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PIRATE TALES: BATTLE FOR TREASURE - Android game with release date 12/20/2017 from Crazy Panda. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. How to Win Battles
  2. Guide to Heroes
  3. Heroes Ability Guide
  4. Heroes Item Guide
  5. Stone and Book Guide
  6. Global Map and Regions
  7. Quests
  8. Clans
  9. PvP (battles with other players)
  10. Game Currency
  11. Other Issues
  12. Personal Ship
  13. Connectivity and Download Issues
  14. Account
  15. Payments

Pirate Tales: How to Win Battles

The battle. During the battle, in no case should not take the position of a bored observer! When it is your Heroes íturn to attack, you can:

  1. Perform QTE (Quick Time Event) tasks to inflict not only Basic, but also more serious Damage to the enemy;
  2. Choose a target to attack;
  3. Pick up Active abilities;
  4. Apply different tactics in order to influence the outcome of the battle!

Battle modifiers Modifiers are positive or negative effects. They act throughout the battle on one of the parties or on all participants in the battle at once. Modifiers appear in the following types of battles:

You can see the active modifier in the interface, as well as right during the battle in the form of visual effects.Modifiers are activated randomly and come in five types:

  1. Enemy ambush: Enemy unit initiative increases by 2.
  2. Player Ambush: Player squad initiative increases by 2.
  3. Fog: All combat participants have a 15% chance to dodge.
  4. Poison fog: until the end of the battle, all participants in the battle are poisoned, dealing 20 damage.
  5. Rain: shooting attacks of all participants in the battle do 15% less damage.

The order of moves. Heroes of the Squad attack one after another in the order that determines their personal level of the Initiative. The attack includes the following possible stages:

  1. Target selection : You select a specific enemy from the enemy Squad, which will be applied to the Normal attack. If you do not choose an attack target, your Hero will attack opponents in a random order;
  2. Choice of Tactics : You choose the Tactical maneuver to be applied to your Hero when his turn comes;
  3. A normal attack will give you the opportunity to deliver a critical strike - for this you will need to complete the QTE in order to get a chance to inflict more Damage to the enemy;
  4. A free attack (an additional attack as part of your turn) will be available if you defeat the enemy and complete the special QTE. The purpose of such an attack is chosen arbitrarily;
  5. You can apply the Hero Active ability as soon as your Unit accumulates Rage . The target is also randomly selected.

How to use Active abilities? When the Fury has fully accumulated, select the Hero who will have to use his Active ability (he will be able to do this after carrying out his Normal attack). But do not forget: your opponents will also strive to use the Active abilities of the Heroes of their Squad!

What is rage? As Heroes inflict and receive Damage during the battle, Rage accumulates, which is clearly demonstrated by the special Rage scale. When the Scale is full, you can apply the Active ability of one of your Heroes. Using the Active ability, you will reset the Rage scale, and you will have to wait again until the Rage accumulates in order to use someone elseís Active ability in battle again.

How do Tactics work? Performing a Normal attack, Heroes can resort to various Tactics. When your Hero attacks, you can choose the Tactics that he will use in the battle - they can affect the style and outcome of the attack. It is important to note that Tactics as such does not allow you to evade an enemy attack or increase the power of your attack directly, but it affects the result of the Heroís actions. For example, Tactics can make the Heroís attack more serious in terms of Damage - but at the cost of his Health.

Tactics can increase the Heroís chance for a Critical hit at the cost of some Fury. The great captain and head of the Squad is the one who knows when and what Tactics to apply! Different Tactics are available to heroes from different Factions. If your Unit has two or more Heroes from the same Faction, the effectiveness of their Tactics increases. However, when in the Troop all Heroes belong to different Factions, this gives a certain tactical flexibility in battle.

What Tactics Do Factions Use? Factions use the following Tactics:

Autoboy. You can participate in the battles in automatic mode, using the features of Autobot: it allows you to simply watch the progress of the battle, speed it up - or go directly to the outcome of the battle. During the battle, your unit will use the appropriate tactics and abilities. Watch carefully - suddenly you will be able to predict the outcome of the battle! This will help you evaluate whether it is generally profitable to participate in battles in Autoboy mode in the future. Autoboy mode is available from level 4 and can be used for battles of any kind.

For each Autobot you need to pay with special Autobot Tickets. You can get them as a reward for winning the Confrontation or for completing Daily Quests.

Player Rating Player rating is an indicator of activity and success in participating in battles. The more battles carried out and the more successful they are, the higher the rating. Losses lead to a decrease in position. The more difficult the battle, the more rating you can get. PvP activities and clan bosses make a greater contribution to the rating growth.

Treasure hunt. Treasure Hunt - a new mode of battles in the game. It takes place in the form of a special gaming event, which is launched at a random time. Players whose level has reached 12, and the strength of the collection is at least 4000 thousand, can take part in the Hunt. The mode is characterized by a limit on the number of moves of the characters during the battle. A move is considered a change of heroes with the corresponding transition. Free attack and ability use are not considered a move.

