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Walkthrough Phantomgate: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

PHANTOMGATE: THE LAST VALKYRIE - Android game with release date 09/17/2018 from the company Netmarble. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. Walkthrough Adventure
  2. Combat Tips
  3. Heroes Guide
  4. Phantom Guide
  5. Gems
  6. Summon Secrets
  7. Merchant
  8. Arena Guide
  9. Walkthrough of the Gem Temple
  10. Passage of the Corridor of Memories
  11. Cleansing Dimensions
  12. Why Manuscripts?
  13. Achievements in the game
  14. Altar of Runes
  15. Statue of Freyja
  16. Other Game Chips

Phantomgate: Walkthrough Adventure

Phantom Gate. You need to collect all 3 fragments of phantom gates at each level in order to activate phantom gates. Enter the phantom gates to fight the level boss.

Control missions. Passing control missions, you will receive special rewards.

The conclusion of the chapter. You will receive rewards based on the completion of the chapter. To complete the chapter you need to go through a certain number of control missions. When the reward can be received, it will turn blue. To receive a reward, click on the available rewards. The type and number of rewards for completing a chapter depends on the chapter and the success of the passage. The reward for each chapter can be collected only once.

Device. You need to activate the devices to move up the level. Sometimes, to activate the device you need specific items. They can be found on the level or obtained by defeating monsters. Activate the device by touching the portion of the screen next to it or the action button. Using devices, you can move up the level.

Valkyrie wing. Valkyrie wings will let you fly. Touch the wings of the Valkyrie or action button and you will fly.During the flight, try touching the "Jerk" button: it allows you to punch some walls. Look for secret places on a level everywhere, above and below!

Minimap. If you get lost, see the mini map! Places that you have already explored will appear on the minimap.On the minimap you can see the current location:

Initial Location:

Phantom Gate:




Treasure chest. Facial expressions love to hide in treasure chests, so be on the alert! Going through the levels of adventure, you will meet treasure chests. Touch the chest to get gold or fragments of the phantom soul. There is a possibility that instead of treasure you will find facial expressions. Defeat facial expressions to get a better reward! Sometimes chests are very well hidden, so check all corners!

Portal. Your progress at the level will be saved if you press the Pause button and go to Phantomheim. Passing levels of adventure, players can move to Phantomheim at any time. To return to the last location on the level, click Continue in Phantomheim.

Key. Each key has its own locked device. A locked device can only be activated using the key to it. The keys can be found on the level or knocked out of the monster. You need to defeat the monster to get his key. The keys are valid only at the level at which you found them.

Phantomgate: Combat Tips

Change Group: Normal. Gather your group to use different functions. A group can consist of 1 hero and no more than 3 phantoms. For different activities, you can collect different groups: Adventure / Arena / Cleansing dimensions / Corridor of memories / Temple of the Gems. You cannot put 2 or more phantoms with the same beginning in the same group.

Change Group: In Game. You can change the group members while on the level. You can change the group members at any time on the level. Tap the phantom slots on the left side of the screen to see a list of phantoms.Select the phantom you want to replace. If the battle becomes too difficult, try a team of phantoms with different elements and classes.

Skills Skills can be divided into three groups: attacking skills, enhancing skills and passive skills. Touch the attacking / enhancing skill and select its target. Red attacking skills will damage the enemy. Green enhancing skills will strengthen allies. The passive skill of each hero will have a positive effect on the entire group at the beginning of the battle.

Element. Each character is attached to one of the four elements. Each character has a spontaneous relationship.

During the battle, the elemental icon will flash if this character has a elemental advantage.

Counter-element. Use elemental ratio strategically to do more damage. Selected targets will be marked with an arrow:

Class. There are four classes of characters in total.

Blue bubbles. Strategically use bubbles in battle. During the battle, bubbles randomly appear every 3-5 turns.Drag the blue bubble onto your hero or phantom. It will cast a temporary buff on the target. Blue bubbles can be applied to any enemy or ally.

