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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: is one of the creations of the JOYCITY company from South Korea. The game was released on May 10, 2017 and was able to recruit more than 10,000,000 installations worldwide on various platforms. The world of the game is made on the same films by the company Walt Disney Pictures. In the game you have to build your city, train your troops and build ships, as well as pump heroes that will lead you to victory over enemies. The game has a good story with the participation of famous captains: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Barbossa. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Hyde for novice players
  2. Guide on Ships
  3. A Guide to Pirates
  4. Hyde by Building
  5. Alliance Guide
  6. Trade Guide
  7. Hyde by Captain
  8. A Guide to Enemies and Battles
  9. Technical issues and problems of the game

Pirates of the Caribbean: Hyde for novice players

Gameplay is carried out in the fortress and the sea. In the fortress, the player builds and improves buildings using various resources: food, wood, silver, gold. Resources can be obtained by robbing enemy territory. For this player builds ships and hires pirates. Also, resources can be obtained as a result of a successful attack of monsters, collecting, trading.

Tips for beginners .

  1. Try to complete tasks and tests. Not sure what to do? Just click on J. Gibbs and complete tasks (primarily daily). The higher the level of the fortress, the greater the daily rewards.
  2. Participate in daily events and complete the tasks of the event. Just click on the hero standing at the fortress and take part in the event. As a reward you will receive useful items. Event assignments are available on the event board to the right of the doctorís shack. The higher the level of the fortress, the greater the rewards.
  3. First of all try to increase the level of the fortress. The resources needed to improve the fortress can be checked by clicking on the Improve option.
  4. Use the captainís endurance to the maximum. Endurance is necessary when hunting for monsters, attacking merchant ships, doing business. Endurance recovers over time.
  5. Join the alliance. In the alliance, you can get help from the allies. Just click on the leftmost button on the bottom panel. Then select the appropriate alliance or create your own.
  6. Create more advanced ships. To do this, you need to raise the level of the shipyard and conduct relevant research.By building more sophisticated ships, you can defeat monsters, OITK and high-level merchant ships.
  7. Rob OITK. Successfully attacking the territory of OITK, you can get the resources you need for rapid development.Detailed information in the head OITK. Do not forget to conduct reconnaissance before attacking the OITK. After all, there is no point in attacking you superior or not having OITK resources. Once you have defeated the OITK territory, you will be able to rob this territory without hindrance.

To view the tasks, click on J. Gibbs, who is always on your territory.

What are secret tasks? In the game there are 2 categories of secret tasks available in a certain period of time.Upon completion of tasks you will receive a reward.

What is the Abyss Gorge? The Abyss Gorge is a special place where captains can test their strength. The location of the Void Gorge can be checked on the sea map. To get to the Gorge of the Abyss, you must send a flotilla directly to its entrance, after checking the exact location on the map. The Abyss Gorge has two levels: ordinary and complex. Both levels are available to pass. More information can be found below. And at the usual, and at a difficult level, there are 30 stages. You can skip the normal level and go straight to the passage of the complex. Features:

  1. The difficulty increases at every 5th level.
  2. At every 10th level, you will have to fight with [captain-boss], against which you need to build a special strategy.
  3. For the entrance to the Gorge of the Abyss will be removed units of endurance: normal level: 10 units., Complicated level: 20 units. (this rule applies to unique ships)
  4. Even if the enemy sinks your ships in the Gorge of the Abyss, it does not affect the real game.

The Abyss Gorge is a system of tasks, the successive passage of which from the 1st to the 30th stages will allow you to receive awards for victories. You cannot change the composition of the already sent flotilla, and you can view information about the ships that make up the formed flotilla in the section "My Flotilla". When moving to the next level, new information becomes available below. After reviewing each of the following sections, you can learn useful details about the enemy, which will help you to win. Sections:

  1. Information about gains - Here you can find information about the gains of the enemy.
  2. Detailed Information - In this section, you can view data on ships, tactics masters and enemy pirates.
  3. Battle Record - Here you can view your opponentís battle record with another captain. The attack carried out by the captain with the minimum level of power and the fastest attack.

By clicking on "Challenge", you can view the battle itself and its results. For winning a battle you can get from?before ? stars as much as possible. The award will be issued depending on the number of stars received and the stage passed. After receiving the award this season and taking part in the next, you can receive the award again.

What is a joint raid? Joint raid is an operation to capture a raid monster, carried out together with allies in the alliance. For a joint raid, a scroll is needed to summon a raid monster. This scroll can be obtained when performing daily tasks on reaching 20 lv. fortress. Using the scroll to challenge the raid monster, you can choose the monster you want to summon, and the raid monster will appear near the alliance fortress. You cannot summon a monster in the following cases: if you are not in an alliance; if the allianceís fortress was destroyed or not at all; if you already called the same monster.

Joint raid is the only way to hunt a raid monster. Also, a joint raid on a raid monster can only be a member of the alliance that has caused this monster. If you failed to carry out a joint raid on the monster in a set time or could not destroy the monster on the first attempt, the attack on the monster will be considered unsuccessful. When you click Cancel Call, the summoned monster will disappear. Having defeated a raid monster, you will receive a reward depending on the level of the monster, and also depending on your contribution to the joint raid.

What is the capture of the island of mermaids? The capture of the island of mermaids can be done together with the allies in the alliance. You will receive great rewards for successful operations. To start the operation to capture the island of mermaids, you must first activate the skill "Capture the island of mermaids" in the skills of the alliance. When you use the skill of a member of the alliance category R4 and above, a mermaid will appear near the alliance fortress. You can attack the mermaid, as well as alone, and together with your allies.

As in the case of the raid monster, the hunt is considered successful if the mermaidís OZ drops to zero. Do not forget that after 10 minutes. after the call, the monster will disappear. Successfully completing the mermaid hunt, you can call an even stronger monster up to level 30. Reward is individual and common. The stronger the mermaid and the greater your contribution to the hunt for a monster, the greater will be your reward. Wearing a legendary set of equipment experienced captain 3 rank and higher, you can reduce the resulting damage.

What is the bay of death? 100 strongest captains from each server will be able to take part in the battle at the Bay of Death. According to the power rating, the first hundred captains are sent an entrance ticket to Death Bay.Remember that in the Bay of Death you will not be able to use the following items from your inventory:

However, you can activate the shield of the world and move your territory for a certain amount of gold. The captain, who received the most battle points at the time of the end of the Battle of Death Bay, becomes the winner. The award is calculated depending on the final rating, as well as combat points.

Tell us about the skills of each treasure. The game has 5 types of treasures. Details for each treasure are presented in the description of them.

What are treasures for? First of all, when using the skill of treasure, you can get a gain for the pirates, or a certain amount of resources. Treasures in the repository can be used only after you have collected all the necessary treasures for this skill.

Who is the world boss? A world boss is a special monster of enormous size, which you can win together with other captains (one boss per server). You can also get a reward not only for the destruction of the world boss, but also for the contribution to the victory over the monster. When attacking a world boss, remember the following:

  1. As a result, the attack of the world boss decreases stamina;
  2. Both normal and combined attack is possible. During a single attack, the world shield is not canceled. This rule does not apply to a combined attack;
  3. The results of the battle with the boss can be checked by clicking on the bottle at the bottom right;
  4. As soon as the OZ of the world boss drops to a certain value, it changes its location;
  5. You will be given a reward if you can reduce the OZ of the world boss to zero in the set time.

robbery of merchant ships

About robbery of merchant ships. In order to attack a merchant ship you need to have: letter of marque and 5 units. endurance captain. The letters of marque are divided into 3 classes. From the class of evidence depends on the level of the object of attack.

