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Walkthrough Order & Chaos: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

War of Chaos and Order (ORDER AND CHAOS) - Android game with release date 06/20/2011 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

The level of craft does not increase. How to increase skill points? You need to learn new schemes or recipes that correspond to the current skill level (if your level, for example, "Legend", then you need legendary schemes and recipes). In addition, there are schemes that require a certain number of craft points, for example, at least 520/600. Once you reach 540/600 points, such recipes will no longer increase your skill, and you will need recipes that require 540/600 points. Recipes or schemes can be obtained from your craft mentor. Keep in mind that in the game there are two types of mentors: some sell recipes only for levels from beginner to master, while others sell only for legendary masters. You will find all of these mentors in Greenmont.

It seems to me that with every reset of the dungeon, the game takes away my energy pill, if I have one. Note that the Reset icon under the characterís fatigue indicator (Character menu -> Team -> Dungeon) resets your energy, not the dungeon at all. A pill is used to release energy, which is why you lose it. This icon was added in a recent game update as an additional way to reset energy.

How to enable job tracking? Open the task menu, click on the task and it will be tracked.

How to choose a goal? Click on her portrait.

How to collect trophies? Click on the targetís body or portrait to collect trophies, if any.

How to learn a new skill? To do this, you need to purchase a guide from a trainer.

How to use the quick access toolbar? Open the spell page, select one of them and drag it to the quick access toolbar. Or open the backpack, select the item you are using and drag it onto the quick access toolbar. By clicking on these items in the quick access toolbar, you instantly use them. You can show / hide the panel at any time.

How to throw away an unnecessary item? To do this, drag it outside the backpack.

How to find out the name of the area? Click the Eyes icon on the map.

What happens if my character dies in the game? You can come to life at the place of death for the runes, or at the nearest cemetery for free (from level 10 - for coins).

What is a traffic sign? By paying attention to road signs, you can more easily navigate the road between regions.

What is a warehouse? A warehouse is a chest in which you can store supplies. The warehouse is located in the center of any settlement, all your things can be obtained in any warehouse.

What is a mailbox? Using the Mailbox, you can send and receive messages from other players or from the game, as well as receive and send items purchased at the auction. A mailbox is located in each village.

What is a backpack? A backpack is a storehouse for all the things you carry with you. You can expand its capacity for a fee.

What is a pet? The pet is your little friend. Choose for yourself what you like. The pet can not help you in battles and has a decorative function.

What are elite monsters? Elite monsters are stronger than usual, and carry more valuable things. Gather a group and defeat an elite monster to get a valuable reward.

How to change chat channel? You can select any chat channel in the chat menu itself. You can show / hide chat at any time.

My character is stuck ... what to do? Use the Auto Transfer feature to transfer to the nearest graveyard. The function is located in the Help section of the Main menu.

How to fix the mistake made in the distribution of talent points? You can buy a reset scroll from NPCs in major cities. With this scroll, you can lose talent points.

Why is my account banned? In case of violation of the Terms of Service, the use of profanity or other violation of normal gaming conditions for surrounding players, you can get a ban in the game. In this case, an email will be sent to the email associated with your account explaining the reasons for the ban.

What is the difference between two dungeons? They differ in both appearance and gameplay. You will not find two identical dungeons in the game.

Equipment T3 falls only in one dungeon, or part in one, and part in another? The most important T3 items fall in both dungeons. T3 weapons drop in one of two dungeons.

Will new dungeons require a specific task or condition to be entered? No, admission is free.

How does group search work? The leader of the group selects the type of dungeon and clicks Search for a group> presses Start> each member of the group confirms the role (tank, doctor or DD)> follows the wait> confirmation of readiness> go!

Is using Group Search paid? Of course not. Group Search is a completely free feature.

Can I use Group Search for junior dungeons? Of course.

Can I get in line in the Search group for a junior level dungeon if I already have a maximum level for it? For each dungeon in Normal mode, a level limit is set. You cannot enter a dungeon too low for you.

How many bosses will dwell in the new dungeon? There are two bosses in Metal Ziggurat, one of them random. In the Mechanical Abyss there are two permanent bosses.

