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Walkthrough Pacific Rim Breach Wars: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

PACIFIC RIM: BREACH WARS - Android game with release date 03/21/2018 from Kung Fu Factory. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Features
  3. Rangers and Kaiju
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Shopping

Pacific Rim: Beginnerís Guide

How to play? Deal damage to your opponent by combining stones of the same color that affect the outcome of the battle in two ways: using the health scale and the crit scale.

If the health scale has not yet reached 0 and your opponent falls into a critical state, he has 3 moves at his disposal to try to escape. For this, a player who has fallen into a critical state must surpass the damage that was inflicted during the turn that caused this condition.

Team fights. Team fights are very similar to regular fights, but the main difference is that you must choose 2 or more rangers to join the battle. The huntsman, placed in the first cell, will be the first to be sent into battle.During your turn in battle, the health scale (s) of the team are displayed under the health chart of the active ranger in the upper left corner of the screen.

Above their image you will see a number, which means the number of moves that you must wait before you can use them in battle. Once the huntsman is ready, you can choose a partner during any further move. You will also have to wait a certain number of moves to use your main ranger again. And do not forget that in the same way you can get out of a critical state!

Fights in the Kaiju War. If you want to participate in battles in the single player campaign mode, you can click on the "Kaiju War" option on the battle screen to check your rangers in the field. Once you have selected an operation, you will see the path that you need to go through. If you just started the game, at the beginning of the way you will have 1 operation open. You can unlock more operations as the rangers improve and participate in battle trials. With each battle held, unique prizes and awards are opened for you, which will help you improve the rangers and advance further in the operation! Fights in the Kaiju War range from ordinary 1-on-1 battles to team battles against artificial intelligence.

Hard mode. If you want the enemy to know you in person and by name, you will have to try! Having completed all the operations in the normal game mode, you will open the same game chapter with a difficult mode. In this mode, all the requirements in battles are much tougher. It is strongly recommended that you diversify your list of rangers, and develop at least 1 ranger of each type in order to succeed in the difficult game mode.

How to use special abilities? Each huntsman has special abilities that will help you destroy the enemy. These abilities are tied to a specific color of stones and change as you find matching stones of the corresponding colors.Each available ability during the battle is displayed as a color bar, which is filled above the board of stones. By clicking on each scale you will find out the details about each ability and what it gives.

When the scale fills, you can apply a powerful ability on your opponent! Abilities have numerous effects, from simple damage to a rapid onslaught to deal with the enemy forever! See special abilities before the fight, as they are the key to your victory.

Pacific Rim: Features

What is a fraction and how to enter it? A faction is a group of players collaborating to achieve common goals. Benefits of participating in a faction include a faction chat, the ability to request treatment for their immobilized rangers, participating in War games and trials, and receiving gifts from special purchases made by faction members. You can create your own fraction or join an existing one.

If you have not joined the faction, you can do this by going to the Fractions screen and clicking on the "Join" button. Being in the list of fractions, click on the button to the right of the name of the fraction to go to its page and enter it by clicking on the "Join" button only if all the places in it are not already occupied. Each faction can join up to 35 players.

How to create a fraction? If you are already a member of a faction, you must leave it before you can create a new one. In order to create a faction, you must have a sufficient number of loans. Then you will have the opportunity to create your own new faction. Choose a name, icon and title for her. To complete the creation of the fraction, click on the Create button.

Privileges of the faction. A huge privilege of participating in a faction is the opportunity to enter the factionís chat room and ask colleagues for help in case your huntsmen are out of order. In order to request treatment from colleagues in the faction, select a wounded ranger from the list. Then click on the scroll buttons in the menu and select "Faction Help".

What is the gamekeeper equipment? The huntsmanís equipment is one of the ways to increase his parameters. By clicking on the huntsman in the hangar, in the equipment menu you can see what equipment he needs. Purchasing equipment unlocks bonuses for your rangers, and equipment levels give them extra bonuses.Go to the equipment screen to see what amplifications you will get when you install equipment on a specific huntsman. The more equipment you have, the more power-ups you get to make your huntsman stronger. The huntsman receives amplifications no matter what equipment is installed on him.

What are the parts of the equipment? Very rare equipment requires parts. Equipment parts can be rewarded for participating in trials and duels. Also, items are sold in the store or can be found among bonus items in stashes.

Tests Challenges are competitions for individual players or factions. For completing the tasks you get test points for yourself or your faction. Earning test points, you or your faction are getting closer to receiving intermediate rewards or awards for leaders in the trials.

How are points earned? Each challenge has its own challenges. You can see them on the screen with additional information about the test. Your points will bring you rewards in two categories:

The test points obtained during the test fractions are awarded immediately. Rewards for leaders in faction trials are sent to faction members only at the end of the event.

