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ORDER AND CHAOS DUELS - Android game with release date 03/21/2013 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

What races exist in the world of Order & Chaos Duels? The races of Order are humans and elves.People are smart and easily adapt to any conditions, and their creatures have abilities that, when properly interacted, can endow their masters with tremendous power. Elves are peaceful creatures, but when attacked in battle, they can demonstrate an excellent balance between defense and attack. Representatives of Chaos are orcs and evil spirits. Orcs are rebellious and cruel, their creatures, seized with rage, can cause damage not only to the enemy, but also to everyone who comes to hand. Evil is not afraid of death, and therefore fearless in battle. Her servants are ready to sacrifice themselves at any time to give their master magical powers. The race you choose affects the warriors you can command. The most powerful warriors always belong to one of the parties - Order or Chaos.

What classes can I play in Order & Chaos Duels? You can play as a warrior, mage, archer or monk. The choice of class determines the composition of the starting deck and the strategy of the game.

I can not start the campaign! You must select a hero before starting a campaign or network game. Select a hero by clicking on him or her.

How to get new heroes? You must go through the entire first training region and defeat the Sentinel. Once you learn card duels, you can create a second hero in the main menu of the game. You can create additional heroes by unlocking character slots.

How to change a hero? You cannot change a hero, but you can use additional hero slots to create another one.

Where can I see a detailed description of my heroes? Select a hero in the main menu and click on his portrait on the top panel. The hero’s window contains links to the hero’s profile, his place in the list of best players and the deck editor.

What are tasks? At the beginning of the game you will be offered three different tests. Check back often to see results or pick up a reward. If you complete the task, then the next day the game will offer you something else.

How to go to other regions on the game map? Regions marked in red on the campaign map are not yet available. To travel to the next region, you must complete the campaign’s assignments and fully explore the previous region.

How to increase your level? To level up and become stronger, you need experience points. You get them for defeating opponents in a campaign, in ranking online matches, or for seizing supplies during raids on other players.

How to see the special properties of their cards? Click on any of the cards on the table to see its characteristics and abilities. Press again to put the card back. If the opponent does something while you are looking at the card, it will be returned to the table automatically.

Which cards can I use? The cards that you can currently use are highlighted in green.

What is mana? Mana is a special type of energy that allows you to summon creatures on the battlefield or cast spells. Each card in your deck has a specific call price indicated in the upper left corner. You lose the indicated amount of mana when summoning a creature, casting a spell, putting on weapons or armor.

I’m out of mana! Do not worry, your mana counter will replenish at the beginning of the next turn.

I have little mana, how to get more? You can increase mana by donating cards in your hand. You can only donate one card per turn. A flicker above the cemetery indicates that you can currently donate a card.

How to attack the enemy? When you complete the turn, click on the "Fight" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Your creatures attack the enemy, and your turn is completed.

Why don’t my creatures have an attack rate on the battlefield? If you have just summoned a creature, it will not be able to attack this turn, unless it has the Haste ability.

How to summon a creature? Pull the creature card out of your hand and place it in the open slot on your side of the table. Summon creature cost taken from your total mana.

How to cast a spell? Click on the spell card to zoom it. If you have enough mana, you can cast the spell by clicking on the icon below it.

How to wear weapons or armor? To use an item card, drag it to your hero. Mana is required to put on an item. If your hero already uses an item of this type, he will be automatically destroyed.

How to use enchantment? Drag the card from your hand and place it in one of the slots. This slot may be empty or occupied by a creature. If the slot is already enchanted, previous spells will be dispelled.

How to use heroic ability? Each hero has a special ability, which must be charged several moves before it becomes available. Glowing spheres along the edges of the hero’s map indicate the number of moves during which the ability was charged. When the ability is ready, zoom in on the hero’s map and select the "Use" icon below it. Remember that your opponents are also endowed with special abilities, so watch them carefully!

Is it possible to cancel a spell? If there is no suitable target for your spell, or if you decide not to choose a target, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Your spell casting will be canceled and the card will be returned to your hand.

How do I find out exactly which effects are currently affecting my cards? When your hero or creature is under the influence of a particular effect, the card will be highlighted in red (if the effect is hostile), blue (if the effect is useful) or purple (if the effect can be both).

Do multiple effects overlap on the same card? The same effects cannot be superimposed on the same card.If the new effect is stronger than the previous one, it will replace the previous one. If the strength of the new effect is less than or equal to the strength of the old, then the new effect will be ignored.

I lose health points at the end of each turn and cannot draw any cards from the deck. If at the end of the turn you cannot draw a single card, it means that your deck is empty and your hero will receive 1 point of damage. To avoid such situations, try to use cards wisely and do not sacrifice them if there are few cards left in the deck.

How to use alchemy? You can use alchemy to destroy cards that you do not need in order to get new cards.The principle is this: destroying a card fills the alchemy scale. When the scale is full, you can take the reward. The reward includes 10 new cards that can be obtained through alchemy.

What’s new in the third update? The story campaign is supplemented by 40 new enemies, boosters, 30 new maps and epic bosses.

What is the difference between the new campaign? Two game zones have been added: Wyrm Swamp and Tear Coast.