How long will the completion of the Metal Ziggurat and the Mechanical Abyss take? The completion of the Metal Ziggurat in normal mode will take 5 minutes, in the legendary - 14. The passage of the Mechanical Abyss will take 10 minutes in normal mode, in the legendary - 16.

What is the recommended minimum level for new dungeons? At least 52 for Metal Ziggurat. However, 62 is recommended in normal mode. And at least 56 for the Mechanical Abyss. However, 66 is recommended in normal mode.

Will there be new pets? Or new prestige items? New Pet Available: Baby. It can be bought from Nick. The pet has a cool skill, but you will learn about it yourself - we do not want to spoil the surprise!

Are new dungeons simpler or more complex than previous ones? New dungeons are simpler than previous ones. These are the first dungeons in the expansion, and they are made uncomplicated for inexperienced characters of a high level.

I bought an ancient tablet that increased craft points by 100, but I never got points. What to do?An ancient plate really increases craft points by 100, but keep in mind that the sum of your craft points cannot exceed the current skill level in that craft. For example, if your level is "Master", and the points are 450/500, the plate will only increase points to 500/500, i.e. you wonít get 550 points, as this is already the "Legend" level. If you score 500/500 points, i.e. maximum for the master, you should first read the book of the legendary possession of the craft in order to increase the level of skill (the point counter will change to 500/600). And only after that the ancient tablet will have an effect.

How to use the talent system? You can choose different talents for your character on the Spells / Talents page. Characters get their first talent point at level 5. From level 5 to level 65 they will receive 1 talent point for every level 2. From level 66 to level 70, they will receive 1 talent point for each level.

How to teleport to another place? Teleport masters are usually located in cities. In addition, you can buy special wings to teleport to specific places.

What is the maximum character level? At the moment - 70.

Does the game require a monthly subscription fee? No, you do not need to pay for the time you spend on the game.

Can I wear two unique rings at the same time? No, a character can only wear one unique ring.

How many bosses will dwell in the new dungeon? There will be 5. But only the main boss is required to complete the dungeon.

How long will the completion of the new dungeon take? The battle will be intense, but a fairly powerful character will go through the dungeon rather quickly.

What is the recommended minimum level for new dungeons? The recommended minimum level is 63.

Will the new dungeon be simpler or more complicated than the previous ones? The difficulty will depend on your equipment.

What items can be purchased on the Black Market? The most valuable of all! You will have to work hard to accumulate a special currency to outbid the bets of the best players!

How many times a day will a new dungeon be visited? As much as you like, however, if your Fatigue reaches 100, you will not be able to enter the Legendary Dungeon.

What time are auctions on the Black Market updated? GMT 0:00. It is 6:00 p.m. CST in the USA and Canada, 2:00 a.m. Kiev, 3:00 a.m. Moscow, and 8:00 a.m. Beijing.

How does the event book work? Will I receive new tasks daily, weekly? Each event has a different duration. Short ones last a few hours, long ones last 5-7 days.

Do I need to complete all the tasks in the Event Book to switch to new ones, or are they updated automatically, regardless of completion? Events disappear from the Event Book after time, even if you have not yet participated in it. If a new event is available, it will be posted in the Event Book.

Are there any special requirements for completing a new dungeon in Legend mode? To pass into a new dungeon, you must prove your skills by going through a special chain of tasks.

Where can I get new Haste Gems? You can find Lv 1 Haste Gems at the Gems store in Greenmont, and lvl 3You will find in Nickís shop.

Some time ago, I won the daily tournament and I want to buy new prestige items that were added in the latest update. Please note that these items can only be purchased within one week after the end of the tournament and only on the same server. Win the corresponding daily tournament again to gain new prestige items.

I managed to capture the horse, but it was picked up by another player. Can I get my horse back?Unfortunately, in such cases, User Support cannot send horses. Gameloft is not responsible for the actions of players. This does not contradict the terms of the User Agreement.

What is the Battlefield? Why is it needed? The Battlefield is a new PvP mode. In it, the warring parties receive points for capturing the flag.

How many players will be able to fight in one battle on the Battlefield? 4? 6? 10+? At the moment - up to 8 players - more precisely, 2 teams of 4 players.