  1. The letter of marque (3rd class): merchant ship 1-10 ur.
  2. The letter of marque (2nd class): merchant ship 11-20 lv.
  3. The letter of marque (1st class): merchant ship 21-30 level.

For a successful attack, you can get a certain amount of goods. The list of goods can be viewed by clicking on the merchant ship.


After the attack of the merchant ship, a bottle will appear on the right side of the screen, when clicked, you can view detailed information.

Upon arrival, the captured goods will be sent to the warehouse. Received goods can be sold in the trade city for silver.

On the hunt for monsters. To hunt monsters you must have ships. For each attack of the monster is spent 5 units. endurance captain. Therefore, always watch the level of endurance. In total there are 10 types of monsters from 1 to 30 levels. Clicking on the monster window will appear. Click on the attack button to form a flotilla. After a successful monster attack, a bottle appears on the right side of the screen, and when you click on it, you can see the results of the battle. For the first successful attack of the monster you can get good rewards. Letís start the monster hunt soon!

reward for monsters

About OITK . Below is useful information regarding OITK territories. OITK territories are divided into three types:


1. OITK. OITK territories are randomly located on the map. Like other players, OITK has a certain amount of resources and troops. During the first successful attack, the player can capture prisoners and some of the resources of the OITK. Subsequent attacks will not cause your troops any damage, and you will be able to capture the remaining resources. Attacked areas OITK over time recover losses. We advise you to carry out reconnaissance of the OITK territory before the attack.


2. Veterans OITK. OITK territories appear on the map once every two hours and are marked in red. The level of OITK veterans is much higher than normal OITK territories, therefore it is best to attack veterans together with allies in the alliance. During the attack of the territories of veterans of OITK above level 27, you can receive objects of acceleration, but the number of captured soldiers will be noticeably lower.

3. Imperceptible territories OITK. Usually, the territory of OITK can be seen on the map, but the location of this type of OITK is unknown, since they appear and disappear over time. Therefore, you are invisible to other captains can attack these areas OITK. The victory over the territories OITK will help you in the development of your territory. Defeat OITK and gain power!

About notorious pirates. "Overt Pirates" - these are the most experienced pirates, whose power and strength are many times greater than OITK. The power of notorious pirates depends on the level of the fortress, so it is best to conduct reconnaissance of the area before the attack.


We inform you about the probability of obtaining certain items from random chests from sets.

Special Chest with Ship (Mammoth Galleon) Qty Verb
Premium Ticket for Raising a Ship in Rank (Galleon Mammoth) one 1.00%
Blacksmithís soul 3,000 1.00%
Damn coin 350 1.00%
Sea essence 1,500 2.00%
Mermaidís tears 1,200 2.00%
Blacksmith Soul 10 items. 50 30.00%
Damn Shard 500 25.00%
Sea Essence 10 units. 50 38.00%
Random chest with drawing ship Qty Verb
Premium ship drawing 1 unit 300 0.60%
Premium ship drawing 10 pcs. 2 19.40%
Premium ship drawing 10 pcs. one 80.00%
Premium Gift Chest Qty Verb
Mermaidís tears 2,000 1.00%
Damn coin 200 1.00%
Sea essence 700 2.00%
200,000 units wood five 2.00%
Mermaidís tears 500 15.00%
Damn coin 50 15.00%
Sea essence 120 24.00%
50,000 units wood 2 40.00%
Mermaid Treasure Chest Qty Verb
Mermaidís tears 2,000 0.50%
10,000 units gold 3 1.50%
Mermaidís tears 700 1.50%
Capture order (1st class) 20 2.00%
Acceleration of construction for 2 hours 75 2.00%
Mermaidís tears 200 8.50%
1000 units gold 2 20.00%
Mermaid things one 64.00%
Mermaid things Qty Verb
Mermaidís tears 100 5.00%
Mermaidís tears 80 10.00%
Mermaidís tears thirty 15.00%
Mermaidís tears 50 30.00%
Mermaidís tears 40 40.00%
Special day! Special chest! Qty Verb
10,000 units gold eleven 0.50%
Blacksmithís soul 500 1.00%
Damn coin 150 1.00%
10,000 units gold five 1.00%
Acceleration at 24 hours 20 1.50%
1000 units gold four 15.00%
Damn Shard 200 20.00%
10 blacksmith shower 15 30.00%
1000 units gold 7 30.00%
Surprise chest with gold Qty Verb
10,000 units gold eight 1.00%
10,000 units gold four 1.00%
1000 units gold one 5.00%
10,000 units gold 2 6.00%
2000 units gold four 18.00%
2000 units gold 2 29.00%
1000 units gold 2 40.00%
Share your luck (special) Qty Verb
Damn coin 300 0.10%
Blacksmithís soul 1,000 0.20%
Blacksmithís soul 500 0.30%
100,000 Pts experience for captain five 1.00%
10 blacksmith shower 2 10.00%
Damn Shard 20 10.00%
3000 units of food ten 11.40%
100 units gold five 12.00%
Set of 5 traps one 15.00%
1000 units wood five 20.00%
500 units silver 3 20.00%
Share a smile (normal) Qty Verb
Blacksmithís soul 500 0.10%
Sea essence 200 0.30%
100,000 Pts experience for captain one 0.60%
100 units gold one 11.00%
1000 units wood 2 22.00%
500 units silver one 22.00%
3000 units of food four 22.00%
Set of 5 traps one 22.00%
Good luck chest Qty Verb
10,000 units gold ten 1.00%
10,000 units gold five 4.00%
5000 units gold four 15.00%
2000 units gold four 30.00%
1000 units gold five 50.00%
Secret Box of a Recognized Master (Protector / Captain / Pirate / Marauder) Verb
Headdress 17.00%
clothing 17.00%
Binoculars 17.00%
Prosthesis 17.00%
Weapons 16.00%
Decoration 16.00%
Grade 8 Equipment 0.50%
Grade 7 outfit 2.50%
Grade 6 gear 5.00%
Equipment grade 5 10.00%
Equipment grade 4 30.00%
Equipment 3 ranks 52.00%
Ticket to the invitation of the master of tactics Verb
Master of Tactics 1st Rank 65.00%
Master of Tactics 2nd Rank 30.00%
Master of Tactics 3rd Rank 5.00%
Gold from the chest for development amount Verb
10,000 units gold four 0.10%
5,000 units gold four 2.00%
5,000 units gold 2 10.00%
2,000 units gold 2 25.00%
2,000 units gold one 58.00%
1,000 units gold one 4.90%
A surprise chest with a drawing of a premium craft amount Verb
Drawing of the ship (premium) 1 pc. 500 1.00%
Drawing of the ship (premium) 1 pc. 300 1.00%
Drawing ship (premium) 10 pcs. five 3.00%
Drawing ship (premium) 10 pcs. 3 25.00%
Drawing ship (premium) 5 pcs. four 60.00%
Drawing ship (premium) 2 pcs. 2 10.00%

Daily tasks were not counted! Daily tasks are updated after 3:00 (Moscow time) at the time of the first entry into the game or when clicking on J. Gibbs. Remember that if you entered the game before 3:00 (Moscow time) and did not log in again or did not click on J. Gibbs, then the actions performed by you will not be counted as daily tasks.

