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Walkthrough Order & Chaos 2: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ORDER AND CHAOS 2 is an Android game with a release date of September 16, 2015 from Gameloft. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What is the plot of Order and Chaos 2? 600 years have passed since the Flood destroyed Haradon, dropping the gods from their thrones and leading the world to a catastrophic cataclysm. Over time, new nations arose, new states formed, and their troops clashed in battles for their own vision of the revival of Haradon. The fate of the continent will be decided in the growing conflict between the Army Empire and the Free Kingdoms.Choose your side in this war, and your destiny. In whose ranks will you fight - Chaos or Order?

What new areas of Haradon can be visited? The flood forever changed the appearance of Haradon. Many regions remained forever under water, while others rose from the depths of the sea. You have to visit tropical islands, man-made wastelands, underground catacombs, vast deserts, frosty tundra and many other places! And with good luck, you can even find relics of ancient Haradon, who survived to this day ...

What are Global Promotions and how to participate in them? Global promotions allow players to team up to battle the Global Boss every day at the same time. Just enter the game at the appointed time and go to the specified location.

What changes has the dungeon system undergone? There are two types of dungeons: solo dungeons and classic dungeons. In the first you go alone, and for the second you will need a group of comrades.

How to enter the Classic Dungeon? There are two ways to get into the dungeon: stand in line for quick entry with random players from the line, or create your own group of friends and logically enter the dungeon.

Who are the kratans? Kratans are an arrogant race of reptiles, cunning and ferocious. Despite their great physical strength, they prefer diplomacy to war if it brings them more benefits. Kratans are a race of hermaphrodites.

What is the difference between the new Berserk class? Berserkers can serve as "tanks", as well as the main class of melee causing damage. They use their own health to pay for the use of the skill, and they also have their own combat resources - the "gifts of the demon." Part of the skills brings them new "gifts of the demon," part of it spends them to inflict huge damage and impose various effects. Berserkers can also drain health from enemies. This class is only recommended for experienced players!

How to get a more powerful weapon using a weapon synthesis system? The new weapon synthesis system allows you to collect weapons that can absorb other weapons and materials, and develop at their expense.Synthetic weapons require experience points to improve, and almost always outperforms simple weapons of the same level. You can independently create rare materials for synthesis, carrying a huge amount of experience and able to quickly develop Synthetic weapons.

What you need to know about the new craft system? The new craft system differs from the old one in more useful application results and ease of training. With the help of craft, you can create items, weapons and armor that will really come in handy for you on a journey. To create rarer items and armor, you have to fight with the bosses and collect the remaining scrolls and materials. Valuable materials are also able to quickly develop Synthetic weapons!

What is the new corridor system, and how have the teleportation capabilities of Haradon changed? Corridors - a system of teleports located throughout Haradon. Before using the corridor, you will have to go to it and activate it, after which you can instantly move from it to it on the Map screen.

How to increase the level of experience of my character? You will receive experience for:

What is energy? Tasks and urgent tasks bring experience, but Energy is spent on their implementation. All energy not used today will be converted to Double Energy tomorrow. Double Energy doubles the experience gained from completing quests. Having spent all the Energy, you can no longer complete tasks before completing it, however, you can still gain experience in dungeons and Dreams. Your experience and Energy are displayed in the menu on the experience bar.

What will happen to my character after his death? You can be reborn at the nearest Corridor, or directly at the place of death. The resurrection at the Corridor is free, and it is in your interests to activate as many Corridors as possible. If not activated, you will be reborn in the starting location of the game. You can live on the spot of death beyond the Runes; the exact amount depends on the place of death. You will not be able to come to life at the place of death from an accident - for example, when falling from a height.

How to dispose of your belt? Go to the Skills section or the Backpack and select the green arrow in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Belts panel. Drag and drop skills and items into it for quick access right on the main screen.

Can I trade with players outside the Auction? Not. Trading between players in the game is carried out by putting up for auction, or by barter (direct trading) within the walls of the building of the auction.

Can items be mailed? Not; Mail is used to send goods from the Auction and delivery of letters.

How many characters can I create? Players are available in 5 cells to create characters.

What is the maximum level of characters in the game? The current maximum character level is 55.

Why can’t I create a character with the same name, but on a different server? The character name you choose immediately becomes inaccessible to other characters on all servers. The busy name remains unavailable even after the character is deleted. We recommend that you take care in advance of the choice of names for the characters.

