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ODE TO HEROES is an Android game with a release date of 07/09/2019 from DH-Games. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Hero Leveling Guide
  2. Equipment and Talismans
  3. How To Get Heroes?
  4. Secrets of Successful Fights
  5. Campaign Walkthrough
  6. A Beginner’s Guide
  7. Guild Guide
  8. Friends in the Game
  9. Player Account

Ode To Heroes: Hero Leveling Guide

Classes. Heroes are divided into five classes: Emperor, Scientist, Specialist, Assassin, and Priest.

  1. Emperors have a lot of HP and high defense, but relatively low attack, so they are good for dealing a lot of damage in the front line.
  2. Scientists have relatively low defense, but relatively high attack and perform mainly area attacks, so they are good for dealing damage on the back links.
  3. Assassins are quick and agile, and deal high, fast damage.
  4. Specialists have special skills and balanced parameters.
  5. Priests have relatively low health, attack and defense, but are mainly concerned with healing and control, so they are good for supporting others from the back line.

Stars. Heroes have at the beginning a given number of stars, not exceeding 5. The higher the star rank of the hero, the higher his basic parameters and the more powerful his abilities. You can increase your star rank through promotion.

Improvement and breakthrough of heroes. Level up your hero using experience pills and coins. When the hero reaches the maximum level, the level limit can be increased for the boost pills.

Hero promotion. On the promotion screen, you can promote a hero by spending promotion pills and other heroes. After the increase, the parameters and the level limit of the hero increase, and his abilities become more powerful. This does not affect the current level and equipment. For the heroes that you spend, you will be returned a fixed amount of experience pills.

Use of equipment and talismans. Equip the hero with equipment and talismans to increase his combat strength (BS). The higher the star rank and class of an item of equipment or magic item, the more BS it gives to the hero.

Gem Upgrade. Increase the capabilities of the hero by improving and transforming his gem. Upgrades and transformations require spending a certain amount of agates and coins.

Improving talents. There are talent trees for the walked classes in the tree of fate. There are two talent pages for each class. Spend coins and dewdrops to improve class talents and strengthen the hero’s attributes.

Ode To Heroes: Equipment and Talismans

Equipment and talismans class. Gear is divided into six color classes: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red. Talismans are divided into three classes: purple, orange, and red. The higher the class of an item of equipment or talisman, the more parameters you will receive.

Star rank of equipment and talismans. Green and blue class gear has 1 to 2 stars, purple and orange class equipment has 1 to 4 stars, and red class equipment has 1 to 5 stars. Talismans of purple class have from 1 to 6 stars, and orange and red class - from 1 to 12 stars. With the same class, an item of equipment or a talisman with a large number of stars gives more parameters.

Creation of equipment and talismans. On the crafting screen, you can create high-grade gear by spending low-grade gear. Talismans of the respective classes are created by collecting a certain number of talisman fragments.

Receiving equipment. Equipment drops out during campaigns, combat events and in the Heavenly Tower, is sold in the market, in the Secret Kingdom store, guild store and fortune telling store, and can also be obtained by drawing during fortune telling.

Equipment sets. Equipment of purple grade and above with 3 or more stars has set effects that are activated when a certain number of sets are added to the equipment.

Improving talismans. Upgrade used talismans to raise their stardom by spending unnecessary talismans.

Obtaining talismans. Talismans are created by collecting talisman fragments in campaigns or buying them from the guild store, and can also be obtained when played during fortune telling.

Ode To Heroes: How To Get Heroes?

Combat loot. Hero Fragments can drop when you collect resources during campaigns without being behind the keyboard, participate in combat events, or complete daily instances such as trials at the military range or the Sky Tower trials.

Shopping in stores. Hero Fragments are sold at the Market, Divination Store, Hermit’s Note Store, Secret Kingdom Store, Guild Store, and Arena Store.

Recruitment. Recruitment allows you to quickly get new heroes through a call for hearts and recruitment letters.

