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Walkthrough Solitaire Treasure of Time: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SOLITAIRE TREASURE OF TIME - an Android game with a release date of June 21, 2018 from Game Insight. Game Genre: Card. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Game Rules
  2. The Game Process
  3. Collections
  4. Quests
  5. Game Questions
  6. How To Keep Progress?
  7. Troubleshooting

Solitaire Treasure of Time: Game Rules

Levels and locations. At the very beginning of the game, you find yourself on a world map that displays all the game locations. Each location has its own set of game rules. Click on a location to enter it. You will be taken to the level selection screen. Levels on location open in order. To get to any level, you must go through all the previous levels. You can always go through an already completed level if you want to improve your result or just enjoy this level again.

When the six levels of the first screen are completed, you will see the next screen, on which you will see another six levels. Use the blue arrows on the level selection screen to switch between screens. By default, that location screen always displays on which the last level you have passed is located. Some locations are still closed.Locations can be opened by completing tasks, finding any objects, reaching a certain level of experience or paying the assigned amount in gold. Click on a location to see the requirements necessary to open it.

Solitaire Treasure of Time: The Game Process

The main goal of Solitaire solitaire is to remove all cards from the playing field. In this game you can take cards one older or younger than the card that is at the top of the deck, regardless of suit. The deck is at the bottom of the screen. Deuce is a high card over an ace. You can drag a card onto an open deck card or simply click on it. If this card can be moved, it will fly to the deck itself.

You can take only those cards that are not covered by other cards. If the card is at least partially covered by another card, you cannot take it. Some cards face down are lined up. The card will be turned upside down only when no blocking cards remain on top of it. Until then, you will not be able to find out what kind of card it is. If there are no cards left on the table, then you can flip the top card of the deck by clicking on it.

The level is considered completed if there are no cards left on the table. If the level includes gold cards, then to pass it you need to remove all the gold cards. Regular cards may remain on the table. The upper left corner shows the remaining number of cards. Remember, the number of cards in the deck is limited! You must complete the level before the cards run out in the deck. The number of cards remaining in the deck is shown under the closed deck card.

Types of cards. In addition to the usual cards, the game has special cards. They differ from ordinary ones in appearance and properties:

Instruments. Tools will help you complete the level:

You start the game without one of these tools. However, you will receive them as a reward for completed assignments, collected collections, and other game achievements. They can also be purchased at the store. The link to the store is located on the left on the bottom panel of the world map. Available tools and their quantity can be viewed in the inventory - you will find a link to it to the left of the store.

Bonus card. A bonus card is an additional card that is added to the deck for each continuous series of six cards.The number of cards in the current series is shown in the upper right corner of the screen. The series is not interrupted when you use the move cancel tool, however if you cancel the draw, the number of cards in the current series is also reduced. The use of the joker also does not interrupt the series, but it is not included in it.However, if you take a joker from the playing field, it will be included in the series and, of course, will not interrupt it. The key card opens locked cards, does not interrupt the series and does not join it.

Items. If the level is successfully passed, then in addition to gold and experience points, you can get various items. They can be randomly selected or given out in accordance with tasks. Received items are displayed after the end of the level in the "Reward" window under the points earned. After you click "Close" and go to the world map, these items will automatically fall into your inventory. No additional steps are required for this.

If any of the items is part of the collection, then you will see a panel with this collection on the screen. Click on the panel to go to all collections. As a rule, each of the items is in a specific location. You can see where to look for a particular item by opening the "Collections" screen and clicking on the desired item. You can also click on a locked location - a list of objects that are in it will appear in the lower left corner.

Solitaire Treasure of Time: Collections

A collection is a collection of objects with similar properties or the same purpose. Click on the "Collections" icon on the right side of the bottom panel of the world map to see a complete list of collections. You can switch between lists of all collections and ready for delivery. Each collection consists of four items. To deliver the collection, you must have each item in at least one copy.

You will also need "charges" - ordinary items that are needed to link the collection items together. All collection charges must be available in sufficient quantities. The requirements for each collection are displayed on the collections screen: four main elements from left to right, and after them a square of four panels with the necessary charges. The item you will receive for the collection is shown on the right.

As soon as you accumulate the required number of items, the "Exchange" button will appear. Click it to complete the collection. After that, the items of the collection and its charges will be handed over, and in return you will receive a new item - the one that was shown to the right of the collection. This item may be required to complete a quest or may simply be part of another collection.

You will also receive the award indicated in the top ribbon of the collection. It can be gold, experience points and useful items. Some collections can be handed over several times. Just collect everything you need and click the "Exchange" button. And once again you will receive a reward for the delivered collection!