Red bubbles. Strategically use bubbles in battle. During the battle, bubbles randomly appear every 3-5 turns.Drag the red bubble onto an enemy hero or phantom. It will cause a temporary negative effect on the target. Red bubbles can be applied to any enemy or ally.

Battle settings. You can change the battle speed and use auto battle. You can set the battle speed as 1x, 2x or Zx.Touch the "Auto" button to activate auto beat mode. Auto battle mode does not include the use of bubbles.

The battle of facial expressions. Clear facial expressions before their move, or they will run away! If the facial expression reaches the center of the motion scale, it will run away! There are 3 types of facial expressions: wooden, metal and gold. Winning facial expressions, you will receive various rewards. At later stages of the game, the rewards for defeating a facial expression become higher.

Boss level. You can use the Go to Gateway function to quickly repeat the 3 Gateway levels you have already completed and get rewards! When you enter the phantom gate at the end of the level, you will immediately fall into the battle with phantoms wandering in the Gate Zone. Defeat these phantoms to get monster phantoms. A battle with wandering phantoms costs 2 points. stamina. You can use the Go To Gateway button to repeat the battles in the Gateway Zone at levels you have already completed.

The boss of the chapter. The higher the round number, the stronger the boss of the chapter. The chapter boss is the last boss you will meet at the last level of each chapter. The battle with the boss of the chapter consists of 3 rounds. Defeating the boss of the chapter will open the next chapter.

Ambush. Ambush enemies and launch a preemptive strike. If you successfully approach the monster from the back, you will start the battle at 50% of the Movement scale. Ambush gives you the advantage of attack first.

Phantomgate: Heroes Guide

Add skill. You can add 4 skills from 6 available skills of heroes. Select a skill and click on its slot to add it to your skills. Heroes have 3 skills in addition to the base, and they can be placed in any order.

Learn skill. New skills must be learned before use. New skills will open when you reach the required level. You can spend gold to learn them. Skills can be learned in the order in which they open. Combine the learned skills and use them in battle!

Strengthen the skill. Strengthening skills will increase their performance. Learned skills can be strengthened for gold. This opportunity opens when you reach the level required for gain. The higher the skill level, the more powerful it is. If you find it difficult to win battles, try to increase the level of skills of the hero.

Awaken the hero. Awakening the hero will change his appearance, open 2 slots for gems and increase the effect of his passive skill. Heroes can be awakened with the help of awakening kernels obtained in adventures and boss battles.

Awakening Heroes is available after defeating Jormungand, the boss of chapter 5 of episode 1.

Awakening unlocks additional gem slots. Awakening also enhances the passive skills of the hero. And finally, it changes the face of the hero and increases his characteristics!

Phantomgate: Phantom Guide

Create a new phantom. With phantom essences, you can instantly create phantoms in the Phantom House.Phantom essences can be obtained in adventures, in battles, and through summoning. Phantoms can be created in the Phantom House. You can create several identical phantoms. Created phantoms can be exchanged for phantom essences. The amount of extracted essences is determined by the degree of phantom.

Amplification of phantoms. Transfer phantoms to a higher degree of evolution (?) after you increase the degree of ? to the maximum. To enhance phantoms, phantom essence and currency are consumed. Gain boosts phantom performance. Each time a phantom amplifies, its gain level rises by 1 and the color of the star changes.The higher the degree of phantom, there are more phantom essences required for amplification.

Perform phantom evolution. The runes of evolution are needed for the evolution of phantoms. The evolution of the phantom will increase its degree of quality and increase its performance. Evolution also enhances skills.Phantoms can evolve from 1 ? to 6 ?. Some phantoms have a different evolutionary structure. For example, phantoms of category 2 : 5 ? - 6 ?. The final form of evolution of the phantom and the elite phantom cannot evolve further.