Why are some tasks displayed in a different color? In each test, there is a main task, which is marked in blue. Some trials include one or more bonus tasks for which a one-time reward is issued in addition to the points earned for completing the main task. Bonus tasks are displayed at the top of the task list and are marked in golden color.

Bonus tasks are given randomly and may vary among different players.

Why do different events have different events for different players and factions? In order to ensure the most enjoyable game, players and factions are divided into different categories to participate in the trials.Each group has its own event, possibly with unique bonus tasks, intermediate rewards and its own list of leaders.

Duels. Fights during duels are similar to fights in "Kaiju War", only you will fight against the best rangers of other players. Click on the "Duel" button on the menu bar to open the duel screen. Click on the "Fight" button to select an opponent. You can fight with an opponent selected for you or choose another opponent using the arrows. Formation of teams for a duel:

Glory. Glory is the number of points you have earned in the current weekly tournament. Glory is earned by participating in duels, regardless of whether you win or lose. The amount of fame you receive per duel depends on the level of your duel league. For victory you always get more glory, but defeat also brings you some glory points, so fight with courage to stay in the big leagues for the most glory.

Valor. Valor is your overall rating in duels and determines your current league. Valor is given for victory in duels and lost for defeat in them. Increasing valor leads to an increase in leagues and the possibility of obtaining the best prizes in tournaments, so strive to create the most powerful rangers to advance in the league ranking!

Awards. In each tournament you can choose one of two types of awards:

Intrusions. Intrusions become available at 3rd level, but they will not appear if your rank is below the Marshal or if there are no active Invasions. Gather a strike group of your best rangers and send them to participate in invasions against your enemies. Some tips when choosing a strike group for the Invasions:

After all the free opportunities to participate in the Invasions have been spent, you can use the hawk jump or platinum to further participate in the Invasions. The cost of participating in the Invasion may vary. Players leave the Invasion when all their gamekeepers are damaged, the allotted time has expired, or in case of victory.

Pacific Rim: Rangers and Kaiju

Class system and styles. It is easy to constantly apply your favorite huntsman, but the score system compels and encourages you to use other classes of huntsmen from the list available if you really want to dominate the opponent. Read the tips on the download screen to find out how else you can use the eyeglass system for additional benefits.

There are 6 different classes of gamekeepers and kaiju in the game Pacific Rim: Breach Wars. Besides the unique parameters of each class and stone modifiers, classes also have a bonus to stone damage in relation to the next class clockwise on the wheel of advantages. For example: predator huntsmen do 25% more damage to leader hunters, and leader hunters do 25% more damage to giant hunters. Class Guide:

Visit the Management page of each huntsman to get more information about his class.

Special abilities of huntsmen. All huntsmen have 5 special abilities. Upon receiving a new level of stardom, up to 5 stars opens with one new ability, so collect fragments and upgrade your rangers to gain access to their special abilities. As soon as you open 4 or more abilities, start experimenting with their different combinations to get the maximum benefits from the ranks of huntsmen and defeat enemies in battle.

How to install the rangers? Go to the hangar, select the huntsman from the list, then click on the "Abilities" button below. When you click on an inactive ability, you can replace it with an active ability or add it to the list of current active abilities.

The huntsman can simultaneously use up to 3 abilities.

How to improve the ability of rangers? Select an ability and click on the "Improve" button. The ability will be improved if you have enough scientific tokens.

How to unlock more rangers abilities? Blocked abilities open when your huntsman reaches the required star status. Click on a blocked ability to find out what is required of you. Continue to upgrade and equip your rangers to use their best abilities to the maximum!

The treatment of the huntsman. All the damage your rangers suffer during the battle is reflected in their parameters and after it ends. Do not forget to take care of the health of the rangers! As long as the rangerís health is not reduced to 0 during the battle, they are able to gradually restore it without any costs on your part. A timer appears above the huntsmanís health scale, indicating how much time is left until 100% health recovery.Although health can always be restored for free, you can speed up this process by spending repair kits.

The huntsmanís failure. If the health of your huntsman has fallen to 0, they fail. This means that they cannot continue fighting until they are healed. The time for which they fail depends on their stellar status, and is displayed on the timer above your huntsmanís health scale on the hangar screen and / or on the character selection screen. You can spend repair kits to get your gamekeepers out of a state of immobility.

If you are a member of the faction and your huntsman is out of order, you can click on the "Faction Help" button to request assistance from colleagues in the faction chat. The number of spare parts needed from the faction members depends on the star status of your ranger. After receiving the necessary spare parts, your huntsman restores health.

Raising the rangers. Getting a huntsman is just the first step towards creating a powerful team. It is necessary to increase the level of rangers, maximizing the damage and health they cause, so that they turn into a strong team to be reckoned with. To increase the level of your gamekeepers, open the list and select the gamekeepers whose level you want to increase. At the bottom of the control screen, the most extreme button on the left is usually displayed as "Details", but is replaced by the inscription "Level Up" as soon as you type in the necessary resources to increase this huntsman.