In the allotted time, the player must select and go through one of the available battle chains. During the event, you can go through only one chain, after choosing it you canít change it. Fights in chains are arranged in increasing complexity. There is no fee for participating in the event. Available chains depend on the strength of the playerís collection. The larger his collection, the more complex the chains are available to him. With the complexity of the chains, the reward for completing them also increases. The hunt ends when time has passed or one of the chains has passed.

New management. The game now uses QTE control (from the English "Quick Time Event"). There are several types of QTE. "QTE with swipe" - to complete it, you just need to swipe the screen in the direction of the green arrow while its animation is playing.

You need to directly click the heroís icon to use his / her active ability.

"QTE with a burning ring" - to complete it, you must click on the screen until the ring burns.

"QTE with a white line" - to complete it, you must click on the screen at the moment when the white slider falls into the green zone.

"QTE with a red ring" - to complete it, you must click on the screen at the moment when the white ring touches the red. This type of QTE is triggered by critical attacks. If you fall into the yellow ring, it will not cause critical damage, but the same damage as when performing regular QTE.

Pirate Tales: Guide to Heroes

Description. You are the captain of the most agile and merciless team in the world of Pirate Tales, and many Heroes will be honored to fight on your side. Each of them has its own strengths, but there are also weaknesses.And how diverse their talents are! It depends only on you how good your squad will be in battle, Captain! So go ahead - go ahead!

How to get new Heroes? To get a Hero, you need to collect the required number of Hero Cards. There are several ways to get such cards:

How to unlock new Heroes? Before adding a Hero to your Squad, you need to open (unlock) it. Having collected the required number of Hero Cards (it depends on its Uniqueness category), you can pay for the available Silver unlocking. The cost of unlocking itself also depends on the category of Uniqueness of the Hero.You can unlock the Hero from the window with information about the Hero, as well as from the Collections menu (the "Blocked" tab), where you can simply touch the portrait of the desired Hero.

Hero Level. The parameters of each Hero depend on its Level. You can also always check the number of Cards with any of your Heroes. You can increase the Level of your Hero as soon as you need the number of his Cards.You will also have to spend a little Silver on this upgrade. The higher the Heroís Level, the more effective his Parameters. True, with each new Level you will need more and more additional Hero Cards and more and more Silver in order to increase it further. You can increase the Hero Level from the window with data about the Hero, as well as from the Collection menu, where you just need to touch the portrait of the desired Hero.

What parameters do Heroes have? Each Hero has four parameters: Basic Damage, Basic Health, Critical Chance and Initiative.

Improving Heroes. Improvement is an increase in the quality of the Heroís parameters. To do this, you do not need to collect additional Hero Cards: in total, there are three levels of Improvement available, and the first one can be opened at any Hero Level, the second at the 10th Hero Level or higher, and the third at the 20th Hero Level or higher. You can go to the next level of available Improvements either for Gold or for Battle Points. The cost of the Improvement is indicated in the corresponding section of the Heroís profile.

What are Chests and why are they needed? Five different types of Chests can be purchased at the store: Normal, Special, Rare, Legendary, and Epic. In each of them there are Cards of one Hero, the Uniqueness category of which is not guaranteed. Under the Chest, the chances of getting Hero Cards of one or another Uniqueness when buying are always indicated. Estimate the indicated chances of losing cards before making a purchase!

Chests of the faction. They are rewarded for completing the Main episodes and for participating in Confrontations. They contain Cards of one Hero of an arbitrary category of Uniqueness from the current Faction.

Free Chests. Having taken one Treasure Chest for free, you can return in two hours and pick up a new one (also free!). You will find them under the Sale button on the map. In such Chests, an arbitrary amount of Silver and Gold coins is stored. Chests of Heroes are available in the game store. Having taken one of them for free, you can return in four hours and pick up a new one (also free!). At the same time, you can always lay out 1000 Silver coins and buy such a Chest without wasting time waiting! In them you will find Hero Maps.

Heroes Uniqueness Categories. By their Uniqueness, Heroes are divided into five categories:

  1. The usual ones are framed by bronze;
  2. Special framed with silver;
  3. Rare are framed with gold;
  4. Legendary framed in purple;
  5. Epic framed in black.

Each Faction includes two Normal, two Special, two Rare, one Legendary and one Epic Heroes.

What is Stamina? Each Hero has Stamina, and its maximum (and initial) value is 4 units. Some Heroes with the Stamina ability have as many as 6 units of Stamina. Each time a Hero takes part in a battle, he consumes one unit of Stamina. When the Stamina has been fully consumed, the Hero is sent for recovery. Every two hours of such rest helps him restore one unit of Stamina. While the recovery process is in progress, the Hero cannot take part in the battles, however for Gold Coins you can restore Heroís Stamina to a maximum at one time and send him to the battle right away.

Absorption. Absorption is a new game mechanic that allows you to turn cards of one hero into cards of another.A certain fee is charged for this operation in gold and a percentage of cards. The size of the board is visible before the start of the takeover. The absorbed hero should not be engaged in game activities (be in the squad of defenders, be in adventure). He loses all levels down to zero, and goes into the list of undiscovered heroes. He also loses paint. Its improvements, including stones and books, are destroyed and not compensated.