Sages. On the Sages screen, you can spend the Sage’s decrees to complete the summon and obtain fragments of heroes.

Divination. During fortune telling, you have a chance to get fragments of heroes by spending notes to spirits to make wishes.

Tasks on the bulletin board. Hero Quests that give a fixed number of Hero Fragments as a reward for completing them may appear on the Notice Board.

Finding friends. Find friends for a certain chance to get a fixed number of hero fragments.

Ode To Heroes: Secrets of Successful Fights

Positions before the fight. In most cases, the heroes on the front line are more likely to be attacked than those on the back line. To increase the time during which your heroes will remain alive in battle, you should select their position in accordance with their class.

Elemental halos. You can activate powerful halo effects by sending six heroes of the same element or six different elements. See the requirements for a specific element on the Elemental Halo page.

Determination of the battle results. The attacking side will be defeated if the number of rounds exceeds 15. You will win if you kill all the enemy heroes in a limited number of rounds, or be defeated if all your heroes are killed by the enemy.

Confrontation of the elements. Each element, which has its heroes, is opposed to some other. For a successful outcome of the fight, make changes to your team before the fight in accordance with the composition of the opposing team. Elemental Counterstrike deals 30% additional damage and increases accuracy by 15%.

Elements. Heroes are divided into six elements: yin, yang, wind, water, earth and fire. These elements oppose each other in the following way: the wind conquers the earth, the earth conquers water, water - fire, fire - wind, and yin and yang - each other. With such a confrontation, the hero is dealt 30% more damage with 15% increased accuracy.

Attack. The higher the hero’s attack, the more damage he does to the enemy when he attacks.

OZ. The more HP the hero has, the longer they can live during the battle.

Armor. The higher the hero’s armor, the less damage the enemies inflict on him.

Speed. Speed determines the order in which the heroes act during each round. The higher the speed of the hero, the earlier they act in each round.

The power of ability. Ability Power is the bonus to damage dealt by abilities. The higher the power of the abilities, the more damage they do.

Accuracy. During the attack, your hero reduces the block parameter of the enemy. The higher the accuracy, the lower the probability of a successful block by the enemy when he is attacked.

Block. When the enemy attacks you, there is a chance to block the attack, thereby reducing the damage taken. The higher the block value, the higher the chance to activate the block when you are attacked.

Crete. Chance to land a critical hit. The higher the crit value of the hero, the greater the chance of applying it.

Damage from Crete. Critical hit damage. The higher the value of the hero’s crit damage, the more damage is done during a critical hit.

Penetration of armor. A fixed value by which the armor of the attacked target is reduced. The higher the armor penetration of the hero, the greater the reduction in the enemy’s armor.

Resistance to control. A chance to avoid enemy control. The higher the control resistance of the hero, the lower the chance of falling under the control of the enemy.

Resistance to damage. The percentage by which damage is reduced. The higher the damage resistance of the hero, the lower the damage done by enemies.

Inborn strength. Damage that neutralizes armor. The higher the innate strength of the hero, the higher the damage done.

Ode To Heroes: Campaign Walkthrough

Overview. Campaign maps are divided into four categories of difficulty: Easy, Hard, Hell, and Illusion. Each of them consists of many stages that open in sequence.

Opening stages. New stages are new combat events, and completing them automatically gives you the opportunity to move on to the next stage, provided that your player level meets the requirements.

Opening regions and maps. After passing all the stages in a certain region, the next region opens, and after passing all the stages at a certain level of difficulty, the next level of difficulty opens.

Combat events. The transition to a new stage leads to the activation of the corresponding combat events, the passage of which gives generous rewards.

Campaign team. Form a team of heroes to embark on the campaign. As you progress, the enemies will become stronger, so do not forget to improve your team in time.

Extraction. You can find out what items will drop at the current stage in the Loot Items section. You will have a chance to get stage items using auto battle. Dropped items will automatically be placed in treasure chests that must be touched to receive rewards.