What rewards can I win at the Battlefield? In battles, you will receive honor points, increasing the level of honor. For honor points, you can buy PvP equipment, gaining access to a new one with an increase in honor level.

Will the players after the battle on the Brani Field or Arena wait for the rollback time, as in the dungeons? Not. These modes work just like the old Arena: you can fight here as much as you like.

What is a league? Leagues is a new rating system in PvP, combining your successes in the Arena and the Battlefield.

How are players distributed in leagues? There are 5 Leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Will battles in the Arena or the Battlefield unrated be available? No, you will definitely enjoy the Leagues!

What rewards will be available in guild promotions and weekly tournaments? Participants in the top 10 Guilds will receive a gift set with useful items. Some fighters of the 2 best Guilds will receive special prizes and equipment. Champions will be able to get unique horses!

Will all members of the Guild receive a reward, or will beginners get nothing? Each member of the Guild who deserves an award will receive a prize. But also the Leader of such a Guild will receive super prizes for champions, which he will be able to give out to those whom he considers the most valuable participants.

Will all tournaments have the same rewards for all Guilds? Or will the reward be different each time to motivate the Guilds to win every tournament? There is only one reward for the tournament so far. However, if your Guild does not show itself, then it will not receive it!

What has changed in the guild system? The new Guilds have become stronger, and their members will benefit from this. They will now be able to use Guild Mail upon reaching level 2.

What is Guild Energy and what are its functions? Guild Energy is an important indicator. It rises when members of the Guild play in the League, a dungeon, or use other in-game content. The guild can use Energy for a variety of purposes, including for leveling up.

What can I donate to the Guild and why? You can donate your hero emblems. Your Guild uses them to level up and for other purposes that benefit you.

What level can a guild achieve? What benefits will the players get from this? While there are 2 levels.At level 2, you can use the Guild Post.

What is the difference between Guild Mail and regular mail? Guild Mail can be checked at any time. No need to search for a mailbox on a map. Only messages from the Guild Master or Administrator will be sent to Guild Mail.

Is there anything special prepared for the celebration of Halloween? Halloween celebrations will take place on a mysterious island in the Underworld.

What are copies? This is a new type of equipment. It looks like an epic, but not so powerful. There are two types of copies: coarse (low quality) and accurate (high quality).

Where can I buy copies? Any weapon can be found in the Aryurumoki camp. You can buy copies from Epei and his brothers. If you need rough copies, make sure that you have enough soul stones. An exact copy can be obtained for a rough copy and a sufficient amount of Essence of the era. If you want the original, you will need something more valuable.

What is a transformation? Transformation is a new space technology, it will help you change the appearance of the outfit, but will not affect its properties.

How to use transformation? Go to the workshop of transformation and ask for help from mysterious people.Drag your outfit into the cell you want to change and see the cost of this step. Click on the price icon ... The transformation was successful!

How to pay for the transformation? Emblems of a hero.

Is it possible to transform an outfit of another class? No, you can only transform outfits from equipment.

Where to buy a hoodie? In Greenmont, next to the gem store.

What is a hoodie shop for? There you can buy incredible hoodies and wear them. They are great for transformation.

What is a changing shell and how to get it? The changing shell is a type of coin for which you can buy hoodies. They can be found in chests in the dungeons.

Can I get the legendary items used in the quest "Pet"? Unfortunately, the items used in this quest simply cannot be obtained. The task is quite difficult, but the prize is worth the effort. Do not hesitate, as soon as you complete the task, you will get improved weapons and better performance. In this task, you will be given the best weapons among all existing in-game items. Therefore, if a player cannot pass it, then there is no point in giving him the best weapon. It is recommended that you fight the boss with other players to increase your chances of winning.

What is a guild spell system for? Guild members can learn guild spells when spells are activated. Guild members benefit from the effects of these spells.

How to use guild spells? To start, the guild must reach level 3 to unlock guild spells. Then the guild must open the spell, improve it, and only then activate it. When the spell is activated, guild members will be able to study it for future use.

Are there any guild spell restrictions? The duration of the activated spell is 3 days. When it expires, the guild will not be able to use it. The guild can simultaneously activate 2 different spells. An activated spell cannot be canceled before the deadline. Therefore, guilds must carefully choose spells.