Increase phantom level. You can accelerate the increase in phantom levels with phantom souls! Strengthen phantoms by increasing their level. You can use phantom souls in the phantom development menu to increase its level. The phantom level cannot be higher than the hero level.

The variety of phantoms. There are 2 types of phantoms: Primordial and Elite. Primal Phantoms: Acquired through Summoning or Evolution. Their appearance or element can be changed in the process of evolution. Elite phantoms are distinguished by special abilities and appearance. They are stronger than other phantoms of the same degree.

Phantomgate: Gems

Type of gem. Gems come in four elements. Characters can only wear gems of their element. Gems have 5 degrees: ordinary, magical, rare, unique and epic. The higher the degree, the stronger the properties of the gem.The number of properties depends on the degree:

Smelting gems. Received gems can be equipped in the hero and phantom menus. When melting gems, the experience of the gem increases due to the spent gems materials. As materials, gems of any element and degree can be used. When the gem reaches 100% experience, the upgrade menu opens. Remelting does not affect the properties of the gem.

Improve the gem. Gems max. gain levels can be improved. You can pay with gold to improve gems remelt to the maximum. Improvement is carried out with a 100% chance of success. The improvement changes the type and number of side properties, but not the main property.

Combine gems. Gems of epic degree and above can be used as a material for resetting the properties of a gem.The element and the degree of the gem are preserved. The basic properties of gems are fixed: they cannot be changed. As a result of the reset, the gem receives two side properties, randomly selected from the side properties of the gem itself and all the properties of the gem material.

Change properties. A change in properties is called a change in the side properties of a gem for gold. Basic properties are not changed. Properties can be changed even when the gem is equipped. Depending on the degree of the gem, it gains 1 or 2 random properties. The cost of changing properties in gold depends on the degree of the gem.

Phantomgate: Summon Secrets

Random call. Spend topazes or gold to get random phantoms, essences or gems. There are two types of invocation in the game: invocation of essences and invocation of gems. You can summon 1 or 10 essences at a time. For every tenth call of a high-quality essence, you will receive a bonus phantom! Gems can be summoned 1 or 3 at a time.

Free call. You can periodically receive 1 free high quality phantom call and 1 free regular phantom call. Once a day, a high-quality essence call is available for free.

Phantomgate: Merchant

Hare merchant. The merchant hare sells evolutionary runes, materials for evolutionary runes and some other items. The merchant hare assortment contains 8 random items. You can buy these items for gold or topaz. The merchandise hares product list is updated every 30 hours. You can pay 9 topazes to manually update this list at any time.

Phantomgate: Arena Guide

Arena League. There are 8 leagues of group battles, from Unrated to Legendary. League rewards are distributed weekly upon resetting the league. Earn rating points to get into a higher league.

LeagueRating Points
Bronze60 - 449
Silver450 - 1399
Gold1400 - 2879
Platinum2880 - 4074
Duelists4075 - 4609
Masters4610 - 4759
Legendary4760 and above

Initial reward for entering the league. After the first entry into the league, you will receive a different currency as a reward for joining the league. During the game in the arena, you will receive topaz, gold or phantom souls after the first achievement of this league. The higher your rating, the better the rewards. The rewards for joining the league are sent to your messages.

Arena store. Buy items for arena points earned in the arena. The arena store sells arena tickets, all kinds of evolutionary runes, phantom essences, and more. For each victory in the arena, you will receive 20 points of the arena.

Phantomgate: Walkthrough of the Gem Temple

Entry Rules. There are 4 different dungeons in the Temple of the Gems, with a limited number of entries per day. Each dungeon is open 3 days a week. Affordable Gem Temple dungeon changes once a day! The time depends on your location.

Complexity. The degree of quality of gems that you can get in the Temple of the Gems depends on the level of difficulty. There are 3 difficulty levels for the Temple of the Gems. Each next level opens when you pass the previous one. In dungeons of different types and at different difficulty levels, different gems are issued. Each dungeon has its own restrictions depending on the type and complexity.

