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Walkthrough Operation New Earth: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

OPERATION: NEW EARTH - Android game with release date 08/17/2016 from the company Tilting Point. In the article, we summarized the experience of TOP players, the secrets of developers and our tips. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Operation New Earth download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Game Tips
  2. Buildings Guide
  3. How to defeat the Invaders?

Operation New Earth: Game Tips

Shields. Shields temporarily protect against enemy attacks. Newly installed buildings are automatically protected by a shield for free. Shielded cities do not provide supplies.

Objects This icon indicates the players camp on the world map. Your and allied camps are marked in blue, and enemy camps in red.

Outposts. Each player can build up to three outposts in addition to the base, to accommodate troops, receive neutronium or expand the territory of the alliance.

Alien activity. Beware of attacking these invaders! The aliens are incredibly strong. The complete destruction of all aliens in these sectors can bring special rewards.

Resources. Often you can find sectors rich in resources. You can send troops to collect these resources. Having run out of resources, you will get a chance to find items.

Hospital. If you lose the battle in the territory of your complex or outpost, your troops will be moved to the medical compartment, and not die.

Neutron wires. In some sectors, there may be a neutron core. In such sectors, it is possible to build a mining outpost and produce neutronium for production.

Health. Bases, outposts and aliens lose health when attacked. When health decreases to 0, outposts and aliens are destroyed, and the base is teleported to a random sector.

Regeneration. If industrial buildings and outposts do not receive damage within twenty minutes, they will regenerate health.

To seize. You can send troops to capture sectors for the alliance. You can only capture sectors adjacent to those that you already control!

Points of control. Players can capture the sector and join it to the territory of the alliance. To capture a sector, an alliance must hold more than half of its 100 control points.

Territory. Allied territories are shown in blue, hostile ones in red. Non-Alliance players cannot capture territory.

Captured territory. Capturing territories, your alliance will be able to ensure the security of key locations.Enemies cannot teleport to the territory you control.

Closed area. Sectors adjacent to the base or outpost cannot be conquered until the base or outpost is destroyed.

Supply line. All sectors of the alliance must be connected by an intact supply line to the base or outpost of the alliance.

Supply lines are not laid diagonally.

Broken cargo. This cell will appear if the sector is cut off from all supply lines. If the lines are not restored, the sector will lose control points over time until it becomes neutral.

Power. The "power" parameter is made up of all your buildings, research, military units and a hero. The more power, the stronger you are.

Subdivision. When attacking the outposts and production buildings of other players, three types of units can be used. Be sure to choose the right type.

Destroy the unit. A successful attack will reduce the strength of the enemys base or outpost from 1% to 5%.

Attack the unit. In a successful raid, unprotected resources in the sector can be captured.

Grab the unit. In case of victory, your troops have a chance to capture the enemy hero and deliver him to the prison center. You can capture heroes above level 20.

Troop deployment speed. When deploying troops, the entire unit will move at the speed of the slowest fighter.The speed of combat units can be seen in the barracks or at the factory.

Teleportation. You can transfer your complex to any neutral sector or allied sector. If you are a member of the alliance, then over the next 8 hours, capture 9 sectors adjacent to yours.

Region. Each world in the game can be seen on a map of the regions. If you want to play with friends, find out in which region they play!

Nuclear rocket mine. The Alliance can locate and capture rocket mines on a world map. By deploying troops in the sector where the missile mine was discovered, your alliance will be able to strike with a nuclear missile.

Campaigns Campaigns can be started by leaders, co-leaders and alliance officers. In campaigns, the alliance can join forces to attack more powerful players!

Operation New Earth: Buildings Guide

Barracks. Light and heavy infantry can be trained in the barracks. The construction of two or more barracks will allow you to train more troops at the same time, and also add protection to them.

Headquarters. The headquarters gives you access to new buildings so you can grow your base. You can improve the characteristics of buildings by completing tasks from the command.

Hospital. In the hospital, you can treat the wounded and repair damaged vehicles.

Warehouse. The warehouse allows you to store more resources and protects part of them from enemies when they attack you.

Research lab. There are 5 branches of research available in the research laboratory: Attack, Defense, Drone, Operations and Special.

Command post. The command post opens access to the hero. The more CP, the more experience and protection will be obtained in the event of the death of the hero.

Design developments. The Engineering Corps allows you to build mining outposts to collect neutronium and strategic outposts to expand your territory.

PPC. At the checkpoint are reinforcements sent by your allies to help defend the base.

Operational headquarters. At the operational headquarters, alliance members can create campaigns. Up to 10 members of the alliance can send their soldiers on the same campaign, thanks to which a powerful army can be assembled.

Jail. The prison contains captured enemy heroes. The higher the level of the prison, the greater the profit and potential rewards received for the execution of enemy heroes.

Geoponic farm. A geoponic farm produces food for the base. It must be collected from time to time.

Oil producing installation. Oil rig produces oil for the base. It needs to be collected from time to time.

Smelter. The smelter produces an alloy for the base. It must be taken periodically.

Black market. The black market produces technology for the base. They need to be collected from time to time.

Runway. The runway allows you to enter into battle and improve landing ships. Then on the world map you can indicate where they are going, which provides your troops with additional benefits.

Operation New Earth: How to defeat the Invaders?

The invaders. The invaders cannot kill your hero. Heroes with a lower level will spend more energy if they fight with a high-level invader.

Level invaders. The higher the level of the invader, the more health he has and the more energy it will take to attack him. You will receive more valuable rewards for hitting an invader with a higher level.

Invader attack. Your "Attack Attack" attribute affects how much damage you inflict on an invader during an attack. Skills and equipment can enhance this ability. Try to maximize it to do more damage!

Chain attacks. An attack with several strokes will allow you to cope with the invader (the hero does not have to travel between strokes). In addition, you will receive a bonus to the damage of each subsequent attack.