There are six Factions in the Pirate Tales world. Pirates:






Who are sworn enemies? Each Hero has its own strengths and weaknesses. They also have the Sworn Enemies - Heroes of one of the other five Factions: having met in battle with the Sworn Enemy, the Hero deals him super damage.

Privateers event

"Privateers" is a special gaming event during which you can temporarily hire the heroes of other players and rent out your heroes. The event is fired at random times.

Rental rules. You can rent a limited number of characters with a full supply of energy. The number of possible hires is determined by the amount of character energy. The price for each battle in the lease can be adjusted independently during the event. Bonuses of wealth and power do not affect the size of the reward.

Hiring Rules. A player may have a limited number of privateers. The limit is different for each event. You can hire any heroes, including those that are already in the collection. Each hired hero displays a timer, after which the mercenary disappears from the collection. You canít put two identical mercenaries in battle, nor can you pump them. insert equipment and request their cards in the clan.

Market organization. The market is divided into several sections according to the strength of the characters, it also includes one section for privateers from clan members.

Pirate Tales: Heroes Ability Guide

What are abilities? Abilities are special features of Heroes. Each Hero has two such abilities - Active and Passive. If the Hero can always use Passive abilities, then in order to use Active abilities your Unit needs to accumulate a sufficient amount of Rage.

Passive abilities of Heroes

Bloodthirsty : The hero partially restores his Health by hitting the enemy.

Charm: Avoids Damage from enemy male Heroes (with the exception of the Damned) with a probability that depends on her Uniqueness category.

Stubborn: Having suffered a defeat, deals Damage to each enemy.

Trickster: Avoids Damage from enemy attacks with a probability that depends on the Heroís Uniqueness category.

Eradicator: Guarantees a certain Critical Chance when a Hero fights a Hero from another Faction. The chance of crit itself depends on the category of Uniqueness of the Hero.

Furious: Accumulates more Fury. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the more additional Rage he will accumulate.

Hawkeye: After completing a Critical strike, the Hero deals Damage several times greater than the Base.

Intimidator: Reduces the initiative of the enemy. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the stronger the Opponentís Initiative will fall.

Mastermind. Raises the initiative of the members of his Squad; the higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the stronger the Initiative will rise.

Poisoner. Any Damage caused by the Hero poisons the enemy, which is why the enemy will receive additional Damage before his attack.

Chastener. Guarantees a certain critical chance in case all other members of the squad are killed. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the higher the Chance of crit.

Quick hand. With his Free attack, the Hero deals additional Damage to the enemy.

Survivor. The hero fully restores his Health if all other members of the Squad are killed.

Tactician. Increases critical rate of all members of the squad. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the higher the chance.

Hardy. The hero has enough Stamina for two additional battles.

Trained. Reduces any Damage taken by the Hero. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the lower the resulting Damage.

Unstoppable. Has a chance to conduct a Free attack after the Normal. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the higher the chance.

Vigilant. Increases the chances of squad members to avoid damage from the enemy. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the higher the chance.

Wild. At the beginning of the battle, the squad in which this hero is present receives a certain amount of rage. If there are several such heroes in the squad, then their effects are summed up.

Berserk. The less health a hero has, the more damage he deals.

Active abilities of Heroes

Provocation. The hero provokes opponents to attack him, and at the same time takes less damage than usual.

Throw a bomb. Deals additional Damage.

Call. The hero provokes opponents to attack him, and at the same time partially restores his Health after the attack.

Death blow. Deals additional Damage. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the higher the Damage.

Treatment. Partially restores Health to all members of his Squad.

Mastermind. Reduces any Damage suffered by members of his Squad. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the less Damage the Unit will receive.

Intimidation. Reduces any damage done by the enemy. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the less damage the Unit will receive.

Mockery. The hero provokes opponents to attack him, and at the same time, with a certain probability, will avoid Damage. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the higher the chance of avoiding Damage.

Encouragement. Increases any Damage dealt by members of his Squad. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the more Damage will be dealt.

Stun. The enemy skips his next turn and cannot avoid Damage.

Warning. Increases the chances of members of the squad to avoid damage from enemy attacks. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the higher the chance.

Weakening. Increases any damage done to an enemy. The higher the Heroís Uniqueness category, the more Damage he will deal.

Pirate Tales: Heroes Item Guide

Items. Items can be found and obtained in Primary and Secondary episodes, Boss battles and Adventures. You can also create them yourself. Each Hero can arm himself with several Items - up to four. All Items in one way or another improve the parameters and capabilities of the Hero. The maximum level of the Item is 10, and you can arm your Hero only with those Items whose level corresponds to the current level of Items available for this Hero.The inventory in which all items that you have or created by you are stored is located in the Heroes window: the Inventory button at the bottom of the window.

How to equip items? If you have items of equipment that can be worn on a hero, then in the window "Heroes" (your collection) on the portrait of the character for which the item is available, a green "+" sign will appear. To put an item on such a character, you need to double-click on his portrait and then touch the cell marked with the same "+" sign. A window opens with an item available for equipment.