Where can I find a guild spell I learned? The guild spell is in the Spells - Mastery tab.

Why do I need the "Return" function? This function is needed to buy items sold to merchants.

Where can I use the item return function? Merchants are located in Greenmont and several other cities.They are easy enough to find.

Where can I find additional information about the mechanism for buying out my items? For more information about the buyback feature, click on the "i" icon on the Return page.

And what is the Wheel of Fortune? The Wheel of Fortune prize pool is more diverse; All players will see a different list of possible winnings (it can be updated). You can win rare horses, pets and many items of Vanity!

How many points can I get for my craft? For each item created, you will receive 1 or 2 craft points.

I bought a subject for a diploma, but its parameters are much lower than those shown by the merchant. Item parameters depend on the level of your character. They improve as your character level increases. Once you reach level 40/60/70, the itemís parameters will completely match the parameters shown in the store.

Why does the Amulet of Darkness continue to operate when the character is already killed? The Amulet will only disappear when you kill the boss.

I healed the player and got his debuff, not being in the PvP zone! If you heal someone with a debuff, you also get a debuff, regardless of whether you are both in the PvP zone or not.

My PvP kill count does not change the value. Keep in mind that only killings in the PvP zone are considered. Killings in the Arena, in Dueling, and in the Battlefield are not counted.

Why canít I wait for my turn to the Arena with the team? A new function has appeared in the game: 2 teams cannot wait for one another more than two times.

Why did the "No War" buff disappear? Keep in mind that this buff disappears before the end of use (1 hour or 1 month, depending on the price), if you use it to heal or attack someone.

Why canít I buy skill books for a ranger? From this point on, skill books are no longer needed. Skills improve automatically as the character improves.

I went through the dungeon in the legendary mode, but did not receive a soul stone. Keep in mind that only characters who complete dungeons in legendary mode for the first time receive a reward. Players who have already completed the dungeon before the last update do not receive it.

How to create a fiery knight? To do this, you must have a level 70 character and a free character cell. In this update, 6 new cells will appear (price 40 runes).

What is daily activity? Every day a list of activities will appear. For performance you will receive points. You can also get a reward if you score 10, 50 or 100 points.

What is a 30-day Bonus? This is a daily entry bonus, which is currently designed for 30 days. Every day, various rewards are offered. For entry within 7 days you will receive a Big lottery chest, and in 30 days - a Set of Mods. Prizes for 7 and 30 days will not change during this period of time. You now do not need to go every day to receive a reward. Daily rewards are only reset when you have logged in 30 days.

How to get the legendary weapon? To do this, you need to complete a series of tasks, find treasures in a new dungeon and defeat the Legendary boss.

I have 58 600 honor points, and this number does not change. Why? Please note that 58,600 is the maximum allowable number of honor points for each character, points will no longer be added as soon as you collect this amount.

I missed 1 day and did not receive the Mod Set (bonus for day 30). Why? To receive the bonus for day 30, you must enter the game 30 days in a row. The bonus calendar is reset to 1 day every 30 days. In the Daily Bonus menu, you can see how many days are left until the calendar is reset. If you miss one day, you will not receive a bonus for day 30. If you miss 2 days, you will not receive bonuses for days 29 and 30, and so on.

What is equipment class? This is a digital classification of items in the game. Now you can quickly compare their power by looking at the number.

Will there be an app for Apple Watch? Yes, in this application you will see reminders of promotions and tournaments, as well as take part in the bonus mini-game.

Will the Flaming Knights receive legendary weapons? Yes, there will be weapons in the update that the Flaming Knights can use. He can be found in the Vault.

Will the Flaming Knights get new horses? Yes, they will have exclusive windbreaker griffins. They will need to be grown from infancy.

I forgot about talent points when leveling up. Will there be a reminder of them? If you have unused talent points, you will see a reminder of this on your avatar.

Are there any changes to the 30-day Bonus? A set of Mods can be obtained only if you logged in 26 days (out of 30). After 30 days, the rewards will be updated.

Will there be copies of the new epic gear? Yes, players will see copies of the new epic gear.

What are lottery tickets? This is a new lottery system. There are two types of lottery tickets: 1 stone and 10 stones. Both types of tickets give an opportunity to win stones of levels 1 - 5. Tickets for 10 stones give an opportunity to win at least 1 stone of ur. 4. Every 24 hours tickets for 1 stone are free.

