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Pearl’s Peril WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

PEARL’S PERIL - Android game with release date 05/11/2016 from the company Wooga. Game Genre: Adventure. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of Artemis Island
  3. Walkthrough Adventure
  4. Adventure Club Secrets
  5. Spending Money Right
  6. Eyes Iris Guide
  7. Bugs and Fitch Games
  8. Proper Account Setup

Pearl’s Peril: Beginner’s Guide

How can I play Pearl’s Peril? The game consists of two parts: scenes for finding hidden objects and decoration of the island. You need to find items from the list below as quickly as possible in order to earn the most points. When you find an item, you need to click on it. In each episode you have the opportunity to earn 5 badges. The icons help you discover new episodes and chapters in the game, as well as explore new parts of the island.

In each chapter there are 5 episodes for finding objects and one last episode where you need to solve a puzzle by opening objects in a certain order and placing them in this scene. In order to move to the next level, you need to earn a certain number of badges and prestige. You increase your prestige by decorating the island and improving buildings and acquiring new decorations. In order to collect more icons you need to return to the previous level and go through it again, earning additional icons.

Limit requests from friends. You can receive requests from your friends at Pearls Peril. Nevertheless, there is a limit on the number of requests that you can receive:

Once you reach these limits, you will need to wait 24 hours to accept a new request from the same friend. If you play in the Adventure Club, the same limits apply for sending and receiving energy from your Club members.Those members of the Club who are also your friends can be sent or received from them 1 unit of energy in a period of 24 hours. This means that you can send or receive only 1 unit of energy from a certain friend or Club or through a regular message in the game in the same period of 24 hours, but not from both at once.

What is a captain’s challenge? The task from the captain is an option in the game that allows you to compete with friends for speed in finding objects in the scenes. The competition lasts a week, and at the end of the week your points are reset to zero so that you can compete with friends again. The faster you are, the higher your points and the more valuable the rewards!

In order to gain access and participate in the Task from the captain, you need to complete Chapter 3 to see the ship icon in the lower right part of the island.

To participate in the Task from the captain, you will need tickets . You need 1 ticket to complete one scene.

The number of tickets you can receive from friends is limited. If you have 10 or more tickets in the game at the time of receiving tickets from friends, you will not be able to receive additional tickets from friends. There are several exceptions to this balance rule for more than 10 tickets. Additional tickets will be added to your balance, regardless of the limit for 10 tickets, if:

The maximum number of tickets that you can get in the game from all possible resources is 1,000.

What is a good luck lottery? Lucky Lottery is an event where you can win great prizes! All adventurers who have completed the required number of levels get a chance to enter the top three lucky and win the main prize!Prize information will be published on Pearl’s Peril’s official Facebook page, as well as in the game itself before each luck lottery.

How to take part in the lottery? To get a lottery ticket and take part in the draw, you must complete the specified number of levels during the event. However, note that Tasks from the captain and levels in the Eyes of Iris mode are not taken into account in the calculation. Do not forget to look at the progress bar to find out how many levels are left to complete before getting a ticket!

How do I know if I’m lucky? When you complete the required number of levels, you will receive a lottery ticket with a unique number. At the end of the lottery you will see a countdown to the announcement of the results. The winner ticket number will be shown to all participating players. If you become one of the winners, you will receive a notification in the game, and your number will be published on the official Pearl’s Peril Facebook page.

Pearl’s Peril: Secrets of Artemis Island

Is it possible to enlarge the island? There is no way to enlarge the island, however, as you progress in the game, you will be able to open new areas using icons, coins and compasses.

To open a new area, click on the area covered with clouds. A notification appears with the conditions for opening it.

Notes: To open new areas you always need to have badges, compasses and coins. Compasses can be obtained by finding objects in the scenes or purchasing them for cash through the "Explore Area" in the notification of requirements by clicking on this area. After all the requirements are met, you need to click on the area covered by the clouds, as it will not be opened automatically.

How to save buildings and decorations? You can save your jewelry to make room for new ones! Select the item you want to save. A window with two actions appears above the item: sell and save. To save the item, select the icon with a green arrow. If you want to see stored items, tap your inventory (wooden box icon).

Having collected 150 icons, you will open the repository. Its size depends on the number of badges collected, and cells purchased for cash are also taken into account. A maximum of 160 storage cells are available, each of which can be bought for $ 1 in game cash. Also, the game has the opportunity to save not only decorations, but also buildings. To unlock this opportunity, you need to open the palace and the castle, get 20,000 prestige points and completely improve at least one building (up to 3 stars).