Merging Items. You can merge items when all four cells are filled. All bonuses given to the owner of such Items will immediately be applied to the Hero Parameters, and you can immediately start using new Items. When you merge several Items, the level of the remaining Items will increase. Weíll have to fork out and spend some Silver on the Merger process, but itís worth it! The cost of Merging specific Items depends on their level.

Creating Items. Items can be created starting at level 2. To do this, you will need various Items and Silver. You can go to the window for creating Items from the profile of the Hero, and then touch any of the empty cells. If the cell is marked with a yellow "+" sign, you can create an Item immediately.

Pirate Tales: Stone and Book Guide

The stones. Stones allow heroes to receive additional bonuses to Damage and Health. Each hero has several slots that allow you to use Stones. The number of slots depends on the rarity of the hero:

The power of stones:

Creating stones of high uniqueness. Stones of high uniqueness can be created using a certain number of stones of the previous uniqueness, as well as paying the price in gold. The higher the uniqueness of the stone, the higher the cost. Stones that are already in heroesí slots cannot be used when creating stones. To use them, you must first remove or destroy them.

Books of Abilities. Each Epic hero has the opportunity to equip one book. Books add one additional passive ability to heroes. The strength of the ability depends on the rarity of the book in the usual gradation (Normal, Special, Rare, Legendary, Epic). A hero can only use a book with an ability that he does not initially have. The book can only be equipped in a free slot. In order to free a slot occupied by a book, you can perform two actions: destroy or remove the book. The cost of destruction is calculated in silver, extraction - in gold. The final amount depends on the rarity of the book. Book Options:

Creation of books of higher uniqueness. Books of higher uniqueness can be created using a number of books of the previous uniqueness, as well as paying the price in gold. The higher the uniqueness of the book, the higher the cost. Books that are already in heroesí slots cannot be used to create other books. To use them, you must first remove it.

Getting books and stones. At the moment, books and stones can only be obtained in a special mode - "Treasure Hunt."

Pirate Tales: Global Map and Regions

Description. The game has one big global map. It marked seven different Regions. Each Region offers the player a series of Main episodes and several Additional episodes: explore the map and go through them all!

What are the main episodes? The main episodes are chains of battles that need to be won in order for the plot of the game to develop. You can take a break between the battles, but you cannot fight twice in the same battle if you have already won it. For a successfully completed chain of such battles, you will receive Experience, Silver, and Faction Chest as a reward.

What are Extra Episodes? Additional episodes are battles, which are optional to win. Regardless of the outcome of such battles, the plot will still develop. It is as the plot develops that new and new Additional episodes open up. You can fight in such battles more than once, and with each new battle it becomes more difficult to win.Also, sometimes you will have to wait for the update of the Episode to start it again.

Additional episodes are available only in addition to the Main ones, and at the same time several Additional episodes may be available to you at once. As a reward for completing an Extra Episode, you will receive Experience, Silver, and Items. Autoboy Mode is available from level 4, and you can use it for Autobot Tickets. You need to enable the AutoBoy (automatic battle) mode immediately before it starts.

How to use the map of the Regions? The map shows which battles and battles are available to you in this Region. PvE format battles are presented in the following formats:

PvP battles (against other players) are represented by Tournaments, battles for Profitable Lands and battles on Pirate ships.

Floating Chests. Entering the Region, you will see that in its waters Chests drift. They appear in arbitrary numbers here and there during the day, so do not forget to return to the card and check if there is any easy profit for you. Click on such a Chest to get up to 15 Silver coins from it!

What is hardcore? Hardcore is a mode of increased complexity in ordinary episodes. Hardcore mode opens to all players who have reached level 15 in episodes that have already been completed in normal mode. Hardcore allows players to receive significantly greater rewards than in normal mode, but with one condition: no playerís character should die during the battle!

Pirate Tales: Quests

Plot. The plot includes various battles and tasks that lead you from one adventure to another and reveal to you the world of Pirate Tales. New Regions, places and lands open as the plot develops.

Daily assignments. Daily tasks are tasks that can be performed repeatedly: they are updated once a day. For completing such a task, you will receive Experience and Silver as a reward, and if you can complete all the Daily tasks available on a specific day, you will receive a lot of Gold and Tickets for Autobot.

Achievements.Achievements are independent goals that offer the player new heights and will surely interest those who like to set goals and achieve them. For each achievement you will be awarded with Experience. You will love the way they reflect your skill level in the game!

What is a fractional test? Factional Challenge is a special game event during which you can receive excellent rewards by completing special tasks with the heroes of one faction. The test runs randomly at a random time. During the test, the faction participating in it receives a bonus to damage and health points (it can be seen by the special icon on the heroís card).

The test has three steps, each of which gives you access to a special reward. To receive an award at each stage, you must complete all tasks related to it. The reward of the previous step becomes unavailable at the next, if you do not pick it up, you must also collect the reward before the end of the event.

Pirate Tales: Clans

General information.Clans are playersí associations with the goal of further strengthening their position in the lands of Pirate Tales. You can join or create a clan from level 10. Upon joining a clan, a clan chat becomes available where you can chat with fellow clan members, as well as two types of activities: Trials and Bosses. In addition, each clan has a special Shop where you can purchase cards of certain heroes and sets of items for clan currency. There are also 3 types of ranks in Clans - Leader, Commander, Officer, Private.

