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Walkthrough Nova Legacy: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

NOVA LEGACY (NEW HERITAGE) - Android game with release date 03/27/2017 from the company Gameloft.Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to make a weapon? Go to the Layout and click on any cell of the weapon on the left side of the screen.On weapons that can be made, you will see an icon with a wrench. The cost of manufacture and the number of cards required for this are indicated in the lower right corner of the screen.

What are cards? Cards are necessary for the manufacture and improvement of weapons and cores of the suit. Each type of weapon and core requires a certain number of corresponding cards.

What is the value of cards? Cards can be ordinary, rare, epic and legendary. Thus, the uniqueness and contents of the map are indicated. The legendary weapon is very strong, so always try to take possession of it!

How to get cards? New cards can be obtained for completing various tasks. In addition, sometimes they come across in sets.

How to improve weapons? Go to the Layout and click on any cell of the weapon on the left side of the screen.You can upgrade any of your weapons that have not yet reached the maximum level of improvement. You will see the required number of cards and value in coins.

What is "fighting force" and what is its purpose? Combat Strength indicates the overall effectiveness of each weapon. The higher it is, the more damage the weapon can do. Remember to upgrade your weapons to get the most out of them.

What is the "core power" and what is its purpose? The strength of the nucleus determines its general condition. The higher it is, the more damage it can absorb. Do not forget to improve the kernel to protect yourself both in single player mode and in multiplayer.

How to open Campaign assignments? A new task Campaigns can be opened only after the successful completion of the previous one. Attention: for comfortable passing the task you will need the recommended value of the calculation force.

What is Special Operations? These are short assignments based on the plot, but with tests of a different kind, in which you can earn some additional rewards.

What award is awarded for performing Special Operations? You will receive coins for each Special Operation. For performing several Special Operations you will receive a Sapphire dial.

What is undercover work? From time to time, special temporary tasks will appear on the Campaign screen.In them, you will need to destroy the Night shadows (special Xen forces) on an already cleaned map.

What award is awarded for performing rear undercover? You will receive a Sapphire set, as well as in Special Operations.

How often can I play undercover missions? Undercover missions appear on the map every 4 hours. After that, you have 24 hours to complete them. After completing the mission undercover, the icon on the map will disappear and appear again after 4 hours.

How can I find out what needs to be done while completing missions? On the Campaign tab in the Pause menu, you will see all your tasks above the consumable icons. Swipe left to see detailed information about each mission. During Network matches, click on the Pause icon to see a list of the tasks of the match above your laid out icons.

Can I sell weapons / consumables / skins / classes, etc.? Unfortunately not.

What are sets? Where can I get them? Sets are such items that contain a different number of cards of different values, consumables and skins. Kits can be earned for participating in temporary promotions, Special Operations, Undercover Missions, and online matches. In addition, they can be bought on the set shop page in the Main menu or on the Display screen (click on the golden box).

Why wasn’t I able to get the item I needed from the set? The loss of an object occurs according to the principle of a lottery. Therefore, the contents of the sets you receive will be arbitrary.

What are consumables? These are items that you can buy in the Consumables store on the Layouts page and right during the assignment in the Pause menu. You can use consumables during quests to gain a certain advantage.

How to change weapon skin? Go to the calculation screen and click on any cell of the weapon on the left side of the screen. Each weapon you have has a spray can icon. Click on it to change the skin. You need to open the skins before using them.

How to open weapon skins? New skins can be opened in packs or received for earned Achievements.

How to see your achievements? Click on the player’s name in the Main Menu to go to the player’s profile menu. Then click on "MEDALS" and see all your achievements and their progress.

How to change the signature of a murder? Click your player name in the Main Menu to go to the Player Profile. Click the Kill Signature icon to view the signatures you have opened. Click on the selected one to install it.

What is the Galactic Theater? The Galactic Theater is a grand palace where soldiers from everywhere can watch the video and get the necessary supplies for it.

What is the Supply Box and what is in it? Watch a short video at the Galactic Theater and get the Supply Box! After that, only one click will separate your wonderful prizes!

Why aren’t there any items I need in the Supply Box? All items from the Supply Box can be obtained at random! If you do not get what you need, try again!

How to open a new Signature? New Signatures can be opened using the Supply Box system.

What are skin fragments and how to get them? A fragment of a skin is 1/5 of a hollow skin. You can find them in the Supply Crates. Having collected 5 fragments, you can exchange them for one random skin of armor.

The main menu is a lot of new. Where to begin? The main menu has been improved, and now you can test the skills in the masonry of the CAMPAIGN or NETWORK GAME. If you want real adventure, take part in one of the amazing events. Remember to drop into the Galactic Theater if you need a Supply Box!