Why did my character level suddenly drop? How can this be? There is a maximum level limit on each card, and all characters of a higher level are reduced to this limit when entering the location. Do not worry - of course, your character will return to its rightful level when entering a location with a higher limit!

Can I get a reward for the initial levels of the Dungeon of Dreams? Yes, before entering there, you can change the settings by clicking on the treasure chest icon.

What is the Equipment Account and how to improve it? Equipment Account - the sum of all levels of your equipment. It shows the strength of your weapons and armor. To improve it, do synthesis, improve armor or buy different items.

I killed the boss, but nothing fell out of him! How so ?! Please note that the reward goes only to the player who has made the greatest contribution to killing the boss. The more damage you cause, the higher the likelihood that you will get the trophy.

I got an item that does not match my class. Can I transfer it to another character? Unfortunately, the game does not provide the ability to transfer items to other characters. If you don’t need an item, you can safely sell it or throw it away.

What are Haradon Cards? A series of collectible cards, each with its own illustration, published by the Amber Order.

What are Haradon Cards for? The magic power of the cards will affect your combat performance! There are five types of cards: Weapon, Monster, Earth, Resource and Armor. Each type corresponds to its icon. You can collect a deck of five cards. Each card gives at least one Associated skill. Cards can also provide additional Combo skills that do not work on their own and are displayed in gray (inactive) color, if your deck does not have cards necessary for their activation. Both Related and Combo skills will come in handy for you in battle.

How to get Haradon Cards? In Global promotions and Dreams, you can get Map Fragments. You are also welcome in the Haradon Map Hall in the Treasury of Nick. You can knock out "closed" Fragments from elite monsters and Global bosses. These "closed" Fragments must be sold to other players, and they will be able to use them; in the same way, you can "open" Fragments bought from other players.

How to increase the level of Haradon Maps? To increase the level of Haradon Maps, feed them with Fragments. If you feed the Card with a Fragment of the same type, you will gain more experience.

How to increase the rank of Haradon Maps? To increase the rank of the Haradon Map, you will need a fragment of the same type and additional materials. Materials can be found in Dreams.

What are firecrackers and what are they for? Firecrackers are a new type of bomb. They can attack the boss of the Festival action, Nanny. Put them on your belt first, then use them on your Nanny.

Where to find the boss of the Festival promotion? It lives on Paradise Island in Coramir.

What are Companion Badges for? Use the Companion Badge to summon the Companion to help you with your adventures! Put the badge on yourself to improve your performance.

How to get a Companion Badge? Perform special tasks, go to dungeons, participate in global promotions or tournaments, and get a variety of Companion Badges! You are also always welcome at the Companion Carnival in Nick’s Treasury. You can also feed Companions so that they grow and even evolve into stronger ones!

How to improve my Companions? You can feed your Companions with various dishes to make them stronger. Different Companions like different foods: try to feed your favorite foods for best results! Each Companion has a unique skill whose strength grows with the strength of your Companion. Some Companions can evolve! Try to develop your Companion and see what happens.

What is elemental protection and elemental control? Does this mean that some monsters will inflict elemental damage? Some skills deal elemental damage. Possessing an attacker with the appropriate element increases this damage. Protection against the elements of the target, respectively, reduces it. Now all Bosses deal elemental damage.

What types of elements are present in the game? The game features 7 elements: fire, ice, lightning, poison, darkness, light and shadow. You can increase your protection and ownership of each of them.

How to strengthen my skills with the elements? Each inscription for each active skill has its own attribute.Some unwritten skills also have their own attribute. Information on the elements inherent in skills can be found in the SKILLS - ACTIVE section.

Why grow roses? Each planted rose increases your White Rose Day Tournament score. Instead of picking roses in the garden, you can get extra seeds and lots of toys for White Rose Day.

What else can be done with roses? You can give them to friends! With each rose received, the score of the tournament for the White Rose Day of your friends will increase!

How many seeds can I plant? Is there any time limit? How long will they sprout? You have 8 beds, so you can grow 8 flowers at the same time. Each seed grows a different time. "Rose Seed" turns into a mature rose in 20 minutes, "Magic Rose Seed" in 120 minutes, and "Blessed Rose Seed" in 480 minutes.