Tests Clan trials are time-limited activities, updated once a day. There are several types of such tests:

  1. Win a certain number of victories in episodes;
  2. Win a certain number of victories over ships;
  3. Earn a certain amount of silver;
  4. Earn a certain amount of gold;
  5. Score a certain number of battle points (in any battles).

Test schedule. At the moment, the tests have a schedule:

Reward. The reward - the clan currency - depends on the degree of completion of the task and is distributed equally among all members of the clan. There is also an additional reward, which depends on the personal contribution of the player in passing the test.

The bosses. The boss is a strong opponent, accompanied by two groups of associates. 1 unit of stamina is spent on a battle with the boss. Only the clan leader can activate the battle with the boss (and only if he has the map region corresponding to the boss open), and from the moment of launch, a limited amount of time is allocated for victory. In case of victory over the boss, the next time the battle with him can begin in 5 days. At the same time, you can start battles with different bosses.

For victory over each group of enemies, the player is awarded progress points of the general battle with the boss. To defeat the boss, you need to accumulate a certain amount of such points, so the contribution of each member of the clan is important. The reward - clan currency - is issued after defeating the boss and is distributed equally among all members of the clan. There is also an additional reward, which depends on the playerís personal contribution to the victory over the boss.

Rating. The rating reflects the power of the clan and depends on the success of passing tests and battles with bosses. The rating is reset to 1000 at the beginning of each season and is recruited by players due to activity during the season. Clans that score the most and get into the first places receive a special reward and rise to higher leagues.

The creation of the clan. You can create your clan from level 10. Registering a new clan costs 10,000 silver and 1,000 gold. When creating, the future clan leader must come up with a name, as well as choose a coat of arms - the shape and color of the background and emblem.

The general settings of the clan include the choice of the country, the type of clan (open when anyone can join, or closed when joining only by invitation or after the approval of the submitted application) and restrictions (according to player rating and strength of the collection). In the future, after creating a clan in its settings, the chapter can change the general settings, the type of coat of arms and the name of the clan.

Exchange cards. One of the clanís bonuses is the ability to request the cards you need from the clan members. The ability to request cards is regulated by a number of rules:

  1. You can ask for the cards of one of any hero unlocked by you, to increase the level of which you do not have enough cards. This can be done once every 12 hours. For example, with 16/20 cards, you can send a request for 4 cards, but with 25/20 - no, you must first raise the level of this hero.
  2. Only one request can be active at a time, and it is active for 12 hours. If you create a new request, the previous one ends automatically.
  3. Also, the request is completed if you collect the required number of cards to level up the hero in another way, or if you leave the clan.

The ability to share cards is also governed by a number of rules:

  1. As a reward for each gift you get experience and silver, depending on the rarity of the card: 15 experience and 15 silver for an ordinary card, 30 experience and 30 silver for an unusual, 50 experience and 50 silver for a rare, 75 experience and 75 silver for legendary, and 150 experience and 150 silver per epic card.
  2. There are restrictions on gifts per request. They depend on the type of rarity of the cards: regular - 10, unusual - 5, rare - 3, legendary - 2 and epic - 1 card.
  3. In addition, there is a general gift restriction: no more than 100 cards in 24 hours.

Clan treasury. The clan share of rewards in battles with Bosses and Trials is not immediately distributed among the members of the Clan, but is placed in the common Treasury. With a certain regularity, part of the Honor Points from this Treasury is distributed among the current members of the Clan. The Leader of the Clan can set exactly how many percent of the Treasury will be received by both Officers and ordinary Members of his Clan.

The salary from the Clan treasury can be collected every Wednesday and Sunday at 10:00 Moscow time. All changes related to the functioning of the Treasury (income from clan activities, payments, etc.) are recorded in a separate event log, which each player can see in the game at any time. When you exit the Clan, the remaining clan currency remains with you, you can use it after moving to another clan.

Grades. There are also 3 types of ranks in Clans - Leader, Commander, Officer, Private.

The game also has a mechanism for automatically changing the Leader in case of its long absence. If the Leader does not enter the game for 21 days, Leadership automatically passes to the appropriate player in the Clan. All involved will receive a notification.

Clan League

League - a system of dividing clans by activity in the game. There are 5 leagues in the game:

Leagues consist of divisions in which there can be 10 clans. The higher the league rank, the greater the reward in the Clan Challenges, but also the higher the requirements for passing them. Also, the higher the league rank, the more items to buy appear in the Clan Store. Inside the Clan League, all normal activities are available, you can also attack all Clans located in the same division.

The transition from the League to the league takes place upon completion of the Season . Season is a period of time during which Clans in their Divisions compete with each other. According to the results of the Season, depending on the rating, Clans are determined that will move to the next league, remain in the current league and will be reduced to the previous league. Inside the Division, Clans line up by:

  1. Rating (descending);
  2. If the clans have equal ratings, then the Clan with the total strength of the collections of Clan members is higher;
  3. If the sum of the strengths of the collections is equal, then the Clan will be higher, which has more Honor Points in the Treasury;
  4. If the Treasury is equal, then the Clan that was created earlier is higher.