The auto battle rewards increase over time. Autoboat is possible for a maximum of 12 hours, after which you will no longer be able to receive rewards, so do not forget to come back after 12 hours to collect everything.

Receiving awards. The stages are given a fixed amount of player experience, coins and experience pills. All of this can be obtained through autoboat. The higher the difficulty level and the further you progress, the better the rewards will be. Buy privilege cards to increase the amount of these resources in the production.

Ode To Heroes: A Beginner’s Guide

Campaign. Send a team of heroes to the campaign for auto battle and combat events. During campaigns, you can get player experience, experience pills, coins, equipment and other rewards. From time to time, there will be "Double Loot" events.

Secret kingdom. A mode with an unlimited number of following battles, where you can challenge opponents from different servers as many times as you want.

HP does not regenerate in these battles, so use your heroes in a strategic way.

Heavenly tower. Defeat the guards on each floor of the Sky Tower to earn tons of boost pills and powerful equipment. After reaching a certain floor, you can even get heroes with 5 stars. The higher the floor, the higher the difficulty and the better the rewards.

Royal arena. Challenge other players in the Royal Arena, where you will earn points and win many free Jade Shells after each victory. Every week, from Friday to Saturday (server time), there are "Challenges of Courage", allowing you to challenge players from other servers.

Recruitment. The fastest way to get new heroes. Collect enough hearts or recruitment letters to summon heroes for free. You will receive a random 5-star hero when your summoning energy meter is full.

Altar. You can poison yourself into the Altar to disassemble heroes you don’t need, which will give you a set of experience pills, enhancement pills, agates, hermit notes and other materials for each disassembled hero with a fixed cost. The dismantled hero’s equipment and talismans will be returned to your bag. Heroes in the Altar Shop can be redeemed for the Hermit’s Notes, which can be obtained by dismantling heroes, and sometimes in sets sold during events.

Divination. Use the notes to the spirits in fortune telling for a chance to get fragments of heroes, equipment, talismans, a lot of coins or experience pills and other items.

Market. The marketplace is regularly stocked with XP Pills, Boost Pills, Hero Fragments, Recruitment Letters, Royal Club Tickets, Spirit Notes, Equipment, and other items.

Sages. Sages allow you to perform the call of the heroes of the indicated elements. Use the sage’s decrees to perform the call of the indicated elements at the summoning gate for a chance to get heroes with 4 or 5 stars and universal fragments for 4 or 5 stars of the corresponding element. Sage’s Commandments can be obtained by completing quests on the Notice Board, in the Marketplace, and in occasional event packs, and after each Summon, you will also receive Sage’s Bamboo, which can be used to replace one hero with another of the same element.

Substitution is only possible for non-Yin and Yang heroes with 4 or 5 stars.

Bulletin board. New missions for heroes with different star ranks are added to the message board every 24 hours. You will receive generous rewards for completing them. You can spend Jade Shells to upgrade quests and change their star rank to complete them faster. Use the quest scrolls on the bulletin board to increase the number of hero quests.

After the update, uncompleted tasks added using scrolls will be reset. Quest scrolls on the bulletin board can be obtained during the auto battle.

The tree of fate. Use dewdrops and coins in the "Tree of Destiny" section to improve its abilities. This will strengthen the heroes of the corresponding class that you have.

Military training. Complete Coin Trial, Trial of Warriors, and Trial of Heroes to earn Coins, Illumination Pills, Agates, Hero Fragments, and other resources. The higher the difficulty level, the more rewards.

Heavenly gates. You cannot change heroes after entering the Heavenly Gate. Defeat enemies to get chests or elixirs. You may even come across merchants from whom you can purchase rare resources.

Test of Samsara. The Trial of Samsara consists of six faction trials in which you can only challenge the heroes of the specified faction. You can get rewards for completing each stage. You will receive generous rewards for the first playthrough of each stage.