How many new opponents are added? 36 new opponents with 4 bosses in the campaign (total 40). Twenty of them are on the Wyrm Swamp, the remaining 20 are on the Tear Coast.

How to start the game in a new campaign? To start a new campaign, you must reach at least level 15 in the main campaign.

What level is the player’s development limited to? The maximum level in the game is 30.

How many new cards are added? 36 new maps have been added to the game - 29 creatures, 2 enchantments and 5 spells.

How to get new cards in your deck? You can win them in the lottery, find them in boosters, get them as a result of using alchemy or as a reward for defeating the epic boss.

What are boosters? A booster is a set of 12 cards selected at random, among which may be creatures, spells, equipment and enchantments. Each booster necessarily contains a rare or epic card.

How many types of boosters are there in the game? There are three types of boosters: Order boosters (contain cards that can only be used by Order heroes), Equipment boosters (containing only spells, equipment, and enchantments) and Chaos boosters (can only be used by Chaos heroes).

What are epic bosses? Epic bosses are extremely dangerous opponents, which can only be defeated by a few players acting together.

How to fight the epic boss? You can call him yourself, join the already ongoing battle that your friends started, or join a random battle.

What is the difference between shared bosses and personal bosses? Any player can join the battle with the common boss (using the "Random Boss" function), but if you created a personal boss, only those you invite yourself can join this battle.

What is the Random Boss feature used for? With this feature, you can join the battle with any common boss.

How to enter the battle with the epic boss? Open the Epic Boss menu in the Networking section.

How often can I fight the epic boss? You can fight the epic boss every two hours. Alternatively, you can skip the wait time by paying in runes.

What are the differences in boss difficulty settings? Each of the bosses can fight at four different difficulty levels. In case of victory, you get experience points depending on the chosen difficulty level (10, 35, 45, 55).

How much time is devoted to the battle with the epic boss? For each boss, the battle time is determined separately.

Where can I buy boosters? Open the Buy Cards menu and select the Boosters section.

What will the update bring us? Players will be able to collect a new set of cards, and new cards based on Chinese mythology will bring more depth and diversity to the game.

How can I get new cards? New cards can be obtained by buying boosters, receiving rewards and conducting alchemical synthesis of cards.

What are card sets? A set is a set of cards of the same subject. Cards from one set interact well with each other, reinforcing other cards from the same set.

What are these cards on the Chinese theme? Cards on the Chinese theme - a new batch of game cards based on the myths and legends of East Asia.

Is Sina Weibo supported? If you live in China, now you can use Sina Weibo.

There is a choice of servers. Why is it needed? Choosing servers will help improve the multiplayer game by optimally choosing access to data warehouses depending on your location.

Is Sina Weibo supported? If you live in China, now you can use Sina Weibo.

What’s new in the update (Update 7)? Now players can arrange new duels in the campaign. In addition, new features have been introduced: new timers, a new menu page, updated information about the hero on the main page, a forum icon and new maps.

Did the campaign continue? Campaign mode now has Arcadia Forest with 30 new enemies so players can take part in new duels.

What information is displayed on the main page? On the information page, the class of the current character will be displayed.

Are there any new maps in the update? There are 35 new cards in the boosters, and cards can also be obtained in the tests of the Tower.

Is this a forum icon? Yes, now the forum icon is displayed on the O&C Duels & Me screen. Click on the "We & O&C Duels" icon in the main menu to get to the "We & O&C Duels" screen.

Can I duel with my friends from GL LIVE and Facebook? The game does not give the opportunity to challenge any specific friend. At the moment, the only way to interact with friends from GL LIVE and Facebook is to take revenge on a friend if he has been robbed. In this case, you will receive a notification asking if you want to avenge your friend.

How to edit a deck? You can get to the deck editing menu from the main menu. Select a hero and click on the cards that appear below the portrait of the hero.

What currency can I buy boosters for? Only for the runes.

What currency is needed to start a fight with the epic boss? Only runes.

What rewards does a player receive if he defeats an epic boss? Gold, experience points, runes and special cards.

Are there new features for getting game currency in the update? Of course! Free runes can be obtained by watching promotional videos. To do this, click the Free icon in the store menu.

Is there a reward for the first purchase of items? There is! You can get a rare or epic card for your first in-game purchase!

What is the new events page in the main menu? On the new events page, you can find out about current events in the game (daily tasks, epic bosses, leaders, and so on).

Opponents in the campaign are too strong! If you have difficulty in battle, do not despair! Remember - each opponent has his own weaknesses. Change the cards in your deck to change the strategy of the game. You can get powerful cards by discovering ancient and legendary treasures available in the "Get cards!" Section. You can try to use another hero. Each hero has his own strengths and weaknesses, his own starting deck and a special ability. You get an additional hero slot at the beginning of the game, and in addition, you can buy additional slots.In total, 10 slots for various heroes are available to you. If you want to get expensive creatures and powerful spells at the very beginning of a duel, get a mana crystal or a mana prism in the store. If you have more mana at the start of the battle than your opponent, you will almost certainly deal with him without any problems. If you constantly lose at the very moment when your opponent has only a few life points, you may need to use the potion weaknesses available in the store. Such potions weaken the enemy, making him easy prey.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.