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Walkthrough The Oregon Trail: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

THE OREGON TRAIL - Android game with release date 12/21/2011 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to rotate buildings? This feature is not available. You can only rotate fences and roads.

Why do you need to make items? Items made in the infirmary can be used to treat citizens from wounds and various ailments. Items made in the workshop are required to complete the construction of certain types of buildings. Items made in the veterinary clinic are needed to treat animals. Of course, they can all be sold.With the introduction of Travel Map functionality, tools are also used to ensure the safety of the van.

How to get the so-called "Rare item"? The merchant can return at any time after you work on the farm (which requires energy), so you are lucky if you work hard and spend energy quickly.

How to move an item behind the index post? You can make all of your buildings partially invisible by clicking on the Inventory → Move → Make invisible icon (looks like a partially invisible house with a red roof).When you click on this icon, all items in your town will become partially invisible. they can be selected by clicking on the icons corresponding to them.

How to get and spend hearts? You will receive hearts for helping neighbors in other cities. In addition, they can be bought, like other resources. Hearts can be spent on building upgrades and additional games in the Daily Lottery.

Why do you need to improve the building? With each level, buildings produce more resources, which in turn leads to an increase in revenue without expanding the territory and building new buildings.

They say the developers have changed the level limit. What is the limitation now? Now you can develop to level 140.

Can I change the appearance of the main character? To change the appearance of the character you need to build a sewing workshop. There you can choose clothes and change character traits. You can also change the gender of the character.

Harvest withered. What to do? Now the dried crop can be restored for in-game currency. If you have plots with a dried crop, after the game starts, a window appears with a proposal to restore the crop. You can also use the icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This icon will disappear if you do not have plots with dried crops.

What kind of city photo? Having built a photo studio, you can take a picture of your city and post it on the wall on Facebook to boast of achievements.

There were many lottery items in the Store, where did they go? The list of possible lottery prizes depends on the level of the player; You can view and win only those items that match your level. Accessing the prizes requires level 31 or 91.

There are fewer reminders of replenishment of energy. Something has changed? The message "Full Energy" will be sent only if the energy was used up more than half in the previous game session.

Some coin sets have changed. What exactly has changed? The size of the coin sets depends on the level of the player. Each time a player gets a new level, their size will increase (but not the price).

If I buy a set of resources that does not fit into the warehouse, it will be in the inventory, but the resources won in the lottery are not added there. Is this a bug? No, this is not a bug; only purchased resources will be added there if they cannot be used immediately after purchase.

How to use items from inventory? Items that you have crafted will automatically be used by the character when doing work.

What does the green banknote icon under the job description mean? The banknote icon under the job description gives you the opportunity to skip the task, that is, complete it without fulfilling the requirements.

How to make a fire? To make a fire, you first need to build a workshop. Then open the workshop and click on the bonfire.

How to sell or move something? To move or delete / sell the object, click on the pilgrim bag on the left side of the screen, then use the blue arrows and select sell or move the object. You will see three icons: a green checkmark, coins and a red cross. To move an object, click on the checkmark and confirm the new location.

Where is the potato located? There is no potato in the game store. To find it, click on the bed and you will see all the cultures available at the current level; among them will be potatoes.

How to improve the construction? To improve the construction, you will need hearts. Select a building, click on it, select improve (arrow) and confirm that you are ready to spend hearts on improving.

How to visit a neighbors settlement? Once you log in to your Facebook or Gameloft LIVE! Account, open the Friends section of the Things menu. You will see a map of your neighbors. After clicking on the neighbors town, you can perform two actions: visit his town or send a gift.

How to expand the territory of the city? To expand the territory of the city, go to the last tab in the Store.Click on the enlargement icon and select one of the available sites.

How to hunt? Each time you cut down a tree or put up a new building, an animal that you frightened off may run through your town. To try to shoot an animal, click on it. One of the settlers will run up and start shooting.From the first shot, shooting an animal may not work. You can upgrade your guns in the Special Store section. In addition, there you can buy a bait for animals.