Note: two island monuments (palace and castle) will not fit in the vault.

Only fully upgraded buildings (with 3 stars) can be sent to the vault. To add a building, you need to collect all the coins from it. When the opportunity is unlocked, the buildings will have a separate tab. Several rules apply to building inventory:

Important: After opening or buying a cell, you will receive it forever. You will not lose it even if you sell all the items on the island and the number of your prestige points falls below the required rate for access to this cell.

How to sell items? When you sell items you get back only part of the value of the item in coins (even if the item / jewelry was purchased for cash). You also lose prestige when selling items, as they are no longer part of the island. When you click or hover over an item before selling, you can see the amount of prestige that you will lose after the transaction is completed.

What materials are needed and how to find them? In order to improve the buildings on your island you need materials. Different buildings need different materials.

Materials can be found playing in the scenes and they are in your inventory (chest icon).

The more you play, the greater the chance of getting materials. Remember, some materials are less common than others.

Pearl’s Peril: Walkthrough Adventure

How to unlock the next chapter? In order to open new chapters / scenes, you need to accumulate a sufficient number of icons and prestige. Here’s how to make them:

What is the last chapter of the game, and what will happen when I pass it? The plot of the game ends on the 90th chapter. However, this does not mean that you can no longer play! You can continue to compete with friends for the best results in the "Task from the Captain" or re-pass your favorite chapters and break your own record! And do not forget that there is always something to do on the island. When you complete the game until the end, you will have the opportunity to start it all over again, while retaining all your jewelry, currency, prestige points and badges.

A new shiny button will appear to reset the game! You will reset all your records and achievements at the levels, however, save everything else! You can complete the game without looking back at your friends and see all the dialogs again, with the exception of the introductory level (chapter 1, level 1). After partially resetting the game, you won’t need prestige points to complete the chapters, but you still need to have the required number of badges. If you want to completely reset the game, you need to contact support, indicating your user ID, which can be found in the settings menu.

If you completely reset the game, then start it again from the first chapter, losing your currency and everything that was on the island. After resetting, the game will look like you never played it. You will lose all your achievements, and the travelers club will be closed until the 5th chapter. Even when you open the 5th chapter, you will not be able to automatically get into your former travelers club and will not become the club president again if you were once.

Pearl’s Peril: Adventure Club Secrets

What are Adventure Club Stage Awards? While completing assignments in the Adventure Club, your Club may receive Stage Rewards. Each Stage Reward is issued after reaching a certain number of points by you and your Club members. All members of the Adventure Club receive a Stage Reward as soon as this stage is reached by the Club.

The first Stage Award is the Infinite Energy Token for 5 minutes.

The second Stage Award is the Infinite Energy Token for 10 minutes.

Third Stage Reward - Infinite Energy token for 15 minutes.

Your prizes received are stored in the Inventory and can be used at any time according to your desire. To find and activate them, click on the icon in the form of a brown chest on the screen of your island and go to the "Tokens" section.

How does a travel club work? When you first click on the travel club building, you are prompted to choose a club or create your own.

Do not forget that to create your own travel club requires at least 250 badges.

Travelers Club Choice. Browse through the list of proposed clubs and join the one you like best. By clicking on the travelers club, you will see its description and list of participants.

Here you can join him. In some cases, you will have to wait until the administrators approve your entry. If you want to return to the list of travel clubs, click the cross in the upper right corner of the screen.

Creating your own travel club. Creating your own club costs 2000 coins and requires at least 250 badges.First, select the coat of arms with which your club will be associated.

Then fill in the "Title" and "Description" fields. Choose the name of the club thoughtfully, because you can’t change it. Finally, establish the status of your travel club:

After making a choice and setting the settings you need, click "Create for 2000 coins." That’s all, your club is ready.

Congratulations, you have become the president of the travelers club! To fully enjoy all its benefits, invite new members. When this is done, you can switch between the four tabs in your travel club.

Community. On the Community tab, you can view a list of travel clubs. You will find here both the clubs your friends joined and clubs founded by players from around the world.

My club. On the "My Club" tab, you can view the participants, check the coat of arms and description of your club. In addition, you can see general information such as the number of friends who are members of the club and the average number of levels completed by members of your travel club. You can help the members of your club by sending them energy. You can also invite other players to your club. However, do not forget that this option is available to you only if the president of your travel club has chosen the setting "Everyone can join." If you want to leave your club, here you will find the "Exit" button.