The captain activated the shield of the world after the attack of the territory, which level is 6 units lower. and more. Usually, if the captain attacks the territory, the level of which is 6 units. below the level of his territory, he cannot activate the shield of the world for some time. However, this rule does not apply if the territory was attacked in the territory of an enemy alliance. Also do not forget that in the territory of another alliance it is impossible to activate the shield of the world.

An island with resources (monster) suddenly disappeared! When you restart the server, the location of the islands with resources and monsters changes. If on the way to the island (monster) there was a restart of the server, then the attack of this object will become impossible. In this case, we can not help you. We hope for your understanding.

How to sell a built ship, if there is no free space on the pier? If your jetty is fully occupied, you will not be able to launch the ship into the water. Therefore, for the sale of a newly built ship, follow the instructions below - [Shipyard]> [Ship Details]> [Sell Ship]

How to check information about the activation and removal of the shield of the world? Information about the activation and removal of the shield of the world can be checked in the game. [Portrait of Captain]> [Settings]> [Information about the shield of the world]

What is the basis of the plot of the Pirates of the Caribbean? The plot of the game is based on the famous movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". You can meet in the game ships from this movie.

Enemy ships are constantly attacking the gates. What is it? Very often you can see the ships attacking the gates of the fortress. These ships can be destroyed with one click and get a reward, objects of acceleration. The attacks of these ships do not cause any damage to the fortress.

How to protect the fortress from attacks? Upon reaching level 7, your fortress becomes vulnerable to enemy attacks. Use the shield of the world to protect the fortress. How to use the shield of the world - [Enter the game]> [Fortress]> [Gain]> [The shield of the world]

How to move the territory? When you click on an empty place in the sea, the "Transfer territory" option will appear. For this operation, you need a ticket for the transfer of territory. In the absence of a ticket, you will have to pay two thousand units of gold. You can transfer the territory to a certain place. Click on a free space in the sea, then enter the available coordinates.

How to get materials for the manufacture of equipment? Materials for the production of equipment can be obtained by hunting monsters. In total there are 10 types of materials. Information about the purpose of the material can be clarified in the upper right corner of the icon.

How to get golden bones? Golden Dice is used to increase the number of free games in the Crowís Nest tavern.This item can sometimes be obtained while hunting for monsters or exchanged in the market.

I can not take away the resources of the enemy after a successful attack on the fortress. There are several reasons why you could not get the resources after a successful attack of the enemyís territory. Most likely, the resource reserve of the loser captain is less than the minimum threshold or equal to 0. Therefore, do not forget to conduct reconnaissance before the attack. In the resulting report, you can see the enemyís resources that can be looted. The accuracy of intelligence information (or lack thereof) depends on the level of your lighthouse and the strength of your opponent. Remember, even if the enemy has enough resources, you will not be able to select them if you do not have enough loot points.

What are the ways to obtain resources? Resources can be obtained in various ways: mining in resource buildings, completing tasks, hunting for monsters, attacking the island with resources, robbery, trading in the market. Do not forget, the maximum amount of resources depends on the level of the warehouse. Be sure to check the amount of resources before attacking a monster or an island with resources.

What to do if the pirates on the ship idle? Pirates often laze on the deck of a ship. When you click on a pirate who is idle or sleeping, you can get points to improve the ship. Do not forget that there are restrictions on the number of additional points of improvement for each ship. Loafing pirates can be seen with a long press on the ship.

What is an assault? "Storm" allows you to transfer territory to a certain place for a while. In this mode, all pirates and ships immediately return to the territory. Ships collecting resources stop collecting and return with the collected resources.

  1. "Storm" lasts for 30 minutes;
  2. "Storm" can be used free of charge once every 24 hours;
  3. When using an assault ticket, there is no waiting time for reuse.

What is the subject of acceleration with the icon shown? Objects of acceleration are of several types: to accelerate the hiring of pirates, the manufacture of equipment and construction. Ordinary acceleration objects can be used in all areas, except the acceleration of the shipís voyage. Items of acceleration with the icon shown are applied only in the corresponding area.

What is the effect of the assembled kit? This effect can be obtained when all worn equipment has reached a certain rank. Remember, the effect is determined according to the overall equipment rank. For example:

How to make equipment? At 7 ur. Forge will be available forge, where you can make equipment. Use silver and materials for equipment. Also, in the forge, you can make items for acceleration. It requires silver, and a certain amount of time. If you do not create equipment, it is better to create items to speed up.

What does the image of the object above the monster? With a successful hunt for a monster, you can get an additional reward, including resources, items for acceleration, materials for making gear. When attacking a merchant ship, you can only get the goods transported on the ship.

How to remove an item from inventory? Items from the inventory can not be removed or destroyed. At the beginning of the game, an inventory of 4x10 squares is provided. As the inventory is filled, additional space appears.

The monster attack button is not activated. The ability to attack a monster does not depend on the level of the captain, but is determined in a sequential order. For example, a captain of level 20 cannot attack a monster of level 19 if he did not hunt for a monster of level 18.

Where to check the remaining time after using the item for temporary amplification? Select the "Gain" option in the menu of your fortress or island to view the effect and duration of the item to gain. How to check the remaining time of the item to gain - [Home]> [My territory]> [Fortress]> [Gain], [Choose your island]> [Gain].

What does the word "Free" mean when improving the building? This inscription appears when the remaining time to improve the building is less than 5 minutes. This feature allows you to instantly complete the improvement process. Free completion time depends on the level of the important person.

Read the tips on the game from J. Gibbs, but did not receive an award. Joshami Gibbs gives you advice every 10 minutes, when you check which you get a certain reward. On the day you can get only five awards (food, wood, silver, gold, the subject of acceleration). After receiving all the awards, you can also check Gibbs tips. The size of the awards can be checked on the right side of the dialog box.

How to check the possibility of using the subject "Protection against intelligence"? Unfortunately, it is impossible to learn about the use of the subject "Protection against Intelligence" before the start of reconnaissance. If the enemy has applied this item, you will receive a report on failed intelligence. In addition, if the level of your lighthouse is below the fortress level of the enemy by 3 levels, the chance to conduct successful reconnaissance is minimal.

Why is the rating of another captain higher with the same indicators of power? Captains often have the same indicators of power. In this case, a higher rating is given to the captain who previously achieved these indicators of power. How to check the captains rating - [Bottom of the main page]> [Glass]> [Captains rating]

Inactive state of the territory with a long absence in the game, your territory will become inactive, with the result that it will disappear from the sea map until the next entry into the game. For example, the territory of the captain with the 5th level of the fortress will disappear from the sea map if there is no more than 2 days in the game. The period of transition of the territory to the inactive state depends on the level of the fortress.

The reward has disappeared from the mailbox. Messages stored in the mailbox are automatically deleted after a certain time. Do not forget to receive rewards in time.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Guide on Ships

Ships, participating in battles, hunting monsters, trading, and also collecting resources, play the most important role in the game. In total there are 14 types of ships. To build a ship of a certain rank, you will need resources, a shipyard of the appropriate level, and a study for the construction of this type of vessel.

Any captain can upgrade and upgrade their ships. Simply click on the ship and select the desired option.Increasing the level improves the overall characteristics of the ship. Improving the ship develops certain indicators of the ship. Using the Ticket to increase the ship in rank, you can get the ship one rank higher.However, for this you should be able to build this ship at the shipyard. When using the Ticket to increase the ship in the rank of the ship level, improvements, as well as the blessing of Calypso remain unchanged.