I have a Level 45 Legacy Weapon. Why can’t I complete the Heart Weapon 3 quest? To complete the task, please do the following: upgrade your Legacy Weapon to the God Weapon, then remove it and exit the task.Immediately after that, reboot the device and go to the job menu again. The application will install your weapon correctly.

What is Treasure Digging? Digging Treasure is a competition whose participants are trying to dig up legendary treasures! Each use of a shovel increases the excavation depth by one meter. If you do not have shovels, you can use the runes. Different cards require the use of different shovels and have different prices. Do not forget, other players are also digging - their efforts can help you or interfere with your excavations! Before the promotion, you will receive a notification - so you can not worry, you will not miss it!

What is Fragment Exchange? You can exchange unnecessary fragments for new ones. Each exchange costs 3 fragments, all of them can be the same. As a result, you will get one random fragment. You have a chance to get hold of super-rare fragments!

How to disassemble the equipment? You can make out unnecessary equipment and items for materials in the corresponding section of information by selecting them in your backpack.

What do I get by disassembling equipment? You get materials for crafts by disassembling the armor (improved or higher level), as well as various debris that you can sell to the merchant.

What happens if I take apart level 943 equipment? Having disassembled the armor of level 943, you will receive the Heart of the Artist instead of a fragment of the Heart of the Artist. (Any other rare armor gives only fragments.)

How to get PVP equipment? Take part in the battle in the PVP zones - new PVP equipment can be found on rare elite monsters.

What is PVP equipment for? Surprisingly, PVP equipment significantly increases your effectiveness in PVP battles!

What are the rules for relic hunter? I want to find an ancient treasure! At the beginning of the action, check the map - marked areas will appear on it, which will be the potential location of the relics. Embark on these areas and look for relics. When you fall into the relics area, a yellow notification appears on the screen (as when entering the PVP zone). Use your tools - the Magic Excavator and the Enhanced Magic Excavator - and if you are lucky you will find an ancient treasure. And if you’re out of luck, you can always try again! You can use the Long-Term Treasure Amulet to increase your chances. Prophetic Compass and Odometer will help to more accurately calculate the location of the treasure!

How to use Awakening Tickets? Click on the "Plaque" icon and select the required number of raids.

Where can I get Awakening Tickets? In the lottery and in Nika’s shop!

What are horses and how to call them? The horses are the type of companion you can ride in Haradon.With them you get more speed. Find the mount companion badge and click "Saddle" to summon the mount. Keep in mind: some horses can be summoned in two forms! The horses must be fed, like other companions. They need your care to continue to grow and develop!

Why don’t dragon combo skills increase after leveling up? The dragon card level increases when you increase the level of all the necessary cards for a combo skill. In addition, you need to increase the level of the Dragon base card. In other words, the combo skill is increased based on the 4 cards with the lowest level (1 base card and 3 neob. Cards).

Why do messages disappear from my mailbox? Please keep in mind that only 100 messages can be in your inbox. The storage period for your mail is 30 days in the game. After this period, the mail is automatically deleted by the system.

What is the Invite Friends feature for? Tell your friends about this game! As soon as the player accepts the invitation and progresses well in the game, the invitee will receive a generous reward!

Why isn’t my PvP battle equipment added to the Equipment Account? It will be added to the new account - Equipment account in PvP.

Where to find the Forest Bear Evolution Tablet? The chest can be found next to the elite boss General Rybolyudov.

I can’t complete the task, because the stamina has ended. How to restore it? To do this, you can buy Elixir of Fortitude or wait until she recovers. On the character’s screen there is a function of buying and restoring fortitude.

Is it possible to transfer items from one character to another? Unfortunately, you cannot transfer objects between characters, as this will lead to a violation of the game balance. But you can use the auction to trade between two characters (in this case, both of your heroes must be on the same game server).

Why weren’t my excavations registered with Nick’s Excavation? When a user participates in Nick’s Excavations, his Dig icon for a while becomes white. The exact time period depends on the CHARACTER level (HERO 0 level: 3 sec .; HERO 1 - 6 level: 2 sec .; HERO 6 - 9 level: 1 sec; HERO 10 - 12 level: without time limits.

Can I change the character class? No, there is no such function in the game.

What is a series of tests? This is a great new feature with randomly generated variables! You need to play through to level 9 to open it. Having opened, be sure to participate - you can win weapons synthesis materials.