Tasks. The Tasks tab is the main tab in the travelers club. Here you can see the progress of your club in the weekly assignment and your progress for personal purposes.

Chat On the Chat tab, you can chat with other members of your travel club.

Energy board. This new feature is designed to help your friends complete weekly challenges! Moreover, now you can share energy with friends who are not connected to Facebook! The travelers club will no longer have an old button for sending energy. Instead, a tab will appear in the lower right corner of the screen where all energy requests will be displayed. Using the energy board, you can request up to 5 units of energy every 8 hours. When you can request energy or send it to friends, an exclamation mark will appear on the board.

Energy board is a request for energy. To request energy from club members:

A request can bring up to 5 units of energy from your club members. Each member of the club can send 1 unit of energy until the total amount of energy sent for one request reaches 5 units. Players get coins for sending energy!A request can be sent every 8 hours. The countdown is from the moment of sending the request, and not its execution. All energy received from requests is stored in a pink chest of energy.

A member of the club can click "Send Energy" only once for each request and only until 5 units of energy are sent on this request. You can request energy only when its amount in your pink chest of energy is less than 10 units.You can take energy from the chest only when its amount on your energy scale is less than 10 units.

Tip: Usually the amount of energy in a chest cannot exceed 10 units, but there is a way to get more!When your pink energy chest is full (10 units), and on the energy scale 9 units, you need to replenish it by taking 1 unit of energy from the chest so that 9 units of energy remain there. Then you must leave a new request on the energy board. When it is completed, you will replenish your chest of energy by 5 units and thus accumulate as much as 14 units of energy in it.

Energy board - sending energy. For each sending energy to other members of the club you will receive 10 coins! Scroll to the end to see all active queries. How to send energy to club members:

Notes: You can send energy only once for each request. If your friend has left several requests, you can send energy to each once. By clicking on the profile picture of a club member, you will open his passport. By sending energy to a friend, you will see a message that he will be happy for your help. If you are the last player to help this member of the club (send the 5th unit of energy), the request disappears from the board.

Energy board - receiving energy. How to take energy from an energy board:

Notes: You cannot take energy if your energy bar is full. You cannot take energy if you have an infinite energy token. You cannot take energy if your pink energy chest is empty.

Pearl’s Peril: Spending Money Right

How can I get cash? There are several ways to make cash:

  1. Perform jigsaw puzzles at the end of each chapter;
  2. Buy for money;
  3. From time to time, fans of the game are given cash on the official Facebook page;
  4. Complete Daily Puzzles;
  5. From special chests during scenes in Captain’s Challenge.

How can I get coins? You can get coins in the following ways:

  1. Buildings on your island generate coins every few hours;
  2. You get coins when playing scenes;
  3. Sometimes coins are raffled among Pearl’s Peril players on the official Facebook game page;
  4. You can buy coins for real money;
  5. Solving puzzles of the day;
  6. In special chests and as a reward for completing the tasks of the Captain;
  7. As a reward for helping your friends.

How to get more energy? Every time you go through the stage, you need energy.

Here’s how to get energy:

  1. You automatically regenerate 10 energies, 1 every 20 minutes;
  2. You can buy for money;
  3. You can ask your friends for energy;
  4. Energy is often distributed to fans of the game on the official page on Facebook;
  5. Sometimes collecting jigsaw puzzles;
  6. Sometimes in special chests in scenes and in the Captain’s Quest.

Remember that there are limits on the amount of energy.

Not all the energy that my friends sent me came. Why? You can receive energy from friends, but in limited quantities. The energy scale cannot be filled by more than 10 units. energy 1 unit energy is replenished in 20 minutes. If you already have 10 units. energy, you can take from friends only an additional 5 units, so that the total value does not exceed 15 units.

For example, if you have 13 units. energy, and you get 6 more, then only 2 units will be taken into account.energy. If you already have 20 units. energy (the limit of 15 energy units is exceeded), and you get 3 more, then none will be taken into account. But there are a few exceptions. Even if you already have 15 units. energy, energy can be added to the account from the following sources:

How can I get tickets? There are several ways to get tickets:

  1. To buy tickets;
  2. Ask for tickets from friends;
  3. Get tickets as a gift on Pearl’s Peril Facebook Page. (Make sure that you open the link for receiving a gift on a personal computer, and not on a mobile device);
  4. Find in the chests.