The blessing of Calypso improves the performance of the vessel The effect persists even when the ship is raised in rank. In case the received blessing is 20%, the function of excluding the characteristics of the ship is activated, which allows to improve the necessary characteristics. In this case, the resulting blessing of excluded features will disappear. Each time you use a Calypso blessing, its minimum score (depending on the rank of the vessel) increases to a certain point.

Having received a blessing above 25%, you can increase this figure to a maximum of 40% on subsequent attempts.

For 35%, the maximum is 50%.

For 45%, the maximum figure will be 60%.

How to get the ship galleon Mammoth? Galleon Mammoth can not be built. In order to receive this ship, you need one ship and a premium ticket for raising the ship in rank. Important! When you click on the "Convert" option, the donor ship will disappear. The level of the new ship will remain the same, and the characteristics of the old ship (including ship improvement, Calypsoís blessing) will be applied to the Mammoth galleon in accordance with the cost of improving the ship. A premium ticket for upgrading a ship in rank can be made at a shipyard. To do this you need to get a premium ship drawings.

How to recover a flooded ship? If you have a sunken ship, you can restore it within 10 days using the equipment to restore the ship and gold. Please note that after 10 days have passed since the ship sank, its recovery is impossible.

Will the ship improvement indicators change after the shipís rank increase? No, these characteristics will be retained when the ship is raised in rank. However, there may be some limitations associated with the maximum level of improvement.

How to increase the rank of the ship? To increase the rank of the ship you need a ticket to raise the ship in rank. To begin with, improve the fortress to an appropriate level at which research is available on a ship of this rank. Then you can get this ticket as a reward for completing the tasks. Next, conduct a study to open the ship of the required rank and at the end you will be able to use the ticket.

How to sell unnecessary ships? The ship sale option can be found in the details category. When selling you can get some of the resources spent on construction. When selling a ship, the crew will be disbanded automatically.

How to decorate the sail ship? In the game you can change the color, shape and ornament of the sail. How to decorate the shipís sail - [Enter the game]> [Ship]> [Details]> [Decorate the sail]> [Design / Symbol]> [Apply]

How to return the ship that went to the flight? Use the item "Return Flotilla" in order to return the ships.You will have to pay 600 units. gold if you do not have this item.

I can not send the ship to sail. The ship will not be able to go on a voyage if the shipís strength is 0 or there is no crew on the ship. Repair the ship or reorganize the crew.

Do I need to disband the crew before selling the ship? Not. Crew will be disbanded automatically. When selling a ship, the crew goes ashore. At the same time, the number of pirates stationed on the territory will increase.

Canít improve the ship? To improve the ship need improvement points. By selecting the ship improvement section, you can check the required number of points. How to check the number of ship improvement points - [Home]> [My Territory]> [Ship]> [Ship Improvement]> [To the right of the shipís name]

How to send a unique ship in support of a combined attack or as a support ship? A unique ship cannot be sent in support of a combined attack or as a support ship. However, if the player himself starts a combined attack, he can use a unique ship.

How to improve a unique ship? Improve the characteristics of a unique ship in the following categories: increase the level and improve the ship. This procedure is no different from the process of improving an ordinary ship. You will need resources, guns and sea essence. Sea essence can be obtained by collecting resources, performing daily tasks and events.

I can not organize the crew of a unique ship. Unique ships obtained in the Cave Chances have one feature.Re-use of the ship is possible after a certain period of time to restore the ship.

Unique ships . Visit the Chances Cave and select the appropriate episode. Do not forget, each stage of the plot mode requires a certain level of strength. At the end of the story mode, you can get a unique ship. Remember that a unique ship can not participate in the defense of the territory.

At the moment there are 5 unique ships available in the game: Black Pearl, Flying Dutchman, Queen Anneís Revenge, Endeavor and Dumb Maria. Remember that unique ships have a certain amount of energy. With full power consumption you will not be able to use the vessel. For instant replenishment of energy reserves, you can buy and use the appropriate items.

Restore the ship . The outcome of the battle is impossible to predict. In the life of every pirate happen, and victories and defeats. In case of defeat, some of your ships will fail. To restore the vessel, gold or special equipment is required. Returning to the territory, an icon with time will appear on the screen, clicking on which you can use the equipment to restore the ship or gold in the absence of equipment. For your information, a ship recovery tool can be manufactured at the shipyard (Function available after 16 level shipyard).

Pirates of the Caribbean: A Guide to Pirates

In the game, the pirates are mainly in the captain or on the ship. The pirates you hired are involved in a sea duel and a land battle. Depending on the outcome of the battle, the fate of the pirate is decided - to be wounded or be killed. For winning the battle, the victorious captain can capture the enemyís pirates. Pirates are hired in the pub. Raising the level of construction, you can hire pirates of a higher rank. To hire you will need: appropriate weapons and resources. Do not forget that by using the appropriate item, you can increase the rank of the available pirates. However, for this you must be able to hire a pirate of this rank.

How to get your favorite master tactics? Favorite items master tactics can be obtained for:

  1. Performance of tasks;
  2. Participation in daily events (except Fri, Sat, Sun);
  3. Hunting monsters;
  4. Victory over ICT and notorious pirates;
  5. Perform secret assignments.

Tell us about the skills of master tactics. Each master of tactics has one talisman (fire, water, wind, light and darkness).

Each mascot has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, a master of tactics with a fire talisman is effective in a battle against a master against a wind talisman, but is not effective in a battle with a master possessing a talisman of water.

What is labor? The labor rate affects the rate of collection of resources. The higher this figure, the faster you will be able to collect resources.

How to increase the rank of pirates? To increase the rank of pirates need a ticket to raise a pirate in the rank. For starters, upgrade your fortress to an appropriate level at which a pirate of this rank is available. Then you can get this ticket as a reward for completing the tasks. Next, do research to discover a pirate of the required rank. Upon completion of the study you can use the ticket.

A number of pirates disappeared after the failure of the defense of the fortress. After an unsuccessful defense of the fortress, the surviving pirates gather in a cave. When you click on the icon above the cave, the surviving pirates will be put into operation.

The limit of pirates has been exhausted. How to dismiss pirates of lower rank? The limit of pirates can be increased by improving the tavern. Follow the instructions if you want to fire lower-level pirates. How to dismiss pirates - [Enter the game]> [Captainís Assistant]> [Portrait of a Pirate]> [Dismiss]

How to check the characteristics of pirates? Each pirate has its own characteristics. View specifications can be as follows. How to check the characteristics of pirates - [Enter the game]> [Beer]> [Hire pirates]> [Spyglass next to the name of the unit] OR - [Enter the game]> [Captainís Assistant]> [Hosted Pirates]> [Portrait of a Pirate]

The number of pirates wounded and placed in the doctorís shack is different. Where are the other pirates? Wounded in battle, pirates restore health in the doctorís shack, then return to the ranks. Remember that the capacity of the doctorís shack depends on the level of the building. If the number of injured exceeds the capacity of the building, some pirates will not receive treatment and will die. It is best to improve the shack of the doctor before the attack. How to improve the doctorís shack - [Home]> [My territory]> [Doctorís shack]> [Improve]

Itís not possible to hire pirates, heal the wounded, or convert prisoners. If it fails to increase the number of pirates, perhaps you have exhausted the limit of troops. Try to improve the tavern. Be sure to wait until the improvement process is complete! How to improve the tavern - [Home]> [My territory]> [Tavern]> [Improve]

How to check the number of pirates placed? In the beerhouse you can check the number of pirates stationed. How to check the number of pirates - [Home]> [My Territory]> [Beer]> [Hire Pirates]> [Portrait of a Pirate]. Remember that pirates placed on ships are not displayed here. Click on the image of the assistant captain to view full details. Information available in the "Overview of the Fortress" - Placed pirates, food consumption, wounded, prisoners, pirates at the gathering point, ammunition (weapons, guns).