How exactly was the Info Center improved? The hierarchy of awards and promotion has become more understandable. It will be much more convenient for you to collect your Daily bonus, as well as get acquainted with current and future Daily promotions. Daily promotions include Daily Challenges, World Bosses, Tournaments, Global Promotions, and Daily Activities. In addition, you can get more information about World bosses!

Where can I get rare rings and necklaces? You need to defeat the World bosses and get a special token.This token can be exchanged with Diva Merchants (Stanley, Lagah, Gaer or Frax).

What is a Death Mark? This is such a visual effect that appears on a battered enemy on the Field of Bran.

What is an item preview? Now at the merchants you can try on equipment and look through Companions to find out how exactly they will look after purchase.

How can I view a preview of an item? Click on Equipment or Companion in the pop-up window, and select the "Clothing" icon to see how the item will look in the game world.

What is a flying steed? Some rare horses after development will gain the ability to fly. Riding a flying steed you can rush through the sky over Haradon - you have not seen anything like this!

How can a horse be taught to fly? Get the right amount of Flight Training Scrolls. They can be purchased from Companion Association merchants.

How to control flying horses? By calling a pet with the ability to fly, you can adjust the flight altitude using the icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and the direction is regulated by an ordinary joystick. Lean forward to lower and eventually land.

What to look for in flight? Advice:

  1. Do not climb too high!
  2. Do not try to get off the mount while flying!
  3. Watch your horse’s energy level.
  4. Do not fight while flying.
  5. If you get lost, you can return through the corridor.
  6. Move the camera as far away as possible for the best view.

What is a no-fly zone? You cannot fly on a horse in no-fly zones, which include dungeons, solo dungeons, Brani Field and PvP zones.

What are the flight level limits on each map? Each map corresponds to a specific flight level. You can fly on the map if you reach the required level on it.

What is flight energy? How to restore it? Each horse has the energy of flight. During the flight, it is continuously consumed. When its supply drops to zero, you cannot fly until it is restored. You can do this in the following ways:

What is companion fishing? Players can catch wild Companions with certain items, and some can even get their items.

Where can I find a companion to catch? Information about them will be shown on the maps. You can also find out more about fishing in the Info Center.

Can I catch Companions with other players? You can search for Companions with other players, but only one player can catch and tame one Companion.

Why should I catch Companions? You can put together a collection. And also, if you want to strengthen your Companion, you can exchange weak Companions for Contract Powder!

What is the Hide Players feature for? If the game slows down on your device, enabling this feature will improve performance.

How to enable it? By clicking the icon above the chat menu.

Can I use this feature in Pvp zones? Is it possible to fight with "hidden" players? You can use it whenever you want, just remember that the player disappears only from your screen, but not from the game world. He can kill you, and you can kill him.

What is Express Change Lettering? You can switch Label Scheme Cells to change Label Schemes on the fly.In different Inscription Schemes, you can set different inscriptions for all active skills.

Why is not all items indicated, "where to get"? The game has already added information "where to get" for the most important items, and will be added for everyone else.

Is it possible to teleport directly to the location of the item? You cannot teleport directly to the subject, but you can be transported to the activated corridor closest to it.

Why does the item I receive do not fit my character class? Items suitable for your class drop out of the Suite Chest. However, some items can be used in several classes. Thus, Mages and Monks can use the same objects; the same applies, say, to Warriors with Berserkers.

What is an Armor Kit? Where to get it? The Armor Kit is one of the most powerful types of armor in the game! It consists of individual parts improving certain indicators. In this update, you first need to get rare level 55 armor. Then, get the special craft material from the level 55 dungeon (Legend). From these components you can create a kit.

What parts can the kit consist of? Parts of the Kit can be just some of the details of high-level equipment.Browse the item’s metrics page to see if there are Kit metrics among them.

What are Armor Kit indicators? Kit indicators - bonuses that you open by putting on several parts of the Kit at the same time.

Why can’t I see any enhancements from the full Festival Armor Kit? Make sure that you are wearing the highest level Kit parts (Legendary). Also, these details must belong to a specific Set: the Legendary Holiday Set or the Legendary Ice Set.

Why does my Evil Javier Spirit Companion have only one skill in the mount version? Now this Companion gains a new skill, gaining level 30 in the version of the horse.

What is the new Task Guide? Assignment Guide - a way for players to quickly accept an assignment and enter a new map.

Can I turn off the Task Guide? Please note that this function cannot be disabled.