Click on the huntsman for whom level increase is available and click on this button. A green Level Up button will appear on the new control screen. Click on it to pay the required amount of credits and increase the level of your huntsman! If the huntsmen reach the maximum level, they can still be improved by installing maximum level equipment in all available cells. The huntsman can only be promoted to the rank of marshal or to level 20, depending on which one is higher, so play more often to increase the rank and level of huntsmen.

What is firmware? Firmware is used to upgrade your rangers. There are many ways to get microprograms - from capsules with trophies, to receive as military awards, and even through an increase due to the experience of the marshal. Make sure your huntsman meets all the requirements before you can spend the firmware to upgrade it!

Star status huntsmen. If you want to dominate your opponents, you need to increase the star status of your rangers. Collect J-Tech snippets for your favorite rangers to upgrade their star status. Fragments can be found in the depot, in daily rewards, when choosing complex sections in the "Kaiju War", as rewards for Invasions, Trials and War Games.

Pacific Rim: Frequently Asked Questions

What are simulation tickets and how to use them? After completing a node with 3 stars, you can use simulation tickets to "replay" the node and receive rewards instantly. However, in the complex PVE mode, there is a limit on the number of simulation tickets, after which recharging is enabled (for example, 5 simulations in 8 hours). Recharge time can be reset by paying in hard currency.

Simulation tickets can be found in the store or earn them by completing the daily quest "Raising the ranger."

How to install the equipment? There are two ways:

  1. From the main menu, go to the hangar, then select the huntsman to whom you want to add equipment. Select equipment in the lower menu. You have a choice: add existing equipment (green) or find new equipment (purple).
  2. On the screen before the battle, click on the huntsman and select "Change", then select the equipment from the bottom menu. You have a choice: add existing equipment (green) or find new equipment (purple).
Sometimes the hardware installation icon will be grayed out. This means that using the available equipment requires a higher level of huntsman.

Where to find armor for the Mk5? Equipment at this level can only be obtained by making it yourself.Participating in high-level PvP or in daily intrusions (Assault Monday, Predatory Tuesday, etc.) will also bring you schemes and materials for its creation.

Where to get fragments of the Hand Phoenix? At the moment, fragments of the Hand Phoenix can only be obtained from upgrade kits in the store or at the ranger factory in the depot.

How to cure your ranger? The huntsman can be cured without the use of repair kits. Repair kits are only available to speed up this process. Health has a percentage basis, which means that the more the huntsman has health, the more he restores health in a minute. However, if the huntsman fails and his health drops to 0, then his full recovery without repair kits will take 24 hours.

Why are my gamekeepers unavailable? In the Invasion mode (update ver. 2.5), if your gamekeepers are involved in such an operation, they cannot be used in another game mode until the Invasion ends or you leave it manually. If you participate in the Invasion, and at the same time switch to the "Kaiju War" mode, you will notice that some of your gamekeepers are not available.

How to get more rangers? There are two ways:

  1. Click on the offers carousel at the top of the home page to go to the recommended products tab in the store. There you will find special offers for rangers.
  2. On the main page, click on the Depot button in the lower navigation bar to go to the Depot section. There, players can pick up their trophy capsules, as well as spend earned platinum or factory vouchers at the ranger factory to get a limited edition ranger!

How to increase the star status of rangers. Collect fragments of J-Tech to upgrade rangers and their stellar status. Fragments of J-Tech can be found in the offers section, at the factory for the production of huntsmen and in trophy capsules in the depot, and / or receive them as awards for participating in military campaigns. In the hangar, select the huntsman whose star status you want to upgrade.

In the lower right corner, the number next to the J-Tech icon indicates how many fragments are needed to improve this huntsman. If you donít have enough fragments, the button will say "Find" and indicate the places in the game where they can be found. When you have enough fragments of J-Tech, the button will display the words "Increase." If you have enough credits, you can upgrade the huntsman to increase his star status!

What is the difference between fragments and schemas? Fragments are tokens designed to increase the rarity of huntsmen (from 1 to 2 stars). Schemes are items that give the player a whole huntsman.

How to transfer an account to a new device? Information about your account is stored through your Facebook account and can be used when connecting to the same account on a new device. You can connect to your Facebook account after completing the training:

Do I need to uninstall the application if something does not work? Do not delete the application, as this may lead to an irreversible loss of game progress. If your save is damaged, please contact support with the name and user ID.

Pacific Rim: Shopping

How to prevent unwanted purchases? You can prevent this by changing the settings for in-game purchases on your device. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the device settings - select the "General" section - select "Restrictions", then click "Enable restrictions";
  2. The system will ask for your password. Enter it and then scroll down to "Allowed Content";
  3. Then for "Password Required" select the "Immediate" option. If you enable this option to make purchases, you will need to enter your password.