Who are notorious pirates? These are enemy troops, exactly the same as OITK. Notorious pirates at times stronger OITK. Therefore, it is best to conduct reconnaissance before the attack.

How to distinguish the notorious pirates? The name of notorious pirates is highlighted in red.

How to find notorious pirates? Notorious pirates periodically change their location and disappear from the map in case of complete loss of troops and resources.

How to attack notorious pirates? For the attack of notorious pirates, as well as the OITK territory, capture orders and robbery points are needed.

What is the difference between notorious pirates? You can get the pieces of the damn coins as a result of the attack of notorious pirates, on whose territory there are no troops. After collecting pieces of hellish coins, you can get a whole item. A damn coin is a subject necessary for research in the library in the category War and Higher Studies.

Mighty pirates . 100 pirates will fight for the title of the strongest, and only one of them will be able to bear the name of the mighty pirate. The mighty pirate has superior power and vitality. Mighty pirates in most cases do not die during the fight. However, with a shortage of places in the doctorís shack, you can lose a wounded mighty pirate. In order to hire a mighty pirate, you need a beer above level 18, as well as tears of a mermaid.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Hyde by Building

The fortress is the main building of the territory of the captain. The remaining buildings depend on the fortress and can not have a higher level. Improving the fortress requires quite a lot of money. However, the higher the level of the fortress, the grander its view from the sea.

The shipyard is the main building for the construction of ships. The higher the level of the shipyard, the higher the rank available for building ships. For the construction of the vessel it is necessary to conduct an appropriate study in the library. Upon reaching 16 lv. shipyard equipment will be available to restore the sunken ship.

In the cannonís workshop , guns are made for building and repairing ships, as well as for improving the gate.Not only the class of cannons, but also the quantity of the WEAPON produced depends on the level of construction.

A pub is a place where pirates are hired. The rank of the hired pirates depends on the level of the building. Newly hired pirates can be checked with the assistant captain.

Weapon workshop is necessary for the manufacture of weapons. The higher the level of the building, the higher the class of weapons produced.

The gates protect the fortress from enemy ships. Gates have characteristics such as strength and ATC, depending on the level of the building.

The library conducts research to enhance the characteristics of pirates, ships, territory. Each improvement will be applied immediately after the end of the study.

In the doctorís shack, wounded pirates regain their health. The capacity of the shack depends on the level of the building itself. A doctorís shack cannot accommodate pirates if its capacity is exceeded.

Prison camp - the place where the captured pirates are kept. Here you can convince the prisoners to take your side or get a ransom for them. In case the capacity of the camp is exceeded, the rest of the prisoners will be destroyed.

A lair is a shelter for pirates who escaped from the battlefield after a defeat. Also here you can store some resources that will be reliably protected from the enemy. Remember that the resources stored in the den are reduced every hour by 6%. The higher the level of the den, the greater its capacity. Do not forget that if there are already pirates and resources in the lair, other pirates with resources will not be able to hide in it in case of unsuccessful defense of the territory.

The field is necessary for collecting food. The amount of harvest depends on the level of construction. Sawmill supplies wood. The amount of resources received also depends on the level of the building.

Silver Mine . Silver is mined at the mine. The higher the level of the mine, the greater the amount of resource mined.

Tavern and food consumption . Rules:

  1. The tavern is the main building supplying pirates with food.
  2. The higher the level of the tavern, the higher the permitted number of pirates and lower food consumption.
  3. Each pirate consumes a certain amount of food.
  4. Food stocks are falling every minute.
  5. In the absence of food supplies, ATK of pirates is reduced.

The territory of the captain is located in a random place in the sea. New territories within 3 days receive protection of a board of the world. Peace Shield can be activated in the building menu. The external appearance of the captainís territory depends on the level of the territory. To change the location of the territory, you need a ticket for territory transfer or an assault ticket. Changing the location of the territory is also possible for gold. To change the location, just click on the free space in the sea.

The fortress is on fire. What to do? After an unsuccessful defense in the fortress there is a fire, as a result of which its strength decreases. If the strength of the fortress drops to 0, your territory will be moved to a random place. Remember that on the territory of a foreign alliance, strength decreases 100 times faster.

How to change the location of resource buildings? Change the location of the resource building is possible only after the demolition of the building itself. How to demolish a building - [Enter the game]> [Resource building]> [Details]> [Demolish]. Remember, when demolishing a building, resources are not returned.

That means the inscription "The cave behind the waterfall is very spacious." when you click on a cave? The cave is a secret refuge for pirates who escaped from the battlefield. Also in the cave, you can secretly hide their ships during the defense.

How to use the skill from the treasure? If you collect all the necessary treasures for a particular category, the function of using this skill is activated. Click on the appropriate button and use the skill from the treasure.

What will happen if you collect treasures in a treasure cave? By collecting treasures for each category, you can use a specific skill from the treasure. Remember that when collecting the same treasure, the skill effect from the treasure of this category increases. How to check the effect of the skill from the treasure - [Enter the game]> [Treasure Cave]> [Treasure]> The telescope on the right for each category. To increase the effect of a skill, the same level of collected treasure is needed. For example, if the level of collected treasures is different in the Glorious Heritage category (level 4,4,4,4,3), then the overall skill effect will be 3. With the same level of treasure (level 4,4,4,4 4) the effect of the skill will be 4.

How to cancel the accidental improvement of the building? Follow the further instructions if you accidentally click on the building improvement button. How to undo enhancement - [Enter game]> [Building]> [Details]> [Undo enhancement]. Remember that when you cancel an improvement, only half of the resources spent will be returned.

I can not find in the inventory purchased resources on the market. On the market, you can buy various things, including resources, a coupon for the transfer of territory and items to accelerate. Items to speed up, etc. are sent to inventory, and resources are sent to the warehouse (added to the available resources).

I can not improve the gate with enough resources. Gates, unlike other types of buildings, require the installation of guns. Even if you have enough resources for improvement, you may need to make a tool. Do some research to discover the next level of the ship in the "Ship" section of the library. Then you can start producing guns.

What to do if the strength of the gate is 0. In this case, the enemy troops will cause damage to all pirates in your territory, until all the ammunition is spent.

What will happen if you do not complete the task on time? You will have to start over again when the task time is over.

How to check the conditions of the job? Click on the candle in the bottom right of the screen to check the conditions of the job.

How is the plot of the game? In the story mode of the game, you can perform missions in the territory of the fortress and in the Cave of Chances. To start the story mode, go to the Chances Cave (click on Jack Sparrow) and select one of the pictured glass bottles.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Alliance Guide

The Alliance is a group of captains, united to achieve the goal and provide mutual assistance. It is in the alliance that players can get access to various game content, as well as get help from allies. By joining the alliance, you can:

Creating an alliance . Any player who is not in the alliance can form his own alliance, covering the costs of its creation. To create an alliance, simply select the option , located below the list of alliance. Next, you must enter the abbreviation, name and brief description of the alliance. The captain who created the alliance becomes its leader. It is he who has the right to change the color of the flag, the language of the alliance, the requirements for joining the alliance, etc.