Tickets do not have an expiration date, so you can use them immediately or collect them to use them later in the "Riddle from the Captain".

Not all tickets sent by my friends came to me. Why? You can receive tickets from friends, but in limited quantities. If you already have 10 or more tickets in your account, you will not be able to accept additional tickets from friends. But there are a few exceptions. Even if you already have 10 tickets, tickets from the following sources can be added to the account:

Please note that the maximum number of tickets from any source can never exceed 1000.

What are Infinite Energy Tokens and where can I find them? Infinite energy tokens allow you to go through an unlimited number of scenes within a certain period of time without using additional energy. Tokens for 5, 10, and 15 minutes can be obtained as rewards at the Adventure Club. Tokens for 1 hour can be received as a reward in seasonal events or purchased as a special offer in the Energy Store. After receiving the token, you can find it in your inventory in the "Tokens" tab and use it at any time. From the main menu (your island), click on the brown chest icon, and then go to the "Tokens" tab.

Here you will find all the tokens you received in Adventure Club quests and seasonal events. Select the token you would like to activate and enjoy the unlimited game.

Important: You have the opportunity to activate several tokens simultaneously in any combination.After clicking on "Enable", your energy indicator will change color to blue and the countdown will begin. You will also see the "Amplifier Activated" notification in your token inventory. The duration of a token after its activation cannot be paused or saved for use at other times.

Every Sunday from 00:01 to 23:29 UTC in your Energy Store you have the opportunity to purchase an infinite energy token for 1 hour for 100 cash. Click on the infinity sign icon on the energy bar to open the store and see the offer.

Important: When you purchase a special Sunday badge for 1 hour, it is activated automatically after making a purchase. It cannot be paused or used later. However, when you receive a 1 hour token as a reward for an event, you have the opportunity to activate it immediately or save and use it later.

How to get a gift code? There are currently three ways to get a gift code.

1. From the official page of the game on Facebook.

Go to the official game page on Facebook. Click on the link to receive a gift (Use only links that start with woo.ga and are published on the page itself, not in the comments). The game will open for you automatically and a reward will be added to your balance.

2. Using gift codes published on the official game page on Facebook. Currently available only through the application on Facebook and on Android devices. Example:

To use the gift code, you must:

3. Using an in-game message , using the new function "Inbox" (currently only available on mobile devices and through the application on Facebook).

Note: You can use the code even if you are not a Facebook user. The official game page www.Facebook.com/pearlsperil is open to all, you can get the code by following the instructions above. You do not need to enter your account information!

Codes are still under development, so be patient and wait if you do not see the code in one of the posts. You can click on the links using your computer and gifts will be added to your game the next time you log in. You can use the code only once. If you have already used the link to receive a gift, you will not be able to use the code and vice versa.

Sometimes in the comments on the official Facebook page you can see spam, where they promise you coins or cash in the game in huge quantities. You can also see similar offers on the "unofficial" pages of the game and the pages of various groups on Facebook. Please do not click on these links or fill out polls, as these are spam offers that can harm your device. Game developers are not related to these links and try to delete them whenever possible. Use only links that start with woo.ga and are published on the official page itself, and not in the comments.

Pearl’s Peril: Eyes Iris Guide

What needs to be done in the Eyes of Iris mode? "With Iris Eyes" is a special mode in which you need to search for objects in a slightly unusual way! Instead of words on the screen, you will see a moving strip where the outlines of the objects that you have to find will appear.

The mode opens along with the 6th chapter, and to play it, you just need to click on the Margaret statue, located next to the beach on the left side of the island. In the mode there is an automatic training for everyone who tries it for the first time!

What are the rules for Eyes Iris? First of all, you need to find all the items in the allotted time. You will lose if the strip overflows with outlines or if you do not have time to find all the objects before the time runs out and the strip closes. If you cannot find the item, you can always use the hint.

If you were unable to complete the level due to the fact that the strip closed with the outlines, you can buy extra time for Cash.

To play in Eyes Iris mode, you need blue butterflies. 1 butterfly is spent for each round. You can get them for completing levels in the normal mode (the frequency of occurrence is random). But remember: you cannot accumulate more than 10 butterflies.

What about the Margaret statue? For completing levels in the new mode and filling in the blue icons, you will receive Prestige points. With their help, you can improve the statue of Margaret, and eventually other places on the island. Blue icons are filled in the prescribed amount, regardless of your account - you just need to complete the level.