How to go fishing? To start fishing, click on the river near your village. You will be offered to use a worm, as you cannot fish without bait. As soon as you put the worm on the hook, one of the settlers will start fishing. You will see a float on the surface of the water. Watch him closely. As soon as he twitches, click on him. If you managed to hook the fish, swipe the screen in the direction of the settler to pull the fish to land.

Where to get more worms? Every time you go fishing, you will need worms. If you do not have worms, you will be offered to purchase them. In addition, you can get worms in the workshop or receive them as a gift from friends. If worm production takes too long, you can speed up the process for money.

On my site all the trees were cut down, where can I get a tree now? You can expand the boundaries of the settlement to cut trees in neighboring plots of land or buy a tree for money in the resources section of the Store. In addition, you can plant spruce trees or seedlings of spruce trees by purchasing them in the Plots section of the Store. Seedlings gradually grow and become trees.

On my site all the trees were cut down, where can I get a tree now? You can expand the boundaries of the settlement to cut trees in neighboring plots of land or buy a tree for money in the resources section of the Store. In addition, you can plant spruce trees or seedlings of spruce trees by purchasing them in the Plots section of the Store. Seedlings gradually grow and become trees.

What is the mood for? The mood of the settlers depends on the general situation in the colony. If you rarely look into the game, the settlers will get bored, their mood will go bad. But if you visit them and collect income regularly, you will receive moral points, which gradually improve the mood of the settlers. Satisfied life settlers work better and bring you greater incomes, in addition, in this case, incomes from buildings also increase. If things are not going well in your community, profits can decrease markedly.

What bonuses do jewelry give? Decorations give a bonus to any building in their area of ??effect. When installing or moving decorations, highlighted areas will show which buildings are eligible for the bonus.

What things can I make? You can prepare medicines for sick settlers in the infirmary and many useful items in the workshop. To see which items are currently available, open the Tools from the game menu.

I never managed to collect income from some buildings. Some buildings generate revenue every few minutes, while others take several hours, and sometimes days. To see how much time is left before generating income, click on the building and look at the timer in the lower right corner of the description window.

How to send a gift? When visiting a friends city, you will see a chest on its right side. Open it and you will see a list of items in your inventory. Choose one of them and you will leave it in a friends chest as a gift.

My animals were injured in a natural disaster. Where can I create items for their treatment? To make the necessary items, visit the Veterinary Clinic. Create objects on the same principle as in the infirmary and workshop.

New buildings appeared in the store - Fire Station, Observatory and Carpenters Workshop. The description says that they reduce damage from disasters. How exactly? Each of these buildings reduces damage from a particular disaster if it is operational at the time the disaster begins. To activate, you must supply these buildings with money. Upgrade buildings to increase their effectiveness!

An animation of fire / rain / herd / raid / tornado hangs over one of my buildings. What to do with it now? You see the result of a disaster. Usually in buildings affected by a disaster, production stops. For repairs, ask friends for help or make the necessary materials.

When will I get access to the travel map? What is it for? Travel map is a completely new feature in the game. Certain characters and tasks associated with it appear already from level 10, however, for the construction of a transshipment point and a trip to the Gold Rush location, a level of at least 20 is required. By opening the map, you can visit many places where you can get hold of resources for the city, exclusive free items and even gold, for which you can speed up the production time in the city (reduces production time by 50%).

Do I need to spend tools every time I want to go on a trip? The use of travel tools is optional, but desirable to ensure the safety of your van. If you travel without tools, the van may break and you wont get anywhere. In addition, after this you will have to wait for the van to be fixed.

Where is game progress saved? How to transfer the game to a new device? How to return the game after reinstallation? Game progress is saved on the device; it cannot be transferred to another device.This is an offline game, if you reinstall it, all progress will be lost, it cannot be restored even on the same device.

How to save progress in the game if I change the device? How to restore progress after reinstalling the game? Unfortunately, your game progress is saved on your device, and it is impossible to transfer it to another device. This game works offline, if you reinstall, all game progress will be lost.

How to start the game again? To start the game again, you need to reinstall it. In this case, the game progress will be lost.

Why cant I enter the game through my account? In the next update, the ability to enter the game through an account in Gameloft LIVE! will be deleted. However, you can use Facebook, Google+ (on your Android device) or Game Center (on your Apple device) to connect with friends.