Combined attack - one of the main types of combat, in which the captain teams up with allies in the alliance to conduct an attack. This type of battle is necessary when capturing a port city, etc.

When you click on the attack object, the corresponding icon appears. It also selects the time required to join the flotilla. For a port city or a captainís territory, this time is between 5 and 30 minutes. For OITK and resource islands - from 1 to 15 minutes. At the end of the collection, the combined flotilla is sent to the object of attack.

In order to take part in a joint attack, you must click on the icon above the territory of the leader of the union, or do it through the option . At the end of the combined attack, the ships are sent back to the territory. To reduce the collection time, you can use the appropriate item for 10 seconds. for 1 min (max 2 min.) Acceleration of the fee is also possible for gold.

Capture the island of mermaids , the rules:

Battle Alliances . Conducting a Battle of Alliances The Alliance Battle season lasts 3 days, which are set aside for various tasks: a day to form a flotilla, a day to directly lead the battle, a day to take a break. Flotilla formation:

Battle Rules:

The prices in the section information about the trade of the alliance are not relevant. Commodity prices vary in real time. As for the trade information of the alliance, they will be updated in case the member of the alliance publishes the latest information. Thus, the relevance of prices depends on how often players share the latest information.

Unable to get information about trade alliance. In order to get market prices you must first share this information with members of the alliance. You will not be able to get pricing information if you have not posted a message in the "Alliance Trading Information" section.

How to get trade points? These points can be earned by posting a message in the "Information on Alliance Trading" section. These points can be used to obtain information about market prices in the alliance.

How to expand the territory of the alliance? Build an alliance buoy to expand territory. Do not forget to conduct a study in the category "Characteristics of the Alliance" [Alliance: the expansion of the territory].

Is it possible to change the leader of the alliance? Yes, a change of alliance leader is possible. You can increase the rating of a member of the alliance to "R5", making him the leader of the alliance. However, the true leader will be downgraded to "R4". How to change the alliance leader - [Bottom of the main page]> [Alliance flag]> [Alliance members]> [Select "Alliance members of 4 rank"]> [Upgrade rating]. If the leader of the alliance does not appear for a long time. In case the leader of the alliance is absent for a long time (more than seven days), one of the captains with the "R4" rating will be able to become the leader of the alliance.

Resource support in the Alliance Skills category cannot be supported. In this category, resource support has a time limit. You will not be able to send resources if the time on the timer exceeds 4 hours. You will have to wait until the timer shows 03:59:59.

When returning resources from an alliance warehouse, the max. limit on resources. You can return all stored resources, even if the limit of your warehouse is exceeded. For example, the amount of food left in the warehouse is 1M, and your warehouse is already 70% full (0.7M out of 1M). After the return of resources, the total will be 1.7M from 1M.

The alliance fortress has disappeared. The strength of the alliance will disappear if the strength drops to 0. In addition, some functions will not be available. You can repair the fortress until it collapses. Do not allow the complete disappearance of the strength of the fortress. These functions will disappear with the destruction of the fortress:

How to get points of fame? You can earn fame points by helping your comrades in the alliance. Check fame points - [Bottom of main page]> [Alliance flag]> [Alliance and "captain name"]. In the line "Alliance and the name of the captain" displays the name of your character. Help Alliance:

  1. The contribution of the necessary resources to improve the characteristics of the alliance;
  2. Contribution of resources to the construction of alliance buildings.

A friendís request for alliance support is not displayed in the list. According to the rules, you can help each ally once. The list of applications for support displays only those captains whom you have not yet helped. In addition, there is a limit to receive support from the allies. You can increase this limit by improving the pirate hall.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Trade Guide

The fastest way to get a lot of silver is to trade actively. To start trading, it is enough to visit the vault and form fleets. All goods captured as a result of an attack on merchant ships are placed in storage. The location of the merchant ships can always be checked using a lighthouse. With improved storage capacity increases.

You can exchange trade information with allies in the alliance in the Alliance section, Alliance Trading Information. Silver for the goods can be obtained immediately upon returning your fleet from the port city. In the game there is an option of automatic trading, which can be activated or disabled in the lower left corner of the screen when choosing goods for trading.

You can exchange trade information with allies in the alliance in the Alliance section, Alliance Trading Information. Silver for the goods can be obtained immediately upon returning your fleet from the port city. In the game there is an option of automatic trading, which can be activated or disabled in the lower left corner of the screen when choosing goods for trading.

The amount for the sale of goods was not received in full. An alliance that seizes a port city can set its own trade tax. If such a tax is set, then part of the amount from the sale of goods will be paid as tax.

How to get to the port city? Visit the vault and click on the coordinates of the desired port city. When you click on the coordinates, you will get to the port city. Select the sailing option to send ships on a voyage. How to find the coordinates of the port city - [Home]> [My territory]> [Storage]> [Trading information]> [Market price information]> [Coordinates]

Trading information is incorrect. Trade prices are reflected at the time of visiting the port city. For example, if you visited a port city three days ago, prices of 3 days ago will be shown. You can find out the exact prices from allies in the alliance or when you return to the port city. How to check trade information - [Home]> [My territory]> [Storage]> [Trading information]

Disappeared silver from trading. Silver will be received upon arrival of the ship at the fortress and will immediately be added to the available resources. However, if the warehouse limit is exceeded, the excess silver will disappear. Improve the warehouse or spend some silver to free up space in the warehouse so as not to lose a resource.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Hyde by Captain

When you first enter the game, the captain portrait selection menu appears.

  1. All captains get skill points for each new level. These skills are divided into three categories: pirates, ships, management.
  2. Every captain has the right to wear equipment that can be made in the forge. There are 6 categories of equipment for each body part. After collecting a full set of equipment from 6 types, the captain will receive certain bonuses.
  3. You can always change the information about the captain: name, portrait, skills.
  4. Experience of the captain : each captain receives experience points for their activities (hunting for monsters, performing tasks). When you recruit a certain number of points, the level of the captain rises.
  5. Endurance : this category is necessary for hunting and trade. Endurance is restored over time, as well as with the help of various items.
  6. Robbery points: These points are necessary for attacking enemy territory. You can attack the enemy even in the absence of robbery points, but in this case you will not be able to capture the enemyís resources. Also, for attacking an opponent who is much weaker than you, additional robbery points will be removed. The maximum number of points depends on the level of the captain. Depending on the VIP level, you can get additional robbery points.

Gain . In order to check the obtained gain, click on the captainís portrait and select the tab. The game uses various types of amplification, which can be obtained in the following ways:

The equipment of the captain is created using items obtained during the hunt for monsters or purchased on the market.

  1. Wearing equipment, the captain receives certain bonuses.
  2. In the game there are the following types of equipment: headdress, clothing, gloves, boots, weapons, jewelry.
  3. Waste equipment can be sold for silver. When selling improved equipment, you can get a part of the blacksmithís spent souls.
  4. With the improvement of equipment increases its rank.
  5. By selling equipment, you get the soul of a blacksmith, (the number of souls depends on the rank of equipment)
  6. When carrying out the evolution of the legendary equipment of rank 5 and above, its parameters can be improved.