Can I get experience in the dungeons? Please pay attention to the fact that now you can get experience by defeating all the bosses in the dungeon.

For what purpose is the class balance changed? Class balance is designed to increase the usefulness of previously less useful labels. In addition, the effect of many inscriptions has been changed. Now each class will become even stronger.

To upgrade Heritage weapons, I need a Dewdrop. Where to find her? The dewdrop of the Oracle falls on the 6th floor of the tower in the Trial of Trials.

How to feed a companion? In order to feed the Companion, go to the Companions tab in the character menu, select the Icon and press Feed. On the open page of the selected Companion, select feed and click Feed again.

Is it possible to get infinite durability? Not. The possibility of increasing the maximum resistance value for levels 1 to 45 will be considered, but it will not be infinite.

Where can I get the Dragon Heart of Revenge? This upgradeable item can only be obtained in time-limited campaigns that are repeated from time to time so that players can receive these items.

How to remove an egg? If after talking with the Lord of the Toads you are unable to remove the Ancient Egg, try talking to Mendel.

What is an Epic Test? How to take part in it? This is the new network mode of the dungeon, expanding the limits of your capabilities!Each week a new dungeon with several stages will open. After passing one stage, the next, more difficult, sometimes with special obstacles, opens. This feature can be found in the Dungeon menu.

What rewards can I get for the Epic Challenge? Bosses and enemies do not give items, but you get a chest after each completed stage. These Chests can be found in the main menu. Also in Coramir, a statue appears in honor of the team that led the weekly rating.

How to play in epic test mode? Just like in normal dungeons? In this mode, each dungeon has its own time limit. To complete the stage, you must defeat several enemies of the PLUS boss during this time. If you fail, the test is failed.

Are there any level requirements for playing in Epic Challenge mode? The character must reach level 55, and the equipment score must exceed 10,000. Then you can play in the epic test mode.

Is Fatigue spent on participating in an Epic Trial? Not. You can participate as often as you wish.

How to take part in the task of Valentine’s Day? Just talk to Sean at Imperial Square in Coramir.

What rewards can I get on Valentine’s Day? You can discover cool fashion items, toys and one new companion.

What is the Companion Book? A new feature Companion Book has been added to give players the most complete information about all companions. Here you can learn how to get and educate your favorite companions.

How to open new companions in the Companions Book? By adding new Companion Icons, you automatically open new sections in the Book.

What is an ad center? Where to find him? In the Advertising Center you can see all the available promotional offers. It is located in the upper right corner of the interface.

How do I know the name of the server? To find out the name of the server, open the character menu (helmet icon on the left side of the screen), go to Settings → Recording settings → Manage heroes. You will see a character selection menu with all your heroes, as well as server names. In this menu you can change the server.

Where to find the Magic Scepter and Heritage Weapons for the magician? The scepter can be obtained after the 7th stage of the Test Series.

How to get contract gunpowder? There are two main ways to get a contracted powder: get it in a Dream (Mortality) or in another dungeon.

How to put a potion in a bag? Open the Bag, go to the Potions section and click the green icon in the upper right corner. Then drag the necessary potion into the Bag.

What is a Demon Seal Stone? This is an item that can enhance your equipment!

How to strengthen equipment with the Demon Seal Stone? There will be free slots in Synthesis Weapons and some high-quality equipment that can hold Demon Seal Stones.

How to find Demon Seal Stones? You can get them in Daily, Epic, and other challenges.

Why can’t I strengthen my equipment with the Demon Seal Stone? Your level may not be high enough.In addition, for each stone there are certain requirements for the level of BS or BS PvP. Also, make sure the shape of the Stone matches the shape of the open equipment slot.

How to remove the Demon Seal Stone from the equipment slot? Use an exorcist’s knife or rune.

Is it possible to improve the quality of the Demon Seal Stone by Reforging? Not. Reforging only improve the level of Soul Stone.

Why reforging did not bring results? Using low quality Reforging Materials will reduce the chances of success.

I have a Demon Seal Stone for Reforging. Why is the FORGING icon still gray? Adequate number of Demon Seal Stones is required.

How to apply Illusions Skin to a companion? Get the Illusion Token to unlock the Illusion Skin and many additional skins!

What is the Illusion Skin? Thanks to this Skin, you can change the appearance of a companion, regardless of his level!