All clans created throughout the Season are placed in a separate preseason League. The divisions in this league also have a size of 10 clans. At the start of the new Season, all Clans from the preseason League are placed in the Bronze League, regardless of the places taken. New Leagues above the current can only be created if there are enough Clans to form at least half of one division of the new League.

Clan War

At any time, one of the Clans may attack another Clan from those on their general list. Clan Leader initiates war. A Clan can be attacked if its rating or position in the overall rating is not too high or low compared to the attacking Clan. Clan War consists of two stages: Preparation and War. Upon completion of the last stage, the Results window is displayed to the players.

Training. In order to launch an attack, the Clan needs to pay a contribution expressed in Honor Points: it is a percentage of the size of the Clan Treasury on which the attack is planned. With the help of the slider, the Clan leader can choose how long the Preparation phase will last before active hostilities begin. The cost of an attack also depends on the chosen training period: the longer it is, the more expensive the attack.

The cost of an attack is deducted from the treasury of the attacking Clan immediately after the start of Preparation. You canít attack the Clan that is already participating in the War - or itís itself at the stage of Preparing for War. Also, for some time, you cannot attack newly created Clans. This restriction is removed if such a Clan was the first to start a Clan War. After the start of the attack and until its completion, the Clans participating in the battle are subject to restrictions:

War. After the beginning of the Clan War, the players of the Clans participating in the clan move to a special region where Clan members ships are located and statistics of the current war are available. Here you need to click on the opponent selection button. As soon as an opponent is found, Heroes are selected to take part in the battle. The player who loses the battle (regardless of whether he attacked or defended) is eliminated from the Clan War and can no longer attack anyone, nor can he be attacked. The war goes on exactly 30 minutes.

The end of the war. The Clan War ends if:

  1. The time allotted for the War has expired. In this case, the defending Clan is considered the winner.
  2. All members of the defending Clan are defeated. In this case, the attacking Clan is considered the winner.
  3. All members of the attacking Clan are defeated. In this case, the defending Clan is considered the winner.

The ability to attack another Clan from the attacking Clan once the war is over is blocked for a while, but other Clans can attack it. Also, after the war is over, you canít attack the defending Clan for some time, however, the Clan itself can attack other Clans.

Reward. The Clan who won the war (regardless of whether he attacked or defended) takes part of the rating from the losing Clan, thereby increasing his own rating. If the attacking Clan wins, he also receives a portion of the Honor Points from the treasury of the losing clan as a reward and replenishes his Treasury with them. The size of all rewards is calculated at the time of completion of the Clan attack.

Pirate Tales: PvP (battles with other players)

Tournaments. If you want to challenge other players, you can take part in the Tournament. Five players participate in each tournament, and the top four receive the reward based on the results - everyone will get Hero Cards, as well as Silver! You need to defeat your rivals one by one in order to become a winner. No participation fee! The tournament lasts a limited time - 4 hours. If you do not have time to complete the battle within the tournament before the time allotted for the tournament expires, the results of this battle will not be taken into account.

Awards. The following Hero Cards await you as a reward: winner - Legendary, Rare, Special, and Ordinary; Runner-up - Rare, Special, and Ordinary; Third place winner - Special and Ordinary; The runner-up - Normal. Tournaments are divided into levels according to the strength ranges of the collection. The higher the level of the tournament, the better the reward. Starting at tournament level 11, epic cards are also awaiting the winners as a reward. Tournament Level Ranges :

  1. 0-3000.
  2. 3000-5500.
  3. 5500-9000.
  4. 9000-15000.
  5. 15000-25000.
  6. 25000-35000.
  7. 35000-50000.
  8. 50000-65000.
  9. 65000-90000.
  10. 90000-135000.
  11. 135,000-200,000.
  12. 200000-315000.
  13. 315000-475000.
  14. 475000-700000.
  15. 700000+

Pirate ships. Pirate ships occasionally appear in the sea, and you can fight aboard such Ships. On them, your squad will meet with special Squadrons of Defenders, which - yes, yes, protect such a Pirate ship. These Squads were collected by other players. You can attack Pirate ships at any time when such a ship appears in your waters - or not attack at all. For winning the battle, you will receive Silver and Gold, and the captured Ship will disappear at the end of the battle. Ships are updated every 8 hours, starting at one in the morning.

Profitable land. There are several Profitable Lands on the map (for example, the Old Joe Public House or Cursed Mine) that you can capture and conquer from other players. In order to try to conquer such lands, you must enter the battle with the Squad representing the interests of the player who captured these Profitable lands before you. You can try your luck and try to capture Profitable land at any given time.

Shuffle. Shuffling is the process of replacing a defending player and his Squad in Profitable Lands. The player who currently owns the specific Profitable Land will not lose the battle due to the Shuffle - but you will receive as an opponent a player more or less equivalent to you in terms of the strength of the Unit and combat skill. Thus, the game eliminates the possibility of a situation in which one super-strong player keeps the same Profitable lands for an infinitely long time. Shuffling occurs every 12 hours (at 9 hours and at 21 hours UTC - Coordinated Universal Time).