How to participate in the Stone Lottery? Players who have reached level 70 can participate in it.

What are chat channels? The player can view various channels by clicking on the icon on the left side of the chat. Please note that in this case, you can communicate and view information only on the selected section.

What is combat statistics? This is a feature that allows you to view your results, as well as share with other players in PvP mode.

What kind of battle data is recorded? Damage received, damage and healing counters.

How else can I use this feature? Players can share their game results in various chat channels.

Are the results of combat statistics reset to zero? Yes, statistics are updated every time a player leaves the battlefield.

What is a safe place? A new character, Mid Chao, will appear in Haradon. He will teach you a spell called Safe Place. After using this spell, you will be transported to the place where you spoke to him for the last time.

How to summon a mailbox, chest and merchant? Elite 5+ players will be able to learn a spell that summons a mailbox, chest, and merchant anywhere in Haradon (except PvP arenas); after the call, they will last 10 minutes.

What is a Guild War? Now guild leaders can declare war on another guild on the same server, and fighters of warring guilds will be able to fight each other almost anywhere without restrictions!

How does the guild war mechanics work? The leader of the Guild may send to other guilds a request to declare war or to conclude an alliance, which the leader must accept accordingly. Guilds. The capabilities of the member guild members will vary accordingly. way. Members of allied Guilds cannot attack each other under any circumstances, even in PvP zones (with the exception of Arenas). Participants of the warring Guilds can attack each other anywhere at any time during 7 days from the moment of declaration of war, with the exception of Greenmont and Spark Island, with the following restrictions:

  1. Members of warring Guilds with a difference in levels of more than 10 cannot attack each other outside of PvP zones.
  2. In PvP zones, the restriction prohibiting attacking players below level 70 is still valid.

What are the new quest icons? Side quests and blitz quests will get new badges, making it easy to distinguish them from regular and daily quests.

When trying to pass the test, the door was closed for a second visit. Resetting the task and starting the game did not lead to anything. How to pass the test? To open the test door, you need to use the appropriate Amulet, but if your hero dies, or you return to the game a little later that day, you will not be able to enter again. Amulets for the East Gold Bar can be obtained from Yun Tanxin (Masters of the Court). So, you can get the Amulet and try to pass the test again.

What is the Circle of Prophecy? A new story dungeon with a prophecy about a new world (will be released in subsequent updates). In the dungeon you will meet 2 bosses.

How will the Circle of Prophecy differ from other story dungeons? Increased difficulty in both normal mode and legend; Players will need higher-level gear to fight bosses and win rewards.

What is the Golden Collection? This is such an action where players can get special mechanical pets and horses, as well as rare mysterious items.

How to get a new Legacy weapon? Find Turquoise Key and exchange it for Crown Prince Amir at the entrance to the Circle of Prophecy dungeon.

What is a prize for jumping to level 60? Players who have a hero who has reached level 60 or higher will receive a reward (one per account), which will allow another hero to instantly go to level 60.

How to get this prize for jumping to level 60? Choose a hero of level 59 or lower for which you would like to receive this award - you can also create a new hero (with the exception of the Flame Knight) and select him.

What if I change my mind about the hero I want to upgrade to level 60? The reward is tied to your account, so you can transfer it to another character. This will not work if you have already used the prize for jumping to level 60.

Why didnít I get a prize for jumping to level 60? 1) You do not have a level 60 hero yet; 2) ALL your heroes are already at level 60 or higher (you can get it if you delete one hero and create a new one, except for the Flame Knight); or 3) you have already used the reward.

Lu Yongfei is hard to beat. How to kill him? Lu Yongfei can sometimes do 1 million damage. You have 10 seconds before he applies this skill - during this time zithers will be called. If you protect the correct zither, you will receive 4 sec. a buff that will protect you from the skill of Lu Yongfei, which he will try to apply when the time runs out. If you defeat Lu Yongfei too soon, then your buff is used before he applies the skill and your team is destroyed.

How does the quest correlation system work? This new system will allow new players to find out in which location they are waiting for the optimal level tasks. They will also be able to move to capitals (Greenmont or Vault).