Solitaire Treasure of Time: Quests

During adventures in the game, you will receive tasks from time to time. These tasks may require you to complete levels, find items, collect collections, open locations, and so on. Tasks are displayed as round icons on the left side of the world map screen. Click on the icon, and a window will appear on the screen with a description of the task and information on how and where it can be performed.

Press the Proceed button. The task window closes, and if the task can be performed in some location, then this location will be highlighted on the map. If the task requires you to find the item, then do not be discouraged if you did not manage to get it on the first try. You can always try again! Some items can be obtained with some chance of success - you will have to make several attempts before everything works out.

After you complete all the requirements of the task, you will see a window with the inscription "The task is complete!" and a list of awards: gold, experience points and items. Click on "Pick up reward" or "Close" in the upper right corner. The task will be considered completed and you will automatically receive a reward.

Energy. At the top of the world map you will find an energy indicator . Energy is spent on entering levels in various locations. The cost of the energy level is shown in the lower left corner of the level selection screen.Energy is written off at the moment of entering the level. If you lose or prematurely exit without finishing, the energy will not be restored! If you have less energy left than is required to enter the level, you will not be able to continue the game.

Energy is slowly restored by itself: one unit in three minutes. However, it can be replenished with some items, such as coconut, apple, or meat shank. They can be found, received as a reward, or purchased in a store. Activate them directly from inventory, store windows or by clicking the Plus button next to the energy indicator.

Keep in mind that you cannot get energies above the maximum level. The maximum supply of energy depends on your level of experience.

Points and experience level. Passing levels and completing quests is rewarded with experience points. The amount of experience for each level is shown on the ribbon above the level selection window. The experience gained for the assignment can be found in the reward window after completing the assignment. Once you get the right amount of experience points, you will get a new level of experience. At the same time, your maximum energy will increase, and the energy itself will be completely restored. You can also get any items. The experience level can be found in the upper left corner of the world map screen. Click on the indicator to see how many points you need to score to get the next level of experience.

Shop and game currency. The "Shop" icon is located on the left side of the bottom panel of the world map.Click on it to open a store. In the upper left corner of the store, select what you would like to purchase: items that restore energy, tools (for example, a joker or cancellation) or relics. Items are sold in the store for crystals.Crystals can be rewarded for performing certain actions.

Gold is used to exchange parts of a collection for an entire item. You will receive gold for completing levels, completing assignments and passing collections. You will find the current amount of both currencies in the upper right corner of the world map screen. Both gold and crystals can be purchased for real money. To do this, click the "Bank" button in the upper right part of the world map screen.

What is gold for? Gold is used to exchange parts of a collection for an entire item.

How to get the achievement "Combo"? To get the "Combo" achievement, you need to remove a certain number of cards from the table during the level without interrupting the series.

Solitaire Treasure of Time: Game Questions

Is it possible to hand over the collection more than once? Some collections (but not all) can be handed over several times. You will have to collect the necessary items, but you will receive all the rewards again!

Do you have to find items in the same order in which they are listed in the collection? No, you can collect items in random order.

The size of the points and the amount of gold and items depend on how well I completed the level? No, you get a reward for the fact of passing the level, and not for how well you played.

Am I a dog? During testing of the game, it was found that many players believe that they are playing for Arnie’s dog! Most likely, this misconception arose because the dog constantly appears in game messages (for example, in a message about a critically low energy level). The developers decided that a cute puppy will cheer you up. The script of the game says that the main character (you) is a person, and the faithful dog Arnie is your assistant and adventurer.

New languages. The game will surely someday be translated into new languages, but unfortunately, it is impossible to say exactly when it will happen.

Why is there so much advertising in the game? This game is free, but if players want to support the developers, they can buy something at the bank. In this case, you will no longer see ads after each level. In addition, some promotional offers allow you to receive in-game items for free, which will help you in your adventures.

Solitaire Treasure of Time: How To Keep Progress?

I bought a new phone or tablet. How do I transfer my game progress from an old device?Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. All data about your game progress is saved directly to the device and cannot be transferred. Currently, work is underway on integration with social networks, as well as the introduction of saving the game on the server. As soon as these features work, a corresponding update will be released.

I need to reset the phone to factory settings. Will I lose game progress? At the moment, all data about your game progress is stored directly on the device. Before starting the process, which will lead to the deletion of all data from your device (for example, a reset to factory settings), make sure that you make a backup. Otherwise, game progress will be lost.

Treasures of Solitaire: Troubleshooting

The game runs very slowly, often freezes and crashes. There may be several reasons for this:

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.