How to get a Hero title? Go to the Titles section and find out the source of the Hero title. Gather everything you need, and your title! So you can get any title.

How to use titles? Any title will become yours after you open it. After that, it is displayed above the character’s head, confirming your achievements! In addition, the title may increase some indicators, so it’s worth fighting for them! Please note that you can only activate one title at a time. Choose wisely!

What is a temporary title? Some rare titles are temporary, that is, you can activate them for a certain time.After that, the title will disappear! To use its foundation, you will have to earn it again!

How to participate in the Wars of the Division? To start, join the guild! Ask the leader to apply on Monday or Tuesday.

When can I apply for the Wars of the Division? You can apply on Monday or Tuesday. After that, you can join the battle on Wednesday and Thursday!

How long does one match in the Wars of the Divisions last? You will have 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to battle!

How to win the War of Allotments? There are several ways to get the necessary points: defeat the participants of the enemy guild, collect phosphos, and, most importantly, deliver the Ancient sword to the goal!These actions will earn you Glory Points. The guild with the most glory points will win!

How to get an ancient sword? An ancient sword will appear a few minutes after the start of the match.Destroy the Seal of the sword, take it and deliver it to the target. If you don’t have an Ancient sword, protect the team members who could get it!

Why is the Ancient Sword OP constantly changing? The OP of the sword varies depending on the number of players around it.

What will I get if my guild wins? Exclusive cards, titles, horses ... Very cool things await you!

If I decide to change the server, will my Paul Brani rating be reset or will it remain the same?Please note that in this case your rating of Paul Brani will be reset to zero. We advise you not to change the server, so as not to lose it.

The merchant of the Shards of Grace disappeared. What happened Bear in mind that the Mercy Shard Merchant appears as part of the promotion. When the stock comes to an end, the trader automatically disappears.You will receive a notification of changes in upcoming promotions.

How to get more Destiny Dice rolls? Bones of Fate are restored 1 hour. If you have run out of Bones of Fate, you can wait for their recovery or buy them instantly.

Where can I sell items? Now you can sell items directly in your backpack! The SELL icon appeared next to the items.

What color matches gorgeous subjects? In the game, they correspond to a blue color.

What is Robbery in broad daylight and how to participate in it? Robbery in broad daylight is a campaign held every Tuesday (12:00 Kiev, 13:00 Moscow). The action consists of 3 phases: preparation, theft, robbery. After preparation, you must search for Crystals of Light all over the map or defeat enemies in order to select their Crystals. In the robbery phase, Crystals can only be taken from battered enemies.

What is the difference between the rays of light, the sealed light of the temple and the miraculous rays? These forms of light emit crystals of light. The difference between them corresponds to the number of crystals and the time of their renewal.

What is the Season in Challenge Mode? What prizes can I get in it? The season consists of 4 consecutive Weekly Trials. Each Season takes into account the Season Record - the highest stage you completed during it. If, judging by your Season Record, you deserve a seasonal reward, you will receive an additional Weekly Chest!

What is a Pioneer Prize? In the first passing certain stages, you will receive the Pioneer Prize! At the beginning of each new Season, the condition for receiving a prize is reset, so that you can receive it again and again!

What is the difference between the Skull House Arena and the Burning Stone Swearing Field? At the Skull House Arena, your team fights against another, using personal equipment to defeat all rivals. On the Burning Stone Scourge, your team must capture Strength Points to win.

How to gain team points on the Burning Stone Scourge Field? 1. Capture Power Points - they generate victory points! 2. Kill the boss!

What is the Medallion of Greatness? A new Arena and Paul Brani reward has been added - now even more valuable than the Medallion of Honor. Only for SDH!

How to become SDH on the Field of Abusive Burning Stone? At the end of the match, the player with the highest personal score receives the SDH title!

How to earn a personal account on the Burning Stone Scourge Field? 1. Defeat the players of the enemy team! 2. Capture Strength Points for your team! 3. Deal a fatal blow to the boss! 4. Do the most damage to your enemies!

When can I participate in the Skull House Arena tournament? This tournament is available on weekends.

When can I participate in the Battle of the Burning Skulls tournament? This tournament is available on weekdays.

What is a combat score? A combat score is a way to evaluate your personal strength, taking into account all the parameters of the character!

Where can I see the combat score? Any items affecting your combat score will display it. More detailed information can be seen in the "Battle Account" section of the player’s stats tab.