Space and time of history. All time lines in space and time began to intertwine chaotically, bringing unpredictable changes to historical events. You will be able to explore different historical times through the Space and Time of history, as well as receive resources and rewards from bills.

Mountain village. There are several buildings in the Mountain Village. Unlock these buildings to get jade shells, coins and other resources. You can also get the boxes by exploring the Mountain Village. Open the boxes to get items and materials that can be used to upgrade buildings.

Ode To Heroes: Guild Guide

Joining a guild. From the guilds screen, enter the guild ID to search for a guild, and then tap the "Apply" button to submit your application there. If your application is approved, you will become a member of the guild.

It is very important to be in a strong guild with good online. Do not linger in weak communities; for a successful and active game, join guilds from the Top 3 rating.

Guild creation. You can create a guild in the guild menu. In this case, you will have to spend a certain amount of jade shells, and your level should reach a certain mark. After creating a guild, you can take other players there.

What new features will be available to me after joining the guild? After joining a guild, you can enter there to level up the guild and get guild beads. You can also get guild beads and coins in guild instances, or register for the weekly guild war to get many guild beads and other rewards.

Guild Leader Selection. A guild leader can select a new guild leader from among its members using the "Assign Leader" button in the guild members menu.

Disband the guild. The guild leader can disband the guild from the member list page. After confirmation, the guild will be disbanded after 2 hours.

Guild level. The level of the guild will be the higher, the more its members will log into the game daily.

Guild gameplay. Guild members can participate in guild trials, guild wars, etc. to receive guild beads and other rewards.

Guild shop. In the guild store, you can exchange beads for fragments of heroes and talismans, equipment and other items.

What does a guild change affect? If you applied to participate in the guild war this week, you will not be able to participate in it after the change of guild and will not receive any rewards for it.

Ode To Heroes: Friends in the Game

How do I add friends? Enter your ID in the friends menu, select one of the suggested players and submit a friend request by tapping the player’s avatar in the chat channel or the guild member’s avatar in the guild menu.

Friend requests. Select an option from the list of requests, and then tap it to add the selected player as a friend.

How can friends interact with each other? Friends can wish trees of friendship for each other and give each other hearts for calling hearts. You can also send email to your friends to chat.

Hearts. Friends can send each other hearts, which are needed to fulfill friendly calls when recruiting heroes.

How do I remove friends? In the friends menu, tap a friend’s avatar - a window with his personal data will open. Tap the Remove button to remove the player from your friends list.

Friendship tree. The search for the friendship tree will be reset once every 8 hours. Common Friendship Tree or Rare Friendship Tree appear randomly when searching. Only the first reward will be unlocked by default, the rest of the rewards will be unlocked after receiving wishes from friends. Players who give wishes can also receive random rewards.

How can I block spam from other players in the chat channel? You can block a player’s posts by tapping their avatar on the chaga channel and then clicking the "Block" button.

Ode To Heroes: Player Account

How do I continue playing on my new device? After loading the game and the login screen appears, tap the small icon in the upper right corner and enter your username and password to enter the game.

Can I restore my username if I forget it? Contact support from the email address associated with your login and provide them with the information: game ID (8 digits), login, player level and guild name in order to restore your login.

This game does not support data exchange between iOS and Android or transfer of characters from server to server.

What should I do if the network timeout is exceeded and I cannot enter the game? If you are unable to enter the game, keep trying or close and restart the game.

What should I do if I cannot log into the game due to constant checking for updates? If after logging into the game it is constantly checking for updates, try closing the game and restarting it again, or try again after resetting the network connection. If this does not resolve the issue, contact support.

What if I lose my data or account? If you have lost your data, first make sure that you are logged into the correct server. This is due to the fact that there is no data exchange between servers. If you are logged into the correct server and the problem persists, please contact support and provide your game ID, registered email address, and other information.

What to do if the game crashes? If the game ends abnormally, first close all applications on the device and try to enter the game again. If the game continues to crash, try restarting your device and try again.

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