Detachment of defenders. You can recruit Heroes in your squad of defenders of your own free will. To save the new squad, you must pay a certain amount in silver. The amount depends on the strength of the Heroes selected for the squad. At the same time, the cost of the Heroes that are already included in the current composition of your Defender Squad does not matter.

Pirate Tales: Game Currency

What currency is used in the game? The game Pirate Tales uses 4 types of currency. Silver and Gold are the first to go, however there are two additional currencies: Tickets for the Autobahn and Battle Points.

How to get Silver? You can get Silver in one of the following images:

How to get Gold? You can get Gold in one of the following ways:

How to get Tickets for Autoboy? Tickets for Autoboy are a special currency, which is necessary for the opportunity to participate in battles in auto mode. Such Tickets can be rewarded for winning the Confrontation, as well as for completing Daily missions.

What is Battle Points? Battle points are awarded for participating in battles. If you win the battle, youíll get decent combat points. If you lose, you still get points, but not very much.

Pirate Tales: Other Issues

My battery runs out too quickly. What should I do?You can choose the optimal settings for the battery of your device, which will allow it to work longer. Use the guidelines below.

What should I do if I know that someone is playing dishonestly? Send the name of such a player to the support service, and if possible, attach to your message any screenshots reflecting his suspicious activity. Developers take fair play very seriously and strive to do everything possible to prevent dishonest games. If it turns out that the player really played dishonestly or enjoyed any advantages caused by unfair play of another player, a penalty will be imposed on his account in accordance with the seriousness of the violation - up to and including permanent deletion of the account.

Rules of conduct in the chat. Inappropriate for correspondence is:

  1. Hate propaganda, racist or other discriminatory statements;
  2. Obscene or frank correspondence;
  3. Personal threats to the player;
  4. Excessive profanity;
  5. Bullying and insult.

These restrictions also apply to the names of ships, clans and player nicknames. If you encounter similar behavior in relation to yourself or other players, contact the chat moderators using the "Complaint" button in the chat. The button appears when you click on the message. Complaints are considered by specially trained moderators who will take appropriate action. Complaints about unacceptable names of ships, guilds and nicknames can be sent to the support service by attaching a screenshot of the violation.

The consequences of breaking the rules. Abusive behavior may lead to temporary blocking of access to the chat or game account in case of repeated violations. The same measures can be applied for false messages. The same measures can be applied for false complaints.

How to use chats? Chats - a place for players to communicate. Here you can discuss anything. Although, of course, first of all, discussions about the game are welcome. Chats are divided into several types:

Pirate Tales: Personal Ship

What is a Personal Ship? Personal Ship is a very important part of the gameplay, which allows you to constantly receive bonuses to certain parameters. Buying a new or improving the cabins of an existing ship, you can significantly increase the likelihood of your victory, as well as receive various additional bonuses. At the moment, Ship cabins can give you bonuses that affect the following game parameters:

To increase the size of the bonuses provided, it is necessary to improve the Cabin of the ship - this requires Tools.

Can I change my ship? Yes, the Personal Ship can be changed at any time. You can buy a ship in the game store in the "Shipyard" tab.

Your old Ship will not disappear without a trace. For it, part of the Tools previously invested in its improvement will be returned to you.

What are tools? Tools is a system of points that are spent on improving your Ship. At the moment, you can get Tools:

  1. In the Main episodes (starting from Episode 3 in the "Drawn Waters" region);
  2. On Pirate ships sailing in the region (the number of points depends on the type of ship);
  3. In Daily Quests on Pirate Ships;
  4. In some adventures;
  5. In the game store - for Gold!

Do all players have their own ship? Yes, all players have their own personal ship at their disposal, which becomes available after a player reaches level 4.

Global bonuses. The presence of a personal ship provides you with global bonuses. Now the game has 5 types of such bonuses:

  1. Damage dealt in battles: the base Damage of Heroes in the playerís squad is increased by the percentage specified in the Cabin window.
  2. The number of Health Points of all Heroes: the basic Health of Heroes in the playerís squad is increased by the percentage specified in the Cabin window.
  3. Critical strike chance : the value specified in the Cabins window is added to the base value of the Heroes Critical Hit chance in the playerís squad.
  4. Increase in the number of Battle Points: additional points are added to the playerís Battle Points. In this case, the total number of points and the part of them that constitutes the bonus are immediately indicated in the award window (for clarity, it is highlighted in a different color).
  5. Silver Refund (partial refund).

When a player spends Silver, a certain percentage of the spent amount is accumulated and postponed (the bonus value indicated in the Cabin window is taken from the spent amount). Once in a given period of time, such an accumulated amount - reserve - can be taken. You can do this from the Store window. The corresponding timer is displayed there, showing how soon you will be able to pick up your share. Having taken the Silver, the player must wait again for the set time before being able to pick it up again (it should be understood that the Silver will be accumulated in the reserve only if the player spends it in the game).

