such actions are very useful in joint operations.

How to leave the alliance? How to join another alliance? To exit the current alliance, go to the alliance menu, then open the "Options" tab and click the "Leave Alliance" button. Leaders cannot leave the alliance without first transferring their powers to another player. They can also completely eliminate the alliance by dismissing it. You cannot be in two alliances at the same time. You must leave your current alliance before joining a new one. After you left the alliance, you need to wait 24 hours if you want to return to the same alliance.

What is the "dissolution of the alliance"? If a leader dissolves his alliance, he will be permanently liquidated, and all players will automatically leave him. Moreover, all data related to the alliance, as well as its resources, points, etc., disappear forever. Keep this in mind when deciding to dissolve an alliance.

What are Alliance Loans? How can I use the Alliance Workshop?Credits of the Alliance can be used to purchase items or finished ships in the Workshop of the Alliance. You can earn credits by participating in the war of alliances and missions of the legion, when scanning systems, when transferring alliance resources and in various events.

How are the colors of the alliance territories displayed? The background color of the alliance territory is determined by the colors of the alliance flag. In the future, it is planned to allow players to change the colors of the alliance flag after its creation.

Is there an income limit for alliance loans? For each player, the first 30,000 credits of the alliance are earned at a 100% rate every day. From 30,000 to 100,000 alliance loans, you get 15% of the normal rate. After 100,000 you get 1% of the normal rate. Keep in mind that these restrictions are automatically reset every day for each player.

How do I unlock alliance outposts and other buildings? Your second outpost will be unlocked when the alliance reaches level 4.

The leader of my alliance has been unavailable for several days, what should I do? If the leader of your alliance is absent for more than 7 days, the leadership will automatically pass to the player of the 3rd rank, who will go online first. If the leader of your alliance has been absent for more than 9 days and the leadership has not been transferred to players of rank 3, since they are also out of reach, the leader of the alliance will be the first player who entered the online rank 2 rank. If the leader of your alliance has been absent for more than 13 days and none of the players of rank 2 and 3 have received leadership due to their absence, the leader will be any player who is first online.

Will my alliance loans be nullified if I join the alliance? Alliance loans earned by you will remain with you even when you move to a new alliance. After joining a new alliance, you will have the same amount of loans that was in the previous alliance.

How can I increase the development of the alliance? Alliance development is the sum of the development of all players individually. This number is an approximation of the alliance’s strength. To increase the development of the alliance, increase the development of the members of your alliance, through work on the Space Station and its improvement, or hire strong players.

Nova Empire: Bugs and Fitch Games

My fleet is stuck and does not want to move. If your fleet is stuck in motion, attacking or jumping, wait about an hour, everything should be in order. If after an hour it still hangs without movement, contact support to solve this problem. Provide as many details as possible, including the fleet name, location, status, and what you did to understand what caused the problem.

Why are my resources not being added? If on the display your resources show a positive growth, but you notice that their number is not increasing, this is probably due to the fact that your resource storage is full. You can view the resources of your station by clicking the "Details" button in any of the buildings of your trading point inside your station. As long as your accumulated resources exceed the specified limit, you cannot produce new resources.

Meanwhile, using items with resources or stealing from other stations will continue to add resources to your total. In order to find out the capacity of your warehouse, you can click on the resource icon and their amount will appear in the left corner of the screen on the screen of the Space Station (right under your name on the left). If you want to increase the maximum limit of accumulated resources, simply update existing trading posts or create new ones.

I bought items at the alliance’s warehouse, but did not receive them. After exchanging credits for items in the alliance’s warehouse, the product will be added to your items. Go to the "Items" menu on the game display and find the resource / item inside. Next, activate it!

Why was I attacked in an NPC safe zone? The local alliance will attack any nearby ships that fly through the protected area if the station of the flying fleet is no longer in the protective zone. If you previously left the safe zone, the local alliance will attack your fleet. On the other hand, after leaving, you can destroy their fleet and structures. By destroying, you can capture a safe zone and make it part of your alliance.

Research or construction of the ship has not begun. Sometimes this can happen if you have problems with the Internet and you are not connected to the game server. Try logging out and logging back in to log in and re-sync.

Why can’t I unlock a ship diagram or build a Kraken ship? If you do not see the scheme that you have in order to build it in the Shipbuilding Center, you need to set it as the default scheme in the building of the Shipbuilding Center. In addition, more advanced types of ships (e.g. Destroyer, Light Cruiser, Battle Cruiser, etc.) can only be unlocked by upgrading the Shipbuilding Center. Until you improve your shipbuilding center, you cannot create more advanced types of ships.

How can I eliminate the unfinished headquarters of the enemy alliance? At present, the headquarters of enemy alliances under construction cannot be attacked. However, you can destroy them by building an outpost next to them. Thus, it will block the territory on which they are built and will allow them to be removed before the completion of construction.

Nova Empire: Payment and OIG

What is OIG and how to get them? OIG (credits to the Galactic Empire) is a type of universal currency used to acquire items and resources. The main way to get them is in-game purchases. OIG is also available as a reward in some events!

How to get OIG for free? Unfortunately, it is not possible to give OIG to all players. Sometimes they are given out as special prizes or rewards for participating in events. You can also receive OIG for certain achievements or as a reward for entering the game.

Is it possible to return accidentally spent OIG? The structure of a large-scale network game does not allow the processing of requests by individual players for the return of the OIG. Developers also do not have the opportunity to return items or other similar operations.

Nova Empire: Account

How to register / link an account? The accounts of Android users who are logged into Google Play will be automatically linked when they log into the game. To check, click More> Account Management. To protect your account and prevent the loss of progress, link your account as soon as possible. You can do this by clicking More> Account Management. Use a valid email address - this will guarantee that you will be able to recover your account if something goes wrong.

Can I use my old account when changing devices? Of course! You only need to install the game on a new device, click More> Account Management> Logout, then open the game again and enter it according to the same scheme that you used on the previous device.

How to change the name? Passing training for new players, you will get the opportunity to change your username for free. You will be able to change your name again by purchasing the "Change of Name" and using it, opening the item section.

Can I sell, buy, and share accounts? Selling, buying, donating, and sharing accounts is in violation of the game’s service policy. If you use another player’s account, he always has the opportunity to regain control of it. Buying an account, you can easily lose it, as well as the funds paid for it. Developers reserve the right to block suspicious accounts if such actions are proven.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.