What is Nickís Toy Library? This is a new slot machine system that will allow you to win gold, emblems and runes.

How can I play Nickís machines? When the Game Library is open, players can place bets. 1st, 20th, 50th (and further) players who place a bet receive a prize, the size of which depends on the accumulated bank of gold / Emblem / rune.

How to get to Nickís Toy Library? The login icon will be located on the screen; You can also go there from the Observer Market in Greenmont.

What is a Heavenly stone (sold at Nickís store?) Heavenly stone is an item with which you can complete the quest "Goodness Doesnít Come Alone" from Qiu Yuelani in the Arcadia Forest. For completing this quest, you can get the second Legendary Lava Stone. Previous quest - "Free Monkey" from Wukong. Please note that these quests are not available for the Knights of the Flame.

How to create armor? Depending on the class, you can choose: Sewing for magicians and monks, Leather for trackers, Forge for warriors.

What is a Diploma and how to get it? Diplomas are the currency for which you can buy amulets, rings, weapons, necklaces, etc. You can get them for the daily quest "Calling a Hero" or buy in Nickís store.

What will happen after I reach level 70? Reaching level 70 opens up new gaming opportunities for you. You can upgrade your equipment in PvP or PvE to S2.5 and S3, to T3 and T4 in PvP. For the latter, you must go through level 70 dungeons in legendary mode.

Is it possible to transfer items to other characters? You can use game mail by attaching currency and objects (up to 5) to the letter. Characters must be on the same server.

What awaits the players in the "mini-dungeon"? 3 random minigames and 2 hidden bosses. Players must help each other.

Who will be the new boss in this dungeon? Chest-Eater and Golden Giant.

What new trophies will players receive for defeating the boss? New equipment from the island of Polynia, new horses and pets.

Who is the Boss of the World? How to find him?An ancient creature with a huge body and a terrible appearance. He is hiding in the Prism Plateau on the island of Polynia.

What is a "replay"? If you are unhappy that the boss has dropped, you can replay everything for the sake of getting the best trophies.

What is the background of the Reptile Grove? A reptile is a Dysaurus who loves to collect treasures, and especially beautiful spheres. For years, he collected them and kept them in his secret grove, until the soldiers of numerous armies went on a campaign.

What should be noted in the Grove of Reptiles? Do not forget to choose a fraction at the entrance to the dungeon, a surprise awaits you.

What can be obtained in the Grove of Reptiles? New epic gear, gems and raw materials!

How to get Fire Crystals? 1 Crystal fragment can be obtained from the core of Fire Crystals, 3 - for killing the Alchemist of Darkness, and 10 - for killing the Demonic Giant of Discord.

How to get Dark Crystals? 1 fragment of the Crystal can be obtained from the core of Dark Crystals, 3 - for killing the Alchemist of Fire, and 10 - for killing the Demonic Giant of Discord.

What is the Holy Altar? This is the fourth region of the island of Polynia, a mountainous area where not a single ray of sunlight penetrates. There are castles and fortifications of the Dysaurus of Discord.

What can you do there? You can help the Dysaurus of Harmony, as well as help the Dysaurs develop.

What is the story of the Distorted Fate? Luclyr, priest of the Dysavrov of Discord, released evil. He was the first to infect our brothers and turn them into Restless Dysaurs. Now he has turned to the Tujindkriista for help in order to save himself ... You will be surprised when you learn more!

Is Tuzhindkriist the only boss in the dungeon? No, Luclyr also rules Yilan, leader of the False Dizaurs.

How many bosses are in the dungeon? You will meet 3 bosses in the dungeon.

What benefits does the Defender Manaprism system give players? 1. Defenders can be used for attack or healing spells when their Lord (player) enters the battle. 2. When the Defender reaches level 2, his Master receives a powerful passive spell. (This spell will only work if the Protector is called up.) 3. When the Protector reaches level 3, his Master will receive a summoning spell (Vibration Spell). You can use this spell to summon the Defender to use the most powerful spell.

Where exactly can Defenders be involved in the game? You can use the Defender throughout the game except the Battlefield and Arena.

Can we use the Defenders after reaching level 1? No, access to the Defenders opens after reaching level 10.