Capture equipment . Rules:

The master level is enhanced by creating and improving equipment. Also in the game there are other types of master (the blessing of Calypso, the construction of ships, trade). Upon reaching the 10th level of the master, it is allowed to share the skill of the master with an ally in the alliance. However, the effect of the same type can be obtained only from one captain. In order to check your master level, click on the captainís icon, then on the column.

How to change the portrait of the captain? To change the portrait of the captain, follow the following instructions - [Portrait of the captain> Icon of changing the portrait of the captain (A ticket is needed to change the portrait of the captain. If there is no coupon, gold is taken)]

How to change the name of the captain? To change the name of the captain, follow the following instructions - [Portrait of the captain> Icon of changing the name of the captain (A ticket to change the name of the captain is required. If there is no coupon, gold is collected)]

Captain skills are not activated. Captain skills include three categories: pirates, ships, control. The performance of each category depends on the level of the captain. In order to improve a specific skill category, the appropriate conditions must be met. For example, to improve the skill of the "anti-piracy of pirates" it is necessary to achieve 3 ur. skill "ATK pirates." How to find the captain skills category - [Home]> [Captain Profile]> [Bottom of the window]

How to learn indicators of endurance and experience of the captain? Indicators of endurance and experience of the captain can be found in the category "Profile" and "Information about the captain." In the profile of the captain possible preview. Detailed information can be found in the "Captain Information" category.How to check captain info - [Home]> [Bottom of Captainís Portrait]> [Indicator Panel]. The blue bar on the left is the experience of the captain; The green bar on the right is stamina. [Home]> [Captain Profile]> [Lower Display Panel]. The blue bar is experience; Yellow bar - endurance; Green bar - robbery glasses.

Pirates of the Caribbean: A Guide to Enemies and Battles

Continuous hunting . The game is allowed to conduct a continuous hunt for monsters in automatic mode. To do this, simply select the Automatic Hunting option during the formation of the flotilla. By choosing this option, the flotilla will each time go back to the fortress for repairs until the endurance of the captain is over. Automatic hunting is carried out only on monsters of the same level. In order to cancel the hunt, simply select the flotilla and click on . To activate the automatic hunt, you will need special items - traps, which can be obtained by completing quests, and, as a reward for entering the game, etc.

Sea chart . In order to view the sea map, just click on the compass in the lower left corner. Your current location will be highlighted with a yellow square. For more convenient viewing of the map, a zoom function is provided.On the map you can find the location of port cities, as well as your location. If you entered the alliance, the map will display the buildings of the alliance and allied territory. In the left corner is a button to view the servers. In the right corner is the option to view information about the seizure of the Caribbean, details of the port cities, etc.

The first victory, a brilliant victory . Each captain can receive a reward for the first victory over the OITK, as well as for the brilliant victory over the monster and the merchant ship. The first and brilliant victory of the captain, who is in the alliance, will bring bonuses not only to him, but to all other members of the alliance. To view the details, just visit the lighthouse, located on your territory.

In the case of 3 stars for winning a battle, a reward for a brilliant victory is awarded.

3 stars: damage to flotilla durability less than 1%

2 stars: damage to flotilla durability over 1% but less than 3%

1 star: damage to flotilla durability over 3%

To obtain good results during the battle on the ship should be placed master tactics, which has the advantage over the property of the attacked monster.

There is the following relationship between properties: fire

Flotilla formation . Select an enemy and form a flotilla (max. 5 ships). Unique ships, if any, can also take part in the battle. Do not forget that ships on board, as well as ships with zero strength and without pirates on board cannot enter the flotilla. To be able to form a flotilla of several ships, you need to increase the max. the number of ships that make up the flotilla. To do this, it is necessary to conduct an appropriate study in the library in the section Board. When reaching 5 and 11 lv. VIP max. the number of ships that make up the flotilla is also increasing.

Report on the battle and exploration . At the end of the battle, a combat report of the battle will be sent to you and your opponent. Also, the report is sent at the end of the reconnaissance of the territory of the enemy. In the combat report, you can view information about enemy ships, pirates and the strengthening of the captain. Also in this report you can see the replay of the battle. As for the intelligence report, here you can also check various information, including information about the enemyís resources. Remember, the smaller the difference in level, the more accurate the data. Intelligence information depends on the difference in level with the object of intelligence:

Storm is an option to temporarily transfer your territory to conduct an enemy attack. In this mode, your main territory will become translucent, and the territory in the assault mode will be transferred to the designated place.

Battle of Tortuga . To participate in the Battle of Tortuga, you need a fortress above 16 lv. The battle for Tortugu is the place where the strongest captains come together from all the empires. The goal of the battle is to take away points from the enemy. More points allow you to participate in a higher league and receive even greater rewards. Remember that ships and pirates taking part in the Battle of Tortuga do not receive any real damage. Form the most powerful flotilla and become a winner!

OITK is a programmed enemy objects.

  1. OITK, as well as ordinary players, have territory and are united in an alliance.
  2. Closer to the center of the map are higher level OITK territories.
  3. OITK name highlighted in orange.
  4. OITK is divided into ordinary territories and veterans OITK.
  5. Ordinary OITK territories do not change their location, and OITK veterans appear near port cities at certain times.

Attacks and counterattacks OITK. For an attack on the OITK territory, it is necessary to have a warrant of capture. For an OITK attack, one order to capture is required. Warrants to capture can be obtained by buying game sets, destroying monsters and performing various tasks. In order to attack the OITK territory of a certain level, you will need appropriate warrants to capture.

Intellect OITK. OITK, not having resources and not having troops, restores them in a certain time. Therefore, it is best to conduct reconnaissance of OITK territories before conducting an attack. Rules:

  1. OITK has a certain level of intelligence.
  2. OITK can counterattack the enemy.
  3. OITK counterattack both the enemy who defeated the OITK and other players.
  4. OITK attacks the enemy alone or with allies.

Void Gorge . How to take part in the battle at the gorge of the Abyss:

Stages and rules of passage of the Abyss gorge .

Heart of the Abyss Gorge :

Rules of the Abyss gorge .

Master Tactics . The necessary conditions:

The arrival of the master of tactics

Master level tactics . Masters of tactics can belong to one of 6 ranks. Information about the rank can be viewed on the left side of the portrait of the master of tactics.

The elements of master tactics

The location of the master tactics

Master Tactics

Placement of master tactics on the ship

The world boss is much bigger and stronger than ordinary monsters. The appearance of the world boss can be found on the icon on the map, as well as through the chat server. The exact location of the boss is not indicated. Details:

  1. The time allowed for a world boss attack is limited.
  2. Both normal and combined attack is allowed.
  3. A general attack is impossible.
  4. A monster attack is allowed during the action of the activated shield of the world.
  5. World boss changes location with a reduction of 03.
  6. The new location of the boss is also unknown.
  7. World boss disappears after a certain amount of time.
  8. The name of the captain who destroyed the monster is announced via the server chat. For the destruction of the monster is awarded a reward.
  9. The captain, who first attacked the world boss immediately after his appearance on the map, or after changing his location, will receive an award.

Capture the Caribbean . Combine power and capture the Caribbean. With each new captured city increases the score. Remember, the score does not increase with the capture of the same city, but it persists even if you left or could not protect the city. Grab all 27 cities and conquer the Caribbean Sea. The alliance and the server of the captain, who captured the Caribbean, will receive bonuses in the form of gain.