How to change the language in the game? To change the language you need to: open the Game Settings, Select "Settings" (fourth row from the top), select "Language" (fourth row from the top) and select the desired flag.

Why does the game say "No Internet connection" while the device is connected? This can happen if the game cannot determine the connection. The problem is solved by stopping the application in the task menu and restarting while the Internet connection is established. If the problem is still present, turn off the device for 2 minutes, turn it on again, connect to the Internet and start the game.

What should I do if the game hangs or crashes every time I try to start it? This happens when the game starts, when it checks for an Internet connection. Please try to disconnect from the Internet (or put the device into airplane mode) and restart the game. If this does not help, turn off the device for 2 minutes, and then restart the game without connecting to the Internet.

Why havent I been charged with energy / food / wood obtained from research? Food, wood and energy are added directly to the appropriate scale at the top of the screen. If the scale is already full, items cannot be added due to lack of space and therefore they disappear. Before setting off for reconnaissance, check if there is free space there. what if you win something.

How to get and use hearts? To get hearts, visit any neighboring city and follow 5 steps. You will receive 1 heart for each action. They can be used to improve buildings.

How to send a free gift? While visiting a neighbor, click on the Box icon at the bottom right of the screen to open the free gift menu. Select a gift, click on it and it will be sent.

How to get more food? If you run out of food supplies, you can replenish them for playing money. We remind you that this action will be offered to you every time you try to do something in the game that you do not have enough food for. In addition, you can grow food by digging the ground and planting it. In the description of each plant you will see how many units of food it will bring and how long it will grow. In addition, you can go hunting, fishing and raising animals.

How to get more money? You can buy money at any time by clicking on the + icon in the top menu bar. In addition, you can get money by clicking on the "Free Banknotes" button in the game menu.

How to use the gold collected on the Map to speed up the construction? You can buy boosters in the Gold Rush building (either by clicking the Gold icon on the map interface). You can choose from 4 types of accelerators (for Enterprises, Housing, Agriculture and Tools). You can use several boosters at the same time, improving the building of the Gold Rush (also for gold).

How to help neighbors? You can help and collect items during a visit to a neighboring town, but the number of actions is limited. On the day you can perform a total of 5 actions in each town. The number of remaining actions is displayed as blue arrows on the left side of the neighbors town.

Why is the Make a Gift icon not active in the Communication section? Gifts can be sent to each of your friends only once a day. This icon will be disabled if you have already made a gift.

Why is the Inbox icon not active in the Communication section? It is disabled if you do not have incoming messages.

An invitation has been sent to my friend, but he has been marked in the list of people to whom the invitation can be sent. It is right? Invited friends remain on this list until they download the game and start playing. Resending messages will not have negative effects.

How to add neighbors? In the "Friends" section of the "Tools" menu, you can "Invite Friends" using Gameloft LIVE !, Facebook or SMS. Those of your friends who are already playing this game will join you automatically.Remember that you will not be able to see friends until you log in to your Facebook or Gameloft LIVE account! In addition, your friends must use the same social network as you to get on your list.

How to add friends from Gameloft LIVE !? To add any of your friends to Gameloft LIVE! to the game, you need to open the Friends section in the Gameloft LIVE! menu. After that, click on the + button in the upper right corner and enter your friends ID on Gameloft LIVE !. Once you find your friend, click on his name and another button will appear in the upper right corner, allowing you to send him an invitation. After the invitation is accepted, you will become friends on Gameloft LIVE! Hint: Go to the Gameloft LIVE! You can go by clicking on the icon in the lower left corner of the game menu.

Do I need an Internet connection to add friends or visit their settlements? Yes, this requires an Internet connection. In addition, you need to log in to your Facebook or Gameloft LIVE account!

What can be done in the neighbors town? Once a day, you can help a neighbor collect income from his buildings, animals or plants. In each of the cities of neighbors, you can perform no more than 5 actions per day.

Why cant I see one of my friends on the list? Your friends appear in the friends list as your neighbors, while they also play the game and are connected to the same social network. To become friends in the game, you first need to make friends on Facebook or on Gameloft LIVE !.