What awaits us during the Winter Solstice Festival? The Winter Solstice Festival will be held in the new castle, where you will meet the ice queen, as well as find new weapons and horses.

What Winter Solstice pets and horses can I get? During the Winter Solstice, you can get cute penguins and charming frost dragons.

Can I send an unwanted item to another character? Yes, you can send a letter to any character on the same server by attaching objects and gold to it. However, if the item is "tied" to your hero, then it cannot be sent.

Where to buy ur armor 5? Such armor cannot be bought; they can be found in the dungeon or created. Guidance on creation can be bought on the Obsidian Coast near the Mysterious Zone.

How to view character information? In the characterís menu, you can view information about the character and his equipment.

Is it possible to transfer the character to another server? Yes.Characters older than level 30 can migrate to other servers or even to other regions. Transfer fee is 30 runes.

I play on an iOS device, and my friends on Android. How do we play together? Unfortunately, at the moment the Wars of Chaos and Order do not support cross-platform. Players on different platforms play on different servers without the possibility of interaction.

I recently had to replace my iOS device with Android. Can I continue to play Chaos and Order?Yes.You can even use the same account on Gameloft LIVE! or Facebook. However, you cannot transfer your characters and runes.

Do I need an account to play Chaos and Order Wars? Yes, for authentication you will need a Gameloft LIVE account! Create a Gameloft LIVE! Account You can in the main menu of the game. Alternatively, you can log in to Facebook through the Main Menu. But you canít connect to the same account via Facebook and GL LIVE at the same time.

Can I change the character name? In the north of Greenmont, opposite the Beauty Salon, you can meet a non-player character named Rinim. Click on the icon above his head. The following instructions will help you change your character name.

How do I change the email address associated with a Gameloft LIVE account? Unfortunately, email addresses associated with a Gameloft LIVE! Account do not change for security reasons.

How to change Gameloft LIVE username? Sorry, Gameloft username is LIVE! do not change for security reasons.

Forgot the email address associated with the account. What to do?Try to remember all your email addresses. Open the game and click on the GL LIVE icon. If you automatically log in to your GL LIVE account, click "Recover Password", enter one of your email addresses and click "Recover Password". Repeat with all your email addresses. You will receive an automatic notification and a link to reset your password only to the address associated with your account.

How many heroes can you create with one account? How to create a new character? You can create a maximum of 6 heroes from one account. The first 4 are free, for all subsequent ones you need to open character slots for runes. To create a new hero, log in to your account and click on the plus sign ("+") on the left side of the screen.

Do you need an internet connection to play? Yes.Wars of Chaos and Order is an online game. Without a network connection, no game content is available.

Can I play with a 3G connection? Yes. 3G is supported since game version 1.1.1.

When buying runes, I get an error -43 / -44. Why?As a precaution, a limit of $ 100 or 10 transactions per day is imposed on transactions. If the limit is exceeded, you lose the opportunity to buy runes before the end of the day. A separate weekly limit is also set. There is also a monthly limit of 20 purchases.

When buying runes, I get an error -46. Why?As a precaution, a limit of $ 250 per month is imposed on transactions. If the limit is exceeded, you lose the opportunity to buy runes before the end of the month.

I get an error when logging in to my account. Why?Probably your router or Internet provider does not provide a connection through the ports necessary for the game. Contact the network administrator and ask to open the following ports: enter the game: Port 80 enter the lobby (create a character): port 7000 - 8000 Gameplay: Port 32768 - 61000.

After the upgrade, is the game fully compatible with Duo Gamer? Yes, Duo Gamer is fully supported.

What is a widget? You can see the widget in daily alerts. It can be installed manually and quickly removed.

What are the advantages of the widget? With it, you can get information about promotions and weekly tournaments at any time, without going into the game. A short message with information about events will appear in the notification bar.

What type of information can I see with the widget? Information about tournaments and promotions.

I was interested in the reward shown in the message of the widget. What to do? Just click on the message and immediately go to the game.

How to install a widget? If you have an iPhone on iOS 8 and have a character in the game, you can install it through the Notification Center. Enjoy it!

What is Twitch? Twitch is a well-known video platform and community of gamers. The number of visits is more than 60 million per month.