One stage consists of 5 or more levels. The number of levels can be seen on the main screen of the "Eyes of Iris" mode. Completing the stages, you bring life back to the island of Artemis: new beautiful objects appear on it and around it. They will remain on the island forever, but will not add him prestige points.

After completing the stage, you can click on the Margaret statue and see when a new one opens.

Amplifiers in Iris Eyes mode. For completing the level in the mode "Eyes of Iris" you get an amplifier for the icons, which doubles your score at the levels in the normal mode. Each amplifier doubles your score in 10 subsequent rounds.

When you have an amplifier, a special symbol is displayed on the level screen.

The bonus to the icon has no time limits, so do not worry if you have run out of energy.

Pearl’s Peril: Bugs and Fitch Games

The game does not load at all. If the download bar does not fill out, it’s probably worth changing your browser settings to allow the use of third-party cookies. Without this, the game will not load.

The game takes a long time to load. The new version on Facebook is slightly different from the old one, mainly in that it loads the necessary materials when the game is first launched. Download times vary by system and internet connection. In subsequent times, as a rule, the game starts faster.

What can be done to speed up the launch? First, before you start playing Pearl’s Peril, close the rest of the tabs in your browser. Secondly, close all other programs that are not important for the operation. So you provide the game with more memory to download. In addition, it is not superfluous to clear the browser cache. Despite the fact that you can probably play PP in a 32-bit browser, support is provided only to 64-bit players.

To find out if you can install a 64-bit browser, check your system type. It is very important which browser you use. Microsoft has stopped supporting Internet Explorer. Safari and Opera browsers do not yet support the new features. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox - these browsers provide the best performance for the new version of the game.

I have a suitable browser, but the game still does not load. Check again that the browser you are using is suitable for playing Pearl’s Peril. If the game still doesn’t load, it may be worth changing your browser settings to allow the use of third-party cookies. Check permissions for cookies in the settings.

Minimum requirements (for Android). Minimum requirements for your Android device:

It is recommended that you install the Google Play Game Services application.

How to find more friends playing Pearl’s Peril? Facebook has changed the privacy settings for displaying friends in the social aspects of games. Now in the game you will see only those friends from Facebook who are already playing Pearl’s Peril, while before Facebook itself chose which of your friends will be displayed in the game. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t invite new players to Pearl’s Peril yet.

In Captain’s Challenge, you will see all your friends who play Pearl’s Peril, as well as game characters. But in the table of records of each level only those friends who have already passed it will be displayed. At the Travel Club, you can team up with other players at Pearl’s Peril, even if you are not friends on Facebook. Only players from your Facebook friends list will be displayed elsewhere in the game, as described above.

I cannot switch the user on my iOS device. Try the following:

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device, open a new tab (two squares icon in the upper right corner) and click on "Private".Close the application;
  2. Return to Pearls Peril click on Settings (in the upper left corner is the gear icon);
  3. Click "Change user";
  4. Enter the username and password of the correct Facebook account;
  5. You can see the message that you are already logged in to Facebook -> Click OK.

The following steps are for iOS 11 users only. Without Facebook app:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iOS device. Then a new tab (two boxes in the corner of the screen), and click the "Personal" button. Minimize the application;
  2. Return to the game, open the "Settings" section (upper left corner, the gear icon next to the icons);
  3. Click on the "Settings" icon;
  4. Select "Change user";
  5. Click on the compass icon (upper right corner);
  6. Enter your email address, password and click "Sign in";
  7. Click "Continue";
  8. You will see "Open Page in Pearl’s Peril". Click "Open."

This is an additional action for those players who have the Facebook application installed. After you click on the compass icon, you must select the option "Log in using your phone number or email address." Next are the same steps.

Pearl’s Peril on Android - how to disable notifications? For devices with Android 6.0 and higher: you can configure notifications for most applications in the settings menu of the application itself. In the "Settings" of your device, you can completely turn off notifications for a specific application:

Now you will no longer receive notifications from this application. If you change your mind, you can always turn on notifications again.

For devices with Android 5.0 and below:

How to turn on / off prompts? If expert mode is active, you will not receive prompts. If the expert mode is off, prompts will pop up in cases where you can’t find the item for a long time. Expert mode can be turned on or off in the settings menu.

Where can I play Pearl’s Peril? You can play Pearl’s Peril on Facebook, Kindle, Android, iPad or iPhone (iPhone 4S or higher).