What is energy and how does it work? Energy is a kind of payment for participation in the Campaign mode.Each Campaign mission requires a certain amount of energy to run. Take every opportunity and do not worry about the fact that the energy is completely exhausted. Over time, it is automatically restored!

How to get energy? Energy is restored over time, but it is never too much. You can replenish your energy reserves by using trilithium or by watching ads. For training you will also receive a full supply of energy.

What should I do if the purchased item does not appear in the game? You need to contact User Support. Go to Settings and select User Support. Fill in all the required fields and describe your problem. They will contact you shortly.

How to save your game progress? Your progress is automatically saved in the cloud. This happens every 5 minutes online and after any purchase in the game. In addition, a backup is generated every 24 hours to ensure the security of your progress.

How to connect to social networks? In the Main Menu, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner.Then click on the Social Network icon and connect to the selected one.

How to change profile name? Click on the player’s name in the Main Menu and go to the player’s profile menu. Then click on the pencil icon to change the name.

How to reset game progress? Unfortunately, the game does not provide the ability to reset progress.However, you can start playing again by logging in with a new account.

How to synchronize progress between multiple devices? Please note that when you install the game on a new device and log in to Facebook or Google Play under the same account, you will receive a request to restore progress from the cloud!

Do I need an internet connection to play the game? No, connection is optional. However, in this case, you will not be able to play the Network game and take part in promotions.

How to change the language of the game? In the main menu, click on the "+" sign next to the number of coins or trilithium and go to the store.

How to adjust the volume of music and sound? In the Settings section, accessible from the Main menu and the Pause menu, select the "SOUND" icon. The corresponding sliders for adjusting various sounds will appear.

How to configure management? In the Main menu or the Pause menu, go to Settings and select the desired control scheme.

How can I purchase coins or trilithium? In the main menu, click on the "+" sign next to the number of coins or trilithium and go to the store.

How to earn coins? You will earn coins for completing various tasks in Campaign mode, participating in promotions and in a multiplayer game, as well as compensation for duplicate items in sets. In addition, coins can be purchased in the Shop menu in the upper panel.

How to make trilithium? You will earn trilithium as a reward for completing Campaign missions, earning certain achievements, and watching ads. In addition, trilithium can be bought in the Shop menu in the upper panel. You can purchase premium items for trilithium, including consumables, kits, and energy recovery.

How to remove ads in the game? Banners and pop-up ads will be removed from the game when making in-game purchases for a certain total amount.

How to view friend stats? In the Main Menu, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner. Then click the Communication icon. You will see statistics of all your friends. To do this, you must be connected to the social network.

Where to view statistics of other players? In the Main Menu, click the Leaderboard icon in the lower right corner. Then click the Info icon to the right of any player to view their statistics.

What are leagues? Leagues start every 14 days. At this time, you can participate in rating network matches against other players and earn points for which you can get special rewards. Try to break into the Diamond League before it ends!

What are private matches? Private matches are closed matches where you can play online with friends. These matches do not bring rewards and league points.

How can I play in private matches with friends? To play in a Private Match, you and your friends must start a Private Match with the same password. Make sure that you use the original password so that you don’t accidentally connect to unauthorized players!

What is Team Fight? Team Fight divides all participants into two teams. The team whose players killed more opponents from the opposing team wins!

How to participate in team battles? On the results screen, after the end of the network match, you can select Team Fight as the next match mode. Do not forget to vote for your favorite card!

What is a stock? The game has 2 types of stocks: ordinary and temporary. Ordinary shares are divided into NATISK and ELITE NATISK. Such contests appear weekly in the game. NATISK Shares are easier to execute, but the rewards are not as valuable as in Elite Onslaught Shares. Temporary promotions (such as Shadow Promotions and Christmas ...) appear in the game for a short period of time and you can earn thematic rewards. After the end of such promotions, the validity period of the received tokens also expires.

How to earn promotional points? Such points can be obtained for completing promotional tasks and participating in promotional matches! After the end of the promotion, points and rating data are reset.

How to take part in the action? To take part in the promotion, open the Main menu, go to the promotions screen and click on the Play icon. After that, the stock loading appears on the screen. You must take part in at least one promotional match in order to qualify for the awards.

How to earn promotional tokens? Such tokens can be rewarded for completing promotional tasks or while participating in promotional games!

Does my tokens expire after the promotion ends? The tokens received for the performance of ordinary promotions have an unlimited validity period! The action of temporary tokens ends immediately after the end of the promotion.

What is EXCELLENCE? Excellence is the new NOVA Legacy network mode. Two teams, with a maximum of four players each, will fight each other to capture strategic zones. These zones will be marked by circles shining on the earth. The more players are in the capture zone, the less time is required to capture it. Your team will receive points while holding the capture point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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