What are the features of Twitch? You can chat with players from all over the world, broadcast the game in Order & Chaos at www.twitch.tv.

Where can I watch the broadcasts of the game Chaos and Order War? Register at www.twitch.tv and find the Chaos and Order War channel.

Why canít I access voice chat? This feature is disabled in the game.

How to get runestones / gold? To buy runestones or gold during the game, click on the "Shop" icon on the character selection screen.

What does "..% FREE" mean next to a set of runes? Is this a stock? If you see "..% FREE" next to a set of runes, this does not mean that you will get more runes, it means that it is more profitable to buy large sets of runes than to spend the same amount on smaller sets. For example, "950 runes ($ 99.99) 90% FREE" does not mean that you will receive 1805 runes. If you spend $ 99.99 on the purchase of smaller sets, for example, of 10 runes, each of which costs $ 1.99, you will end up with only 500 runes. And if you buy the largest set for the same amount, you will receive 500 runes + 450 runes (90% of 500), which in total will give 950 runes.

Is it now possible to wear a limited amount of gold? Characters can now own different amounts of gold depending on their level.

How to find out the gold limit for my level? Example: A level 14 character can wear 1960 gold (14 x 14 x 10), and a level 62 character can wear 153 760 gold (62 x 62 x 40).

  1. Level1 - Lv. 59: Limit = Lv. x level 10.
  2. Level60 - Lv. 69: Limit = Lv. x level x 40.
  3. Level 70: Limit = 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 47 bronze.

Does introducing a gold limit affect the rules for transferring characters? Yes.Now players can transfer their characters to another server if the amount in their possession does not exceed 50,000 gold. Characters with more than 50,000 gold cannot be transferred.

What is an elite? This is a new VIP system of 15 levels.

What features open after reaching high levels? You will receive new achievements, a free resurrection, a special Daily quest, a special Daily bonus, an Elite discount, the ability to change the name color, Elite market or class skill.

What changes have affected the Elite system? Elite level 5+ players will have access to dynamic portraits and will also be able to summon a mailbox, chest, and merchant anywhere.

How to pick up 5 daily runes per subscription? To pick up runes, go to the runes store and select the Subscription tab (in the same place where you bought this subscription).

Where to find Hero Emblems? Hero Emblems - the currency for which you can buy more space in a bag or inventory on the Black Market (if it is already impossible to do it for gold). You can also transfer them to your guild to level up, use them to revive without spending runes, and also to change the appearance of your equipment. You can get Hero Emblems from hourly or PvP chests, win the lottery, get for defeating the boss, etc.

How to get free runes? You can get no more than 3 runes per day for completing daily quests.

How to fight a player in a duel? Click on the characterís portrait, then on the Duel icon.

How to trade with another character? Click on the characterís portrait, then on the Trade icon.

How to add character to friends? Click on the characterís portrait, then on the Friends icon, or open the settings menu, the Communication menu, and there write the characterís nickname and click "Add to Friends".

How to assemble a group? Click on the characterís portrait and click the Invite icon. You can assemble a team of up to 4 players. To remove a player from a group, click on his portrait and on the Banish icon.

How to create a guild? Use the Guild Stone.

How to join a guild?Ask the guild leader to invite you. You can only receive an invitation while online.

How to leave a guild? Click the Guild tab, and on the Communication menu, click Sign Out.

What is a PvP zone? In the PvP zone, players can attack and kill each other without warning. Be on the lookout.

How to create a guild? Find the character Guild Manager and buy Guild Stone for 5 gold. To do this, you must have a character no younger than level 10.

How to file a complaint about a player?To file a complaint for unsportsmanlike player behavior, use the GM Complaint feature. You can also add a player to the Blacklist so as not to encounter him in the future.

I invited several friends to the game, but their hero emblems do not count towards my achievement. Why?Only hero emblems received after a friend has been invited are counted in the achievement. Also keep in mind that the achievement will be completed as soon as your friends type 100 hero emblems. Emblems received by friends are not cumulative. For example, if you have two friends and each of them has 50 emblems, only 50 emblems will be counted in your achievement. If you have two friends and one of them has 10 emblems, and the other 60, in your achievement will be counted more (60 emblems).