How to improve the combat score? Any improvement in your combat performance will increase your combat score. For example, improving Haradon Maps, feeding pets, increasing levels, etc.

What are daily tasks? This is something like a list of tasks that you must complete!

What will I get for completing daily tasks? After completing each task you get a reward!

Is Adventure Level the same as Player Level? Not. This is a kind of "level" accumulated during adventures.Level up Adventure can bring cool rewards!

Where can I increase the level of adventure? There are special locations on the World Map to increase the level of Adventure.

How to buy back sold items? Please note - the possibility of redemption of sold items has been removed from the game, and its return is not planned.

What to do with weapons that I no longer need? You can parse unnecessary weapons into materials and use them to improve other weapons in the Craft section.

Where can I find out the time the bosses appeared? You can see the time of bosses appearance in the section Blitz tasks> Blitz campaign.

Can I stop getting OP in the game? No, It is Immpossible.

Is it possible to complete the task if the Energy is over? Yes, you can continue to complete the task, but Energy will be needed in order to pick up gifts (objects, gold, OP, Grace).

How to use a trap for a companion? If there are new pets that can be caught, a notification will appear on the screen. The area where the pet appears will be highlighted in blue on the minimap. In this area you will find a pet that you can catch. The pet name will be purple and the icon will be yellow. Click on this pet and use the item to capture it from the inventory. If you succeed, a chest will appear on the ground, just pick it up. In case of failure, the pet will get angry.

What are time rewards? You get a reward when you accumulate a certain amount of playing time!

Where to find daily trials? They can be found in the Info Center.

What to do on Renaissance Day? On Revival Day you will find many events, namely: a special solo dungeon, Global Promotion, Daily Challenges and the Tournament. Have a great day!

Can I get a renaissance companion during the holiday? Of course! And we think you will like it!

Why cross-platform support? They are used to reduce the time for selecting an opponent in the dungeon.

How do I know which players from another server? You will not be able to interact face-to-face with players from other servers.

Why can’t I get to the Battlefield? Access closed. You cannot get to the Battlefield, as the current season is over. The new season will begin soon and you will be able to take part in it.

Why didn’t the new Hero titles appear in the Fields of Abusive Shop? Don’t worry, Heroic titles will appear in the Battlefield Store soon.

How to reset skills? You can reset skills and restore skill points that you spent on buying the Renaissance Stone at Nick’s Shop.

Where is the drizzle? I can not find in the game. Drizzle can no longer be obtained in the game. Quicksand Secrets Dungeon has been removed from the game. All necessary equipment can be obtained in the Epic Trial.

What social features are in the game? You can create a group, add friends, create Guilds, buy and sell items at the Auction. Improved chat will allow you to pleasantly and effectively communicate with friends and other players.

What is the advantage of connecting an account in a game to a social network? Linking your account on the social network to the game Order & Chaos 2 not only increases the mobility of the game, but also significantly enhances the security of your account. By connecting to the social network, you can transfer your game progress to other devices for further playing on them and easily restore it in case of accidental deletion of a game or character.

How to connect an account in the game to social networks? Your Facebook account will be automatically connected to the game as soon as you start the game when you log into it. You can also manually connect to it in the Account Settings section.

Can I use one account on multiple devices at the same time? Not. However, you can transfer game progress to another device under the same operating system.

Can I play with players using other platforms? You can play with players who use your platform.

Can I transfer a character to another account? No, the characters are tied to the account in which they were created; Transfer to another is not supported.

Can I change the character name? No, at the moment there is no such function in the game.

Can I link my hero to two Facebook and Google Play Games accounts? Yes, this option is available for players on the Android platform. To do this, do the following on your device: - Go to "Settings" -> "Accounts" -> Log in to Google Play Games, then log in to Facebook. First, make sure that these accounts have not been used previously on other devices.

I live in the USA. Why can’t I play with my friends from China? Please note that the server automatically takes your location into account. Thus, players from Asia cannot play on European and American servers, and vice versa. This separation is necessary for the best performance of the game.

What controllers are supported in Order & Chaos 2? Currently, the game only supports external controllers.

Do I need to connect a controller before starting the game? What happens if you turn it off during a game? You can connect the controller at any time. The game will automatically detect the controller. When you turn it off, the game will automatically return to touch control in the same way.