Pirate Tales: Connectivity and Download Issues

Sound effects disappeared from the game. What should I do?If your game is suddenly silent, there are several ways to return her voice. To get started, check out the game settings. Are you sure that the sound is turned on in the application itself? If everything is fine with the settings, but the game is still dumb, like a dead pirate, unload the application and run it again. If none of the above helps, try the following:

  1. Make sure that the mute button on your device is in the Off position (that is, it does not work in silent mode).
  2. Connect the headphones to the device and check if they have sound.
  3. Open another application and check if the sound is working in it. If there is no sound, then it is likely that the problem is in the device, and not in the application of the game.
  4. If the problem persists, contact support via the in-game messaging system.

Pirate Tales: Account

Your profile. You can enter your profile from the "Settings" menu - or by touching your portrait in the upper left of the screen. You can view another playerís profile by tapping their name in the list. Your profile name corresponds to your nickname from the Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android) service. You can change it at any time. For the spelling of names, you can use only letters of the Latin alphabet. A special filter will not allow the use of obscene words and expressions.

You can choose your game profile from dozens of images. As you play, new available avatars will open for you. You can find out what needs to be done to gain access to the profile picture that interests you by touching it. You can restrict other players access to view their profile by selecting the option "Hide your profile" in the game settings. An appropriate lock icon will appear next to your game name.

My game progress has been reset. What should I do? If you downloaded the game and found that all past progress has not been saved, first check the following:

  1. Are you currently logged in to your Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android) account? Game progress The Pirate Tales is tied not only to your device, but also to your account in the Game Center or Google Play services. To start from the same place where you finished the last time you played, make sure that you are logged into your account in the appropriate service.
  2. Are you playing Pirate Tales for the first time from a new device? To continue playing while maintaining your previous progress on a new or different device, log in to your account in Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  3. If you have not previously linked your gaming account to an account in Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and at the same time changed your gaming device, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to help, and your progress cannot be restored.

If none of the above is relevant in your situation, contact support.

The account does not load, despite the connection to the Game Center! Make sure that your device is logged into the desired Game Center service account. If you are unable to associate the desired account with your current email address, it is more than likely that you are trying to use the wrong account.

To access your account, do the following: Log in with the email address that was originally used to synchronize your account. If this is an old address, contact Apple Support to recover your account information. The developer company does not have access to your or anyone elseís account data in the Game Center service.

The account does not load, despite the connection to Google Play Games! First of all, be sure to connect to the correct Google account in the Google Play Games application. Several accounts can be authorized on the device at the same time, it is important that the one to which the profile in the game is attached is active. To access your account, do the following:

  1. Be sure to add the correct Google account to your Android device;
  2. In the Google Play Games application, check which account is currently active. This can be checked in the upper left corner in the retractable "curtain" on the left;
  3. In order to check if the game account is linked to the Google account at the moment, look in the game settings and find the joystick button. If there is a "exit," button next to it, then everything is in order and you are authorized to play with your Google account in the game.

If the gameís profile is tied to an address that you no longer have access to, contact Google support and they will help you recover information. Unfortunately, the developers of the game do not have the opportunity to restore your Google account, only representatives of Google itself can help.

How to save your progress in the game or transfer to another device?

If you have an iOS device. The Game Center service, which you will find in the settings of your device, automatically saves game progress and allows you to access it from various iOS devices. Please note: Game Center supports saving only one profile in a game. To link the progress of the game to your account, do the following:

  1. Go to the "Settings" of your device and select Game Center from the menu;
  2. Tap the line with a personalized Apple ID;
  3. If you already have an account, enter its details. If you donít have an account, create one and personal Apple ID;
  4. Return to the home screen and start the game.
  5. When the game loads, you should see a pop-up window that says "Welcome, (username)" with your name.

Unfortunately, access to the progress of an iOS device on an Android device is not yet possible. To access the progress from other iOS devices you will need:

If you have an Android device. The Google Play Games service automatically saves the progress of supported games, for this you only need to log in to it under your Google account. Also, on some devices, you will need to install the Google Play Games application itself (if it is missing). To link your game progress to your Google Account, do the following:

  1. Log in to the network;
  2. Go into the game and check the player profile;
  3. Open the Google Play Games application on your device and log in using the Google account with which the game was previously downloaded;
  4. Progress will be tied automatically.

Unfortunately, access to the Android deviceís progress on an iOS device is not yet possible. To access the progress from other Android devices you will need:

Pirate Tales: Payments

What is a subscription? Subscription is a special type of purchase. After its design, you can collect 300 gold coins daily in the same menu where you originally issued it. If you miss a few days of collection, you can immediately collect the entire accumulated amount upon subsequent login. The subscription is issued for 30 days and is automatically renewed after this period. You can unsubscribe on a special page of your application store (App Store or Google Play).

How does Starp work? (subscription) For the duration of the subscription rank chosen by the player, he will have access to use a special assistant. Its icon can be seen to the left of the tinctures button on the bottom panel in the main menu. Assistant helps the player to complete the battle faster, simplifying the process of receiving rewards for them. For the assistant to work, at least three heroes are required, that is, he can pass episodes only with a full team. The assistant has a rather flexible configuration option:

All actions of Starpom are recorded in his special log, so you will not miss anything and collect all the earned rewards. A start-up only works when a player is online!