Monster cage . Starting at level 15 Fortress, you can build a monster cage. Here you can catch a fierce monster and send him to attack the enemyís fortress. This monster has a limited attack radius, but can attack a territory protected by a shield of the world. First the monster attacks the gate. If the gate is destroyed, pirates in the area will suffer damage. Remember that you can not send a monster to attack the territory of the captain, whose fortress is below 15 ur. Also, the attack is not possible if the object of attack is located on the territory of the alliance.

Islands with resources . On the islands you can collect the main types of resources: food, wood, silver. To do this, you need to create a flotilla and defeat the OITK troops guarding the island. Remember that you can collect resources together with an ally in the alliance. In the event that the island belongs to an unfriendly alliance, the battle for the island may take place. Do not forget that the number of troops OITK and the amount of resources depend on the level of the island. The closer the island is to the center of the map, the higher its level.

You can see where the resource fields of different levels are concentrated by clicking on the compass in the lower left corner of the sea map. To collect resources on islands with 50%, 100%, 200% signatures, you will need a ticket to the resource-rich islands. To reduce the time it takes to collect resources, use Increase the speed of collection before sending a fleet to the island.

Port city . On the sea map there are 27 port cities where fleets can sell goods. The seizure of the port city begins after a certain amount of time. The alliance that captures the port city receives a portion of the silver from the sale of goods in that city. In addition, the alliance that owns the city, receives a certain bonus in the form of gain. When less than 24 hours remains until the end of the capture of a commercial city, a corresponding message appears on the sea map. To view detailed information about shopping cities, click on the compass in the lower left corner of the sea map.

Technical issues and problems of the game

Basic game settings . To change the game settings, click on the portrait of the captain, then on the icon in the upper right corner.

  1. Account: here you can change the captain, exit and delete, link the account.
  2. Language: In this section, you can customize the language of the game application.
  3. System: here the parameters of sound, graphics are regulated.
  4. Notifications: enable / disable alerts. Notification settings are available for each category separately. Be careful when disabling the option to receive all notifications. If this option is enabled, but you do not receive notifications, check the settings of the notification center in your phone.
  5. Enter coupon: here you can enter a coupon code.
  6. Blacklist: this option is designed to lock / unlock other players.
  7. Contact us: use this option to notify us of problems and find out information that interests you.
  8. News: select this section to get the latest news.
  9. Information about the shield of the world: records about activation / deactivation of the shield of the world are stored here.
  10. Guide: This section contains useful information about the game.

How to enter coupon code? You can use the coupon as follows (for AOS users). How to enter a coupon code - [Enter the game]> [Captain profile]> [Settings]> [Enter coupon]. This option is not available for iOS users.

I donít receive some push notifications. In the game settings, you can change the settings for push-notifications. Check if the receive option is enabled for each category of push notifications. How to check push notification reception settings - [Enter game]> [Captain profile]> [Settings]> [Notifications]> [On / Off]

There is no sound in the game. First, check the game settings. Sound Settings - [Settings]> [System]> [Sound]> [Background Music / Sound Effects]. If the gameís sound settings are OK, the sound file may be damaged. In this case, try reinstalling the game. How to delete a game (Android)

  1. [Phone Settings]> Application Manager (Applications)]> [Pirates of the Caribbean]> [Clear data, cache]> [Delete].
  2. Through the USB connection or the ASTRO application, check if the next folder is deleted. Folder name: [com.joycity.potc]. Folder location: [Android]> [Data]> [com.joycity.potc].
  3. Delete this folder and install the latest version of the game. The name and access path may differ.

Can not download the game on the Android OS. On the Android device, it is impossible to install the application on an external memory source. In case your device does not have enough internal memory, free up space to install the game. How to expand the internal memory: delete the cache of installed applications - Application: [Settings]> Select the application installed in [Application manager] and click on [Delete cache].

How to remove unused applications and information. Delete unnecessary applications, photos, videos and other information stored on the internal memory. The way to delete the cache may be different.

The error "Application Stopped" constantly occurs. One of the reasons for this error may be an unstable wireless network connection. We recommend that you check the Wi-Fi / LTE connection. Also, an error may occur due to insufficient (operational) memory. Try to increase the memory space. Delete unnecessary applications, photos, videos and other information stored on the internal memory. In addition, crashes in the game may occur after installing the update. The file may not have been fully downloaded. We recommend that you reinstall the game.

Can I restore information when changing my mobile device or reinstalling the game? All information is stored on the "Joycity" platform. Therefore, when you enter the game through the "Joycity" platform account, information recovery is possible even if you change your mobile device or reinstall the game. This is called Account Binding. How to link an account to a game - [Login]> [Captain profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> [Link account]> [Google / Facebook / E-mail]. Do not forget that when you delete an account, information recovery is impossible.

How to tie an account to the game? Through the associated account, you can restore all game data when you change the device or reinstall the game. How to tie an account to a game - [Login]> [Captain profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> [Link account]> [Google / Facebook / E-mail]

Can the game be tied to Google+ only? (for Android OS) On Android devices, binding to Google+ occurs automatically. Remember that data recovery is not possible if you lose access to your Google account or use a device that does not support Google+. Therefore, it is best to additionally link to the game Facebook account or email address. How to tie an account to a game - [Login]> [Captain profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> [Link account]> [Google / Facebook / E-mail]

How to check if the account is tied to the game? We strongly recommend that you tie the account to the game to prevent data loss. You can check for an associated account in the following way. How to check for an associated account - [Login]> [Captainís Profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> [Link Account] Bottom panel. How to tie an account to a game - [Login]> [Captain profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> [Link account]> [Google / Facebook / E-mail]

Lost access to linked email account. We will provide you with login information after confirming some information. If you have lost access to your associated email, fill out and send us the following form (see below). [Pirates of the Caribbean Game Support Service]. Search for an associated email account:

  1. Character `s name.
  2. Captain level.
  3. Fortress level.
  4. The amount of gold.
  5. Other information.

Forgot your email account password. Do not worry! We will send you a temporary password. If you do not have access to registered email, contact the support center. Do not forget to change the temporary password after entering the game for data security. The password should consist of 8 characters (numbers and Latin letters) Password recovery from linked email [Exit game]> [Login with another account]> [E-mail]> [Forgot password]. Changing the password from the attached email [Login]> [Captainís profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> [Link an account]> [E-mail]> [Change password]

Lost access to linked Facebook / Google account. Unfortunately, in the Pirates of the Caribbean support center, it is impossible to verify personal information from other sites. It is best to contact the support center of Facebook / Google.

How to find out the number of the "Joycity" member? The "Joycity" membership number can be checked as follows. Member number search - [Login]> [Captain profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> see below. [Member number]

Can I re-register after deleting an account? Re-registration after deleting an account from the Joycity platform is possible within 8 days. When re-registration is possible to play under a new account. Do not forget that when you delete an account, all previous information will be lost.

How to change the current password? The current password can be changed as follows. Changing the password from the attached email - [Login]> [Captainís profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> [Account binding]> [E-mail]> [Change]. To change the password through the game settings, you must enter a valid password. If you do not remember the password, check the email address. mail, then exit the game and use the password recovery option.

How to check the registered email address - [Login]> [Captain Profile]> [Settings]> [Account]> [Account Linking]> [Address Confirmation] Recover the password from linked email [Exit Game]> [ Login with a different account]> [E-mail]> [Forgot password]