Phantomgate: Passage of the Corridor of Memories

Conditions for opening. You can automatically repeat battles with phantoms at levels that you have already completed. You battle sequentially from rounds 1 through 5. No currency is spent on battles. Your groups HP losses are carried forward to the next round, even if the group members die.

Conditions for entry. Each hero has one entry per day. You can see if the hero has an entrance. If the hero can enter, his icon is activated. Badges of heroes who have already entered are deactivated. Heroes that you have not yet acquired are displayed as blocked. If none of the heroes is able to join the battle, they are displayed as inaccessible to the group.

Phantomgate: Cleansing Dimensions

Conditions for entry. To clear measurements, a certain level of a hero and degree of phantoms are required.You can use any phantoms you have to clear measurements. The steps taken to clear measurements are reset once a day. The stages available for purification are determined by the level of the hero. "Input Level" means the overall level of phantoms sent.

Rules for receiving awards. You can send one phantom again only after the level is reset. 3 phantoms are required to clear measurements. Each dimension has a certain maximum reward. The reward depends on the overall level of phantoms sent.

Instant completion. Instant execution allows you to instantly receive a reward for topazes. The cost of instant execution does not decrease over time. The reward for instant execution is the same as for regular execution.

Phantomgate: Why Manuscripts?

The story of the game. New stories will be recorded depending on your progress at the level. You can view a summary of the story or see the dialogue between the characters again. You can check for updates to your story at any time!

Manuscript of the character. The characters manuscript is divided into three categories. Characters that you have not yet received and characters that you have not yet met are closed.

Yggdrassil. You can check the statistics / rank / skills / location of each phantom. Icons of already received phantoms will be highlighted. You can also view other players phantom reviews. You can receive rewards for the phantoms you have collected.

Phantomgate: Achievements in the game

Type of achievement. There are five types of achievements: Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Friendly / General.Complete the achievement conditions to receive a reward. After completing an achievement, tap the reward to collect it. All rewards except stamina / gold / topaz / phantom souls are sent to your messages.

Collect all. You can get all available rewards for achievements by touching the "Collect All" button. This function collects all available rewards in the selected achievement type. She will not collect rewards for other types of achievements.

Phantomgate: Altar of Runes

How to unite the runes of evolution? You can combine the runes of evolution on the Altar of Runes. To unite the runes of evolution requires gold and materials for the runes of evolution.

Material for the runes of evolution. You can get materials for the runes of evolution by playing in different game modes. The union of the runes of evolution is worth the gold and materials for the runes of evolution. The list of runes is on the Altar of Runes. By tapping material from the list, you will be taken to the Gate Zone, where you can find this material. You can get the runes of evolution as rewards for level, from facial expressions, from a hare-merchant, in an arena store or as rewards for achievements.

You can choose to go directly to the location.

Phantomgate: Statue of Freyja

The level of the statue of Freya. Freyas statue eventually produces phantom souls. The statue gains experience every time phantom souls are collected, which increases its level. The higher her level, the more phantom souls she produces. Come back often to collect phantom souls and increase the level of the statue!

Blessing. You and your friends can bless each others Freya statues.

Phantomgate: Other Game Chips

Messages All messages will expire after 7 days if you do not pick up the items. Some rewards for achievements, events, etc. sent to your messages. If you reach the maximum number of items or currency, they will still be sent to messages. Up to 99 messages can be stored for 7 days.

Calls cannot be picked up by tapping the Collect All button.

Friends. You can view information about friends in the friends menu. Deleted friends cannot be added again within 24 hours. You can share stamina with friends! You can send stamina to friends once in 24 hours. If you link your Facebook account, you will receive a reward.

Chat Chat with other players via chat. You can whisper with other players using chat. You can also change the channel by tapping the Channel button. Choose which chat features you want to use in the chat / whisper bookmarks.

Score. You can buy different currencies and goods. You can buy topaz, gold and phantom souls. You can also buy sets.