Availability of ads. As a rule, in third-party advertising networks, advertising is always available. For the vast majority of players, advertising works well, and more than 95% of users who want to view it can do it. However, from time to time it happens that there are no ads available. This may be, in particular, for such reasons:

If you have any problems, report them to the customer support service and provide as much information as possible:

Troubleshooting tips for playing games on desktops and laptops. The game works best in Chrome and Firefox. In other browsers and on older computers, it will most likely work, but with lower performance. Ideally, a 64-bit computer with a 64-bit browser is recommended. If you have problems viewing ads in the game, follow these steps:

If these methods did not solve the problems with displaying ads in games, contact technical support by providing the following information:

Describe the ways in which you tried to solve the problem, so that it would be easier for tech support to find a solution. If you have any information about the advertisement, indicate them, for example:

If you took screenshots, they will be very useful.

Mobile game troubleshooting tips. If you have problems viewing ads in the game on mobile devices, follow these steps:

If these methods didn’t solve the problems with displaying ads in games, contact technical support via the Help menu in the game’s settings, providing the following information: Describe the ways you tried to solve the problem so that it would be easier for technical support to find a solution. If you have any information about the advertisement, indicate them, for example:

If you took screenshots, they will be very useful.

How to disable ad blocking? Programs to block ads (for example, Adblock, Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin) can interfere with the functioning of commercials in games and sometimes even prevent the receipt of awards. To receive rewards and enjoy the game, it is recommended to turn them off. Turning them off completely is not necessary. To disable ad blocking tools for individual sites - in particular, Pearl’s Peril games - follow these steps:

For uBlock and Ad Block Pro :

  1. Open the game on Facebook in a browser window.
  2. Click the ad blocker icon in the toolbar to open its settings.
  3. Click "Disable on this page only" (in uBlock Origin just click the large power button)

For AdBlock Plus :

  1. Open the game on Facebook in a browser window.
  2. Right-click on the game address in the address bar of the browser and copy it.
  3. Click the AdBlock Plus icon in the toolbar.
  4. Select the gear icon to open the settings.
  5. Open the white list of sites.
  6. Right-click on a blank line and select Paste.
  7. Click the "Add Website" button.

Pearl’s Peril: Proper Account Setup

What is a Pearl’s Peril passport? In the course of work to improve and expand the travelers’ club, a new feature was added - Pearl’s Peril passport! It will allow you to decide for yourself how the world sees you. You can choose your name and portrait. At the same time, you yourself manage the confidentiality and the way other players see you!

Where can I see and change my Pearl’s Peril passport? You can see your passport in the game settings menu. Or open it through a travelers club. Here you can change your name (for 100 Cash) or update the portrait settings (for free). You can also enable or disable the display of your Facebook profile picture for Facebook friends. Mobile device:


Who can see my Pearl’s Peril passport? All players will see your name and selected portrait. If you connected the game to Facebook and selected your profile picture as a portrait, only your Facebook friends can see it. Everyone else will see only the portrait of the game character you have chosen and your name.

How do I remove my Facebook profile picture from my Pearl’s Peril passport? You can remove or return your profile picture at any time. Just go to the game settings and open the passport menu. You can also open your passport through the travel club. Select the portrait you like in the settings and be sure to uncheck the box next to "Use my Facebook profile picture for Facebook friends."

How do I choose a portrait for my Pearl’s Peril passport? Portrait can be selected in the passport menu.For your convenience, the portrait you are using will be highlighted. When you select the portrait you want to use, be sure to confirm your choice.

If your game is connected to Facebook, you can use your profile picture as a portrait. To do this, check the box next to the corresponding text. This feature is enabled by default, but you can always disable it. No matter what you decide, a portrait must be chosen, because it is players who are not your Facebook friends who will see it.

Why do I need to pay for a name change in my Pearl’s Peril passport? There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, to create a safe and friendly gaming environment. In online multiplayer games, some take the opportunity to change their name to insult or humiliate other players. Most often this is done with the help of foul language or attempts to impersonate another person. The board is also designed to create the ground for the development of relations between players and to simplify the search for friends and comrades in the game. If everyone constantly changes their name, it will become difficult to figure out who is who. A name change fee is introduced to avoid such problems.

How do I choose a name for my Pearl’s Peril passport? If you do not have a passport yet: Open a travel club by clicking on the corresponding building on the island of Artemis. You will be asked to fill in the fields for your new passport.

If you already have a passport, you can still change your name, however each change of name will cost 100 Cash.You can see your passport in the game settings menu.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.