Where to see the control layout for the controller? When you connect the controller, the game will automatically show you the layout. You can click Pause to view the layout again, or find it on the Help page in the Settings section.

How to use ReplayKit? You can show or hide REPEAT in the SETTINGS - GAME SETTINGS - REPEAT menu.Click the Repeat icon to start recording: a red circle will appear. Click the Repeat icon again to stop recording; the Publish menu appears. You can save the replay in the Gallery or publish it on social networks.

Will using ReplayKit affect the frame rate in the game? Perhaps its use will affect the performance on some devices. If the game began to slow down, we recommend hiding ReplayKit.

How much disk space will it take to store replays? Repeats are saved in the M4V format: 1136 x 640 59.2 frames / sec., Bitrate 2.15 Mbps. If your device has low free space, try not to save long clips.

What is the new top menu design? You can switch from one suit to another through the appropriate cells.Each costume has its own configuration, and the items that you carry with you can be used for different configurations of suits. Regardless of whether you wear or take off the item, the configuration of the costume will be saved automatically. If an item is worn with a suit, it will be marked accordingly.

What does "Lock Camera" mean? You can fix the distance from the camera to the player. This function is in Settings.

How to restore skills? This can be done using the Renaissance Stone.

What is auto path calculation? When this function is turned on, you can click on the TASK LABEL and your character will automatically begin to move towards the target. If you are too far away, you can teleport.

How to enable / disable auto path calculation? To do this, go to the menu and select SETTINGS -> GAME SETTINGS -> MANAGEMENT.

Why does auto path calculation not work on my phone? To get started, check the game’s settings: SETTINGS -> GAME SETTINGS -> MANAGEMENT and make sure Auto Path Calculation is turned on. At the same time, an icon may appear next to the TASK LABEL, which means that this function cannot be used to complete this task.

What is a Chat Translation? Translation Chat will help you translate chat messages into your native language! Just click the translation icon.

My character is stuck in textures. What to do? To solve the problem, follow these steps: go to the Right menu (gray icon in the right panel), select Settings - Info - Help, and click "Evacuation".

Everything on the map was mixed up and the character fell into the sea! What to do? Usually the interface itself will offer you to reload the card data. If this does not happen, go to the Help menu. Now the option "Delete map data" has been added to the game. You can select "Delete current card data" or "Delete all card data".If your character is on a buggy map, select the first option. If you do not know which card is "buggy", select the second option and reload all the card data.

What is G.E.R.O.I.? G.E.R.O.I., or Heroic Elite Knightly Order of Seekers - a group established by the leadership of the Amber Order. Join G.E.R.O.I., having acquired Runes in a store, thus taking part in financing research projects of the Amber Order! Membership in the Order offers many benefits:

Can the characters from my account receive rewards from G.E.R.O.I.? Rewards for each new level G.E.R.O.I. can only get the first 5 characters from your account. Thus, the repetition of epic objects and gold is excluded.

What are tournaments and how to participate in them? Tournaments are long-term competitions for which you can sign up. Having reached a certain level, you will receive information about tournaments as they open. Sign up for participation by following these steps. There are three levels of rewards that you can get as you complete the tasks of the tournament, as well as rewards for your position in the standings.

How will PvP change? The game has two types of battles between players: duel and PvP zones. You can challenge any character anywhere in a duel; The duel begins as soon as the character accepts the challenge. PvP zones - locations on the map in which any character is free to attack any other, including without the desire of the latter.

Can I send gifts to other players? No, this feature is not supported in the name of maintaining game balance.

What are Guild Tasks? Guild Tasks include collaborative quests, reward hunting, and weekly quests. Joint and weekly assignments help to increase the funds and fame of the Guild, as well as give loans to the Guild to its members. Even those who are not personally involved in completing tasks receive awards, but, of course, active players receive much more. Participation in the hunt for rewards (solo action) will have to be paid for with guild loans; if successful, you will receive a prize chest.

What is the contribution of the guild? By contributing to the Guild, you receive Guild credits in return, and funds grow in the Guild.

How many guild skills can I take at one time? Each member of the Guild initially has 2 cells for Guild skills; You can unlock up to 5 cells.

Can I choose the Guild skill I want to use myself? Of course. Drag the studied skill into the cell to use it instead of one of the current ones.

How to leave the guild? Open the game, go to the guild menu, then select Guild Member and click on Exit.

How to change the name of the current Guild? This feature is currently not supported.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.